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Friday, August 14, 1998

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“Relationships – A Group Discussion”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Carole (Aileen), Sally (Bissel), Betsy (Mary), Joanne (Hariett), Mari (Cathdarh), Sheila (Richard), Sharon, Linda, and two new participants, John and Meryl.

Margot’s note: I thoroughly enjoyed this session, one reason being that the group was so responsive, and another being Elias’ delivery. He was so animated! A good one to listen to, as well as read!

Elias arrives at 7:46 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Smiling)

GROUP: Good evening, Elias!

ELIAS: This evening we shall be continuing our discussion in regard to this present wave in consciousness that is occurring now and that you are all participating within, and the belief system that it addresses to. This would be the belief system of relationships. I shall be addressing slightly differently with this discussion this evening, as I have chosen to be involving you each within this discussion and involving your participation in this subject matter.

As you will be informed as my scribe offers you our information, I have been delivering a series of discussions that involve this belief system of relationships in many different areas and all of the aspects of this particular belief system, for as I have expressed to all of you, each belief system is as a bird cage holding very many aspects or elements of that belief system, which would be all of the birds that are contained within that particular cage. This belief system which is being addressed presently within this wave in consciousness occurring now is that which addresses to relationships and all of the aspects contained therein.

Initially, before beginning with our discussion this evening, I shall also be addressing to the reason that we focus upon these belief systems, for many individuals hold some confusion in this area and are questioning the purpose, so to speak, of these discussions that we engage in within this forum. As I have stated many times, the purpose is that you become aware of your belief systems and therefore offer yourselves the opportunity to be accepting these belief systems, and in this action neutralizing their power.

Now; this has come to be interpreted as a neutralization of your emotional state and involvement with belief systems and a disengagement of your participation within belief systems.

Let me clarify for you all that neutralizing a belief system is NOT the action of disengaging your emotional state. It is merely the action of accepting a belief system, which then places you in the position of freedom, for you no longer place a judgment in any direction attached to any particular belief system.

I have stated many times that within this particular dimension, you have created this reality for the exploration of the experiences within physical focus of sexuality and emotion, and in this it would be inconsistent for you to be disengaging from either of these particular directions by neutralizing your belief systems. Therefore, this be a misunderstanding that individuals have created in focusing upon this material and not allowing themselves a full understanding of that which we are speaking of.

In this, let me be reminding you that your emotional involvement and experiences within this dimension shall continue in full blossoming as your shift in consciousness comes to fruition. It shall not be disengaged. You merely shall allow yourselves more freedoms and more fullness in your experiences, for you shall not be blocking yourselves and your creativity and your expressions as an influence of your belief systems.

You also shall offer yourselves much less conflict as you move into this shift in consciousness, for your belief systems and the judgments that you create through your belief systems are that which create your conflicts. The point of this shift in consciousness is to be moving into a direction of more of your own creativity and freedom and much lessening of your own conflicts. This is what you have agreed upon and chosen to be creating in the direction of a new fullness of experience, NOT a new limitation of experience!

That being stated, we shall move into our discussion this evening and engage our group participation, which I am quite sure you are all so very anticipating of, (grinning) for I am very aware that you each are so very enjoying of sharing and expressing yourselves, (laughter) and ultimately, within a group forum! I shall not enter the area of “secrets sessions” yet, but we shall be participating this evening, for I shall be addressing to each of you, and you shall be addressing in kind to me, and to each other. (1)

We address to the belief system of relationships. Relationships enter all areas of your focus. There are many different types of relationships, but as I have stated previously, they are all interconnected and they all merge and cross over each other. Therefore, it matters not that you separate relationships into categories with distinctions of differences, such as parent and child in difference to employer and employee, for all relationships hold many aspects that are the same and they all cross over each other.

You interact with other individuals, and your interaction with other individuals is based and influenced by your own belief systems and all of the aspects of the belief system of relationships that you individually hold. Therefore, you create the limitations that you place upon yourselves with your interactions, for you are aligning with the aspects that you hold of the belief system of relationships.

In this, I shall begin by asking each of you to be calling to your thoughts what each of you shall designate as your most difficult or conflicting or confusing aspect of any given separation of relationship. It matters not which type of relationship you choose, but that you identify to yourselves what you view to be your most conflicting area with regard to any particular relationship. Be remembering, there are many, many, many aspects of this belief system of relationships. They move in the direction of children, of parents, of friends, of siblings, of individuals that you participate within the workplace with, with individuals that you view to be acquaintances, and also yourselves, for you hold a very intimate relationship with yourselves. Therefore, you have a wide range of subject matter to choose from this evening! (Grinning)

Relationships and the aspects of relationships span many, many areas of your focus. They encompass much of your focus: how you view other individuals, how you view yourselves, how you view choices, how you view actions, how you view situations and circumstances. Many individuals hold aspects of the belief system in the area of integrity, hurtfulness, justification, honor; many, many different aspects of this belief system. Death is another aspect of this belief system. Appearance, or how you appear outwardly within your camouflage to other individuals, is quite influencing. How you view that you appear to yourself is quite influencing!

Understanding, lack of understanding, communication, lack of communication, feelings, emotions, thoughts – MOST of your focus within this dimension centers around your interaction in some area or another with respect to this belief system of relationship. It is one belief system that holds countless aspects, and this particular belief system rises to the surface within this particular wave in consciousness that is occurring presently. Therefore, there are aspects of this particular belief system that also rise to the surface with each individual in different manners and different expressions, but you ALL are and shall be experiencing aspects of this belief system moving into the forefront of your attention in some manner. Therefore, we address to this belief system, that you may allow yourselves the opportunity to view your own expressions, other individuals’ expressions, and allow yourselves interaction with each other that shall offer you more information and shall also offer you the opportunity to be moving into the direction of acceptance of this belief system.

And shall we begin? (Grinning at Sally)

SALLY: Sure!

ELIAS: And what shall be your most conflicting or confusing or concerning aspect of this belief system?

SALLY: You mean me?? (Laughter)

CAROLE: I think so, Sal!

SALLY: I think that the most troublesome relationship that I have in my life is with my mother. All my life I’ve had this difficult relationship with my mother. Presently she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and all the personality traits that I feared as a child and disliked in her so much are now twice as intensive, and that troubles me very much because I always feel off-balance in my relationship with her.

ELIAS: And this offers you the opportunity to be viewing this aspect of relationship and examining your participation in alignment with the belief system, and offers you the opportunity to be more accepting of this situation as you offer yourself more information as to what is occurring within this situation and how you view this situation in relation to the belief system. This offers the situation of what you term in physical focus to be an aspect of illness within relationship.

Now; I shall express to you that this is NOT an illness. It is held within belief systems within your societies – some of your societies – as an illness or a dis-ease or a dysfunctioning of individuals. In actuality, what is being created by the individual is a moving into the action of transition within physical focus fully. In this, the individual experiences, within physical focus, simultaneous time.

Therefore, to YOUR objective viewing and lack of understanding, you witness a bouncing of the individual’s consciousness in objective awareness. The appearance is a lack of coherency, a lack of understanding of objective reality, for there seems to be a lack of focus within the individual. In actuality, what the individual has created is a choice to be engaging the action of transition BEFORE disengaging from physical focus.

Each individual disengaging from physical focus automatically moves into an area of consciousness, which I have expressed to be that of Regional Area 3, which is designated for an action that we term to be transition. In this, the action is a re-acclimation to simultaneous time, for within consciousness non-physically focused, there is no linear time framework.

Therefore, although this be familiar to you within essence, as you choose to focus within any particular physical dimension, you also choose and agree to be experiencing within the creation of that particular dimension.

Within THIS dimension, you have created linear time within a specific movement. In this, you also choose to be focusing your attention quite singularly, that you may experience the fullness of this particular creation within this dimension. Therefore, you choose to not hold the remembrance while participating within an individual physical focus.

As you move into non-physical focus by disengaging physical focus, you enter into an action which is termed to be transition. In this action of transition, you shed the belief systems that you have held within the physical focus and you engage the remembrance of simultaneous time. You also engage the remembrance of essence. In this action you present yourselves with all of your focuses simultaneously, that you may view them all, and this offers you the remembrance of essence; the REALITY of essence, not merely the concept.

Therefore, you are participating in all time frameworks simultaneously, but within physical focus you remain within the reality of linear time physically. Therefore, although your consciousness is participating in many different time frameworks simultaneously, objectively what is expressed outwardly seems to other individuals to be gibberish, for the individual is expressing thoughts and experiences of many different time frameworks simultaneously. Therefore, within one statement may be several different actions. To your viewing – outside, so to speak – this seems to be quite confused, and nonsense. To the individual expressing, it is all quite sensical, for they are not merely viewing different time frameworks, but are participating within different time frameworks.

The beginnings of the full throttle, so to speak, of this action address[es] to the individual focus, the present individual focus in which the individual’s attention is focused. Therefore, they shall be experiencing all of the time frameworks within this one particular focus simultaneously. To your objective viewing, at one moment they are addressing to you as though you be a child. Within the next moment, they address to you as you are within your present objective awareness now. Within the next moment, they are participating in a conversation with you that you held the age of twenty years previous. They are not merely recalling all of these experiences, but participating within all of these experiences simultaneously. Therefore, they view the reality of all of the aspects of you before them, and interact with all of these aspects simultaneously.

I have stated previously, you are much more multi-dimensional than you view yourselves to be. You look to yourselves; you view one physical form, one solid body. You are much more than this one form, for each and every experience and age that you have created within this physical focus exists simultaneous with you presently, and continues. You merely focus your attention very singularly. Therefore, you view one body, one singular thought process, one you. But you are much more than one you, for each moment does not disappear. It is continuous. Just as you have not begun and shall not end, each moment has not begun and shall not end, for this is the nature of consciousness. It is only your perception within this dimension that creates the camouflage of a progression of successive moments. In actuality, all moments are now, and there is no other but now. There is no future; there is no past. All is present.

Individuals engaging transition participate in an objective awareness of this simultaneousness of time. Therefore, you view them as quite confusing, but they do not view themselves as quite confusing UNTIL they are confronted with the onslaught and the strength of the energy of the belief system concerning their behavior and choice. And in this, as the judgment is created that the behavior is unacceptable, the energy is projected and the individual questions themselves and creates in like kind a judgment upon themselves, for they accept the belief system which is projected to them, in alignment with it. Therefore, they reinforce their own belief systems of duplicity, for energy is also projected to them that their behavior is unacceptable and that their choice in engaging their creation within physical focus is unacceptable.

In this, you offer yourself, in the area of this aspect of relationship, the opportunity to examine this energy and this aspect of relationship, recalling other aspects that move in conjunction with this aspect, for you have held other aspects of the belief system of relationship in what you view to be acceptable and unacceptable and what you view to be right and adequate, as the presentment of the parents’ relationship with respect to the child.

Therefore, in this viewing of the aspects of the relationship of your parents, do not merely focus upon the confusion that you view presently – although this be a fascinating creation to be viewing – but also allow yourself to be viewing other aspects of this relationship that have moved you in their influence into the area of creating a judgment upon other individuals’ choices, and this shall be helpful to you in allowing you the movement more into the area of acceptance. And the point of acceptance is that you shall eliminate your own conflict and allow yourself the freedom of joyfulness, and not hold to your own conflict and confusion. I wager to express to you that your mother experiences far less conflict within her choice of expression than you experience in the viewing of expression!

I shall express that there IS held confusion, for within physical focus it is unfamiliar to be moving into the direction of transition and simultaneous time, although this becomes acclimated to quite quickly in this particular choice of manifestation. But temporarily, there is an element of confusion, but not quite the conflict that individuals create around her! (Grinning)

SALLY: Interesting!

ELIAS: And the point is to be addressing to your OWN conflict, and eliminating of that!

SALLY: So, could I just ask you one question about this? Let me give you a “for instance.” For instance, Mother will not bathe, okay? And basically, she has body odor. So therefore, we have a definite conflict right there! And if I’m understanding what you’re saying, I need to accept her, which I think, yes, now that I understand I can accept her more, but I cannot accept B.O.! (Much laughter) So therefore, how would I deal with this, Elias?

ELIAS: I shall be expressing to you to be engaging your exercise in clarity if you are viewing this to be offensive to yourself, and you may disengage your objective sense of smell! (Grinning)

SALLY: Really? Wow! And here I thought you had a magic formula for getting her to bathe!

FEMALE: Aha! (Everybody is cracking up)

ELIAS: Although I shall also express to you that within the acceptance of other individuals, you may also amaze yourself in your tolerance and in the area that those elements that you have found offensive previously hold little significance and do not hold the offense that they have held before. Elements hold offensiveness, for there are belief systems and judgments being created.

This in itself [is] an aspect of relationship, one that you view quite small and that you may not even allow yourselves to think of: smells. You shall not engage a relationship with another individual if their scent is offensive! And you hold strong belief systems within this society, of scents.

FEMALE: But if it’s a physical reality thing like that, and we’re here for the experience, then why doesn’t it matter that you like the smell of one person over somebody else?

ELIAS: It is not the situation that you like or dislike ...

FEMALE: Prefer?

ELIAS: ... a scent of one individual or another. This be your choice, and there is no right or wrong within your choice. It is the reason that you create certain choices, the influence; for although you do not allow yourselves the thought process ... for you do not identify certain elements as belief systems at all! You merely move in the direction of expressing to yourselves matter-of-factly: “Certain situations merely are. They are not belief systems. They are not influenced by belief systems. They are solid and they are reality and they merely are. There is no influence of a belief system. I walk; I walk forward. This is not influenced by a belief system. It is merely an action. It merely is.” Incorrect! You hold yourselves in certain manners. Your posture is directed in certain manners. Your countenance about you is held in certain manners, and these are all influenced by your belief systems.

Therefore, in acceptance of the belief system, it matters not a scent of another individual and that you may choose to be viewing one scent as fragrant and one scent as not fragrant, but you do not place a judgment upon either. You merely allow yourself to move in the direction of enjoyment and pleasure with one scent or you choose not to be engaging another scent, but you do not evaluate that one is bad or offensive and that one is good. You view both to merely be the experience of your physical outer senses; a stimulation. You may hold an opinion of one or another, but your opinion reflects no judgment.

This be what I have expressed at the onset of this session : the confusion that many individuals have moved into in this area.

Let me express to you all that although the nature of consciousness is continuous change, and the nature of your physical focus is in alignment with this and is also continuous change, your belief systems resist change. Therefore, you are continuously within an inner conflict, for you view change to be creating difficulty, for you are resistant of change, and in this there is much resistance to the change of this shift in consciousness. And your automatic movements in the direction of change and your resistance to change is to be rationalizing, is to be justifying, and your expression of non-acceptance is to move into the area of what you view to be logic.

And I shall express to you that even your scientists move in the direction presently of viewing that what you think of as your universe is not so very logical or rational! It is not chaos – it is quite ordered and deliberate and immaculate in its creations, for YOU are quite ordered and deliberate and immaculate in your creations, and you are what create your universe! But you are not quite so logical and rational as you believe yourselves to be, for consciousness is not logical and rational. That is a creation and a belief system of this dimension.

There are other dimensions also that engage this same type of creation, but not ALL physical dimensions create this action and consciousness does not create this action, EXCEPT as directed by you for the purpose of creation within physical focuses.

As I have stated, your action is not to be eliminating of your belief systems. You shall continue to hold belief systems within this shift in consciousness, for this is an aspect of your reality within this dimension. ALL of your reality is influenced and based upon belief systems within this dimension. You shall merely move into the direction of accepting that you create belief systems, that all of your reality IS based upon belief systems, and that they are not good or bad; they merely are choices. Therefore, they are not warranting of judgments.

And as I have stated previously, each time you are creating a judgment of “good” you are also creating a judgment – which is NOT acceptance – therefore moving into the direction of viewing all of your belief systems and expressing to yourselves, “These are all very good! I am quite pleased with all of my belief systems, and I hold none that are distasteful to me!” (Laughter) I shall express to you that you have not accepted any of your belief systems moving in this direction, for you are creating a judgment that they are all good.

Belief systems are not good or bad. They merely are. They are your creations. They are created for the purpose of your experiences. Some unpleasant scents may be quite stimulating also, in equal manner to very pleasant scents. It is merely dependent upon your perception.

Therefore, the point is to be eliminating much of your conflict, for you move in the direction of creating judgments in areas of negativity that create conflict for you, and you ALL move into the direction of the judgment that certain situations are bad and unpleasant and you do not enjoy them and you do not wish to be participating in them or creating them or experiencing them, and that other situations are pleasant and fun and that you wish to be creating of these. But more importantly, you move into the direction of a desire to know HOW you are creating your reality, that you may offer yourselves the choice objectively of your experiences.

Therefore, if you choose to be creating of unpleasantness, you shall objectively know that you have created this choice and you shall move willingly into the experience, for you shall have created it purposefully with an objective knowing. You already create these experiences purposefully, but you do not hold the objective awareness of what you are creating. You hold some of an awareness of what you are creating in what you believe or perceive to be a positive direction, [but] not all! You surprise yourselves many times with your positive creations also!

In identifying your belief systems, in recognizing what you are creating, you also shall offer yourselves information as to HOW you are creating your reality, which offers you new horizons in your creativity to be expressing much more fully of yourselves within a new freedom that you do not block yourselves.

Within your situations presently, you block yourselves as influenced by your belief systems quite often, for you automatically move into the direction of not assuming responsibility for your own actions.

(Humorously) You look outside of yourselves and you express responsibility to outside: “Circumstances have created this situation for me.” Quite ludicrous! (Laughter) And what be a circumstance? Shall it be an entity that approaches you and addresses to you, “Excuse me. I am a circumstance, and I shall be creating your reality this day!” (Much laughter) I think not! YOU are creating of your circumstances, and you project outwardly and express that this entity of circumstance has created your reality for you!

Or, within the area of the belief system of relationship, you move into the area of expressing that another individual has created your reality for you. How very powerful, that any other individual may create YOUR reality FOR you! They may be quite creative!

And THIS be the area that you create your gods, offering YOUR abilities outside of yourselves to any other source that you view to be greater than yourselves. And this be what you are creating each time you express that another individual has “made you” anything! You have just created a new god, and they shall be thanking you! (Laughter) I shall be thanking you!

You may express to me that I have created great sadness within you, and I shall be elated, for I have been given such ultimate power of creation that I may create your reality for you! And each other individual shall thank you as you express to them, “YOU have hurt me.” And I shall whisper within their ear, “Express great thanks and gratitude that you have been afforded such great power that you have created this individual’s reality!”

(Intently) No other individual creates your reality. No individual hurts you or commands you or creates for you or annoys you or irritates you or conflicts you. YOU create this response within yourselves as dictated by your own belief systems and your own response to your own judgments. “I am hurt, for you have expressed unacceptably to me. I am angry, for I do not accept your action. And I shall justify” – and we shall underline this word of justify, for this is a very, very LARGE bird within this cage! – “for I hold my own integrity and honor and you have violated me!” Once again, how very ludicrous!

No other individual may violate you. No other individual may penetrate you. YOU respond to any other individual as influenced by your OWN aspects of this belief system, and you create language such as justification, and this offers you your stance. You may stand firm in your aspect of your belief system and hold tightly to it and be not accepting, for you are justified.

How may another individual take from you that which does not exist? If you are glorious within yourself, what shall you fear that shall be robbed of you? If you hold tremendous wondrousness and creativity within yourself, if you are a perfect being, how may you be diminished to be less than perfect? You may not. And if you are each other, for there is no separation, what may any other individual take from you that shall be separated from you? For they are intertwined with you. There is no separation, for that which is taken from you is within you. (Pause, smiling at everybody)

MERYL: Excuse me. Hello, Elias. The fact of neutralizing a belief system, isn’t that a belief system in itself?

ELIAS: It is an action. You may build a belief system around the action within your thought process, but the neutralization of the belief system is merely an action. You are allowing yourself to accept the aspects of the belief system, recognizing that it is unnecessary for the conflict that is associated with these aspects.

The belief system itself is neutral. It is an action itself. The aspects of the belief system are those elements that influence all of your behavior and that are creating of conflict. Relationship is merely an action. It is not good; it is not bad. It is an action that you choose for experience within physical focus. The aspects of the belief system are what influence you in all of your different directions.

This be the reason that I have offered the analogy of the bird cage. The bird cage is neutral. It is merely a cage. It CONTAINS something; it contains the birds. The birds are that which flutter and fly and peck at each other and at you, and hold much energy and are very affecting and are at times quite fascinating also, and quite colorful! But once the cage is empty, the cage remains; but it holds no affectingness, for it is empty. It then becomes ornamental. You may place the cage wherever you choose. You may look within your home and you may express, “I am pleased with this cage upon my mantel.” “I view that I shall move the cage to a table.” It matters not. The cage remains the same. It is merely a cage. The birds may be quite messy, and you may be quite careful where you shall place the cage with all the birds contained inside! (Chuckling)

We shall break, and you may continue briefly upon our return.

BREAK 8:55 PM.
RESUME 9:25 PM. (Arrival time is 10 seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing. On to our next victim! (Chuckling) And who shall I choose presently? (Looking around) You!

FEMALE: I’d like to know about my own duplicity. Why do I sometimes feel I can move forward, but part of me says, “No, I can’t do that.”

ELIAS: This is quite common within physical focus and is also much more emphasized presently within this shift in consciousness, for your belief systems move more surfacely. Therefore, they are also more obvious to you within your recognition of your own self and your own behaviors.

Let me express to you that duplicity is the strongest of your belief systems within physical focus. This particular belief system permeates all other belief systems that you hold within physical focus and influences all of your belief systems. It intermingles with all of your focus in its entirety. This has been established for millennium within your creation of this particular reality.

Let me express that in what you would term to be your beginnings within this dimension, an aspect of this duplicity was created through your own wonderings of self and your abilities. This would be what you would term to be the beginnings of this particular belief system. As you chose to be fully objectively physically focused within this dimension, you also chose to be not recalling all of essence, and therefore separating the focus from essence in an objective awareness. In this, you became aware of limitations, so to speak, or what you viewed to be limitations, for you did not allow yourselves the remembrance of all of your abilities.

This particular aspect of your creation within this dimension has followed you, so to speak, throughout all of your creating of linear time framework in this dimension. Therefore, it is underlying in all that you create within this particular physical focus, for you do not hold the remembrance objectively of all of your abilities and all that you know, and in this, as your attention is so very singularly focused, you also view yourselves to be limited. You are only limited in what you do not remember, but this is a continuing state that you create with yourselves, and this has been perpetuated very strongly with the addition of your religious and scientific belief systems, for both of these areas move in directions of perpetuating the belief system of duplicity.

Within the area of religious belief systems, it is expressed that there are elements outside of you that are greater than you, and that you are “less than.”

Within your new religion of metaphysics, it is stated that you occupy a state in consciousness in this dimension upon this planet, which is your working class planet, your learning planet, (humorously) which is of the lowly third dimension, and that you shall aspire to the fifth or seventh dimension if you are creating quite “good,” which is another perpetuation of your belief system of duplicity.

Your sciences also perpetuate this belief system of duplicity and reinforce your own alignment with it, for you look to your sciences for your answers, so to speak, of your existence. Your sciences express to you that you do not hold abilities to be creating, that you are an accident, and that your planet is an accident which has occurred within explosions of creation and of that which you term to be life, which you differentiate between life and that which you term to be non-life or non-living. A rock is non-living. You are living. A plant is living. In actuality, they are all consciousness. They are merely formed differently and function differently, but within energy, they are all consciousness and are all comprised of the same links of consciousness that you are comprised of. But your sciences express that there ARE differences and that you, although being the most intelligent of life upon your planet, you hold inadequacies and you are not all-creating. You have accidentally evolved from that which you term to be “lower” species upon your planet, and although you have aspired to some greatness, in your assessments, you are not great. You are capable of temporary greatness, but you are not wondrous, for all has been created accidentally.

In the area of your science of psychology, your issues and belief system of duplicity is MUCH reinforced, for this science is continuously, creatively inventing new areas to be expressing to you how very inadequate you are and how very uncreative you are, and narrowing and narrowing and narrowing the avenue of acceptable behavior. Therefore, there are many, many, many areas that reinforce this belief system of duplicity, which creates in the individual the energy of questioning continuously, “Am I creating adequately? Am I moving in a correct direction? Am I right?” In this questioning, you are reinforcing yourself and you are spinning upon your wheel continuously, for you are not stopping long enough to be expressing to yourselves, “Stop! I AM great. I need not question or look to other individuals or those that I view to be authorities, for I am my own authority.”

This be one of the reasons that I speak to you; not that you be looking to me and following me, for I do not advocate that any individual be a follower or disciple of Elias, but that you be the followers and disciples of yourselves, for you hold the knowings within you. You merely are presently requiring of a little encouragement, that you look to yourselves and that you be accepting of yourselves and not so very questioning of yourselves.

You have been taught for very much time framework to be questioning of everything, and this is good. “You shall be skeptical. You shall be analyzing. It is good to be expressing this behavior. It is good to be questioning and moving into the direction of rationality. It is good to logical. Intuition is fantasy. Fantasy is delusional. Delusional is bad!”

I express to you that there is a purpose for your rationality, for you have created it purposely. There is also a purpose for your intuition and you have created this purposely, and these two elements of your objective expression have been at odds for much of your time framework, for your belief systems have set them at odds.

And now you move into the direction of bringing into balance these aspects of your reality and accepting both, knowing that your rationality is a creation to serve your understanding and also knowing that your intuition is your language to yourself, and in this, one may not function properly without the other.

There is an imbalance, and this perpetuates also your duplicity and your questioning of yourself, that you move in the direction of your thought process and your rationality and your logic and your questioning and your analyzation. And in all of this thought activity, you are ignoring this small voice which motivates you, and you question that motivation, for you have learned well not to be trusting of self, for yourself shall betray you, for it is untrustworthy. And you may verify this through all of your authorities: your sciences, your physicians, your clergymen, your psychologists. They shall all be expressing to you not to be trusting of self, for in trusting of self, you shall move into the direction of trusting your impressions and your impulses.

(Humorously) Oh, no! We must not be trusting impulses, for these are quite animalistic and very base! And the element of self that you need be discarding and “rising above” ... I am so very fond of this terminology! Rising above! And what shall be above? I shall be wondrous to discover what is above, as I have never experienced above! (Laughter) Sideways, but no above! Beyond, but no above ... and no below! And how shall we have above if we have no below? (Chuckling)

Therefore, let me express to you that each time you are battling with yourself, allow yourself the moment of quietness to focus upon your language to yourself, your inner voice which motivates you, and in this afford yourself the opportunity to question, that in how shall it be harmful to you? For you shall not be harmful to you if you are listening to you. You shall be harmful to yourself if you are moving in the direction of your influences of your belief systems which stem from outside of yourself.

Example: Many, many, many individuals approach us and express inquiry to the situation of physical form. It is posed to this essence: “Elias, I am discontented with the physical form that I have created. I am experiencing overweightness.” This is quite amusing to us! (Laughter) “And this is unacceptable, for it is unacceptable to other individuals and it is unacceptable to myself, for it is causing me great conflict and anguish.” And I shall express, “Why are you experiencing great anguish in what you have created within your form? And what is unacceptable in what you have created in your form?”

And I shall express to you, what is unacceptable is outside of you, for within you, you shall create what you choose to create, but you shall also align with other individuals’ judgments and you shall subsequently place judgments upon yourself, in the same manner as the dis-ease – or the belief system of the dis-ease – of senility, which is not a dis-ease. It is a choice, but the individuals creating of this choice also align with the belief system that their behavior is unacceptable, for they look to outside of themselves and they accept the judgment of others. And within this small example of physical form, individuals accept the judgment outside of themselves and are not listening to their own small voice.

This is not to say that many individuals do not create this overweightness ... which is not overweightness at all, but this would be your term for this creation. This is not to say that many individuals experiencing this situation are not creating this situation in alignment with the officially accepted belief systems and their own issues of duplicity and holding energy in this area, for they are not accepting of themselves. Therefore, they are creating an outward image, a camouflage which mirrors their own lack of acceptance of self, that they may project to other individuals and reinforce their own lack of acceptance.

(Intently) They are not accepting themselves and therefore they shall willingly accept the non-acceptance of other individuals also, for they are deserving of this, for they are unworthy of any else, and this is an example of duplicity.

But many individuals merely are creating of this physical display of what you term to be overweightness for they choose to be creating of this, and they are not holding an issue. But they allow themselves to be affected in what you term to be negativity, for they accept the judgment of outside and are not listening to their own little voice, which is expressing, “You are choosing to be creating of this form, for you choose to be expressing yourself in this manner, and it is pleasing to you. And you are enjoying of consuming substances and therefore you are experiencing pleasure, moving through your focus with less thickness, and this is acceptable to you.” (Laughter)

No, YOU shall move in the direction of placing many, many judgments upon yourself and expressing, “Some element is quite wrong with myself, for I am not creating in the manner of the officially accepted reality.” And who is creating of the officially accepted reality? The “they.” And who are the they? The you! YOU are the they! YOU are the ones that are creating of the officially accepted reality! Therefore, you are merely expressing outwardly your own battles with duplicity.

And what be so very wrong with what you may term to be plumpness? (Laughter) This may be quite attractive, and may be quite enjoyable to many individuals! It is merely a choice for experience. It is an indulgence of physical senses, and be this not one of your reasons for your creation within physical focus, to be experiencing physically? Why shall you not experience physically if you are physically focused? If you are not choosing to be physically experiencing, you need not enter physical focus. You may be experiencing non-physically.

This offers you a small example of the battles that rage within each of you in the silliest areas (laughter) that you create such trauma in regard to, for you hold such deep influence of these belief systems. THIS be your reason why you choose to be neutralizing – not eliminating but neutralizing – these belief systems, to be quelling these raging inner conflicts and confusions that you create continuously, not only within yourselves, but with each other.

And let me inquire of you, how many of you have moved through – let us focus – this time framework of one month with absolutely no conflicts with any other individual? (Much laughter)

FEMALE: I don’t think so!

ELIAS: And absolutely no conflicts with yourselves? There be your reason. One month – a very small amount of your time framework, and you are not accomplishing one month of no conflict ... but you may!

And beyond this statement, you may also offer yourselves the new freedom of experience, that you may be engaged within a particular conflict and it shall not appear to you within your perception any longer as negative. It shall be within your perception as a purposeful experience that YOU have created and participated within willingly and purposefully, which creates a very large difference. Not that you may eliminate all of your experiences – what be the point in this? – but that your perception of your experiences shall be dramatically altered, that even within a creation of conflict it shall not hold the same meaning to you, for it shall not be conflict within the definition that you assign to it presently. It shall be a purposeful experience for your gaining of information.

And you shall not be responding and reacting to this conflict in automatic manners as you do now, for you shall understand what and how you are creating of it all. And your necessity for creating of your conflicts shall become less and less and less, for you shall offer yourselves the information that it is unnecessary to be creating of conflict.

And this is NOT moving into the area of your psychology, which expresses to you that you shall pound your fists upon your ground or upon a cushion when you are experiencing great anger! I am NOT offering you an alternate route to be “channeling your energy into more productive areas!” This would be quite common of your psychology!

I am expressing to you responses to your own questions, to your own concerns, to your own thoughts that you view to plague your own selves: “How do I create my reality? What am I creating? How shall I create my reality more effortlessly, with less thickness and less conflict?” For this is the direction that you are moving into.

You have created much conflict throughout your history, and you have bored yourselves with it. You have created it and created it and created it, and you have batted this dead mouse enough, and you move into a new direction of chasing a flying bird, which moves much more freely and much more excitedly than the dead mouse! And this be what you offer yourselves now, and I participate in helpfulness for your accomplishment of this choice.

You look to the label of “happiness.” It is merely the elimination of your own inner conflicts, and as you trust yourselves more, you eliminate these inner conflicts.

And I shall be repeating of this “trust of self” ten-thousand-and-one times, until the point that you each are accepting of the reality of the acceptance of self and trust of self and the discontinuation of looking to authorities and outside of self for your truths, for they are within you! And you need no Elias and you need no government and you need no churches and you need no sciences and you need no authorities to offer them to you, for you hold them already within yourselves.

And shall it be that one discarnate essence shall continue to be repeating of this, to the point that you view the gloriousness of yourselves? And I shall offer it willingly to you, for you ARE worthy and you ARE creative. You need merely be listening to your own small voice! (Chuckling)

We shall move to one more, and I shall be discontinuing this evening. And around ... shall we spin the arrow at will? To you!

FEMALE: To me? Okay. Lately I’ve been in communication with my inner selves ... or I say inner selves. I’ve been wanting to speak to the emotions, and also the part of me that controls the physical body. One of the problems that I have is that I may have to rush to bathroom at an inconvenient time! So, I’m trying to make a deal with my inner selves: Could we please give ourselves a little more time and be a little more reasonable about this? And I’m trying to make that work, almost like in a non-conflicting and cooperative type of situation, and that’s one thing.

And the other thing is, today I was speaking to my emotions, and they were very childish and said, “We want to express ourselves!” – this is all my inner voice – “We want to express ourselves, and you won’t let us do it sometimes.” And I said, “But I’m a little afraid in society to just release you completely because I don’t know what you might do!” So, I’m having these little conversations and I’m not sure where it’s all going to come out, but I suspect that it should come out where the emotions, and perhaps a creativity through the emotions, could be expressed in a way that won’t disrupt. Like, say I work in an office or something and yet allow them to come out, and maybe I just need a little help along these lines.

ELIAS: Let me express, many individuals move in the direction for much of their focus of stifling their impulses, and this also is reinforced through the belief system of duplicity. As individuals move into the action of this shift in consciousness, these impulses become stronger. They are recognized more objectively. Elements that have been stifled within the individual focuses now become more obvious, so to speak.

Our focus is the belief system of relationship. The aspect of this belief system that you involve yourself with and draw your attention to is the relationship that you hold with yourself, and what may be acceptable and unacceptable behavior to yourself and outwardly to other individuals.

Within you, the expression moves in the direction of gleefully desiring a freedom within your own creativity and your own expressions in exploration of emotion and sense experiences, but the aspect of the belief system which appears before you is that these expressions are unacceptable. Therefore, other individuals may move in the direction of viewing you to be expressing lunacy if you are allowing this freedom to occur.

You also address to yourself in your own relationship with you, and in this you are quite obviously expressing the opportunity to view yourself and the elements that are not accepted by yourself. There is a tremendous lack of trust in what you MAY express, which you view to be out of your control.

Control is another bird in this cage. Control is a very big, colorful bird in this cage, for individuals desire to be controlling not only of other individuals, but very much of themselves. You shall move much more strongly in the direction of expressing control of yourself than you shall control other individuals, for you shall afford other individuals certain elements of their own freedom – quite liberal of you! – but you shall be quite focused upon the control of yourself! For oh, horror....

Vic’s note: Here, the tape ends at 10:12 PM, which is too bad ’cause Elias was really on a roll! I don’t imagine the session lasted too much longer though, as Elias rarely goes over two hours these days.


(1) There have been several “secrets sessions,” all of which inspired a certain amount of nervousness and/or fear within the participants. The point of the “secrets sessions” is to reveal something about yourself that you consider a deep, dark secret, thus diffusing the energy that is attached to the secret. During these sessions, some of us discovered secrets that were even secret to ourselves! These were very helpful sessions.

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