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Wednesday, August 23, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Ron (Olivia).

Elias arrives at 8:40 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Pause, smiling) Michael is fond of this game! (Referring to Mary’s body position, which he immediately changed) And shall we begin with our game?

VICKI: Why not?

ELIAS: Do you have questions this evening?

RON: Yeah. Well, I have one major question. I’m a little confused about Marshuka, about the gender of Marshuka, because twice now in two different visualizations, once in a dream and once in a meditation, I visualized Marshuka being a female.

ELIAS: You are confused because you are thinking in physical terms. In actuality, you may view your chart and you could have suggested, on gender, anything, and you would have been correct!

RON: (Laughing) Fooled us!

ELIAS: This is why Elizabeth views Marshuka as male and you are viewing Marshuka as female, for we incorporate both or neither gender. As I have explained to you previously, you only incorporate one or the other within physical focus. Therefore, your connecting with this essence is correct for this energy that you connect with. You view more within one gender or the other. You view me and associate me with male gender, or Paul with male gender. In actuality we are neither. I may choose to present myself as a female. I may choose, if I wish, to speak to an individual as a female to which I was connected within another developmental focus. I, as all these essences of our game, have been incorporated and manifest in many developmental focuses physically, and have been both male and female many times. I choose a certain gender in speaking with you, that you may relate to the easiest. You relate to Marshuka in female gender. There is no wrong or right, actually.

RON: (Interrupting) Sorry. I forgot to plug in the microphone.

ELIAS: Now should I be expected to be repeating our whole focus?

RON: No, we’ll remember! (Ron and Vicki laugh)

ELIAS: Michael will be amused with silent movies! (Grinning)

VICKI: Yes, he will! (Mary: “Not silent, but really hard to hear!”)

RON: No, he’ll just have to listen hard, because there’s another microphone here. (Mary: “Thanks a lot, Ron!”)

ELIAS: We will be instructing him to be turning up his volume!

VICKI: Okay. Me and Michael are both gonna take a stab at the musical notes here.

ELIAS: We are getting daring! (Humorously)

VICKI: My stab at the musical notes would be to connect the note of C with Marshuka.

ELIAS: C with Marshuka; one point!

VICKI: Wow! And Michael would like to connect the note of G with Elias.

ELIAS: G with Elias; one point! I will also be acknowledging of Michael, that I was expressing, in energy, a convoluting with E, and he was following his own impulse with G. This is very good!

RON: I don’t have any game questions.

ELIAS: This is unusual, as this is Ron’s focus; with our game!

VICKI: (Laughing) That’s right! (Here, Vicki writes a note to Ron)

RON: Okay. I have a question. (Elias smiles, and almost winkingly looks at Vicki, and nods) Lawrence reminded me. I just want to see how I want to ask it. Would one of the names in our game be Patel?

ELIAS: If you were incorporating this name of Patel, you would also be incorporating ... (Elias pauses, smiling) I will express one point for catching Elias, for this being a physically focused name, but we have incorporated “Paul” and “Elias” also.

RON: Oh, I see. I wasn’t looking far enough. So I do still have to find out who Patel is incorporated with. Is Patel incorporated with Marshuka?

ELIAS: No, this being connected, but separate. We will register a point though, for Ron, for the name of Patel, and you may write this on your board and incorporate it with another essence.

I will also express acknowledgment to you all in connecting this week, for you are incorporating your connections quite well. Your game is proceeding efficiently, and a congratulations extended to Ron in connecting with Paul. I expressed to you previously to not be expecting to be accomplishing this channeling, as you term it, to materialize in one direction, for you may incorporate it differently, initially, than Michael. You may try, if you can concentrate without interruption, writing. This would be what you are calling automatic writing, this also being a form of communication and expression. Many individuals express that they are engaging in this practice of automatic writing, when in actuality they are not, but you are in connection. If you find this too difficult in interrupting your concentration and connection, it should not be of concern to you, for you will continue to connect and you will discover where you are most comfortable. I only offer this suggestion in allowing you to perceive that you have many avenues available to you, not only one. (Pause) Are you wishing of questions this evening?

RON: I was a little curious as to what this second agenda is, exactly.

ELIAS: I will explain to you that within the forum of our regular group sessions, we will be incorporating an influx of new individuals within future time. I have expressed previously that individuals may come and may also go, this creating a situation of repetitiveness. This, I understand, is unavoidable. Within physical focus, this creates a limiting situation for sessions. In this, I am in a position of repeating information frequently. This is acceptable to me, for new individuals incorporated within our group sessions will acquire information for widening, whether they continue to incorporate themselves or not. This also is not conducive, in this forum, to continuing. I am not presently ready for delivering dictation for book information. This will come. This will also be incorporated with my new agenda eventually.

For the present time, the new agenda will be directed to those individuals who have, for reasons within essence, created a commitment for information and continuance in this information. I have much to express for your widening which will not be expressed within our Sunday group sessions. It is a probability for future that some information may be incorporated eventually, but at this present time and for some time in your future, this would be inappropriate, for the individuals incorporated within our Sunday sessions will not understand. Therefore, I have chosen individuals who have expressed an understanding, and a desire, and a commitment to continue in a deeper awareness.

Your incorporation of experiments is with my blessing. Although I may not choose to communicate with you through your Ouija board, other essences will. I will express that Michael was correct, only for one evening, but Michael was also aware that I was wishing audience. He may exhibit stubbornness sometimes, but he may also realize that Elias may also be stubborn! The incorporation of your games develops your intuitiveness, and also creates a situation of validation and trust within yourselves and each other in your abilities. Therefore, my encouragement is with you for your experiments.

RON: Well, that kind of brings up another question, as far as the private session group. We’re kind of curious as to, well, Christie had a revelation, I guess, of sorts recently. She would like to be included in this group. We were wondering if we should let you be the one to choose the new members of the group, or if there will be any new members, and I wanted to ask you about the incorporation of Cathy, which was done on an impulse of Michael’s.

ELIAS: Interesting question! (Smiling) As to the incorporation of Shynla, this was an impression and acted on, incorporating no conflict. This was with my agreement. As to Oliver, in future he may be incorporated, although this would be depending on him. At this present time, I will express to you that although he has experienced another of his “cosmic boots,” it has not booted him far enough! Oliver is moving in this direction and does possess a great desire, but Oliver also incorporates much confusion and distraction presently. There are many choices and changes occurring within Oliver’s focus. He is presently not ready. I will express also that I extend very loving affection to Oliver, for you are very connected with him, but he still is needing another “boot” first. He is coming closer, though.

VICKI: So, in the future, we can expect that you will invite whom you choose to invite?

ELIAS: You may expect that your impulses and intuitions for invitation will be correct, when you experience no conflict and you have a strong draw, emphasizing the word strong! I will also express to you that Oliver is aware of this situation himself, and has withdrawn his request before you have asked me this question. You have only not been in communication with him. He is aware that he is not ready. Therefore, you and Michael need not “feel bad” for not including Oliver in our new agenda as yet.

RON: Well, as long as we’re covering “light” material, so to speak, I’d like to know, and Michael wanted to know, my connection with Elizabeth. (Wow! Lots of questions from Ron!)

ELIAS: This, as you are already aware, is a very strong connection. I will express to you that as you and Lawrence have been very connected, and also are fragmented of the same essence, you and Elizabeth share this same bond. I have explained that even though you may be fragmented of the same essence, you may not necessarily be very connected. You may feel a draw, or a pull, or a recognition in becoming involved with or in noticing another fragment, but this situation you have agreed previously to experience.

This also I will express to you, that you are already aware of even the agreement, for when you begin to notice, you will understand that you have each created a reality suitable to connect; you with a daughter, Elizabeth with a father, this being the connection that you have each chosen to disconnect with in biological form and connect through fragmentation identification; this being also a choice and agreement incorporating great understanding for connection on both parts. Other individuals may not understand this knowing and acceptance of understanding between the two of you, for they will look to Elizabeth as so young. As I have expressed, Elizabeth is not so young (smiling) and incorporates great understanding. In this she has, within essence, incorporated the understanding of a lack or missing element, within your focus, and you also have incorporated the same in her direction, this being a connection that has repeated in many focuses. You have been connected previously in many developmental focuses, all in what you would term to be intimate relationships, as either brothers or sisters, or parent and child. The connection is quite strong.

Also, I will explain to you that within this particular developmental focus, as Elizabeth also has chosen to not remanifest, this has influenced her decision to create this connection with you, this creating, if allowed, an intense bond that will become lasting. I will express also that if you were expressing this to Elizabeth, she would immediately feel a knowing of this information. She is quite intuitive in these areas. She is only not verbally very expressing of these things; this being also only as trivial information to be offered to Elizabeth for her fascination, why you have both chosen to manifest within your same astrological signs; offering her, within her fascination, another validation and connection with physical focus. (Long pause, during which Vicki asks Ron if he is finished)

VICKI: I’m just still wanting to hear more about regional area number two! (Laughter)

ELIAS: I will, for one sentence, skip to regional area number three, to offer information that this area would incorporate what you term to be your collective unconsciousness, which is not unconscious at all, but this being your term for this area of consciousness; this also being different from connecting area of Regional Area 2. Regional area two incorporates all connections, this being quite involved and complicated if you are examining this area and the implications incorporated with it. Not only are all of your coincidences created within Regional Area 2, but all of your connections. Within this area is how you connect with your present exercise of focusing on your objects and connecting with your perceptions.

Your essence, in connecting with physical action, creates the probabilities first within Regional Area 2. If you are connecting with yourself within physical focus or with another individual or with an animal, with exchanged connections, these all are created initially in Regional Area 2. Ron’s creation in drawing for plans of Michael’s container for animals originally was created within Regional Area 2, this being the wider area of your consciousness, your creative area of your consciousness. This message is decided upon, and then incorporated into your physical consciousness with ideas or feelings.

Your impulses are originating in regional area two. They are communication from essence which is placed, so to speak, within this area of consciousness, and offered to you for your perception within Regional Area 1, which is your physical consciousness. Originally, they were not impulses. If your essence was speaking to you within your natural language, you would never hear it within physical focus. Therefore it translates into your Regional Area 2, which communicates to you in physical focus consciousness. There are, in actuality, many Regional Area 2’s, for each physical focus in each dimension requires a translation area of essence to consciousness, physically.

You must first truly accept and understand that you create your reality and everything in it. In that, you will begin to understand your Regional Area 2 much better. I will express that your belief systems are also partially created within this regional area, for they directly influence your physical consciousness, this also being why I have expressed that your belief systems are much stronger than individuals realize or accept credit for. I am not wishing to create within your minds more separations. Be understanding of this, for this is not a separation. All information within Regional Area 2 is available to you.

You would express this also to be your sub-conscious area. The only reason you view this as being sub-conscious, hyphenated, meaning underneath or hidden, is that you have been taught that you possess a sub-consciousness. This, in actuality, is incorrect. If you possessed a sub-conscious which was not accessible, you would not be incorporating success within your exercises, for you would not have the ability to access what is not physically conscious to you. This should be a point of noticing, that you do not incorporate hidden consciousness that is unavailable. You only need notice and be aware, and you will find yourself perceiving more and more of your sub-conscious. This also, in accepting the concept of sub-consciousness, serves for more separation and allows you the excuse and lack of responsibility for this area of consciousness. If you are believing that your actions are a result of a sub-conscious conflict or desire, you obviously will not be responsible for expressing these actions.

Here is where you will find many individuals excusing their behavior within interpersonal relationships, or expressing their excuses that they “cannot help the way they are,” or expressing very nonchalantly that their behavior is acceptable for this is “just the way they are.” These are all excuses for separation, in allowing an individual to not accept responsibility for themselves. There is no “locked up” information that is not accessible to you. If you may jump directly to your essence and connect with that, how much simpler and accessible is it to only open yourself to Regional Area 2, which is only one step, so to speak, wider than your waking physical consciousness? Individuals do not wish to know of Regional Area 2, for they are comfortable in their ignorance. This area in actuality is quite creative.

I will also express to you that individuals that you may view or that may view themselves as creating negative situations within their focus, or blocking, or creating uncomfortable lifestyles, or whatever you view as negative within physical focus, do not realize how creative they are, for they are creatively accomplishing the situation quite efficiently! Let me allow you an example of an individual who views their life to be in ruin. Everything is going wrong, as they will express. They are always “messing it up.” They cannot seem to connect within a relationship, they cannot seem to focus within employment, they cannot seem to “fit in,” and they are always miserable. Therefore, they view that they have done a very bad job at creating. Incorrect! They have done a perfectly excellent job of creating, for they have created exactly what they wished to create, perfectly! (Grinning) Therefore, their expression is not negative, for they have excellently created the situation of being miserable, this being quite an inventive and creative and imaginative accomplishment! They will not view this in this way, but, in actuality, as I have expressed, there is not right or wrong, or good or bad. There is only differences in creating.

An individual who is unhappy for they have created a situation of poverty, and are walking through their focus very distressed and downhearted for they are wishing not to be poor and hating those who are wealthy, has in actuality created equally as efficiently and perfectly, their focus, as the individual who is wealthy; and if they are truly not wishing to continue within the situation that they are not happy with, they may change this in a moment, this being where their belief systems become involved, that they do not believe that they may change these things. They also incorporate these types of belief systems even stronger, for they reinforce the situation that they have created so artfully to begin with. (Vicki sighs) Now, I am not expressing to you that if an individual has created a situation within their focus of misery, that you should be indifferent to this. I am only expressing the reality that these individuals do create their own reality, and have accomplished this quite efficiently and also creatively.

VICKI: The problem is, with people such as you described, we could use two people at our group as a perfect example, of Dimin and Peter, presently experiencing major trauma, and having a certain grasp of the idea that they create their reality, but not understanding why at all.

ELIAS: This is because they are not wishing to change it. They are still focused within the situation of creating it. They have not accomplished their “finished product.” Therefore, they are still building their masterpiece! (Vicki laughs) This being also why I offer to our individuals within our Sunday group reinforcing information that they may incorporate to help with their process of understanding what they are creating, for they are not happy with their creation, but they are not unhappy enough to create another reality. This will bring us back to our subject of our pay-off. As long as they are paying themselves off enough, and receiving what they are needing enough, they will not incorporate the motivation to look within and access your Regional Area 2, to become aware of other probabilities and choices. You in physical focus express an idea, which is in actuality quite true, that an individual will not change until they are ready to change. This is not only the situation when an individual is unhappy.

I will offer you now another example of the opposite direction, and I will use myself as the example. I will use my last manifestation within physical focus, of changing. In my youth, within physical manifestation, I was quite happy, incorporating not quite wealth, but comfortable existence. I was not lacking or wanting for physical comforts. I was enjoying my life and my success and affluence, and was quite pleased with myself. Therefore, you might be thinking, why would you incorporate anything else?

In opposition to this, I created a situation of daringness and defiance. Now, also in this daringness and defiance, I still possessed the choices and probabilities of avoiding harm or distress. I chose to not avoid these elements. I will express to you, that while I was manifest within physical focus I was not consciously, as you view it, thinking to myself, “Well, now I have been happy all of my life, and I think I will now be sad!” (Laughter) I did not think these things! I did choose these things. I chose to create a situation, out of defiance and nonconformity, which created not only a very unhappy situation, but an extremely physically uncomfortable situation.

Now, I will express to you that in this, within Regional Area 2, my options and choices and probabilities lay open before me. Within those choices, I realized that within continuing my carefree life, I was not quite preparing for moving on. In recognition of nonremanifestation and in recognition of needing an understanding of a wider awareness, I chose, within physical boundaries and circumstances, to create a situation which would incorporate a wider understanding not only of myself, but of those within physical focus in general, this being not completely incorporated within my focus previously.

In this, I am not expressing that suffering is good. I am also not expressing that you must be a martyr to acquire wisdom or widening. I am only expressing that within my choices which I allowed myself and probabilities, I chose to incorporate what would speak to me, to allow a wider awareness of tolerance, this being in preparation for my present focus. Within the ending of that physical focus, I experienced much joy and understanding of elements of consciousness and existence that I know nothing of before. Some in religious terms would view this as “a spiritual awakening and connection with the saints, and angels, and God!” The connection was made with essence. The widening occurred. You are accomplishing the same without incorporating prison! (Laughter) Therefore, my point is made that you do not need to incorporate suffering to acquire the same understanding and widening. This also is one of my reasons for our new agenda, in recognition of certain essences who are widening and incorporate an understanding; those being you! (Smiling)

VICKI: It was a beautiful poem that you wrote, though.

ELIAS: I did not express that I was not talented! (Humorously smug)

VICKI: My dad used to read that to me, when I was a little kid.

ELIAS: Much of my work within that focus was quite beautiful, and some also profound! (Grinning) I will also express that you each possess the same ability for beauty and profoundness. You only need reach within you to access this. Be remembering what I expressed to you all at our last Sunday session, for this is a great truth.

VICKI: So, then I would be creating my uncomfortable situation with my son in Regional Area 2?

ELIAS: You are creating this within Regional Area 2. You are acting it out within regional area one. You are choosing one probability. You have many options. You have chosen one, and you are not sure if you have chosen the most efficient one.

VICKI: No, I’m not sure at all.

ELIAS: I will express to you that you may contemplate and also access Regional Area 2 a little more, for you do have probabilities that would be more efficient. I will also express to you, once again, that your best probability is to incorporate no conflict. Therefore, whether you may fool Michael or even yourself that you are not incorporating conflict, or very little, you may not fool me!

You already know that you are experiencing conflict, and that if you are experiencing conflict, there is another option or choice which has not been accessed to eliminate conflict. I will allow you, temporarily, to work with this within your own focus, in attempting to connect with yourself and your most efficient choices for action. I may, if you are procrastinating too long, interject; but initially I will say to you, as I have expressed to Michael quite forcefully previously, I am not interacting with you to solve your problems or to give you all of your answers within physical focus, for this does not provide you with the opportunity to connect and become aware within your own focus and essence, but I am also not completely insensitive to frustration. Therefore, if after you have felt that you have exhausted your probabilities and are needing of assistance, I will be available.

VICKI: Okay. (Pause) I have to apologize for really yelling at you guys the other day, when I was at the dentist.

ELIAS: (With wide-eyed astonishment) We were hearing of this! Actually, I found this situation to be quite humorous. It is quite amazing also that individuals, at certain points within their focus, would be screaming and waving fists, saying, “Oh God! Oh God!” and now we are screaming, “Oh Elias! Oh Marshuka! Oh Paul!” (Everybody cracks up, including Elias) I will give you credit for this, for you are moving closer than a religious focus. Now we will be experiencing Lawrence incorporating her dentist, and screaming, “Oh Lawrence! Oh Lawrence!” and then you may hear Elias say, “Very good!” from the sky! (Grinning widely, and much laughter)

VICKI: It was an act of desperation!

ELIAS: This is acceptable. (Humorously condescending) (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

VICKI: One more.

ELIAS: This is our Lawrence! “One more!”

VICKI: Well, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the shrines.

ELIAS: Yes. (Said in total recognition of my thoughts)

VICKI: (Pause) These are created in Regional Area 2, also?

ELIAS: Initially, these would be created ... I have expressed that this would be difficult to explain. I will say, initially, the reason for their creation is created within Regional Area 2. The creation of the shrine is created in Regional Area 1, and inserted back into regional area two.

I will give an example. Let us say you have met another individual. You have decided and made a choice to become involved with this individual. You create a relationship. The relationship is going along fine, and then you become unhappy with this relationship. After a period of time, you begin to incorporate conflict. This conflict accelerates and becomes serious. You begin to incorporate very uncomfortable feelings and thoughts in relation to this situation. You make a decision to end this relationship, but your ending of this relationship does not go very smoothly. Much conflict is incorporated. Within this, you walk away very distressed. Your feelings are hurting. You are very angry. You are thinking very negative thoughts about this other individual. You allow yourself a detachment period of time. Eventually, your feeling seems to pass. Your thoughts become distracted, and are not incorporating this previous situation any longer.

You move on, and you meet another individual. You become involved with this individual, and all is well, temporarily. Then you begin to become distressed with the situation with this individual, and all those thoughts and feelings that were incorporated with the first individual start to “bubble up to the surface,” as you term this. Now you are experiencing twice the amount of conflict, for you are incorporating two situations of the same direction, and compounding them. You are also beginning to create your shrine. You are incorporating a negative element, or creating something uncomfortable that you, so to speak, do not like, and you are forming it into your shrine; very carefully, I might add.

You move on, and you disconnect from this individual, and you become angry. Now, you do not wish to continue with an angry focus, so you very creatively pat together the mold of your shrine, (gesturing as if molding clay) and build it into something very creative, and you take your shrine and you shove it into Regional Area 2, (practically shoving his imaginary object into Vicki’s lap) where you may view it whenever you wish, but you do not have to view it if you do not wish to. You have not eliminated it.

Now in reviewing this little scenario, I will express that originally you have created the situation of meeting and involving yourself with the first individual within Regional Area 2, the connection and the choice originally being made there and then acted upon within Regional Area 1. This is how you have started your ball rolling, so to speak. When you have chosen to disconnect, you incorporate the beginnings of your shrine in Regional Area 1, for you are creating them within conscious physical focus, although you created the situation originally, to be in the relationship, within Regional Area 2. Now you are only dealing with the results in physical focus of thoughts and feelings, those being created within regional area one, waking consciousness. When you are not pleased with holding on to these feelings and thoughts but also not wishing to let them go, you form them into your shrine.

You do not wish to be carrying them around with you as a sign around your neck: “I have had a bad, hurtful experience! Stay away from me!” So you push them to Regional Area 2; but when you encounter another situation, which you have agreed on and chosen once again within regional area two, to create another relationship, you all of a sudden remember your shrine and pull it very quickly out again, and then you are wearing this around your neck: “I have been hurt and distressed within another relationship! Stay away from me!” You may not be saying this, but you are screaming this within your consciousness, and you are adding to your shrine, putting more jewels and more decorations and ornaments all over it, and making it more attractive for you to look at. (Pause) Then you disconnect again. At this point, you shove your shrine back to Regional Area 2.

This will also show you that your interaction back and forth between regional areas one and two is constant. It is going on continuously, every day. Within regional area one, you experienced a remembering of a song from a dream. Within Regional Area 2, circumstances were all engineered and fit together to allow this same song to be playing on your radio at your job, while you were working, to allow you to connect. All things are created initially within Regional Area 2. All of your circumstances, all of your coincidences, all of your choices originate in this area of consciousness, which is connected to all other physically focused individuals.

Also I will express that your desires are sent as messages within Regional Area 2. Therefore, contrary to Michael’s belief that you may not be in the right place for certain elements to occur, if the desire is being electrically sent out within Regional Area 2, it is not inconceivable that a professor may buy dog food! (Vicki laughs, this being a comment relating to a conversation between herself and Mary) Therefore, desire and intent play an integral part; just as, I will say, as many others have said before me, “You receive what you concentrate on,” this being quite true. It does not matter what you are concentrating on, but if you are concentrating on it you will create it.

This also you may suggest as an exercise, or maybe I will initiate an exercise for our Sunday group, to examine what you are concentrating on within your average day. You are waking, and what are you thinking? You may not eat certain things for breakfast, for they will be fattening. You must wear “focus shoes.” (Laughter) You must be on time. You must act in a certain way. You will notice that all of your thoughts are involved with belief systems, and as you think of them, you reinforce these belief systems and you also create the situation. If an individual is waking and getting ready in dressing and showering for their day, and looking at themselves within their mirror and saying, “Oh, I am fat!,” they are creating their fatness.

If you are concentrating, and let me express that concentration does not mean “focus on this!” (Holding his head in his hands) It only means to think. You may be concentrating on many things and not be giving yourself a “brain ache!” If you are concentrating on anything, you are creating it. You are aligning yourself with a belief system. If you are viewing yourself as thin, you will become thin, for you will begin to incorporate a belief system that you are. In this, I will express to you that you may accomplish things that you would also deem to be impossible. Nothing is impossible! Ron may be a mother if he wishes, if he is believing that he may; not that you will become pregnant next week, for you are not believing that you may, so you do not need to fear this!

RON: I’ll hang on to that belief system! (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: I am only illustrating a point. There is nothing, nothing that is not possible to you in creativity! You may accomplish anything! If you can imagine it, you can accomplish it! You do it every day. You only take it for granted, what you create, for you believe it to be within your officially accepted belief systems. You create astonishing elements within your life, every day that you exist. Lawrence has presently created a cold, which is an amazing creation within itself! Your body does not incorporate this naturally. You must create it, and you accomplished this with much ease!

VICKI: Why do we do that? That’s so stupid!

ELIAS: For you have created belief systems that you believe!

VICKI: Creating colds is stupid!

ELIAS: I would have to agree, but you will notice, also, that somewhere within your consciousness there is a little tiny voice saying, “I did pretty good! I haven’t been sick for a year!”

VICKI: And there’s the belief system.

ELIAS: This is correct. (Vicki sighs) I would say you will do “pretty good” if you never experience a cold again!

VICKI: I would have to agree.

ELIAS: I am aware that our members of our Sunday group do not understand the implications of belief systems, or the importance of these. I have said to you, a time ago, that in my interaction with you I am continuing in delivering information and helpfulness, (pause) as I have been instructed and have expressed a desire to do so, continuing with masters, as you would call them, such as Seth. I use this essence as an example that you may identify with, this being one in which I continue information, in connecting with you. In this, I will express that I also will emphasize, repeatedly until it is first nature to you, that you create your reality, and this is quite influenced by your belief systems.

I also wished to express information to you, this being only for this company and Michael also. I have withdrawn my focus from other individuals, and have made a choice and decision to be singularly focused with Michael. Therefore, what you express to be “other channels” have been “turned off.”

VICKI: Really? (No, you idiot, it was just a silly joke!)

ELIAS: I have experienced different individuals and their receptiveness and their allowance for information, as experimenting you might say, and I have found that Michael is suiting of my information and receptive enough to be accommodating. Also eventually, as he widens, it will become easier to express concepts which may presently be in conflict with his belief systems. I will express, though, that of these individuals, Michael is seeming to be the most receptive for allowing information even if it is in conflict with his belief systems, and we will work on certain areas of widening. He is receptive and flexible to widening consciousness, and also is playful enough and distracted enough to allow my freedom within my time. This in actuality is important, for the essence communicating is in subjection, somewhat, to the individual allowing the information to be projected. I am the guest.

VICKI: That’s interesting, because it was just a day or two ago that a group member was asking me about that very subject.

ELIAS: Of ... (Vicki gives Elias the cup) Thank you.

VICKI: You’re welcome. Of other physically focused individuals that you channel through, and them wanting to contact them.

ELIAS: First of all, before I address to that, you may make a footnote to Shynla that I am getting better with the cup! I am more focused on returning it, even if I am not as focused on finding it! As to an individual wishing to be contacting another individual who was channeling my essence, they will find this quite difficult, for I am not engaging in this activity any longer! (Grinning)

VICKI: (Laughing) It just came up a day or two ago in conversation. I don’t even remember who it was, (pause) a group member.

ELIAS: It is not important, for what is important is to connect with another essence and individual, physically focused, that is receptive to allowing information. Many individuals are not receptive. I will say that there are many individuals that attempt to be connecting with another essence and may make a connection and may allow some information to flow through, but you will find that the information is quite limited for they are only willing to connect and to allow so much. As I have said, Michael is the host. I am the guest and I am subject, therefore, within physical focus, to his rules, and this is how it should be, for this is his focus. (Long pause) Is this all of your questions this evening?

RON: I’m done.

VICKI: Yeah, I think I can shut up for a while.

ELIAS: Very well. Ron has been fiddling with our mechanical equipment for a very short period of time left for session! (Referring to the amount of videotape used after the tape change)

RON: That’s okay.

ELIAS: You may continue with this videotape for our next session.

VICKI: That’s a good idea.

RON: Yeah.

ELIAS: I will be excusing myself, and I will be connecting with you later, and I will be encouraging you to continue in your connecting exercises and experiments, understanding that you do not only need to be a child, to be a feather or a board! (We failed miserably at our “light as a feather, stiff as a board” experiment with Guin)

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very, very welcome. I will be connecting with you on our Sunday session, and I will bid you a good evening and much affection.

VIC/RON: Good night.

Elias departs at 10:51 PM.

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