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Friday, March 26, 1999

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“Soft/Intermediate/Common – An Explanation”

“Your Environment Does Not Create Your Perception”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Jen (Margarite), and Tim (Marlet).

Elias arrives at 8:48 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Grinning)

JEN: Hello.

TIM: Good evening.

ELIAS: We meet once again!

JEN: We do!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This evening, we shall engage a discussion.

JEN: Oh, good!

ELIAS: And I shall be offering questions, and you may be responding to these questions ...

JEN: (Laughing) Okay....

ELIAS: ... as a difference in our usual delivery. I shall be addressing to a subject matter this evening specifically, and this shall be the reason that I shall be engaging YOU, in questioning you as to your perceptions and your understandings of certain elements, for within this time period, much movement is occurring.

In this, I have expressed within this forum previously to you that there is a wave in consciousness occurring presently, and has been for a time period. Also, I have expressed to you that within this particular time period of this final year of your century and your millennium, much energy has been lent to this time framework. Therefore, energy is what you would term to be very intense – very high, in your terms – which lends to an ease in all of your expressions.

Now; this ease may be lent in the direction of conflict as easily as in the direction of fun. Therefore, you shall notice – within yourselves and within all individuals that you encounter in this time framework – individuals are experiencing extremes. Energy is very intense, and in this intensity, you all automatically draw upon all of this energy which is being lent to you within this time framework.

Therefore, if you are moving yourselves in the direction of creating fun, you shall be creating this easily. If you are creating movement through issues, you shall be moving more efficiently and more quickly through issues and offering yourselves imagery to support this. If you are creating conflict, you shall be creating extreme conflict. If you are creating stressfulness with yourselves, your stress shall be extreme. All of your expressions shall be heightened and more intense than you normally, so to speak, would be creating within your experience. Some individuals are experiencing extreme calmness. Whichever your expression, it shall be created more easily, for much energy is lent for you to draw upon within this time framework.

Now; also within this time framework there is a wave in consciousness occurring – which we have already introduced – addressing to the belief system of sexuality. This is an intense belief system itself, apart from the intensity of energy which is lent within this time framework. Therefore, you are experiencing twice the intensity.

In this, I have expressed to you previously, sexuality in itself is not a belief system. It is a base line, a building block of your creation within this particular physical dimension. You create within this dimension in the expression of sexuality and emotion for the experience.

In this, these two particular elements of your reality – sexuality and emotion – have also been created into massive belief systems. I use this terminology intentionally, for being that these are the base elements of your reality, the belief systems attached to them are very large. They also may be quite camouflaged or hidden from you, for you – within your beliefs in these areas – express to yourselves that the elements of these beliefs are not beliefs. They merely are your reality.

You express to yourself, “Male is male. Female is female. This is not a belief. It is merely a creation within your reality.” This is correct, but there are many, many, many other aspects of this particular belief that you also assign that reality to, and remove from your awareness that it is attached to a belief system. “Your physical function is your physical function. This is not a belief. This is merely the reality.” Incorrect. Your physical function is very influenced by your beliefs. “Your perception is your perception. This is a reality.” Incorrect. This is also very influenced by your beliefs. In this particular area of sexuality, your beliefs are very narrow, and you have confused yourselves in extreme with this particular belief system.

Now; in initially addressing to this belief system, we shall demonstrate your own belief, and I shall inquire of you: How do you define sexuality? (Smiling, and a pause)

JEN: Hmm. Wanna take a shot at this, babe? (Laughing)

TIM: No. (Elias chuckles)

JEN: Sexuality ... well, I certainly think of male and female, as well as “other,” or homosexual, in our terms. Hmm ... sexuality is bringing people together, and clearly, procreation is a belief that we engage in, but also for a feeling of pleasure, of touch. I guess that’s the act of sex, though.

TIM: Sexuality to me is all-encompassing, including the sex. I mean, it does seem basically that the base elements are broken down into male and female, but that does seem very narrow, and I can see where sexuality would be more than just that, and....

JEN: It also seems like it draws people together too, like even female to female. There’s a sexual draw sometimes.

TIM: Yeah.

JEN: It’s not necessarily, “I want to have sex with you,” but there is an attraction there that is more than just, “I’m interested in what you have to say.” There’s an underlying....

TIM: It doesn’t even have to be with another person. It could be with objects. I mean, it’s obviously in today’s advertising. It’s with cars and whatever, alcohol. They all use sexuality. It seems like sex is everywhere. Even though it’s not right out in the open, it’s everywhere behind everything, even if people don’t admit it.

JEN: Yeah. A lot of people don’t allow themselves to admit it.

TIM: Right, because they still feel that there’s something wrong, that it’s dirty or whatever.

JEN: Yeah. You’re taught not to. You’re taught to repress that.

TIM: Right.

JEN: It’s religious beliefs, or just the way you were brought up.

TIM: Right, religion is a big part of it.

JEN: Huge ... major!

ELIAS: As you note within yourselves within your discussion, you view that your beliefs cross over each other and are intermingled with each other, as you identify with your introduction of religious beliefs intermingled with beliefs concerning sexuality.

In this, let us be clear in our identification of what sexuality is.

There is one element of your creation of sexuality which is gender. You have created two genders for your species within this dimension. In actuality, all of your species are within the realm of two genders. This is defined by male and female.

The definition of gender within male and female is a body type and function. This is all. This is your designation of gender. It extends no further. This is the beginning of your confusion within this belief of sexuality, for you attach gender to all aspects of your reality and you define many elements of your reality within the context of gender. Gender is merely a body type and function.

There are three other elements of your sexuality which compose the wholeness of sexuality. These three other elements are your orientation.

Orientation is quite different from gender. Orientation is your perception: how you view yourselves, how you view your world, how you interact with yourself, how you interact with all other individuals, how you interact with your environment. It is the most influencing element which creates your perception. Your perception creates your reality. In this, there are three orientations of perception.

Now; you – within your beliefs attaching to gender – define these three orientations as male, female, and other, or your terminology being homosexual. Now; how may you be presenting male/female gender, male/female/homosexual orientation? Male and female may not cross to orientation. These are body types and functions, not orientations. They are not perceptions.

Therefore, I designate to you – as you do not hold terminology within your language to identify your orientations – new terminology to be identifying your orientations, and I shall offer comparison within your belief system ONCE merely, as to not be reinforcing the ongoing of your belief system in this area.

The terminology that we shall define orientation with shall be designated as soft, intermediate, and common. These shall designate the three different types of orientation within your sexuality which create your perception.

Now; in this once offering of your identification or comparison with how you identify presently, I express to you that the designation of soft shall be compared to what you identify as homosexuality. The designation of intermediate shall be what you consider to be female. The designation of common shall be what you consider to be male.

Now we shall view how these cross over gender and are not related, so to speak, directly with gender, although they are influencing of each other and are harmonious with each other, in like manner to your physical outer senses. As I have expressed to you previously, you hold five outer senses which may not be exchanged with each other, but may move in conjunction to each other, in harmony with each other, to be offering you differences in your perception and in your information intake.

You may be accessing and implementing your outer sense of sight and touch together to be offering you a combined perception. They move in harmony with each other. But you may not exchange sight with touch. Your fingers may feel. Your body may feel in the sense of touch, but it shall not see. You may not exchange taste for hearing. They are not interchangeable. Male, female, soft, intermediate, and common are not interchangeable either. They move in harmony and complement each other, but they may not be exchanged for each other, and one does not define another.

(To Tim) Therefore, as you sit before me and hold the gender of male, this does not define your perception, and your definition of man, boy or any terminology that you identify with male also does not define your perception. What is it that creates your perception? What are the qualities of this perception that defines you as male? It is quite different from your gender. Another individual may hold the same gender, body type, and function as you, and their perception shall be quite different, and you shall not identify them as a man. You shall identify them differently, and you shall recognize that their perception is different.

(To Jen) You hold the body type of female. This does not define your perception. Another individual may hold the body type of female and function the same, and their identification of themself and their world and their interaction with all that they create and all that is created shall be quite different. The perceptions are not interchangeable either. They are not combinations of each other, and they are not interchangeable.

Common – as we identify as your definition of male – is common, for there are manifest more individual focuses that hold this similar perception than there are of the other two types of perceptions. It matters not that you hold male or female gender; you may hold the perception of common.

This is not defining, in your terms, of homosexual or heterosexual or what you term colorfully as bisexual. These are merely objective choices that you create within physical reality. They are choices of wants. They are choices of attractions, and they are not defined by perception or by gender. They are merely wants and choices.

JEN: What do you mean by wants?

ELIAS: There is a difference between desire and want.

JEN: Want! Okay.

ELIAS: Objective is the definition of a want. You may term this to be a desire, but a desire is what motivates you within your intent. This is a subjective movement. Therefore, I am distinguishing within objective terms what you create within your waking reality.

In this, you may notice many individuals that hold the gender of female, and you may identify them as heterosexual female, and you shall assign qualities to them that appear more male. They are less emotional; they are more rational; they are very logical. They are expressive in manners that you identify with male. They also occupy their attention with elements that you identify as associated with male. Conversely, there are male individuals holding male gender that you perceive to be more female in quality. These individuals may not be necessarily designated as what YOU term to be homosexual. They merely hold qualities that do not fit your identification of gender.

Now; the qualities of common: Your perception of this shall move in the direction of more rational thought processes. You shall draw yourself, as common, to interests which involve physical elements. Common perception holds fascinations and interests outside of self, in a manner of speaking: what may be created physically, how you may project the inward self outwardly. This may manifest itself in artistic forms, it may manifest itself in technological forms, it may manifest itself in mechanical forms. There are identifications with the creation of physical elements. This is a very strong base line of the perception of common.

Intermediate – that which you term to be female – occupies much of its perception in its engagement of inner senses: intuition, viewing inner creations. Therefore, it also is quite occupied in its attention with emotion, which is not an element which may be projected outwardly to be creating a thing. The creations of intermediate are not necessarily visible, for they concern themselves more with the inward creations.

Soft is the designation of perception which occupies its attention in expression of interaction, involvement. It may express inwardly and outwardly, but it is more concerned with exchange, involvement. The involvement may be interaction with other individuals, with that which you term to be nature, with your planet, with your universe, with ideas, with concepts. It matters not. Their attention focuses in interaction.

Now; let us view – (humorously) within your NARROW perceptions of your belief systems – your identifications of these three perceptions or orientations, and you may draw a comparison. You may view your comparisons ... although you may also view the narrowness of your perceptions!

In your identification of male, you view these individuals to occupy themselves much with outward expressions and outward creations. You express that they hold inclination in mechanical areas, technological areas, scientific areas. They interest themselves as leaders/outward projection, as inventors/outward production, as creators/outwardly projecting. You express that they are left-brained male, for you identify right/female, left/male. They are logical, they are rational, and less emotional.

You view your females to be quiet, demure, emotional; inwardly seeking identification of self and understanding ... spiritual!

Look to your history. What is your view of a male image? Strong, solid, outwardly projecting. What is your view of your female within history? Small, fragile ... fainting! (Grinning) And what be your view of what you term to be homosexual? Ah!

Now we begin with different types of diversity, for you identify subdivisions within your identification of homosexual. You divide between the male and the female in this area of homosexual. You identify the males as holding female qualities, and you identify the females as holding male qualities. Very incorrect!

You identify males as flamboyant – the flamboyant expression of a female. You identify the females as rugged – the male expression within a female. And you express to yourselves, all of you, that you are all confused!

The homosexuals express that the heterosexuals are confused, and the heterosexuals express that the homosexuals are confused, and you are all confused within your gender, for you merely hold two genders, but you hold three orientations! Therefore, NONE of you fit within your genders, and these genders cross over with perception.

Common may be a female which exhibits the qualities of outward creation. Many artists are what may be designated as the orientation of common, regardless that they be male or female. They are outwardly creating their expressions from within. They view their world to be ordered and logical and rational. They do not process their information in the manner of inner senses. They process their information – which allows them their perception – through outer senses.

Intermediate – that which you designate as female – is less common than common. There are fewer focuses manifest, within your physical dimension, of intermediate.

These individuals would be likened to those individuals within your history as the frail females, those that you look to within your stories as being so very fragile and lending energy to the perception that they are requiring other individuals to be providing for them, for they may not necessarily, within your beliefs, be providing all of their needs for themselves. The reason that you hold this perception or this belief is that these individuals do not concern themselves with outer creations. They are more concerned – in their perception – with themselves, with inner movement and creation.

They process their information through their inner senses. They hold great interest of other individuals, but in a very different manner. Their attention moves in the direction of connecting with the inner senses and emotions of other individuals. They may be designated as highly sensitive in these areas. They do not concern themselves with outward creations, for they are occupying their focus with inner creations and the exploration of these. These individuals are less interactive with other individuals than common or soft.

Soft is very interactive. They are interactive with each other, they are interactive with other individuals, they are very active in aligning with movements. They are very passionate individuals, which creates your perception of flamboyant behavior.

They are not necessarily concerned with outer creations, physical productions, but they are quite attentive to their own creations outwardly. They may be expressive in dance, in their own creation of their own music ... not necessarily with an instrument. They are expressive in their body movements and creations. They are quite attentive to interaction. These individuals find their greatest creations and ease within interaction of other individuals. Their attention moves in the direction of themselves and other individuals. You shall not perceive many of these individuals to be moving through their focus quite alone. They are unhappy alone.

Now; in difference, common and intermediate may function quite efficiently singularly. Their interest, their movement, their creations may be translated in singular manner. Soft functions most efficiently interactively.

In this, examine within yourselves – what is your perception? This is your view of yourself: how you define yourself, your world, your interactions, your creations, all of your reality. This is your perception. It is how you think, how you feel, how you interact. These are all elements of your perception, and it IS your reality.

(Looking at Jen, and then at Tim) YOUR perception is very different from YOUR perception. You may express to each other and share ideas and concepts and feelings – you may exchange thoughts – but your perceptions are very different.

This be the reason that individuals confuse themselves so very often in the area of relationships. Ease in relationships shall be to couple yourselves with another individual of your similar orientation. It matters not – be remembering – which gender they hold, but that their orientation is the same.

This is the offering that I have delivered within a previous session in the explanation of your creation of mammals or live-bearers, egg-layers, and marsupials. You may not couple an egg-layer with a marsupial. They shall not function together. This shall be creating much conflict. You may not couple an egg-layer with a live-bearer. They do not function the same. Their perception is different. You may not be exchanging a marsupial for a mammal and you may not force a marsupial to be a mammal, for it is not. In this manner, you may not force one individual to be what it is not.

Within your belief systems, you have been attempting for very much time to be forcing yourselves into roles that you do not fit within based solely upon gender, and your gender is not defining of your perception, your orientation. But you continue to attempt to fit.

This be your very simple example of your square, your circle, and your triangle, and regardless of your effort to be placing the triangle into the square, it shall not fit, and your effort to be placing the circle into the triangle shall not be accomplished either. They do not fit. They are different.

These choices are created before you manifest within physical focus. These are NOT objective choices.

Your identification largely with sexuality is sex: an action, an attraction, what you are attracted to, an act of physical sexual intercourse. These are objective choices. You choose objectively to be engaging these actions with another individual – or not! – or with another element of your creation within your reality, which your species has engaged many times! (Grinning)

These are merely choices. You hold strong belief systems in these areas! (Grinning)

Look to yourselves presently (chuckling) as you squirm within your seats! Ha ha ha ha! I have entered an area of forbidden ground! (Laughing) They are merely choices! They are influenced by your very strong hold in your beliefs.

Certain aspects of sexuality are right and certain aspects are wrong, and you hold these very strongly. A perception is right if it moves in the officially accepted belief. It is wrong if it does not, and you have designated very strict rules in these areas.

A woman that you designate as heterosexual is not very acceptable if she is behaving in the manner that is expressive of a man. A woman which is expressing in what you identify as homosexual behavior is less acceptable. A man expressive in very female qualities is unacceptable.

JEN: That’s changing, though. It’s loosening.

ELIAS: It is, and it shall be increasing rapidly, for this is the wave that is engaged presently.

JEN: But there’s another wave that’s forcing it back into the box, so to speak.

ELIAS: No. This is the same wave, for as you move into acceptance, you also automatically move into holding to the familiar. The acceptance is unfamiliar. Addressing to belief systems and allowing yourselves to be trusting and accepting of self and accepting of your belief systems is unfamiliar. Therefore, you retreat to the familiar and hold temporarily very tightly to your expressions of your beliefs, but this is also temporary, for the wave addresses to this, and you begin to view these actions all about you.

There is much affectingness which is occurring, and you are all moving into the area of less definition, more of an acceptance of each other, more of an understanding that you DO hold differences in orientation, in perception; that although you may be the same species, you are quite different within your species.

You have expressed to yourselves for many, many, many, many years that you are the same, and you have created testing and evaluations to prove that you are the same, and what you have proven to yourselves is that you are different!

It is not your environment which creates your perception and creates you as you are. YOU create you and your perception in relation to your orientation that you have chosen as you have entered into this dimension.

Now; I shall also express to you once again, you DO hold the ability to alter this. You hold the ability to alter your physical gender, and you hold the ability to alter your orientation. Altering your orientation is as easy – or as difficult (grinning) – as altering your physical gender!

(Grinning) I may express that it is easy. You shall perceive that it is quite difficult, and I venture to express to you that you shall not be altering your gender within one focus. You shall continue to be holding male or female within one focus. This is not expressive of your engagement of medical procedures, but to be altering your gender merely yourself with no helpfulness of outside influences, so to speak. You do hold this ability.

JEN: From one focus to the next.

ELIAS: Within this focus!

JEN: Oh!

ELIAS: You hold this ability. You also hold the ability to walk on water! (Grinning)

JEN: And fly!

ELIAS: And fly!

JEN: I’d rather fly than change gender!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And these accomplishments shall be as easy or as difficult as you perceive them to be! Therefore, I express to you, you may also alter your orientation, and it shall be as easy or as difficult as walking upon water or altering your physical gender or flying! (Chuckling) Not that it is an impossibility, but I wager to express that you shall not be creating of this! (Still chuckling)

In this, there is great importance that you be understanding of these elements. These are the base elements of your creation. ALL of your reality is affected by these elements.

Your sexuality, your perception of yourself and your world, is all-encompassing and is affecting of ALL that you create. There is no element of your reality that is not within your sexuality. How you place your shoes upon your feet is influenced by your sexuality, for the reason that your sexuality is creating of your perception, and how you perceive your feet is part of your reality!

ALL of your reality is encompassed by your creation of your sexuality. It is who you are within your physical focus. Therefore, this particular subject matter holds tremendous importance in your understanding, for this lends to your movement more efficiently in the area of altering your perceptions, widening your awarenesses.

JEN: When you say perception, you say orientation. The two are not the same. (Pause)

ELIAS: Your orientation is not synonymous with your perception, but it is very influencing in creating your perception, for your beliefs are very influencing of your perception also, but your orientation is different from your beliefs, for it is an element of your perception.

JEN: Okay ... okay. (Inaudible)

ELIAS: It is an ingredient of your perception.

JEN: As our beliefs.

ELIAS: Your beliefs are influences. They are not your perception. They are influences upon your perception. These are the pushes. Be remembering of our stick and our ball. The stick is what is pushing your ball. It is not the ball; it is pushing the ball.

Therefore, the beliefs are influencing, which IS creating of your reality and is creating of your perception, but they are not your perception in themselves. They are not an ingredient. They are not an element of your perception. They are an influence.

JEN: Okay.

ELIAS: Your orientation is an element of your perception.

JEN: So we could say it is influencing your perception, then.

ELIAS: It is also influencing of your perception, and – in a manner of speaking, in your terminology – it is a part of your perception, as are your emotions. I shall not express to you that it is your perception in its entirety, for another aspect of your base element of this reality are your emotions. In this, they are another element of your perception, another ingredient.

JEN: Okay. (Pause) Okay, thanks.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Are you wishing of questions? (Chuckling)

JEN: Well, it’s a lot to absorb here, but there’s a part of me that feels like, okay, one may not be necessarily, I’m thinking, deemed to be just intermediate. I shouldn’t say “just,” but ... (inaudible). One might seem to have qualities of common as well.

ELIAS: You all have similar qualities in your expressions, for you have been taught many qualities of your expressions, but your orientation is not what you would term to be a learned element within physical focus.

JEN: Okay.

ELIAS: Therefore, you may be expressive outwardly and seem to hold many of the same or similar qualities as each other. These are your expressions. But within your orientation – the basic elements of your perception and how you view your world and how you view yourself – this is a different element. This is not acquired. This is not learned. This is not influenced with your environment. It is not influenced by your gender. It is another element in itself.

Therefore, no, it is not interchangeable with each other, and you do not hold more than one orientation within one focus. This be the reason that you agree to manifest within this dimension at least three times, to be experiencing each of these different orientations.

JEN: But you said you can change your orientation within a focus.

ELIAS: It is possible.

JEN: But highly unlikely.

ELIAS: Quite.

JEN: You wouldn’t bet money on it, or whatever.

ELIAS: Quite.

JEN: So by understanding our orientation, we can become a little more aware of what’s happening in general. (Elias nods) I don’t know ... I’m not sure the right way to express this. The whole purpose of having a clearer understanding of one’s orientation....

TIM: Do you want to think about that while I ask a question?

JEN: Sure.

TIM: Elias, earlier we had discussed a little bit about left side and right side of the brain, and the right side being more creative or emotional and the left side being more logical. Does that relate to ... we talked about common and how they were more outwardly expressive and building things, and intermediate is more internal. How would that relate to left and right side thinking, or does it?

ELIAS: And it does, for as I have expressed previously, you have created the entirety of your dimension within the base line of sexuality, and you have divided MUCH of your dimension into the designation of male and female, even within inanimate objects, as you term them to be.

In this, what YOU term as the right side of your brain/the left side of your body, this is what you designate as your female side.

In this, as you choose a particular orientation, you have also chosen an officially accepted reality which IS divided into genders.

As you choose a particular orientation, as in your identification of intermediate or common, you shall lend more energy to the expression of the development of these sides.

Now; you shall also notice that individuals that manifest as soft, for the most part, lend energy to both sides and are not expressive of one gender or another. This also lends to your confusion, for you identify that they are part of both genders. This is incorrect.

As I have stated, gender is not interchangeable with perception, but they DO move in harmony and they do complement each other.

(To Tim) Therefore, you, as common, shall lend energy and express more of your attention of energy to the left brain/right side body. (To Jen) You also.

JEN: So, in understanding this, we can be watching ourselves for labeling people as male or female, and when we see these particular qualities, which ... I mean, they’re great, the common, intermediate, and soft, in terms of seeing that in people. I’m certain of seeing it in saying that a person is gay or very male or whatever, but absolutely seeing those qualities in females that might be common.

ELIAS: Quite, or male individuals that may be intermediate!

JEN: Okay. So on some level, it seems very intuitive and very okay. Huh! Maybe I’m missing some larger point in terms of....

ELIAS: This is helpful to you all in widening your awareness, in allowing you to recognize that you cross over many lines that you have defined to yourselves as absolutes, and they are not absolutes! And this lends much to the movement of your acceptance of each other and of yourselves, that you are not confining yourselves so intensely into these labeled areas.

TIM: I wonder why? Do we just find more comfort when we label things? Why do we do that so readily? Is it just a comfort level? You want to see black and white, and you don’t want to see gray?

ELIAS: Quite, for this is your area of familiarity. This is what your belief systems have set forth within your reality, your ability to view the black and the white, but you limit your choices within the black and the white. And now, within the action of this shift, you are recognizing objectively that you HAVE limited your choices, and that much more is available to you within your choices and your creativity if you are viewing the gray.

JEN: Is it because we’ve gotten so tired of viewing black and white that now we’re forcing this shift upon ourselves?

ELIAS: You are not forcing. You are choosing.

JEN: Choosing....

ELIAS: And you are choosing, for you are bored!

JEN: Right!

ELIAS: You have exhausted your creation within the black and white, and you realize objectively that you hold much more creativity than you are expressing.

JEN: Okay. Would that mean that the “older souls” would be more facilitating of this shift because they’re more bored?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. You are ALL lending energy to this shift, and it matters not that you designate yourselves as old or new souls. You merely lend energy differently. (Pause)

JEN: Hmm. (Pause)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Much to be assimilating!

JEN: Yeah. It’s fun! It’s very ... what’s the word? Freeing is the only word that’s coming to my mind.

ELIAS: And this is the point!

JEN: But this is also what’s creating a lot of trauma, is this very freedom.

ELIAS: Quite, which I have been expressing for a time framework – that you shall be experiencing trauma!

JEN: You said earlier, when we first started talking, about a heightened sense through this time period, a heightened sense of trauma, of happiness, of calm, and it’s pretty interesting to me in terms of this particular material. I’m not sure I’m forming that question too well, but....

TIM: Well, it seems any time there’s a discussion about sexuality, it’s very intense. I mean, people get very uptight about it.

JEN: Yeah!

TIM: I mean, just think of all the “right to life” type stuff.

JEN: Oh god! I know!

TIM: And just the whole gamut of religion, and what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s just very intense.

JEN: Right, and so the people that aren’t allowing themselves the objective awareness of how we label things are probably experiencing more trauma than calm at this particular time, and I wonder if people that are experiencing more fun are thinking about anything at all!

ELIAS: As I have expressed to you, it is your choice to be creating your direction. I am merely offering you the information of explanation, that whichever choice you are moving into within this time period shall be intensified. Therefore, you shall also hold the ability to offer yourselves explanations if you are experiencing what you term to be trauma or much conflict.

Many individuals presently hold much confusion. They express to themselves, “This is not familiar to me! This is not my expression! I do not express in this manner! I am out of control!”

JEN: Hmm! Well, I think that we’ve observed quite a bit of trauma going around us of late!

ELIAS: This is the energy that many individuals have viewed as your prophecies – not that it shall shake your earth, not that your moon shall turn to blood, but that you shall be lent much energy to be creating whatever you have chosen, and if you have chosen to be creating conflict, you shall be creating conflict. If you have chosen to be creating validation to yourself, you shall view much validation.

JEN: Hmm! Well, if one is choosing to experience calmness, so to speak, which is sort of what I’ve been feeling, I guess, then that might allow one the ability to be of assistance to others. I always seem to come back to that, at some point down the road.

ELIAS: And you may, in offering your expression and offering explanation to other individuals, for if you are not creating of conflict and you are creating of calmness, other individuals may be receptive to this.

JEN: Right. Okay. Well, thanks for all this new information!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome! I shall be disengaging this evening and I shall be anticipating our next meeting and offering to you both much encouragement in your movement, as you ARE accomplishing! And I offer my acknowledgment to you also, for you have created much movement in a very small time framework.

JEN: Well, thank you. I just don’t want to be in trauma!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you have created well!

JEN: Thank you. Well, I guess I should thank myself!

ELIAS: Quite, and I am acknowledging of you also, for you are allowing your curiosity to move you into directions that may be very helpful to you.

To you both, I offer great affection, and bid you a very fond and loving au revoir.

TIM: Au revoir.

JEN: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:15 PM.

Vic’s note: There were several places in this session that were confusing to me in regard to Jen and Tim’s orientation. At one point, it seemed clear that Tim’s orientation is common, but there were a few times that Elias looked directly at Tim as he was talking about males holding the orientation of intermediate. At another point, it appeared that Jen may also hold the orientation of common, but at another point, Elias said, “YOUR perception is very different from YOUR perception.” So, I’m totally confused!

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