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Sunday, September 17, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Guin (Sophia), and Ron 2 (Kali).

Elias arrives at 6:58 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. We will initially address to issues that are of present concern to you. First, I will answer Shynla, as to your essence name. This name is a word that symbolizes the totality of personality, this being an overall identification of the personality type, and incorporation of the individual essence. Some essences, at individual times, choose to manifest and be known with this same name in physical focus. Generally, you do not incorporate your essence name within physical focus.

Each name or word, as you call this, vibrates a certain tone. In this, it is the sum totality of personality tone of your essence. This is why your essence name may be different from your physical focus name. This also is the word that vibrates the tone that you identify yourself with. It is not an agreed upon tone, and it is not incorporated by another essence, given to you. In physical focus, your manifest parents choose your name for you, according to their likes and dislikes. Within essence, you choose for yourself the vibrational tone which is expressive of you. This is where your essence name comes from.

CATHY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. As to other issues presently incorporated with you, I will offer some explanation. Each of you are moving through belief systems. Each of you, being different, focus your energies in different areas, and manifest the way that you will move through these belief systems yourselves. Some belief systems are incorporated within you very strongly, and require very fancy maneuvering to deal with. Therefore, you create situations and circumstances within RA 2, which manifest within physical focus or RA 1, to enable you to move through these belief systems.

If the belief system is very strong, and you are knowing that you will be incorporating great difficulty and conflict in focusing upon a particular belief system, you will choose to incorporate other individuals and energies and situations, to help you to move through. Sometimes, depending on the desire that you incorporate for moving through, the actual viewing of the belief system may involve great conflict. In this, you may initially pull away. This reaction is a direct expression of fear. Once you have allowed yourself to view the fear, then you may move through, knowing that this is not quite the monster that you had been imagining it to be.

I have discussed belief systems with you many, many times throughout our meetings. In this, you may think that you have an understanding, and what you term a “handle” on this situation. Then, you are confronted with an underlying belief system which creates intense conflict, for while you are not aware of this underlying belief system, you are creating a reality in believing that you had already moved beyond this belief system.

We will use for an example your belief systems of good and evil, for this is a very easy example to illustrate. You may all attach the word of evil to a religious belief system. In doing this, you may all say to yourselves and to other individuals, “I have no problem with this area, for I have no religious affiliations. Therefore, I do not incorporate religious belief systems.” I say to you, incorrect, for you do, and you may view yourselves to be evolved or metaphysical, and beyond these ideas of religious focus, but within this manifestation there are the small demons running around, (smiling) and they are still poking you with their little tiny pitchforks, (laughter) and you are concentrating on saying, “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! You are not there!” (laughter), but if they were not there, you would not be saying, “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!”

In actuality, these little tiny demons with their little tiny pitchforks are belief systems. They are not reality, but they symbolize fears. They symbolize belief systems that have not only been incorporated within this developmental focus, but many others also. Then, you involve yourselves by choice with Elias, and I look into you, and I express to you to drop your veils, and I eliminate your little pitchfork-carrying demons, and this creates fear, for this creates the situation of “letting go.” This is the point! In letting go of these belief systems, you allow your own awareness to widen. You incorporate your greater peripheral vision. You are all moving through these belief systems, but you are all experiencing some conflict. I am acknowledging of Ron in experiencing, and noticing, and accepting.

RON: Noticing was easy!

ELIAS: (Smiling) Quite! The accepting is noteworthy. (Pause) It is quite easy to notice and to push away. It is not so easy to notice and accept and move through, and you incorporate this conflict no longer. This is the point! As I directed to Joseph, if you are courageous enough to be looking within, and to be moving beyond belief systems and fear, you will reap the benefit of joy and understanding, and no conflict. Understand also that I am not expressing to each of you, or any of you, to be running furiously to Michael after our session, crying, “Move through, move through, for you will feel joy, and you will be happy, and you will incorporate no conflict!,” for this is unrealistic.

Just as no one individual may have approached Ron and expressed this and affected the situation, this same situation is being affected with Michael, but he must move through himself. As I have said to you, you must all be very good, growing little saplings, and in this, you are more affecting of each other than in attempting to explain and share information, which is not ready to be accepted. I will commend you that you are doing well. You are moving through and noticing, and you are widening very quickly. I am noticing myself that Yarr is not present, and I will be expressing conversation with Yarr at our next meeting, for this is not an expression of a good little sapling, in not incorporating our Sunday session.

Now I will move to the final discussion of your energy centers, which we have only one color left. Then you may incorporate your game and ask questions; but before I begin, as a following to my opening statement, I will first ask you a question. You have incorporated two weeks to be noticing what you are concentrating upon. Therefore, you may share with me what your perceptions of your concentration is, and I know you are thinking I was forgetting of this exercise! (Smiling, and a pause)

RON: Don’t everybody talk at once! (Laughter, and another pause)

ELIAS: No one is noticing of any concentration? We must be experiencing a roomful of individuals that are in a coma, although even in a coma you are concentrating on something! (Another pause)

VICKI: Well, I thought about this ... seeing’s how it’s my job to go first, I suppose. (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Our mascot and spokesperson of Lawrence! (Grinning)

VICKI: I have caught myself concentrating on conflict, I have caught myself concentrating on what I call mundane things, and I have also caught myself concentrating a lot on impressions, and those are the three main things I’ve noticed.

ELIAS: And as you incorporate noticing of these elements of what you are concentrating on, are you noticing that this also is what you are creating?


ELIAS: Therefore, you allow yourself an example of what you perceive to be opposites; one being conflict, one being impressions; both manifesting. (Pause)

VICKI: I actually caught myself concentrating on one specific conflict, and changed the concentrating, and the conflict didn’t happen, and I think that maybe ... That was kind of a neat thing.

ELIAS: Absolutely! This is the point, to illustrate to yourselves that you will manifest what you are concentrating upon. (Pause) And we have no other noticings? (Pause)

CATHY: No, I have one. I noticed when I was driving in my car the other day, heading in the direction of where my mother lives, I was having conflict, so I picked up the phone and canceled a temporary scheduled meeting that we had, and the conflict went away, and it worked for me! (Laughing) And I was gonna like give this little thing of excuses and other things I had to do, and you know, I didn’t have to, she just said, “Oh well,” and kind of just went on the way she usually does, and I just kind of listened to her, and then I said good-bye, and it was gone!

ELIAS: And you are eliminating conflict?

CATHY: I liked it! Yes, it was cool!

ELIAS: And, you may direct this attention to the area of your work environment.

CATHY: I did that, too! I did that too! I had a little job we were on, and the other trainer was real concerned about the dog’s reaction when we put it in the situation, and I just said to her, “Ah, let’s just believe everything’s gonna be okay,” and it was!

ELIAS: Now you may truly believe that you are creating this situation. Understand: there are no accidents, and coincidences do not exist. (Pause)

RON: My concentration has been pretty much stuck in work for the last three weeks for me, so, but I have been noticing that what I concentrate on at work is my crew doing the best possible job they can, and they seem to do that, and they do it very well, and I know that, I’d like to think that, I have some part in that, creating that.

ELIAS: And back up to, “I know that I have,” instead of, “I like to think that I have,” for you do have a part in creating that. Just as our little sapling radiates its correct energy, also do you radiate the energy of your thoughts and desires and concentration, which is incorporated with other consciousness. (Pause)

GUIN: I guess I’ll go. My concentration is really all mixed up. Basically, I concentrate on a zillion different things, but I know that in the last couple weeks, I’ve been, I know that I’ve been concentrating on belief systems, and looking at my belief systems, and trying to work through some of those belief systems. I know part of my concentration has been there. I’ve been speaking to Lawrence about it, and a couple other things, as far as my concentration is on, has been kinda on my image of myself being very low, and trying to work on that, and also personal things in my life, dealing with other people that aren’t involved in things, that being in the sessions or reading any of the transcripts, dealing with, you know, just personal stuff, as far as that goes. That has been, I guess, my main concentration.

ELIAS: I will instruct our other individuals to share with you my story of the little trees, for this may be helpful to you in understanding your place or position, and where you fit in relation to other individuals, and that it makes no difference that you are incorporated with me. You are no different. You are only growing and radiating differently. Therefore, as they relay my story, you may view yourself as the straight little tree. You will understand later. (Pause)

RON 2: Well, I guess I’ll go next then. My concentration has been on several things. One is trying to get my dreams going so I can remember them, and I cannot remember any dreams, or dreaming even. I’ve even tried to enunciate out loud, saying let it go, relax, forget about it, you know, and nothing has been working for me, and of course I’ve had conflict with my financial situation because of my job, and of not being there anymore, (laughing) and trying to do that, and of course having problems with the car and having to try to keep all that stuff down, but mainly my concentration also in health.

ELIAS: And in all of these situations, you are concentrating on the very thing that is creating conflict, just as Lawrence was concentrating on how he was not feeling well, and he was feeling his cold, and he was everyday creating his cold, over and over and over. Therefore, I would be suggesting to you to be trying to let go of this concentration. When you are noticing that you are thinking about your car, or your job, or your dreams, or your physical expression, stop! Direct your concentration to somewhere else.

RON 2: I’ll try that.

ELIAS: When you are noticing that you are focusing or concentrating on any of these situations that you have already created and you are only perpetuating, take a walk. View the trees. View the flowers. Listen to the birds.

RON 2: Smell the roses, huh? Yeah. “K.”

ELIAS: But be doing this in reality. Do not take my words and turn them into a concept of “smell the roses!” Manifest this in actuality. In actuality, do this physically. Allow your senses to be filled and excited. Allow your outer senses to become your focus in distracting you, and this will speak to your inner senses, which will then respond by not continuing to create what you have been concentrating on. Incorporate your sense of sight, and hearing, and smell, and touch, and focus on these, and allow your concentration to go.

RON 2: “K.” Good point. (Heavy sigh) I have another question, changing the subject a little, that I’ve been wondering. What particular tie have I got with the other ones. I know like Lawrence has ties, Elizabeth has ties. I read those all, but I have not heard anything that I am tied with somebody in the group, or for what particular reason or another.

ELIAS: You have had developmental focuses connected with many individuals within this company. You have chosen many focuses to experience many things. This particular developmental focus you have created specifically for a different experience. (Pause, and then with emphasis) This take note of: each individual, manifesting physically, does not necessarily reflect all of essence, for essence is all! (Pause) Therefore, if you have chosen to manifest as you have chosen within this physical focus, it is for a particular experience, this being incorporating physical ailments, also incorporating a less of a witfulness than you have manifested previously, and also incorporating a disconnection in many areas from other individuals, this being for experiences that you have not incorporated in other developmental focuses.

I will express that your simultaneous focuses in other directions connect presently with James, and also with Joseph, and also with Sophia. You presently are connected also, within another dimensional focus, with Dimin; your connection with James presently being your strongest focus, in sharing similar desires, and also in agreement to manifest in similar realities of personality with this particular focus, this connection being of close friendship not manifest within a family situation. I will also express to you that another connection that you share with these individuals is being a part of the larger essential group, or tribe, or family of essence. Is this more helpful to you?

RON 2: Yes ma’am. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Now I shall continue with your energy center, ending with purple. In this I will briefly incorporate your white, black, and magenta, for they are connected to this purple. In viewing this energy center, this would be placed at the top of your head. This energy center does not focus with physical manipulation. It is not incorporated with physical functions, indigo being your last physical function color. This energy center is the energy of you. This purple is who you view yourself to be within a particular individual physical focus, this being the energy center of Ron or Kali or Shynla or Sophia or Lawrence, or Vicki or Guin or Cathy or Ron or Ron.

This energy center is your physically focused consciousness, this center being your most connected and your most powerful, this purple being the color that you will visualize the easiest and the most often, if you are visualizing at all, for this purple is your identification of consciousness, symbolizing you. Michael’s purple prism appeared for his viewing, and was a reflection, in an object, of the “sum-ness,” speaking as u-m, not as o-m-e, of his consciousness. This consciousness is not to be confused with essence. This is individual, physically focused consciousness. Each manifestation, physically oriented, possesses its own purple, this being the consciousness that allows each manifestation, each splinter, its own focus and consciousness.

This energy center radiates up and down. It radiates its energy in direction to all other energy centers physically focused, in controlling, and directing, and creating with them. It radiates up as a bridge and connection to other consciousness’, these other consciousness’ not necessarily meaning apart from your own.

Purple connects with white, black, and magenta, these being other areas of your own consciousness; your white being that area of consciousness which is directly connected and focused within RA 2; your magenta being that area of consciousness focused wider, of RA 3; your black being that stream of consciousness of essence communication to physical focus.

This black, I will explain, you may view as a beam that penetrates through other areas of consciousness and passes through, changing the message from essence and conforming it into something you may understand and interpret, this being impulses. Your impulses do not come from Regional Area 2. They do not come from RA 3, or 4, or 5, or whatever. Your impulses come from essence, in its totality. They are interpreted through many layers of consciousness, and inserted into regional area two, and translated into impulses that you may pull into physical consciousness.

Your impulses come through purple, this being why I expressed from the beginning that your impulses are not emotions, which would be focused through yellow. They are not thoughts, which would be focused through indigo. They respond to emotions and thoughts, they provoke emotions and thoughts, but they are themselves neither. (Pause) I will suggest for Michael, unfortunately, a brief break, and we will continue with your questions, and if you are wishing more information of your purple, I will be quite pleased to be obliging. I will return shortly.

BREAK 8:02 PM.


ELIAS: Hello! Now, before continuing with your energy center of purple, I will offer you another thing to think about regarding your dream state, which you are all so fascinated with and continuing to connect with. Long ago, within our sessions, I made a suggestion to you all, and all of you, without exception, misinterpreted. I suggested to you that instead of focusing upon a waking dream, that you focus on your waking state as a dream. Each of you took this information and applied this to your waking state and viewed, during waking hours, that you were feeling as if your were in a dream. This is quite interesting, for what I was in actuality expressing to you was to view, within your dream state, your waking time. You view your dreams during your waking time. You awaken in your morning and you think about our dream interaction. What I suggest to you is that you do the same within your dream time. Dream about your waking state, and within your dream time view your waking state as your dream.

VICKI: I attempted that exercise for a period of time, and I never, in my memory, I was never successful. I kind of gave up.

ELIAS: This exercise, you will find, is more difficult, but this will also illustrate to you the reverse of what you are presently doing, and it will reinforce to you what you are accomplishing in recalling your dream state. It is difficult to recall your dream interaction within your waking time, for you replace your barrier immediately when you awaken, to separate one state of consciousness from the other. Therefore, if you are attempting and succeeding in the opposite, of viewing your waking time as your dream within your dream time, you will gain a new perspective, for your dream time and your dream “you” is no less real than your waking you. Your dreaming you is the same you, viewing consciousness from a different perspective.

Your dreaming you has access to your waking you, as you are aware of. You notice that if you are very focused upon an activity occurring within your waking hours, such as your work, often times you will incorporate these scenes into your dream state. Your dreaming consciousness is much wider, and much more willing to incorporate your waking self, but your waking self, which is the same self, places a very strong barrier and does not wish to be incorporated, for it wishes to be the focal point of your consciousness. Therefore, it creates a separation, and invalidates the dreaming part of you. In letting down this barrier of your waking consciousness, you may incorporate a greater awareness, and a communication between the two aspects of your consciousness.

In this, we will move very nicely back to our purple, in explaining that your purple is not only what you term your unconscious self, but also your waking conscious self. Your unconscious self, as I have explained, is accessible to you. It is not hidden. It is available for your viewing, whenever you wish, this being part of your purple. This consciousness is your desires and motivation, which you call your unconscious, and it is also your very physically focused waking you, right here, right now, consciousness.

What Guin has tapped would be incorporating a merger of this purple to white; also a merger of purple to magenta. Your consciousness area, which incorporates other developmental focuses and the awareness of these, is located within your RA 3, this being, as I have stated, your area of transition. It also incorporates the awareness and knowledge of all developmental focuses that your essence incorporates. Therefore, in accessing this area of consciousness, you bring forward to your waking consciousness the awareness and viewing of other developmental focuses. In this, you should be excited, for although you may place a value judgment on experiences viewed within other developmental focuses, you have accessed the awareness of consciousness, and you have allowed yourself to view that what I express is true. There is nothing hidden from you. All things are accessible to you within your own self.

GUIN: Well then, okay. I would, in my belief systems now, I would put the word bad or negative in front of those impressions, knowing that I should not do this. However, obviously I would think that I was not a very nice person then, in other developmental focuses. Can you explain to me, am I right in my interpretation then, as far as what has happened to me in meditations, that I have physical reactions? Can you explain what I’m going through, or what the meaning of that is?

ELIAS: You are an emotionally focused individual. Therefore, you will automatically incorporate physical responses to emotion. In viewing what you term to be negative, you attach an emotion, a feeling, to this. As a result, you incorporate a physical response. If it were possible within our small group, I would wish to eliminate these words of bad, or negative, or evil, or should be. There is no “should be’s.” You incorporate experiences, and that is that. If you incorporate any “should be’s,” it “should be” incorporating impulses and allowing their expression; and you will find that you may label some of your impulses to be negative. They are not.

GUIN: So with the physical things happening in my meditations, that’s basically just an experience of feeling, from the impressions that I’m getting. It’s not a working through a belief system.

ELIAS: This is incorrect, for if you are not working through a belief system, you would not be allowing yourself to be viewing these focuses to begin with. Therefore, I say to you, (leaning towards Guin) very good accomplishing!

GUIN: Why thank you! I have to make sure I catch up with everybody! (We all laugh, including Elias)

ELIAS: And we are expressing there is no catching up with yourself! (Laughing) Unless you are chasing after yourself, which is unlikely, for you are not going anywhere! You are only now.

GUIN: I feel like it sometimes, though! (Laughter) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

GUIN: I’ll keep trying.

ELIAS: I have no doubt of this!

CATHY: I have a question about dreams. You just said that, that when we wake up, we like disconnect. If we don’t remember the dream like right away, we’re probably not going to. Is that what you said?


CATHY: Well then, “splain” it to me. (Vicki cracks up)

ELIAS: Then I will “splain” this to you! (Laughter)

CATHY: He caught that, didn’t he! (More laughter, and Vicki is rolling on the floor) Or should I just tell you what I, what my, the reason why I’m asking. Want the floor first or second?

ELIAS: (Interrupting) I have great affection for Shynla, for she is creating much fun within our sessions! Continue.

CATHY: “K.” I have had, say in the last two weeks, like four impressions of dreams, and that’s really all I tell myself before I go to sleep, is to attempt to remember an impression of a dream, and all those dreams have had to do with other animal trainers, and the last dream that I did not, and usually I would remember those right away when I wake up, but the last dream that I had, about four nights ago, was with another animal trainer, and Caleigh was in the dream too, and all I remember was being somewhere and the other animal trainer saying, “Oh, she is a pretty dog,” but I didn’t remember that right when I woke up, and I thought, “Oh, another day of not remembering dreams,” and then about five minutes later, it couldn’t have been any more than five minutes later, it just popped into my head, and I went, “Oh yeah, I dreamed that,” and I wrote that down. (Cathy’s note: And I thought Elias was the king of run-on sentences!)

ELIAS: You will find that you may be recalling bits of your dream throughout a day, or you may recall pieces of a dream within the span of a few days. I am not expressing to you that if you are not remembering your dream immediately when you are awakening, that you will not remember it at all. When I have spoken to you of remembering dreams initially when you awake, I was expressing hints to you to help you to focus in certain areas, to be recalling dreams at all. This is not to say that you must remember your dream interaction in a given fashion. You will find, in speaking also with Michael, that there are many times when he is not remembering, initially, his dream interaction, and as your time progresses, and interaction is occurring during waking time, sparks of remembering will occur. All of these things that I offer in explanation to you are all different ways for you to focus, in helping yourself to recall your dream interaction. You may apply any, or all, or none of them, to be helpful in accessing this information. You will find, within your own experimentation, which method is working the most adequately for you. Each person, being an individual, will focus differently. I offer suggestions to you, as you yourself do not always think of them.

CATHY: Okay. See, now I have two ways. See, now I don’t think I have to do it when I wake up because I did it right when I wake up, because I did it a little bit later. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CATHY: For “splaining” that!

VICKI: This conversation and subject matter is making me notice that I am concentrating on creating frustration that I have been avoiding ‘till the subject matter came up again, in my inability to remember dreams yet again, for the recent past. I am going to stop concentrating on it right now!

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence! (Smiling, and Vicki is laughing) Are we beginning to realize that if you are not concentrating on not remembering, that you may be uncreating not remembering?

VICKI: (Whispering) I sure hope so!

ELIAS: We may have to invent a dream game to be giving points to!

GUIN: Oh no!

VICKI: Oh God! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: I’m interpreting this to be you are not appreciating of Elias’ games!

GUIN: Speaking of the game, may I ask you a question? I just have to know because, oh, Vicki knows why. I want to know if Ty’s nickname is Twylah’s, Ty’s nickname Twylah, you know, you know what I’m saying! (Elias and Vicki crack up) I just gotta know!

ELIAS: (Still laughing) If Ty’s nickname is Twylah, which is quite convoluted, I would be venturing to say incorrect, for Twylah is an essence name, not a nickname! (Much laughter)

GUIN: (Laughing) Well, vice versa.

ELIAS: You see, I may be as silly as Shynla, too! You are asking if this name is connected with Twylah?

GUIN: Right!


GUIN: Damn!

CATHY: He liked saying that!

ELIAS: Did you like this one or that for a no? (Laughter)

GUIN: Well, you know, oh well. (Pause)

RON 2: Does Twylah have a musical note?

ELIAS: Yes. This has been incorporated with your game already, in the musical note of B.

GUIN: Okay. Well, wait a minute. See, all week Vicki just kept telling me, before my meditations if I just try to focus on the name Ty, that I would get the essence name or what the nickname was connected to, so every time I would do that the first thing that would come in my mind was relating to Twylah, and I kept saying no, no, no, that’s just my brain making it up, and so I need to shut my brain down so that I can really focus on it, and then every time I did that, the same thing kept happening, like at least thirty times, so ...

ELIAS: (Interrupting) First of all, I will express to you that if you are shutting your brain down, you will not be receiving any impressions at all! You did not create a brain to turn it off; and I will ask you, what were your other impressions besides a name?

GUIN: Oh, besides a name? I have them in my book. I remember one of the things was a card with the letter “F” on it. (Pause) Oh, I can’t remember! (Pause) You can get back to me if you want.

ELIAS: I am in no hurry!

GUIN: (Laughing) Oh geez! Why did I ask? (Pause) Let’s see; purple of course, house, white hillside, green columns in the front with a porch, old man’s green face on the mud with pens and pencils inside of it, a banana, a feather, an old Indian man. (Sigh) That was on, oh, and a word starting with “F.” That was on one meditation, and then I do them ...

ELIAS: (Interrupting) And these perceptions you all attribute to be connected with this name of Twylah? (Humorously)

GUIN: (Laughing) No.

ELIAS: This is my question. If you are attempting to connect Ty to the name of Twylah, what impressions are you receiving? For if you are continuously receiving impressions of Indian focus, then you may take issue with me, but I venture to say that your impressions will move elsewhere and not be connected with Indian focus, which Twylah identifies with. Therefore, your name of Ty is focused elsewhere, and you should be, “should be” (smiling) noticing of your impressions other than names. Then you may give yourself clues.

GUIN: That will help. Thank you. (Pause)

ELIAS: And are we having any other perceptions for our game?

CATHY: Yes. Is Ayla connected with Mobowah?

ELIAS: Ayla, this being an essence name, this not being connected with Mobowah.

CATHY: Close, but no cigar! (Laughter) Well, I’m going to rearrange something then here. Is Ayla connected with Marshuka? No, that can’t be right! Darn it! I mean, we already have an essence name for that.

GUIN: (To Vicki) You know what I’m thinking, don’t you? (Vicki nods)

CATHY: Okay ...

ELIAS: We are going to incorporate our Elizabeth game now!

CATHY: I’m going to try the Elizabeth game. Okay, I’ll just do this then.

ELIAS: She is running down the list. Eventually, she will focus correctly. This is determination for a point! (Laughter)

CATHY: You think so, huh? How about, is Aaron (Erin?) connected with Marshuka?

ELIAS: Connected with Marshuka, for a physical focus?

CATHY: Yes, ’cause we already have the other one. I was just like being stupid for a second! (Laughter)

ELIAS: An individual physical focus, correct.

CATHY: Just popped into my head today, on the plane. Thank you.

ELIAS: Was that being this physical plane or my plane? (Humorously)

CATHY: The physical one! Well, I’m going to shut up now. (To Guin) You have a shot.

GUIN: All right. (To Cathy) What the heck was that name again?

CATHY: (Pointing to her game paper) This is what you said to me!

GUIN: No, I mean the “A” word. (Elias is laughing)

CATHY: Oh! Ayla. Yeah. A-Y-L-A. (Spelling it out)

GUIN: Okay. Is Ayla connected with Minerva?

ELIAS: One point!

GUIN: I had lots, that’s not even really fair ’cause I had lots of clues from other people on that. (Laughing)

ELIAS: And you may be expressing this name to Dimin, for also the name that Dimin is processing is also connected with this essence, within physical focus. You may also express, as a clue, that she is on the right track with “A.” (Pause)

CATHY: Come on, Vicki!

VICKI: Okay. It’s a stupid question. (Laughter) Would Mobowah’s essence name be Tompkin?

ELIAS: (Pause) Very good! One point!

VICKI: Really? (Pause) I have one more game question actually, not for a point, but wondering if possibly we will be incorporating gems or rocks of some sort into this game in the near future, in our terms.

ELIAS: This being correct, as connecting Dimin with this game.

GUIN: Oh, man!

VICKI: Now I’m confused.

ELIAS: You may express to Dimin to be focusing on this aspect of our game, for she is quite versed in this area, and we shall see how her perceptions connect in this area. I will be suggesting to Michael that he expand his board! (Laughter, and a long pause)

RON: So Michael and I would like to know a little bit more about this Jesus/God thing.

ELIAS: Ah! This Jesus/God thing! (Humorously)

RON: My personal question would be, I would like to know where the concept of God came from.

ELIAS: Obviously from Jesus channeling this essence, (much laughter) for everyone knows that God is an essence name, and Jesus was channeling in trance for thirty years! I am loving of this subject! (Grinning and laughing) You are wondering where your word of god came from. This word was in existence long before Jesus was ever physically manifest. This word of god was created as a symbol of something that man viewed as beyond his own physical focus. In actuality, this word of god, or gods, was developed by you as the complete opposite of what you believe now. In opposition to present belief systems in religious areas, which state that man has been created in the image of god, man created the word god as a symbol of an expression that he himself created, as a mirror image of himself. This will bring us into several areas. Thank you very much for opening this door, for Michael would not have opened this area.

We will use your ancient Greeks and Romans to begin with, for theirs was and is a truer perception of essence; not of your idea of God, but of essence and its lack of separation. I use these ancient Greeks and Romans as an example, for they are easily viewed and understood, and if you are unfamiliar with their belief systems, you may easily find information to be studying them. In these cultures and civilizations they incorporated many gods, all being focused with different elements, all essentially possessing equal power, but also possessing somewhat the structure of hierarchy to them. These gods are quite symbolic of your original state of physical focus. They epitomize the ending of that period of awareness, and the beginning of further separation in essence and physical focus. From what you view of your beginning of physical manifestation within this dimension, your species incorporated many gods. They created, or you created, these gods as reflections of yourself, incorporating all parts and functions of essence, these incorporating hundreds of gods with strange abilities.

These gods incorporated no sexual orientation per se, for they did not incorporate right or wrong for any preference. There was no stigma attached if a male god was mating with a male mortal. A male god possessed the ability to give birth. A male or female god may give birth from other parts of their being besides a womb. You will read in one account of the god of Zeus, which sprung forth a child from his head.

Also, these gods possessed the ability to interchange form. They did not always incorporate human form. They may, if they choose, change. They may incorporate the form of an animal, or a tree, or a pool of water, or an ocean, or raging fire. They possess the ability to focus in whatever manner they choose, this being the reflection of the knowing of yourselves, a knowing that your essence, including physical focus, possessed the ability to accomplish whatever it imagined.

As you moved into a farther separation, you eliminated more and more of your gods. You became singularly focused. You viewed yourselves more separated from each other, and from essence. Therefore, the reflection of yourself became singular to one god, and separated from everything else. You created the design of a special place for this one god to inhabit, for you now inhabited one vessel, one body, separated from all others, physically “walling in” your own energies, therefore housing these energies within one space. As a result, your god must inhabit one space and be singularly focused. As you continued with this separation and this creation of this singular god, you began to view the expressions of this singular mirror image being not only loving, but more often warring, and fearsome, and vengeful, and jealous; these all being reflections of your own separated consciousness.

As your time, so to speak, progressed, in noticing this destructive god, your collective consciousness agreed to a representative to incorporate a new connection; in this, incorporating what you view to be a godhead, for only pagans believe in more than one god. Therefore, you believe in three gods, in one god. Very clever! One god was not quite large enough to mirror a new awakening in consciousness, in an attempt to be reconnecting. Therefore, you incorporated three, this being the beginning of your magic number of three; for all of your Christian religious numerology centers on three; three personalities of god, three incarnations of essence in Jesus. In this, the task for this new focus was also too large for one physical focus, but also realizing the physical manifestation, separated too far, would lose its power; therefore, the essence incorporated simultaneously. All three incarnations overlapped and transcended each other. They were all personality aspects of one essence, physically focusing.

This would be the same in comparison to you feeling a great desire to be initiating this new movement in consciousness, and physically manifesting this Ron, not complete essence but this Ron, into three individuals, separating aspects of personality and incorporating those separated personality aspects into three individuals; first being a burning, crusading earth man of John, this being what the people, even within his own time, would be calling the wild man with a quite hot temper, and very expressive; then the manifestation of Jesus, being the quiet, passive aspect of the personality, this delivering the bulk of being and focus and message, so to speak, this center aspect of personality being the most connected with essence in the delivery of this message; third being that of Saul, which was initiated by the incorporated spark of the two previous personality aspects, which were absorbed, so to speak, into the final manifestation.

This final manifestation deviated from its course, this being where your religious focus within Christianity was needing to incorporate and “add on,” so to speak, of what you call a “second coming.” If this third personality of essence had not deviated from its purpose, so to speak, the incorporation of your second coming would not have been necessary, but individuals who were quite connected with essence during this time period were noticing of this deviation, and in this noticing, added to your message; this being what you think of as your revelation to your Saint John, who is not a saint, for there are no saints, but you view him to be this. This essence is aware of the deviation of message. This essence will not be incorporated within the idea of a second coming, but will be incorporated within your shift in helpfulness, as it is incorporating a need to refocus, in continuing in a wider awareness message. Therefore, this essence will be instrumental and incorporate again, within your new shift.

I will also express to you that there were many individuals within this time period, connected with this creation of this new religious focus, who were keeping records of all that transpired, and those records are still physically with you. They are just not uncovered. Your archeologists have not quite discovered these yet, but they physically exist, just as well as your dinosaur bones.

RON: Aren’t these records just interpretations, just like the Bible? I mean, isn’t the Bible just an interpretation of what was said?

ELIAS: No! These records, unlike your Bible, were transcribed at the times and the scenes, as historical records of the actual events that were occurring, and the actual words and speech that was being delivered at that time. Just as you transcribe Elias’ words, word for word, so also were there scribes, within this time, who were equally as diligent in their focus in these records.

As these records were dangerous to be in possession of, they were quite inventive in their disposal of them, but keeping them quite intact. They are hidden within cave walls that may be discovered, and they have been preserved quite well throughout your time. They also bear a mark for identification, for many of these records were also transcribed falsely, to be confusing to those who might use these records incorrectly, or dispose of them permanently. Most of these records will be discovered as you begin your actual initiation into your shift, and after your shift occurs, they will be entered into your focus for historical purposes. You are nearing the end of your religious focus. Therefore, it is not necessary to be rekindling old concepts, but they will serve for interesting history of your species and belief systems, once you have accomplished your shift. (Pause) Is this helpful?

RON: Uh huh. I’d like to know more later.

ELIAS: Very well. I may be helpful in this area, as I also possess a manifestation within this time period, that I may draw from.

RON: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Are you wishing of more questions?

RON 2: What is it like at the end of the tunnel, when people have near death experiences?

ELIAS: This being a belief system. Individuals experience many different elements of belief systems in what you call “near death” experiences. In actuality, these are not near death experiences, for your term of death is an ending of life, and if they were choosing to be ending of this focus, they would not be returning. They are, in actuality, allowing themselves a separation of physical, waking consciousness, to view a more connected consciousness, and allow themselves to view belief systems. Many times, in one respect, this serves to only reinforce their religious belief systems and ideas, but in another aspect of this experience, they do allow themselves to become more connected in other areas. (Pause) This also is a development of your physical focus, which has increased within your recent years, as a preparation of your shift. (Long pause)

Well, since we are all so contemplative, I shall leave you, and you may think of these things, and maybe you will be connecting with your purple, and you will be allowing yourself your own peripheral vision, and I will be anticipating connecting with you later. (Looking directly at Ron) So, I will say to you, good evening.

Elias departs at 9:58 PM.

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