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Sunday, March 28, 1999

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“Probabilities/Regional Areas/Mirror Actions”

“Manifesting A Turkey Dinner ... Or Not!”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Tom (Malhai).

Elias arrives at 1:36 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

TOM: Good morning. (Pause) You are as always, I take it?

ELIAS: As always. (Smiling)

TOM: It’s been some time, in linear time, since I’ve spoken to you.

ELIAS: Quite, and we proceed within this present time framework in meeting once again.

TOM: Yes. I have questions, some for other people. There’s several for Sena. There was a light bulb that went out in her kitchen, and I guess I was going to ask if that was your doing this morning?

ELIAS: This would be a confirmation of connection in objective energy, you are correct.

TOM: Great. Another is, you mentioned in the last session I did with you about future designing probabilities for Sena?

ELIAS: Correct.

TOM: Oh, I should send my greetings from Sena also.

ELIAS: And you may extend greetings also. And the inquiry is to an identification of designing future probabilities?

TOM: Yes.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that all of you, as individuals, move in creating several lines of probabilities simultaneously. As you are creating these lines of probabilities, you move in the direction of choosing one line of probabilities that you shall be inserting into this particular reality.

Now; Sena presently has begun a situation of designing several avenues of lines of probabilities, and is merely beginning to move in the direction of choosing one of these lines of probabilities presently.

In this, as you are moving in this direction, there may be some elements of what you term to be confusing imagery, for you are pulling actualizations of different lines of probabilities into your reality that may not necessarily be the actual line of probabilities that you shall move into singularly. Are you understanding thus far?

TOM: Yes.

ELIAS: This is the action that Sena is creating presently.

This is what you may look to in what you each term to be hindsight, and as you are viewing your movement within a line of probabilities, you may also view certain actions or events that you have created in that time framework that are not entirely fitting with the rest of the line of probabilities. They seem to have been randomly thrown into your movement of one particular line of probabilities.

These are the actualizations of probabilities that are pulled from other lines as you are within the beginning throes of movement into one specific line of probabilities, and this is the position that she occupies presently, in drawing from several different lines of probabilities ... which may seem as though there is an element of confusion or confusing imagery being presented, for they may seem unrelated.

Now; let me also express to you that regardless that an individual is drawing from different lines of probabilities – as they move into position of actualizing one specific line of probabilities – each probability which is inserted into your reality shall be molded into a beneficial manner which shall complement the line of probabilities which is eventually chosen. Therefore, these probabilities shall also become assets, so to speak, in whichever line is eventually chosen as the movement.

Therefore, the actions that she engages presently and the movement that she engages presently all shall move together in complement to each other, regardless that that particular aspect of the movement is objectively recognized yet or not. Are you understanding?

TOM: Yes, I believe I am. She had a few other questions. One is, “How many focuses do I have alive right now, contemporary focuses, and what can you tell me about them? I am getting bleed-through from so many sources – counterpart and other time-based focuses – that I can use any help you would like to offer to identify what is what.”

ELIAS: Very well. Now; let me express to you, the question as to the number of focuses which are manifest within this particular time framework may not necessarily be what is being accessed in bleed-through.

Let me be clear in this situation, for although all of your focuses lend energy to you, the focuses which occupy the same time framework are not – in a manner of speaking – as likely to be bleeding through to each other as the focuses within other time frameworks may be. I shall explain.

As to the numbering of other focuses manifest within this time framework presently, this essence holds seven focuses in entirety within this time framework. That would be including herself. Therefore, six other focuses manifest presently.

As to the situation of bleed-through, this bleed-through action which is occurring is an accessing and bleeding through of energy of other focuses, in what you would term to be past and future, lending energy to this present focus and also creating a movement, which is slightly different from explanations that I have offered to other individuals that are experiencing much bleed-through also, for in this situation, the energy which is lent to her within this focus by other focuses is being manipulated by her specifically to be turning her attention in each different experience to certain elements and aspects of self that she is choosing to address to presently. Therefore, the energy is being reconstructed into her focus to be beneficial to herself, in drawing her attention to areas of belief systems and issues that she chooses to be addressing to within that individual time framework.

Example: One focus bleeds through and is gaining the attention of her within that moment. Now; in looking to the surrounding time framework within a short time period – in your physical terms, a matter of merely weeks and at times merely days – she may identify certain actions which are occurring within her own focus or certain behaviors which are being implemented within her own focus, and the action of bleed-through within that same time framework is lending energy to draw her attention to those particular events and behaviors in that particular time framework, that she may be addressing to and therefore creating a more efficient movement.

TOM: Okay. Her second question is, “Do I and my contemporary focuses share the same intent?”

ELIAS: No. Essence manifests more than one focus in each time framework. As it manifests several focuses within the same time framework, these focuses shall hold different alignments, generally speaking, and different intents. Their expressions also shall be different, for this provides essence with the experiences and information of diversity in each manifestation and in assimilating experiences within the same time framework from what you may term to be different angles. It is comparable to expressing that essence may place itself within different angles to view the same picture, therefore offering itself different perspectives in each angle.

As each focus also holds counterparts which lend energy and experience to each other within similar subject matter and therefore within similarities of intents, it is unnecessary for essence to be focusing more than one manifestation in each time framework with the same intent and moving in the same direction. This – in a manner of speaking – would be redundant to a point, for each individual creates their reality differently and highly specialized, so to speak, and uniquely. But overall or generally, if they are focusing with the same intent, they shall be moving in similar directions, which would not be providing essence with the diversity that it seeks.

TOM: Okay. She has one more question: “The other day, I met a man who struck me as a mirror image of me, not in looks but in personal desires. He said a lot of things in the very same way that I say them, and that really caught my attention. What was going on here within consciousness? Are we mirror counterparts, or something else that I’m not familiar with?”

ELIAS: This would not be a situation of counterpart action. This is merely an action of mirroring. This may occur with any individual within any given time point. Individuals draw themselves to other individuals to be creating this mirror action, that they may be viewing different qualities within themselves and different expressions within themselves.

Now; in this, as she is also creating much bleed-through from other focuses in like manner – to be expressing a gaining of attention in certain areas, to be viewing and recognizing of her own beliefs and issues and behaviors and how she is responding to these beliefs within her behaviors – she also reinforces this action by drawing to herself interaction of another individual that shall mirror herself, that she may hold the opportunity to view her own expressions and behaviors more clearly.

You may look, physically speaking, to your own physical body, but you shall not with your physical vision view the entirety of your physical body, for there are elements of your physical body that are blocked from your visual. But if you present yourself before a mirror, you may view the entirety of your physical form, for there is no element that shall be blocking your visual. In like manner, there are certain aspects of self or of your behaviors, in conjunction with your beliefs – certain aspects of your expressions – that you block your vision from yourselves.

In this, if you present yourself with the opportunity to view a mirror action with another individual, there is no element to be blocking your vision, and you may view more clearly the expression within another individual and you may identify the same actions and behaviors, responses and expressions within yourself.

TOM: Okay. We do that quite often, I think, all of us.


TOM: So, I guess that answers Sena’s questions. Now Jeneph has a question about her intent, and if you might give some advice on her dilemma and conflicts in creating different probabilities presently.

ELIAS: This moves in the direction of trust and acceptance of self, and the allowance of accepting the ideas and opinions and input of outside elements which may not necessarily be in harmony with self. But in not trusting and accepting self, in the questioning of self, there is a leaning in the direction of accepting input from outside areas, so to speak – other individuals and other situations – that ultimately becomes confusing as opposed to offering clarity.

In this, I express that as this individual may be looking to self and engaging in objective terms – once again we move into this direction (chuckling) – our no conflict exercise, this may be helpful.

Let me express that in engaging the no conflict scenario, there is an automatic acceptance of self. There is a discontinuation of judgment upon situations and other individuals and there is an allowance to be moving in what you term to be a forward motion, for you discontinue the movement of conflict which may be blocking in your expression. Therefore, I express to this individual to be engaging this no conflict exercise, and this may be helpful in this situation.

TOM: Okay. I have a question for Muriel/Katie also, a question about Nissah/Aldo. She had a question about my military focus and how he relates. She had the impression that he was the heir to my focus, and she was wondering about the relationship. (Pause)

ELIAS: No. This would not be the expression of what you term to be heir to the other focus. This would be a different focus in the expression of what you would liken to a page, although within that time framework, it would be expressed to be a type of servant. Let me express to you that within this time period of which you are speaking, there are several different types of expressions of servants in which some are not viewed the same and are not interacted with the same as other servants and are viewed more as what you would term now to be a family member, although the individuals hold the knowing that in actuality they are not a family member, but the interaction and the relationship which is held is very similar, and the fondness which is held for the individual may be the same. This would be the expression of which I am speaking. Therefore, there is not the same assignment in interaction and treatment, so to speak, as would be implemented with a different type of expression of servant. Are you understanding?

TOM: Yes, I am. Is this why he has chosen the name be did, she was wondering? The affinity for my focus, being sort of a family member?

ELIAS: Correct.

TOM: Okay. This military focus has drawn quite some attention from others also.

ELIAS: This is not unusual, let me express to you, for I express to you, as I have previously, that individuals manifest within groups. This does not necessarily suggest that individuals may be manifest in these groups within an actual physical proximity to each other within a given time framework, but that they shall be interactive with each other regardless of their physical proximity.

Now; let me clarify in this. Within time frameworks that you view to be past, individuals manifest together within physical location and proximity to each other dependent upon the efficiency of communication. If there is not the presentment of communication which may span a large physical area, the individuals shall manifest within physical proximity. But within this time framework that you occupy presently, you hold technology that spans great areas of physical locations. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to be manifest in actual physical proximity to each other, but you continue to accomplish the same action of physically manifesting together, for you shall draw yourselves to each other in different types of communication, therefore the lack of necessity of manifesting within actual locations of physical proximity.

In this, it matters not that you occupy different locations. You have manifest in the same time framework and have offered yourselves the ability to be connecting objectively and interacting objectively. In this, you are creating the same action as were you to be manifesting within the same physical location.

TOM: Muriel had another question about the energy exchange that I do occasionally with her. Is it a counterpart action? She is trying to understand this action of consciousness. Could you explain that?

ELIAS: As I have stated in response to this previous question – in the manner of manifestation and manifesting within groups as you are connected through different focuses – this also is an action in this particular question, for not all of the interaction that occurs between different individuals may be designated as counterpart action.

In counterpart action, you are accomplishing a different direction and action within consciousness, lending energy to each other for different reasons. This would be for the expansion of experience.

This action of which she is identifying and noticing is a different type of action. This would be a recognition subjectively that you each hold in the area of identifying connections you hold in other focuses, and that this provides an ease and less of a thickness in accessing consciousness with each other. It also lends energy to providing a direction more of ease for one or the other or both of you to be addressing to situations within self.

This may not necessarily be expressed directly in conjunction with a particular issue. In this, what I am expressing to you is that this may not necessarily be a situation in which one individual presents an action or a difficulty, so to speak, to the other individual, and subsequently the other individual offers information to be helpful in that situation. It may be quite a different type of expression, but shall be accomplishing the same action. You may merely be lending energy to each other to be addressing to your own areas that you choose to be interactive with and addressing to.

In this, as there is provided an ease in energy as you have manifest in other focuses together, there is a familiarity, and therefore there is also an ease in accessing information – or a leaning in the direction of the familiar to be accessing information – by her, through you.

TOM: Okay. Well, I think I’ve asked everybody else’s questions. I have some I was going to ask you too. I guess more always come up as I’m speaking to you. One was about Regional Areas 3 and 4. Within these areas, my impression is that you can manifest physical type projections, but they don’t seem as solid, so to speak. Is this because of multiple attention areas, or is this a different action?

ELIAS: Within Regional Area 3, you are correct; you may be creating of a type of physical projection. You are also correct that it shall not appear quite as solid. It may at times hold a quality that appears solid, much in the manner that you may be creating within your technology presently and futurely of your holograms. These are also projections, and not necessarily an actual solid form.

You may be creating of these similar types of projections within Regional Area 3. The reason that they are not solid in the manner that you perceive solidity within Regional Area 1 – in your physical focus – is that you are not incorporating physical time.

The solidity of what you term to be matter within your physical dimension is a quality that is incorporated directly being influenced and affected by your creation of physical time. This creates a thickness, so to speak, within your physical dimension, which allows you to manipulate energy in a certain manner, which shall create physical solid objects.

Within Regional Area 3, you may be creating a type of time element, but it is different from the creation of time within this physical dimension. In a manner of speaking, the insertion of time into Regional Area 3 may be likened to an illusion. It is also merely a projection in like manner to a hologram, but is not in actuality a creation of a time framework.

Regional Area 3 does not incorporate a time framework. Therefore, you experience within simultaneous time. In this, you may choose temporarily to be projecting a creation of time, but this is merely a temporary situation. It is an insertion into the natural state of Regional Area 3, very similar to what you view within your physical focus as a motion picture. The motion picture is not your actual interaction within your focus. It is a simulation of your physical focus. In like manner, the insertion of a time framework into Regional Area 3 – to be providing an element of solidity or creating scenery or objects – is a type of simulation of objective imagery.

TOM: Okay, but Regional Area 4 ... that area does not entail that type of projection?

ELIAS: No, for the reason that within Regional Area 3, the action that you would be creating in moving yourself into Regional Area 4 would be the shedding not merely of belief systems, but also of objective awareness. Therefore, without the objective awareness, there is no projection of physical imagery. There is no incorporation of physical elements.

Time, in its relation to visual or any type of objective imagery, is an objective creation. There are some aspects of objective action and interaction which continue to be implemented and are occurring within Regional Area 3, but there is not the interaction of objective awareness within Regional Area 4. It is unnecessary, for objective awareness is directly related to physical focuses and is unnecessary in the area of consciousness which would be designated as Regional Area 4.

TOM: Okay, so in Regional Area 4, from our objective perspective, it would be movement within energy.

ELIAS: Correct.

TOM: Okay. You had mentioned in one session that in the shift, we are not becoming magicians. We won’t be automatically materializing such things as a turkey dinner. (Elias chuckles) But isn’t the mass ability to materialize/manifest within simultaneous time one of the aspects of the shift? Not necessarily as a magician, but this is my perception, and I was going to ask you about that.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within your widening of awareness, as you move fully into the action of this shift, you shall not hold the fascination any longer with such actions which may be designated as parlor tricks, as the materialization of your turkey dinner or any other such objects, for your awareness shall be expanded in the manner that you shall hold the recognition that this is unnecessary, and child’s play. This is not the reason that you are creating this shift in consciousness, to be merely playing with materializations of any particular physical object, but to be expanding your creativity and your mobility within this dimension.

Now; be remembering that this shift in consciousness is a mass event stemming from a Source Event which is connected to this physical dimension. It is not an action which is incorporated into all areas of consciousness. It is directly associated with this particular dimension. In this, there are elements of simultaneous time that you may be incorporating in the action of this shift.

This is not to say that you shall be discontinuing your creation of physical linear time in this dimension. You shall not. You merely shall hold the awareness that within certain actions, you may be accessing the simultaneousness of time and you shall not be creating disorientation with yourself within physical focus, for you shall understand what you are experiencing.

Therefore, it shall not be frightening to you, it shall not be confusing you, and it shall not be producing conflict. You shall move into experiences in this manner with express purposes, in a manner of speaking, to be accessing certain actions or information, and it shall not be producing unfamiliarity or conflict for you.

But I shall express to you also that you shall not be moving through your focuses within this dimension en masse experiencing no time framework. You are continuing your creation of linear time.

TOM: Okay, but this shall open up new avenues of expression and creativity?

ELIAS: Quite! You may access certain actions, certain situations, and certain areas of consciousness, that you may be experiencing the simultaneousness of time temporarily. You merely shall not be incorporating this continuously within your physical dimension.

You shall hold the ability – you already hold the ability! – to be accessing other areas of consciousness and experiencing the simultaneousness of time, but within the actualization and completion of this shift, you shall allow yourselves an ease in this and you shall allow yourselves to be creating and accessing these different actions quite easily and intentionally.

TOM: I would like to also ask you about a dream I had the other night. It involved death, and basically it boiled down to, a person was attempting to murder/kill me, and I wondered ... my impression is, it ties into my duplicity. Is this a correct impression?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. You may view this dream imagery and you may explore with this dream imagery your own identification in your beliefs as to the action that any other individual holds the ability to be hurtful to you or that any other individual may be creating any action within your focus that shall be forcing upon you a hurtful action, for I express to you that within this imagery, you offer yourself the opportunity to view that no other individual may be accomplishing this type of action. If you are experiencing hurtfulness within your focus, you are creating this yourself. No other individual is inflicting that element upon you.

It is your lack of acceptance of self, which turns itself into the expression and manifestation of agreement with another individual and therefore allows you to accept another individual’s expression, and in that acceptance of another individual’s expression, you are reinforcing to yourself your own hurtfulness. Are you understanding?

TOM: Yes, I am. That ties into the mirror action?

ELIAS: Correct, but this does not necessarily always present itself within a mirror action. This presents itself in many different types of actions. For the most part, this may be occurring within interactions that you hold with other individuals, and each time that you move into an expression of feeling that another individual has hurt you, this is your opportunity to be viewing what you are creating within yourself, for this is directly related to your own lack of acceptance of self, therefore providing you with the expression of agreement of another individual.

Let me offer example. Another individual may express to you that they are not approving of you as an individual. In this, you may express to yourself and to that individual that your feelings are hurt by their expression. In actuality, what has occurred in that exchange is that one individual is expressing themselves in their ... within their belief and their perception, and you are accepting their expression and agreeing: “You are correct. I am not acceptable.” And therefore, you are creating of your hurtfulness within yourself, within your own lack of acceptance of self. There is an element of this that IS a mirror action, for the individual is expressing to you in this manner, for you are drawing that expression to yourself, that you may offer yourself the opportunity to view your own lack of acceptance within self. But the familiar expression within your beliefs is to be projecting outwardly and to be expressing the placement of responsibility to the other individual.

This be the area in which you provide yourself the opportunity to alter that perception and to be turning to self and recognizing your own expression within duplicity in the lack of acceptance of self and to be providing yourself with your acceptance of self, and as you continue to be expressing in this manner and creating your own acceptance and trust of self, you shall lessen your drawing to yourself of these types of expressions. This is what your dream imagery is offering to you.

TOM: Okay. That reminds me to remember it matters not.

ELIAS: Quite, and this shall be quite helpful!

TOM: Yes, it is. I think most of my questions are answered. I guess I would like to ask how many contemporary focuses I also have, and if I have met any of them in this now.

ELIAS: Within this present now, four other focuses beside yourself. As to your objective meeting, no.

TOM: Okay. Have I met any other focuses of Jenneph, Sena, or Muriel?

ELIAS: Within this present now, no.

TOM: Okay. I had an experience where I felt energy heat my face the other day – could you comment on that? – from another person’s look. Would you have any comments?

ELIAS: This would be an allowance of yourself to be opening more to the recognition of your energy field.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that you may be receiving energy from other individuals, and if you are allowing yourself the relaxation of your energy field, you may be experiencing quite easily projections of energy from other individuals, that you may in actuality physically feel their energy. This is a type of empathic expression. It is an outer expression of your empathic sense; your allowance to be experiencing another individual’s energy.

This type of action in actuality may be somewhat easier to be accomplishing than to be accomplishing the actual mergence within the empathic sense with another individual, but as individuals focus their attention intensely in the direction of exercising this empathic sense – in the area of mergence – to be experiencing the entirety of another individual’s experience, they may be overlooking this particular aspect of that inner sense, that you may be allowing yourself to be connecting with the energy of another individual, which may be at times quite pleasant!

TOM: Well, it was quite pleasant, (Elias chuckles) and very interesting! I will have to keep an eye out, so to speak, for more of that.

I’ve really enjoyed our time together today. I don’t know if I have any more questions. I was going to ask about my intent, but I will ask that the next time we speak objectively.

ELIAS: Very well, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting.

You may offer to Sena my encouragement in her present ventures in her direction, and the expression of my lending of energy in that encouragement. And I express to you also much affection and shall continue to be interactive with you, and you may be watching for my energy expression with you.

TOM: I will do that, and thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I express to you this day a very loving adieu.

TOM: And mine to you.

Elias departs at 2:47 PM.

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