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Saturday, April 18, 1998

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ďThe Belief Systems of Psychology and DuplicityĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Diane (Juan).

Elias arrives at 9:34 AM. (Arrival time was twenty-four seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day. (Smiling)

DIANE: Hello!

ELIAS: We meet again! And you have inquiries this day?

DIANE: Yes, I have about eight questions. Do you mind where I start?

ELIAS: It is acceptable.

DIANE: I want to know about my friend Dale, who lives in Florida. She is a trance channel, and for the past few years sheís been having a lot of problems with physical kinds of symptoms, and sheís just not doing well and Iím concerned about her.

ELIAS: Let me express to you: in the direction of certain types of energy exchange, there is a physical affectingness. Within the action of an energy exchange with another essence, if the physically focused individual engages the energy exchange in the manner of what you term to be unconscious Ė which is not unconscious Ė the action that is occurring is the individual is removing their subjective communication and interaction with their body consciousness. In this action, the body consciousness becomes affected, for it is no longer receiving communication from the individual.

The energy exchange creates a situation of another essence connecting with the body consciousness. Your body consciousness recognizes your energy. This is true of all individuals. You create your physical form. It knows you. It does not recognize energy of another essence. Therefore, it is partially rejecting of the energy within an energy exchange. This creates a physical affectingness. To a certain degree, in the choice of continuing an energy exchange in this manner with another essence which is non-physically focused, the affectingness is unavoidable.

DIANE: She has this problem even when sheís not channeling. Itís constant now.

ELIAS: Absolutely. Individuals lean in the direction within their belief systems of a thought process that the energy exchange as it is occurring is the time that the affectingness shall be occurring. This is incorrect, in the same manner that you may engage an action and physically injure your physical body. You may cut your finger. The affectingness of your finger cut shall not dissipate immediately.

In another respect, I shall express to you that there is an element of this type of energy exchange which is systemic. It is a continuous affectingness. The energy which is exchanged between the focus and the essence moves in a continual manner. It appears to be occurring in instances as you objectively view, but the energy is continuously present and therefore continuously exchanging. This be the reason that there is a systemic effect.

DIANE: Is there anything she can do to protect herself? Sheís not doing well! She needs to do something, but I donít know what.

ELIAS: Some individuals experience this affectingness more than other individuals. This also is a situation which is being affected by their own individual belief systems. They believe that the energy exchange may be more damaging than it is in actuality. Therefore, they perpetuate the affectingness of the exchange itself, and in this action they contribute to furthering the effect and what you would term to be the ďdamaging qualities.Ē This stems not only from the held belief systems, but also from elements of fear, and also from the desire within the individual allowing the energy exchange in connection with their belief systems. Let me qualify here.

Many individuals choosing to be engaging in agreement this type of energy exchange hold the belief system that this exchange is a gift. In exercising this gift Ė to their belief systems Ė they also hold a belief system that they shall engage this gift temporarily. Now, the temporariness may be for a time framework of what you would term to be five years or twenty years, but it is a temporary situation.

The belief system that enters is that if the exchange is perpetuated in a damaging direction physically, this allows the individual a window for disengagement. It allows the individual an explanation which is acceptable to mass belief systems, that they engage an activity which is creating of physical affectingness which shall eventually lead to their demise. I express to you, within honesty, there IS a physical affectingness and it is systemic and it shall continue throughout the time framework that any individual continues within this type of exchange, but it is not necessary for it to be so affecting that the physically focused individual shall disengage physical focus. This is a belief system.

DIANA: On an unconscious level.

ELIAS: Correct. It is not objectively held, although there are aspects of this belief system which ARE held objectively.

DIANE: What would you recommend that she do? (Pause)

ELIAS: With each individual that engages this type of energy exchange, the essence that engages with them attempts to be helpful, attempts to offer information and to address to the issues that the individual holds, that they may address to their own belief systems and not allow themselves to be affecting physically of themselves. But each essence involved in this type of energy exchange also recognizes that it is intrusive to be moving into areas beyond suggestion. Many individuals perpetuate belief systems that this energy exchange is bad and hurtful, for they view the essence non-physically focused as being uncaring and non-helpful. This is incorrect. From the vantage point, so to speak, of non-physical, it is recognized that each choice is a choice, that it is not better to engage what you view as health than it is to be engaging illness. They are merely a choice of experience. It is merely your belief systems that create a distinction, but you do hold the belief systems, which is your reality. Therefore, this is real.

In this, as with the essence that this individual engages, I may merely offer the suggestion that the individual engage their own belief systems and recognize their own challenges and issues, and that it is unnecessary to be creating this situation. The essence non-physically is not creating this situation. It is being perpetuated by the individual physically focused. The acceptance of their own creation is the beginning point to the allowance of the uncreation, but as the individual chooses to continue within the belief system and project the responsibility outside of themselves, they also perpetuate the situation.

DIANE: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

DIANE: Since October of 1996, off and on, Iíve had the hives, and Iíve never had them prior to that, and Iím wondering, what is that all about for me?

ELIAS: Ah. Each physical manifestation that an individual engages is a choice. It is energy projected to physical affectingness, that you may be offering yourself information. What you are offering to yourself is the opportunity to notice those time frameworks when you are expressing to yourself, ďEnough.Ē

As you move into directions of a feeling of overwhelmingness or constriction, you create a manifestation of physical barrier. You may create the barrier, so to speak, merely in accepting your own energy and your own desire for limitations and expressing this. This shall be alleviating of your creation of a physical limitation.

Essentially, what you are creating is the action of, ďHold. Enough! I shall create a rash, and this shall express not only to myself but to all others: ĎI place my barrier, my warning of enough.Ē You may place your barrier within your energy field. It is unnecessary to be creating of your warning signs in such very red, physical symbols.

DIANE: Well, that brings us to the next question, which is: I moved to Brattleboro two years ago from northern Maine, and I like it here. I think that was a good move. The problem is my work. I coordinate a crisis program and Iím good at it, but I donít like it. Itís not what I love. What I love and what I think I want to do, which Iíve done in the past, is to do private practice as a therapist, and I think somewhat non-traditionally. But thatís not happening at the speed that I would like it to happen, and Iím concerned that itís not going to because this area of Brattleboro is saturated with therapists. Itís very competitive, and I donít know if Iím going to be able to create what I want to create here professionally. I know that my job of a crisis coordinator is driving me crazy.

ELIAS: But it offers you what you believe to be objective security.


ELIAS: It offers you dependability. It also offers you an ease. It requires little effort for you to be engaging employment that you are not creating for you. You are creating in conjunction with other individuals. In this situation, you each lend energy to each other to create an ease. It is, to your thought process, more difficult to be creating of your employ yourself, for there is not this cooperative of energy that you may ride on the wave of.

It matters not what you view to be competition. It matters that you express yourself in the area of trust in yourself and creating of your own creativity, which may be offered to other individuals differently than what you view to be your competition. In allowing yourself the trust in the knowing of your own abilities and what you may offer creatively to other individuals and not conflicting yourself with doubtfulness, it is quite possible for you to be creating of what you desire. You merely move into the area of accepting conflict and discomfort and viewing this to be easier than trusting self, but within your trust of self and your expression of your creativity, you shall view that the trust allows liberation. This creates an effortlessness which allows much more ease than the ease of conflict.

Individuals continue in creations of conflict as they do not trust their own abilities. They do not trust the magnificence of themselves, which you know! (Here, Elias pauses and stares at Diane, who sighs deeply)

You may be engaged in any type of creation and there may be exorbitant amounts of individuals that create similarly. It matters not, for each expression is unique, and as you project your own creativity in trusting of yourself, you also project energy which draws to you the very element which you seek.

DIANE: I understand what youíre saying and I agree with what youíre saying, and I donít know if this is something that needs to take place on other levels or if thereís something concrete I need to do to convince myself that ďyouíre okay and you can really do this.Ē

ELIAS: And are you accomplished at what you do? Yes. And are you accomplished at projecting energy? Yes. And have you drawn yourself to a physical location which shall be in alignment with your desire? Yes. At our last meeting, did I express to you all that you have created an energy center in this physical location? You have drawn yourself to this energy center. You project your own energy into creating this energy center, and in this action you also draw other individuals to this energy center which shall be interactive with you. But as you continue to allow yourself comfort in your conflict, you shall limit your venture into your creativity.

DIANE: But thereís a part of me thatís not comfortable in my conflict. Iím really not happy at work.

ELIAS: Quite. This is your push to yourself.

DIANE: To do what? I donít exactly know what to do. Iím doing some private practice, and if I get more people I can do more, but Iím not getting people. I donít know what to do.

ELIAS: I shall express to you, I offer to you suggestions. But be mindful, these are your choices! I do not express choices for individuals. I also do not engage crystal balls! (Grinning)

DIANE: You donít engage what?

ELIAS: Crystal balls!

DIANE: Oh! (Laughing)

ELIAS: But in the area of probabilities and the area of your creations, I shall offer a suggestion. In this, as you allow yourself to be engaging your own trust in your unique ability and the expression of that ability, not merely within the limitations of your conventional actions but in allowing yourself expandedness of your own creativity to be incorporated into your conventional action and coupling this with a receding from the engagement of activity with that area which creates conflict, you may allow yourself to view the growing of your clientele.

More specifically, if you are choosing to be moving within less time framework engaging the employ which is creating conflict and more time framework in concentration of your creativity, you shall be projecting energy which shall allow a flowering of that which you desire. But as you continue to hold, you also limit what you desire to be creating. You hold a conflict. You view the conflict as uncomfortable, but you hold. It attains your attention!

DIANE: You say I hold it. Do you mean energetically?


DIANE: In other words, I on some level energetically have to not buy into and hold. I need to surrender and just let it go.


DIANE: Thatís hard for me!

ELIAS: You hold to this conflict, and as you hold to this conflict, the creativity vacillates. As you allow this letting go, you magnate to the creativity, and you take this to yourself.

DIANE: You know, one of the reasons I think that I seem to hold on to things is because I take what I do so seriously, and things really disturb me and I get angry about them, and itís hard for me to just be accepting of ďthatís how reality isĒ and just let it go.

ELIAS: Quite. And as you hold, look to yourself and your creations. You hold in this conflict and you create your redness, which is your warning sign. It is your expression outwardly Ė ďEnough!Ē

DIANE: So when you say to spend less time with my employ as Iím employed and more time with what I want to manifest, do you mean energetically or do you mean literally in hours, that I should be spending less time working here and more time over here?

ELIAS: Both.

DIANE: I donít know if I financially can afford to do that. I wish I could do that!

ELIAS: And this be your area of trust. As I have expressed to you, you hold to the security, which is not security, for the security is within you. But as you hold to what you view to be security, you also limit what you desire. You limit its creation. This be your act of trust, to be letting go of the conflict and allowing the effortlessness. But within the area of fearfulness, it is more acceptable to hold to conflict than to venture into the trust, which is unfamiliar.

DIANE: Thereís this elusive feeling intuitively, and I donít know if thereís any substance to it. I want to go in a particular direction non-traditionally, but I donít know what it is. I feel like I havenít found it, and I feel like itís just sitting there. Iím just kind of sitting there in limbo waiting, and I donít know what it is. Do you know what Iím referring to?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

DIANE: What is it that Iím waiting for?

ELIAS: That which we have been discussing. You are waiting for yourself to allow yourself your own acceptance. Your practice moves in the direction of instruction to other individuals of acceptance.

DIANE: Thatís true!

ELIAS: But you do not hold the acceptance within yourself!

DIANE: Thatís true, but thereís also this sense of ... in other words, am I going to be doing past-life regression work with people? What is the non-traditional cutting edge modality that Iím going to be utilizing in my work? I feel like I havenít found it yet. Is that true?

ELIAS: It is right before you. You are merely not paying attention. (Leaning forward intently) Where be the element of your desire? Where be your attention? What draws you?

DIANE: My conflict!

ELIAS: Other than your conflict. Look to what you view to be positive, and your creativity. What draws you? THIS draws you.

DIANE: Oh, absolutely! Itís my passion!

ELIAS: Quite, and you may incorporate your knowledge and your abilities within your training to be incorporated with other individuals within your passion also. Merge the two. You hold the ability to be incorporating your passion with your skill, and in this you shall be accomplishing your desire and also be accomplishing helpfulness to other individuals.

There are many individuals within what you term to be your ďfieldĒ who are in agreement, but there are not many individuals within your field that expand their skill within their knowledge and their knowing of reality to be incorporating more aspects of reality than merely psychological belief systems and the perpetuation of these belief systems.

Psychological belief systems perpetuate duplicity. You hold an awareness to be incorporating the skill in which you have been trained and coupling this with the awareness that you hold of more; and moving into the action of this shift in consciousness, you may be creating a new dimension, so to speak, in this science of psychology. Individuals shall draw to you as they become aware that you hold an awareness.

Within this shift in consciousness, individuals are becoming automatically more and more aware of their reality and of the expansiveness of themselves and that all affectingness of themselves is not limited to this one focus, but they also move in confusion, and objectively do not know how to access their own information. Therefore, there are other individuals that may be helpful in cooperation, to be facilitating their accessing of more information.

You hold the awareness already. All that your psychological belief systems express are not entirely correct. All that you experience within this one focus is not entirely limited to this focus. Other focuses bleed through. They are affecting. But many individuals within the action of this shift, which continues and is gaining momentum, they experience this action, but they also move in the direction of believing they are experiencing lunacy, for they do not hold the understanding. You may offer the understanding.

Do you see?

DIANE: I think so.

ELIAS: Even within what you term to be psychological mental illnesses, these are not what your belief systems express them to be. Your psychology has created new belief systems in explanation of that which they do not understand, and you hold an awareness of this. Therefore, you hold a more efficient ability to be addressing to these situations and to be helpful, for individuals creating of these situations Ė these choices that you term to be mental illnesses -- also adopt and accept the mass belief systems and incorporate these mass belief systems within themselves and create tremendous conflict and turmoil.

DIANE: And I can help shift that perspective.

ELIAS: Quite!

DIANE: Iíve done that. Iíve seen that, and itís miraculous when it happens.

ELIAS: It is quite affecting. THERE lies your intent, and there lies your desire and the manifestation of your creativity.

DIANE: I feel like I need a mentor and I would like to have a mentor, although something Iíve found that happens Ė I donít utilize it as much as I should -- is to simply ask ... ask the universe?

ELIAS: Ask yourself, which is infinitely large!

DIANE: But when you say ask myself, not on an intellectual level, sort of on that expanded ... Iím thinking itís coming from the universe. Youíre suggesting itís really coming from me?

ELIAS: Your essence, yes.

DIANE: Huh! So thatís who my mentor needs to be.

ELIAS: Quite, which holds infinite information, and you hold the ability to access this.

DIANE: Does everyone?


DIANE: Okay.

ELIAS: We shall break, and I shall allow you the continuation of your questioning.

DIANE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BREAK 10:24 AM.
RESUME 10:35 AM. (Arrival time was four seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

DIANE: My mother! Her name is Marie. She lives in Virginia. My half-brother is down there. I donít know ... Iíve been entertaining the idea of maybe bringing her here, not to live with me but to live in an independent living situation, because my brother has brought his father to Virginia, so now heís having to deal with two parents. My mother is in her eighties; his father is in his nineties. Iím feeling a little guilty about that. I donít think it would be good for me to have my mother here. I donít think it would be good for ME. It might be good for her. I donít know what to do with the situation.

ELIAS: Ah, what to do with the situation! Recognize that your conflict stems from duplicity; the duty of what you should be accomplishing, and the pull of what you know within you.

Within the expression of duplicity within yourself and other individuals also and within mass belief systems, you move into the area of obligation and wishing to be lightening another individualís ďburdenĒ to be helpful, and not remembering that each individual creates their reality. Each individual chooses what they shall or shall not accept. Therefore, it is not your responsibility to be moving into the area of feeling that you must alter another individualís choice. You merely hold responsibility for yourself and your own choices, which is enough. You hold enough responsibility within yourself that you need not move into accepting responsibility for other individuals. They are creating of their choice.

DIANE: Meaning both my mother and my brotherís choices?

ELIAS: Correct.

DIANE: And itís okay for me to give myself permission to acknowledge my truth, which is: I love my mother, and she drives me crazy, and I canít have her here.

ELIAS: And this is acceptable.

DIANE: Itís a hard one.

ELIAS: And the individual is not expressing desire to be within this location.

DIANE: Reading between the lines.


DIANE: She used to, but she has stopped that. But me reading between the lines, sheís very angry, I think, that sheís not here and Iím not taking care of her.

ELIAS: But this is not your responsibility.

DIANE: To take care of her? (Elias nods) Is it my brotherís?

ELIAS: No, but it is his choice to be accepting of this. It is not his responsibility, but it is his choice.

DIANE: Is he choosing? Does he want to take care of her?

ELIAS: He IS choosing, for if he were choosing otherwise, the action would not be.

DIANE: See, his wife Alice would like for him not to be making that choice. She wants me to accept the responsibility.

ELIAS: The responsibility is accepted. The choice is made in response to the belief systems and the personal responsibility issue, which is held by him. It is NOT his responsibility, but he accepts this within his own issues of duplicity. This is not to say that you must also. Your responsibility is to be listening to self and accepting of self, and in this you are more helpful to other individuals, although they may not perceive in this manner. But in actuality, you are more helpful in being accepting of yourself than to be denying of self and moving into areas that your belief systems dictate are acceptable or noble, and expressing false humility.

DIANE: Hmm. There is that piece of me that feels like I could take better care of my mother. I could insure that sheís taken care of better here than there.

ELIAS: And your little inner voice expresses what?

DIANE: No, donít do that! Itís screaming, ďDonít do that, or itís going to kill you!Ē

ELIAS: And I express to you, listen to this inner voice.

DIANE: Okay. Iíve got it.

ELIAS: You have already, within your own issue of duplicity and lack of trust in yourself, created enough conflict in your focus, have you not? Shall you add to this conflict and heap upon it more conflict?

DIANE: Thank you! (Laughing) Yes, youíre absolutely right! Thank you. I want to buy a house and Iíve found several, but it hasnít worked out, and Iím wondering if thereís a glitch, why I havenít found the house. Or is it just my impatience?

ELIAS: Within the motion of probabilities, it is a matter of timing.

DIANE: So it just hasnít happened?

ELIAS: For quite definite reasons! You are attempting to be moving into new directions of acceptance of self, and as you allow yourself to be moving into these areas and letting go of your control, you shall also open to the probabilities of accepting those things which shall come to you. But within this present now, you do not trust that physical elements in monetary areas will come to you as you create them. Therefore, you hold off the probability of the dwelling also. In moving in the direction of attempting to be forcing the probability of the dwelling, you are skipping shells.

DIANE: The trust has to come first, and then the house will be effortless. It will appear.

ELIAS: Quite. You may force the probability, but you shall also in this forcing be heaping your conflict.

DIANE: Yes, I hear you. So just relax, work on trusting ... although thatís an oxymoron, because trusting actually should be effortless, but you know what I mean.

ELIAS: Quite.

DIANE: And it will happen!

ELIAS: Correct. You are not ďworking onĒ trusting. You are addressing to issues and belief systems which are limiting, and THIS shall be allowing the effortlessness of trust. You are recognizing your own perpetuation of duplicity, and in this, as you let go of this control, you allow the effortlessness of the flowering of trust.

DIANE: So weíve planted the seed by my at least recognizing my belief systems; my perpetuation of duplicity, my need to control.

ELIAS: Correct.

DIANE: And thatís the first step.

ELIAS: Correct, and now you may address to these.

DIANE: Itís kind of like not buying into them. Itís not engaging in them. Itís seeing them, and trying to just let them go.

ELIAS: Correct.

DIANE: Harder. Easier said than done.

ELIAS: Absolutely! This be a simplification of the expression of acceptance of a belief system, as which we spoke of at our last meeting. It is quite easy to be expressing of this. It is much more difficult to be implementing this. I am quite recognizing of this situation with individuals within physical focus.

DIANE: I have one last question. Itís a very big question, and it has to do with romantic love in my life. Thereís two sides of me. Thereís one side that would like someone special in my life Ė intimacy, companionship Ė and thereís another side to me thatís very independent and very autonomous and needs space, and Iím constantly having to negotiate those two. I havenít manifested someone and I donít know if I will, if it is my destiny to have a life mate, so to speak.

ELIAS: Ah! There is no destiny!

DIANE: So if I want to create that, that would be my creation.

ELIAS: Absolutely. This is a choice. ALL is a choice. There is no fate. There is no destiny.

DIANE: Well, can you then specifically tell me where I am with that, because Iím not creating ... I guess Iím ambivalent.

ELIAS: First of all, I express to you that as you vacillate between two poles, as you see this, you block the creation of this. You block the manifestation. There are not two poles. You do not sacrifice one for the other.

DIANE: I can have both.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

DIANE: But thereís a part of me that doesnít believe that.

ELIAS: Quite. Therefore, you block the manifestation. I may express to you, in this you hold a similarity in this aspect to Michael, for in this same respect, he is creating of his reality quite similarly.

DIANE: Michael? Whoís Michael?

ELIAS: This essence that engages this energy exchange with myself. (Pause) Ah. Mary.

DIANE: Oh, Mary! Iím sorry.

ELIAS: In this, you hold a similar viewing within yourself, which I shall offer the presentment of. You, Juan, engage this physical focus. You view yourself to be an independent, self-sufficient individual within this focus and not needing of another individual to be fulfilling to you, for you hold the ability to be accomplishing this within yourself. But you are accepting of the possibility that should another individual drop from the heavens which is perfectly suited to you and also presents themself as not interfering with your intent, you shall be quite acceptable of this situation and allow yourself a relationship which you will view to be fulfilling and an acceptable companionship. There is no individual that shall drop from the heavens and be the creation of which you seek unless you are projecting your own energy and physically manifesting another aspect of yourself to stand before you! (Grinning) Each individual is unique and different to themselves, and this is not threatening to you. You hold your own integrity, and another individual does not diminish you in their differences, only within the degree that you allow this to occur as your own choice and your own creation.

DIANE: I agree. Would you agree that I have not quite found the right balance, the right person, or do you feel like Iím being too discriminating and too discerning and a perfectionist? (Pause)

ELIAS: The question is balance. You may be discriminating if you choose. You also, in your discriminating, limit your choices. But in recognition of a draw to another individual, you may also allow yourself the acceptance of self, which is creating of your own security, so to speak, within yourself.

It is unnecessary to be projecting outward such strength in your conviction that you are not ďneeding.Ē You are correct; you are not needing! No individual is needing of another individual, per se. But you also have created this reality in its officially accepted capacity, and in this you magnate to other individuals and to relationships for that experience emotionally and sexually. It is a part of your creation in this dimension. This is not to say that you ďneedĒ to engage another romantically to be fulfilling to you. You possess all within you. It also is not to say that it is more accomplished or better or more fulfilled or more adjusted to not engage a relationship; which also, in like manner to all of which we have spoken this day, is a perpetuation of learned belief systems in the area of your psychology, which has incorporated a new belief system into your reality en masse opposing the previously held reality and belief system.

The previous belief system was that you shall engage each other in romantic relationships, for this is acceptable and this is what you deem to be the officially accepted norm, and that you fulfill each other in coming together as two individuals creating one. Now you have created a new belief system that you are separate individuals and that you are complete within your identity and you are not needing of another individual for your completion or for your wholeness. I express to you, both belief systems hold aspects of truth. You draw to each other in compliance with the experience that you have chosen within this dimension. Therefore, it is purposeful. But you are also partially correct in your new belief system that you are not ďneeding.Ē But, you hold all that you need within essence. You manifest within physical focus to be creating of what you want, what you choose to experience.

DIANE: Can I trust my intuition if I feel like it just isnít right, if it just doesnít quite feel right, a particular relationship? Which is what has happened over the years. It feels right for a while and then it just doesnít feel right any more, so I end it. Is that an excuse, or can I trust that in myself?

ELIAS: You may trust this.

DIANE: Okay.

ELIAS: Recognize, though, that this is not a failure. You are merely operating within the confines of the belief systems that suggest that you shall engage a relationship and that this shall be continued, for your purpose in engaging a relationship is to be coupled. In this, you also view relationships that do not accomplish this as being a failure. Not so! You are merely experiencing and moving through one experience to another experience. I express to you also, you shall know within your intuition and within your inner voice when you engage another individual that you will draw to yourself that will hold qualities that you desire.

DIANE: And do you see that happening for me, in the realm of probabilities?

ELIAS: Within probabilities, yes; but I express to you that all probabilities are choice. Therefore, you hold the ability to choose else. In this, I shall not present to you absolute; but yes, within probabilities.

DIANE: Can I ask you about a particular individual? Her name is Kim. I donít know what the draw is for me exactly, but I really like her. I just really like who I see her to be, but I think sheís in a very different place than I am, and I donít know if it will go anywhere besides a friendship.

ELIAS: Hmm. You draw to this individual in recognition of a counterpart action.

DIANE: That she reflects me? I donít know what you mean.

ELIAS: You hold many counterparts within physical focus, which as you allow yourself the opportunity to objectively engage any given counterpart, there is a recognition either of a draw or a repelling. Opposite counterparts shall repel as two magnets, but other types of counterparts draw to each other.

This is not to say that a counterpart shall necessarily be another aspect of your essence. It may not, but you engage an action which is termed to be counterpart action. This, briefly stated, is an action of shared similar intents that individual focuses manifest with, and within the action of counterpart, they share experiences to be offering unchosen experiences.

I have offered much information in this area of counterparts which you may be accessing if you so choose, but I shall briefly express to you that if you are choosing of a certain intent, a direction within any particular focus Ė this particular focus Ė you hold countless counterparts which also experience other aspects of similar intent which you do not experience, and those experiences add to the fullness of your own experience.

Just as you may be choosing within one focus to be what you are in this focus. You may go in the direction of manifesting a career in psychological areas. You may hold a counterpart that chooses to be manifesting another aspect of that by displaying what you term to be mental illness. They are all aspects of one subject, but they are vastly different experiences, different elements of the same subject.

For you to be creating of every experience of every aspect of each subject that you choose to engage within a focus, you would need be creating millions and millions of focuses within one particular dimension! Therefore, it is inefficient. It is much more efficient that you all add to each other in experience subjectively by choosing to be experiencing different aspects of the same subject.

DIANE: Do you see she and I getting together on a romantic level?

ELIAS: It is a possibility within probabilities. But as always, I express: this is a choice, not only within yourself but also within the other individual. Be remembering, you are addressing to issues within yourself that are affecting of ALL of your creations in ALL of your directions presently. Therefore, what you may view in one area, you may also view a mirror action in other areas, for these issues that you address to presently are affecting of all areas.

DIANE: Okay.

ELIAS: This also be the matter of skipping shells!

DIANE: So, trust me.

ELIAS: Correct. You may jump and skip your shells, but within your element of timing, you may not necessarily be creating of joyfulness, but of conflict. Address first to these belief systems and issues and allow yourself your new freedom, and in your new freedom, the effortlessness of these other areas shall come.

DIANE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I express to you great fondness and encouragement in your endeavors, and acknowledgment that you are worthy and that you hold the ability to accomplish. Believe THIS, in a new belief system! I offer to you much affection, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting. To you this day, I bid you a loving au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:14 PM.

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