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Wednesday, September 20, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Jim (Yarr), and arriving late, Ron (Olivia).

Elias “pops-in” at 8:13 PM. (This “popping-in” occurred during a conversation about recent personal experiences with fading out, and as a result, we don’t have the first few minutes with Elias on tape.)

ELIAS: You will have to be faster than Elias!

VICKI: I don’t think that’s possible, do you? (Laughter) Not in this particular situation. That’s pretty funny when that happens!

ELIAS: This would be a case of being prepared! (Grinning widely)

VICKI: You know, I’ve been prepared a couple of times, but every time I’m prepared it doesn’t happen, and every time I’m not prepared it does. I’m just not being prepared at the proper times! (I’m babbling here because I was totally caught off guard, more so than my other “pop-in” experiences. This one made my heart pound!)

ELIAS: I have explained to you that within your physical focus, you “blink in and out.” You are only consciously aware of your “in” time. Your consciousness, within your waking time, only focuses and allows you the awareness of this conscious physical focus. You are moving into a new awareness. Therefore, you are experiencing new developments. Ron also has been experiencing this moving into a new awareness. In this, you will notice this “blinking out,” or “fading out,” as you perceive this. This is only a noticing of your larger self, a recognition of awareness. There is nothing to fear of your essence. Therefore, your essence will not betray you, or cause you to be in conflict. In this, you may allow yourself to experience and notice this “fading out” of physical focus, and you will be fine.

This is also why I use the term focus. Now you may understand some of our terminology that we have incorporated with you intentionally. What is it to focus? (Pause) To focus is not necessarily to materialize. You are “tuning in” to a probability, and a focus of your essence. until now, you were not ready to understand what you have been tuning into. Your self-identity was not developed strongly enough within this focus to allow you to view anything else. It was necessary, as it is within each physical focus, for you to develop a singular identity, therefore knowing who you are, identifying with your consciousness. Now that you have identified yourself with your consciousness, you may allow yourselves the awareness to view more, and to experience beyond only this singular focus.

Notice these “fading outs,” for this is the beginning of what your shift will incorporate. You will notice that in fading out, you do not incorporate a solid feeling. Your physical existence seems to you to be there, but not to be there. All that you are sure of is your consciousness, for as Michael sees this, your brain is not perceiving his brain, he is perceiving his consciousness, that part which is his self, just as you also perceive your consciousness.

This consciousness, just as we discussed with your purple energy center, is not connected to physical form. It is directly above your physical manifestation, but it is not your physical manifestation. It is this focus of consciousness. You are beginning to incorporate essence. Therefore, you are beginning to widen your perception of consciousness, very slightly, and in very tiny steps, but you are moving! This is good! If you were to be making giant leaps, you would lose your identity of your consciousness. Even in your small little tiny steps, your identity becomes shaken, and you are wondering, which is real? Am I truly here? Your focus is here.

Just as you may look through this instrument, (indicating the video camera) you are not the instrument. You are viewing through it. You focus upon an object or a scene, through the instrument. You have created the instrument. It did not create itself. You also have created your physical instrument of manifestation, and you allow, in essence, yourself to focus through it, viewing a reality; but, just as I focusing through this instrument, this is not a picture of your entire reality, also this is true with essence. You have many cameras watching and focusing in many realities and dimensions, and you are doing this all simultaneously. (Wow!)

As for the questions brought up by Michael and Elizabeth of who is real, you are real. you are the center. This is not to say that your other focuses, such as past or future focuses, are not also the center, for they are. For now, I understand that you will not understand this. It is not important that you understand this concept. For purposes of identity, you focus on you as being the center. This is not just acceptable. This is reality. When I express to you all, in our Sunday group, that you are each the center, I am not speaking figuratively, for you are. (Ron arrives) Good evening to Ron!

RON: Hi, Elias. You’re sitting in a funny place!

ELIAS: I was “popping in” and surprising Lawrence, who was not prepared for my entrance! (Laughter) We are discussing probabilities, this subject being brought into play, so to speak, by discussion of Lawrence and Yarr and Michael, of experiences they have been having this week. You also have been experiencing probabilities, in moving through consciousness and awarenesses this week. You all share this same occurrence.

You are moving into a new acceptance and awareness, individually, within your own methods of reality, but you are all moving in the same direction, and motivated by the same element, this being a widening of awareness. I am aware that I use this term often. I am also aware that this term “floats” by you almost each time that I express this, for your understanding of a widening of awareness is limited, but you are beginning to experience this widening now. Now you may begin to incorporate a truer understanding of this widening and of awareness, instead of expressing to yourselves that you are feeling “strange” or “weird.”

JIM: Is that where a lot this week, I’ve been feeling, the last ten days, an intensity of the energies inside?

ELIAS: This is correct, just as Ron also was experiencing physical energies connected with this new moving into conscious awareness. You will also incorporate the physical sensations that Lawrence and Michael have been experiencing, of “blinking out,” this also incorporating a physical manifestation. You are dealing with a physical manifestation; all creation. Just as you will notice with your equipment, if you are to push a button it will make a sound or it will change its function, therefore incorporating a physical reaction, your manifestation of you focus also incorporates physical reactions to adjustments. (Pause) These are all very good moving throughs. As they are unknowns, and new, they seem strange. They are unfamiliar, therefore sometimes they incorporate conflict. These movings to new awarenesses partially involve belief systems, but they extend beyond belief systems. This is not only a moving through of a belief system. This is an awakening of a new awareness, a new understanding and acceptance of consciousness, which is wider than what you are accustomed to.

RON: I feel that the changes that I was going through, or the widening, was not a bad thing, but I have been having a real hard time convincing Michael that it’s not his fault. He seems to take all of this, all of these changes, upon himself, and take blame for anything that we’re going through. How can I explain that to him, to make him understand that it’s not his fault?

ELIAS: I will express to you that you have already made a dent, so to speak, with your offering of information to him. Beyond this, I will redirect your attention to our little saplings. If you are incorporating a new awareness and you are expressing yourself, he will notice. If you are not experiencing conflict, he will notice by your actions and your aura, more than your words. Therefore, be the little saplings, and be incorporating yourselves and your awarenesses, and others who are experiencing conflict will learn from your lack of conflict. (Pause)

I will make a comment to you, in following my comment at our last session, to which Yarr was not present. My comment to the company of that session was, lovingly, that Yarr was not demonstrating the story of our little saplings very well, this being that I chose to share this story with this audience for the reason that you are already the example, little saplings. Therefore you, in being this, bear a responsibility to be radiating this example to those around you. Your awareness is great enough that you “should be,” quote, (to Vicki) you may include sarcastic this time, (grinning) emanating an example for others who are incorporating conflict or are experiencing trouble in understanding, for your understanding is greater. Therefore, you may be helpful to others whose understanding may not be so great, this being also not only instructive to them, but allows you the opportunity to connect. In connecting, you open your communication to essence more. I was also expressing this in acknowledgment of conflict being experienced by you this week, which others were not aware of, and in viewing this portion of our last session, you will find that I was not being chastising. This was not the point. (Pause)

I also will make on comment to Lawrence, back to our control issue, also in viewing yourself as an emanating little tree with Kali. It is not your responsibility, and should not be your concern. If he is wishing to be truthful, then he will be so. If he is not, your responsibility is to be viewing his separation, and be emanating your example. We do not incorporate judgments. I am accepting. I am not placing limitations or conditions upon individuals. Therefore, I expect that you also do not place conditions upon individuals. If you are wishing to incorporate these actions or concepts, you may do so, as it is your choice, but do not do so within the forum of my words and sessions. (Pause) All probabilities will work together, and they will be creating what you have set in motion to be created. It is not necessary to be “pushing in consciousness.” We are working for effortlessness. Therefore, incorporate effortlessness, and allow your probabilities to play without pushing in waking consciousness.

I also will offer, to Ron, not to worry so much of Michael and his concerns, for he will, in your terms, “catch up” soon enough. His probabilities have been set in motion also, and he is incorporating a wider understanding. This is a belief system within him that he must step through, but he is attempting.

You may also express to him that his “true dreams” will answer his questions if he is continuing to focus, this being a concept set forth to you by your teacher of Seth, who was reminding you of an ancient concept which was quite accepted, this being an Egyptian concept and creation, this being your Gates of Horn; and if you are asking or making the suggestion, previous to your sleep state, you may tap areas of essence that will, in actuality, answer.

This I also understand, to you in this technological age, sounds quite mystical and as a fantasy, but you may be surprised at what you experience in accessing this. This area of essence will allow you information that you may not always tap into. This also I express to this company only, for the reason that you may engage with this properly, not that if you are asking a question of the Gate of Horn that you would receive an answer at all if you are asking to win your lottery, for you would not; but within your awarenesses, you have incorporated a reality and a seriousness that you would not ask this question anyway. I need not be concerned that you will be asking “Who killed President Kennedy?” from universal essences. If you are wishing for truths, you may access these. Michael may even remember his answers in these truths, for he has twice now accessed this area, but does not recall them. Lawrence may work on projecting, and Michael may work on remembering, or maybe they will only “break out” together! (Laughing) Are you wishing of a question? (Long pause)

JIM: I’d like to, if I may, learn more of my connections of other people within this group, with Mary, Michael, Ron and Vicki, in other focuses. I’m getting a lot of impressions lately, a lot of feelings about things that I know I should listen to, but I would like to hear some more form you, if I may. (He’s so polite!)

ELIAS: You are very connected. You have shared many developmental focuses. I will express to you that within this audience, you all possess the ability to access this information yourselves. Together, you may generate the consciousness to connect to these focuses. Remember, you are only stepping sideways, just a little. These focuses are immediately present. Therefore, it serves as good practice for you to incorporate with each other, and find your developmental focuses and connections.

JIM: More fun, too! Okay.

ELIAS: Absolutely! Also, I will express to you, I am understanding that I have offered information to you each of past, so to speak, developmental focuses. Be leery of those who will be expressing of your other developmental focuses too easily. You possess the ability to access your own information, yourself. You may trust your essence and your self.

JIM: That’s the hardest part. I rationalize everything.

ELIAS: Well, I will express that it is much more trustworthy to believe a developmental focus that you view yourself, than to believe a psychic who expresses to you that you were a king in another developmental focus, for although I do not discount the abilities of individuals to access information, many do not access information, but you will believe them, even still. Trust in yourself, for yourself will offer you your own truth. (Pause) Then, I will depart from you, and you may continue with your discussion or your exercises, whichever you are preferring; although, stand ready, I may reappear! Good evening.

Elias departs at 9:01 PM.

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