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Monday, September 11, 1995

<  Session 36 1/2 (Pop-in)  >

Participants: Mary and Vicki.

Vic’s note: This was our first pop-in. I was having conversation with Mary, and all of a sudden I was talking to Elias! I can’t say that I’ve become used to pop-ins, but this one really blew me away! We forgot to include this in our numbering of sessions, hence the 1/2.

Elias arrived at about 4:00; and after I got over my surprise, I asked him if I could bring the camcorder into the den to tape our conversation. He responded by standing up and informing me, in no uncertain terms, that he could quite easily move the physical body, which he did! This was also a first! The taping starts at 4:21 PM.

VICKI: I believe we’re ready.

ELIAS: (Grinning) And now you are beginning to notice, not without Elias thumping on your heads though! I will say to you that you are moving quickly through your observations and your awareness, within your widening and your connections with each other; you and Michael.

VICKI: Yes. It’s so exciting!

ELIAS: It is quite interesting, is it not?

VICKI: Quite interesting!

ELIAS: I will say to you; do not allow your noticing of impulses to be creating issues, within yourself, that you are presently dealing with in widening; this being your issue of control. You may be supervising with your technical instruments. This is the following of your impulse. It is not necessary to be in complete, absolute control! You have allowed Elizabeth an incorporation which is making her feel included, this being a positive element. She is not an unintelligent individual, and she is capable of being in control of your equipment.

VICKI: This is why I didn’t follow the impulse last night.

ELIAS: Ah, but you followed none of your impulse; this being the area where you are needing to make this distinction. You are needing to recognize these impulses, but also not to carry them to an extreme.

I was quite pleased with my inventiveness of interruption of your taping and your viewing! Michael was quite amusing, with his backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards, and not figuring out that this was not working! (Obviously quite pleased with himself)

VICKI: Is this easy for you to accomplish?

ELIAS: Playing with electrical equipment?


ELIAS: Yes! I am quite electrical; this being a fascination of mine, and fun to play with!

VICKI: And did you instigate the lost seven minutes also?

ELIAS: This was initiated for your noticing. This was what you would call a nudging, for you to be noticing your impulse that you are ignoring and rationalizing away; just as Michael was also confronted with his impulse, which he was not following yesterday.

VICKI: And which impulse was that?

ELIAS: This being what he viewed as the accident with his electrical fan. Fortunately for Michael, I was watching his little bunny!

VICKI: I’m sure he very much appreciates that, and the bunny too!

ELIAS: It is quite cute! (Pause, grinning)

As to your lost time with your tape; I will explain to you, and I will also, if necessary, express this to Yarr. This may be entered into your transcript: Elias chose not to incorporate a reiteration of this information as an example of unfollowed impulses, and the consequences of thus.

VICKI: Okay. (Sighing, and feeling very responsible)

ELIAS: I am quite sure Yarr will be understanding of this, and this may be instructive to him also; to be noticing of these impulses, not only of belief systems! If you were all focusing on your own language of your own essence, instead of focusing on newly learned languages of belief systems, you would have much less conflict and trouble, and you would be anticipating Elias’ interruptions; which you were, but you were not listening to yourself. Therefore, we shall allow this transcript to stand as it is.

As to your incorporation of Yarr, this is acceptable. You may express to him that Elias expresses, “Examine yourself, and be sure!” For as I have expressed, with regard to each of you, and to Oliver also; I have an expectation of a forward motion and commitment for these sessions of our new agenda; and although I like to play, I also have an agenda to attend to, for your widening. Therefore, a commitment level is required. (Pause, smiling) And are you unclear with any other issues?

VICKI: Yeah, I’m a little unclear about a few issues. (Pause, laughing) What is the “big deal?” (Throwing her arms down on the table, and putting her chin on top of her hands)

ELIAS: (Mimicking Vicki’s actions exactly) With your probabilities?

VICKI: Yeah! (Cracking up at his perfect imitation of her)

ELIAS: I believe I will, for the present, allow you to make your phone call.

VICKI: Okay. (With a resigned tone)

ELIAS: But you are correct in your noticing that you are both quite stubborn, and if I were not incorporating blocks for your agendas for today, you would not have been here now!

VICKI: Right!

ELIAS: (Smiling) Also, the probabilities would have been different, incorporating this phone call!

VICKI: I got that impression.

ELIAS: You are also correct about your interconnectedness. It is not necessarily a “big deal.” It is a probability, and an opportunity for your connection and awareness and noticing, and for your incorporation of your connectedness. It is an opportunity to take advantage of your interconnectedness; this being that as you are counterparts of each other, Michael would have been dissuaded in this probability, for his cards may not have been incorporated. Therefore, his watchdog has been diverted from his cards to his cosmic twin!

VICKI: And the feeling of protectiveness; is this a natural by-product of this “cosmic twinsmanship,” shall we say?

ELIAS: Yes. If you are incorporating information of physically focused twins, and the connectedness; physically, psychologically, consciously, and energy-wise; it is quite an accurate mirror of essence twins. Therefore, you incorporate the same elements that biological physically focused twins also incorporate; the difference being that you incorporate more, for your consciousness is more connected. (Pause, grinning) Michael will be wondering what has happened!

VICKI: (Laughing) I suppose he will!

ELIAS: For I can experience his confusion presently!

VICKI: Yes? Oh gosh!

ELIAS: He has been aware, though, that I would not be expressing this action outside of what he views as a safe environment; this being that safety for him. It is amusing, though!

VICKI: It was quite amusing for me too! I thought he was fooling me for a moment! (Referring to the pop-in)

ELIAS: As ... (Leaning forward) He is not that good! (Vicki laughs) As you progress with your probabilities and are watching them unfold, as the petals of a flower, if you are continuing within your confusion by the time of our session for Wednesday, I will be pleased to be explaining.

VICKI: Okay. I had a sense that we could probably use this as a good widening tool.

ELIAS: Very! You may express to Michael that he needs not be so apprehensive; that just because he does not understand probabilities as they are occurring, this does not incorporate negativity! I am quite aware that he becomes apprehensive of this situation; this being only for the reason that he is obsessed with understanding everything; this being why he is “gallivanting through the cosmos” to understand everything! You will both make good teachers. (Pause, smiling) He needs not worry so much.

He asked for my input with his cards, or props as our friend Donovan expresses, and I was obliging him with the information. He has been told that this situation incorporates no negativity, as long as you are noticing and being aware! Many probabilities may incorporate negativity if you are not noticing! As long as you are aware, you are fine.

VICKI: Okay. He did a good job with his ears though, huh?

ELIAS: Very good! He is surprised with himself! He has been playing with this blue energy center to a great extent recently, and affecting of more elements than he realizes. This affectingness with his hearing will serve to be quite validating in accomplishment. Therefore, he will be finding this much easier to accomplish positive elements within himself physically. He will also validate to himself realistically, with a knowing that he is not only creating, but he is receiving what he is concentrating on. I will also express to you to deliver a message to him of “good job,” that he was not incorporating Elizabeth’s sore throat; for he was concentrating on not incorporating, and was receiving what he was concentrating on.

VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: Although I may also say the same for Lawrence, for you did create this quite effectively!

VICKI: Yeah! (Laughing)

ELIAS: This I must express of both of you; that you are creating quite efficiently, when you are concentrating upon a thing! (Pause) Are you needing of more information? For if you are not, I will be choosing to be “popping-out,” (grinning) and I may be choosing to be “popping-in” again!

VICKI: This is acceptable.

ELIAS: Very well. Then I will temporarily express au revoir.

VICKI: Au revoir, and thank you.

Elias departs at 4:48 PM.

Vic’s note: I must say that Mary’s reaction, to “coming to” in a different room, was hysterical! Probably the best imitation of “Lucy” that I have ever seen! (Sorry, Mare! I know it wasn’t very funny for you, but even you will have to admit that it was a very funny situation!)

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