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Friday, October 16, 1998

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“The Concept of Spirituality”

“The Beliefs of Control and Safety”

“The Analogy of the Stick and the Ball”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Bobbi (Jale), Jen (Margarite), and four new participants: Cath (Baile), Dale (Jene), James, and Mark (Marek). (1)

Vic’s note: This is the first group session that Bobbi and I have attended since 2/1/98. We spent a week in Vermont, and had a great time visiting with Mary and all the new folks we met!

Elias arrives at 6:37 PM. (Arrival time is 30 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening!

VICKI: Good evening!


ELIAS: Welcome to new essences this evening ... and welcome to old essences this evening, so to speak! (Chuckling)

This evening I shall open this forum to your questioning, and you may be offering your inquiries if you are so choosing.

DALE: Well, I got a list! (Laughter) I’ll start, unless anyone else has a question.

JAMES: She has a list, alright!

DALE: They’re not all for tonight!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of being spiritual, and it’s become apparent to me that we cannot NOT be what we term spiritual, that everything we do is spiritual, and that perhaps our craving for these spiritual experiences is linked to our beliefs in separation and duality, that something outside ourselves must cause it, something beyond our lowly humanness ... and there’s a giggle in there! This has led me to play with the idea of how it feels to know this, that we always are spiritual, and how it would feel to live our physical lives like this. It seems to me that we can think about these types of things, acknowledge our beliefs about them, and affirm our accomplishing, but then something else seems to happen when we really GET IT. Will you explain this to me? I get the feeling that it’s a key on how I might more easily bridge the idea of a concept and the conceptualization of it.

ELIAS: Recently, I have offered information in this direction of this very subject matter, of your concept and idea and belief of spirituality and how this differs from the actual action of spirituality, in a manner of speaking; for in actuality, there is no spirituality. You have developed this word and this concept as an explanation to yourselves of the very statement that you have presented. In your separation and your forgetting of essence within your physical experience within this dimension, you have created an idea, a concept of spirituality, which you believe lies outside of yourself and is a THING that you must be pursuing and moving in the direction of grasping and holding. In actuality, there is no element that is outside of you, and if you are translating into your language the concept of spirituality, it would be the wholeness of you, the acceptance of all of the elements of you within your experiences and your being. In this, you would be incorporating the acceptance of all of your expressions.

Therefore, the experience of spirituality, in your terms, is the acceptance of self, for within the acceptance of self, you hold to all of the aspects, all of the elements of yourself within acceptance, and there is no area within yourself that you are not accepting of or that you are placing judgment upon, and in this you are unifying all of the aspects of yourself and allowing yourself to be experiencing the wholeness of your being within physical focus. This would be incorporating your knowing of essence, the entire acceptance of your physical experience in every aspect, and incorporating the acceptance of your remembrance, and also of your separation in the intentional lack of remembrance. Incorporating these elements together is the makeup of what you may term to be spirituality, which is incorporating ALL of your physical species’ qualities within this dimension.

You do not move in the direction so very often of denying yourselves the acceptance of other focuses, within this dimension or other dimensions. You do not deny yourselves the acceptance of essence, although you may term this to be different words – your higher self, god – but you DO deny yourself the acceptance of your physical existence within your manifestation, for you place judgments upon your experiences, you place judgments upon your choices, and you are not accepting of your physical manifestation.

You have chosen this manifestation purposefully for the opportunity of its unique experiences. Therefore, it is an aspect of your very being. It may not be separated from you, or you from all that you have created within it, for there is no separation. But within your belief systems you DO create a separation, and in this you also have developed these judgments upon yourselves and your experiences within physical focus, within this particular dimension, as an aspect of the belief system of duplicity.

I have expressed previously that you have created these belief systems as explanations to yourselves of elements that you have forgotten, and these belief systems are an intricate part of your reality within this particular dimension and may not be eliminated. But they may be accepted, and in this acceptance you also shall be accepting of self, and in this acceptance of self you merge all of the elements of self within an objective manner to be creating of the perception of wholeness objectively, for your perception also is creating of your reality. It is influenced by your belief systems, and your perception is the aspect of yourself that is creating of your individual reality and your reality en masse, but your perception is altered within your acceptance of self. Therefore, your experience is also altered.

Many individuals move in the area of expression and inquiry of how to be experiencing spirituality. You are already experiencing spirituality, for you ARE. Therefore, if you be, you are spiritual, and you are experiencing your spirituality! But within your belief systems, you view this to be an action that you need be incorporating into your reality. It is an attainable action. It is not who and what you are, it is what you do. Incorrect! It IS who and what you are, it is not what you do.

Your belief systems dictate to you that your spirituality hinges upon what you do, and you may attain more and more of your spirituality as you move more and more into spiritual expressions. As you deny yourself more and more, you shall move into higher and higher planes, and I have expressed to you that there are no planes. There are no levels. Therefore, where shall you move within your planes and levels if there are no planes and levels?

You express certain language within your beliefs of spirituality, that you shall move into other dimensions within these planes of higher and higher spirituality. You ALREADY exist within other dimensions. You ARE. You BE. Therefore, this is quite inconsistent, that you shall attain to some area that you already occupy! There are no areas that you do not already occupy.

In this, in your terms, true spirituality is merely the acceptance of self, incorporating all of yourself without judgment and recognizing that all of your choices and all of your experiences, regardless of how you are creating them, are purposefully executed, for you have chosen each experience purposefully and you have chosen each line of probabilities to be experiencing what you are creating. You are not creating mistakes. You do not create accidents. Therefore, each experience has been purposefully executed, and all of these experiences are elements of your spirituality, and all of your manifestations are elements of your spirituality. Therefore, it is not an action. It is YOU. Is this helpful?

DALE: Quite! (Pause) Well, I’ll just jump right in then! It’s kind of a follow-up to that. It seems to me that we have these amazing beliefs in modesty and humility, and so every time we try – I shouldn’t say we, I should say me – accepting ourselves ... it seems like I’m not sure where the line is drawn between feeling good about yourself, and then these beliefs about arrogance or original sin or the sinful self or whatever. It seems like as soon as I start feeling good, a part of me is always saying, “Don’t feel TOO good!”

ELIAS: Ah, and now we return to our belief system of duplicity!

DALE: Yes!

ELIAS: Which, as I have stated previously, couples itself with ALL of your other belief systems. This one belief system of duplicity is quite changeable, and it attaches itself to ALL – underline – of your other belief systems. It moves quite harmoniously with all of your belief systems. It also is very affecting, for you have lent very much energy en masse to this particular belief system.

I express to you, in actual terms, there is no experience that is right; there is no experience that is wrong. There are merely experiences. There is no choice that is right or wrong. There are merely choices.

Therefore, within this statement, it matters not what you choose as your expression. It matters merely as influenced by the belief systems that you hold, and the coupling of those belief systems with the one belief system of duplicity: of right and wrong, good and bad.

Therefore, arrogance, we may be expressing, may be viewed within your belief systems as the exaggeration of the acceptance of self. Arrogance in actuality IS the acceptance of self, but you also incorporate your duplicity, which expresses to you a false modesty, a false humility.

I express this purposefully, for you may be expressing humility in its true form as a natural byproduct of your own acceptance of self and expression of essence, but this would not be the same expression as YOUR ideas of humility or modesty, for these terms are the terms that you have created – with the definitions that you attach to them – in denying your own expressions, and thusly denying self.

I have offered to individuals previously expressions that your natural inclination within physical focus, as an expression of essence, is to move in the direction of less thickness and [more] pleasure, but within your belief systems, you are QUITE influenced by duplicity. You may be accepting of few pleasures, but not very many! And within these few pleasures, do not be indulging excessively ...

DALE: Don’t like it TOO much! (Laughing)

ELIAS: ... for this also shall be viewed as bad and wrong, and you are quite creating of much conflict in these areas, for you battle your own natural inclination. You create many different expressions of pleasure within your physical focus, and you move in the direction of expressing to yourselves, once you have created these expressions, that you may not participate within your creations! And you express rationally and logically to yourselves that this is an acceptable expression, for this is quite logical that you shall create these expressions of pleasure, for they are rising from your base elements, those elements of yourselves that are quite undesirable and very, very bad! Therefore, you are not responsible for these irrational creations of pleasure, but you ARE responsible for not indulging in these pleasures, for you shall know better!

DALE: Well, I have kind of a follow-up for that one too. Recently I read a book by Jeff Stern about Taylor Caldwell, and under hypnosis, she said that during the stoning of Mary Magdalene, Jesus said, “Let him who had not lain with this woman throw the first stone.” If this is true, there was no implication of man as a sinful self. Is that true? I mean, was that a distortion?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Ah, you incorporate two different subject matters within this questioning! First of all, in the direction of the truth of the statement as an expression of actual occurrence, I shall express to you that this is a story.

DALE: Oh, okay. I get that.

ELIAS: As to the concept in your reference, there is no sinful self. This is a belief. This is a religious belief that stems from the idea of the projection of a mirror image of self, which has created a separate being of God, which resides outside of yourself and holds all of the power that you do not hold, and also holds the judgment that you DO hold. This is a projection concept which mirrors what you know subjectively, but what you do not allow yourself to remember objectively. Therefore, you create this projection.

You project yourself into the image of this god, and you attribute to this god all that you know within your subjective awareness, that this god holds all of these abilities. But you also project what you know objectively, and you attribute your objective qualities to this entity that you have created.

In actuality, this is merely a projection, a concept of yourselves, as you have created this separation of objective and subjective awarenesses. It is, as all other belief systems, another explanation to yourselves of that which you have forgotten.

DALE: So that’s why it seemed so relevant to me? Actually, I want to make sure that I’m getting this correctly. The reason why this seemed so relevant to me is because I was ... not because. I am projecting subjectively what I know, but also objectifying it in my belief systems too?

ELIAS: Correct.

DALE: Okay.

ELIAS: You are correct.

DALE: It was very relevant to me!

ELIAS: These are very strong aspects of belief systems that you hold, in expressing to yourselves this element of duplicity: that you hold this aspect of self that is glorious, but you also hold this very distasteful element of self, this base instinct which is quite lowly and an aspect of self that must be attended to, to be eliminated. This be the sinful self, and this....

DALE: I’d like to get rid of it!


DALE: It’s accepting it instead of....

ELIAS: Your attention in this direction merely is perpetuating! (Pause, staring at Dale)

Each time that you are placing a judgment upon yourself in ANY area, you are perpetuating the belief system of duplicity, and you are reinforcing your own strength in energy in holding to this belief system. You are not accepting of this belief system. (Pause)

DALE: Isn’t even rejecting it giving it power too?

ELIAS: Absolutely, for you are continuing to be creating of a judgment.

DALE: So is it more like acknowledging, and then letting go?

ELIAS: Quite, recognizing that this is a belief system, that you hold choices within this belief system, that you are not eliminating this belief system but that you are placing no judgment upon this belief system or its expressions. You may continue to create within the belief system, and you SHALL continue to create within the belief system, for you create your reality within this dimension with belief systems!

I have expressed over and over again, you shall not be eliminating your belief systems! This dimension that you have created within a physical focus is based in your belief systems. It is an intricate element of your physical manifestation within this particular dimension. It has been created purposefully. If you are eliminating of your belief systems, you are also eliminating of this particular physical dimension expression! Therefore, this is not the point.

Your belief systems within themselves are not bad or good. They merely are. They are your own explanations. They are influencing of your perception, and your perception is your tool that you use to be creating of your reality within this dimension.

Let us momentarily all visualize a game. You are the object of the game. Within your hands, you hold a stick. I shall inquire of you if any one of you is placing judgment upon the stick presently.

DALE: Yes!


DALE: Of course!

ELIAS: A very bad stick! (Laughter)

DALE: Oh, no, no, no! Actually, no!

ELIAS: A very good stick! (Laughter)

DALE: No, I wasn’t placing judgment on it. I described it to myself though, which I immediately – of course – thought that I was a BAD person for even thinking what the stick looked like! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Now we shall clear this energy (blowing once) and we shall begin again! (This “blowing once” is Elias’ “clearing energy” joke)

(Humorously) You are holding a stick. It is not a good stick; it is not a bad stick. You are not good or bad. You are merely standing, holding a stick.

Now, you move in the direction of engaging a game. You place a ball upon your ground, and you push the ball with your stick. The ball is not bad or good either, and it matters not which direction you are pushing the ball with the stick. You are merely pushing.

You are also not racing with another individual, for no other individual is playing the game with you. You are playing the game yourself. Therefore, there is no competition, there is no race, there is no winner, there is no loser, and there are no rules.

You may push the ball for as long as you desire or as short as you desire, and in whichever direction you desire. It is merely the action of pushing the ball with the stick.

You are you, the expression of a focus of essence physically manifest. The stick is your belief system, and the ball is your perception.

CATH: Can I just throw something in here? What if you get bored with the stick and you want to pick the stick up ... I mean the ball up in the air, or you want to aim it toward a little hole? Or, you want to make life more interesting?

ELIAS: It matters not. You may be moving the stick and the ball in whichever direction or expression that you are so choosing.

CATH: Trying to accomplish something, you’re setting up goals for yourself? “I want to get that, and I want to hit it just right.”

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. It matters not.

The point is that the stick is neutral. It is a tool to be creating of an action. The ball is accomplishing the action. The stick is facilitating the ball. The ball is accomplishing the direction and your intent. YOU are manipulating and directing the stick to be moving the ball in the direction that you choose. The stick is not good or bad. It is a tool. The ball is not good or bad. It is an expression within a motion, to be accomplishing your direction.

Now; you may become frustrated with the ball if you are pushing the ball with the stick, and the ball is moving in a direction that is not matching your thought, and you may stomp upon the ball and you shall be creating conflict, for you shall be irritating yourself.

CATH: I see it as being competitive with yourself. I’m very competitive with myself. Not with someone else; with me.

ELIAS: Which you very successfully camouflage as motivation. In actuality, it is merely a camouflaged expression of the lack of acceptance of self, that if you are not challenging yourself, you are not creative enough to be motivating.

CATH: Hmm!

ELIAS: You are automatically motivated, for you are essence, and your natural movement and expression is to be becoming. Therefore, in becoming, you are continuously in motion and motivated. But your belief systems ... even those that you consider to be good, for good is a judgment also, quite equal to bad!

Therefore, even in your expressions of GOOD aspects of belief systems, you are camouflaging the birds, and you are creating an acceptable expression of these bright birds that you may play with, and they continue to hold their power within energy, for you continue to lend energy to your belief system of duplicity. You merely do not pay as much attention to your expressions of good as you do to your expressions of bad, for bad is your dead mouse!

DALE: And paying attention to our bad parts is good!


DALE: Or so we think!

ELIAS: And you shall quite convolute yourself in this expression, shall you not?

DALE: Yep!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning if you are so choosing.

RESUME 7:40 PM. (Arrival time is 7 seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

VICKI: Okay, I have a question based on the first part. So, when somebody else’s ball connects up with your ball, then there can be an altering of your perception, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: My question goes back to this allowance/penetration/buffer thing ... if you could maybe give some information about how to create this buffer a little more efficiently than I seem to be able to create presently.

ELIAS: This is in actuality directly related to your own acceptance of self. I have expressed to you all many times that your initial direction is to be concerning yourself with self, and subsequently you move in the direction of the acceptance of other individuals, for this automatically is a natural byproduct of your own acceptance of self, for in the areas that you are not accepting of self, you also are not accepting of other individuals.

It may take different forms, but your lack of acceptance of self is that which you project outwardly to other individuals in the expression of lack of acceptance of them and their expressions.

You may express to yourselves that you are quite accepting of another individual’s expression, but you are not accepting of your own expression within this same situation. This may hold true – in a manner of speaking, in your terms – but underlyingly, your lack of acceptance of self shall project to another individual in a lack of acceptance of them within a similar area. It merely appears camouflaged, but it is a mirror action.

Therefore, although you are all influencing of each other, you are not creating of each other’s reality, and that influence which is projected may be discriminated upon within your physical focus. You may choose what influences to be accepting and what influences to not be accepting, in the manner of penetration.

Not that you are not accepting of the expression of another individual – you are allowing the allowance of the other individual pushing their ball – but you do not necessarily need be allowing their ball to collide with your ball. This is the penetration action. As you allow their ball to collide with your ball, you have allowed the penetration. But you may, as you view the approach of the other ball, move your ball, in physical terms.

In terms of energy and consciousness of self, you do not necessarily move your physical self away from an energy projection of another individual – which is an expression of another individual – but you do not allow the penetration of the energy into your energy field. You allow your energy field to be the buffer.

Now; the action of allowing your energy field to be the buffer that the energy expression projected shall bounce off of is the action of acceptance of self, and therefore not holding to your energy field; not holding to the movement, the motion of your energy centers within you which are creating of your energy field which surrounds you. But as you hold tightly to your energy field ... let us continue with our example of your stick and your ball.

You stand with your stick and your ball. Another individual enters your area – not your game, but your area – and engages playing their game. They push their ball with their stick, and you view this ball approaching your ball.

In this, you move quickly, snatching up your ball and your stick and holding tightly to your ball and your stick, and in this action of holding so very tightly to your ball and your stick, you are quite occupied, and the other ball strikes your toe! (Laughter) For you are preoccupied with holding to your ball and your stick, that they may not be struck, and you are guarding them preciously, and your attention is fixed, and therefore you create the allowance for the other ball to strike you.

But if you are not snatching your ball and your stick, and you are not holding so very tightly within your grasp, you may respond to this approaching other ball by pushing your ball with your stick in another direction, for your attention is not fixed upon your grasp. It is allowed the periphery. It is allowed the openness of view, to be watching the approach, and also viewing within your periphery all of the other area available to move your ball.

CATH: Can I ask a question? It’s exactly the opposite of what she asked. What if the ball enters your area willingly, but plays a kind of dances with wolves with you? You want to engage the ball, the other ball, and it comes closer, then backs off and comes closer, and you want the energies to meet, but they can’t quite. You’re talking about keeping separate. I’m saying, how do you come together? Do you follow me?

ELIAS: Quite! This involves agreement, for you are not manipulating of the other ball.

CATH: Right.

ELIAS: You may manipulate your ball, and you may push your ball with your stick and you may be colliding with the other ball, but it is also the choice of the other individual playing their game to be colliding with your ball subsequently and to be engaging your ball.

This is an agreement that you may enter into, and you may push your balls together for a time period if you are choosing within that agreement, but you may not be manipulating the choice of the other individual pushing their ball, for each individual holds their own choices and is manipulating of their ball in their own expression.

You may influence by colliding with their ball. They may be traveling a straight direction and you may collide with their ball, which shall be influencing of their ball to veer in another direction. But this may be temporary, for they may choose to replace their ball upon their line and continue within their straight direction, or they may choose to be creating of a new direction. These would be agreements that are created within shared experiences of individuals.

(Intently) You do not engage experiences with other individuals without agreements.

CATH: But what if you have a half-agreement? The other ball wants to play, but keeps pulling back, afraid. As I said, the dances with wolves, where they come closer and then back, come closer and back, where they can’t quite make it. It seems to be short-circuiting. The connection between the balls doesn’t quite make it. It almost comes together, and then back....

ELIAS: And are you expressing an inquiry to a solution of this dance?

CATH: I suppose, on how to handle it, how to approach this particular situation.

ELIAS: To be addressing to your own wants, recognizing that the expression of the other individual is their choice and is their expression and needs not be affecting and is not dictating of your direction, and in this, you may be focusing your attention upon your want in the action of the dance and examining your motivation, so to speak, in the area of your want.

I am not expressing desire, for this is a different action, for your desire follows your intent, and this is a different subject matter.

But your wants many times are expressed by your lack of trust and your lack of acceptance, and this is creating of wants.

You WANT an element that you perceive you do not have. Therefore, it is an element to be acquired, but there is no element for you to acquire, for you already hold all of the elements. Therefore, the want is the expression of an area of lack of trust and acceptance within yourself, and this is YOUR expression of the projected energy to another individual or situation.

This also involves our very famous little aspect bird of control, which we are all so very fond of and are quite engaging of this little bird! For within physical focus, within this particular dimension, you have created feeding this little bird of control quite well, and it is becoming quite fat and also very demanding, for you are quite insistent upon playing with this bird, and when you may not be playing with this bird with another individual, you shall play with this bird with yourselves, and you shall be controlling of yourselves and of all that you perceive surrounds you, for this feeds another bird, of safety.

If you are feeding the nice fat bird of control, it in return is quite obliging and feeding the little bird of safety, and these are all more aspects of belief systems that you have lent much energy to.

And what do you perceive that you shall be needing safety within or from, if all is you? If there is no separation, there is no other essence that is not intermingled with you. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, all that is, is YOU. And what shall you require safety from within yourself? For how shall you betray you, and how shall you be hurtful to yourself? In actuality – other than through your perception of your belief systems – but in actuality, there is no hurtfulness. It is merely a perception.

CATH: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (Pause)

VICKI: So what about when somebody else is in your area and their ball gets really stuck in the mud, and they’re yelling and screaming and asking for some help to get their ball unstuck from the mud, and in the action of focusing on their ball being stuck in the mud, you realize that you’re altering the direction of your own ball? How does this work with what you’ve been talking about with ... well, for example, the sapling story?

ELIAS: This is not inconsistent with the sapling story. If you are engaging an action of compliance with another individual, with their ball as it is stuck within the mud, so to speak, they are asking for helpfulness, and it is your choice to be offering or to not be offering. It is your choice, if you are engaging helpfulness, to be entering into agreement with this individual. You ARE altering of your game and you ARE altering of your direction, for you are engaging joint action in helpfulness to another individual as requested, but you have CHOSEN to be offering this helpfulness. You have CHOSEN to engage this agreement. This is your choice.

I express to you once again, NO OTHER ESSENCE MAY BE CREATING OF YOUR CHOICES. No other individual within your entire dimension is creating of ANY of your choices. YOU are creating of your choices. YOU create your probabilities. YOU create your choices. YOU direct your energy. THEY do not direct your energy ... the infamous “they,” which is you!

These are all areas of agreement, and you hold the choice to enter into these agreements or to not enter into these agreements, and there is no judgment, for it matters not. It is merely a choice of experience. The judgments appear as they are influenced by your belief systems, which is influencing of your perception. Therefore, your perception is that which is creating of your judgments.

VICKI: Well, I think my entire question was phrased within making a judgment on perpetuation of one’s own belief systems or another person’s belief systems, and in actuality, that would be unnecessary also, I suppose.

ELIAS: Quite, but these are beneficial areas for you to be observing within this subject matter of addressing to belief systems and all the aspects of belief systems, that you may offer yourselves the opportunity to view how very automatic you have embedded these aspects of belief systems within yourselves, and you have lent so very much energy in this area that you have created automatic responses.

You hold no thought process in many of these responses. It is unnecessary to be projecting energy in the area of thought. You may move in these directions automatically.

This dimension is created based upon what physical manifestations of expressions? (Staring at Jen)

JEN: Is that a question? (Laughter)

ELIAS: What physical expressions of manifestation is this particular dimension based upon? (Still staring at Jen)

JEN: Well, it seems to be based on our belief systems.

ELIAS: Your belief systems are a manifestation. They are explanations to yourselves. They are an intricate element of your creation of this dimension, but they are not the base element of your manifestation. They are not the reason that you have created this particular dimension.

JEN: Oh. Physical and emotional experience.

ELIAS: Emotional and sexual.

JEN: Oh, sexual. Excuse me.

ELIAS: And what shall be the first expressions of experience in response to your perceptions and your belief systems before you are even creating of a thought? You shall respond emotionally, or you shall respond sexually.

JEN: If we’re to get to a place where we’re able to neutralize our belief systems so that we’re aware – just a basic or a higher level of awareness, if you will – does that mean that we will have more experience of emotions and sexuality on a different level? I mean, perceptions and belief systems are clouding that experience?

ELIAS: It shall open to you more elements of your expression of creativity in these expressions and within the exploration of these experiences.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, there is an element that you DO cloud, so to speak, or block your experiences and your expressions as influenced by your belief systems, for these belief systems shall dictate to you that certain elements of the expressions are bad, and therefore you shall not engage, and in this lack of engagement you limit your own creativity and your own expressions within your experiences, for you deny yourselves your own abilities in the area of your own creativity and your own abilities.

JEN: So you want to help us make sure that we don’t deny our creativity.

ELIAS: Quite, or I may express to you more efficiently, YOU wish to help YOURSELVES ...

JEN: Oh, so that’s why we draw ourselves to you.

ELIAS: ... to not be denying of your own creativity, and this has been expressed within your own expressions subjectively within consciousness. And in this, you have inquired for helpfulness – generally, not necessarily specifically – and in response, essences not bound by your dimensional belief systems comply and are offering helpfulness in the response to YOUR request.

Therefore, it is not necessarily the question of MY interest in your creativity or any other essence’s interest within your expressions, but the expression of knowing of intermingledness and merged consciousness.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, you are expressing a request of yourself, and yourself is responding, and it is presented in an objective fashion of an energy exchange ... or another exchange of expression, which is merely dependent upon the choice of the essence engaging.

JEN: I have another quick question. Our energy in this dimension moves at a certain speed, and I’m curious what our energies in a different dimension – our essences in a different dimension, whether it’s transition or another dimension – what speed would that energy move at? Would it be faster than it is here, or slower?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the area of consciousness and the manifestation of physical dimension, or the lack of manifestation within non-physical.

In this, within physical dimensions, there are created some physical dimensions that may be vibrating, in a manner of speaking, faster, and there are also some that are vibrating slower, and there are some that are vibrating the same.

Within non-physical areas of consciousness, the vibration is faster, for within physical dimensions you incorporate more of a density, a thickness, in a manner of speaking, of energy, and a time element, which slows the vibrational quality, which is allowing for the links of consciousness to become physically manifest within what you term to be matter. (Pause)

JEN: Thanks, Elias. (Elias nods and smiles)

VICKI: Well, I have a question here from somebody else, if nobody else does.

BOBBI: Well, I did have a question.


BOBBI: I have a question on belief systems. Is there a difference between aspects of belief systems and maybe the one, big belief system? I think I look at individual issues as separate belief systems, and perhaps they’re aspects of another one.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: So in letting go of those aspects ... I guess I’m concentrating on accepting those aspects, thinking they’re belief systems, but in actuality, I would be letting go of those, hopefully working back to....

ELIAS: This be the reason that I have offered the analogy of the bird cage, for the cage itself is the representation of the belief system, an element that is neutral within itself, merely what you may term to be an object which holds no quality within itself but is a thing within itself. But the birds that are contained within the cage are the aspects of the belief system, and THESE are quite alive and moving and fluttering and demanding, and they ARE requiring of your attention! You shall not pay very close attention to the cage, but you shall pay very much attention to the birds within the cage!

CATH: Do we have more than one cage?


VICKI: There’s not very many though, huh.

ELIAS: Not as very many as you think, but there are many more birds within these cages than you think!

BOBBI: So in acceptance, that’s accepting the bird cage, not the birds that are aspects? Is that correct?

ELIAS: No. The cage you are already within acceptance of. The birds you are NOT accepting of! Within your acceptance of these birds, you are opening the door to the cage and you are allowing the birds to fly free and empty the cage, and as the cage is empty, it holds no power, for it holds no more motion, and you may place the cage wherever you choose. You may manipulate the cage in whichever area you choose, but you need not tend to the cage, for it in itself does not demand of you. The birds demand of you!

CATH: What if we enjoy the birds? You said something about losing the power. What if we accept that as part of our artistic creation?

ELIAS: And you DO, and you place a judgment upon this and you express that it is good, and where you place a judgment that these birds are good, you automatically – within this physical dimension – also place a judgment upon other expressions and other birds that are bad, and you lend energy to the very elements that you wish not to lend energy.

CATH: Going back more to the thing where you said, “If we didn’t have beliefs, we wouldn’t be manifesting in this dimension.” So we need beliefs, right?

ELIAS: Quite, but you need not hold judgments upon the beliefs. You shall continue to hold the cages, and you may manipulate the cages and you may reform the cages. You may melt the metal of the cages and you may reform these cages into new cages if you are so choosing, or you may divide these cages and be creating of many more cages, but the cages themselves are neutral. They are merely tools in your creating within your reality, as your stick.

CATH: Where do emotions come into this? Where are they in relation to the birds and the cages? Which comes first, the birds or the emotions?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) The birds or the eggs? (Laughter)

Emotions are not belief systems. Emotions are an element of your expression that you have chosen to be the method, so to speak, of your expression within this particular physical dimension. This is not to say that other physical dimensions do not incorporate emotion, for some do, but within this particular dimension, it is one of the base elements of your creation of expression.

In this, the emotion exists regardless of the belief system. The experience of emotion is created and exists and is expressed with or without the belief systems, but you are incorporating belief systems into this particular dimension. Therefore, it is not necessarily a question of which you have created first, for you create them together, but they are functioning differently. The belief systems are influencing of your emotions, but emotion is a translation of a tone quality of essence. It is a translation into a physical dimension for the reason of physical experience. Belief systems are not an aspect of essence. They are a creation, a tool to be manipulating perceptions within physical dimensions that influence and create your reality.

CATH: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

BOBBI: I have to go back to the birds again. Okay, the birds are aspects of belief systems.


BOBBI: So if I look at this bird and I find I want to let it go ... I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be accepting that bird or letting it go. I see that as a difference somehow.

ELIAS: There is no difference. The acceptance of this bird – of any bird – this action of the lack of judgment upon this bird creates the action of opening the door, and as the door is unlocked and opened, the bird itself shall fly free. Therefore, it shall be let go.

BOBBI: Okay. That just sounds so much like eliminating the bird.

ELIAS: This is merely what you may term to be diffusing energy, and in this action, the energy is allowed to be reforming. You are not holding the energy. Your ball may not roll upon your ground if you are holding your stick and your ball! You may not play your game in manipulating your ball in any direction, upon your ground or within your air, if you are holding your ball. But if you are letting go of your ball, you are also re-engaging your game and allowing yourself to engage your ball and manipulate it in many different directions.

In like manner, if you have locked the door to the cage, you are holding the cage. You are quite in control of the action of the cage and of the birds, and the birds are subject to you. And therefore, in translation, the energy is confined to you in the same manner as your ball is confined to you as you hold your ball, but as you place your ball upon your ground, it now holds the ability to roll. You may push it, but it shall roll. It shall be within its own momentum. You are not continuously touching your ball, pushing. It shall roll. You shall tap and it shall roll, and you need not be controlling its roll. You have directed it already, and you have allowed it to roll. This is the action of probabilities.

In this same manner, you are holding to all of the aspects of the belief system by locking the door, and in this, the birds remain contained and you are manipulating of their action. You may feed them or you may starve them, but you shall be paying attention to them, and they may be squawking quite noisily and you may not retreat from their squawking, for you are holding the cage. But as you unlock the door and you allow these birds to fly free, you need not be paying attention to them any longer. You may not be feeding them any longer or listening to their squawking, for they have embarked upon their own journey.

BOBBI: Excuse me. It’s time for a tape change.

ELIAS: Very well. Are you wishing to be continuing, or are you wishing to be discontinuing? I shall break, or we may be discontinuing this engagement. It is your choice.

VICKI: I’d like to continue, for just enough time to ask this question.

ELIAS: Very well.

RESUME 8:53 PM. (Arrival time is 9 seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

VICKI: Okay, the one question I have that I brought with me comes from Bob/Siman. It’s actually from quite some time ago, but it seems to be going along with the subject matter tonight. His question is, “What is the nature of choice, in regard to the differences between choices we’re aware of versus choices we’re not aware of?” (Pause)

ELIAS: Ah, so you hold choices that you implement that you are NOT aware of? (Grinning)

VICKI: It appears so! (Laughter)

ELIAS: And I may express to Siman, what choices are you implementing that you are not aware of, that some other entity or hidden aspect of yourself is creating of without your permission?

VICKI: Well, I believe he was referring to objective awareness. For example, you choose your parents, you choose your probabilities ... things that a lot of us are not objectively aware of within the concept of choice.

ELIAS: As I have stated previously, your objective and subjective awarenesses, although [they] may be separated by a veil, DO move in harmony with each other and are not independent of each other.

In this, I have also expressed to you previously that if you are manipulating your attention within the moment of the now, you also shall offer yourself the awareness of your choices, be they what you may term to be subjective or objective.

You are assuming that there are choices that you create within physical focus – and probabilities that you create – that you hold no objective awareness of, and these are created within your subjective awareness only.

This would be where your belief in your subconscious stems from – that you believe there is an area of yourself which is removed from your awareness, that is inaccessible to you, and that may be controlling of your choices and creating of certain elements of your reality without your agreement – and this moves you into the aspect of your control and also moves you into the aspect of victimization, for these are elements that you do not control and that you do not create. Another aspect which is not within your control is creating of elements of your reality FOR you. These are all aspects of that there exists some element or aspect or entity outside of you that may be attained to.

In actuality, as I have expressed to you previously, if you are focusing your attention within the individual moments of your objective reality within the now, you shall offer yourself the objective awareness of what you are creating.

In like manner to our previous discussion that you have created automatic responses, you need not engage the action of manipulating energy in the area of creating thought in certain actions that you choose, for you have already created automatic responses. Therefore, you have provided yourselves with your “short cut,” and you bypass your creation of your thought process. This, in your creating, creates within a time framework a faster response to elements within your reality.

In like manner, you do not pay attention to all that you are choosing within your objective awareness. This also be the reason that I have offered you your exercise in clarity, that you may attune your objective awareness more clearly, that you may offer yourselves the opportunity to be manipulating that which you automatically create that you do not perceive, for you bypass. You do not pay attention to what you are creating.

It is not that these elements of your creations, your choices, are hidden from you. It is not that you do not hold an objective awareness of your choices. You are merely skipping shells. You are bypassing certain elements of your creations and not paying attention to all that you create, in very like manner to your physical outer senses. You do not pay attention to how you manipulate your physical outer senses. You do not pay attention to your physical manipulation of your physical form. You do not create a thought process, “walk,” you merely walk.

You do not objectively manipulate energy in the area of thought or direction in what you think of as an objective manner, for your thought process magnates to choices as thoughts. Your thought process in itself identifies by itself and with projections of itself. It offers itself its own translations.

Thought is reality. This reality identifies by itself, and in this, if you hold no thought process in the area of your choices, you assume that you are not creating your choices or that you are not aware of your creation of your choices, but you ARE aware of your creation of your choices, in ALL of your choices. You merely are not noticing. You are not paying attention.

And we return to our first word, noticing, which remains our banner word; that of noticing. You do not notice your breathing process. Therefore, are you not choosing to breathe? You ARE choosing to breathe, but you are not THINKING of your breathing, for you are bypassing your thought process and you are creating an automatic response. You create many automatic responses within physical focus.

This correlates with energy vibration. What is familiar to you is faster vibration, for non-physical vibration of an essence is faster, and this is familiar to you. Therefore, even within physical focus and given your separation and forgetfulness, you hold the knowing of essence, and in this knowing you also mirror physical expressions of essence in many, many, many areas, which we have discussed many times previously. You hold many, many examples of objective creations that are mirror images of what you know within your own abilities as essence – ALL of your inventions. You also mirror what you know within your creations of your expressions of self and your automatic bypassing of your own thought processes, knowing that you may manipulate energy in multiple areas simultaneously, freeing other areas of your energy to focus your attention upon, and you focus your attention upon your thought process.

Your thought process moves as an automatic response to your very creation of physical focus. It is a natural expression and byproduct of your physical creation within this dimension, a response to your emotional and sexual experience. It is the objective expression, that of the rational – the interpretation, the translation, the language – but although you may not offer yourself the language continuously, this is not to say that you do not offer yourself the awareness.

Therefore, in this I express to you that you DO hold an objective awareness of all of your choices and of your creating of your probabilities, which ARE your choices. You merely do not focus your attention upon your action of creating your choices. Therefore, within certain circumstances, you surprise yourself, for you have not offered yourself the attention to what you are creating. You hold the ability, as I have stated previously, to be objectively paying attention and aware of all of the choices that you are creating within every moment continuously. It is merely a question of focusing your attention and allowing yourself to be manipulating your own awareness in what you may term to be more efficient directions.

Therefore, you may express to our Siman, who has quite appropriately offered this inquiry, for within his GREAT knowledge of simultaneous time, it would be quite understandable that he would not be focusing his objective attention in linear manner of moments, paying attention to all of the choices! (Grinning) But he may be practicing of this exercise in clarity, which shall be helpful to the objective awareness of all of the choices that he is creating of.

VICKI: I shall tell him that! (Elias chuckles, and there is a pause)

ELIAS: Very well, little mice! (Laughter) I shall be disengaging from your very fine company this evening, and I shall objectively extend acknowledgment to my scribe ...

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: ... in attendance of this forum this evening. A job well done, (chuckling) although you may be paying more attention also at times! (Chuckling again, and we all laugh)

And to you all this evening, I express great affection, and I anticipate our next meeting. Therefore, I bid you each a very fond au revoir!

Elias departs at 9:16 PM.


(1) For the record, Mark received his essence name from Paul (Patel) in an online chat in May, ‘98. Most of the essence names recorded in these transcripts have been offered by Elias.

Digests: find out more about essence names.

Digests: find out more about Paul (Patel).

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