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Friday, March 05, 1999

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“Trigger Actions”

“Color and Tone”

“Table Tipping”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 11:32 AM. (Arrival time is 30 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning, Yarr! (Smiling)

JIM: Ah! Good morning, Elias! A beautiful day in cosmic land? (Elias chuckles) I have some inquiries and clarifications, if you could help me out with some insights this morning?

ELIAS: Very well. You may proceed.

JIM: Thank you. I’ve gone over Lawrence’s last session she had with you, and towards the end, you were talking about the table tipping. Her question was, “We attempted it way more than twice. In my perception, there wasn’t much difference in all of the attempts. So my question is, what was the difference in the accomplishment?”

They ran out of tape, and Lawrence expressed that it had a lot to do with allowance, and the session that I was involved in, I think, was about the first time that we did it, and I felt overwhelmed in that area of allowance and “moving in” with the wood, and I’d like it if you could maybe expand on her question and give me some insight.

ELIAS: Very well. In these types of experiences, what you are accomplishing is an allowance of yourselves to be merging in consciousness, recognizing that there is no separation, and that what you create within physical matter is solid and stationary for the reason that you perceive it to be in this manner.

Now; let me also express to you that at times, your trust of self varies, and there is an allowance for your own abilities in these types of actions. In this, at times you are, in your trust of self, connecting with other individuals, and you are in actuality creating your expectation. I have expressed to you many times that you shall be creating what you are concentrating upon and you shall be creating what you expect.

Now; at times this appears to be contradictory, for you hold one expectation objectively, and you may hold a different expectation underlyingly. In this, as you group together in certain forums, you may allow yourselves to not merely be trusting in yourselves, but to be trusting in the situation and the combination of energy.

Therefore, even in the situation that certain individuals may not necessarily be entirely trusting in their own ability to be accomplishing these types of actions objectively alone, they shall be trusting in the situation that the combined energy may be powerful enough to be accomplishing the action that they wish to be accomplishing. Also, the situation may be that the individual may be trusting of the abilities of certain other individuals, which may lend energy to their own participation.

Therefore, together, as you are attempting these types of actions, you create a situation of more ease in your accomplishment, for you lend energy to each other. I have expressed this previously many times in conjunction with your meditations, that you shall be accomplishing with more ease if you are allowing yourselves to be collectively engaging this action and lending energy to each other with one specific focus of attention. Therefore, you are allowing yourselves the accomplishment, and you validate yourselves in your abilities as you allow yourselves to view your accomplishment.

The situation deviates when you are creating the attempt in this area singularly, for you do not incorporate the reinforcement of other individuals and their energy, and in that situation, you allow your own expression of doubt and discounting of your own ability singularly, and therefore you hold more difficulty in accomplishing these types of actions with yourselves.

JIM: Hmm. Okay, understood. Thank you.

Can you offer some information on the essence families and their connections with color, in that color is a tone and the essence family is a tone? Is there a connection there, and is there a relationship there? David had asked a question something like this a number of months ago, and I’m curious about that, and I’d like to understand a little bit more.

ELIAS: I have expressed recently within another session the response to this same questioning. Now, I shall offer once again to you.

The relation between essence families and color is tone to vibrational quality.

Now; be remembering that tone and color are truths. In this, there are certain vibrational qualities that resonate, so to speak, with certain tones, and are what you may term to be closely associated.

In this, each color which has been designated as representative of a particular essence family vibrates at a certain speed, so to speak, and holds a specific quality, which may be identified closely with the tone which is set by the essence family.

Now; the tone of the essence family is a collective tone which is created by all of the participating essences belonging to that particular essence family. This is determined by the intent of that particular essence family. Therefore, it is the intent which is the identification of the tone of the individual essence family, and that is the quality which resonates closely with the vibrational quality of a specific color vibration.

Within consciousness, this is not translated in the same manner as you translate this within physical terms, but the physical manifestations may be translated into an actual visual color, and also a tone, which may be translated into a sound.

Therefore, the tone and the sound, of the color and the tone, may be used, in a manner of speaking, in conjunction with your meditations focused with the intent of the particular essence family, and this also may produce another window, so to speak, to be accessing more information with respect to that particular essence family.

Now; as you will notice, I have offered the word of tone in conjunction to the color, for this word may be associated also with hue. Each color which has been associated with each essence family holds a specific vibrational quality, and as you are aware, there are very many different variations of each identification of color that you hold within physical focus. Therefore, each of these specific colors hold their own tone also, so to speak, and may not be confused with similar colors, for each essence family holds its own specific vibrational quality. Now; you may also associate these variations of colors, or differences in tone or hue of these colors, to be associated with the subdivisions of each of these essence families.

JIM: Okay. That explains a lot. I want to read over that as well. That was great. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: Kind of along the same lines, in understanding that I didn’t get my ringworm from my cat, and that there isn’t bacteria and fungus and viruses out there waiting to get you, and that your subjective awareness, in connection with energy and cellular structure and so forth, is creating of the body’s physiology, how ... within current medical theory, bacteria and fungus and viruses cause illness, and I’m beginning to shift my perception. How is it that the bacteria manifests the fungus or the virus? We do that ourselves within our subjective awareness, and that is also created? It signals to the cell itself, and it’s created within the body? I don’t see it as an organism from outside coming in and invading the body as much as medical science now perceives. Seth had spoken about this too. I wonder if you could help me with some clarification in that area.

ELIAS: Yes. In this, you hold the potential for affectingness of all dis-ease or illnesses within your physical form already.

Now; there ARE certain elements which you have created within your physical environment which may be, in a manner of speaking, transmitted from one creation to another creation. In this, do not be confused within your thought process that you are receiving a type of foreign entity into your physical form, for this is incorrect. What you are creating are certain triggers that appear to be invading you, so to speak, from outside, but in actuality, they are triggering actions that stimulate certain aspects of your physical form into creating certain illnesses.

Now; I shall express to you that in certain situations, you may not necessarily hold within your physical form a particular virus or germ, as you term this to be, but you shall create it and allow for its appearance within your physical form as you create the action of the trigger, for what you shall be accomplishing is a type of mutation of your own cells within your physical form. You are re-creating certain cells within your physical form to match the trigger action, and thereby be creating of the dis-ease. You do this for many different reasons.

But let me express to you that one example of this type of action is the creation of your dis-ease that you label to be malaria. You hold the belief that the creation of an insect and the action of its biting you – as IT is infected – shall be infecting you within your physical form. Therefore, you perceive yourselves to be contracting a dis-ease from outside of yourself.

What I am expressing to you is that you yourselves have created the creature of the insect and have also created the action of the insect biting you, and in this have created your method, so to speak, of trigger action, which your body consciousness shall be responsive to and shall be re-creating or mutating certain cells within your physical form to be accommodating of the trigger action which you have created, and therefore, you shall create the dis-ease.

JIM: Hmm. That’s a little bit, then, a belief, and the energy that’s within that belief as well, in many situations.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Okay, I’m going to review that. That was interesting. I read recently about magnetites. They’re exploring some of the connections within our bodies. Is there a relationship with that type of thing and magnetism? Being that we created the magnetic field, we are the magnetic field. Is the purpose and location of magnetites within the body what we’ve created to maintain physical focus?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that this is a natural expression within this particular dimension. You have created physical forms, physical bodies, that are an expression in many elements of electrical and magnetic impulses.

In this, you have created a complex structure physically – within your creation of physical matter, in conjunction to your time element – but this is a manipulation of electrical energy. It is translated into a physical matter form, but within its basics, in a manner of speaking, the energy is of electrical magnetic expression.

Therefore, these qualities, which you shall find throughout all elements of your physical dimension, are affecting in many different expressions of your physical form and may be used in conjunction with manipulating energy in different manners, for this is a natural expression that you hold and that is basic to your physical reality. Therefore, in manipulating this type of energy, you may efficiently also manipulate many different circumstances, situations, and actions within your physical reality.

JIM: Hmm. Okay. So there isn’t any particular anatomical location where magnetism centers within the body or produces a magnetic field that’s focused more intently? Or is it just throughout the entire energy field of the body, so there is no central focus within the energy field?

ELIAS: Within your energy field, you do hold a point of focus, which would be in association with the energy center of purple.

JIM: Okay. That makes sense. And the purple, as you’ve expressed previously, is directing of other energy centers?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Okay. The white, black, and magenta energy centers, they’re clustered together, or is there somewhat of a succession of them within our relationship with our body? They’re clustered above the purple, and they work in conjunction or are clustered somewhat together? Is that a correct term?

ELIAS: Correct. They shall be relatively associated closely with each other, although you may view what you term to be white slightly closer to the physical energy field than would be the positioning of the black and magenta.

JIM: Okay. That’s great. Thanks. A couple of weeks ago, when I really smacked and stubbed my toe ... you gave me an explanation at our last session, and this had happened after that, and then I cut myself with the hoof knife when working on a horse, and so forth.

When incidents of these types of things happen and we cause injury to ourselves, is that a notification somewhat of not being in the now? I’m just wondering, why did I allow this to happen? Why did I cut open my knuckle, if I am creating my reality? For the experience, okay, but I kind of see that there’s other things for my noticing there, areas I can begin to look into as to purpose, so to speak.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Yarr – for your benefit and for the benefit of individuals that may be understanding of this type of action presently within their awarenesses – that as you have incorporated much information and as you have allowed yourself a time framework to be assimilating this information, you now move into an awareness which expands itself.

In this action, I may be responding to you slightly differently than I have responded to you previously, for you shall notice that previously, in questioning of this type, I shall have offered to you a singular answer as to what you are creating and why you are creating of this type of action.

Now I shall express to you that within your present awareness, you may recognize that each of these types of actions hold more than one purpose, so to speak, in your terms; that you are creating of these types of actions to be gaining your attention, but not merely singularly in one area.

Previously, it has been efficient for us to be expressing singularly to you, for you have allowed yourself to be assimilating singular answers. Now, as you open more to your periphery and you recognize more within your noticing and within your experiences, you shall understand that these experiences you are presenting to yourself for the noticing of several different areas, of which you are addressing to simultaneously.

In this particular situation, you are correct that you are offering yourself imagery, so to speak, to be drawing your attention into the now, and allowing yourself to be addressing to your own continuation to be holding your attention within the now more efficiently. You also are creating imagery to yourself which addresses to your own singularity of attention.

Notice the imagery that you have presented! In both scenarios, you are creating of an action of hurtfulness in the area concerning or in conjunction with what would term to be a foot. Although you have injured another area of your physical form within one situation, you have injured yourself physically in conjunction with focusing upon a foot and interacting with a foot. This is another presentment of imagery to yourself in your communication to yourself that you are focusing singularly upon this area of your own physical form.

You continue to concern yourself with your creation of physical affectingness with feet. Therefore, as you are holding your attention singularly, you are perpetuating the affectingness. Therefore, in this, you are also offering yourself more imagery to be suggestive to you that you allow yourself to not hold so tightly to your attention in this area, for this is merely perpetuating the very situation that you wish to not be perpetuating.

You also present yourself, in these actions, imagery of movement – the movement which you perceive to be potentially painful in your own widening of your awareness. (Jim laughs)

Therefore, as you view these actions, you may also recognize that there are many more indications that you are offering to yourself than merely one, for presently, you have allowed yourself to widen your awareness to the degree that you may be assimilating more than one singular reasoning for each of the actions that you engage, and they ARE more extensive than initially viewed objectively.

There are also implications, so to speak, in conjunction with interconnectedness with other individuals and collective consciousness, so to speak.

Therefore, in this, I express to you now to be noticing more of the communication that you are offering to yourself in each action that you engage.

JIM: Okay. I’ll be investigating and noticing. Boy, that was ... you hit the nail on the head there! (Elias chuckles)

My father with his knee discomfort, my friend with his toe, and so forth ... for some time, I’ve just been projecting to these people, just offering an expression, since these people have begun looking to themselves, with vitamins and medications and herbals and so forth, and creating their own healing. So, within an expression of helpfulness to another individual, those were expressions that were offered freely, and they took that energy and created their own energy and created their own healing. That’s kind of how things took place. They received the information subjectively, the energy was there, and then they began to work it through their own process, and did whatever they wanted to with it.

ELIAS: Correct, and in this, you offer an expression of energy that may be received in whichever manner may be chosen by the individual, and subsequently, the individual may be applying that energy in whichever direction they are choosing.

This may be in what YOU perceive to be helpful areas, for you perceive helpfulness to be the expression of “fixing.” (Grinning)

But I may also express that they hold the choice to be allowing themselves to incorporate the expression of energy that you offer to perpetuate their situation that they have chosen also.

In this, you are merely offering energy to another individual and allowing no expectation, and in no expectation, you also are creating within yourself more of an acceptance, not merely of your abilities, but also an acceptance of other individuals’ expressions, and not reinforcing your own duplicitous expressions in these areas.

JIM: Okay, understood. Thank you. I’ve been playing with the bird of homeopath here for a while, that branch of medicine. They use all natural substances and so forth, and the way that it’s titrated down, that also kind of seems to be ... they’ve described it as somewhat of a hologram of the substance, in creating a reaction within the body. That too is an allowance, for that reaction to occur, to promote a certain action, to promote the body’s own action in healing itself.

So, an individual can choose whether they’ll allow that action to take place as well? Or, since it’s a natural substance, will some of that action take place subjectively within the person? There again, I guess if they’re allowing it.

ELIAS: Quite. This would be an expression of acceptance and also of belief, for you shall be accepting what you believe and you shall be creating what you believe. Therefore, if you hold the belief that certain elements shall be affecting of you, they shall be!

You may be presenting ANY element to an individual and expressing its miraculous abilities to them, and if they are believing in this situation, they shall create this!

What is occurring in actuality is their own affectingness of themselves within their physical form, and it is created through the influence of their belief in any particular action or thing, so to speak. But it is the acceptance of the individual, with respect to their own responsiveness, which is creating of the effect, in a manner of speaking.

You may also express to any individual that you may merely wave but your hand within the air in a certain manner, and it may be curing their illnesses – or it may be cursing of them – and providing they are believing of this situation, they themselves shall create that very action.

JIM: So, much in the same manner that we spoke in the beginning of the session, in the action of creating the bacteria or the virus and the changing of the cellular structure, that action takes place maybe in reverse, so to speak, but it’s the same type of action?

ELIAS: It IS the same action, for these types of actions of contracting a dis-ease, so to speak, are created through your beliefs that you shall BE contracting these dis-eases, providing you are engaging in certain actions that shall create this type of situation.

JIM: Hmm. Okay, that ties a lot in.

I’d like to get a couple of essence names, if I could, for some family members. My father Duane? (Pause)

ELIAS: Ira; I-R-A.

JIM: Okay, thank you. And my mother Josephine? (Pause)

ELIAS: Emma; E-M-M-A.


ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Okay. My brother John? (Pause)

ELIAS: Noah; N-O-A-H.

JIM: And a cousin, her name is Heather. (Pause)

ELIAS: Zola; Z-O-L-A.

JIM: Okay. And one more, if I may – a new individual that I introduced to you, which she found you to be fascinating – Joan. (Pause)

ELIAS: Leece; L-E-E-C-E.

JIM: Okay. And one more, my sister Sally. (Pause)

ELIAS: Darsch; D-A-R-S-C-H.

JIM: Wonderful. Thank you so much!

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: That’s about all. I saw Rudy last night. She says hello, and thank you for all the interaction. She wanted to ask if her friend George was okay, and about the connection that she’s been feeling with him since his movement here, and she said that she has felt a profound shift within her consciousness, and she was wondering if you could offer her a little bit of information in that area. (Pause)

ELIAS: As to the initial questioning – the individual of which Rudy is inquiring as to their state of well-being – I offer that the individual is fulfilling of their value fulfillment, and therefore may be what you may consider to be fine.

As to the subsequent questioning: the noticing of this shift, so to speak, is precisely that, and accurate in its terminology also.

As I have offered previously, as you have entered into this time framework, you are participating now within your final year of your century and your millennium, and in this, as I have also stated, you all collectively have lent much energy to this time framework, and much movement is occurring and shall continue to be occurring in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

Now; what Rudy is experiencing is a shifting, so to speak, in his own energy, which is also a shifting in the noticing and awareness.

I may also express to Rudy to be noticing of this, and also to be offering self an allowance in relaxation in this area, for this may be creating of what you may term to be distress if he is moving in the direction of holding – or continuing to be holding – to his energy and belief systems in certain areas.

If allowing himself to be noticing of movement naturally and letting go of certain issues, he shall be expressing much more of an ease in this area of shifting energies and shifting movement presently, and shall allow for more of an opening to his own widening of awareness.

Let me express clearly. One of these areas that Rudy may address to is to be allowing the letting go of holding to energy with respect to individuals participating within non-physical transition.

Now; you may express to Rudim from myself directly: it is time!

In this, what I am expressing is, Rudy holds the ability presently – and the strength in acceptance presently – to be allowing the expression of letting go in this area, which shall be creating of a tremendous opening for himself within his own movement forward, so to speak, and an allowance of great freedom, in another manner of speaking, for there shall be a lifting of a heaviness of energy which has been blocking of certain movement to this point, but it is unnecessary to be holding of this energy any longer.

The reason that this energy has been held for this length of time framework is directly related to areas of lack of acceptance of self, in which there is created certain underlying elements of guilt and blame, which I have expressed previously, in a manner of speaking, were there a waste of energy, this would be the expression of it!

Therefore, I express to him that within this time period, much energy is available to be accessed, to be helpful in an allowance of his own movement to be letting go of this aspect of blocking and to be allowing the acceptance of self in this area, GENUINELY recognizing that other individuals are creating of their reality and create their own choices.

And therefore, he may now, in his expression of acceptance of self, be reminding himself in this area, and this shall be creating of a new window of freedom for his own movement. What he is experiencing in feeling presently is the push of energy in this area and a new expression of self acceptance, and this creates the sensation of a tremendous shift in consciousness and awareness within him.

JIM: Hmm. I can relate to a lot of that too. Okay. Well, I think that’s all for this day. Thank you very much. I always appreciate sharing time with you, and look forward to our continued interaction.

ELIAS: Very well, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting also, and I express great encouragement to you, Yarr, for you may be also accessing this movement in energy collectively, and this shall be offering helpfulness to you in your noticing within your widening of awareness. You are accomplishing well, and I continue to be offering energy to you within your expression. I express to you this day great affection, and....

JIM: Ditto, old friend! Thank you very much. Good day.

ELIAS: And I bid you a very fond adieu.

JIM: Thank you.

Elias departs at 12:38 PM.

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