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Tuesday, April 07, 1998

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ďConfusion & Conflict/Milumet & Zuli AlignmentsĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Forrest (Ellius), and Sara (Shyl).

Vicís note: This session was conducted long-distance via telephone.

Elias arrives at 3:52 PM. (Arrival time was twenty-seven seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! (Smiling)

SARA: Hi! How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

SARA: Oh, Iím nervous! (This is Saraís first session )

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you have inquiries this day?

SARA: Yes. Letís see. You had said in some questions that Cathy had asked that I had a counterpart who is a parent, and I was wondering if that would be my mother?

ELIAS: Correct.

SARA: And how are we affecting of each other?

ELIAS: Within the counterpart action of parent and child, the action which is established between the two is that one shall be experiencing elements that the other chooses not to be incorporating into their experience within that particular physical focus, but that the one holds the aptitude for that action. An example of this type of situation would be one individual holding latent qualities in the area of an artistic quality, but not expressing fully of that element of their focus. In this, they may be in agreement with another individual Ė the child or a parent Ė to be engaging the counterpart action, in which the counterpart will be expressing of this ability and lending the experience to the other individual. In this situation, you and your parent share this type of counterpart action. Latent qualities within the parent are expressed through you as the child in this counterpart action.

SARA: Okay. Itís interesting that weíre counterparts because my mother has had a lot of mental issues in her life. I feel connected to her Ė the core of who she is I feel is very beautiful Ė but I feel like a lot of times she seems vacant or like sheís operating in a different reality than the rest of us, and I even feel guilty about thinking that. Is she ďnot all here,Ē so to speak?

Vicís note: During Saraís question, Elias starts tapping Maryís fingernails on the arm of the rocking chair with one hand. (He is holding the phone with the other hand) This makes a clicking sound that continues off and on throughout the session. Elias has tapped his fingers before, but only while sitting in a rocking chair, and Mary rarely sat in a rocking chair until recently. Also, there is a difference between finger-tapping and fingernail-clicking.

ELIAS: Let me express an explanation for this situation, that you may hold a better understanding and allow yourself a freedom from your own judgments upon yourself.

There are many individuals within this particular physical dimension that choose to be creating of experiences outside of the officially accepted reality. In this, they are labeled as holding mental illnesses or dis-ease or malfunctions. I have expressed previously several times that this is a misinterpretation. You have created a new science, which you term to be psychology, that interprets aspects of reality and the creation of reality in this dimension by some individuals as being unacceptable, for it is outside of the norm for the officially accepted reality in this dimension. They hold little to no explanation for these situations. Therefore, they create new belief systems in these areas, which you en masse accept within the framework of your officially accepted reality. This creates more new belief systems which are also partially accepted by those individuals experiencing the reality outside of the officially accepted reality. In these situations, individuals are choosing to be continuing within the framework of allowing more subjective awareness as opposed to moving into the area of the accepted objective awareness.

In clarifying this, let me explain to you: as you enter into physical focus within this dimension, you move into a transitional state, so to speak, not unlike the transitional state that you enter into in disengaging this particular physical focus. In this transitional state, at young ages you are more subjectively oriented than objectively. As you move through your time framework of years, you become more acclimated to the objective element of your focus within this dimension. You begin to focus your attention more clearly and more fully objectively, therefore allowing your subjective awareness to recede into its officially accepted domain, so to speak, using your subjective awareness differently than you use your objective awareness, and in part creating a separation or what appears to be a separation. These two aspects of your physical focus continue to work in harmony with each other, but one appears to be more removed from you, for you focus your attention in the other. Your attention is focused within the objective, that which you view to be your waking reality. You separate your subjective awareness and view this to be your subconscious or your dreaming reality, and you encompass also all other altered states of your reality.

In the situation of your parent and many other individuals, they choose to be continuing within the allowance of their attention in focusing subjectively in more of what you may term to be a balance, as opposed to focusing their attention so singularly within the objective. This does not fit within your officially accepted reality. Therefore, it is viewed as outside of the norm and also as unacceptable by the masses, and within mass belief systems attempts are made to be altering of the individualís reality to be creating a compliance with the officially accepted reality. In this, the individual focused within the expression of subjectivity also assumes to themself the officially accepted belief systems, that this functioning and behavior is not quite acceptable within their own reality and within the reality of their society. Therefore, this begins to create conflicts and confusions.

As to your aspect of this situation within your relationship of this individual, you assume a responsibility of thought process in judgment of this individual, expressing to yourself that you feel guilt in expressing this particular judgment upon their choice of their reality. I express to you that it is unnecessary for you to be feeling guilt in this area. The individual has chosen to be creating of their reality in this manner for the experience of viewing the subjective reality more clearly within physical focus. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to be assuming responsibility and to be feeling guilty, in recognition of the individualís choice.

(Intently) There is no thing wrong with this type of choice of creation of an individual reality. It is merely the belief systems that are expressed en masse within your societies that express to you that this is unacceptable and needs be altered.

SARA: I guess I think that I chose to be in that situation growing up with her to really be able to see that individuals really do create their own reality.

ELIAS: Correct. You choose the parents, the lineage that you wish to be entering into a physical focus with, that they may provide you with experiences in interaction that shall be compliant with your particular intent and which shall also move in the direction of your individual pool of probabilities which you have chosen.

SARA: Letís see. I have a question about my fiancť Aaron. I was wondering about his family and alignment. I think that you had said Vold, and I wasnít clear if that was the family or the alignment.

ELIAS: Alignment.

SARA: Okay, and can I have his family?

ELIAS: Sumafi.

SARA: Okay. Are Aaron, my fiancť, and Cory counterparts?

ELIAS: Correct.

SARA: Wow! When I first met Aaron, he immediately reminded me of Cory, so itís interesting. They have a lot of similar problems trying to relate to society and institutions and things like that. I have another question about Aaron. Iím wondering why he is fixated on playing magic cards and D & D, Dungeons and Dragons. Heís always doing it, and Iím wondering if heís really growing and having fun doing this or if heís trying to avoid the objective world.

ELIAS: Neither.

SARA: Neither? Okay. Why is he fixated on doing this?

ELIAS: This is a bleed-through action. It is a fascination in conjunction with a bleed-through action of another focus. Therefore, within this particular focus it becomes a fascination in the area of fantasy and games. In the other focus it is a reality, and is connected to the creation in that particular focus of ... hmm ... a druid.

SARA: Huh! That makes sense.

ELIAS: Therefore, within this reality it is recognized subjectively. As the action bleeds through objectively, it becomes translated into a fascination and is allowed to be demonstrated in the area of playfulness.

SARA: Okay, Iím gonna move on to my belief. Why do I have such a strong core belief or fear of loneliness, like Iím the only person who really exists? I think thatís one of my ultimate fears, is being alone.

ELIAS: Hmm. This particular aspect of fearfulness is quite common within physical focus. This is an aspect of a lack of acceptance of self. This is also emphasized within you in conjunction with your alignment in this particular focus. In this particular focus you have chosen Milumet, which has also been, for yourself, a source of conflict in other areas, for it becomes confused within your belief systems and within your intent. This family expresses in the direction of what you may term to be an aspect of isolation, not affiliating themselves with other individuals or groups within physical focus. This aspect is influencing, but in belonging to an interactive family, this creates a type of conflict within your particular focus; for you magnate in one direction, but you have chosen the experience of alignment within this particular focus of a different direction. Are you following?

SARA: Yes.

ELIAS: In this, the family that you align with expresses more objectively, therefore appears to be more obvious. This is the situation that many times with many individuals creates confusion, for they hold the underlying intent of the family that they are belonging to, but within the particular focus they have chosen to be aligning with a specific family which may be different from that family which they are belonging to.

There are many aspects of aligning with the Milumet family that within physical focus may be creating of confusion and also of conflict. This family, in alignment with, holds more difficulty than many of the other families, for its intent is less clearly defined within the alignment to it. In this, it also interacts and overlaps with other essence families, which may also create confusion within the intent. The intent also may be confused in seeming to be conflicting with another essence family which is held as the belonging-to family.

You are belonging Sumari, which the Sumari are quite interactive and expressive. They are overt. They are dynamic. They are quite creative and inventive. These are essences that hold great passion. In this, in aligning with Milumet, which holds the quality of being reserved, observant, more singularly focused in attention, more inwardly attentive, these qualities may seem surfacely to be in opposition to each other. Therefore, those qualities of the family that you align with become more obvious to you, and hold more intensity. They become exaggerated. They also may become misinterpreted, which shall lend to issues that you then create within the particular focus. The misinterpretation of the alignment, within its inward focus, becomes that of fear of aloneness.

You are understanding?

SARA: Um-hmm.

ELIAS: Very good.

SARA: I have kind of a problem with acceptance versus wishing to alter my experience, and it seems to me that ... letís say I desire to be thin or whatever. Is it more true and more fulfilling to just accept myself however I am, no matter what, or to try to be creating through imagination and action?

ELIAS: You may choose either. I shall express to you that you move in the direction of more efficiency and effortlessness as you move into the area of acceptance, but you may also move into the area of active participation in altering your reality.

Let me express to you: I have offered you previously that in this particular area, once again you are influenced by the alignment that you hold within this focus and its interaction with counterpart action of the Zuli family. This also, once again, is another strong influence that is experienced by those individuals choosing to be aligning with this particular family. These two particular families hold extremely strong interactive counterpart action within the families that you are belonging to and aligning with. Therefore, regardless of your alignment or your belonging to the Milumet or Zuli families, you shall be quite influenced by the other, for they hold very strong opposite counterpart action to each other. This, as I have stated to you, within an alignment creates more of a difficulty for individuals in physical focus with these two particular families. Individuals aligned with Zuli shall be heavily influenced by Milumet, and this is confusing to their intent and to their particular focus. Individuals aligning with Milumet shall be heavily influenced by Zuli, which is also confusing, and at times conflicting to your focus and your intent. They are very intertwined and very affecting of each other.

If you are allowing yourself to be connecting with the material presented to this present now which I have offered within this forum, you shall be noticing that individuals aligning with either Milumet or Zuli families present more questions of intent conflict and confusion than do individuals aligning with other families. This is not to say that individuals aligning with other families do not occasionally present confusion and conflict with their alignment, but in your terms, for the most part, the majority of individuals aligning with Milumet or Zuli shall be experiencing conflict and confusion within their alignment, for it is confusing their intent. You also experience this. As you allow yourself more of an understanding of both of these families and their interaction, and then also allow yourself to be noticing your own functioning, your own behavior, your own movement within your focus, you shall allow yourself the ability to distinguish between that which is in accordance with your alignment and that which is being influenced by the counterpart action of the other family.

SARA: Okay. Yeah, I think Iíve known that to some degree, but itís hard to take a look at things that youíre really afraid of, like being fat or something like that Iím very afraid of! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This is influenced by the Zuli counterpart action, which may be counteracted by moving into your intent in alignment with the Milumet.

The fear of aloneness is a misinterpretation within the alignment of Milumet. This may be partially counteracted by drawing upon the counterpart action of the Zuli, which also are interactive.

The Zuli are physical, and in this physical and appreciation of aesthetic beauty and physical form also are appreciative and interactive in groups. They are participatory in teams. Therefore, you may be drawing on the aspects of the Zuli to be helpful to you in counteracting the fearfulness of aloneness that you feel.

SARA: Okay. Another question I have is about my cats, and especially one of my cats, Samuel. He meows constantly at me at various times, and I feel like heís nagging me. It just happens so often that itís a real nuisance, and I feel like heís annoying me, and Iím wondering what heís meowing about!

ELIAS: It is interactiveness expressive of your energy. This creature is interactive with your energy, and is expressive of response to your energy.

SARA: Hmm. Okay. I figured it was something like that, but....

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you all, as individuals choosing to be interactive with creatures that you view to be pets, draw these specific creatures to yourselves in agreement and compliance with your own energy. Therefore, you have drawn yourself this creature to be interactive with you and to be verbal with you, and although you view this creature to be holding annoyance, I shall express to you that you also view this creature to be comforting, for this creature holds its attention to you, does it not?

SARA: Yes.

ELIAS: And is expressive to you, which provides you also with an element of comfort, that this creature is accepting of you and is interactive with you, therefore within your belief systems allows you the quality of specialness to it, does it not?

SARA: Yes. Yes, he does! (Elias and Sara both laugh)

ELIAS: Therefore, he may not quite be so very annoying!

SARA: Thatís a good point! Is smoking harming me? I know that Seth talks about or talked about smoking and said that it doesnít harm people physically but that it can harm you in other ways, and maybe that means by blocking negativity and holding it inside of yourself is what I would think, but that is my question.

ELIAS: It is a belief system. The action itself is not harmful to you. It becomes harmful to you in response to your own belief systems in this regard. If you are believing that this action is harmful to you, you shall create that and it shall be harmful to you, for you believe it shall be. But within itself, as an action outside of your belief systems, it is not harmful.

SARA: Okay. I know a lot of people are experiencing bleed-throughs right now, or especially coming up in the future, and I think that I have maybe had kinesthetic kind of bleed-throughs as far as maybe emotionally with past lives or other focuses, but I havenít had any physical, sensual, sense data bleed-throughs. Will that type of thing be happening?

ELIAS: This is dependent upon your choice. You may be creating of this if you are so choosing. If you are choosing to be connecting with other focuses and investigating of other focuses and viewing other focuses, you may choose different manners of connecting with these, and if allowing yourself to move into the area of trustfulness, you may be allowing yourself to be experiencing sensually these other focuses. It is merely a matter of choice within the individual. Some individuals allow sense data to be bleeding through. Others do not. Some individuals find that this holds their attention more acutely. Some individuals find that this is unnecessary, that their attention may be held without the dramatics of sense data. You are exercising your inner senses. It is not always necessary to be exercising outer senses also in conjunction with bleed-through action, but you may choose to, if you so choose that type of experience. This is not to say that this necessarily shall offer you more information of another focus. It merely offers you a difference of experience.

SARA: Okay. I suppose this ties back to counterpart action with my mother to some degree. Right now Iím majoring in art at college. I feel a great pull to writing also, but I have, I suppose, blocks to either of those. I was wondering if you can see any obvious talents or abilities that I could be using to add more joyful fulfillment to my life?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that moving in the direction of writing may offer you more expressiveness within your intent in conjunction with your alignment of Milumet, and may also allow you a new avenue in your own creativity.

SARA: Okay. Somehow in my mind I connect art more with Milumet, and I think thatís because I imagine aborigines painting on walls, things like that.

ELIAS: Hmm. Look to the action of writing and look to its singularity of focus. Let us compare painting and writing. Although you may move into the direction of your imagination in the area of painting, you may also look to what you view to be outside of yourself in painting and be re-creating of a landscape or a portrait or a still life, may you not?

SARA: Um-hmm.

ELIAS: This is an action that you view to be drawing into yourself from outside of yourself, although it is not, in reality. But in your perception, this would be your interpretation. Within the area of writing, you are expressing from within outwardly, which also would be in alignment with your intent of Milumet. This is not to be discouraging you in other areas of creativity to which bring you value fulfillment, and I shall be encouraging of you to be continuing in these areas, but to be exploring new avenues that may also be offering you more of your own creativity in alignment with your intent in this particular focus.

SARA: Okay. Well, I have a general kind of question. I know that I have issues, you know, duplicity of self....

ELIAS: As do all individuals within this physical focus! (Laughing)

SARA: Yes. I was wondering, why would anyone be afraid to accept themselves fully? Why would you not want to?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) For you have turned your attention objectively, and you have allowed yourself your own forgetfulness.

SARA: So if you turned your attention more inwardly, I think people would be afraid that they would die or something like that!

ELIAS: Not necessarily, but you have been taught for millennium in the area of reinforcement of duplicity, and in turning inward you hold fearfulness, for you view this to be unknown. And you also, in response to held belief systems and belief systems which are held en masse, look to this inward turning as viewing of the depths, the black hole of yourself! (Humorously) And what demons shall you find lurking within this black hole? (Chuckling)

SARA: Well, I think for me, I donít believe in demons, but itís more of a fear of boredom or stagnation.

ELIAS: Ah! But this shall be a demon also, that you shall not provide yourself with the wonderment of creation and the amazement of all of your abilities, and that you shall not amaze yourself with the vastness of yourself, that you shall become bored, for you shall not provide yourself with enough of self. It shall be lacking. But it is NOT lacking. It is perfect and infinite! How shall you be bored with infinite choices of exploration? (Leaning forward and smiling)

SARA: You know, I think I have a future focus as an astronaut! (They both laugh) I have counterparts in Australia and Ireland. I believe the one in Australia is black, of aboriginal descent Ė itís just my inward feeling Ė and the one in Ireland would be a female. Can you comment maybe on what kinds of lessons that they are working on individually, or what weíre working on as a whole?

ELIAS: Your aboriginal counterpart is lending energy to you to be more fully connecting with your intent within this particular focus, as aligning with Milumet. You are lending energy to your counterpart in Ireland in the area of acceptance of self, in areas of what you would term to be spirituality. You ALL lend energy to each other, but you each experience different aspects of an aligned intent, therefore creating a situation that you do not entirely objectively connect to. Within YOUR focus, you are moving in the direction of connecting to your intent within your alignment of Milumet in this focus. Within the location of Australia, the individual has already connected in this manner and expresses in certain experiences that lend to your experience, which you shall not experience in this particular focus, for it is unnecessary, for the counterpart is experiencing for you. You are experiencing certain aspects of self-discovery, so to speak, which the counterpart in Ireland shall not be experiencing, for you are creating of this experience for that counterpart.

It is all intertwined within all of your experiences. You all lend energy to each other, but within the actual experiences, the action of counterpart is that one shall experience elements that another shall not in lending the experience subjectively to the other, that they need not hold the objective experience.

SARA: Youíd said that I had held two intimate friendships that I would also be recognizing as counterparts. Iíve thought of a lot of different people, but none of them really seemed right except for Gabrielle, which was a childhood friend of mine. Could you give me some clues as to maybe....

ELIAS: Be remembering that counterparts are not always appearing to be in compliance with each other.

SARA: So you mean I wouldnít necessarily feel like I was their counterpart?

ELIAS: You may be repelled!

SARA: My sister! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) Okay.

ELIAS: You may be STRONGLY repelled.

SARA: Thatís my clue, is being repelled?

ELIAS: One. You may also recognize that counterpart actions do not always parallel. Therefore, in this you may look to another individual which is a friend whose experience is quite different from your own, but not repelling you; merely has chosen different experiences and directions from yourself, which are in counterpart action lending energy to you that you do NOT experience.

SARA: Right. Well, I would think that would be the whole point of counterparts, is not to have the same experience.

ELIAS: Quite.

SARA: Can you tell me, not that it matters, but how many counterparts do I have presently in this time frame?

ELIAS: Countless. (Grinning)

SARA: Really? (They both laugh) Okay! Iíve created fleas several times in my life over various years, and Iím wondering, what do fleas symbolize to me? (Elias chuckles) Why are they a constant thing?

ELIAS: This would be an individual imagery to yourself. Your manifestation of this objective imagery is to be expressive to you in attempting to gain your attention in the area of aspects of belief systems that are annoying and that are continuously biting at you.


ELIAS: But, those belief systems which are common to you and are more obvious to you. This would not be imagery to yourself of those belief systems which are underlying, but those to which you deal with continuously, that are a continuous annoyance to you, that you have not moved through or addressed to, but merely push aside.

SARA: Oh no! (They both laugh) I know. Well, with Aaron, my fiancť, I have beliefs that involve kind of the American Dream or the proper societal ways to do things, and Aaron is very ... he doesnít take care of the bills. He forgets to do just about everything unless I ask him to do it, and Iím not sure whether I want to marry him because of a lot of issues like that. Iím wondering, is he being truer to himself by not following the beliefs of having to fit into society than I am? And if he is being truer to himself, then how are we going to get the bills paid?

ELIAS: It is not a question of being truer to self than you! You are different individuals and you are creating differently, but you have drawn yourselves to each other, and in this drawing to each other, in conjunction with this information, you also present yourselves with the opportunity to move into active participation of acceptance of self and acceptance of another individual, and the understanding that each individualís creation of their reality IS their reality. It is not better or worse or right or wrong. It is their reality! This is the area that shall bring you to the recognition of acceptance.

SARA: Donít you have to accept yourself and love yourself before you can love someone else?

ELIAS: It is not a question of ďbefore or after.Ē It is a simultaneous action. It must be implemented within balance. It is not one or the other, or one following the other. It is a harmony, a balance of both; an acceptance of self and an acceptance of others, and your gauge for this acceptance is judgment. As you place a judgment or a discounting upon yourself, you are not accepting of self, which is equally as important as acceptance of another. As you place judgment upon another, you are not accepting. This is the gauge that you may view that may indicate to you when you are being accepting of self and another, and when you are not.

SARA: Okay. Letís see. Aaron has a lot of religious beliefs, and I was wondering if in any way I can help him to not be afraid of an Armageddon or an impending doom, you know, religiously, or would this be interfering with his growth?

ELIAS: This is a mass belief system held by many individuals influenced by your religious era. I have expressed previously that both probabilities exist within the action of this shift. It is a question of which energies are lent more strongly to be inserting into this actual reality, that which shall materialize, so to speak.

SARA: Well, that makes me afraid because I donít believe any ... I mean, I believe that thereís symbolism in the Bible, but I much more believe more of a Seth-type of philosophy, and I think that my focus would be very upset if a god came down, crashing through the sky! (Laughing)

ELIAS: God shall not come crashing through the sky, although you may be inserting destructiveness into this official reality if that energy is lent to proportionately more than the elimination of those probabilities. This be the reason that I speak to you all of this shift and of the affectingness of trauma within this shift, for in this you are offered more information and you hold the ability to alter probabilities and insert less trauma Ė and eliminate destructiveness in these probabilities Ė into your officially accepted reality. You also hold the ability to be creating of these elements if lending energy to them. Therefore, you may express to your partner that the more energy that is lent in this direction, the more it becomes a more probable probability. If you are concentrating upon destruction, you are lending energy to its creation.

SARA: If all probabilities are actualized, then why would you need to come here to help us?

ELIAS: All probabilities are actualized, but they are not all actualized within YOUR officially accepted reality. They are not all actualized within this particular dimension. You insert them into this dimension.

You choose certain probabilities that you shall be inserting into this particular dimension and reality. All probabilities are actualized in OTHER realities and outside of this particular officially accepted reality, but they are all not actualized within your officially accepted reality.

SARA: But I guess itís kind of like if you see someone in the street who is in pain. You can either say, ďWell, they created that reality!Ē and walk past them, or you can decide to help them. But wouldnít helping them be conflicting with the reality that theyíre trying to create?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for within your interaction you must also evaluate why you have drawn yourself to this situation, and in this you may also be listening to your intuitive sense and allowing yourself the information of whether this individual is requesting, within consciousness, your helpfulness or not. You have drawn yourself to the situation, and you have drawn for a reason.

I have expressed to individuals previously within this forum, this is incorrect to be expressing, ďOh well. You are creating your reality. It matters not.Ē Very incorrect! You are ALL interconnected. There is no separation. Therefore, the experience of one is the experience of all, and you are part of the all.

SARA: As far as what I would call past lives but are really alternate focuses, I have an image of a very wealthy ... maybe a queen or something like that in Persia, in ancient Siam, and I was wondering if that impression was correct. (Pause)

ELIAS: A lady; not a queen.

SARA: Okay. I also have the impression that she wasnít a very nice person! (Elias laughs) Or isnít now.

ELIAS: Correct, in your terms.

SARA: Iím sorry?

ELIAS: In YOUR terms. (Chuckling)

SARA: Also, I did a hypnotherapy and I recalled another focus in Boston in the 1960ís, where I think I died of a drug overdose.

ELIAS: This is an alternate reality.

SARA: It is?

ELIAS: Correct.

SARA: Okay. Yeah, it was very clear! I guess I tuned into that reality, then?

ELIAS: Correct.

SARA: Also, I have an impression of an woman living in Scotland in early AD whose husband died in battle, and their connection was very, very close.

ELIAS: Correct.

SARA: Is her husband anyone that I know now, or will know? (Pause)

ELIAS: Hmm. This be the same focus as the druid, although the druid was friend to yourself and your husband, not the husband.

SARA: Okay. Is the husband anyone that I know presently? (Pause)

ELIAS: You hold a probability of a future connection, which is also dependent upon the choices within probabilities that you engage presently within relationship.

SARA: No! Donít say that! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Therefore, within the pool of probabilities, there is a probability of another essence entering which is that of that focus.

SARA: Okay....

ELIAS: More expressly, I shall express to you that if you are choosing to be allowing the entering of a new focus futurely, within probabilities, the entering focus which chooses to be the child is of that essence.

SARA: Oh! And would that have to be between Aaron and I, or....

ELIAS: Not necessarily. There are no rules! But within the choice of probabilities ... and as I have expressed, the entering focus chooses the lineage and the parents and the genetic encoding, not the parents.

SARA: Okay. So do I choose when that would happen, as far as years?

ELIAS: Yes. You are, as the parent, choosing of the time frame that the focus shall enter and you are choosing to be allowing the focus to enter, but the entering focus is choosing of all else.

SARA: Okay. I know I had another Roman focus that I believe you said was second century BC.

ELIAS: Correct.

SARA: Where I was a soldier?

ELIAS: Correct.

SARA: Okay. I have strong Greek feelings too, about being a soldier. Is that accurate?

ELIAS: Correct.

SARA: Okay. Hmm. What kind of issues were Aaron and I working through in Rome in that focus? I believe Iíve been in Rome more than once, but....

ELIAS: Differences within philosophy.

SARA: Hmm! Like now! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Similar!

SARA: Yeah.

ELIAS: Differences in creation of your individual realities and your individual philosophies concerning society and how you are creating your realities; also differences in the philosophy of responsibility.

SARA: It was the other way around then, wasnít it? Where now I believe more in responsibility?

ELIAS: No, for the soldier moves more in the area of objectivity and practicality.

SARA: Okay. I also have an impression that I remember from when I was probably about three. I was very young, and I had the impression of a monk who I now believe was maybe of the Franciscan order, and I was wondering if that was or is a final focus, because I seem to hold him in ... as if heís enlightened.

ELIAS: Not final focus, but allows great subjective interaction which offers much information into the area of essence which is held secretively, in not wishing to be creating conflicting situations in opposition to the church.

SARA: Okay. When I was six years old, I woke up one morning and looked out my window and saw this huge planet covering the sky, and the night before I had decided that I was going to see Venus when I woke up, and when I did wake up, there was this big planet there in the sky! What does that mean? (Pause)

ELIAS: This is objective imagery that you have presented to yourself. Small ones hold much more of an ability to be creating of this type of imagery, for they allow themselves more subjective interaction and are not as easily blocking of their knowingness as they become(do) as they move into advanced ages within the particular focus. In this, in playfulness, small ones may be offering themselves objectively imagery to be confirming and reinforcing and validating to them of their abilities, allowing them the validation that they continue their connection with essence and that they are more than the sum of their belief systems, or what they are moving into in singularly holding their attention within objectivity. Therefore, you create the imagery of this as a small one to validate to yourself that you may accomplish in any direction that you are so choosing, even within physical focus, and that your limitations of objectivity and belief systems are merely temporary and may also be moved beyond. Therefore, in reality you have created a close-up look objectively of that which you desired to view.

SARA: Yeah, I felt a lot of love and beauty, and I guess thatís what Venus represents.

ELIAS: Within your belief systems, yes.

SARA: Letís see. I also have a lot of other-focus impressions of England and France in the 16, 1700ís.

ELIAS: Your Franciscan occupies France.

SARA: Hmm ... okay. Thatís what I thought. What is Aaronís essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name.... (Said very softly, and then a pause)

SARA: What is it? (Sounding confused)

ELIAS: Sahm-la; S-A-H-M-hyphen-L-A. (Pronounced Som-la)

SARA: Has my essence name changed since the last time I asked?

ELIAS: No, you continue with your essence name.

SARA: And that would be the essence name of all of my counterparts as well?

ELIAS: (Firmly) No, not necessarily! Counterparts do not necessarily extend from your essence. Some counterparts are of your essence, and some are not.

SARA: Oh! I didnít know that. Is my mother of my essence?


SARA: Whew! (Laughing) Iím just kidding!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Fear not! Your most probable probability is not to be sinking into the depths of lunacy!

SARA: (Laughing) No, I never ... well, I canít say never, but I havenít really thought that she was crazy. I guess I just had assumed that there were belief systems that were so conflicted in her that caused her mentally to split.

ELIAS: There ARE very conflicting belief systems, but in the area that I have expressed to at the onset of this session ; those belief systems which are accepted in conjunction with mass belief systems, which are conflicting with the creation of the reality.

SARA: Okay. So I really do create my own reality, huh?

ELIAS: Absolutely!

SARA: Oh no! (They both laugh) I have another focus impression of Russia, a ballerina. Is that accurate?


SARA: Okay, is that an alternate time-line type thing, or is that actually in this present time-line in the early 1900ís?

ELIAS: This would not be an alternate focus.

SARA: Okay. I bet she was Zuli!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very good! I shall offer one point!

SARA: As far as out-of-body experiences, I have been trying since my teens to have an out-of-body consciously, (Elias chuckles) and I have not been able to do it.

ELIAS: Another common element of those aligned with Milumet!

SARA: Really! I would think it would be easier for Milumet to do the observation outside.

ELIAS: It is accomplished more easily with those individuals BELONGING to the family of Milumet, but those individuals ALIGNING with the family of Milumet hold more difficulty in this area, for they are conflicted within this alignment and do not allow themselves the trust and acceptance of self and move in the area of fearfulness, which you have already been expressive of.

SARA: So that is my biggest block?

ELIAS: Correct.

SARA: Okay. Is it fear of trusting self as well?


SARA: Okay. I can think of another question for Aaron. He is almost thirty, and this is probably a belief system of mine, that he should have some kind of idea of where he wants to go in his life. Heís looking at physics and at working with computers, and I was wondering if you had any input, especially since heís Sumafi, as to what would be really fulfilling for him. What type of activities or job or....

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall express to you that your initial aspect of your question IS directly related to your own belief system in regard to age and what this individual SHOULD be accomplishing, and I shall also express to you that this would be the choice of the individual. But within the underlying intent of Sumafi, ALL that is accomplished shall hold the flavor of teaching and less distortion. But within the alignment of focus, there are endless choices of creativity in the direction of what you term to be ďemploy.Ē

SARA: I am in college, as you know, and I know that itís my choice what I decide to do, but as far as following my intent or intents, do you see it as a ... I donít want to say better because itís not the right word, but more in line with who I am to not go to school for awhile? Iím sure Iíll probably finish it one of these days, but I have a belief about having to do it within a certain time period, going to school, and of course I know I donít have to go at all.

ELIAS: I shall be continuing to encourage you to be moving in the direction of your creativity and also to be offering yourself the information in line with your creativity, as I have expressed previously within this session, in the area of your writing, and I am not discouraging you from the continuation of your interaction within your school. I have expressed to you that this is your choice previously, but I am also continuing to be encouraging of you in this area. Within your most probable probabilities within this present now, this is your most efficient direction.

SARA: Okay. I had a dream the other night of cats, or animals, but the cats were very small, like I could hold them in my hand. They were miniature cats, and ...

ELIAS: (Laughing) You shall be connecting with Shynla in this Milumet experience of these very small creatures!

SARA: Huh! I have dreams like this, where I have to take care of all of them, or I have rats that I have to keep changing their cage, and I know you said that rats represent a disgusting creature, but I have pet rats and I love them!

ELIAS: But you image this in the direction of personal responsibility; which within you, you image these creatures as being repulsive, for the issue of personal responsibility is repulsive.

SARA: Okay. I also have dreams with tornadoes in them, and I was wondering if you could maybe give me a clue as to what tornadoes are doing in my dreams!

ELIAS: This also is your imagery to yourself of that which you experience within this focus Ė a whirlwind of conflicting beliefs and conflicting intents, the confusion of the allowance of the mergence of intents of the aligned family and its counterpart action Ė which creates this torrent within you.

SARA: Okay. Iím not sure whether I should ask this or not, but I was wondering just now if there is any focus that I have lived, or another focus that lived it, whatever, that I could go, letís say, look up in a book in the library?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you may be connecting to this yourself!

SARA: Nah! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You have already connected with certain focuses that you may be offering yourself some validation within your books, within certain areas of England and also Scotland.

SARA: Okay. With Aaronís other focus of a druid, when he plays games like Dungeons and Dragons, things like that, does that imply that in that time there actually was magical things going on, like beams of light and so forth?

ELIAS: In actuality, yes!

SARA: Ooh!

ELIAS: You have merely forgotten the arts!

SARA: If I can think of anything else ... I have a lot of conflict with everybody in my family that I can think of! (Laughing) My motherís probably the least. My father and I have issues that have never been on the surface, so Iím not exactly sure what they are. I think that a big issue between my father and I would be that of trust and money, and how that whole thing works. Is that accurate?

ELIAS: Correct, and also you are allowing partially a projection of these issues into your relationship presently.

SARA: Iím projecting my father onto Aaron?

ELIAS: Partially.

SARA: My expectations of Aaron.

ELIAS: Correct.

SARA: Is there a past-life tie with my step-mother Deborah? (Pause)

ELIAS: You hold two; one focus within England, one focus ... ah. One focus with your lady.

SARA: In Siam?

ELIAS: Correct ...

SARA: I think I knew ...

ELIAS: ... and this individual ...

SARA: ... about England.

ELIAS: ... holds the position of servant.

SARA: Hmm! And the focus in England, my sister in this present life was there also. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

SARA: Was my sister in this present life Adelaide de Guillard, a famous French painter? (Not sure of spelling)


SARA: Okay. She looks like her! (They both laugh) It seemed like she might be. My sister is very talented in the art. I assume that sheís Sumari, and I think ... is she Sumari with Vold alignment?

ELIAS: Sumari/Ilda.

SARA: Ilda, okay. And my mother I believe also is Sumari, Sumari and ... can you be double?

ELIAS: Absolutely!

SARA: Is my mother double?

ELIAS: No. This would be Sumari/Vold.

SARA: Okay, and my father is either Tumold-aligned or family. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Family.

SARA: Tumold family, and Gramada-aligned?

ELIAS: Correct.

SARA: Oh-ho! Hoo! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very good!

SARA: Okay. So basically, probably my biggest issue right now is learning to accept myself.

ELIAS: Correct.

SARA: And also getting myself to sit down and express my creativity!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Allow yourself your freedom!

SARA: Okay. I have a problem with that. On the one hand, I really agree with that, that you should be able to do, you know, like the hippies, (Elias chuckles) but on the other hand I feel a great sense of responsibility, like Iím worthless if Iím not being responsible. (Vicís note to Sara: ďHippiesĒ are not necessarily irresponsible!)

ELIAS: This also is an action that is shared commonly with individuals aligned with Milumet. Be recognizing of this, for this is creating of conflict, and also creates an element of more difficulty in the area of acceptance.

It is quite interesting with this one particular family, the extreme difference in expression of individuals ALIGNED with this family and individuals BELONGING to this family; for individuals BELONGING to this family move naturally and effortlessly into the area of much acceptance of other individuals and hold a trust in self. Individuals ALIGNED with this family do not move in the area, for the most part, of allowing a trust of self, and also do not express the acceptance of other individuals as well.

SARA: Hmm. But thatís not carved in stone!

ELIAS: Absolutely not! You hold the ability to be altering this, and as you recognize that you are moving in this direction and blocking in the area of your own intent, you may be altering of this reality.

SARA: Okay. This may sound ... well, Iím not going to judge my question! Are there beings, non-physical, that do care for people intimately and help them and so forth? Not angels....

ELIAS: I shall express to you that within different capacities, yes, there are essences that are interactive with physical focuses and are quite helpful. It depends upon their direction and also upon the situation.

Just as I have expressed previously, there are essences that are quite helpful to individuals within physical focus entering and engaging in the action of transition. There are also essences that are helpful to other essences engaging transition non-physically. But there ARE essences in different capacities, occupying different areas of physical focus and of non-physical focus, that offer helpfulness to many individuals.

SARA: So, coming from your perspective, there really is no reason to feel alone?

ELIAS: Quite! All is interconnected. You are not alone. You are not separate. You are all intertwined.

SARA: Okay. I think I focus more on separateness than on unity.

ELIAS: Ah, but be allowing yourself to view the interconnectedness and unity, for you are not separate!

SARA: Do I work with individuals like you on a non-objective basis?

ELIAS: Absolutely, and you are interactive with myself, for I am interactive with you.

SARA: In dreams?

ELIAS: In dream state and also subjectively, much of your time framework, in your terms.

SARA: Especially the past few days, Iíve felt like you were around or Iíve felt your energy.

ELIAS: This is in preparation for our objective meeting, that you may hold more comfortableness in the engagement of this forum.

SARA: Yeah, I was pretty nervous! (They both laugh) Is Seth still around talking to people?

ELIAS: Within interaction of physical focus, no.

SARA: Okay, but in subjective dream state?

ELIAS: Not entirely. This essence has moved into another area of consciousness. Therefore, the interactiveness of the essence of Seth is quite limited in conjunction with physical focus.

I shall be expressive of inquiring, shall you engage a break or shall you be discontinuing? It is your choice.

SARA: (Hesitantly) Well ... my choice. Okay, I guess Iíll engage a break then.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall be offering a break for Michael, and I shall be continuing with your questioning.

RESUME 5:53 PM. (Arrival time not determinable)

ELIAS: Continuing.

SARA: Well, I think weíre about ready to stop, but I wanted to find out one more thing, and that was that Iíve had the impression for a long time that assuming that I move through a lot of the issues and belief systems and really start accepting and trusting myself, that I have about two or three more focuses ahead before I would be disengaging with physical reality. Is that correct?

ELIAS: You are correct; you are not a final focus. This would be your choice as to your manifestations, but I am confirming that you are not a final focus.

SARA: Okay. Well, I guess thatís it! I just wanted to have a chance to say adieu to you! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! (Grinning)

SARA: I really feel a lot of affection to you as well. Iíd like to share that.

ELIAS: And extended to you also, much affection!

SARA: Well, thank you!

ELIAS: I express also to you much lovingness, and a very fond adieu and au revoir!

Elias departs at 5:55 PM.

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