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Saturday, February 06, 1999

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“Mathematics and Duplicity”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Rodney (Zacharie).

Elias arrives at 10:23 AM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning! (Smiling)

RODNEY: Good morning, Elias! How are you?

ELIAS: As always.

RODNEY: Fine! I’ve been studying the sessions at some length recently, and in the area of duplicity, I came to the awareness that this belief system is so powerful that it’s woven in and out of almost every thought I think, (Elias grins and nods) although there are small places where I feel that maybe the judgment does not have so strong a grip. I’d like to ask you a question about this.

ELIAS: You may.

RODNEY: The dictionary definition of duplicity implies that it is intentional deceit. I’m thinking in terms of my mathematics. I’ve been raised on the right way and the wrong way ad infinitum, and it’s so very much a part of my life, and I wrote down a little example.

In mathematics, we engage in actions which take us from one place in a set of knowledge to another place or another set of knowledge, in general terms. An example would be, if I note the two sides of a right angle, then the action would be that if I took the square root of the sum of the two squares, I would wind up with the length of the hypotenuse. The taking of the square root is the action.

Now, it appears to me that this action works because everyone who engages in these calculations has already agreed that this is the way that they choose to perceive reality, and there’s a great deal of consistency in this. I can use the terminology “this is the correct action” or “this is the action that works” or “this is the action which we’ve all agreed to” on the one hand. On the other hand, I could use words like “it’s the right way or the wrong way,” and I realize that when I do that, in my own use of the words, that those two words – right and wrong – almost necessarily have a judgment with them, or some kind of an emotional component. Whereas if I say that taking the square root of the sum of the two squares is an action that works, or is an action that is consistent with what we’ve agreed is gonna give us this number “C,” that does not have a judgment with it. It’s simply a statement of fact. (Elias grins)

Am I making sense to you? Is it the judgment part of the right/wrong which you’re referring to when you call rightness and wrongness duplicity? I’m assuming that you would NOT say that the action that works would be duplicity. I guess that’s my question.

ELIAS: Very well. Let me address to this situation that you have presented, for within mathematical terms, you assume that there is a method that is outside of the duplicitous expression. Now; let me address to your expression in this example.

You express to me that you hold an awareness that if you are viewing this equation and the execution of this equation in terms of right and wrong, you are expressing duplicity, but if you are expressing that this is merely fact, you are not expressing duplicity.

Now; you also have interjected partially into this statement that if you are looking at this method and merely considering that it is an action, that this would not be an expression of duplicity.

Now; I express to you that you are correct in the expression of right/wrong, and that this is an expression of duplicity.

I also shall express to you that the statement of the method in which you arrive at your conclusion as an expression of fact is also an expression of duplicity, but the expression that the method is merely an action is not an expression of duplicity.

You also have stated that you have investigated this particular term of duplicity, and you have sought out a definition which appears to you to imply intentional deceit, in your words.

RODNEY: Well....

ELIAS: This – let me express to you – is correct, and in this, I have chosen this term intentionally and have not incorporated the word of duality, for within the formation of the belief system, there is an element of intentional deceit, in a manner of speaking.

Therefore, you have, throughout your ages, created a belief system holding great power in energy which IS affecting of ALL other aspects of ALL other belief systems.

This particular belief system of duplicity enters in and couples itself with all other aspects of belief systems, and you are also correct in your expression of noticing that almost all of your thoughts and actions and emotions are coupled with this belief system of duplicity. It matters not in your estimation how very small a thought or an action may be, or how inconsequential, or in your estimation how insignificant....

RODNEY: I overwhelmed myself last week when I realized how pervasive this is!

ELIAS: Quite! This be what I have been expressing to you all for much time framework, in my explanation to you that this particular belief system holds tremendous energy and is ultimately the most affecting belief system that you hold within this dimension, for there is no other belief system that you hold that this particular belief system does not affect.

RODNEY: Okay. I hear that loud and clear. I’m just beginning to really, really see what you’re talking about, and because of my background in mathematics ... I’m aware that mathematics, as you have mentioned, is kind of an art form which pertains to this dimension of reality. One thing about mathematics is that it’s designed in a way that is incredibly – and I used this word – consistent, and it’s consistent because mathematicians have created it in a way in which they can all agree on certain formulas and what goes into them and what comes out of them. I was trying to apply ... I was trying to connect the terms right and wrong with the term inconsistent.

ELIAS: Correct. Let me address to this also, for this introduces another aspect of duplicity, which....

RODNEY: Of what?

ELIAS: Of duplicity ... that may be more insidious and more difficult for you to be identifying.

In this, you have created in this dimension a language which you term to be mathematics, and you are correct that this particular language holds an efficiency, for you do agree upon the terminology within that language, and in this expression, you have agreed that this particular language may cross other language barriers. You may use this particular language of numbers in every culture and in every society and it shall be consistently the same, crossing the boundaries of other languages that you hold, but....

RODNEY: If we agree on what the number 4 means, and if we agree on what the definition of addition is, and then we agree that when we add 4 to 4 we’ll get the number 8 ... this is all agreement. What I’m trying to compare is that if a child says to me, “I added 4 and 4 and I got the number 7,” then how do I describe to the child that this is not in agreement with the language that we’ve created here? Do I use the terminology that I just used? If I use the terminology “that’s the wrong answer,” I am injecting into this an emotional or judgmental component.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; let me continue in this explanation concerning this language of mathematics, for you have – within your belief systems and coupling with your duplicity – deceived yourselves into the thought process that your language of mathematics is absolute. Therefore, you have created an underlying judgment which enters into all of the expressions of your mathematics, for you have created a situation in which you have disallowed any leeway for other expression. You have created a language of absolutes in right and wrong.

If you are expressing 4 and 4, you shall receive your solution of 8, and any other expression shall be deemed incorrect or wrong, and the one expression of 8 shall be correct and right, and this is expressed that these numbers are fact.

You view the word fact as an absolute. You view the word fact as a statement of correctness and accuracy. I have expressed previously to you that this is not necessarily truth. This is PERCEPTION, and facts are changeable. They are temporary. Facts are expressions of what you perceive to be absolutes within the moment, but as you offer yourselves more information, facts change. (very deliberately)

What may be fact to you within one moment – and that you perceive to be an absolute – may be changed subsequently, and may not be fact any longer. Even within your language of mathematics, you alter certain elements of your mathematics within your physics as you gain more understanding and more information, and in this expression, you change your facts.

I have expressed many times previously, THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES, but you view this particular language of mathematics as an absolute, and it has born itself out many times throughout your history to not be an absolute, but you do not view this aspect of this particular language. You....

RODNEY: I recognize that in places it is not absolute, and it is inherently inconsistent and incomprehensible, inherently! It goes beyond our ability to comprehend ... but that’s only in certain instances! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah, but I am expressing to you that your reality is created by your perception. This IS your reality. Therefore, you may be in agreement with mass expression, and your reality shall produce itself as such. You may be in accordance with this language of mathematics, and you shall be creating your reality in that manner.

RODNEY: I realize I’m doing that. I guess what I’m asking you is, at this point anyway, I can’t conceive of creating it any other way!

ELIAS: Quite, but this is the point!

This is what I am expressing to you, that you are so very steeped within your belief systems that your perceptions in many areas have become fixed, and in that creation of your perception, you have not allowed yourselves to view any other manner of expressing reality.

This be the reason that you amaze yourselves and you express such intense surprise when you are viewing elements within your reality that do not fit and that seem to you to be impossibilities. These are actions of quite surprise to you, for they are outside of your fixed perception.

(Firmly) What I am offering to you in information is the expression that you may view that there is much more within your reality that lies outside of your fixed perception, and that as you choose to be addressing to this belief system of duplicity and choose to be moving outside of this and accepting the belief system FOR WHAT IT IS, this shall allow you to widen your perception, which is the element that creates your reality. And in this, your reality, in what you create, shall expand, and you shall allow yourselves to be creating much more fully and with much more of your own creative abilities.

Presently, you move through your reality creating through your perception as a creature wearing blinders. You do not incorporate your periphery, which I have also expressed many times, to be opening to your periphery. But you view elements of your reality as outside of belief systems; they merely are; they are facts; they are not elements of belief systems. I express to you, they ARE elements of your belief systems! There are no absolutes!

RODNEY: Okay ... okay. And what you’re saying is, in trying to ... it’s kind of interesting because in mathematics, we pride ourselves, of course, on what we call logic, and instead of trying to figure this out, if I hear you correctly, you are suggesting that if I accept that mathematics is simply another belief system, I will be neutralizing the power of what I believe to be absolute.

ELIAS: Correct. Let me express to you that this expression of mathematics provides an excellent example of elements of your reality and your perception that are NOT in balance, for this is an expression, as you term, of logic, which is heavily weighing in the area of intellect.

You have created – within this dimension – the manner of perception which incorporates intellect AND intuition, and in this, as you are incorporating both the intellect and the intuition, you shall move into the expression of balance. But within certain expressions and creations of your perception, you lean heavily into the expressions of intellect OR emotion, and view them as independent of each other, and are not incorporating both.

Within the language of mathematics, you incorporate intellect, but you do not infuse intuition into this expression, and therefore you are expressing only one element. You are not incorporating the entire picture. In like manner....

RODNEY: Could I stop you for a second?

ELIAS: You may.

RODNEY: I want to change my tape. I’ll only be a second. (Brief pause) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. Continuing.

In like manner, you may experience a responsiveness to a situation or another individual, and this may be creating an emotional response, and within that emotional response, you may be creating within your perception no incorporation of intellect. You may allowing yourself merely to be expressing through emotion. In this, you are allowing yourself to be moving solely in the expression of intuition.

Now; I am very aware that you do not equate emotion with intuition, but they are very closely related. Within the balance of emotion or intuition and intellect, you may be connecting with impressions which may express themselves in an objective manner of emotion, which shall move them into a designated expression, but connecting with the impression initially is the incorporation of balance.

Therefore, I have expressed to you previously that impressions and impulses are not emotion OR intellect. They are neutral. They are expressed or translated into thought processes or emotion, but just as we equate the thought process with the intellect, there is also an equating of the emotion with the intuition.

Either expression of what you term in this dimension to be pure emotion OR pure intellect is an incorporation of a lack of balance and is not incorporating your periphery. You are viewing in one selective area, and you are not viewing the entirety of the picture.

The expression of mathematics, in like kind to the expression of pure emotion, would be likened to your viewing of a painting, and viewing only one half of the picture and not viewing the other half of the picture, but covering the other half of the picture, that you may not incorporate the entirety of the painting.

Now; as you remove the blockage of the other half of the picture and you allow yourself to step back, in a manner of speaking, and view the entirety of the picture, the picture shall alter. It shall not be viewed the same, for you incorporate more information.

RODNEY: Okay. (Elias coughs slightly) Are you finished with that?


RODNEY: This has gone quite deeply into the issue. I will, of necessity, ponder it when I see it in written form in front of me. I seem to get a great deal ... I get a lot out of hearing you speak, Elias, but when I see the written transcript in front of me, I seem to get a wider or deeper impression of what you’re saying. Would you comment on that?

ELIAS: This is quite common, for in the interaction that you engage objectively with myself, you are also engaging subjectively, and in this subjective incorporation of this energy exchange, you are allowing yourself to be assimilating the information. As you receive the information in objective form with your transcribing, you allow yourself to be also incorporating the information in objective manner, but you assimilate this objectively more easily, for you have already incorporated the information subjectively.

RODNEY: Okay. Okay, a quick question on pleasure. You have spoken of it before, about how engaging in the action of pleasure thins the energy, so to speak, and allows us to be more accepting and less judgmental, and it occurs to me that there are activities that I engage in that I term naturally pleasurable, and what I think you’re talking about ... you’re talking about not only those actions, but I think what you’re talking about is that if I open to what is pleasurable, say in my work, that is also what you’re talking about, instead of viewing my work as being a great drudgery or a great toil or difficult. In other words, when I hear you talk about pleasure, it seems to me you’re also talking about us purposely opening to what is pleasurable in all things. Is this what I hear you saying?

ELIAS: Correct. You may be noticing pleasure in every area of your focus if you are allowing yourself to be noticing and opening to this, and I express to you, as you are aware, that this creates less thickness within your focus.

This also provides you a very efficient opportunity to view aspects of the belief system of duplicity, for you express duplicity quite often in the areas of pleasure! You deem certain pleasures to be absolutely good, and other pleasures to be absolutely bad.

RODNEY: (Laughing) Yes!

ELIAS: In this, you offer yourselves the opportunity to view that all pleasure is merely an expression of less thickness in energy within your dimension, and allows you to move more freely in your expressions.

But you need be addressing to the judgments that you place upon this action of pleasure, and if you are not experiencing pleasure in your evaluation of your creation, then I express to you the suggestion that you be altering your direction or your expression.

This be the reason that I express to you to be incorporating FUN! And if you are not incorporating fun, alter your creation!

RODNEY: (Laughing) Okay! I’m gonna do that!

ELIAS: Very well! I am quite encouraging of this action! (Grinning)

RODNEY: I’d like to ask you about a couple of dreams.

ELIAS: Very well.

RODNEY: This last 12 or 14 months has been really special for me, and about 14 months ago, I had the following dream. It’s a short one, and I’ve worked it a little bit, and it goes like this:

There’s a garbage truck moving in front of me, the top load being picked off the truck by some overhead crane of some kind. Then I’m walking in the fields. There was a huge development project of real estate somewhere. Then I saw water falling over the ground, and found earthworms. Then I found some kind of fatty flesh sitting on top of the earth, on sand. I took it all and fed it to the fish, wondering if I was doing the right thing for the fish. That’s the end of the dream. My sense is that it talks a great deal about my spiritual self, but I would dearly love you to comment on it.

ELIAS: What you have presented yourself with in this imagery is a type of overview of your own movement. This truck that you image is the initial expression ... and mind you, this is expressed within imagery that is incorporated in alignment with your belief systems. Therefore, initially you view yourself as the truck. This is a large vehicle which incorporates the substance that YOU term to be garbage.

In this, your identification of garbage is the elements that shall be discarded, unnecessary, unwanted, and in this you view yourself to be quite full of these elements. But you also image another aspect of machinery, which is another aspect of yourself, which is unloading, so to speak, part of this substance; this garbage or waste material, in your perception. You image this as being “disloaded topically.”

Therefore, what you are imaging to yourself is that initially you have been discarding surface aspects of your belief systems, allowing you to lighten yourself in some respects, and allowing you more of a capacity to be incorporating other aspects of information which may not necessarily be deemed as garbage. (Chuckling)

You move from this expression to the expansiveness of your field, which also allows you more of a lightness and openness in your feeling within your experience of this dream imagery. This is the expression that you are moving from the binding-ness into more of an expression of freedom and openness, but you also continue to be incorporating the belief systems within your focus, but quite differently. Now, you examine more closely.

You are not necessarily generally placing the judgment of garbage upon the belief systems, but recognizing that they may be slightly difficult to handle – as you image this within your worms – and that they also may be quite slippery, but that you are examining them and viewing them differently than you had been previously. As you are examining these, you are also feeding them to these creatures that you image as fish. In this action, you are recognizing that in some of your expressions, you are – in a manner of speaking – feeding aspects of your belief systems to other individuals, and in this, you are questioning whether this may be good or efficient in expression with other individuals.

Now; view that this dream imagery holds much information in this overview of your movement and is also quite encouraging to you, as you have allowed yourself the expression of viewing your own movement and acknowledging yourself in the area that you continue to be examining and addressing to different aspects of belief systems, and also recognizing your influence and your affectingness in the terms of your interactions. Therefore, this particular dream imagery has allowed you a confirmation and a validation of your movement into the expression of more openness, and that you are allowing yourself a wider awareness within your perception.

RODNEY: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

RODNEY: I had a dream a couple of weeks ago. It’s a very long dream, too long to describe in detail, but it’s a dream in which a couple of features were very prominent. Actually, there were two dreams, one after the other. In both of them, I am flying over water. In the first dream, I actually lowered myself into the water, and amazed myself by being able to propel myself through the water simply by feeling the energy around my body. In the second dream, at the end of the dream, I found myself walking along the shore of a large body of water, and the shoreline began to tilt and quickly became a cliff, and I was propelled off the face of this cliff, hovering over the water. The water then began to take on the form of huge waves. These waves were bigger than real. They were mountains of water, and they were flowing in different directions and crashing upon each other.

The dream ended with this water flowing into a huge ravine in the earth, over the earth, forming a river of water, and in this ravine were very large pieces of equipment, earth-moving equipment – cranes, conveyer belts – and the water buried these machines as it was flowing over the earth in this ravine.

Those were the very, very powerful elements of this dream. There were others which I feel would be too lengthy to go into at the moment, but I was wondering if you would comment on my associations of one, flying and propelling myself through water simply by feeling the energy around my body, and two, these mountains of waves crashing into this ravine and burying all of this equipment. If you could comment on that, I’d greatly appreciate it.

ELIAS: Both of these expressions of water are your imagery that you provide to yourself as an explanation of essence. The water is your symbology to yourself denoting essence.

In this, you allow yourself to be experiencing freedom and much mobility within this particular focus, and therefore you image yourself as flying. But you also image yourself as merging with this water, and as you continue to hold your sense of self, in a manner of speaking, or the identification of the aspect of essence which is you, you also recognize the ease in which you may move and propel yourself through the energy of essence, and that this offers you much freedom. You are unbounded in your movement within essence!

You also create the expression of this water as essence, in a recognition of its powerfulness. The expression of the waves that crash into each other is your imagery that you provide, in the expression of the energy of essence and the immenseness of its powerfulness.

Energy expressed through essence may move in many different directions, but each direction that it chooses to move into is equally as powerful as any other direction. Therefore, each expression of this energy is imaged as a wave, and each wave appears to be immense, and may be moving in quite different directions from other waves within this same body of water.

Now; you also image that this water may focus itself into a directed expression, creating a river, which is the image of the water moving itself into specific directions. This offers you the information that essence may channel itself in any particular direction and be moving quite efficiently in the expression of that direction. This is the creation of different focuses of essence.

As it moves into what you term to be this ravine, it is consuming of all of these expressions of machinery.

Now; this is the expression in your imagery that in a manner of speaking, in your perception, all of these aspects of machinery are all of the aspects of focuses in which essence may direct its attention, but they are all incorporated – or in your imagery, consumed – by the encompassing water, or essence.

Therefore, they are all contained within it, although the expressions of the focuses are imaged as machinery and a very different quality than the water, for you view the water to be free-flowing and of no particular contained form, whereas you view the focuses as being solid, and expressed, particular, individual forms. But even within these particular forms, they are incorporated within the water.

RODNEY: I gotta add something to this. In this dream, as this water was flowing through this ravine, I viewed myself. I became a viewer, viewing myself flying over the water as the water was burying these machines, and at one point I thought I was going to crash into one of them and kill myself, and then I realized that I was flying over the top of this, so that was not something to concern myself with. But afterwards, there was a parade, and there were these carts, and we were riding upon these big wagons, and I joined this person who was flying, who had been myself, and we were enjoying ourselves greatly.

ELIAS: This is your expression to yourself in an element of safety, recognizing that although temporarily you express a fearfulness at the overwhelmingness of this water and its power, and that you may collide with it and that this action in your belief systems may be creating of a destructive quality which you designate as death, but you retrieve yourself and recognize that you are safe. In this, you offer yourself the imagery that although essence holds great power, you also hold safety within it, and therefore you incorporate a joyousness in a celebration subsequent to this realization.

RODNEY: Right. Well, I thank you so very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

RODNEY: We’re just a little over our time. I do want to ask you one quick question.

ELIAS: You may.

RODNEY: Have you and I ... or have I ever had the pleasure of knowing you at some other time and place upon this earth?

ELIAS: Yes. You have shared in physical focuses with this essence, and you have also shared other interactions within other dimensions, and I may express to you that you share interaction within essence in mergence with this essence at times.

Therefore, you may express to yourself that you have incorporated, and continue to do so, interaction non-physically with this essence.

RODNEY: I carry a blue stone with me, and when I pull it out of my pocket and I see it, it reminds me of you.

ELIAS: And I also, in recognition of this, project energy to you through this stone.

RODNEY: Can you say where and when we shared a focus together?

ELIAS: We have shared several within this particular dimension. I shall express to you that you have shared one focus with this essence in the physical location of Ireland, you have shared three focuses with this essence in the physical location of Scotland, and you have shared three focuses with this essence in the physical location of France.

RODNEY: Wow. Will we ever do it again?

ELIAS: I have chosen to be not physically engaging physical dimensions and focusing my attention of essence in these areas. Therefore, in your linear terms, we shall not be engaging within physical focuses and interaction in that manner, but I express to you that you are quite interactive with myself within essence.

I may also express to you the term that I offer to you within essence: mon cher ami. (my dear friend)

RODNEY: What was that?

ELIAS: Mon cher ami.

RODNEY: I thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

RODNEY: I’ll have to look that up, but I thank you!

ELIAS: And look to your fragmentation, and this shall offer you information also as to the expression I have offered you within this present now.

RODNEY: Well, I can’t quite hear that. Will Vicki be able to transcribe that easily?


RODNEY: She will? Okay. Well, I think I’ll say good-bye for now.

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you great affection, and I anticipate our next meeting.

RODNEY: You certainly have mine.

ELIAS: I present to you acknowledging and encouraging energy, and I offer to you a very loving au revoir.

RODNEY: Good-bye.

Elias departs at 11:30 AM.

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