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Sunday, March 07, 1999

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“Physical Affectingness/Healing”

“Stepping Outside of Mass Beliefs”

“A Balancing Act/Staying in the Now”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Margot (Giselle), and Howard (Bosht).

Elias arrives at 1:22 PM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

HOWARD: Good morning!

MARGOT: Good morning! It’s nice to hear your voice again!

ELIAS: And we meet once again, for objective interaction!

MARGOT: That’s right, objectively! It’s nice to hear your voice here in objective reality! (Elias chuckles)

I called us together today because I finally decided it was time to ask for help on a couple or three things. Generally speaking, my health just improves and improves, little by little over time, and I feel that’s because I work on little issues as they come along – if we can call them little issues! (Elias grins) But I have a couple or three things that hang on that I’ve had for a while, and I feel that I may still be hanging on to former ways of viewing those pains, and so that’s what I wanted to ask about.

I recognize that any dis-ease that I get comes from blocked energy, which comes from issues, which come from belief systems. I think I’ve got that outline down pretty well. But this first thing I want to talk about is, a couple of months ago, I came through a kind of a change – it was kind of forced on me – and I felt that I was getting my own attention on the thing, and I’m sure that’s true because I certainly got it!

I’ve had for several years – many years, I could even say – what is diagnosed as two cervical vertebra – they call them number C-3 and number C-6 – that have tended to slip out of place. I’ve seen the x-rays, and yes, they do slip out of place, and the relief I’ve been able to get for that has really been quite good. I have gone for several years to a certain chiropractor, and he puts them in place, and then I go from ... I WAS going every four to six months. Well, that all changed a couple of months ago when he couldn’t get them to stay in place, and he let me know ... he didn’t tell me directly, but it became very clear to me that he couldn’t do any more for me.

And so I decided that I would watch it myself, and I would see what was really going on, or I would try to, and so I kind of kept track of this pain every day. I can go four or five days with no pain in either place at all, and then one of them will do whatever and I’ll be in pain, then the other one, and that’ll happen for four or five days, and then I’m back to no pain at all.

Now, this is very strange, from a chiropractic point of view, at any rate, so I would really like you to help me understand what the issue is, whether it’s the same issue in both of those places, or what it is that I should have tripped on by now and I haven’t.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Giselle, that what you are presenting yourself with NOW in this imagery that you are creating is your own observance of balance.

You have already presented yourself with your belief systems and blocking of energies and examining different aspects that may be affecting of you. Now you move into an action of manipulating this energy back and forth, so to speak, and in this, you offer yourself the opportunity to view moments of balance as you allow yourself to move into the now and allow yourself to focus within the now, which is helpful in creating an element of balance, and this is alleviating of certain painfulness. And as you slip, so to speak, out of the now, and you slip into the expression of blocked energy, you also “slip out” these particular bones within your physical form.

The imagery presented in this is the “placing in” and the “slipping out.” This is significant in your creation of this action, for it is objective imagery of the time frameworks in which you are looking outside of self to be manipulating your energy and to be addressing to certain elements within your focus, as opposed to time frameworks in which you are looking IN and allowing yourself your attention within the now. In these two....

MARGOT: That makes a great deal of sense, and I can even see the imagery there that I haven’t been able to look at. It’s almost as plain as the nose on my face, is it not?

ELIAS: Quite. And also, look to this imagery that you have offered to yourself, in which another individual is not accomplishing manipulating YOUR energy efficiently, in moving the position of the “out” elements into the “in” position.

MARGOT: Yes. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

ELIAS: YOU are the manipulating factor in this action. Therefore, you have created the situation to not be allowing the affectingness of this other individual any longer, within his efficiency.

MARGOT: Yes, I understand. That is really good! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MARGOT: Now, something else; another pain, another block of energy.

For several years, quite a few years, I have had foot pain – pain in the balls of my feet. It’s nerve pain. It has a medical name and a medical background and all that sort of thing, and I could go and have my feet operated on and they could fix it. They do that very well nowadays, I understand, but I haven’t wanted at all to do that.

I have to be very watchful as I buy shoes ‘cause my feet have to stay flat or the pain comes, and even with good shoes, I still get some pain every day. This is an issue that came up for me, obviously, many years ago. I’d like you to speak to me about that if you would.

ELIAS: This also is related to the presentment of balance, although this is not what you would consider to be a recent expression of this balance element. You have been presenting yourself this imagery for quite a time period, offering yourself the imagery physically that as you are not allowing yourself balance upon your feet, it is affecting of all other areas of your physical form and your functioning. Therefore, you also present yourself this element as a mirror image of inner balancing.

In this, you also are offering yourself imagery in another area, to be addressing to your own belief systems in the area of different types of actions which may be incorporated to be affecting of such creations. You present yourself with medical and what you may term to be alternative aspects of healing subject matter, and subsequently turn to self and express to yourself that YOU may be affecting of this, but you are not addressing to the hold that you continue to possess in the aspects of these healing beliefs.

In creating judgments upon certain actions, expressing that one action is better than another action or that one action is not good, you are reinforcing several different aspects of beliefs, and in this action, you are perpetuating the lack of balance. Therefore, you are also perpetuating the physical affectingness.

In this, as you look to certain offerings of how you may be affecting this condition, so to speak, with outside influences, you are rejecting of those influences and attempting to turn your attention to self and be affecting of the situation within self, but you are not accomplishing the elimination of the affectingness. Therefore, you also create doubtfulness within yourself as to your own abilities or the efficiency of your own abilities.

In this action, what you are accomplishing is reinforcing your own duplicity in this area, underlyingly expressing to yourself that you are incapable of accomplishing certain areas of affectingness. This reinforces certain elements within you of inadequacies, so to speak, and perpetuates the situation of a lack of balance, and therefore the physical affectingness also is perpetuated.

Many times, let me express to you, individuals may focus their objective attention in certain areas quite concentratedly, and in that action, they may delude themselves into a thought process that they have addressed to and dealt with certain issues. In actuality, they have merely diverted their expression into a different direction of reinforcing the very same action that they have deluded themselves into thinking that they have discontinued.

In this, you bring these elements into your awareness presently in a different manner, offering yourself the opportunity to view the interconnectedness of different belief systems and how they may be exchanging birds from one cage to another, and in this action, they may also be confusing you in your attempt to be addressing to these types of situations.

In this, you may focus your attention upon balancing, and this may be more affecting. But in this balance, be remembering also that if you are creating a singularity in your attention, concentrating upon certain physical elements in extreme, you may also assure yourself that you shall be reinforcing the very action that you wish to be discontinuing.

MARGOT: I see. I think that I understand that. It leads also into something I was going to ask you about.

For a very long time now, long before I met Seth or you, I have truly believed that we can heal ourselves. I think it’s obvious because we heal ourselves of little things – you know, we get a cut and it heals – and so I think the evidence is there in front of us all the time.

But I also understand that there is a belief system in the mass that we don’t heal ourselves, and I have wondered of late how influencing that is on my belief that I can!

ELIAS: It IS influencing, for all of your belief systems are held en masse, and therefore are lent much energy.

And in this, you each – in addressing to your own individual belief systems and the aspects of those belief systems that you individually hold – look to yourselves and express to yourselves that you are not aligning with mass belief systems, when in actuality you ARE aligning with mass belief systems.

You may be moving yourself into a position of releasing one bird from the cage of these mass belief systems, but aligning with a different bird which is contained within the same cage. In this, you confuse yourselves, for you look to one element that you THINK you have allowed to fly free, and therefore, you shall not be affected any longer by the mass belief system.

What I am expressing to you is that there are many, many, many birds contained within each of these cages, and you may be releasing some of these birds, and this is not to say that the belief system and the energy which is lent en masse shall not be affecting of you any longer.

This is the point of this shift in consciousness, to be neutralizing the effect of these birds within these cages, recognizing that as any of these birds remain within these cages, they are continuing to be lent energy, not merely with yourself but en masse, which as they are lent energy en masse, they are also affecting of you, for you are all interconnected and you are not separated. Therefore, you also are not immune from the affectingness of the collective consciousness which is associated with this dimension and all of the belief systems that you have created within it.

The point....

MARGOT: You would be saying though, wouldn’t you – or I hope you can assure me – that in spite of the mass belief system in not being able to heal ourselves, I could eventually arrive at the point that I could heal everything?

ELIAS: Yes, you may, and this is your allowance to be stepping outside of the influence of the mass and its lending of energy, and you do hold the ability to be accomplishing in this area.

You may be expressing this healing element of yourself within your physical form in every direction that you choose, and what is merely required is your trust and acceptance in self in NOT aligning with the mass belief system. This would be your expression of stepping outside of the mass expression.

Let me also express to you in this that you align with the mass belief systems, for there is ease in collective energy. It is, within physical focus, much more difficult to be manipulating energy without the lending of energy of the mass.

This is not to say that you may not be accomplishing of this, but is also the reason that you look to methods, for you perceive that if you are offered a method, it may be creating of more ease for you individually to be moving outside of these mass belief systems.

I express to you that your method is merely to be trusting and accepting of self, and you may be accomplishing of any – underline any – action that you choose to be accomplishing within your physical focus.

MARGOT: Yes. Thank you. I’m sure that I will think of that many times. I think about that little adage you gave me a while back, about how it’s not necessary to believe a thing. The important thing is to trust it, at least when you start out with something.

ELIAS: Quite.

MARGOT: Okay. Most of us who have been metaphysically inclined for several/many years have been told the opposite of what it is that you say, and so I’ve been trying to get this down about right side and left side. I was always told it was the opposite, but yet you say, and I’m sure you’re right on this, that the left side is the thought side and the right side is the emotion side. Have I got that right?

ELIAS: You are correct.

MARGOT: Okay. I’ve really been thinking about this because all of my life, my left leg from the waist down – my left side from the waist down – has always been weaker, so to speak. It’s had more things wrong with it, and so I’ve thought about that a lot, and I’d like to ask you about it. I have a come-and-go pain in my right hip, right at the top of my right hip. Is that more of a situation of balance, or not staying in the now, or what’s going on there?

ELIAS: No. This is a different expression that you are connecting to within energy. The energy has been placed in this particular area with yourself to be offering you imagery in alignment with addressing to the belief system and the wave in energy which is occurring presently dealing with the element of sexuality, which is one of the two base elements of this particular physical dimension. Therefore, it is very affecting within consciousness and within energy. There are very strongly held aspects of this belief system, and this wave addresses to them, and in energy, you are identifying and connecting with this wave and with the addressment of this particular belief system, in sympa....

MARGOT: Then if I occasionally – oh, not even more than once a year – have a situation with a sciatic nerve, and the sciatic nerve begins in the hip, and in this case, of course, it’s the left hip, that pain that goes down my leg then is connected to the hip in the same way?

ELIAS: No. This painfulness that you create and the affectingness that you create upon the right side within this area of hip addresses in alignment to the belief of sexuality.

Conversely, within the expression that you have created for ongoing time framework upon your left side, so to speak, [this] is your identification of this shift in consciousness and the affectingness that it is shifting energy – as I have expressed previously – from the main expression of what YOU term to be male energy to the female energy, from the intellect to the intuition.

This be the reason that you hold affectingness in ongoing manner within your left side, and this has been expressed – as you express presently – throughout your focus, not merely within this now that you engage this information.

MARGOT: Okay. I also have a situation that has happened in both legs, but presently, it’s in the left leg a lot more. I had asked you about this, oh, probably a couple of years ago, because my mom just almost went wild with this thing in the last twenty years of her life, and it is that drawing sensation that I asked about before. It’s kind of like having a nervous leg or an anxious leg or something like that, and you said at the time that it could be various things in various folks. It’s kind of like, I said I’d never do all the things my mother did, but at any rate, I’ve got it now! (Laughing)

Even though I’ve gone back and looked at the script from the session that you said that in, I need you to refresh me on that, because I can’t seem to figure out why it is that I should have this. Is this also a left leg thing, or something having to do with the shift?

ELIAS: This is partially an expression of recognition of shifting energy and [is] in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and it is also partially an expression that allows you to identify certain elements of relationship that continue to be presented to you in needing to be addressed to, for there continues to be judgments placed upon certain aspects of the belief system of relationship in the area of yourself with respect to your parent. Therefore, you create a similar action in energy, that you may be pulling your attention in this direction to address to these aspects.

MARGOT: I see. Okay, I will go on addressing to that. It seems like I spend a great deal of time addressing to belief systems in relationships and family things and whatnot. I think we’re through talking about my physical frame now! (Elias grins)

I think you can answer this with yes or no or true or false. If I am the designated final focus, which I am, does the term “designated” mean that no other of my present – current physical reality present – focuses will disengage before I do?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Any focus may be disengaging prior to your physical disengaging.

The designation of the final focus – and its definition – is that as you being the final focus choose to be disengaging, all other focuses physically manifest within this dimension shall also disengage at that time period, or shall choose to be fragmenting.


ELIAS: Therefore....

MARGOT: I understand that, but you’re saying that any one of them could decide to disengage, and that wouldn’t create the ripple effect, so to speak. That will happen when I disengage.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Okay, I thought I finally had that right. I’ve worked on that one for a long time! (Elias grins)

How many focuses, presently manifesting, do I have in this physical dimension?

ELIAS: And are you inquiring in what you express to be overall within this dimension, or merely within this particular time framework?

MARGOT: I would say, for this question, this particular time framework.

ELIAS: Within this present now time framework, alongside of yourself, your essence focuses six physical manifestations in this same time framework.

MARGOT: Okay. I know for sure of two. One is my granddaughter, and the other is the lady on Mary’s street. Also, several years ago I had a bleed-through that I felt was a German woman. She was waxing her floor – I was waxing the floor – and looking at the carpeting, and I felt that her name was Hannah, and maybe her last name was Schmidt. That seemed to be an easy guess, somehow. Is this so? Did I bring that through, or was that something else?

ELIAS: You are correct.

MARGOT: Okay, and then a channel told me several me several years ago that I had a focus in New Zealand, a younger woman who was a marine biologist or some such thing. I haven’t glimpsed that, so I don’t know whether that is so. Can you confirm that?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARGOT: Okay. Now then, that would leave two, right? You said there was six besides me. This makes me come to the point of the TFE’s. Howard and I have done quite a few of them now in the last year, and I kind of burned out on it because I felt that I couldn’t be – I wouldn’t allow myself to be, is probably a better term – specific. And I listen to you, and I hear you tell other people to investigate, and I have felt that when I went into a TFE, for example, I couldn’t stipulate that I would like to view the focus held by the marine biologist in New Zealand. I think that’s wrong – I think you’re telling me that we can definitely stipulate. I seem to have some sort of a belief in the fact that when I go into a TFE, I have to take what I get, whatever appears. Could you address that for just a little bit?

ELIAS: Yes. Initially, let me express to you that as I offer to you that you hold six focuses, this would include yourself and not be other than yourself.

MARGOT: Okay. So that would mean that I’ve identified all but one.

ELIAS: Correct. Now; as to your difficulty with your new game and your projecting in connecting with other focuses, let me express to you, you are correct that you hold the ability to be specifically directing of your connection with any other particular focus, and you may be accomplishing in this area.

Now; let me also express to you that in the area of projecting your attention and connecting with another focus of essence which is held in this same time framework, you may experience more difficulty. This is common. Within a given time framework, it is more difficult for each of the focuses to be objectively connecting with each other than it shall be for you to be connecting with another focus within another time framework.

MARGOT: I understand.

ELIAS: The focuses that are held within one time framework hold different qualities of tone, and therefore do not automatically magnate to each other. Essence creates this situation for the diversity of experience within each time framework. Therefore, you may experience more difficulty in accessing another focus of essence which occupies the same time framework as you.

MARGOT: I understand. So, just for an example, since I feel/know that I have a focus with you in Scotland, I could stipulate that. Since that’s in another time framework, I could stipulate before I go into a TFE that that’s the one I want to view?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Okay. I think that’ll get me off my dime, so to speak. I just have a couple more things here, and then I’ll let Howard talk.

In regard to transition – and I don’t know if it’s something that you can tell me – but I keep finding it strange that I’m taking so long! I guess, from what you told me a year or so ago, I’m probably twenty-four years into it now. Am I accomplishing?

ELIAS: Quite! This is your choice of experience and your allowance to yourself in these experiences, in diverting yourself from trauma, but allowing yourself to be accomplishing within this action of transition.

MARGOT: Well, I think the reason that I keep thinking, “Well, I don’t think I’m making any progress,” is that I’m used to it. (Elias grins) It’s just, you know, my life is my life, and it seems like I have always been more or less the way I am now, and I just thought maybe it was time for me to ask you if I’m getting anything done! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I express to you that you ARE accomplishing.

Let me offer you the information that within physical terms, many individuals engage the action of transition non-physically in what may be translated into your time framework as one hundred or two hundred or more years. Therefore, this time framework that you are expressing presently is very small!

MARGOT: Well, okay! Thank you. I just thought I should get a report card on that, or something like that!

Vic’s note: I hereby give you an “A” in transition, Margot!

MARGOT: Last week, we had Lynda ask you about Isabel, our employee that we have been so concerned about. We feel such a loss. We’ve always known, since we first met her – I think since the day she walked into our place – that we were, both of us, very connected to her. I know better than to ask you why it is that we feel that way, but can you confirm that our connection to her, in non-physical reality or whatever, is as close as we feel it is?

ELIAS: I shall confirm that you are interconnected.

I shall also express to you that this presentment of this particular focus that you have engaged, holding this naming of Isabel, has been quite purposeful. This is not a situation of any necessity to be exploring different connections to this individual, so to speak, in different focuses. This particular focus has presented itself to you purposefully, to be helpful to you in several different areas.

One area is that you may view the strength of your attraction to certain types of physically focused individuals as opposed to other types of personalities. This shall be helpful to you in the expression of acceptance with other individuals, and also with yourselves.

This focus has also offered you helpfulness in allowing you to address to automatic responses in certain actions as influenced by certain belief systems.

This individual has also offered much energy to you, in presenting the opportunity for you to view the areas in which you judge certain behaviors of other individuals – in areas that you view to be good and bad – and the influence in emotional areas that is affected by these beliefs and these judgments, for you are greatly affected at times, so to speak, in emotional expressions that you may perceive to be dictated by the influence of your beliefs.

You are quite affected emotionally in sadness by an individual that has removed themselves....

MARGOT: I haven’t been hearing you very well, Elias, but I think I would just like to ask one more thing about Isabel. I am presuming that she is still physically manifesting. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct, presently.


ELIAS: Presently, you are correct.

MARGOT: What are her probabilities of being able to leave the situation that she’s in?

ELIAS: The probability exists, although the choice to be engaging that probability, she is not leaning in the direction of.

MARGOT: Okay. Howard?

HOWARD: Well, I understood you to say that ... well, I’ll rephrase this. When she first came into our presence, in another time, maybe six or seven years ago, I would have said that she was deliberately or directly sent for the experience, and when you mentioned ... when you talked about how she has affected us, I remembered that initial thought. I have been more recognizing of late, in the last three or four years, how we have been very influential in a passive way to a lot of people who come into contact with us because of the store and our mundane work in the community, and I’m beginning to understand that we are pretty well liked.

So, when you said that she came to share with us emotional ideas and was able to expose us to other belief systems, which we have already, hopefully at least, been able to recognize and accept ... her latest thing is Bill Cooper and George Bush’s involvement in the Illuminati, which we both are well aware of but gave no energy to, just to try to suggest something else to look at.

Then, her sudden departure. That’s the mystery, for me at least. Not a phone call or anything. I have a lot of feelings about that because of what happened on the Friday before, but I guess I’m ready to move on. If she does not wish to come back, that’s fine. That’s the price of help, and we’ll attract another person that we would like to share our life with.

ELIAS: The point is that the individual has offered you the opportunity to view how closely you associate your emotional expressions with your belief systems and the judgments that you are placing upon certain actions.

Within your very expression of your statement within this present now, you express the emotional affectingness in conjunction with an action that you view to be unacceptable. The individual has removed themselves, and this – without any expression of contact to you in explanation – is unacceptable. Therefore, there is a judgment which is placed upon this – and an expectation – and this is the response that you are creating subsequently. You are creating the expression of disappointment and distress, for you hold affection for this individual, and therefore, you allow more of an affectingness than you would be allowing yourself were you NOT holding affection for this individual.

Therefore, I express to you, the point is not to be viewing this situation and expressing to yourselves merely, “Oh well, we shall move on,” but to be viewing what has been offered to you in this situation to be helpful to you in addressing to your own beliefs and how very affecting they may be in emotional expressions.

HOWARD: Okay ... okay. Sounds ... I think I could deal with that. (Elias chuckles) In fact, I know I will. I think I understand. (Elias chuckles again) You chuckle! I’ll give you another chuckle. Why do I have a problem pronouncing your name? I want to call you Elius (ee’lius), and then I have to correct myself that it’s Elias. Sometimes I don’t know your name. Why do I have a problem with that?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And this would be your allowance of bleed-through of other focuses that you hold and your interconnectedness with them within physical expressions. In this, there are different physical languages that express this particular physical name in different manners.

You are allowing yourself to be connecting with two particular other focuses which lend energy to you presently, in helpfulness to you in assimilating this information; one being of what you would term to be Spanish descent, so to speak, located in South America, and another which is occupying an area upon what you would term to be a Russian-Polish border, which also would be physically offering the pronunciation of this word in the same fashion. (Chuckling)

HOWARD: Thank you. Interesting! I thought it was a biblical name from one of the prophets. But also, there was another entity that we knew shortly, some time ago, that had the name Elius. Anyway....

MARGOT: Well, his name was actually Elias, I believe. It was spelled the same way, but the channel called him Elius, and I know that was something for me to get used to.

ELIAS: This is merely a difference in pronunciation as dictated through different translations of different physical languages.

MARGOT: I see.

ELIAS: The tone is the same.

HOWARD: Alright. My first question has to do with a friend of mine, and I guess I would like to say, this is more or less off the record. We can call him Joe. He might get this transcript, and it might get a little confusing. But I’m thinking ... I better put my glasses on. I seem to have shared many lifetimes with him, and I’ve decided that he is either a counterpart ... now, this is in the old days when I understood counterparts to be part of an oversoul thing, and now I think I understand focuses connected to essence. But I decided that he was a counterpart, or a part of my essence. Is that correct?

ELIAS: You hold counterpart action, but you are not of the same essence.

HOWARD: Okay, because he seems also to be very intertwined, and there’s some historical ... in the past, with me, with characters such as Chief Joseph, Joseph Smith, and John the Beloved, and there’s something going on with Paul also there. Can you explain that to me? Or am I off-base or something?

ELIAS: You do hold other physical focuses in conjunction with each other, and therefore, you may be experiencing at times certain elements of bleed-throughs which are affecting in this area.

HOWARD: We hold focuses together?


HOWARD: Does that mean a singular body, with....

MARGOT: No. You knew each other in other focuses.


ELIAS: Correct.

HOWARD: And so we were more or less involved in these events in the past, or with these characters in the past?

ELIAS: You are correct.

HOWARD: My goodness. I want to skip ahead then to another question, because this ... I seem to have many Native American memories or Indian memories, so many at times that I sometimes think that I AM an Indian – I know this will probably sound silly to readers, but I want to express it because it might bring out something that others share – and many of them seem to be parallel.

For example, during the Chief Joseph time or the early time, I have a very vivid memory – and I don’t know whether this is meditation or mushrooms or peyote or what have you – but I have this vision of about a 20-year-old dressed in white buckskin who had done a “vision quest.” He seemed to be very well-respected in the tribe, and it was Nez Perce, I’m sure. He had this vision of the deer and the grizzly, and as he explained what this was about – that he was transported way, way above the earth and he saw the grizzly coming in from the east and the deer being in his area – he was showing that the grizzly would be the white race and that the deer was his race and that they were pretty mindless – you couldn’t reason with them – and that the deer were about to become extinct, or were certainly threatened. And it was from this that he decided to get more in touch with it, to not be at war, to find an area of reconciliation with these invaders that were coming in. Hence the term, “From where the sun now stands, I shall fight no more.”

I wanted to write a book or a story on this, but I haven’t been able to get beyond that particular afternoon. I guess I’m looking for confirmation, or whether this was part of Chief Joseph’s mythology.

ELIAS: What you are allowing is the bleed-through of one particular focus and the identification of it, but you are also incorporating aspects of bleed-through of other focuses which you are translating into that one focus.

In another manner of speaking, what I am expressing to you is that you initially allow one particular focus to be bleeding through, and you are identifying with a recognition of an individual.

Subsequently, you also are incorporating certain aspects of other focuses, and you are combining all of these focuses to be creating of imagery of one individual to fit the belief that you hold of this one individual within your objective awareness, but the individual himself does not necessarily incorporate all of these characteristics.

You may be incorporating all of these characteristics and all of these bleed-throughs into one character, so to speak, and be creating of a story which shall be quite colorful and may be offering information to other individuals.

But as to an actual, literal translation of one individual, you are not incorporating that expression entirely. As I have stated, you are incorporating a combination of focuses and placing them together to be creating of one individual. Are you understanding?

HOWARD: Yes, very much so. That’s the confusion, I guess, because I can’t seem to get beyond that. And of course, I have my mind made up that it’s one individual. (Elias grins)

In a TFE recently, I had an Indian who seemed to be on both sides during a war with the Redcoats and either French or Americans. It was an Indian going back and forth, trying to get the combatants themselves, the Americans and the English and the French, to kill each other instead of the Indians. He was quite a spy, a real Mata Hari individual. The last picture I have of him is kind of in the weeds by a lake or river. He had been badly wounded, and just died. And right away, I thought of one of the more outgoing, peace-maker individuals, Tecumseh, and ... it gets very confusing because my imagination is quite run amuck, I must say!

ELIAS: You may be incorporating quite a colorful expression of your creativity, allowing yourself to be running amuck! (Chuckling)

HOWARD: (Laughing) Well, I do that!

Coming back up to the present, in mid-January I had an overwhelming rush of good feelings and revelation that something regarding my book was going to happen on or around February 15th, which has past. But shortly thereafter, I received, from a review magazine, a request for a copy of the book, and the name of the magazine is The Book Reader, which has a very substantial circulation, and they have agreed to review the book, and I’m really excited about the prospects of this being introduced to the general reading public now. It’s breaking out of the metaphysical/new age area. And I would just like to ask, what are the probabilities now? How is it looking for the success of the book now, and coming up shortly?

ELIAS: You are creating this situation, and as you continue to lend energy in this direction and as you incorporate your trust of self in this direction, you shall continue to be creating the successfulness, as you term this to be, with this expression that you have offered.

HOWARD: Very good ... very good! I believe I will ... well, okay.

Last night, we had a visit from Freddie, one of Margot’s foster children, and he spoke about how the Navajo, early on in their history, were noted for being at war with the Anasazi and early Hopi people, and he was making a corollary between that. He believes quite strongly that the Navajo held a belief that the Christ in Mark had come to the Americas and was teaching, and that the reason the wars were going on there was that it was a holy war between the two belief systems, which probably is true, but not attributed to Christ.

And I remembered this book that we have here. It’s called He Who Walks The Americas, and I’ve never asked, but we’ve thought about this a couple of times. It’s based upon the folklore of the North and South American Indian tribes having a person that walks through teaching peaceful ways, much like Tecumseh tried to do, or Deganawida or Hiawatha or other major characters of that nature in the Native American folklore. Now, this is a collection and is attributed to ... I forget the author’s name, but it’s a collection. We’ll have to take her word for it that everything is true in there. Was there such a character, and who might it be? I have a thought on that, but it’s really wigged-out. But I’d like to hear your opinion first.

ELIAS: There has been an expression of a focus of essence which has presented itself in this manner to be lending energy to the movement of the creation of your Christian belief systems.

This would not be the expression of that individual that you identify to be Jesus, and – as in like manner to that expression – is not limited to merely one individual, but more to the collective idea and concept, which has lent energy to the creation of the reality within the religious belief systems.

HOWARD: Well, that falls in line with The Book of Mormon, the three Nephites.

ELIAS: Be remembering that these are aspects of your religious belief system. They are providing you with concepts, but the actual accounts of any of these individuals are not quite as accurate as you perceive them to be within your belief.

HOWARD: Well, can I ... I’ve got to wrap this up. Then would this be John again, the one who says, “I shall tarry until you come?” Would it be John who has done this?

ELIAS: No. This is merely an expression of another essence which has physically manifest and has physically created certain events that have been offered into the stories, so to speak, of these cultures to be offering a historical factor, which the purpose of [this] has been to lend energy to the creation upon this continent of the incorporation of certain types of religious belief systems in conjunction with your Christianity, in focusing in alignment with this particular religious belief system being incorporated into the societies and cultures of these continents.

HOWARD: Okay. Remarkable! Now I must say, I’ve been keeping that one to myself for such a long time ... I’ve been reluctant to ask! (Elias chuckles) I think this will be the last question. I wanted to talk a little bit about Melchizedek, but I think I’ll drop that.

I have the sequel to We The Angels, I think, pegged with the name. It’s called The Seventh Day, because I’ve figured out recently that biblically speaking, we’re still in the sixth day; that from Genesis on, we have just been talking about after the formation of man, and that the seventh day is when God rests, and God is actually resting right now, metaphorically speaking. Would you comment on that?

ELIAS: Within the religious belief systems and their expression and the concepts set forth therein, I shall express to you that you would be expressing accurately, and therefore, this sequel, so to speak, would be following in like kind quite nicely!

HOWARD: Well, it has helped me a great deal, because then I can ... from that point of view, you can write stuff without stepping on ... well, you do step on toes. But it’s like, wait a minute, people! Wake up! We’ve been asleep! Look at what this belief is all about!

That’s about all I have. I thank you so much for bearing with us.

MARGOT: Thank you, Elias! All of this has been very helpful.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and I extend great affection to you both. I anticipate our next meeting, and I offer great lovingness to you each. I also extend energy in encouragement to you to be moving through this situation that you have presented yourself within, with respect to the individual of Isabel. I am encouraging of you to be noticing the wonder of the offering that has been presented to you in this situation, and the freedom that it offers you to be expressing. I offer also much energy in encouragement to you in your individual endeavors, in balance and in creativity. I express great lovingness to you each, and offer to you this day a very fond au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:47 PM.

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