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Sunday, August 20, 1995

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“Energy Centers/Red”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Guin (Sophia), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Jo (Joseph), Jim (Yarr), and a new participant, Chris (Sasha).

Elias arrives at 6:45 PM. (Time was sixteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Pause, smiling at Chris) We will be welcoming to new individual this evening.

I am aware of great anticipation for our game! Therefore, you may begin with your questions.

ELIZ: Questions about the game? Okay. I’m gonna get an easy point, hopefully. Gee, is Mouthful male?

ELIAS: This being correct, and issue one point for Elizabeth.

VICKI: Okay. That’s all you get, right? (Laughter)

ELIAS: This is correct. (Grinning)

VICKI: (To Guin) We’re only allowed one point per session. (To Elias) Mary wants a point for connecting herself with the same; with Mouthful, with yourself, with the color blue.

ELIAS: I will issue one point for Michael for connection.

VICKI: Anybody else? (Pause) Okay. I’ll take a stab at a point. I would like to connect myself with the green.

ELIAS: We will issue one point for Lawrence, in connection with green.

RON: I guess I’d like to connect myself with orange.

ELIAS: One point for Ron. You are all receiving many points this evening! There are no other attempts presently? (Pause) We will also issue one point for Shynla, for gender of female to Mobowah. (Grinning at Ron) You may leave us now if you are wishing! (Laughter)

RON: (Laughing) I’m not embarrassed anymore because I found out why I’m doing it! (Meaning sleeping during sessions)

ELIAS: You have finally figured this situation out? Very good!

RON: Do I get a point? (Laughter)

VICKI: You already got a point!

ELIAS: I will, for the purpose of your blank spaces (on our game chart), issue extra point to Ron for viewing, initially, infants.

VICKI: One point?

ELIAS: This is correct, and one point for Michael for viewing initial colors.

RON: Thank you!

ELIAS: You are welcome. I am aware that you have created a new game in physical focus for our essence game. (Referring to our game board) This “Connecting” is good! (Our new name for the game)

In our last session, we were speaking of your physical body -- not of health in general! (grinning) -- and also incorporating your energy centers. I will explain to you one energy center this evening, giving you some information and illustration of the basic elements of this energy center. We shall begin with your first energy center -- which basic color being red -- of your base chakra, as you express this.

I will first explain that this term “chakra” is a religious terminology. This is not to be confused with my explanation of this energy center. This religious interpretation will show to be closely related to the identification of function of this energy center, but also incorporates many religious belief systems. I will not be incorporating religious beliefs in relation to these energy centers. Therefore, if you are reading material concerning these energy centers, be aware that they incorporate belief systems.

Your base energy center, as all of your energy centers, incorporates all colors of your spectrum; its basic color vibrating at the speed of red, though. This center is affecting and controlling of your feet, your legs, your large intestinal tract, your nervous system, your spine, all of your bones within your body, and also male and female organs.

In this you will see the reason that you may not necessarily focus on one particular color in connection with healing based on the position of this particular energy center. You may injure a bone within your arm. In directing energy from only your green energy center, you will not be affecting this injury very well, for its base energy is located within your red energy center; this being the reason that you must connect different energy centers to be affecting of certain ailments. This does not mean that a single energy center may not be affecting of other ailments singularly by itself. It is dependent on the particular affected part of your physical body.

This base energy center also being the focus of much religious belief systems, more so that some of your other energy centers. Your eastern religions attach a gender of female to this particular center. This center does not incorporate a gender, as all of your centers do not incorporate a gender. Eastern religious beliefs also incorporate the idea that this particular center is more powerful than other centers, being the base for what they will express as the Kundalini; this being completely a religious belief. This belief in actuality has nothing to do with the energy center itself.

As I explained at our last session, this center is associated with what you will think of as grounding; this being that the rotation and energy radiation of the center, being affecting for the most part of your lower extremities, radiates downward; this being the only energy center radiating energy in this direction. All others radiate out or up. This particular center, in conjunction with yellow which is focused with emotion, is extremely helpful in dealing with your nervous system. If you are experiencing difficulty in sleeping, this would be a proper energy center to be focusing on. I also expressed that dependent on your spinning of these centers, you may affect more or less of whatever you are concentrating upon.

I will also express that our friend Donovan may incorporate this particular energy center, in conjunction with fourth, in affecting of intestinal problems.

I will be, at different points within our sessions, expressing to you of individual energy centers basically one at a time, this allowing you the opportunity to explore each center by itself without confusing different elements of different colors between different energy centers. You may also, in practicing your meditations, focus on this center and visualize red. If you are experiencing difficulty in only experiencing red in a spherical shape in your visualization, you may choose an object of this color to focus upon. Apples do nicely! They are quite round and spin nicely in visualization. (Pause, during which Elias appears to be listening to something)

I will also briefly make one comment in regard to regional area number twenty-six, (grinning, as Vic cracks up) which would not be understood within physical focus in this dimension at all! And Lawrence may explain regional area number twenty-six to our group, this being a validation that I am listening! (1)

You may ask questions.

RON: Is there any way you could describe the speed at which a chakra spins? I can visualize the red. I can visualize the ball, but I don’t really know how fast to spin it, and I remember that you had spoken last time about the speed being very important, the speed at which it spins.

ELIAS: This would be dependent on your purpose. I will express to you in technical terms that your base energy center of red would be spinning at approximately twelve revolutions per second. (2) This would be what you would describe as being your slowest or heaviest energy center in rotation, this also emanating the lowest vibrational quality of one thirty-third thousandths lengths of wave; this referring to light wave spectrum, this being your longest visible color light wave length. In spinning this energy center faster, you may be affecting, depending on your focus, of different elements of your body. If you are experiencing tremendous nervousness, you may experiment with reducing your speed of your revolutions of this energy center to ten or even eight, this creating a calming effect within your nervous system which is filtered through your entire body. Also, within meditation this energy center may be useful in slowing its revolution, for it will be more quieting of the brain, nervous system, and neurological activity. Was this sufficient?

RON: Yes. Thank you. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, I have a question. Would this energy center be one that would be involved with any sort of menstrual problems?

ELIAS: No. This will be our next focus and our next incorporation of energy center of orange. Although I have expressed that this energy center incorporates male and female organs, your center of orange, being your second energy center, incorporates these organs also; the difference being that your orange energy center incorporates these male and female organs as its MAIN energy affectingness, being also connected with bodily fluids. Therefore, in female menstruation this would be incorporated with orange. (Long pause) You are very quiet this evening! (Smiling at the group)

CHRIS: I have a question. I would like to know my essence name.

ELIAS: Very well. You will be excusing for one moment. (Here, there is a fifteen-second pause) This would be the essence name of Sasha, identifying with eastern focuses and culture. This essence identifies very strongly in physical focus with combination of what you now term to be Mongol or Russian orientation, not in your interpretation of these geographical areas presently, but identifying with these areas in your pre-calendar orientation. This essence identifies with civilization of Russian geographical area dating to eighth century BC. (To Vic) “C” -- correct.

This essence would be also identifying as an “old soul.” (Grinning)

JO: I knew that!

CHRIS: Me too.

Moving forward, as you term, to several European developmental focuses, with emphasis connected with England; a great fascination with middle ages and mysticism. This essence also incorporating some, but not much, fragmentation within other developmental focuses in other dimensions, as connected with Dimin and Lawrence. I will be expressing a connection of Sasha and Joseph in pre-calendar developmental focus, and also within developmental focus of England, being mother and daughter; this creating a recognition and identification of reunion within this physical focus.

I will also express to you all that although you may not all be fragmented of common essences, your essences, and also those which have fragmented you and those which you fragment, are also connected within what you may term as a family or tribe or whatever term you choose to attach to this. Essences align themselves within groups, these forming what you would term as families. Generally, these groups of essences have been generated by one essence and expanded to very many through fragmentation, this incorporating many. And when I am expressing many, I am not speaking of millions -- I am speaking of numbers you may not incorporate! (Grinning)

All of you are belonging to the same essence family, this being another reason that you experience connections easily. It is not necessary for you to seek each other out, for you will draw to each other naturally, for you are belonging to the same essential family. This will be also an explanation to you, beyond fragmentation, of your connections. Is this acceptable?

CHRIS: Yes. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, I have another question about the red energy center. You said it has to do with our bones also. If one were to break a bone, could you conceivably affect that with this red energy center?

ELIAS: Yes. I will explain to you that the only reason you do not affect ANYTHING within your physical expression involves your belief systems. You do not believe that you may affect your bones or your TEETH (grinning) or elements of your physical body that you may see, but this does not mean that you may not affect them. As you grow and widen your perception, you will expose yourselves to more amazing experiences. Your issues of what you term psychic surgeries are not a fantasy; these being quite a reality! You may physically penetrate your physical barrier of tissue without ever making an incision and without spilling blood. You only do not incorporate the belief system to allow yourself this experience. In widening your awareness, which is completely your choice whether you incorporate or not, you may physically cut your flesh and concentrate energy to remesh it back together. You may physically view this before your eyes.

There is no thing that you may not accomplish within physical focus. You only do not believe that you CAN accomplish. If you may “poof away” within your Bermuda Triangle, as we have discussed, do you not think it would be an easier accomplishment to mend a bone? (Smiling)

VICKI: So is this red energy center also connected with the teeth?

ELIAS: This being correct.

VICKI: So, if one wanted to make half of a tooth whole again, are there specific suggestions you could offer? Where to start?

ELIAS: I will give you a starting point, being based with your red energy center. I will not give you step-by-step medical instructions for reconstructing teeth! (Laughter)

VICKI: I understand!

ELIAS: You may focus with your red energy center, incorporating your creation of a tooth; incorporating its construction and what you have created it out of, incorporating all of its natural materials. As this red energy center also incorporates nervous system, which are also located within teeth, you may incorporate this also. I will suggest that you incorporate slightly fourth energy center for healing helpfulness. I will also express that you incorporate sixth energy center, as this being the center ruling and dominating your head; this being why I have expressed that your energy center system is more complicated than only focusing on individual colors if you are incorporating a specific element of healing.

I will offer to you also another color -- which you will not find within your charts of your chakras but is quite incorporated as an energy center -- of pink; this being quite a powerful color also for connection and for healing.

This I will also offer as a small bit of information for fun to Michael, in explanation of the color of his pink bubble; this being his transporter for communication, which he did not arbitrarily pick the color for, although he does not understand that he has chosen this color at all! But in regional area number two, (emphasized) he is aware of proper color incorporation.

VICKI: Speaking of Michael, I have a question from Michael.

ELIAS: We will clarify first that Michael is not incorporating ongoing questions, correct? (Laughter)

VICKI: One question.

ELIAS: This is acceptable.

VICKI: Would tissue rejection be likened to the body sounding the alarm about consciousness and energy involving another essence in channeling?

ELIAS: Very good! This would be correct. He is speaking in reference to our discussion of physical incorporation related to what you term channeling, and your physical body consciousness in response to outside energy of another essence within or occupying this space.

In this, I have explained that your physical body, being a direct expression and creation of YOUR consciousness, is familiar with YOUR energy and YOUR consciousness. When another energy is introduced, as say an essence through the phenomenon of channeling, your physical body expresses a pulling and also experiences physical reactions, for it is being expected to incorporate an energy which is unfamiliar to its consciousness. Your physical body, apart from your psychological consciousness, possesses its own consciousness within its own cells. This consciousness, as I have expressed, may exist for several days in your time apart from your consciousness, as you identify yourself to be.

In this also, when your medical profession is removing of a physical element of your body, be it tissue or an organ or blood or bone marrow, and placing this within the physical body of another individual, the individual receiving this tissue will automatically be expressing rejection, this being for the reason that this body is unfamiliar with this new energy. It was not created as a part of this individual. Your body also possesses, within its very cells, the knowledge that this is unnecessary. It understands within its molecules that you possess the ability for regeneration, and also for healing. Therefore, your surgeries are unnecessary; but you, in your psychological consciousness, are not quite “up to speed” with your body in knowledge of itself! (Grinning) You also do not incorporate responsibility for creating the adverse situation to begin with. Therefore, you look to your medical profession to change your circumstances, and you incorporate your transplant surgeries.

You have, with your technology, developed drugs to fight your body’s fighting! (Grinning) You counterattack your body’s attack so that you may continue with your focus and force your body’s acceptance of foreign tissue. Even a single cell incorporated into your physical expression will be noticed and rejected, for it is not part of YOUR conscious creation. Just as your blood incorporates your DNA, which is your biological fingerprint, so to speak, each cell and molecule within your body also incorporates your own encoded consciousness. It knows you. It also knows what is NOT you. (Pause)

JO: I have a question. Why were you in a suit of armor?

ELIAS: (Grinning) This was a perception. This was not necessarily an actual visualization of myself incorporating armor. This was a visualization incorporating your own focus. I will express to you, as I have expressed to Lawrence, that many times your dream state will appear very symbolically. Also, many times within your dream state, the projection of your visualization will be reversed, just as your physical body incorporates a reversal of visually seeing, for your physical eyes do not see the way you believe that you see. As you have learned through your technology, your vision initially is upside-down. Many times within your dream state and your symbolism, you will project this same focus in what you think of as a backward visualization. Therefore, understanding this concept, I will express to you that your projection of this armor appeared to be encompassing me, where in reality this armor is a focus of yourself; this being the energy that you hold to yourself as barrier for non-penetration of outside individuals and energy.

JO: Okay. That’s perfectly understandable. (Laughing)

ELIAS: I will express to you each: In remembering these types of dreams, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to view, within your own safety of your own consciousness, elements or aspects of yourself that you may not connect or share with other individuals. This provides you with a very good opportunity to view this situation and also examine your choices for widening this perception, allowing yourself to allow your armor to drop away within the safety of your own consciousness, also incorporating Elias as a safety element for helpfulness; which I will be expressing, I am available for this task.

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause) Shall we adjourn for our break briefly, and if you are wishing of more questions we will return for a small amount of your time? Is this acceptable? (The group agrees)

BREAK 7:53 PM.

RESUME 8:52 PM. (Time was twelve seconds.)

ELIAS: We will continue. First of all, though, I will address once again to our game, in confirmation of musical element. You were thinking you were coming to the end of your charts! (Grinning)

RON: We have to get bigger paper! (Laughter) So does that mean there is going to be a note connected with each color?

ELIAS: This would be correct. I will also express that we are not incorporating pink for essence color. Therefore, you are remaining with seven colors. You also incorporate, musically, seven notes. I will express to you, just as color is a universal truth, musical sound is also. Therefore, it may be incorporated into our game.

In addressing also in the direction of color, I will express a directing to misinterpretation, once again! In incorporating of the color orange and body fluids, this being to the exclusion of blood, which is incorporated within the color of green in your fourth energy center for your circulatory system. I will acknowledge, though, a correct interpretation of your discussion of viewing. The healing process of your flesh would incorporate other colors beside red, this incorporating colors dealing with elements of other parts of your physical body which other energy centers are controlling. We will be discussing this in future sessions. Your “assignment” (grinning) for this session is to be concentrating on red and incorporating its elements and familiarizing yourself with this energy.

I will also express, in relation to the spinning or revolutions of your individual energy centers, these increase in increments of twelve per center, therefore spinning more quickly as you progress upward within these colors. I will also express that in aligning your physical spine, you would be incorporating all colors of all energy centers, as they will align in conjunction to your spine. The spinning of these energy centers varies, as I have said, depending on your focus. Independently they spin at their own revolutions naturally, without your conscious incorporation or knowing of this situation.

Before we move on beyond this particular subject, I will also express that your sixth and seventh chakras or energy centers, of indigo and purple or violet, are not located physically on what you visualize as your spinal column; your sixth chakra or energy center being located in what you visualize as the center of your head, paralleling the space of your eyes. Your seventh energy center, being known as your crown center, is located on the top of your head, in actuality being centered outside of your physical body. Eventually, I will also incorporate a brief explanation of three more energy centers which you all incorporate which are located above your head, which are all spiritually oriented but also affecting of communication through essence and connection with other essences, as projecting out and receiving in energy from other regional areas; these being in the colors of black, white, and magenta or dark pink. (Pause)

I offer this information as to assure that you do not become confused in incorporating reading material which may sometimes place these energy centers only within the area of your actual physical spine, which they are not completely incorporated in this area alone. You may affect physical spinal adjustment yourself though, just as you may affect any physical alignment or repair of physical body.

I will also offer, in regard to light waves, this is not incorporating lengths as you think of them. This is transmission waves to create visibility of light; your violet vibrating at one sixty-seven thousandth of a length at the top of your spectrum, all others vibrating between these lengths. In spinning these individual energy centers and aligning, if you are visualizing these centers to be spinning at the same revolutionary rate and incorporating them within a perfect line, you will experience a sensation of balance.

You may also, in incorporating your spiritual color of white, send this energy, or light if you prefer to visualize this, down through the core of each of these energy centers within a straight line and back up through these energy centers out through your purple or top energy center, and you will experience a very pleasing waterfall effect of energy emerging from these energy centers out through the top of your head and cascading down your body. It is quite pleasant and quite invigorating. You may experiment with this exercise and be quite pleased at the sensation that you experience.

You may very safely play with your chakras within your physical body individually if you are not focusing on affecting a certain ailment or disorder within your body. If you are only focusing on playing and spinning and aligning these energy centers, you may do this quite safely within each of them, or even in combinations of colors, and experience pleasant physical expressions.

My only caution is expressed, when affecting energy centers, when your consciousness is removed from your physical expression; for when your consciousness is incorporated within your physical expression, your energy centers will affect positively or they will not affect at all. They will not affect you negatively. Therefore, you need not be concerned with playing with them and not understanding their abilities or their affectingness. You may not cure a dis-ease -- hyphenated -- or you may not affect a physical disorder, but you will not injure yourself by playing with these colors. Where your knowledge of these energy centers becomes beneficial is when you are wishing to positively affect something specific, or in healing.

Once again, though, I will caution each of you, as you all possess the ability to incorporate what you term out-of-body experiences: if you are experimenting with this state of consciousness, I would be advising you not to be poking energy centers! (This is in reference to Mary’s poking of her blue chakra during a session, which made her cough quite a bit)

Now you may ask questions.

VICKI: I have a question about that subject. In my continued efforts with my vision, would I incorporate indigo and green?

ELIAS: You may begin with these colors, and also incorporating pink. I will be expressing further instruction for this area and incorporating other colors of energies, but this may serve as a beginning. (Pause)

JIM: I have a question. Good evening!

ELIAS: Good evening, Yarr.

JIM: Do crystals have unique vibrational qualities? Is a crystal, say, different from granite, or is that something that we just put into it as a belief?

ELIAS: I will express that each element incorporates different vibrational qualities. Quartz crystal, as you know this element, incorporates a higher vibrational quality, allowing its expression of reflecting or refracting your color spectrum. In this also, these crystals appear to be less obstructed by their own color incorporation, as they do express a higher vibrational quality. You will notice that your ordinary common rocks, as you call them, are quite solid in color and dense in matter. This does not mean they are harder. It only means that their atoms incorporate their own color, this giving these elements a heavier or slower vibrational quality. Crystals of clear nature, for there are many of your crystals which incorporate their own color, exhibit a higher vibrational quality and do not incorporate color of their own within their own atoms.

I will express to you that as Ron and Michael have viewed previously, atoms incorporate their own color. You in physical focus wonder at times to yourself where color comes from, viewing elements of your world being different colors but not necessarily exhibiting the quality that you view as matter, such as your air, which when you are looking to your sky incorporates the color of blue. Also, when you are viewing within a glass, your water appears to be without color, but in viewing large amounts of this same element, it then incorporates the color of blue also. In simple explanation, your scientists will express that one reflects the other, and this is how they incorporate the color of blue. In actuality, atoms, which your scientists have not viewed yet, incorporate color of their own, each forming together to create physical matter and incorporating individual colors. In this, some atoms do not incorporate color. They are what you would think of as reflectors, these being what you view physically with your vision as clear. In actuality they possess a reflectiveness to incorporate other colors and refract them out, this being the quality of your clear quartz crystals, allowing them the ability to refract out your visible light spectrum of colors. These particular atoms possess individually a higher vibrational quality or faster rotational spin. (Pause)

In regard to the affectingness of your crystals, they do not within themselves affect healing, of themselves. I will express, though, that these elements of crystals are very good conductors of energy and may be used in conjunction as a receptor for streamlined energy. In this, though, the energy is generated by you, not the crystal.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. We are incorporating much more technical questions this evening! You are thinking more!

JIM: Is that good?

ELIAS: This is very good! (Laughter)

JIM: We can think too much, sometimes!

VICKI: I have a question that might not be very technical, but I’ve wondered for a while about the color brown. Even though, for example, Ron and I have always had our separate favorite colors, together we’ve always had a favorite color of brown, and I just wonder about the color brown.

ELIAS: Brown being a color of loyalty, this being a connecting color. I am aware that within physical focus you view certain colors as less desirable than other colors. You do not incorporate them as much into your focus, in believing that they are less “pretty” than other colors. (Grinning) All colors possess qualities, brown being the color also of stability, singleness, and steadfastness. You will observe this color in the expression physically of a tree, exhibiting strength and stability. You will view many colors within your physical world that you have created, and in viewing these colors and looking to their expression physically, you may interpret some of your qualities aligning with these colors. This common expression of brown between yourself and Ron seems quite probable, in consideration with the elements that this color displays. Other colors that would not be quite so desirable may be gray, which you would attach to being very drab, when in actuality it signifies much more interesting elements. Or black, which you do not incorporate much at all, viewing this as the absence of color.

JIM: Or death!

ELIAS: Quite right, in religious focus; in actuality being symbolically the female energy connected with white as male energy of essence, which are both contained within all essences; black generating the element of sensitivity and calmness and nurturing, unlike religious focus of “death” or “bad.” (Laughter)

VICKI: What about gray?


ELIAS: Gray also being an expression of calmness, being a combination of male and female, incorporating an element of balance; this being an expression of a very positive energy in color. (Pause)

GUIN: I have a question. The other night, I don’t remember my whole dream but I have impressions of it, and I remember the color green and the color orange was very strong in it, and I remember a ball. Is there any reason why I would have those two colors together in a dream?

ELIAS: (Accessing) I will be expressing to you a question. Are you wishing to be incorporating of new life?


ELIAS: This being what you term as an unconscious desire. These colors in connection with each other, and also incorporated within your individual consciousness projecting within a dream state in the safety of this experience, as I have expressed with Joseph, is an expression of sexual union creating new life; orange signifying the sexual desire and also incorporating the desire for union physically with the express purpose of generating a new essence; this being exhibited with the incorporation of green, which signifies new birth.

GUIN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I will express to you that within your dream state you may, in the safety of your essence and your individual consciousness, express many desires and wishes for experiences. This does not necessarily mean that this would be precognitive. If this were the case, I would have stated this specifically; this being only a desire manifesting for your own enjoyment of recognition of a possibility for future, not being an absolute probability presently.

GUIN: Good! Not right now! (A bit agitated)

ELIAS: This is YOUR choice. (Smiling)

GUIN: Okay. Thank you. (Pause)

ELIAS: And you are wishing of more questions, Yarr? (Laughter)

JIM: How could you tell? (Laughing) To clarify something, the earth and its elements -- water, wind, fire -- these are considered consciousness? Is the wind a consciousness within itself, or is the water a consciousness within itself? The earth, is it its own living consciousness at this point?

ELIAS: Within the terms that you are alluding to, I will express no; but within the terms of all things possessing consciousness, yes. The tendency within physical focus is to attach a religious belief system to elements. This I choose to attempt to avoid. Therefore, I express that elements do not exhibit a consciousness of their own independent of your consciousness, but on the other hand I will also say that they do possess an independent consciousness per se, as a creation of your own which you have allowed to possess its own elements; just as your physical body possesses its own consciousness independent of your consciousness and may, as I have stated, exist temporarily after you have pulled your consciousness from it. Also, all elements of nature possess a consciousness.

In this, I will express that you view this slightly differently. Your Indian cultures, which you are quite connected and aligned with, have projected personalities and consciousness independently to all elements of nature in a attempt to be connecting with these. I will suggest to you, in opposition to this belief system, that you look around you. View your world very carefully. View its colors and its magnificence, and then view yourself as its creator. I will express to you that you hold within your grasp an ultimate magnificence. In this particular physical focus, your essences have created one of your most magnificent creations, this being singularly the most diverse and beautiful creation physically of essence. This particular focus and planet and universe that you have created in this particular dimension possesses the MOST diversity and the MOST incorporation of beauty of ALL dimensions. In this you have much to appreciate, not only for what you have created, which is quite enough to appreciate, but also in recognition of your own creativity and imagination, which is far vaster than you perceive. (Pause)

In this, I will add a small footnote: that in your great imaginations in physical focus, not in essence, you will notice that when you are dreaming -- not in sleep state -- of creating or visualizing other worlds, you do not visualize them as magnificently as you have created this world. Ask yourself if you can possibly, within your physical focus, imagine another planet or dimension more diverse or beautiful than this creation. I will wager you will not accomplish this, for you have created your ultimate expression of beauty already from essence; this being also why I have expressed to you in past sessions that you are your highest expression. You are your ultimate self. There is nothing higher or more wondrous or more creating than yourselves. (Ron was snoring quite loudly throughout this exchange)

I will also now direct to Sophia in the expression of demons and wondering if Elias is a devil in disguise! (Laughter) I will explain to you that you are correct that there is no proof. I may express to you that there are no devils or demons or evil spirits, but then I will also express to you that there are no gods other than yourselves. Therefore, within religious belief systems, another individual may very well call Elias a demon or an evil spirit!

I will express to you though that you will know with a resoundingness within your own spirit, as you call it, the truthfulness of which I speak. You will know within you, and I will express that if there were a devil, you would not have returned this evening to have audience with me! (Grinning)

Many individuals, as I have said openly, would take issue with me, for I do not incorporate religious belief systems and also I do not encourage these belief systems. I speak to you of truths that do not incorporate negativity. Belief systems many times, not always but many times, incorporate negativity and duplicity. I express information of truth to you which resounds within you positive. I will not express to you anything that would be less than a loving expression of helpfulness and information, for this is my focus. There may be individuals who may not accept what I offer and this is their choice, and I express in loving acceptance of this choice anyway.

GUIN: Thank you for clarifying that.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Unfortunately, your technology has not developed a “demon detector” yet! (We all crack up)

GUIN: I wonder if a lie detector test would work?

ELIAS: Although in this polygraph test of yours, I am quite sure that I may confound your scientists by registering every answer as incorrect! Therefore, they would not have an answer for validation either way!

VICKI: I have a question.

ELIAS: Yes, Lawrence??? (Grinning)

VICKI: Recently, I was remembering you talking about when we choose to manifest here, we choose these three sexual orientations.


VICKI: And it made me wonder, are there any more basic “rules?”

Vic’s note: Here, Elias is groping about for Mary’s cup, still unable to find it himself. Ron hands him the cup, and he takes a drink.

ELIAS: Thank you.

RON: You’re welcome.

ELIAS: Basic rules?

VICKI: Regarding our choice to manifest in this physical focus. You had mentioned that there were certain agreements regarding this choice, and I just wondered if you wanted to throw another one out. It was just a curiosity.

ELIAS: You are wondering if there are rules connected with your manifestation of sexual orientation? Which I have already expressed to you.

VICKI: No. I am wondering if there are any other agreements that we make when we choose to physically focus here besides these sexual orientations.

ELIAS: In regards to what you term rules, this is difficult, for even sexual orientation would not in actuality be considered a rule, being that which is something you absolutely must follow in a certain direction. There are many ways to express your sexual orientations and be “getting around rules,” as you say!

You have set for yourselves within physical focus certain guidelines of accepted official frameworks, this being that you accept religious belief systems. You accept certain behavioral qualities as “normal,” these being your officially accepted behaviors. You process your creation of civilizations along basic lines of development, this being also an official, accepted manifestation. You may consider these somewhat to be rules as being the official framework of this particular dimensional manifestation, for you do not deviate from this for the most part. You may incorporate slightly different belief systems from culture to culture, but basically you accept a certain direction of development for this focus. In that, you may consider these “dimensional rules.” This is not to say that there are not individuals who do not conform to your official rules of this dimensional focus. Obviously, you would not have created your Bermuda Triangle if there were not individuals who did not wish to play the official “game!” You will also be quite aware that yourselves included do not accept official religious belief systems, although this also is presently changing within your present focus.

I initially was careful in expressing the terminology of rules when I was expressing to you of your manifestations within physical focus being of three incarnations. I was intentional in this for the reason that I do not wish to implant an idea within any of you that you are “locked into” a framework that may not be changed at any given point. I will express in simple division, for your three incarnations, one of your ways of “skirting around” this official accepted rule per se incorporates termination of essence before birth, therefore in actuality never manifesting physically and incorporating a developmental focus, but incorporating the beginning of a physical manifestation.

Therefore, just as or generally in discussing the idea of rules I was hesitant in using this word, I remain hesitant in using this word in not wishing to incorporate the idea of “absoluteness.” Another rule, per se, which you will view that you also break, would be in not crossing dimensional veils, which you do, but you do not do this regularly or intentionally YET. Therefore, you accept the officially accepted focus as a rule.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. If you have created this magnificence, do you actually believe that there is anything that you may not accomplish or that you would be bound to any actual rules? (Smiling, followed by a pause, and then to Vicki) Yes???

VICKI: I don’t have another question right now, but I’ll be thinking on this.

ELIAS: Very well. (Pause) Are you wishing of any more questions this evening? (Pause) Very well. Then I will extend to each of you a very loving and encompassing energy. You may visualize your red this week, and I will be wishing you “good connecting” instead of luck (grinning) for your new exercise and experiment in impressions, and extending much affection to you all. I will be connecting and interacting with you all. Au revoir.

GROUP: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:09 PM.


(1) The transcript reads, “And Lawrence may explain regional area number twenty-six to our group, this being a validation that I am listening!” In actuality, Elias said “regional area number six,” but meant to say twenty-six as he did in the previous sentence. This was a reference to a comment I had made to Mary in the previous week, in wondering what occurs in regional area twenty-six.

(2) The transcript reads, “I will express to you in technical terms that your base energy center of red would be spinning at approximately twelve revolutions per second.” When this information was delivered, Elias said “twelve revolutions per minute.” This was later corrected by Elias.

Both of these footnotes are good examples of the difficulty involved in translating this information into our language, and of the process involved in focusing the energy to provide the least distortion.

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