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Sunday, September 03, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Jim (Yarr), Cathy (Shynla), Tom (James), Guin (Sophia), and Ron 2 (Kali).

Elias arrives at 6:09 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. Initially, we will address to a few misunderstandings, briefly; (to Vicki) one, in regard to explanation of developmental focus at our last session, of Peter and your mother. These individuals, in other focus, were not female, Therefore ...

VICKI: (Interrupting) Both of them?

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, these children were comprised of one female and two males, not being all sisters.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: To our next misunderstanding, as to your exercise for Wednesday; an incorrect interpretation of name, which I expressed but you did not understand, Michael’s name being Elizabeth. In viewing this tape, you will see. Also, as to your exercise this week in trying to connect and focus with your object; for clarification, that you may not be viewing yourselves as failing to connect, I will express that initially, throughout the week, Lawrence, in what he terms to be RE 2, (grinning) which we correct as RA 2, was sending messages basically to certain individuals. Therefore, other individuals were not connecting so easily. I will explain that you could have connected anyway, even without energy image being sent, but as this is a new exercise, and you are not very focused with this, you were not connecting as easily; this being our continuing issue with Lawrence, of focusing with individuals in “taking care of them.” Lawrence wants always to be helpful to individuals for connecting, and has created that situation perfectly! Also, I am understanding that you are needing clarification for another session.

VICKI: Yeah, the end of a sentence. Do you want just the sentence?

ELIAS: This will be acceptable.

VICKI: “In this, I will express that I also will emphasize repeatedly, until it is first nature to you.”

ELIAS: “that you create your reality, and this is quite influenced by your belief systems.” Underline entire sentence!

(Dear Elias: I’m sorry I didn’t underline the entire sentence in the last transcript, but I am making up for it here. Love, Larry)

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Now, you may ask your questions for our game, before we are entering into our “dreaded exercise!” (Laughter)

TOM: Elias, I need a little clarification on the game.

ELIAS: What would you be wishing to be clarified?

TOM: Okay. The exercise itself. Is this like we’re supposed to bring out all the skeletons in the closet and throw them on the table?


TOM: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: In clarification also for this exercise, this as I have said, is a beginning. You are as new babes to this awareness. I am not expecting that you will be “ripping yourselves open” in uncomfortableness, least of all for my benefit. As I have expressed to you, there are not secrets within essence. Therefore, the secrets are only within you. Nothing you will express to me will be shocking or so revealing, that your essence has not already shared.

TOM: With you?

ELIAS: With the entire universe! You are thinking that you are so private, and that no one knows certain issues that you have. This may be true within physical focus of those around you, but essentially there is nothing that is not known already, this being part of the point of this exercise. Also, the point is to be connecting with essence, and also to be realizing the influence and impact of your belief systems. (Grinning) We are amusing Shynla!

CATHY: I knew what you were gonna say, that’s all! (Laughing)

ELIAS: This is because she is widening so far that she is becoming psychic! (Everybody cracks up) Now! On to our game!

CATHY: Okay. Jo wants to know if Mobowah is connected with E.

ELIAS: This would be correct.

CATHY: Oh, good!

RON: Is Mamandy connected with the note F?

ELIAS: F for Mamandy; one point.

JIM: Is the name connected with Miranda, Twylah?

ELIAS: We are congratulating of Yarr in attempting to be connecting! One point for Yarr!

CATHY: Wow! I want to get a name!

TOM: I want to get a color! (Elias laughs)

VICKI: How about the musical note of D with yellow?

ELIAS: With Minerva; one point for Lawrence.

CATHY: How about B for Miranda?! (Laughter)

JIM: It was going to be my next question, but you can only get one point per evening!

CATHY: (Laughing) Am I allowed to do that? I didn’t know that. It was just a process of elimination.

ELIAS: (Smiling) In actuality, yes, you are allowed to do this. I was, earlier this week, expecting the probability of Yarr asking this question. One point for Shynla.

VICKI: Well, the only other thing that I have to say is that I do have a question for Michael, although it’s already been asked and it’s correct, and I don’t know if you want to give him a point for it also or not.

ELIAS: If this question has been asked and answered already, then Michael may focus and connect with another question.

VICKI: I shall tell him that. (Pause)

RON: Guin was gonna ask a question. It was a question she asked last week, actually. It was something that Michael brought up. We were wondering if there was going to be more than one physically focused essence attached to the other essences in the game.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Some. Not all.

RON 2: Are we attached in this game?

ELIAS: Absolutely!

RON 2: In this essence or in previous essence?

ELIAS: There is no previous essence.

RON 2: I guess previous fragmentation.

ELIAS: Your attachment within our game would be to attach your present self within this physical focus to an essence name within the game. They have developed an “Elias game” that you may view to understand the points which have been given already, and the subject matter which has already been connected.

RON 2: Okay.

ELIAS: Now that we have dealt with our fun, and all of you are in desperate anticipation, where shall we begin with our exercise? (Smiling, and looking around) I will allow you to choose who will begin, or I may begin if you choose. (Silent pause)

CATHY: You start, okay? (Much laughter and agreement)

ELIAS: I am not surprised at this response! Very well, I shall begin. You are already aware of my last physical manifestation which, in itself, provides many illustrations for “hidden elements” and belief system attachments, but I will return to another developmental focus which each of you, on Wednesday, participated in viewing. Within this physical manifestation, I engaged in the act of eliminating individuals; this being why Lawrence, at different periods of time, was obliged to be hiding me, for I was then considered an outlaw, as you would view this; this being, directly, acts of murder. Now I would justify these acts as explaining that they were for a cause, but within physical focus in this dimension, you incorporate officially accepted rules which this does not comply with, and it does not matter what your reason or justification is.

Also, I will express that within this physical manifestation, I also viewed myself as being a good and acting Catholic. Therefore, I incorporated religious belief systems that are also not accepting of this type of act. As you would say, on the one hand, I would justify these acts within physical focus as being necessary as elimination of an enemy and as furthering a “good cause.” Within my own belief systems during this physical manifestation I was plagued with guilt, viewing these acts as unacceptable and wrong and bad; therefore, viewing myself as bad. This created tremendous conflict. Now I will look to you, and say to you, top that! (Grinning, and much laughter)

TOM: You said Wednesday you brought yourself into physical focus and eliminated somebody? You said it was murder, right? This is last Wednesday? (Incredulously)

ELIAS: No. (Smiling)

RON: You had to be there.

TOM: You had to be there? Was this a meeting here?

RON: Yes.

TOM: Oh, then I missed it. I’m sorry. Excuse me. Wipe it out! Forget it! (Laughter)

RON 2: I thought we weren’t gonna have any more Wednesday meetings.

ELIAS: On Wednesday, a few individuals met in practicing meditation. In this, their focus was to unite in finding a common “past life,” as you view this.

TOM: Okay. Wednesday, I had a series of pictures, and I talked to Vicki about this, of past life. We’re talking butchery, mayhem, death, destruction. I didn’t like myself after I viewed that.

ELIAS: This is a connection also. During this period, much violence was occurring, and many individuals who were manifest within this time were very involved with this situation. Throughout your history, your species within this physical focus has created many situations of destruction, in your terms; this also being part of the point of this exercise. My illustration to you is for you to see that you may engage within acts that you view, as a result of a belief system, that are “bad” or “wrong,” or even “evil.” There is no right or wrong. They are experiences. They are influenced by belief systems. This is where you create your ideas of what is acceptable, and what is not.

TOM: It’s like you said, it’s deep-rooted from back to the original focus that you have. It’s a belief system that’s carried on from focus to focus to focus.

ELIAS: Sometimes, yes; not always.

TOM: Well, that would be the Catholics, Romans, Episcopalians, whatever. It’s still a belief system that’s carried on?

ELIAS: This is correct, and in widening your awareness, underline ‘awareness’ three times, you will learn that these belief systems do not always serve you.

TOM: Yeah, I found that out.

ELIAS: You are approaching your shift, and these belief systems will be to you historical stories, and not reality.

TOM: Okay, as in historical stories, is that like the Mesopotamian Tablets, the clay tablets, is that a story, too? Is that just another religious story, as it comes off?

ELIAS: Yes, this is correct.

TOM: From Babylon, to ...

ELIAS: These are stories to illustrate belief systems which, I have explained, you have very creatively and artfully incorporate. Do not be viewing these religious belief systems as bad or wrong, for in viewing these belief systems as this you are defeating the point, for this is not wrong! (Tom sighs) These belief systems were chosen by you and created by you for a reason. They have served you well.

TOM: Is that to keep us tilled to the earth? Is that why we have these belief systems?

ELIAS: No. (Tom appears to be frustrated and confused) You have created belief systems through separation. You have incorporated within physical focus a need, in some way, to be connected with essence continually. In this, in your separation and forgetfulness of truth, you created belief systems within religious focuses to continue connection, even if it was distorted, with essence.

TOM: So, in the belief systems; I’m sorry I’m taking up everybody’s time, but these are things that have been plaguing me for a week. You’ve got Homosapien man and modern man, and there’s a difference between the two. Is that when the belief systems started?

ELIAS: I will explain to you, first of all, what I have expressed already; your concept of evolution is equally as distorted as your concept of religious focus. There is no evolution in Darwinian theory. You did not evolve from a fish. You did not go through evolving stages of man to bring you to what you know today, in scientific terms. You tried, so to speak, different camouflages. You chose different costumes at different periods. You continued with this practice until you collectively decided upon one camouflage that fit, one that was suiting of your need; this that you view now being that one. (Long pause)

TOM: Thank you. I just had to get a grip on it.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause) Now, I have shared. Now, you may share. (Long, heavy pause)

VICKI: Fine. I’ll go. (Reluctantly, followed by laughter)

ELIAS: Another great surprise! (Grinning, and more laughter)

VICKI: Well ...

GUIN: Do Michael’s first!

VICKI: No, I’m gonna get it over with.

ELIAS: This is not a test! (Smiling)

VICKI: I know. My issue is with my relationship with my child, my continuing conflicting relationship with my child, which I have realized, started to realize this week, is attached to a belief system that was a secret from myself, of what is a “good mother.” When I examined the belief system I have, I realized that I’m not a very good mother, and all the feeling that way all these years has probably created a lot of the conflict, and is also a pretty good explanation of my behavior in always trying to “help” everybody else.

ELIAS: And now, I will express to Lawrence “very good” in connecting. You are quite correct in your observation of this belief system. I will also express that once again, this is a belief system! You, in actuality as you, not what you view, do not incorporate right or wrong. You have made choices that you view do not conform within officially accepted reality of your society. This has created conflict, in influencing you to overcompensate in your other direction to be making up for what you view as a loss, or an inappropriate behavior. The second element, of “making up for,” is no more solving of the situation than creating the situation to begin with. Within physical focus, many times you feel pressured to engage in activities that you do not necessarily wish to engage in or create. You agree to create them, for you think that this is “normal.” This, as will all of your expressions this evening, is an excellent example of belief systems.

For young females, it is believed to be acceptable and good to be attaching themselves to a male, and therefore preventing the situation of becoming an “old maid.” (Smiling) Amusingly, these females are viewing the idea of an old maid to be only of your age of twenty-five! Shudder to think their life is almost over! (Laughter) But within this emotionally focused period of time, which even thought-focused individuals incorporate some time periods of emotion, you feel that the world is very intense. Everything is intense. Life is intense. There are things you must accomplish within this intense time, for they are expected of you. These are belief systems. I have explained that if you were allowing yourselves to be expressing impulses from birth, you would not reach these points of such intensity of belief systems, for you would incorporate communication with essence automatically; but this being not the case, we address to present situation.

You have done well in addressing the situation of why. Now, you must address the situation of stepping through and letting go. You will think that “I may let go, but my son may not.” (Vicki smiles, and there is soft laughter from the group) You must focus on you. You come to your awarenesses. You allow belief systems to drop away. You, as Michael also, are not responsible for other essences, even as a mother. They are their own individual essences, and you and Michael may be very good at speaking these words, but you are not very good at incorporating these concepts as a reality. These essences are their own. They create their own reality, as do you.

You have enough responsibility with your own essence, do you not? (Vicki agrees) If you are looking to be responsible for other essences, you will incorporate conflict, and this belief system of what a mother or a father is supposed to be is ludicrous! I do not see lions in your jungle fretting over a twenty-three year old cub! I will say to you, they will eat each other first! You have incorporated belief systems that create conflict.

Now I will also say to you, that if you are wishing to continue with conflict, you may continue along your path as you have presently plotted it out and I will never again bring it up. It is your choice. You may choose to incorporate conflict, as Peter, (Elias turns to Ron and whispers, “this will get him!”) or you may choose not to, and even if your communication becomes strained or distant as a result of your elimination of conflict, your communication is already strained! Do not think also that in not allowing another individual the satisfaction of a decision that you are helping yourself, or them. You are only furthering your own issue of control. (Pause)

I will express to each of you, as we continue, that each individual interacting with me this evening will be experiencing uncomfortableness, but I will remind you of our purpose in this exercise. In widening, you do not accomplish very much if you are not aware. Awareness is not always comfortable, initially. This is not a session to be upsetting or hurtful to anyone. This is a session to widen an awareness and offer you information of yourself, that you may incorporate more with essence, and in incorporating with essence, you will observe your focus to be much more effortless. Effortlessness incorporates joy! I will be expressing loving energy to Lawrence in knowing this situation, and a confidence at your resolving of this. (Spoken very softly)

VICKI: Thank you. (Very emotional, beginning to cry)

ELIAS: You are welcome, and you may call upon me if you are needing this. (Pause) Therefore, now that the lion is out of its cage, who will dare to wrestle with it next?! (Humorously challenging, while Vicki twists herself into a yellow pretzel)

TOM: I’ll wrestle with it, Elias. This goes back to, it doesn’t go back to anything. I’m a pretty self-indulgent person. I basically do what I want to do, when I want to do it, how I want to do it, and a lot of it hasn’t been good. I just lost my thought! (Pause) And my geysers are very much involved with that doing what I want, when I want, how I want, and I’ve hurt a lot of people in my life, and probably in my past lives, and I don’t really like it.

ELIAS: The belief system attached to this situation would be that you are believing also that you are not a “good person,” for your actions have not proven you to be so. Incorrect! I will express to you that if you are moving through your focus with the attitude of “Oh well, this is who I am,” then you are serving to separate more from essence, for essence does not incorporate this attitude; this being also why you further the eruption of your geysers.

TOM: But isn’t that because I’m not listening to what my essence is saying, and I just have my geysers?

ELIAS: This is obvious, for if you are separating through a belief system, you will not be listening to essence. You will not be hearing the whispers of essence to self. In viewing this situation, this is your first step, so to speak. Each time you are aware of any impulse, notice and follow this impulse. Each time you incorporate an existing belief system, examine this and evaluate whether this is serving you or not, which it is not. I will also explain to you, that contrary to your belief that you are bad, I will offer to you that you are quite creative!

TOM: Pretty masterful, huh?

ELIAS: As you have expressed yourself, you are a perfect asshole!

TOM: Perfect! Thank you! You got it right! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You have created this situation perfectly! In this, which is conflicting to what you are wishing to become, do not thank me.

TOM: I thank you for getting the name right. Not too many people do. It’s usually just asshole, not perfect!

ELIAS: Examine the perfection of your creation. Examine the construction of this persona that you have created. Then you may begin to dismember it, and build again. Recreate another persona which you will be more pleased with. Do not be incorporating guilt! This also I say to all of you, this is wasted energy! It serves no purpose other than to create shrines. It is quite powerful, and also quite glittery, and creates wonderful ornaments, but it serves no constructive purpose. I will not say that it serves no creative purpose, for it is quite creative when you are creating shrines!

Do not incorporate bad or wrong in reviewing past, as you express, situations or creations. Focus now. Each moment is your point of creativity, this being your point in power. You, at this moment, are the ultimate center of the universe! This moment is the ultimate center, and all that exists. Therefore, do not worry of your experiences that you have accomplished previously. For now, focus within this point, this now. Each moment in the now affords you the opportunity for choices and change. Therefore, when you are in your now, at your home or at your job, do not be thinking of what you will be doing two hours from now, or how you will be acting. Think and act on the present now. Make the choices to not create your geyser within the present now.

TOM: Boy, you hit that nail on the head! Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

RON: I’ll go next. Actually, you pretty much went over everything for me, with what you talked with Lawrence about, that had to do with my child and my disconnecting myself from her, and the guilt that I feel about that, and actually the guilt that I feel that I don’t feel that much about it! (Laughter)

ELIAS: I am understanding of this. (Smiling)

RON: I pretty much understand what you told Lawrence about that, but there is another thing that I’d like to bring up that Lawrence and I had a very sharply focused discussion last night about. I had a perception that, (to Vicki) I told you I was gonna talk to him about it! (Vicki grins) I had a perception that Jesus was only a channel, and God was the essence that was channeling through him. Lawrence seems to think that the only reason that I’d bring that up is because of a belief system that ... We never really connected on our thoughts, but I wanted to ask you about that particular thing, just to see if you had any input. (Good job of switching to “nonpersonal,” Ron!)

ELIAS: I will discuss this issue with you further, and you will be understanding of my meaning, but I will give you now a very simplistic answer. First of all, there is no “god” in which you think of this, this being only a belief system.

RON: I understand that.

ELIAS: As to the issue of the individual of Jesus being engaged in the phenomenon of channeling, I will express to you that he was not incorporating this phenomenon. This was an individual who was very connected with essence. This individual incorporated some, but very few, separations. In this he was enabled, through essence, to be speaking to the masses without the aid of another essence. This individual was actually physically focused from one essence into three physically focused individuals within the same time period; for this one essence, physically focusing, could not manifest within only one physical form and incorporate all that he was needing to deliver. This had been stated previously by others besides myself, this being a truth. This essence was what you might term as chosen, through collective agreement, to be representative of a new age, which was to incorporate your time and focus until your shift; this task being too great for only one individual to accomplish in physical focus. Therefore, it was divided into three physical manifestations, which delivered the concept and artful creation of Christianity. Is this helpful?

RON: Yes. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: Who were the other physical manifestations?

ELIAS: One being Saul, one being John; one preceding, one coming after, all within the same time period. Connection with the center focus of Jesus, as you know him, was made only with John within physical focus, but connection was also made with Saul, in initiating the new focus and awakening the mission, so to speak; these all being manifestations of one essence, and all incorporating one ultimate personality. (Long pause)

VICKI: I do have a participation from Michael in the exercise, unless someone else would like to ... (Switching back to “personal”)

CATHY: I will. I don’t know where to begin. Okay. So, in like the widening of my awareness, I try to be more aware, and right now, with me, I have a teenager I raised from the time he was three until he was ten years old, and in going to get him, knowing I was going to spend three days with him, he’s thirteen now, I have a whole lot of conflict when I go to get him, because I’d rather be doing something else than spending this time with him, but if I didn’t get him, I’d have so much guilt I wouldn’t be able to stand myself, and now that he’s here, I have guilt any way because I’m really not interacting with him, even though he does have a friend with him, but nonetheless, I’m like bouncing off the walls here trying to figure out how to widen my awareness and still live in this physical focus, and keep my sanity at the same time! (Great run-on sentence!)

ELIAS: We seem to be incorporating a commonality of guilt this evening, this being the result of strong belief systems. Do you not see what a marvelous creation you have incorporated with belief systems? Guilt! (Pause, and then to Cathy)

I will explain to you that you have very strong belief systems within this area, this extending quite far within this particular physical manifestation. In viewing yourself initially as not quite being acceptable, for you have been taught this when you were younger, you accept this a belief system. As you have grown older, you have pushed this away, and you have tried to be convincing yourself that you are acceptable and responsible and a good individual; which, in actuality, you are! That is not to say that you believe this! (Smiling) Therefore, you have created a situation of not wishing to align yourself with another individual within a permanent situation. In this, another belief system appears that you may not incorporate children, for you are not within a permanent relationship, and this would be wrong. A belief system! But you are also incorporating a belief system that a woman, in being complete, must be involved with a child.

Therefore, as you have not allowed yourself the opportunity to engage in this experience, you have so to speak, “adopted” another child which you may incorporate in a motherly fashion and experience those elements that go along with this role without allowing yourself to incorporate this permanently, for you may not incorporate this situation, as you are not truly a good person. Therefore, you would be ruining some small person’s life if it was your sole responsibility. (Smiling) This is quite incorrect, but we are not speaking of correct. We are speaking of belief systems. In this, you are presently experiencing what all other mothers will be expressing to you also that they experience when their children are within this age. (Smiling) Do not think within your belief systems that because a child is biologically linked to an individual, that this individual will not incorporate the same thoughts and feelings when this child is arriving at adolescence.

CATHY: I just want him to be perfect, and he’s so far from it! My mother didn’t want me to be perfect, though! She didn’t tell me I was perfect all the time, or anything like that! (Very sarcastically)

ELIAS: Shall we use your terminology and vernacular, and say “Psych!”? (Everybody cracks up) You are acting on belief systems that you are familiar with, and you are projecting those belief systems onto this younger individual. This individual will be fine. You do not need to incorporate conflict or guilt, for this individual, although young, just as I have expressed to Lawrence, creates his own reality. You may not create it for him. When you are interacting, or when you are looking within to yourself, ask yourself, what does not create conflict? Incorporate this. As I have expressed to you all before, it is not bad to be selfish.

TOM: Well, that’s a relief! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Smiling) Selfishness within essence focuses automatically on consideration. It is a natural by-product. (Very deliberately)

TOM: I think you just made a contact with me! Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

TOM: Need some water?

ELIAS: No, thank you. I will be indicating if I am wishing of a liquid. (Smiling, followed by a pause)

GUIN: I’ll go. I was hoping we were going to take a break because I really have to pee, but I guess I’ll go, and I’ll hold it. I have conflict in an issue in my life, in a sexual issue in my life, and (pause) oh no, I forgot my question! (Laughing) It has to do with, I was discussing this with Michael and Lawrence, as far as what belief systems are attached to it, and there’s several, but one of them that I think is probably a big one is not being “normal.” I kind of think that it goes along with everything else as far as the good and the bad, and obviously society has made my belief system of what is normal, anyway. That’s all.

ELIAS: Ah, now we move from guilt to “normal!” (Smiling)

GUIN: Oh, guilt goes along with it too, but normal is a big thing.

ELIAS: This issue with this individual is complicated. First of all, I will express to you that it is more involved than only incorporating your experiences within this physical focus. You have created the situation in agreement and with cooperation of other individuals, and have furthered a belief system of not approving of yourself. This partially is a continuation also of previous focus, in what you would term to be “opposite,” in male expression of being what you term the perpetrator; and in viewing this developmental focus, as retribution to yourself, continuing with similar belief systems. You were not viewing yourself to be a nice or good person previously; therefore, obviously you must pay for this situation within this physical focus. Once again, to you as with Lawrence, I will say to you this is ludicrous! You do not carry or incorporate karma! You only incorporate belief systems which you inflict upon yourself, this being not necessary.

I will also express to you, that within your present situation do not be so focused and distressed, for you are also quite “normal” within physical female age periods, which does not always incorporate tremendous sexuality. Your belief systems suggest to you that other individuals act within a certain manner and certain guidelines. Therefore, you also must be conforming to this norm. This is incorrect; but you will also, in examining this norm, observe that there are many female individuals which experience this same situation.

Your psychology, once again in furthering belief systems which are also damaging in certain areas and quite incorrect, are always looking to your childhood to explain all of your maladies, or what you perceive to be maladies. They are always creating a situation for you to focus upon. This is not to say that individuals do not experience repercussions throughout their focus. Although your psychology encourages you to be pulling up your experiences from your past that you may view them, they are not offering you solutions for moving through them. They are only bringing up your shrines so that you may view them more. This accomplishes nothing. You must ask yourself of your belief systems.

You are a creative and glorious creature. You have created experiences. They are not wrong or right. They are only experiences. They are communication to essence of physically focused interaction and experience. This does not make you bad or wrong.

You are, in reality, an artful expression and reflection of essence. You have been taught to view situations as unacceptable or hurtful or wrong. In this, instead of only pulling your shrines from Regional Area 2 to only view them or to only add new jewels to them, examine each of these ornaments that you have placed there in creating these shrines, and ask yourself if you are still viewing yourself as this evil, bad person; for you are not. Just as I expressed to you that I am not a devil, for demons and evil spirits do not exist, you are not evil or bad either. (Softly)

GUIN: Then I can break the shrines? (Very emotional, crying)

ELIAS: You may indeed! If Elias was physically manifest presently, I would be handing you your dynamite to blow them up now! (Grinning)

GUIN: Thank you. (Very quietly)

ELIAS: You are welcome. You will be connecting, do not fear for this. In your future, you may be approaching Elias with your opposite problem and saying, “I am having too much of this experience! My orange is out of control!” (Laughter) This will pass.

GUIN: I’ll be like Michael! (Laughing)

VICKI: Can we take a short break?

ELIAS: Yes. Then we will be returning briefly, to finish.

BREAK: 7:54 PM.


ELIAS: We will continue. (Here, there are many “Wows!” and similar expressions from the group, in reaction to Elias appearing within one second of Mary closing her eyes. This is the fastest ever!)

ELIAS: I have expressed to Michael to be expecting a similar action from me, which, if I am approaching more quickly, he may be more accustomed to this idea. I may be surprising him soon! (Grinning) Now, we will continue.

RON 2: Oh, I guess I might as well start. Since I came in late and didn’t know anything about the game, it’s sort of hard for me to relate to some of these things, except that I guess I have as many things of secrecies that I do not talk about as any of the grains of mustard seed in a tumbler of water, Elias. (Elias is grinning widely) Everything from selfishness to sexual orgies and many others, but I haven’t got any regrets, per se. So therefore, I have no counteraction of a system of belief, other than I believe everything’s okay. It was my doing, and I have to take the blame for it no matter, or the good for it, whichever you might want to call it. The only two things that I would like an answer to was a curiosity thing, more than anything else. One, I wasn’t able to get to my mother when she passed away. She was in the hospital. She died, and within a few minutes, like five or ten minutes, my nephew was born, and it was a very odd situation because they were in the same hospital. I don’t know if things pass that quick, because time is irrelevant, in argument of that, as we speak of it. So, if you could give some kind of relationship to that.

ELIAS: I will express to you that this essence of your mother has not incorporated into the physical form of your nephew, although this was an intentional exchange of one physical focus for another, so to speak. She has moved on into another focus, and this new essence chose to be incorporated physically, in a type of replacement and easement of grieving. This new essence facilitated a distraction within physical focus and allowed existing individuals to focus upon him, for this essence which was passing, of your mother, was not needing of helpfulness, for she has incorporated into new focus quite easily; also, this being an agreement in that she was not wishing for those remaining within physical focus to be unhappy. Therefore you have the agreement of exchange, one birthing into new focus, one birthing into physical focus. (Pause)

RON 2: Thank you. I guess that’s all I have [at] this point. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

RON 2: (To Jim) I guess it’s your turn!

JIM: Something I’ve felt I’ve grown up with, and in some areas I’ve felt I’ve gotten by it, but in school and in growing up, I’ve been led to believe that I’m lacking of intelligence, considered slow, no artistic ability, which I have a great desire to create more with art but I don’t, and I procrastinate with it because there’s these blocks that are there, and I’d like to remove them, but they seem to be holding on very well.

ELIAS: I will express that this is caused by the same belief system of inadequacy, this being one of the largest perpetuated belief systems that you all incorporate and reinforce; and when another individual is not reinforcing this to you, you are reinforcing this to yourself! In this also, I will express that you are quite creative. I will say to you that you would be well advised, in your playfulness, to paint. You focus your energy on what you believe, underline believe, to be responsibilities that you must engage in. This does not only incorporate your work. This also incorporates what you view now as your playing, for within your playing you incorporate the responsibility of your wife and focusing on connecting with her, and being a “better” husband. Therefore you are not truly being playful, and you are not expressing creativity or artfulness. You are expressing of a responsibility which is directly connected with a belief system.

Within this, I will express to you, in focusing upon yourself and your essence, allow your creativity to flow. Allow yourself, each day, your own time to be expressing of your creativity. Paint! You will be surprised at what yourself will produce within this creativity! You may also surprise yourself with your own perceptions and awarenesses of what is around you, and what is within you.

JIM: Hit close to home. Very close.

ELIAS: This is the point.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

TOM: Elias, I’ve been sitting here looking at this Albert Einstein picture all night, and it says, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” There’s a lot of truth in that, isn’t there?


TOM: Thank you again.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CATHY: Speaking of truth; okay, there is no good, there is no bad, there is no right, there is no wrong. It’s all experiences. Well, I’ve heard you speak of truth, but I’ve never heard you speak of truth and lies at the same time.

ELIAS: Which you would be expressing within physical focus as non-truths.


ELIAS: And how would you be wishing me to address this situation of physically focused non-truths?

CATHY: Why we treat it like right and wrong, and good and bad. It’s just an experience. So if I tell somebody a lie, it’s no different than if I tell somebody the truth? It’s just an experience?

ELIAS: You view this as right and wrong, correct? (Smiling) This is not to say that you should be untruthful with individuals. I will explain that the farther you are separated or disconnected from essence, the more you will incorporate non-truths. As you widen and move closer within connection to essence, you incorporate more truthfulness. You eliminate hidden elements, which are the elements that promote non-truths. If you are not hiding something, you have no need of being untruthful! If you are connected and you are incorporating awareness, you have no need for untruthfulness.

We are not focusing on separating and moving farther from essence. Therefore I do not incorporate discussion of non-truth, for your focus is moving into a wider awareness which automatically incorporates truth. If you are wondering how you should be dealing with other individuals who incorporate non-truths, I will express to you, first of all, to view these individuals for where they are in awareness. They are separated, and they are not incorporating essence. This, as your base, will allow you a new understanding and tolerance, also remembering to not be incorporating conflict within you! (Smiling)

CATHY: Well, you know how you said that we will know if we meet somebody of “like spirit” that might want to participate in what we do here? Well, I don’t know of anybody right off the top of my head, but it’s like if I keep, I’m going to keep doing this as long as we do this, but what do I say to people when they ask me what I’m doing? Because I don’t like to lie. I have a thing about that. So what do I say to them? I don’t want them to think I’m a total nut, because I know they don’t understand.

ELIAS: Ah, now we incorporate another belief system! (Grinning)

CATHY: (In unison with Elias) Belief system! (Laughter) Well, I know that, but I still have to function! (Everybody starts talking)

ELIAS: And are these individuals preventing you from functioning within this physical focus, if you are incorporating truth?

CATHY: No. They’re not gonna stop me. They might think I’m pretty strange or something, but ...

ELIAS: And will these individuals burn you at the stake? (Laughter) Or maybe they will blackball you for “strange” belief systems! Or maybe they will only shrug their shoulders. (Smiling)

CATHY: I’m still uncomfortable with it, so there!

RON: Well, you’ve got two choices. You can either tell them the truth, or you can tell them a lie.

JIM: With this, the truth is more fun!

CATHY: So I go home and tell a thirteen-year-old and a fifteen-year-old that I was over here listening to somebody channel somebody through their body, and we’re all talking about what we believe. Am I supposed to go do that?

ELIAS: I will express to you a very physically focused answer which you may incorporate in speaking with Michael, who also has an adolescent at home and incorporates many friends. Elizabeth is, in actuality, not always sharing of this information of me with her friends, but she is also not expressing no knowledge of me. In this, they have inquired of her about this situation, and you would be surprised at their actual lack of interest! (Smiling)

CATHY: Well, I’m just gonna ask her what she says, then.

ELIAS: This would be a point well-taken, for you have this available to you.

CATHY: I’ll just do that then! (Have you done that yet, Cathy?)

ELIAS: I would not be encouraging you to be expressing of a non-truth. (Pause)

VICKI: Would this be an appropriate time to introduce Michael’s exercise?

ELIAS: If you wish.

VICKI: His exercise is dealing with the issue of his problem with his back. He has been unable to connect it with a belief system, but feels that if he could, then he could affect the problem. (Pause)

ELIAS: (Smiling) I will express to Michael “very good” for expressing this situation, even though he is not attaching a belief system, for this incorporates belief systems. This also incorporates a secret. This situation Michael has done an excellent job with creating a shrine, and completely placing this in RA 2 and not viewing. This situation is directly related to Michael’s mother. This incorporates several situations.

Originally this situation incorporates a belief system as a child, of being bad or unworthy as he was taken from his mother, although he does not physically view this as a negative situation for he rationalized that his father was caring and good and providing and loving. There was question initially, as a small one will, of why one was taken and not all. This was addressed briefly within his childhood with his father, but the explanation was given with negative implications of the mother, this creating a negative viewing of this individual of his mother. This was carried throughout her focus.

This individual of his mother also incorporated many physical ailments which Michael was quite lacking in tolerance for, therefore creating a situation of irritation, this creating a new belief system for he believed that he was wrong and bad for being mean to his mother. He expressed little tolerance or patience with her situation. In this, as do you all also, he incorporated your jewel of guilt.

Now his mother is passed, and in this same age period of her greatest conflict, he has begun to incorporate like conflict, this being what he would view as a type of justice. He has been unkind to an individual, therefore he must repay this by incorporating these physical maladies for the experience and understanding of this other individual, therefore allowing himself to be more tolerant and more understanding. It is not necessary to incorporate physical ailments, for he has done nothing wrong. The belief system in this situation is quite strong, to such a degree that it may not even be viewed. This belief system carries farther than only creating a single physical malady, this being where his fear originated previously, of this same age period incorporating death. You would be surprised how far your belief systems may drive you, even to ending physical focus, and in what appears to be “natural circumstances.”

This malady that he has created he has done quite efficiently, for he has created this within circumstances that are even covering of this shrine! His belief systems therefore are distracted, in allowing him to attach this physical problem with a physical accident which occurred in direct relation to a work situation. For the immediate situation that was partially incorporated, that also was a very convenient and creative expression for hiding of this shrine. This also, as with Sophia, is such a decorated shrine that it will not quite disappear immediately. They have spent much time building this. Michael is correct that in many areas he does not incorporate shrines, but where he does incorporate shrines, he creates monuments; this also being another reason why his mother was choosing to visit with him previously. He was not at that time ready to be listening to this answer. He needed to come to this point of asking before I would be offering this information. He may now incorporate a little more success with this condition, if he is not creating another condition to replace it!

I will say to you all, for you all incorporate the same belief systems and you all view elements of yourselves as unacceptable, you are all divine creatures! You are all artful and creative, and you are all good and beautiful. You do not incorporate evil or bad or unacceptableness. Therefore, as you are all creating, create beauty! (Pause) If you are believing in positive belief systems in opposition to negative belief systems, and if you must incorporate belief systems, then incorporate those that allow you the expression to be you. Incorporate belief systems that allow you to widen and to be creative. Allow belief systems that encourage separation to fall away. You do possess the ability to accomplish this. You are multidimensional beings. You have proven this to yourselves already. You see your ability for creation all around you and within you. You view your multidimensionality in connecting within your exercises. Therefore incorporate this (pause) and refer to our transcripts previously, and remember how often I express to you that you are your highest expression that you are all creating. (Pause)

JIM: Can I ask another question? I just got done reading “The Magical Approach.” (A Seth book) As compared to this, this sounds much like what you’re communicating to us. Can you elaborate on, is that what you’re expressing, is what Seth was expressing as the magical approach, instead of a rational approach, to life?

ELIAS: This would be correct. In your viewing of your picture of Einstein, with your caption of imagination, incorporate this; you focus so easily on what you view to be negative. I will wager you may sit within this room, and you may converse with each other for hours and hours on what you do wrong or how uncreative you are, and you reinforce your separation and your belief systems in this direction. I have expressed to you, you create what you concentrate on! Ah! My exercise for next week! You will notice each day what you concentrate on, what you are thinking and doing all day, each day. Are you incorporating your breakfast, or are you believing in not consuming a breakfast? Are you “taking a shower,” as you say, each day, or are you not? Are you working certain hours and sleeping certain hours? Are you wearing certain clothes? Are you responding to individuals a certain way? (Pause) Are you listening to yourself, ever??? (Laughter)

You create what you concentrate on! If you are spending this time concentrating on how creative you are, or how loving you are, or how wonderful you are, or how understanding you are, you will be creating these things. If you are concentrating on the perfection of your assholeness, you will be creating this! (Laughter) And, I will express once again, concentration does not necessarily mean that you are focusing very hard on this situation. We have discussed instincts before. An instinct is only a repeated action, to the point of not thinking of this action. Therefore, you may be concentrating on various things and not actually find yourself thinking of them very much. Are you thinking you are thin, or are you thinking you are not so thin?

GUIN: I guess if we concentrate on it but we don’t believe, then it’s not really happening.

ELIAS: You may influence belief systems by your thoughts. If you are arguing with yourself within your thoughts, you are defeating your purpose by creating conflict. If you are looking within your mirror every day and saying, “I am thin, I am thin, I am thin,” and you are also thinking, “I am not, I am not,” you are only creating conflict, and you are not creating a new belief system! (Laughter)

RON 2: We have twenty years of things to break down. It’s not that easy to break it down.

ELIAS: This may be correct, but I will also express to you that within my final manifestation, I was incorporating thousands of years of accumulation to be “breaking down,” so to speak. You are only incorporating one focus.

TOM: I’ve got a question, Elias, but I’ll see if I can put it together first. If we have all these belief systems, and again, this goes right back to the question I asked earlier. I think you know what I’m gonna ask. If we have all these belief systems in this focus that are restricting us from moving forward, what about the old garbage from the past focuses?

ELIAS: Your point of power is now! (Very emphatically)

TOM: This second?

ELIAS: Yes! If you are realizing that you are creating, if you are realizing that all time is simultaneous, there is no past, there is no future. All things are now. Therefore, you are affecting of all things. If you are wishing, you may enter what you view as past, and I will express is sideways, and you may change elements of this past which will be affecting of this present, or you may be affecting of future which will be influencing and affecting of present. All focus point is now!

RON 2: What ever happened to Lucifer?

ELIAS: (Laughing) I must express a tremendous affection for this essence of Kali, for this is true innocence! (Grinning widely) I will express to you, once again, this is a religious belief system and, in actuality, there was and is no essence of this kind. It does not exist. It is a religious belief system incorporated to illustrate a point. You have created what you see as an officially accepted existence, and within that existence you have set for yourselves officially accepted rules. Therefore, you must incorporate religious belief systems to correlate and to enforce these accepted rules. This is not necessarily reality.

RON 2: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: If one can move through a belief system, then would one also perhaps also be uncreating a shrine?

ELIAS: (Searching for the cup) Do not move the cup! (Laughter) This will be for Shynla. (For the first time, Elias finds and picks up the cup without assistance, bowing to Cathy) I will not guarantee I will be concentrating on his object so focusedly in the future!

CATHY: That’s okay. (Laughter)

ELIAS: You were speaking of shrines.

VICKI: Yeah, the uncreating of them.

ELIAS: You may very well uncreate them, so to speak, by moving through the issues that have created them. In this, the choice is yours, in allowing yourself permission to move through held belief systems. You may choose to dismantle the shrine piece by piece, or you may choose to dismember it all at one time. This would be depending on whether you are offering yourself the permission to destroy it. In viewing your shrines and the belief systems that you attach to them, you must move through the belief systems to allow them to fall away. Pushing belief systems only creates a bigger or new shrine; this being the same principle as moving through a fear, which essentially is what you are doing, for separation and belief systems that create shrines are a reflection of a fear. Most likely, with all of you, this fear would be that you are unacceptable. (Pause) Except for Ron. (Grinning)

VICKI: Except for Ron, huh? (Laughing)

ELIAS: For I have realized that this was not an apparition, for he truly has been incorporated within my focus. It is only an apparition that you view! Ron has created perfectly! I will not say what he has created perfectly! (Laughter) (Smiling affectionately at Ron) I play with you, only knowing that you will play back with me.

RON 2: When will you start giving us hints of what the next shift is going to be?

ELIAS: I have explained this shift to you many times. I have given you complete explanations, not only hints!

RON 2: I didn’t read those transcripts. I wasn’t here. I beg your forgiveness.

TOM: Elias, why did we build these belief systems on religion? Why did we do that to ourselves?

ELIAS: You are viewing this, once again, as a negative creation.

TOM: Yeah, I am.

ELIAS: This is not a negative creation. This is an artful expression of imagination! You are viewing this now as a negative expression only for the reason that you are bored with this focus, and you are wishing to be creating of a new focus, which is what you are creating. I will express to you that five thousand years from now, you will be viewing this shift as boring, and saying, “Why did we create this shift in the first place, for it is so awful!” It is not so awful. It is a very creative expression, as was your religious endeavor.

I am supposing I have been occupying quite enough of your evening at this point, although I am quite encouraged to be seeing all individuals leaning to me this evening, as opposed to being leaning away! (Here, everybody is leaning forward, paying close attention) Do not forget our exercise for next week, for I will not forget! (Laughter) We will be incorporating exercises with belief systems, for this will eventually become a reality to you within your understanding, and in this, as you increase your understanding and awareness, you will decrease your conflict. Therefore, once again, in the form of a most excellent murdering Frenchman, (laughter) I will say to you all, au revoir!

CATHY: Vicki, do you want to ask Mary’s question?

VICKI: I don’t think it’s important at this point.

MARY: Because guess what, I’m back!

Elias departs at 9:46 PM.

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