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Sunday, October 11, 1998

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“The Belief Systems of Religion and Control”

“Creating the Opposite of What We Wish To Create”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and David (Tagge).

Elias arrives at 1:47 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

DAVID: Good afternoon, Elias. My name is David. I’m very pleased to meet you!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you have inquiries this day?

DAVID: Yes, I do. I guess the first thing I’d like to ask is the standard question of, what is my entity name and family?

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Tagge; T-A-G-G-E. (pronounced tozh) Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Gramada.

DAVID: Okay, thanks. I guess the first big question I have is about my mother. Yesterday we had a big fight, and essentially we’re two really different people. She’s Christian, and she really wants me to be in some kind of conventional field, and ever since I started reading Seth and getting into a lot of spiritual things, I have been in her opinion too idealistic, and maybe ... I don’t know, not doing what she wants me to do. And yet, her view of realism has merit. I’m just not sure how to handle our relationship. I don’t know what she wants me to do! (Elias chuckles) I just want something general to work with here.

ELIAS: An interesting concept that you have developed within physical focus – realism versus idealism. Interestingly enough, they are all one in the same. They are merely different aspects of the same concept.

Within religious belief systems, there are many elements of idealism in what you THINK of as idealism, but they place these ideals into a philosophy that they believe to be realism. And within idealism, you place those same concepts of realism into the area of ideals, and place your ideals into the area that you think of as reality.

Let me express to you that this particular subject matter correlates to our recent discussions in the belief system of relationships, and also may be instructive in the area of acceptance of different perceptions of individuals within their given creations of their individual realities.

Many individuals align very strongly with religious belief systems. You have created your reality for very many centuries in this direction of attention, placing much of your energy and focus in the development of these religious belief systems. Therefore, they hold much energy and great strength within your societies and mass belief systems. They are an intricate part of your officially accepted reality and not so easily abandoned, so to speak.

As we move into the action of this shift in consciousness, there becomes a struggle which is created with the acceptance of these religious belief systems by the individuals that hold them very strongly and the masses that lend energy to them, and those individuals that find themselves moving more easily away from the official religious belief systems.

But let me also be reminding you that ALL of you are influenced by underlying religious belief systems.

In this, I shall offer to you, in helpfulness, the suggestion that you be approaching this situation in an acceptance of this individual’s expression and alignment with her own held belief systems, recognizing that it matters not which direction you are choosing to be moving within. Each individual is moving within their own value fulfillment and their own intent. Their expression of this matters not.

In this, you may also allow yourself the opportunity to be realizing the similarities between your own held belief systems and that of this individual and the belief systems that she holds very tightly, for underlying, many of the principles, so to speak, are the same. The information within its basic core is not so very removed. It is just presented in different language and in different manners.

It matters not that one individual looks to what they think of as a god, per se, and that another individual allows themselves the awareness that they themselves are in actuality what you may term to be the god. Underlying, the information is basically the same.

The one main difference that is held in this area is that individuals that align very strongly with religious belief systems look outside of themselves for their abilities and their creative sources, so to speak, whereas individuals that are allowing themselves a widening of their own awareness within this physical focus begin to recognize the lack of separation and begin to understand that this concept of god and religious belief systems are merely mirror images and projections of that which you already know within you of yourself. They are projections that you create of what you know to be as yourself, being essence, and in this you have created belief systems to surround those elements which you have forgotten within physical focus.

It is unnecessary to be moving in the direction of judgments placed upon the belief systems of other individuals or the choices of other individuals, and is also, in a manner of speaking, defeating of the point of this shift in consciousness presently. You need merely offer yourself the information that you are all – upon your planet within this dimension – moving in the direction of actualizing this shift in consciousness, and that all individuals within this dimension shall be moving in this action regardless of which belief systems they hold or align with.

Now; I am also understanding that individuals hold emotional attachments to other individuals within very many different expressions of relationships, and in these relationships they wish to be helpful to other individuals that they hold fondness for within physical focus. I may express to you that your most helpful action in this regard is to be focusing your attention upon self, addressing to your own belief systems, and to be attempting the acceptance of other individuals’ belief systems, not placing judgments in the area of right or wrong with regard to their belief systems.

In this, you display the action of the straight little sapling, which shall be much more effective in influencing other individuals than would it be were you to approach these types of situations by being argumentative with another individual or moving in the direction of attempting to be altering of their thought process or their beliefs or their emotional attachments to certain beliefs.

In actuality, you may not be altering of another individual’s reality. You may be influencing of other individuals’ realities, but many times, the expression that you engage in attempting to be influencing of another individual’s reality is creating of the very expression that you do not wish to be creating, for within your judgments of other individuals’ expressions and belief systems, you are lending energy to the very element that you are opposing.

Are you understanding?

DAVID: Yes. Yes, that makes a great deal of sense. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. But one of my other questions is concerning, what about when my mother’s interests concerning me and my own interests conflict, when they contradict? For instance, if I have – and we’re interdependent too – so if I have something that I wish to do that is against her belief system, but she has to pay for it ... I mean, it’s her money. So, that seems like a really big conflict that I’m not sure how to resolve.

ELIAS: These are issues that are involving a very large aspect of belief systems, which you term to be within physical focus of control.

This is a very strong element that individuals project within physical focus, for within the held belief systems, individuals move in the direction of focusing their attention upon many different elements of their reality that they feel they need be in control of, and are not quite understanding of the reality that no individual within physical focus controls any element of physical focus or of consciousness. It is not a matter of control. This is a deception, and in this you ALL participate, for one may not participate in this situation of exerting control in any direction if another is not compliant with that situation. Therefore, there must a participation and an active cooperation to be enabling this type of situation.

These are difficult areas for individuals to be addressing to, for within your belief systems you automatically move in the direction of looking to all of the aspects of your belief systems and aligning with them. This be the reason that you create your concepts and your realities of individuals that are within the role of victims. I express to you that there are no victims, and that you always hold choices.

If you are placing yourself within a position that you find uncomfortable and unsatisfying, for you feel that you are allowing another individual to be controlling of your choices, I express to you that you may be focusing your attention upon self and questioning yourself in the direction of how you are participating in this creation, for no other individual may be creating of your reality. YOU are creating of your reality and all that occurs within it, and if you are moving in directions that you are not satisfied with, you hold the choices to be altering of this reality.

Now; I am also understanding that these belief systems all hold tremendous energy and that it is quite easy for myself to be expressing to you that you need merely be stepping off of your hamster wheel and creating of new choices, but within the creation of the participation of these belief systems within physical focus, this may not always be accomplished quite so easily with yourselves. I hold great understanding in this area.

Therefore, I express to you that you may be moving in the direction of two actions simultaneously. Be aware and addressing to your participation, your motivation in your participation, and how you lend energy to the creation of the situation that you view as distasteful. Also, simultaneously you may view the participation of your mother and the motivation of that individual, and in looking to the motivation and the situation of your parent in this cooperative creation, you may allow yourself the opportunity to be accepting of that expression, knowing also within yourself that YOU hold the free will to be creating of YOUR choices regardless of the influences or of the wishes of another individual.

Now; this is not to say that you may disengage this session objectively with myself this day and be engaging your mother and expressing, “I wish not to be participating with you any longer. You are wrong and I am right, and I shall create my reality how I am so choosing regardless of your wishes.” Very, very, very incorrect! I am not expressing that you be creating of conflict and that you be creating of confusion.

The point is to be accepting; to be recognizing your own creation, not to be concerning yourself with the creations of other individuals but to be concerning yourself with your own creations and your own participations in these belief systems which perpetuate the very situations that you attempt to eliminate.

(Intently) The more you move in the direction of conflict and friction, the more you are creating of friction.

Are you understanding?

DAVID: Yes, That addresses my question very, very well. Okay, I think that’s all for that issue.

My next question is about something ... it’s about love, and I guess finding my soul mate. That’s something that I’ve been obsessed with on and off for several years, and I’ve been trying to create a long-term, intimate relationship for a very long time, and I thought I’d dealt with limiting beliefs that had been blocking me, but it still hasn’t manifested in my reality. I would like to know, what’s blocking me in the area of bringing love into my life?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within your individual situation – and this shall apply to many other individuals that move in a very similar direction – one of the most affecting elements in this area is your very concentration upon a specific belief.

There is a great preoccupation with the concept of soul mate, and as you allow yourself to focus your attention so very intensely in this direction, what you are creating is a narrowing, more and more and more, of your vision and of your focus of attention.

You are blocking out your periphery. You are creating in this particular area what you may term to be the opposite type of expression as you would be choosing to be creating in widening your awareness. As you open yourself to more elements of consciousness, you incorporate more of your periphery, so to speak. You open and widen your vision. You widen your awareness. As you concentrate upon one particular subject, one particular direction, you are creating of an opposite effect, in a manner of speaking. You narrow your periphery and you narrow your vision.

The more energy that you project into this type of action, the more you are narrowing your vision, and in this you limit your choices, and just as you may limit your physical vision by placing physical blinders upon your eyes, you are creating of a very similar type of action within your objective awareness as you concentrate so intensely in one direction. In this, you do not allow yourself to notice all that may be presenting itself to you.

Now; let me offer you a small analogy that I have offered previously to individuals. You hold this metaphor within physical focus of your ship of opportunity coming to port, and that you may be missing your ship if you are not paying attention, and you may miss your opportunity for that which you seek within your individual focus.

I have expressed many times that your ship, so to speak, arrives at your port many, many, many times throughout your focus, and continues to return. It is merely a question of whether you are focusing your attention and vision to be viewing this particular ship. You may be standing upon your dock, and you may be focusing your attention upon the pretty little shops and all of the trinkets that are offered within the shops, and to your back, your ship arrives, and you do not notice.

In this, as you focus your attention so intensely in the direction of attempting to be creating of this situation of finding and creating a relationship with what you term to be your soul mate, you are creating of the same action. You are focusing your attention upon the trinkets, and you are not noticing as the individual may be approaching you.

Let me also express to you that this is, in its camouflage, another expression of this same aspect of belief systems which we term to be control.

As you focus your attention in attempting to be manipulating of energy intentionally in this direction and creating of this type of relationship, you are placing expectations and conditions upon the flow of energy, and in this you are exerting your attempt at controlling your creation and the creation of another essence. In this attempt to be controlling of the flow of energy, you thwart your own efforts, and you are once again, in like manner to the situation with your mother, you are creating of the very expression that you wish not to be creating, and you are also creating of MORE elements, for you are frustrating yourself and confusing yourself and creating of much conflict.

DAVID: Oh, wow. So essentially, I’m frustrating my own efforts by trying too hard. How can I get more in touch with my own flow of energy and get out of my own way?

ELIAS: Ah! Now you move in the direction of inquiring as to the expression of more efficiency. In this, as you move your attention more in the direction of focusing upon self – addressing to self, exploring self, allowing yourself to move into the direction of acceptance and trust of self, and addressing to your own held belief systems – you automatically emanate energy that shall draw those elements of your desire to you.

Be remembering, in this particular type of situation you are looking to be fulfilling your desire in the area of realization – in objective terms – of your connection with what you term to be a soul mate, and to be creating of a type of relationship within this particular focus in that direction. In this, you are forgetful that this is a participation, not merely of your own creation, but a shared creation. Therefore, it is an agreement that you create to participate within, a shared creation with another essence.

In this creation, as you are focusing upon yourself and addressing to your own belief systems, widening your awareness within yourself, you shall project within consciousness outwardly a beacon, so to speak, in figurative terms, that shall be recognized by those individuals or those essences that manifest within physical focus that may be considered to be your soul mate, and that one which engages like intent and focus within this particular manifestation shall be drawn to you within this focus.

Let me express to you as I have expressed many times previously, in many of your clichés and sayings, so to speak, within physical focus, there is an underlying truthfulness, for there is an element of known workings of energy and of consciousness. In this, you hold an awareness that individuals may express many times that they are finding the very element of their desire when they are not looking.

What is meant by this underlyingly, in the knowing of consciousness, is that when you are focusing your attention upon self and addressing to your own acceptance and trust of self, this shall be recognized by other individuals within physical focus which shall automatically magnate to you as they share like intent, which you may term to be like spirit. And in this, the very object of your desire shall be realized, not by your overt manipulation of energy in controlling and intentionally attempting to be creating of this desire, but as a byproduct naturally expressed, as other individuals shall naturally hone to you in the recognition of the very energy that you express.

In this, individuals within physical focus hold much greater knowing than they hold an understanding objectively of. I have expressed previously that there are no secrets within essence, and in this, individuals within physical focus ARE aware of energy, regardless of their thought processes or their beliefs within objective terms.

They automatically draw themselves to each other within like spirit, in your terms. This would be expressed differently in our terms, of like intent or like desire. These types of expressions are expressed automatically within energy and within projections of your very energy field, and this transcends physical locations and proximities.

As you term this to be “moving out of your own way,” as you address to your own acceptance of self and are moving in the direction of trust of self, you also project throughout consciousness this beacon, so to speak, which allows a window for other essences to view more of your expressed energy. As you are not accepting of yourself and not trusting of yourself, you are holding to your energy and therefore blocking the message, so to speak, and in this, thwarting your own objective efforts.

Movement in this area is quite effortless. You move together, in objective terms, to be incorporating soul mates in a very effortless manner. In this, individuals that allow themselves these types of connections within objective terms and realization within physical focus shall express to themselves, to each other, to you, great surprise in their connection with this soul mate, for no effort has been exerted. They have merely come together within an effortless manner and they are amazing of themselves that they have created such probabilities to draw themselves together, regardless of situations, circumstances, creations, or physical locations.

And THIS is the wondrousness of consciousness, that it DOES move in the direction of effortlessness.

You draw to you those of like expression. Presently, within your individual creations and your situation and the belief systems and the held energy that you create, you draw to yourself individuals that shall mirror your own expression and shall be projecting of controlling elements and situations that you find to be undesirable, for this is your expression and your own creation. You shall draw to you individuals that mirror the same expression to you. You do this purposefully, that you may be focusing your attention in areas that you choose to be addressing to. As you allow your energy to flow freely, you also shall draw to you other individuals that allow their energy to flow freely, and this shall create much more of an effortless situation within the area of relationships.

Are you understanding?

DAVID: Yes. With reference to this kind of creation of greater experience, I’ve noticed that creating differences or changes in the physical body often seems to be much simpler or easier than creating something like a relationship. It often happens more quickly and with more efficiency, and I was wondering why there’s a difference.

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you that your physical form is your individual expression. Therefore, you individually may be manipulating of it in any manner that you so choose, and this needs no involvement of any other individual or any other essence. Therefore, you may quite easily be expressing any type of alteration within your physical form that you are so choosing, although there are many individuals within physical focus that find this manipulation quite difficult, for their belief systems move them into expressions of a lack of ability to be manipulating in this area. In actuality, as you are choosing to be manipulating of any element of your physical form, this may be expressed quite easily. In the area of relationships concerning other individuals, this would be a cooperative expression. It is not singular to yourself.

The most affecting element of relationships, in every and all directions and areas, is the expression of expectation. As each individual moves in the direction of placing any expectation upon another individual, you are affecting of the relationship and you are blocking energy, and in this you are creating of judgment, which is also a lack of acceptance and is quite affecting in the area of relationships. This is affecting in the area of relationships with yourself also, for as you create an expectation of yourself and a judgment upon yourself, you also move yourself more into the expression of duplicity. But within the area of relationship of another individual, this may be quite affecting in what you term to be negative terms, for it is creating of much conflict. It also perpetuates the belief system of duplicity, within yourself and within other individuals.

DAVID: I see. In that case, when it comes to mass realities and global challenges – for instance, things that involve a great many people – how can we understand it in those terms? Instead of reading the newspapers and what the politicians and the media say, are there any ways for us to understand these things in terms of mass beliefs?

ELIAS: Look to your individual belief systems, and you may compare these with the mass belief systems, for mass belief systems are created by individuals collectively. You may not create groups without individuals. Therefore, the mass expressions are collective reflections of the individuals’ expressions. In this, they are not quite so very difficult to be understanding. You may also view within the mass expressions that there may be movements in these societal expressions that surfacely appear to move in one direction of great judgments in certain areas, but underlyingly, they may also be affecting quite strongly in alignment with this shift in consciousness, bringing to individuals’ attention the inefficiency of many of these belief systems and lending energy to the individuals in moving through these belief systems and moving more in the direction of acceptance of these belief systems.

You experience within this present now many expressions within your societies upon your planet, mass expressions of very strongly held belief systems which are being addressed to and are affecting of the individuals and how they are beginning to view these belief systems, not necessarily in alignment with these officially held belief systems. In this, as you continue to examine the individual belief systems, you offer yourselves more information in understanding how you have created mass belief systems.

You may also look to your religious and scientific belief systems and view how very strongly they have been accepted en masse throughout your globe and are very aligned with. Even individuals that express that they are moving away from the religious belief systems hold many underlying religious belief systems, and move themselves into an alignment with your scientific belief systems very much as strong as they have held religious belief systems previously. In actuality, your scientific belief systems are merely a different type of expression, different language of the same types of belief systems as your religious belief systems.

In this, let me be reminding you also that belief systems in themselves are not right or wrong. Therefore, I do not encourage you to move in the direction of placing more judgments upon the very belief systems that you hold, for you occupy your attention within physical focus, and this physical dimension is created with the basis of belief systems. Therefore, it is a basic element of your reality, and without your belief systems, this particular dimension and reality shall not be physically expressed. This is not the point. The point is to be examining of these belief systems and to be accepting of these belief systems, that you may render their power, so to speak, neutralized and you may not be so very affected by them, and in this, you may open your window for greater creativity.

All of this information shall circle ‘round to the base point in every area, in looking to self, addressing to your own acceptance and trust of self, which within your language and within this objective expression may APPEAR to be sounding very elementary. But this, in its basic element, is your most difficult challenge, for you have created your officially accepted reality for millennium in the direction of not looking to self and in the expression of projecting outward to all other elements and looking to other individuals and other sources, so to speak, for your directedness. In this, I express to you within this concept an entirely different direction of your attention, in looking to self for your acceptance and trust and recognizing that YOU are creating of your reality, not looking to any other outside element to be expressing to you how to be creating of your reality, for you already possess the blueprints for creating your reality, and all is within your disposal. You need merely be focusing upon self to be accessing all of this information.

DAVID: I see. I guess a related question would be about myself. Is this my final focus? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes. Many individuals, to this present now and previously, have drawn themselves to this forum as being designated the final focus within this particular dimension. Let me address to this particular situation quite briefly in explanation, for other individuals shall be futurely drawing themselves to this information also.

Initially, within the beginning throes of this forum, so to speak, those that draw themselves initially are those individuals that are designated final focuses, for within this action of this shift and this particular time framework within this present now, many final focus designated manifestations hold an inner knowing of certain elements of consciousness, as they are allowing elements to bleed through into their objective awareness more than they may have allowed within previous time frameworks within this dimension.

As I have expressed, futurely, other focuses shall be drawing themselves to this information also, but there is an automatic magnating of many final focus Sumafi that hold a recognition of this information and are drawing themselves to this information, for this sparks a remembrance within them, and this be the reason that you also draw yourself to this information, to spark your own remembrance within this final focus.

DAVID: Okay. Does Mary have time for one more question?

ELIAS: You may continue.

DAVID: My best friend Paul and I used to use the Ouija board to contact ... (Elias chuckles). The main essence we used to be able to contact was a being we only called Zero because we couldn’t get any coherent statements out of him or her. I would like to know what meaning this exchange had.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Ah! You move in the direction of engaging this Ouija board! (Chuckling) Let me express to you that many individuals within physical focus find this to be a facilitating tool to be engaging of other essences which they think of as occupying “the other side,” (chuckling) although there is no other side! There are no sides! (Chuckling)

In this, you may be engaging quite playfully with this tool, and you shall be engaging energy of other essences. What you are engaging in actuality is the energy that may focus through into this Regional Area 1, in connection with your consciousness, of those focuses of essences occupying the action of transition.

Now; let me also clarify to you that there IS the possibility at times that you may engage another essence which is occupying its attention within Regional Area 3, but not necessarily within the action of transition. You may quite easily be assessing the difference by the communication which is expressed by these two different elements. If you are engaging an essence which is occupying Regional Area 3 and is focusing their energy through Regional Area 2 into Regional Area 1, which is your objective reality, you shall be receiving what you understand as a much more coherent and cohesive communication. The essence shall hold the ability to be communicating efficiently with you, for the most part.

This is not to say that there shall not be disturbances within energy and that there shall not be some elements of confusion within the communication, for you are allowing a communication to be facilitated through this particular focal point of your Ouija board. Therefore, there is the element of your own distortion that may filter through in your participation with this focal point.

But if you are engaging an essence that is focused within the action of transition – a particular focus engaging transition – the communication may be much more distorted and confused, and you may also be engaging other activity and actions that may translate into your physical focus, for the energy which is directed through into your objective reality becomes quite scattered. These essences ... or rather these focuses of essences within transition do not hold an ability to focus their energy quite so precisely within the action that they engage in transition. Their attention is scattered, and therefore their energy which may be translated into your objective awareness is also scattered.

Essences that occupy Regional Area 3 that choose to be directly communicating with individuals within physical focus may also experience a time framework of adjustment in focusing their energy more directedly, and this may incorporate an element of distortion and confusion temporarily also. But in this action, you shall notice the communication of essences NOT engaging transition but occupying Regional Area 3 shall be much clearer and shall offer you much more information in different areas and shall not merely be limited to their own focus of attention, whereas a focus of essence which engages transition shall communicate information to you that holds the contents basically of their own experiences, for this is the direction of their attention, addressing to all of their experiences within all of their focuses and addressing to shedding of their belief systems as they move into non-physical areas of consciousness.

In this, you have engaged with this particular encounter a focus of another essence occupying the action of transition within Regional Area 3.

This is not to say that you may not practice with your focal point of your Ouija board, and if you are allowing yourself an openness within consciousness, you may be engaging another essence which does not engage the action of transition and is occupying of Regional Area 3 that may offer you much information.

I am not discounting of any individual’s attempts to be interactive with other essences in any of their choices of props, so to speak. Merely recognize that these are focal points. They are a physical element that you incorporate to direct your own attention within consciousness that may facilitate your opening to more information. They are unnecessary in actuality, but they also are quite harmless, and you may be experiencing pleasure and much fun in the engagement of these games!

DAVID: Okay, one last quickie about this. This essence seemed to be able to read my mind. I take it he or she was or is connected with me somehow?

ELIAS: Let me also express to you a brief explanation of the function of this action, and this may offer you more of an understanding of what you are engaging.

As you engage a focal point, be that a Ouija board, the tarot cards, your astrology, your numerology, ANY of your methods that you engage, what you are allowing yourself to be creating is an action of opening yourself and your objective awareness to other elements of consciousness.

In this, you are creating once again what we may express figuratively as a beacon which shines within consciousness. This is attracting of energies of other focuses of other essences. They automatically magnate to this openness of consciousness, for it is familiar to them. They have engaged physical focuses and are engaging an action of transition, for the most part.

There is a different action which occurs with essences that occupy Regional Area 3 and are NOT engaging transition. For the most part, what you shall engage are focuses of essences that ARE within the action of transition, and they are magnating themselves to this openness in consciousness that you are projecting.

In this, as they occupy a non-physical area of consciousness, they hold the ability to be allowing themselves more of an awareness of energy and its translation, for they are occupying their attention in addressing to all of the focuses simultaneously. Therefore, they are also translating all of these transmissions of energy simultaneously. Your energy is merely one more transmission and translation of energy that is presenting itself to their awareness. (1)

In this, it is not necessarily a situation that they are reading your mind or that they hold a great objective interconnection with you, but that they are translating your energy – which your thoughts are energy – into their transition, and in this they are, in a manner of speaking, transitioning your energy, and in this action it may appear that they are reading your mind. But in actuality, they are merely incorporating your energy and interpreting that energy into their own energy, and you interpret their response as being a connection to you, for you view this as an ability to be reading your thoughts.

Thought is merely an expression of energy. It may be reconfigured in countless different manners. This is merely one configuration of energy within this particular dimension. You arrange the energy within this particular dimension to be what you term to be thought, but this is not an absolute, for the energy may be reconfigured to be communicating in many different manners, not merely thought.

DAVID: I see. I guess that’s it. I figure I’ve taken enough of your time up.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I express to you great affection, and I also offer you an invitation to be engaging with me futurely if you are so choosing, and I am encouraging of you within your own movements in attempting to be addressing to your belief systems with regard to your situations. I am encouraging with you in the direction of your parent, for you shall be accomplishing if you are allowing yourself to be accepting, and also listening to your own inner voice. For you this day, I express much lovingness to you, Tagge, and anticipate our next meeting.

DAVID: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: I bid you a very fond adieu.

DAVID: Good-bye.

Elias departs at 3:14 PM.


(1) Based on an impression, I have changed the word “transition” to the word “transmission” in the following sentence: “Your energy is merely one more transition and translation of energy that is presenting itself to their awareness.”

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