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Sunday, August 09, 1998

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“Recurring Dream Imagery”

“The Clinton Affair”

“Aspects of the Belief System of Relationship”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Howard (Bosht), and Margot (Giselle).

Elias arrives at 12:21 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARGOT & HOWARD: Good morning!

ELIAS: And you have inquiries this day?

MARGOT: Yes, we do! In chatting with Mary just now, she tells me that there’s a little lady that comes up her street every day, and every time she looks at her, she thinks it’s me. The first look she gets, she always thinks it’s me. So, can you enlighten her a little bit on that, or me?

ELIAS: This individual would be another focus of your essence ...


ELIAS: ... which is manifest within this same time framework in this same general location of country as yourself, and also is an example to you and to other individuals of the manifestation within physical form of essences and their preference as to particular forms or appearances. As I have stated previously, essences choose a particular form that they are fond of, so to speak, and create many of their manifestations in like manner to this particular physical expression. In this situation, your essence chooses to be manifesting very similarly to your body type and physical appearance that you have manifest within this particular focus. This be the reason that this individual physically appears to hold a very strong resemblance to you.

Now; let me express to you that not every individual that bears a striking physical resemblance to another individual will necessarily be another manifest focus of the same essence, but many, many times this shall be the situation.

MARGOT: That’s exciting, that she has somebody on her street that I never knew was there!

Vic’s note: I spoke to this woman briefly when I was Vermont. She does bear a striking resemblance to Margot!

ELIAS: It is an interesting phenomenon to be physically witnessing other manifestations of one essence that you may physically view that are resembling of each other, and in this, the reason that an individual is struck by the remembrance of another individual is that the individual that they are viewing not only physically resembles another individual, but carries a very similar energy signature. Therefore, there is also an immediate draw to the new individual, or there is an immediate repelling if the situation has presented itself within one focus that these individuals are repelled by each other. Even in your not holding an objective relationship with this individual or viewing them to be what you would term to be a stranger, your response within physical focus merely to their appearance and their energy shall be quite similar to the response that you hold with the other individual that you have established an objective relationship with.

HOWARD: Can I ask something?

ELIAS: You may.

HOWARD: Would this be similar to my feeling between Gennifer Flowers and Hillary Clinton? (Pause)

ELIAS: These individuals hold counterpart action. Therefore, in the particular action of counterpart that they share, there is an exchange of energy which is recognizable to certain individuals if they are allowing themselves to be tuning their attention to the particular energy exchange that these counterparts engage.

HOWARD: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MARGOT: I guess I’m going to be the one to start this today, Elias, and I’m going to start with a dream. In this particular dream, there were elements in it that I’ve been wanting to ask about, and just in general about dreams. The night that I had this dream, when I had first gone to sleep that night, I saw you. I saw your blue eyes, which I’ve seen quite a few times now, but this time was kind of out of the ordinary because I saw a full face besides the eyes, and it was very fleshed-out and very alive, and it was very exciting! You turned your face toward me at that point, as I was looking at you, and it was obvious to me that we recognized that we were both there at the same time, so to speak. It’s the first time that I have seen a face of yours like this, and I recognized that it must be from a focus of mine. You were very handsome, of course! (Elias grins) You had a swarthy face and very black hair. The only sense I could pick up on was that it was from a Scottish focus. Is that right?

ELIAS: You are correct.

MARGOT: Good! Thank you! Now, in the dream that I had subsequently before I woke up the next day, I had an overriding sense while I was in the dream that I had dreamed it before. Do we actually repeat dreams, or does thinking while we’re in the dream that it’s a repeat dream ... is this an element that everybody has, or what is this?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, at times you may be repeating certain dream imagery to be attaining your own attention in certain areas. Some individuals do create repetitious dream imagery. This would be what you in physical form express as recurring dream imagery. In this situation of recurring dream imagery, you are experiencing elements of bleed-throughs that you are attempting to gain your objective attention with. In many situations of this type, you are attempting to gain your attention for the purpose of addressing to some situation or issue that is occurring presently within the particular focus that your attention occupies.

In THIS situation with this type of imagery, where you are not necessarily in actuality recalling an action of recurring dream imagery but you hold a sense that you have created this type of imagery within dream state previously, what is occurring is not necessarily an actual repeating of the dream imagery in itself, but rather that you are offering yourself more of an awareness of a remembrance of actual occurrences. Therefore, in this type of situation that you are expressing presently, what is occurring is not in actuality dream imagery per se. Although it appears very similar to dream imagery, what you have in actuality created is a movement into another area of consciousness, stepping sideways into an area, that you may view another focus.

Subsequently you hold a feeling or a sense that you have created this dream imagery previously, for as you view it, your thought process automatically leans in the direction that you are within your dream state – although you are not – and in this action you have allowed yourself a remembrance. Therefore, it becomes slightly more real in your reality than many of your dream state encounters with your dream imagery. Are you understanding?

MARGOT: Yes I am, and this is especially interesting because this dream that this occurred in, where I had a remembrance within the dream, I also have had elements of this dream several times, and not within the dream state that I recall. It’s just a thing that I have, and I wanted to ask you about that. I’ve had several dreams like this which seem to take place in a palatial home that belongs to Vicki and Ron, who very interestingly – this repeats in dreams – always seem to be away from home during the first part of the dream. I’ve dreamed about it before. Therefore, I know this home. There is always also in these dreams a large group of very interesting folks who are in this home to see Vic and Ron, except that most of the time Vic and Ron aren’t there.

I’m not understanding because I have dreamed this several times now within, oh, the last six months or a year. I’m not understanding, unless it’s a future. I’m not understanding what this is or what kind of imagery this is for me.

ELIAS: This is a recognition of another focus, which is not future focus but what you would term to be past focus, in which these individuals have occupied what you would now term to be a villa. In this, let me express to you that many times individuals, as they become more objectively aware and connected to other individuals within a particular physical focus, they also begin to allow themselves a remembrance and bleed-throughs of other focuses; not always focuses that they have all shared together, but there is an allowance within energy for their own understanding of each other in tapping into each other’s focuses regardless of whether they have shared them together or not. Therefore, in this situation you allow yourself to be connecting with information of another focus of Olivia and Lawrence, and allowing yourself more of an objective awareness of the connections within energy that you share with each other.

These situations occur for the reason that you may objectively validate to yourselves within physical focus the vastness of your interconnectedness with each other, for although you hold information in these areas, you generally continue in some areas to view many different aspects of your interconnectedness as coincidence or as concepts, and not necessarily in the vein of actual reality yet. In this, you continue to offer yourselves bleed-throughs and information through experiences of other focuses, that you may validate to yourselves the reality of all of this information, and as you continue in this action it becomes more of a reality and less of a concept to you, for it becomes more and more familiar to you, to the point that your skepticisms, which are automatic within much of physical focus, begin to dissipate and your acceptance of your greater reality begins to become familiar and is more of a reality to you.

MARGOT: Okay, that’s very interesting in light of what this particular dream was, the one that I’m talking about here, because in this particular dream, for the first time I don’t recognize anyone that’s in the house when Howard and I get there. In this dream they are strangers to me, but they seem to be a part of your group, a part of this group that does a lot of Elias, okay? We had arrived with, interestingly, a group of L.D.S. people, and I am just totally amazed that these two groups like each other right away and really begin to enjoy being there with each other. I don’t know if I thought of this in the dream, but it was kind of like the verse that says, “the lion and the lamb shall lie down together,” because here’s a very staunch church group and a group that really loves to be around Elias! What is the symbology or the imagery for me in this part?

ELIAS: This imagery that you have presented yourself moves into the symbolism of this present now, which I shall express to you that within this type of imagery and this type of action of bleed-through, this is very directly correlated to this present now and the action of this shift, for this occurs more and more frequently with individuals presently as this shift increases in its momentum and movement in this present time framework.

In this imagery that you have presented yourself, you are merging the differences of individuals and their expressions and their belief systems and holding a recognition in this imagery that it matters not which direction any individual or group of individuals choose to be aligning themselves with, for you are all interconnected regardless and you are all moving in the same direction.

Therefore, regardless of your expressions or alignments with your own particular belief systems, you are all addressing to the same issues and the same actions within the action of this shift in consciousness ... and there is no separation! And in this also you are discovering the “meshing with ease” and the similarities, and beginning to focus upon the similarities of different individuals as opposed to focusing so intently upon the differences of individuals and groups.

MARGOT: Thank you. I understand that. That’s kind of close to where I came to myself on it. In the first part of this dream I was very distracted because it seemed that I had left home in a really big rush and I didn’t have time to pack anything to wear. What I did put into a suitcase wasn’t anything I was going to need. What was this about?

ELIAS: This also is imagery in relation to this shift in consciousness and the actions that are connected with it. Your imagery to yourself – that you are moving in the direction of bringing with you, so to speak, a small satchel which does not contain what you view to be articles that you need – is the imagery to yourself that in the action of this shift and your movement into it, those items, those elements, those aspects of your reality that are familiar to you are no longer necessary and therefore are being left behind, so to speak, in a manner of speaking.

In this, this would be the symbolization of different elements of your reality, your belief systems, your behaviors, and your actions that you no longer align with, and are moving into a new area of action and creating that although is unfamiliar and requires none of these elements that you are familiar with, you are moving into this regardless. The action of the hurriedness is also symbolic in imagery of the rapidness in which this shift is presently moving and its increase in swiftness of all of its movement. Therefore, you move into this action in a hurried manner.

MARGOT: Okay. Now ... a very weird part of the dream comes now! Our friend Jade shows up and he needs some help with his car. He’s trying to drive down a very narrow canyon that is near this great big house that we’re all in. This is a very strange car because it runs along the canyon walls on rails, but the rails haven’t been used for a while and they need to be greased, and so I volunteer to go along with Jade in this little car-thing and grease the rails as we go down, and I do that with big gobs of grease. So we get all the way and everything is fine, but Jade does not go on his way when we get back to the house. He goes into the house and sits down and enjoys himself with everyone. The only thing that I could draw from this, and I think it’s in line with what you’ve been saying, is that I am helping Jade to accept his own belief systems and the belief systems of everyone else because I grease the rails for him. Is that correct, or what can you give me on that?

ELIAS: You are partially correct in your interpretation of this imagery, but I shall also offer you a continuation of this particular imagery.

In this imagery that you have presented yourself, you present yourself with the familiarity of another individual that you within this particular focus hold a relationship with, and this is a familiar element within the imagery to you. It continues with the theme of the dream imagery in conjunction with this shift in consciousness and the interconnectedness of individuals. Therefore, you image the interconnectedness of yourself and this individual by participating in helpfulness with this individual.

Now; within the imagery that you have created, you image that this individual is traveling inside of this strange, so to speak, vehicle and that this vehicle operates in a different capacity from what you view to be the normal operation of similar types of vehicles. Its appearance is different and its operation is different. This is your imagery to yourself in distinction of this particular individual and how this individual creates their reality within this particular focus and the interaction in consciousness that this individual engages within, opening himself to other aspects of consciousness and allowing for the engagement more fully of inner senses.

These rails that the vehicle travels upon, which you view to be slightly dysfunctional and therefore are in need of oiling or greasing, are the symbolization of inner senses that this individual holds, and that in like manner to you all, these inner senses may be facilitating of much creativity and actions within your physical focus, but are in need not necessarily of repair but of exercising and polishing of these inner senses, that they may be functioning much more efficiently than you have allowed them to be functioning previously.

Therefore, you hold the recognition that this individual engages the action of these inner senses and is participating with them, but your action of helpfulness in greasing these rails is the element of your correct interpretation, that you are being helpful to this individual in facilitating their viewing of their own belief systems and identifying certain belief systems that may be creating less of an efficient movement with these inner senses.

You view the vehicle itself to be different than your usual vehicles, for the vehicle is your symbolization of the individual himself, his physical manifestation, and as you view his manifestation to be slightly different from other individuals, you image this within your dream state as a different type or unusual type of vehicle.

MARGOT: That’s great! That’s exactly right! Now, when we get back to the house, YOU are there. You’re sitting down, you have your hands behind your head, you’re very relaxed. You’re wearing a very nice-looking dark brown pair of slacks, and you have a lighter-brown sport shirt on. I can see that your hair is dark, but you have it cut in a crew cut. Your eyes don’t look quite the same; they’re more kind of indigo blue or kind of a muddy blue. I stand in front of you and I tell you that I’ve been transcribing a session with Marta, and in the session you and Marta talk about the fact that Elias is now a “whole new Elias.” And then I sit down next to you, and you begin telling me about this whole new Elias! What’s up here, Elias?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This is your imagery to yourself of your own involvement with this essence and with the movement of our agenda, and as we move more fully into the action of this shift, you also allow yourself to become more aware of more of the fullness of the energy exchange which occurs in relation to this shift and to the delivery of information to individuals within physical focus.

There is the presentment of imagery in this situation also of a relaxedness or ease which emanates from myself in what you may term to be this more casual presentment of the energy exchange.

In this, you are offering yourself in your own imagery the recognition of alterations that are occurring presently and shall be continuing to occur within this energy exchange, in the direction of more of an ease for the actual energy exchange itself and much more of an allowance in the area of the delivery of information to other individuals. This is a cooperation between myself and Michael that you are beginning to identify in your awareness and that is being reflected in the movement of our agenda and the increase of action within this area. Therefore you, in your own recognition of this action, image this particular scene, so to speak, not only in the manner of easement, but that you view alterations, and you are speaking more directly to myself.

This also is significant imagery, for as we move more into this agenda and we are accomplishing more of the presentment of this information, there becomes more avenues for the connections objectively with myself and other individuals within physical focus for objective communication, as you are aware.

MARGOT: That’s great! Howard, do you want to take a turn?

HOWARD: On the tack that Margot was taking with imagery, I wanted to interrupt several times. I have an image based upon the movie “The Bridge Over The River Kwai,” and as you were speaking and developing the imagery that she had, I had a distinct impression that the metaphor between the bridge of the river Kwai and what is going on now with Mr. Clinton and the special prosecutor is much like what William Holden and Alec Guiness were going through when it finally occurred to Guiness that he was building a bridge that was eventually going to destroy what he was fighting against in the first place. I don’t know which individual represents Bill Clinton and who represents the special prosecutor because they both have brought the nation to a brink of great turmoil and conflict over such a trivial, small issue. I’m of the inclination that the consciousness of the United States is more in line with Alec Guiness building the bridge, which will eventually destroy some sexual taboo, and that William Holden was the one to say, “You can’t do this!” It’s a big metaphor to me, and I think the bridge is going to be blown up, and I think it’s going to be Alec Guiness who does this. But sooner or later, somebody is going to have to say, “Oh my god! Look what we’ve done!” Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: Absolutely! Let me express to you that as of late, I have been offering information in the direction of the subject matter of relationships, for you move into an area in which there has been created a wave in consciousness which addresses to the belief system of relationships, in every aspect of the belief system.

Now; let me express to you that the action and situation that is occurring presently within your society and within your government is not quite so small as you view it to be, for it is quite in alignment with this wave in consciousness which addresses to the belief system of relationships and all of its aspects, ALL of these little birds that occupy this particular cage, which there are very, very many of. In this, your nation, your country, your society is bringing to the surface of its awareness and consciousness elements of its belief systems in this area: how you view your belief system societally of relationships and many of the aspects therein, your religious elements of these belief systems, how you view the action and behavior of each other, your own expectations of each other, your own addressing to, individually and en masse, your judgmental qualities as influenced by the belief systems.

In this, the incident itself may appear to be insignificant or small, but in actuality it is a symbol for the whole of the belief system itself and the strength of this particular belief system. This is another expression objectively and a reflection of what you are all addressing to en masse presently. In this, as you offer yourself an impression of correlation to your film in relation to this action which is occurring within your objective societal reality presently, the imagery of the bridge would be quite correct.

There is an attempt for a bridge of different expressions and different aspects of the belief system to be being addressed, but the final action of this addressing to the belief system in imagery would be that of destroying of the bridge or blowing it up, for the final action is to be neutralizing the belief system itself.

Therefore, in the process of the acceptance of belief systems and neutralizing the power of the energy which is expressed within these belief systems, there are bridges built, metaphorically, in aligning different aspects of the belief system to each other and correlating them to each other, that you may view and hold an awareness that there are very many elements that are different aspects of one belief system and that all of these need be addressed to, to be accomplishing the neutralization of merely one belief system.

Therefore, although the bridges are built within the correlation of the different aspects of the belief system, they are also destroyed, or in other terms – figuratively speaking – allowed to be let go of in the same manner that you allow the birds within the cage to be set free and not occupying the cage any longer, that you may be neutralizing these aspects of the particular belief system individually and en masse and therefore ultimately neutralizing the belief system itself.

HOWARD: Just a corollary here (Elias chuckles) to complete this. On the one hand, I see that Alec Guiness comes to the understanding that the bridge is going to heal a gap between two sectors of our society, and Holden is trying to stop that. On the other hand is the idea that Holden suddenly realizes that in order for the society to go on, to move on, this bridge must be built. It is a win/win situation. The trauma of healing the gap will allow our children to see how silly we were. The more entrenched “my country, right or wrong, my belief system, right or wrong” ones are trying to destroy it so that they can keep the status quo. I guess what you’ve said is that ultimately in the end, whether the bridge stands or is destroyed, it doesn’t matter. Is that correct?

ELIAS: What I am expressing is that the bridge is a stepping stone. It is an element of the created process that you have engaged in your method, so to speak, of addressing to the belief systems.

You are divided within your societies in your official reality. In this you hold certain elements that continue to align with the belief systems that are officially accepted, and there is a stronghold in that alignment, but there is also a tremendous movement away from that alignment. Therefore, you present yourselves with what you may figuratively view as divided camps: one continuing to hold to the belief systems and opposing the movement, and the other pressing on to be addressing to the belief systems and neutralizing the power, so to speak, of the belief systems. Ultimately there shall be a meeting in the experience, and the movement shall be accomplished in the area of addressing to the belief system and the neutralization of the belief system, for this is the action of this shift in consciousness which you have agreed upon.

But you are correct in your recognition that there does occur trauma in these actions, which I have been stating from the onset of the engagement of this forum: that there shall be the occurrence of trauma in many areas associated with this shift in consciousness. For as you address more and more to your belief systems and you recognize how very tightly you hold to the energy of these belief systems, you also create trauma – or elements of trauma within yourselves in conflict – in your not holding a willingness to be letting go of these belief systems, for they are familiar to you, and the action of letting go of these belief systems or ACCEPTING these belief systems is very unfamiliar to you within physical focus. Therefore, there is a resistance objectively to this action. But regardless, it shall be occurring, for you have chosen this action to be creating within this dimension.

HOWARD: Thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MARGOT: Okay. My essence name has been spelled with a “J” by me, but in a Patel session , it was spelled with a “G.” You’ve never spelled this name out for me. Would you do that? Is it a G or a J?

ELIAS: Interesting. Within this tone of essence there is no conflict within this area, for there is a fluctuation of tone within this particular essence. Therefore, there is an altering in translation at times of the interpretation of what you would term to be spelling within your language. This is not an uncommon action. This also is the reason that I have expressed previously within another engagement of session with another individual that there are no absolutes in any area of consciousness, although you identify with absolutes, for this is an element of your reality within physical focus and allows you a security, so to speak, in your thought processes, and within your belief systems holds you upon what you view to be as solid ground ... although this is quite amusing also, for there is no solid ground!

But I shall express to you that this is an example of fluctuation of tone, in SLIGHT – VERY slight – aspects of essence, which may be translated as it is filtered through different areas of consciousness into an objective difference within your language. At this PRESENT now, I would be offering the spelling of Giselle with the beginning symbol of G.


ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Thank you! I know that the tone is very, very much the same. I talked with you the last time about the element of the name of Rose being one of Giselle’s focus indicators. I’d like to ask about two more: one is the eighteen-year-old daughter of close friends, and her name is Sara Rose, and a granddaughter, a very young granddaughter by the name of Jamie Rose. Can you tell me about that?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that this name of Rose is now and shall be becoming, within your language and your expressions of naming of individuals within physical focus, more and more common.

As you may view through your history within different societies, the naming of individuals moves in what you may term to be cycles. Therefore, you may view at any given particular time framework a commonness of certain names. You attribute this to likes and dislikes, and in that you explore no further the significance of the action that you are engaging in this commonality.

As this shift in consciousness accelerates, the identification subjectively of the movement of the essence of Rose and the re-incorporation of Rose as a Dream Walker becomes more and more of an awareness subjectively with many individuals. Although they may not hold an objective awareness of this action, they do hold a subjective awareness, and this is reflected in their action of physical naming of small ones of this name to be correlating with their awareness of the identification of movement of this particular essence.

It is a continuation, a validation to you all objectively of the movement of this shift. It is almost what you may express to yourselves as an objective symbol of your time framework. This particular word becomes more and more and more common and is expressed more and more frequently, and this would be what you are viewing presently and are allowing yourselves an awareness of and a recognition of in this situation.

MARGOT: And this would be the case with Sara Rose and Jamie Rose?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Are they part of my essence? (Pause)


MARGOT: Okay, this is what I wanted to clear up.

HOWARD: Excuse me, Margot. It seems that they are remembering Rose the Dream Walker.

MARGOT: Oh yes, I understand that.


MARGOT: Do splinters retain the same tone as the essence?

ELIAS: As they are continuing to be a splintered aspect, yes, they shall hold the same or figuratively the same tone as essence, for you hold an awareness that each aspect of essence holds a very slight difference in the aspect of the tone of essence. But overall or generally speaking, yes, they do hold the same tone as essence.

Now; if they are choosing to be fragmenting, their tone would then be altered.

MARGOT: Yes, I understand that, and thank you again for confirmation on that. The thing that I was wondering about ... my other focuses that I know by the name of my Aunt Rose and Jennifer Rose, would they be splintered?




MARGOT: No. Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MARGOT: Howard?

HOWARD: I have some sharing of experiences that occurred during April of this year which perhaps could be termed transformational. As you know, I was going through the unknown of whether this tumor I had was cancerous or not. I decided to collect to myself different historical events that I have honored to myself, and in dream state ask myself certain questions, to bring myself to a place historically recorded to see the events, and the first one I chose was the road to Damascus.

I consider Paul a very important part of my belief systems, so right or wrong – actually I have prejudged him, but even so – I thought, “Well, I’m going to go to the road of Damascus in this dream and I’m going to watch and wait.” I think you’re aware of this occurrence because I’ve shared it with everybody. I’ve asked Mary several times – twice, excuse me – “Was I correct?” For those who are going to be reading the transcript I’ll share it again, and hope that I’m not too redundant. (Elias smiles)

I put myself on the road to Damascus as a twentieth-century man, complete with Levi’s and my jacket, which I wear a lot, and I had a six-pack of beer and my cigarettes were handy. I watched the travelers – this is the dream – going back and forth, and I caught the eye of this small man, probably five-foot-six or seven in height, dark hair, kind of unruly, scurrying rapidly, walking quickly past me. So when he went by I said, “Hello! Are you Saul?” ‘Cause I figured that if he answered to Saul, he would not yet be Paul, and he had not yet had the epiphany. He stopped, hesitated briefly, looked over his shoulder – he couldn’t see anything – and then hurried on.

A couple of weeks later, I positioned myself there on the road, and he was coming back. By the way, this occurred somewhere between Acre and Damascus. I see it more on the seacoast than I do inland. He was coming back the other way, and I said, “Hello, are you Saul?” This time he was kind of spooked, very worried, and he hurried on to the town of Acre. I presume that’s where he was going.

The next time – it wasn’t very long afterwards – he was coming along, and this time he was walking kind of slow, very furtive, looking left and right, and I asked him again. He stopped and he said, “Who are you?” But he’s talking to the air! “Who ARE you? Why are you tormenting me like this?” I kind of stepped out of this dimensional screen that I was hiding behind and I said to him, “Well, it really doesn’t matter who I am. Is your name Saul?” And he said, “Yes, yes it is.” I said, “Well, come here. Sit down here on the bench.” Actually it was kind of a stone bench, and I brought him over there and we sat down, and I now knew that he could see me. I also felt at the same time that this was definitely dimensional stuff going on, because I was speaking in English and he was responding in English. I don’t know what language he spoke at the time, but we were communicating.

And as we talked, he wanted to know why I was asking him. “Well, why are you asking me what my name is?” And I said, “Well, I’m just trying to get the facts straight. Did Jesus appear to you on a road? Has any entity appeared to you on this road to declare that they were Jesus?” He said, “Jesus? You mean that guy that was ... I know briefly a little bit about him, but why? Why are you asking me this” He was getting very, very curious now.

So, I decided I would share with him the story as it has come down through the millennia of how Jesus appeared to him, how there was this idea that he needed to change his life and his ideas and take on a new name of Paul. I gave him the WHOLE story! Everything, from every tittle and jot that I understand, and I think I understand a lot – well, metaphorically I understand (Elias grins) – and how important he was in the movement of the Christian movement. And he looked at me wide-eyed with wonder, and he’s like, “Well, you know, I kind of like the guy. I’ve heard about him. Good teachings, good stuff, good things.” And he sat there for ... Elias, he must have sat there for half an hour. He was just silent. Then he finally looks up at me and he says, “You know, that’s not a bad idea!”

And I woke up and I said, “Oh my god! What have I done?? I have seeded that entire story!” And I didn’t sleep the rest of the night. Do you have anything to offer on that, to correlate or otherwise?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that what you have presented yourself with in imagery is the understanding that the actuality of events in how they have been presented to you within biblical terms are not entirely what has actually occurred within particular focuses. In actuality what has occurred, as I have expressed previously, is a movement within consciousness and a collective creation of a particular belief system and philosophy which has been accepted into your official reality in many cultures throughout your globe.

Therefore, in this you image to yourself an interaction with a particular manifestation, a particular focus which is named objectively Saul, and he appears to be holding little awareness as to the action that you view as being quite significant.

But let me express to you that the actual individuals within that particular focus do not engage the tremendous feats of wonderment and following that is recorded in your biblical terms. These are presentments of concepts in a form of story that may be presented as actual occurrences within your reality, but which have not necessarily been actually created in the manner of their expression within your biblical terms. They are waves of consciousness in the development of a certain line of creativity and probabilities which involve many, many individuals, but the focus is placed upon certain specific individuals as the designated symbols or carriers of the symbols within a certain time framework, for within your creations within physical focus, you lean in the direction of lending more of your attention to actions of individuals in what you may term to be spectacular manners or miraculous manners, for you view this to be unusual, special, different. You do not view these qualities to be usual to a certain individual. Therefore, this attains your attention more fully and in a manner of speaking more adequately than were it expressed en masse and as a concept.

You shall lean in the direction of paying more fully in your attention to one individual that is expressing of certain concepts and also manifesting unusual actions within their particular focus. Then you shall be lending your attention to a mass expression which holds less of a spectacular effect in your objective assessment.

Therefore, within your imagery, the individual expresses in alignment with the actuality of what is occurring within the focus, that he himself holds little awareness of that which you speak and that the individual that you have come to know within your history as Jesus holds much less importance and fame than is attributed to him within your biblical terms.

In this, you also image that you individually are altering of that which you view to be past probabilities, but let me be reminding you that all of this past is present. It is all simultaneous. Therefore, the action is occurring NOW, sideways to yourself.

In this, what you are in actuality offering yourself the recognition of is your own participation and interconnectedness with the creation of this concept and philosophy which has been altering of your belief systems and your societies and your creations of governments, religious belief systems, and officially accepted realities en masse, for you alone have not created the situation singularly nor have you singularly planted the seed, so to speak, but yourself in cooperation with the collective HAS participated in the creation of this particular movement into a much fuller expression of a religious era within your history, upon your planet, in this dimension.

Therefore, you recognize the significance of the individual and its participation in this action, for each individual is equally holding an importance in the collective action of creating any mass movement within your physical reality. This be your expression to yourself of YOUR importance in your cooperation in the creation of this action. Are you understanding?

HOWARD: Yes, I am. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

HOWARD: I have the vision of the tumor now. I’ll move on a couple more days, and I’m on the brink of a CAT scan and some other things. I have shared also with many people the idea of using the techniques that Jade has taught us, of how to focus in meditation using tobacco. I came to an understanding, or I found a young child, a young boy about 12, 13, 15 – (his voice breaks) this is kind of emotional for me – who was attempting to take on the cancer of his grandmother. I recall vividly all the months of trying to die before she did. It didn’t work.

So I decided on this night, probably mid-April, that there really didn’t need to be any more of this child keeping this death/ending experience with him any more, since the proof was that the grandmother died in spite of all the prayers in intercession that I was trying to do when I was a kid. So we talked about this cancer or this tumor, and we decided that it wasn’t cancerous. It could have been. It might have been a life-ending situation had I not done some other things previously in my life, such as meeting Margot and enjoying fresh air and living my life. We both agreed that we needed more or less to get on the same page, so the following day I went to the oncologist, and he was going to review the CAT scan with me, and he says, after giving us the litany of “You’re going to die quickly or later,” “You’re going to have to have a colostomy,” and blah, blah, blah. And I said, “It’s not cancer, it can’t be cancer, and if it is cancerous, then that’s the way it is.” I was prepared at that moment, and the whole month of April was preparation. He did a quick analysis because the cancer or rather the tumor was so close by way of anal probing, and he says, “Oh, gee, it’s a lot smaller than it was before, so maybe you don’t have a problem.” And he went back to the CAT scan, and he came back again, and he was really befuddled.

I have a feeling that if I wasn’t ... well, I will say that getting hold of this 15-year-old at that time changed my history on April 15, 1998, and I think this is a good thing for other people to know, that they can do that. Can you comment on it?

ELIAS: Let me express to you in response to this situation that in alignment with this wave movement in consciousness, you have also offered yourself the opportunity to be objectively creating and expressing an opportunity for yourself to be not only viewing but actively participating in the movement into the recognition of belief systems in the area of relationship and addressing to many aspects of this belief system.

Now; let me express that in your creation of this particular, physical affliction, I have expressed to you in your creations of physical affectingness in several directions that these creations that you engage are directly influenced by your own holding to energy which is influenced by your belief system in the area of relationships. I have expressed that you hold energy in the area of relationship with family.

Now; in your terms, family is not limited merely to those individuals that remain within physical focus and it is not necessarily limited to individuals that you view to be what you term as blood relations, for your partner shall also be considered an element of your family. This creation that you have offered yourself physically has served quite well in attaining your attention and directing your attention into these areas that have been expressed to you previously.

Within your particular choice of probabilities, you choose to manipulate energy into physical manifestations that shall be your wake-up call, that shall create movement with you, for they shall be creating of your own individual, personal little earthquake within yourself. In this, you have held to very strong belief systems and therefore you offer yourself very strong expressions to be addressing to these belief systems, for within the strength of belief systems, there is held much strength in energy. Therefore, you match this energy with the expression of physical creation and offer yourself a temporary affectingness of fearfulness which shall jolt you into a recalling of what you term to be past experiences, and it shall also jolt you into an awareness of the belief system in the area of relationship and the ASPECTS of this belief system.

Therefore, you look to your relationships with other individuals, with your partner, and you are recalling your relationship with your grandmother; but not merely the relationships, but the ASPECTS: the actions, the behaviors, the thought processes, which are all aspects of the belief system itself.

It also addresses to your feelings and your senses and your emotional responses to choices and how they are affecting in the belief system of relationship, for this small one, this child, moves in the direction of assuming another individual’s creation to be preventing of their individual choice of disengagement. It is not accomplished, but the expression is created regardless. In this you offer yourself the opportunity to view this aspect of the belief system of relationship, that you are experiencing separation from an individual that you hold emotional attachment to within physical focus.

You also allow yourself to address to the aspect of this belief system that you or any other individual may be altering of any other individual’s choices within any focus, which you may hold influence at times, but you may not be altering of any other individual’s expression of their reality and their choices within any physical focus. It also addresses to the aspect of right and wrong and good and bad in the element of choices of individuals within their expression of disengagement.

You also present yourself with the same elements of aspects of belief systems in relation to your own expression of creating this type of situation or affliction or dis-ease within your focus and its affectingness of other individuals that you engage relationship with, and your own aspects of the belief systems that these are unacceptable expressions. “Dying is bad and is hurtful to other individuals.” You view this as being hurtful to yourself in other individuals’ choices to be engaging this action, and you also view in your belief systems that your own creation of this choice shall be hurtful to the individuals that you hold relationship with presently.

Therefore, there is a value judgment placed, and also in this you offer yourself the opportunity to view the areas in which you hold tightly to aspects of this belief system concerning relationship.

Let me express to you that as I move more fully into this discussion presently that I engage with individuals within this forum in the subject of relationships, you may view that as I have stated within this particular session, there are very many aspects that occupy this particular cage, this particular belief system of relationships, and it is all intertwining with other belief systems, and all of the aspects of this belief system are very intertwined with each other and spill into many different areas and expressions of your focus that you do not even attribute to the belief system of relationship.

But within this wave in consciousness, you are ALL offering yourselves your own expressions of this particular belief system, that you may be offering yourselves the opportunity to address to this belief system and therefore lend energy to the acceptance of this belief system, individually and en masse.

MARGOT: When did this wave start, Elias? Can you tell us that in earth years or time?

ELIAS: This particular wave in consciousness has begun within this particular physically focused year of your time framework and has been building through the succession of this particular year. It moves into the momentum of almost cresting presently, and therefore I have chosen to be addressing to this particular belief system, for now it moves into an area recently and continues to be expressing itself in this area of much of an intensity and becomes much more objectively obvious, not only individually but also en masse in its expression. Therefore, it also becomes necessary to be addressing to this particular wave and offering explanation as to not only its movement but its affectingness, for in many of its expressions there is being created actions and events of trauma, not only individually but also en masse, and this is an example of the trauma which shall be created in relation to addressing to belief system[s] in regard to this shift in consciousness, and as this shift in consciousness accelerates in its momentum, this action of trauma shall increase and shall also be moving more expressively in its own momentum.

Therefore, this offers you an example of the very elements that I have been offering to you throughout the course, so to speak, of these sessions, of this shift in consciousness and of the trauma that is associated with it, for it shall continue and it shall increase as you move more fully into the action of this shift if you are not offering yourselves information and a widening of awareness, that you may be understanding and addressing to your belief systems more fully and more efficiently.

MARGOT: It seems to me then that from what you’ve been saying about this, and I’ve been really interested in this wave that you’ve been telling folks about, it seems to me that this wave is the crux of the shift. Is that right?

ELIAS: It is a very large element, for you move in the direction within this particular dimension of physical focus of surrounding much of your behavior and activity and creations around the belief of relationship and all of its aspects. Therefore, it holds tremendous energy, and if you are moving into the direction of designating certain belief systems as larger than other belief systems within your physical terms, this particular belief system may be in your terms designated as one of the largest belief systems that you hold within physical focus and one of the very most intensely affecting throughout the entirety of each of your creations of your physical focuses. Therefore, it holds much significance and importance in relation to this shift in consciousness.

MARGOT: In earth years then, wouldn’t you say that this won’t crest, this wave won’t crest until at least a quarter century has passed and we’re that far in the shift?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for it is not the ONLY one of the very largely held belief systems that you hold within physical focus. It is ONE of the large belief systems.

I am not expressing to you that in addressing to this belief system that you shall be accepting of this belief system in its entirety immediately, but that it shall not be requiring of tremendous time framework to be cresting, and subsequent to this crest it shall begin to ease down into its movement of ebb, and that action shall be within probabilities requiring of more of your time framework than its actual peak.

MARGOT: I see.

ELIAS: I shall be offering you the opportunity for another inquiry and we shall be disengaging subsequent to this, as I am not wishing to be moving into the direction of taxation presently.

MARGOT: Yes, we understand! Thank you, Elias, so much!

ELIAS: You may be expressing of one more inquiry if you are so choosing.

HOWARD: I’d like to talk about the July 4th party. On July 4th, as you may have heard, we went to the coast and had a wonderful time meeting Paul and Jo, and I wanted to know – I’ll try to make this as brief as I can – about the situation that occurred on the couch.

I’m sitting next to Jo, and suddenly David shows up with a book of Oscar Wilde, and in it was a picture of Aubrey Beardsley. Margot and I exchanged looks of complete shock and dismay because ... well, I wasn’t aware that Aubrey was a compatriot or friend of Oscar Wilde at the time and I still held what I considered to be a mythological metaphor, a mythos, regarding Aubrey and his incredible talents of pen and ink drawing, which brought me to him in the first place. Beyond that, I know nothing of his life.

I excused myself from the couch and I went outside, and I was incredibly distraught because the last thing I wanted to do was be sitting next to an individual ... Jo at the time was identified by David as being the Aubrey Beardsley of my dreams. I really had a difficult time coming to grips with this because I had other images in my mind, including Ayn Rand and Victor Hugo. It’s very convoluted and complicated here, but it’s something that I’ve lived with for about thirty years, and I was comfortable with that.

So, to bring this question to an end, I was so distraught that I was actually sitting next to a hero that I’ve worshipped and admired that I was considering just getting in the car and driving away, and that’s the childish reaction, which I’ve done many times in the past. I’ve stopped doing that. I’ve realized that you can’t run away from these things. You’ve got to face it.

I processed that situation for that night and during the following week and a week after that, and I finally realized that Jade had told us we base our behavior upon the heroes that we establish, the little pedestals that they establish that we see them as, and we kind of try to achieve what others have brought forth in their lives. Beardsley, to me, was the supreme illustrator of pen and ink, and he’s unequaled. He was also a very brazen man. He was doing things that Gauguin and other contemporaries of his tried to emulate. I just really wasn’t ready to see him, and I was disappointed to find that he had flesh and bones and that he was a woman, and then this and this and this and this.

It hurt me deeply because what was going on was some penetration into some inner part of myself that I held secret, that was mine. I’ve since learned that Jo has asked the question, was she Aubrey, and you said no, but I think the lesson here for myself and others is that what I experienced was incredibly traumatic, and I see a future for the next decade or so of a lot of folks meeting their heroes on the street, literally strangers, and if my reaction is symptomatic of what others are going to go through in terms of deeply-held secret beliefs, wow! We’ve got a lot of turmoil ahead of us! At the same time, I must say that I’m incredibly thankful that I was able to work through this thing on my own with my own self – and Vicki was incredibly helpful – to recognize what the heck was going on.

The last thing I want to say is, Jo suggests that I was Aubrey. I cannot validate her feeling. I feel, of everybody that I know, it would have to be my youngest son. But even so, I don’t think it matters, but I would like you to help us out here on seeing our heroes unmasked before ourselves in such a casual way. It was really incredible.

ELIAS: This is your presentment to yourself in alignment with this subject matter that we have been discussing within this particular session, of recognizing different aspects of this belief system which is being addressed to presently.

In the belief system of relationship, the aspects that are being addressed to not only involve aspects of relationships with other individuals, but those aspects of relationship that you hold with YOURSELVES, for THIS shall be your very MOST influencing relationship that you shall hold within any particular given physical focus. It shall be your most intimate relationship and most affecting, and in this you offer yourselves the opportunity to view the affectingness of the belief system in this area, and also how it is intertwined with the belief system of duplicity in that you create what you term to be heroes, individuals that you elevate above yourselves and you attempt to emulate throughout your focus as opposed to emulating YOURSELF or creating your OWN expression in its OWN greatness, but looking to other individuals as role models, so to speak, and reinforcing your own aspects of belief system in the area of duplicity and your own unworthiness and inadequacy.

Therefore, this also is a presentment of another aspect of the belief system of relationship and how it is affecting not only of yourself within yourself, but also of your interaction with other individuals as you look to them and assume that they occupy a certain position.

It also offers you the opportunity to view that although you may view other focuses of your own essence or of other essences, this individual that occupies the same space arrangement physically within the same time framework as yourself is the same essence as another focus, but is NOT the other focus. Therefore, there is also a distinction in this area which needs be recognized.

(Intently) You are not a reincarnation, nor is any other individual. You are new manifestations, and all of the manifestations are occurring simultaneously. Therefore, you are NOT another focus.

Tyl is NOT another focus. Tyl is the essence, and Joanne is one focus of that essence, holding all of the qualities and aspects of that essence of Tyl, which contains, so to speak, the focus of any other manifestation, but is NOT the other manifestation, in a manner of speaking.

Now; I may also express to you that you also do not hold the focus within your essence of this other manifestation or other focus of Aubrey, but you are correct that this is an example to you all of elements of the trauma associated with the action of this shift that you shall ALL be engaging, within the addressing to your belief systems and all of the aspects and affectingness of your belief systems.

HOWARD: Did you say that Christopher was Aubrey? I think I heard that.


HOWARD: Okay. Can I ask one thing else? Are you John Locke?


HOWARD: Okay! (Elias chuckles) Well, that’s another story then!

ELIAS: Very well. I shall be expressing to you each much affection this day and shall be anticipating the engagement of our next meeting and the interaction of your inquiries and the offering of information to you in response to these inquiries, for you have offered the opportunity for information to be shared this day that may be quite helpful to many individuals presently. In this I express to you each much lovingness, and I shall bid you both a very fond au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:20 PM.

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