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Sunday, September 10, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Jim (Yarr), Cathy (Shynla), Jo (Joseph), Guin (Sophia), and Ron 2, (Kali).

Elias arrives at 6:40 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Pause) Now, first of all I will address to your experiment in connecting, and we will address to a misconception. Last week at our session, I made a statement of truth to you that it is not necessary for an individual to be sending the image for you all to receive the image. In this, you have also misinterpreted this statement of mine. I did not say to you that it is not important to be sending or receiving this image. I expressed that ultimately it is not necessary, but the object of your experiment is to be connecting with each other. Therefore, the purpose of energy and image sending and receiving is important. This allows you the understanding of your own abilities. If you are not connecting with another individual and their consciousness of their projection, and your reception of the projection, then you are not illustrating to yourself your own abilities within physical focus. You are also not exercising your inner senses, which is the point.

Your inner senses are equally active as your outer senses. Just as a flower emits a fragrance and your sense of smell receives this fragrance, so also as you are projecting an image, you are connecting inner senses for yourself and for another individual to be interacting with. Therefore, in my statement to you, I was not intending for you to misconstrue my statement in thinking that it is not important for you to be exercising these inner senses, for it is. This is another area of connection, one that should not be discounted, for you are learning to connect within waking physical reality with inner senses. In this, if you are not practicing and connecting with inner senses of intentionally sent and received images, you are not practicing, and you are creating the situation of more difficulty for recognizing your own inner impulses. You incorporate difficulty enough with impulses and the recognition of these. If you are teaching yourselves to receive information which is being sent, you will be recognizing non-physical messages. In recognizing intentional physically focused messages through consciousness, this will aid in your ability to recognize the language of impulses.

You are also correct that it is easier for you to be sending images and information, for this comes naturally. Just as you do not recognize your impulses, for you do not pay attention and you discount the information which is offered to you through them, it is also more difficult for you to be receiving images and communication, through consciousness, from another individual. In this practicing, you have the advantage of knowing beforehand that you have a definite image, and also a projector of this image. In this, you may practice and learn to not discount your perceptions, with the aid of another individual’s connection in cooperation with you. Now that we have “cleared up” this misunderstanding, I will allow you to ask your questions of your game. Then we will continue with our focus of your energy centers, and address to our exercise for this evening. (Pause) Our game!

CATHY: Okay! Our game! Is Otha connected with Marshuka?

ELIAS: One point for Shynla. (Cathy is excited!)

RON: So, can I just add a little bit? Not necessarily a game question, but I’d like to get some information and pass on a message that I perceived.

ELIAS: You may. The message has been received, but I will appreciate your relaying of this anyway.

RON: The message that I received was ... now it’s gone! (Vicki hands Ron his message) The message was, my perception was that it was from Paul to Elias.

ELIAS: This is correct.

RON: “I am nearly ready for the inception. You may tell Otha to begin preparing the new vessel.” I don’t understand the message. I assume that you do, and I would like to.

ELIAS: You have connected the essence name of Otha to Marshuka, which has already established a connection with Lawrence. Otha, in alliance with Ordin, is very instrumental in this area of facilitating this phenomenon. Therefore, as I have been involved with the situation and process, the message has been relayed also to me. This message is involving in actuality these two essences, relayed by Paul, that he is ready for the inception; the new vessel being Ron, this being the connection of Paul in having prepared in his connection with you. Otha, in alliance with Ordin, will be furthering this situation, this being the first in this process, to which others will follow. Is this clarifying for you?

RON: Yes, Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Therefore, I say to you, stand ready!

VICKI: Okay. I have my game question now. I didn’t have one before. I would like to suggest Ordin as the essence name of Mikaki.

ELIAS: This being correct. Very good, Lawrence! One point!

VICKI: Thank you. Also a game question for Michael, to connect Dimin in the color of yellow.

ELIAS: One point for Michael! (Pause, clearing his throat) Michael will be struggling with this belief system of this allergy that he believes he has incorporated, and Elias will be dealing with the consequences of his scratching throat! You will be excusing me if my voice is strange this evening. I will also be offering, to Yarr, confirmation that this essence with Miranda was physically focused within your American Indians. Your perception is correct, and I will also be expressing “good job” at connecting.

JIM: Thank you for your compliment.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: Because that was just the question that I was going to ask, but you knew that.

ELIAS: This essence name being the same as the physically focused name also; this also being the case, within different dimension, with Paul’s essence. (To Ron) Therefore, you have connected well, also.

JO: I have a question. Am I connected with Marshuka?

ELIAS: With Marshuka, incorrect, but you may guess again. (Long pause, while we encourage Jo to try again)

GUIN: Okay. I have a question.

ELIAS: (To Jo) You are not trying hard enough! (To Guin) Yes?

GUIN: Is Ty an essence name? (Here, the group teases Guin for not being more specific)

ELIAS: This being a partial connection! (Laughter) This would be what you would be calling within physical focus a nickname. (Smiling)

JO: Okay. How about Mikaki?

ELIAS: We are repeating our session with Elizabeth, and yellow! (Much laughter) This would be incorrect, but I will express that you are getting warmer! (Another long pause)

CATHY: I just have a question about the game. When we speak of Mamandy; Paul was a physical focus name, and Patel is the essence name. Is that correct?


CATHY: So I need to wait to ask you which name Otha was, in connection with Marshuka, until next Sunday? Because I wasn’t real specific when I asked the question. I didn’t ask if it was a physical focus name or an essence name. I just asked you if it was connected.

ELIAS: I may offer this information to you presently, or you may, as you seem to choose to acquire points, wait for a point! (Humorously)

CATHY: Oh no, you can answer it.

ELIAS: This would be an essence name.

CATHY: That’s what I thought. I had it on the essence side, but I wanted to make sure I got my point, so I just asked if it was connected! (Cracking up) “K.”

ELIAS: And we are concluding with our game questions for this evening? (Pause) Very well. Then shall we continue with your energy centers, or shall we continue with your exercise?

RON: I prefer the energy centers, myself. (Avoid those exercises!)

ELIAS: (Smiling) Very well! We will continue with your energy center in color of green, this being what you commonly focus upon as your heart chakra, this energy center radiating up. This center is affecting of hands and arms, circulatory system, heart, lungs, respiratory system; this center also being controlling of your sense of touch. This center radiates energy for healing. This energy is affecting in connection with other individuals for healing, and also for self-healing. This color of green may be connected with all other colors in conjunction with healing.

This center also focuses, to a lesser degree, on emotion. It does not incorporate the power of emotional energy that is incorporated with yellow, but it is affecting; this center also being the energy center which is generating of love. This expression is not emotional, physically focused love. This is also not to be confused with emotion generated by orange, which may seem to be love, although it is not. (Laughter) This expression of love is an expression of connection and understanding in appreciation of self, and what you term to be nature, and the universe; this love transcending what you view in physical focus as an emotional expression. This is not to say that you will not emotionally feel an expression of this love. It is only to clarify that the emotional expression is not necessarily the true expression of what love is, in reality.

Moving upward is your fifth energy center, in the color of blue. This energy center also radiates up; this, as I have stated, being your center which is connected with communication, this also being a very connecting energy center to consciousness. This center is affecting of, obviously, throat, vocal chords, which I believe is Michael’s favorite thing to play with (humorously), ears, your sense of hearing, and your shoulders. This center of blue also is quite affecting of the nervous system, this being also in conjunction with red, which also affects nervous system. This energy center is affecting in your energy levels, in your psychological outlook. If you are experiencing depression, this is a block of this energy center.

This center is also, as I have briefly explained previously, connected with your self-image within physical focus. As it is the center of communication, it regulates and determines much of how you view yourself, for you focus, on a large part of viewing yourself, in how well you communicate with others. Your skills of communication are what you view in physical focus to be your greatest connection. Therefore, if you experience difficulty with communication, you also experience difficulty with your self-image. Communication extends farther than only verbally speaking to another individual. Your skills of communication, through this energy center, are your ability to connect and convey images and ideas adequately for another individual’s understanding. You may be using your blue energy center in expressing verbally continuously, but if another individual is not understanding this communication, then it is pointless. Therefore, within connecting of physical focus with each other, this energy center is your most valuable.

This center also is directly affecting of your ability to be engaging within this phenomenon that you view now. If this energy center of blue is blocked, this communication of this phenomenon will not occur. This blue also connects quite often and very powerfully with your next energy center of indigo, these both being vibrational qualities of blue. They are very slightly removed from each other. They are in constant communication and rotate their energy very closely, therefore are very affecting of each other; your energy center of indigo being also very instrumental in this phenomenon that you view presently, this being a cooperation of these two vibrating blues, in opening, which accomplish the allowing of another energy to

focus through. (To Vicki) Be concentrating on your blues! (Smiling)

Indigo is affecting of your eyes, of your nose, of your ears, and of your brain; indigo affecting the most complicated system and control within your physical body expression. This center focuses mainly with the workings of your physical brain, this being important, as this is the processing organ for all information within your physical expression. This is not to be confused with consciousness! I am expressly explaining to you the direction of this energy, which controls your body expression, this being the center which is regulating of all physical functions. All of your bodily expressions or incorporations are regulated through this center. When you are incorporating a cold (to Vicki) or a case of tonsillitis, (to Elizabeth) you are creating this first within the energy center of indigo, which is planting the creation within your physical brain, which is sending the message to your physical body parts to incorporate this function.

When you are focusing on healing and affecting a creation within your physical body, you may incorporate this indigo, in expressing to your brain to “uncreate” this. I will deviate briefly on this subject to explain to you that in this process of uncreating, you are not “poofing away” a creation! Your physical body incorporates all germs, as you view them, all disease cells, as you view them, all maladies that you may contract within physical focus. They are natural to your body system. Therefore, when you are uncreating a situation, in actuality what you are doing is replacing this situation back to its normal state. You have inflamed cells and functions, to suit your purpose. You are not eliminating anything! You are only returning your physical expression to its natural state.

I will also express to you, (Elizabeth) as you have chosen to involve yourself within this “walk,” (AIDS walk) all of these individuals (the group) expressed to you that this is a created choice; although these individuals (with AIDS) may not wakingly, consciously understand or incorporate the idea of what they have created; and they obviously have not figured out how to uncreate it. I will express to you that if you are researching, you will find that your symbol of your astrological sign, which is the lion, incorporates this disease cell, and has from the beginning. It also does not incorporate the disease! You also all incorporate this same disease cell. You choose not to activate it.

There is much within your physical expression of your body which your sciences and medical profession do not know about your body, and every single cell that it incorporates. Just as they have discovered, after many of your years, that your cancer cells are normal to all physical expressions, so also are these “K” and “T” cells. Therefore, whether you are creating the situation of incorporating AIDS, or a cold, you are creating essentially the same thing, and you will be uncreating it the same way, with the understanding that you are returning your body cells to their natural state.

I have expressed to you that you do not “catch” an infection as you catch a ball! This is a truth. You create it with existing material, this being also a very extensive function of indigo. In this, you may view the most obvious one for expression that you may physically perceive. You may actually view the effects of indigo and your energy system’s ability, influenced by belief systems.

I will deal with our color of purple at our next session, for I will spend more time with this energy center, for this energy center is not connected with any one physical process. This energy center incorporates consciousness. (Pause)

RON 2: Elias, would foods that we would eat, would they raise or lower our energies in these particular colors? Will they deaden them?

ELIAS: In regard to what you express as deadening an energy center, no; but you may be affecting of these energy centers and your energy levels, as you view this, by the consumption of some elements. I will express to you, as I have stated previously, that basically what you consume or what you do not consume is related to a belief system; but I will also express to you that now, within your age of your technology, and your mass production, and your hormones, and your antibiotics, you may choose to avoid these elements, if you wish. I will explain. They will not kill you! You only believe that they will be affecting you. In actuality, what they affect is the same as what I expressed to Yarr of other substances. In this, what you term to be food may be classified in this same way. Some elements that you consume may contain a “thicker energy,” which may involve a more difficult process of incorporating this and absorbing this to your own energy. This is not to say that it will not be absorbed or incorporated, for it will. There are some energies which are more easily incorporated and connect more easily with your own energy, these being substances that do not incorporate different synthetics.

In this, I am explaining to you that I am not advocating that you become a vegetarian! If you are wishing to be consuming of meat, your physical body was designed to consume this. You may consume whatever you are wishing to consume. Some elements, as vegetation, are comprised of a lighter energy quality. These would be incorporated easier, but all incorporates a consciousness, so all will be eventually incorporated. This is a physical cycle. There is, in reality, nothing that you may consume that will be actually harmful to you, for your physical body possesses the ability to incorporate everything. It is only depending upon your individual belief systems, and how well you believe them, that you may be affected by different elements. If you are actually wishing, you may consume rocks, and sustain yourself!

RON 2: Well, I was more thinking of what to consume to give you a better clarity in your dream state, or in communication-wise, because this seems to be the hardest thing for us telepathically to do, and to get into our dream state, so we can see more in our dream state. Would there be any food that we could actually eat that would help us in this respect?

ELIAS: No. What you are consuming will not be affecting of your connection within your dream state. (Pause)

VICKI: I have a question about uncreating colds, etc. Is it easier to begin by becoming aware of why one created them?

ELIAS: Absolutely!

VICKI: Why is that so darned difficult?

ELIAS: You have spent much time creating these belief systems, and you are surprised that you may not uncreate them instantly? This is not only a case of being aware. You have, shall we say, “scratched your surface” in delving to understand belief systems. You have incorporated the idea that your sleep hours, and the belief system that was connected with this, was directly connected to your creation of your cold. You then stopped! You went no further in your looking for belief systems. Therefore, you did not uncreate what you created. You were accepting that this was the reason, and you were leaving that as it was, and then you were concentrating on your cold, and was I not expressing last week that you create what you concentrate on? You have done an excellent job, for two weeks, of concentrating on this cold! (Grinning)

VICKI: So we need to look a little deeper than what is the obvious belief system.

ELIAS: This is true, if you are delving to belief systems. You may have just as well uncreated this cold by focusing on your energy centers, and trusting, and letting it go. In this trusting, within your first night of dream state, which you were attempting to be affecting of this cold, which you actually were affecting of this cold this first day, and then you were concentrating on this cold! So therefore, you were defeating your purpose. You were delving to belief systems which you may affect, and you may learn quite a bit in focusing on these belief systems in not recreating a cold again; but you could have, for the present moment, affected immediately this situation, just as Elizabeth could have affected the situation immediately, by trusting, and allowing yourselves permission to focus on healing, and allow this to fly away. You chose to focus on this concept; note: not reality!

For one twenty-four hour period, you were affecting of slight improvement, and then you were both discouraged at not completely eradicating the situation. The situation was not eradicated, for you were still concentrating on this; thinking (to Vicki), “I feel bad,” (to Elizabeth) “My throat hurts.” Therefore, you felt bad, and your throat hurt; this being an excellent example for our exercise for this week, in that you will receive and create what you concentrate on; this being why I have expressed to you previously that you do not necessarily have to be affecting belief systems to be affecting of uncreating something within you. You may “skip over” your belief system, and still affect the situation, although you may recreate this situation again, but temporarily you may affect the initial situation.

Your physical body and your energy centers are quite powerful, this being also why it is of such importance that your consciousness is connected, this placing your consciousness back in control where it belongs, without the separation. You have allowed your energy centers of your physical body permission to be governing itself, and then you are sitting removed from it and saying to it, “Why are you creating this inside of me? I do not wish this to be here! I want this uncreated!” (laughter) and your physical expression is answering you back, saying, “But you have given me permission to create what I wish!” (Smiling, and a pause) You have much more control and power than you realize. You need only look back at yourself and be saying, “Excuse me, I wish my control back!” You will not even need to express effort. It will automatically be transferred. You may think on this for a few minutes, and we will break, and then you may ask your questions for this evening before we are concluding. I will return shortly. Be thinking!

BREAK: 7:54 PM.

RESUME: 8:28 PM.

ELIAS: We continue ...

ELIZ: Geez, you scared me! (Remarking on how quickly Elias appeared)

NOTE: The next seven minutes of this tape are missing. The following is Elias’ response to our asking him if he would repeat this information. Jim had asked a question regarding validation of his connections with the Native American belief systems and way of life.

ELIAS: I will explain to you, and I will also, if necessary, explain this to Yarr. This may be entered into your transcript: Elias chose not to incorporate a reiteration of this information as an example of unfollowed impulses, and the consequences of this. I am quite sure Yarr will be understanding of this, and this also may be instructive to him, to be noticing of these impulses, not only of belief systems. If you were all focusing on your own language of your own essence, instead of focusing on newly learned languages of belief systems, you would have much less conflict and trouble, and you would be anticipating Elias’ interruptions, which you were; but, you were not listening to yourself. Therefore, we shall allow this transcript to stand as it is. (Vicki had an impulse to check the tape)

RESUME: 8:35 PM.

ELIAS: (Still responding to Jim’s question) This was an interesting perception and a truthful incorporation dealing with belief systems within religious focus, this being that were individuals to be investigating the origins of individual religious belief systems, they would be finding an extreme amount of similarities. You have been taught within this particular culture, from the time that you have been children, ideas of Christianity; these ideas being quite removed and distorted from original truths and concepts and connections. As you have grown older, you have disregarded these in only being informed of the distortions, and not accepting these. You then move to widen your knowledge of other belief systems, viewing these to be more connected.

When I was expressing to you that Native Americans were incorporating of a more connected view within religious belief systems, I was referring only to their view of nature, incorporating all of nature; this meaning not only of earthly elements such as the earth itself, and also your creatures, but their incorporation of elements as air, and wind, and atmosphere. In this, they were incorporating of more elements that some, not all, but some other religious focuses. You will find, though, that in researching your other religious belief systems to their core foundations, you will see that they were connecting with nature also, and natural elements; even your Christianity, which originally was focused very heavily within connections of natural elements, focusing within the existing culture of the common individual who was connected with elements of earth.

You have a tendency now, in this age of yours, to be viewing other belief systems as dealing with only concepts, or only incorporating temples and churches and hierarchies. This is not the core of these belief systems. Even within your eastern religions, they incorporate now many temples and religious hierarchies which were not originally incorporated, their focus beginning with their communion with the earth. In studying your religious elements, you will find they are very closely related to your Native American belief systems. Within eastern cultures, they were focused with connection of earth and nature, and elements of wind and fire and snow, also incorporating native creatures that were indigenous to their surrounding area. Within Christian focus originally, the message was delivered to the common individual, in relating to growing or fishing, their elements of water and earth and planting. You will find that in the base of all religious belief systems, the truths are there. The distortions have come later.

Within your Native American culture and belief systems, you choose to view this with less separation and connect with its core, viewing this as newer than other religious focuses. Therefore, within your physical consciousness, you view this as having less time, so to speak, for distortion. It does not incorporate as many years, in your terms, as does more ancient religious belief systems. This, in actuality, is not completely correct, for these Indian belief systems that you focus upon have been incorporated for as many years as has been your Christianity or your Eastern religions. You will also see that within your present Indian culture, their belief systems have been equally as distorted, to present day, as has been your Christianity or your Eastern religions.

This does create an effective connection for you, this being an area of recognition and identification and validation for you in identification of essence, this being no different than a recognition incorporated by Lawrence of other dimensional focuses, and fascination with this subject; this being an indication of connection and a widening of awareness. Be remembering that you are viewing a belief system, but this incorporates truths. We are commending your incorporation of this awareness; also, register one point for Yarr for connection of Twylah.

JIM: Thank you for everything.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

GUIN: I would like to ask a question. This week, with my meditations earlier this week, I’ve been having a lot of physical reactions, very much nausea, to the point where if I don’t sit up and put my head between my legs, then I most likely will throw up all over myself! Today and yesterday, I did not have that same thing happen. I have my own theories of why that was happening, but I can’t pinpoint what it actually is.

ELIAS: And what are you believing that this would be attributed to? And then, I will offer you what it is in actuality.

GUIN: I have a couple theories, one kind of connected with, as far as the object that was on my piano this week, as far as not feeling that I’m adequate enough to be able to make the connections with other people. That was one theory that I had, as far as the meditation, another one being possible fear in connecting with or experiencing something I’m unfamiliar with. Those are probably the two that would pop into my head right away, as far as impressions that I would get as to why I was feeling this, but I didn’t feel it yesterday or the day before, so I don’t know what changed within that period of time.

ELIAS: I will express to you that your second perception is more accurate. This incorporation of this physical feeling is not an expression of inadequacy for projection of your object for your experiment. You have incorporated physical expressions in preparing for incorporation of another energy, this being correct in your perception that you are incorporating fear of an unknown. You are also accepting now of more probabilities. In this, you are allowing yourself to open your awareness. I will express to you that the more you open your awareness and allow yourself to incorporate unfamiliar energy, and become accustomed and familiar with this energy, this physical expression will pass. As I have expressed to Ron, a new vessel is being prepared, with others to follow.

GUIN: Thank you. So if I get it, what should I concentrate on to be able to get rid of it, if it happens again?

ELIAS: You may concentrate on relaxing. Concentrate on nothing. As you allow energy to incorporate with your own, instead of pushing it away, you will discontinue this physical feeling. You are in this process of rejecting outside energy. I use this term of “outside energy” figuratively, for the purpose of understanding; for, in actuality, no energy is affecting you from “outside.” If you are relaxing and allowing this energy to be incorporated, you will be discontinuing this experience. (Long pause)

VICKI: I have a question.

ELIAS: Yes? (Elias awkwardly lifts his hand up, attempting to scratch his nose. We all crack up) Michael’s nose is itching! This is interesting! (I’ve never seen Elias laugh this hard before)

VICKI: It’s a good thing it wasn’t his butt, huh? (More laughter)

ELIAS: I had forgotten these physical expressions of fingers and nose! (Still laughing) This is quite amusing! (To Vicki) Excuse me.

VICKI: Oh, okay. My question. I had a dream last night, which I interpreted as a symbolic reflection of a changing of thinking related to some conversation last night. I’m just kind of curious if there’s a lot of misinterpretation on my part there, or if it’s pretty close.

ELIAS: I will express to you that you have done a very good job of this interpretation. I will also express to you an acknowledgment of interpretation of Michael’s dream. And you are presently viewing this situation of this phenomenon slightly differently?


ELIAS: And Shynla is still wishing to be blasting off to another planet in this situation! We will be waiting for the new incorporation.

CATHY: Oh, will we? (Pause)

RON 2: Elias, in your plane, do you have such things as sex also, or is this a different type of a situation? Can you explain?

ELIAS: (Cracking up) I will be having fun this evening! (Laughter) This is an expression of your physical focus. This is not necessary within my focus, although if I am wishing to generate this physical expression, I would possess the ability to be accomplishing this ... by myself! (More laughter) I may engage in this action with an alternate part of me, although there is no reason for me to be expressing this situation within my focus. I am understanding that within physical focus this is a quite important expression to you, therefore you may find my focus not quite so stimulating! (Laughing)

RON 2: Elias, do you have to channel through somebody, or can you just manifest and do the teaching by yourself? Or do you always have to be channeled through somebody?

ELIAS: I will express to you a question. Have you seen or do you know of an individual who has seen and interacted with an essence physically manifest which is not physically focused?

RON 2: Good question. I don’t remember.

ELIAS: I will venture to say you have not, for individuals may view an essence briefly, and an essence may physically manifest partially for a brief period of time, in your terms, which you would view as an apparition, such as you think of in viewing a “saint,” or a “master,” or your “virgin,” or any of your religiously focused individuals. These, in actuality, are projections of your own consciousness into physical form. Although it is possible for certain essences, if they are wishing, to physically briefly manifest, the energy required to physically manifest when you are not within physical focus is tremendous, and also requiring the cooperation and incorporation of physically focused consciousness to create this as a reality. It is a joint effort, so to speak. An essence does not physically appear to you all by itself, as you would think of this. It is in cooperation with a collective consciousness in desire to view this, and also to receive a connecting message, so to speak. There have been times in your history when an essence has physically appeared to individuals. This was not only a cooperation of this essence and the essences physically focused that viewed this essence appearing. This was also the collective agreement for a purpose, as you view this, of an entire culture.

We will use for this an example that you may be able to connect with and understand. You have read within your history of accounts of your virgin, as you call her, appearing to individuals at different times. We will use the apparition of Lourdes to focus on. In this, this was not only the cooperation of this essence with this one child that the essence appeared to. This was an agreement of collective consciousness of an entire culture within this time period, which was needing of connection and validation of self to essence. In this, in feeling their separation and needing a connection, they asked for a focus. In this, an essence briefly physically appeared. This essence was not a solid individual within this dimension, for an essence that is not physically focused will not be creating the same type of physical body that you inhabit. It has not created this in actual cells physically focused from birth. It is expressing a projection of an image that appears to you as familiar and identifiable that you may relate to. You also, in viewing this, if you were to be touching this essence, your physical hand would be passing through, for there is no physical substance and thickness to this essence. It was agreed upon to be connecting with forgotten information, connected with healing, that you possess the ability to be healing; this in actuality not being the express words or message that was delivered in this place, but the resulting action from this occurrence, for this was the express wish and desire of the collective consciousness at that time.

Therefore, to be speaking to you as I speak to you for prolonged periods of time, it is necessary to be incorporating with another individual in cooperation for physical expression. In answering this very simply now, I may appear to you outside of Michael’s body, but you will be viewing me differently and for only a second. I would not possess the solidity that you possess within this dimension.

ELIZ: So like when I was laying on my bed and I wasn’t feeling good, and I was dwelling on not feeling good, and I saw someone running from my bathroom to my living room, and it scared the pee out of me, was that you or just any essence? Was that just letting me know that I can see essences?

VICKI: (Whispering to Elias) I think we should lock her up!

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence! Within the same cell as yourself and Michael! I am in agreement. (Laughter) Do you not realize that this is not “normal” (looking directly at Guin) to be viewing things that are not there?

ELIZ: I don’t picture it quite like that, you know.

ELIAS: This was not my essence. This was the essence of Marshuka. This was also exactly what you viewed this to be, an expression in allowing you to view another essence. You will notice how quickly you viewed this essence, this being directly what I have been expressing presently, that an essence generating the energy to physically manifest for your viewing is extreme. Therefore, it is exhibited very briefly. Even with your technology and your cameras that are capturing images of essences, you will notice that this equipment will be surveying, watching for these essences for long periods of time, and capture one frame of image.

RON 2: That was my next question, about ghosts.

ELIAS: The expression of manifestation for ones such as I to physically be viewed incorporates vast concentration of energy. You may view this in the same terms as your physical body growing and expending energy, from the age of two to the age of twenty, within one second. Therefore, you may incorporate some understanding of the tremendous concentration of energy focused to create this manifestation that you view, this being in actuality no more effort for me, or Marshuka, or any essence which is not physically focused, than you exert in moving your little finger, but it does require a pulling of concentration from other areas in which we may be focused; and as our consciousness is focused within more areas than you may comprehend, we may be pulling energy form quite a few of these areas, and we are choosing not to be pulling this concentration from these areas regularly. It is not necessary and incorporates parlor tricks.

RON 2: Could you explain a situation that happened? I was sound asleep in my bed, and all of a sudden I was awoken, and I had a tremendous feeling that there was energy, or somebody around me, just standing there. I could not see them, but I felt the energy, and I do not know what they wanted. I would like to know what they wanted, but it’s not necessary. Could you explain that? Is that possible?

ELIAS: This is quite possible, and is also occurring quite frequently. When you are engaged in connecting with essence through your sleep state and your dreaming time, you have opened your consciousness to incorporate other essences. Many times, you may awaken within this situation and be experiencing, within wakeful consciousness, this energy. You would express this in terms that “your veils are still down.” Therefore, your consciousness is still wide enough to be perceiving of other energies. You may incorporate this same noticing during waking time. This is only a situation of noticing, for these essences are around you continuously. You only do not perceive them, for you are not noticing. As to the issue of if they are wanting something, no. They are not wishing any expression from you. They are only there.

RON 2: I was hoping they could tell me something. Thank you again.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, I have another question, if nobody else does.

ELIAS: I will incorporate a question, that Lawrence may hand Elias Michael’s cup. (Laughter) Thank you.

VICKI: You’re welcome. (Pause)

ELIAS: (To Vicki) Yes?

VICKI: Michael and I experienced a similar lack of energy, physical energy, which returned quite abruptly a few days ago, a mutual sharing of physical expression for a time, and I’m just curious if that had to do with a mutual, some sort of separation between us.

ELIAS: Separation would be an incorrect term in this situation. Connection would be the correct term. You were both experiencing conflict in very similar areas. This is not surprising (smiling), and incorporating a shared connection in that, and moving through belief systems and conflicts and patterns; doing this, as to be expected, in great connection with each other within your own probabilities of your own selves, and experiencing the moving through simultaneously, therefore experiencing the other side of this, so to speak, at the same time. I will ask you also, does this not incorporate a sense of effortlessness when you have accomplished this?

VICKI: Absolutely.

ELIAS: Notice this. You also, in moving through these conflicts, will experience not only an effortlessness, but a lightness. You will experience what you term to be your soul, or your self, which is in actuality your consciousness connected to essence, as being weightless, this being incorporated almost to the point of physical mass weightless or lightness which is directly affecting of your mood, and also directly affecting of your perception, and noticing of the elements around you. You may express to Michael that although you both identify with your season of autumn, and are attributing this new lightness to the beginning of this season, you are incorporating this feeling early, for you are noticing a new awareness of wonder and an new appreciation of beauty, which is a direct expression of essence in awareness and connection. In this, you may all see the natural and quite positive by-product spilling into physical focus of connection. Therefore, (looking at Jo) when you fear for connection, understand that the outcome of connection is joy! (Smiling, and a pause)

RON: I’d like to ask a question that I don’t think has been asked, at least while I was awake!

ELIAS: Ah! (Grinning, and laughter)

RON: I’m curious about Sophia’s connection with the group.

ELIAS: Sophia! Sophia, also as with Yarr’s connection with the essence of Twylah, Sophia being fragmented of the essence of Minerva; this connecting her more solidly to this group than would your developmental focuses, although she also incorporates these developmental focuses, which connect her also to you within this group, and you may be choosing to find one of these developmental focuses within your exercise together; and this time you may, if you are calling upon me to be “filling in your blanks,” so to speak, not lose them, although it is not important, for you have connected already, and you are aware of your information! (To Ron) But, you did not expect that I would leave this unnoticed?! (We all laugh) I wager he find aliens and little gray squashy guys more interesting than Elias and being a wild Frenchman! I must say, they are more interesting looking! I will, only for verification, connect and confirm the relationship of Sophia to Elizabeth, this being quite strong, this being an exchange of mother and daughter more than once.

RON: That means we were married! (Laughter)

ELIAS: This was not married, this was only incorporated! (Laughter)

RON: Oh! (More laughter)

ELIAS: And Oliver would be so jealous!

VICKI: Yes, he would! (Laughing, because Christie has always wanted to hear she had been a whore in a post life) (Pause)

CATHY: So, Elias, do you ever have conflict in your focus, or are you like, way wider than that, and it doesn’t happen?

ELIAS: I would venture to say that if I was wishing, I could also incorporate actually more sarcasm than Shynla! (Laughter) And actually, no! For I am way wider! (Sarcastically, and much laughter)

CATHY: Well, sometimes when I experience conflict in this physical focus, let’s say if I’m gonna take a job and it might be hard, like the one in Toronto, so to speak, and I have a lot of conflict about accepting that job, but I go ahead and do it anyway, and it turns out okay ...

ELIAS: So to speak ... (Humorously)

CATHY: So to speak, yeah. So what about the fact that you have conflict, but then it goes away? I mean, I had conflict taking that job, but then it was okay afterwards.

RON 2: (Interrupting) You made it okay.

CATHY: I made it okay, huh?

ELIAS: (Still teasing) So, why are you worrying about this if your conflict was going away? (Much laughter)

CATHY: Because I like to do that, I suppose. I must. I do it all the time!

ELIAS: This is true!

CATHY: It is true, isn’t it?

RON 2: (Interrupting) Why do we do it over? What do we get out of it?

ELIAS: An experience! If you are truly not liking something, you will not create this any longer, this being where your shrines are.

CATHY: Oh yeah, those. Oh, those! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Remember those? (Pause)

VICKI: Yes, I remember those well. It’s a good thing when they don’t look so pretty anymore, though.

ELIAS: This is an accurate perception. When you are beginning to not like viewing them, and you are not adding to them, and you are viewing them as something that you do not wish to view any longer, then you will be dismembering them.

CATHY: I can’t take anymore!

ELIAS: Be incorporating our exercise, and focus on where your creation of conflict is coming from. When you are experiencing conflict, ask yourself why.

CATHY: Well, it’s because I’m afraid I’m not gonna be able to do what they want me to do, but it shouldn’t matter, because there is no good, there is no bad, it’s just an experience, and I’m just not used to that yet! (Laughter)

ELIAS: But you are very used to not believing in Shynla, for she is quite inadequate, and even though she is knowing her job, she is not knowing her job! (Sarcastically)

CATHY: Very accurate. Way accurate!

ELIAS: Way! (Looking at Ron, and we all crack up)

VICKI: One point for Elias!

ELIAS: Thank you! (We’re getting hysterical now) (To Cathy) We will play more, and Sophia is so serious! (Humorously)

GUIN: Just listening. (Very softly)

ELIAS: Another little rose, like Oliver. (Smiling) I am hearing of this thud! (To Jim, who bumped his head) Are you wishing of more questions? (To Cathy) No?

CATHY: Not from me!

ELIAS: Then I will be leaving you for this evening.

RON 2: Please come back soon.

ELIAS: I always do! (Grinning) And I will see you next week, and the same time, and the same station, dial in, and good night, the end! (Gone! And we’re all cracking up)

Elias departs at 9:46 PM.

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