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Friday, May 28, 1999

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“Orientation: Intermediate”

“The Moth to the Flame”

“Your Soul Mate is Yourself!”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Marcos (Marta).

Elias arrives at 9:11 AM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning, Marta!

MARCOS: Good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles) It’s great to talk to you once again.

ELIAS: And you, this day, are proceeding efficiently within your movement, are you not?

MARCOS: Well, I’d like to think so, Elias, although there are some issues I’d like to get some more information on, if that’s okay with you.

ELIAS: You may, and you may proceed.

MARCOS: First, a couple of quick questions. On Paul’s family alignment, is he Sumafi aligned with the family of Vold?


MARCOS: Great. Thank you. Another fairly quick question: is there a connection with ourselves, our group that has come to you from ... let’s say from Mexico, with Patel?

ELIAS: There has been interactions and what you would term to be group involvement in different focuses, and you may be becoming aware of these connections. Yes, you are correct.

MARCOS: Okay, great. Thank you. Can you explain to me a little bit, Elias, about my sexual orientation, as you have begun to speak about this in earlier sessions? Not regarding gender necessarily, but sexual orientation.

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you that I have offered the identification of your particular choice of orientation, and have expressed that you hold the orientation of intermediate.

Now; in this particular choice of orientation, your view and approach, in a manner of speaking, to your reality is quite different from other individual’s expressions.

I am aware that within your particular focus and with other individuals of this orientation, within this time framework and your societies, you may be confused at times in your individual feelings within you, that you seem not to hold the ability to be fitting entirely, although there are outward expressions that seem to be moving efficiently and beneficially.

Let me express to you that with individuals holding this particular orientation, more of your conflicts or challenges shall be inward than those expressed outwardly.

I express to you that within the orientation of intermediate, you hold the ability to be interactive with other individuals and situations within groups, individual expressions, [and] societal expressions, which may be creating some elements of frustration for you, but you are not preoccupied, in a manner of speaking, with these outward expressions. You may engage in them with other individuals in relation to your employment and in relation to relationships with other individuals, but this is not quite as affecting of you in intensity as the expressions that you create within you.

Your inward expressions – and yourself – create much more conflict than outward expressions.

I have expressed that individuals holding the orientation of intermediate are creating inwardly much more than those individuals of soft and common. What is meant by this explanation is that you view your world and all of your reality through yourself first. Your processing of information and your creation of your perception moves through your identification and your perception of self first.

In this, you lean in the direction of comparisons many times in the interaction with other individuals – that you are creating in a certain manner and therefore there is also an expectation that other individuals shall be creating in like manner – and there is confusion as you view other individuals creating differently. But in these differences, you also lean in the direction of personalizing those differences and assuming responsibility – or turning your attention inwardly to self and assuming the actions in conjunction with other individuals – that you may be intimately or directly related or causing other individuals to be responding in the manner that they are.

At times you may divorce yourself from this type of thought process, but in those time periods, you turn your attention once again inwardly, and you create judgments upon yourself in accepting other individual’s expressions and questioning your own – questioning the correctness of your own expressions and the direction of your own expressions.

In this, you may view that all of your expressions, all of your thought processes, all of your emotions are filtered through your initial perception of self, and how all of your reality is affecting of you and your individual involvement with it. In this, it is quite accurate to be expressing that this particular orientation moves in the direction of directly personalizing individually all of your reality.

This also may be many times – with yourself and with other individuals of this orientation – creating of a sense of discontent or restlessness. In this, the reason that you are experiencing this restlessness – in which you interpret there is a need for movement – is that you ARE occupying your attention intensely with self. And therefore, as self may be addressing to certain movements, you may not necessarily allow yourself continuously an objective awareness of your subjective movement.

Unlike individuals holding the orientation of common or soft, you do not create in a manner of outward expression, but your societies and your officially accepted realities do. Therefore, there is created this agitation and this restlessness – and frustration at many time periods – for the reason that it may be seeming to you that regardless of how you may be moving in objective terms or within outward expressions and what you may be creating outwardly, it is not quite satisfying of you, and you continue to hold this frustration and this restlessness, for this is not the manner that you naturally create. You are attempting to be creating your reality within the guidelines of the officially accepted reality.

Let me express to you, each expression of these three orientations move in a direction with regard to your officially accepted reality and express different types of frustrations as you bump against the officially accepted reality, for within the officially accepted reality, you have collectively created a very narrow margin for expressions, which leans more in the direction of accommodation to those individuals holding the orientation of common. But even these individuals at times rail against the officially accepted reality, for they may experience certain elements of uncomfortableness and assuming personal responsibility and guilt in being the more acceptable expression ... which I am understanding may appear surfacely to be contradictory or confusing.

But look to your individual thought processes and experiences within your everyday reality. Individuals that are viewed as privileged within your reality also many times experience uncomfortableness in that privilege, and are also quite opposed by the other individuals that do not view themselves as being privileged also. Therefore, I express to you that each of the orientations holds its individual challenges.

In the orientation of intermediate, you hold – as I have stated – quite different types of challenges, for in similar manner to the orientation of soft, your challenges lie in the area of attempting to fit your reality into expressions in which they do not fit. Once again, it is the situation of attempting to place the peg into the hole in which it does not fit the shape.

Therefore, as you widen your awareness and offer yourself more information as to who and what you are – and what you have chosen within this focus as your manifestation – you shall also begin to be offering yourself more of an understanding of how you are creating your reality, and in this understanding, you shall offer yourself permission to be moving naturally into your individual expressions without the comparison of all that is created outside of you, for this is quite influencing of your own duplicity and your own judgments upon self. You may look to your focus and you may be realizing and noticing the many, many times within your individual focus that you have encountered these types of expressions.

Outwardly, you may move with an element of ease through certain challenges that are created within situations that you do not view as personal. You may be engaged in different expressions of employment or different relationships, and you may find that many times you hold an ease in engaging these situations and expressing to yourself and to other individuals “it matters not,” and you may move through the challenges that are outwardly presented to you.

But you also simultaneously hold great confusion and fears and judgments inwardly, for you are continuously creating comparisons of yourself in relation to what you view outside as your world, and this creates not merely confusion but frustration and conflict and restlessness, for you view within yourself and you feel within yourself that you hold no outlet for your expressions, and you continue to be moving physically in different types of expressions.

You continue to be creating a quest to find your happiness, so to speak, or your effortlessness, and you continue looking outside to be fulfilling of these elements, for this is the manner that is engaged within your officially accepted reality. This is the expression of your societies, and you are participating within your societies.

You may view many different expressions which are occurring within your world and not necessarily feel a personal affectingness of these situations, and within you, it does not concern you and it matters not. This you may move into without much conflict.

But as you turn your attention to self and attempt to be expressing of your reality within the confines of your officially accepted reality, you create much conflict, for you express to yourself:

“I should be creating this. I should not be creating that. I must be creating in this manner. I must not be creating in that manner. And I am feeling this tugging continuously, which creates confusion within myself, for I am not understanding what I am lacking. What am I seeking? It is so very elusive that it evades me continuously.”

What you are seeking is yourself, and the freedom to be offering yourself permission to be expressing in the manner that is natural to you.

In this, I have expressed to you at the onset of this session that you are creating much more efficiently presently than you have allowed yourself previously. The reason I offer this acknowledgment to you is that you are beginning to be turning your attention to self, and recognizing that this type of creating moves much more efficiently within your individual reality than movement within concern to all that is outside of you ... but this is viewed as selfish and self-absorbed, so to speak.

You are, in what you term to be recent time framework, allowing yourself more of your own inward expression, and you are also allowing yourself more of an expression to not concern yourself with the opinion and reaction or responsiveness of other individuals, allowing yourself partially to begin movement into that expression which you view so negatively as “selfishness” and turning your view of this word into more of a reality, not necessarily as a negative judgment upon self.

Now; I express to you that I hold an awareness that you continue in many of the familiar expressions that you have created previously, and I am acknowledging of this also.

Therefore, I am not expressing to you that you do not continue within your frustration and restlessness and confusion, for you do. I AM acknowledging that you are beginning to allow yourself permission to be creating and experiencing within your individual, natural flow in conjunction with your orientation more so than you have previously. Are you understanding?

MARCOS: Boy, you said it! That’s my life in a nutshell! I am understanding of much of it. There’s so much there to continue to digest, and I know I will do that as I move forward.

There’s so many things you say that I feel inside that I know. I feel the knowing when you mention them, and that’s extremely helpful. I can’t tell you how helpful this conversation is, because so much of my life becomes so much clearer now, and I can begin to understand some of these extremely difficult moments that I’ve felt on and off throughout this focus.

At the same time, in acknowledgment of my knowing, I think that’s why I’ve been living by myself for the last three years and traveling so much, because within those travels, even though I do interact with people which I like, I also spend much time by myself, and more and more I begin to enjoy that, and it’s very hard for other people to understand why I like to spend so much time by myself.

ELIAS: Quite. Now; let me also offer to you another element, Marta.

In this particular orientation, there is another quite strong expression which is battled with by many individuals holding this orientation. In this, it is in regard to relationships.

Within the orientation of intermediate, you may find that individuals such as yourself may be interactive within relationships and may be attempting to be creating intimate relationships in the manner of partnerships, for there is a very strong draw and feeling of a desire for intimacy, which is subsequently translated in familiar terms outwardly, and the translation is formed that you NEED to be engaged within an intimate relationship.

Now; the challenge which is presented with this particular orientation is that the relationship outwardly is not necessarily what shall be fulfilling of the individual.

Now; this particular orientation holds a very strong expression in the manner of coupling itself with other individuals of the same orientation.

I have expressed previously that each orientation magnates to individuals holding the same orientation, and that in coupling yourself with another individual of the same orientation, you shall experience more of an ease and you shall be accomplishing within that relationship with less conflict, for you are not speaking different languages.

I have also expressed that within each orientation, as an individual draws themself into a relationship with another individual holding a different orientation, they shall be experiencing conflict and confusion for a time framework. This is not to say that this may not be moved through, but it is creating of difficulties and it shall create much more of a thickness temporarily than is necessary.

Now; in this, for the most part, individuals within physical focus, as they move in the direction of aligning themselves in an intimate relationship with an individual of a different orientation, they shall generally discontinue those relationships, viewing that they are requiring of too much attention and energy to be satisfactory to themselves individually.

Now, I express to you also that there are individuals within physical focus that choose quite intentionally to be entering relationship with another individual of a different orientation, and part of their value fulfillment is to be moving through these types of challenges.

But let me also express to you that this is much less common with individuals holding the orientation of intermediate than any other orientation. It is much more common that individuals within this one particular orientation shall be experiencing and creating much more conflict within themselves with regard to intimate relationships if they are not of the same orientation as the other individual, for there is such an intensity of inward focusing that individuals as yourself that hold this orientation do not afford yourselves the movement into concentrating your energy into interpretation and translation of languages with another individual holding a different orientation. You merely create frustrations within yourself.

In a manner of speaking, within very physical terms, you may express to yourself, “This is requiring of too much energy,” and it is not worthy of your time, and you are not inclined to be offering this much attention to another individual and their creations, for you are much more occupied with your OWN creations and your own perception. Therefore, there is an impatience with other individuals.

This be the reason that you experience challenges and what you term to be difficulties in establishing relationships with other individuals in an intimate manner, for another expression which is quite generally created within the orientation of intermediate is to magnate to individuals of other orientations, for they provide outward stimulation and excitement. They challenge you, but you may be accepting of the challenges only to a point.

In this, it may be creating excitement and an element of fun and intrigue for you to be exploring different types of relationships, but you shall continue to arrive in a framework within yourself in which you become bored, exasperated, frustrated, and restless in the interaction with another individual, for they do not hold the same orientation as you and they do not create their reality in like manner to yourself. Therefore, you also lean in the direction of feeling misunderstood, and you are quite right! Many times you ARE being misunderstood, for other individuals objectively are no more understanding and translating of your language than you are of theirs!

But this returns us to your natural inclination to be personalizing of those expressions, for you turn all of your expressions and other individual’s expressions and your reality inwardly and allow great affectingness of all of your reality inwardly, in intimate manners with yourself.

THIS is what you seek within yourselves within the orientation of intermediate, to be creating of this intimacy with self.

This be the reason that you have also created the imagery that you have within your dream state. Look to that imagery, and the wondrousness and the joy that you provide yourself in meeting yourself, and the fulfillment that you have allowed yourself to objectively feel! And what do you express to me? “How shall I find this individual? I am upon my quest for my soul mate.” Ha ha ha ha! And your soul mate is yourself!

MARCOS: Ah, that’s fantastic, Elias! You’re extremely, extremely helpful with that information, and you’re absolutely correct. Now, at the same time, in this quest for myself, I wouldn’t mind meeting along the way some other intermediate individuals, but this is fascinating, fascinating information!

ELIAS: You may be drawing those types of individuals to yourself futurely, as you allow yourself to move more fully into your own individual natural expression and more of an acceptance of your choice for your orientation, for as you move your attention more fully in this direction, you also create an understanding that you have been creating previously the action of the moth to the flame.

Therefore, in this, as you begin to more fully hold an objective understanding of self and become more accepting of your natural expression, you may also not hold such great fascination with the excitement and the flicker of the other orientations which are creating their reality within more of an expression outwardly.

This merely offers you stimulation outwardly – and excitement – but it is temporary. It is the moth to the flame, and in this, the moth eventually tires or disengages this action, for it may burn in the intensity of the heat of the creation of the flame.

Therefore, I express to you, be acknowledging of the comfort that may be received within individuals that may not necessarily be displaying such excitement and flamboyance within their creations of their reality, but more of the quietness and the inwardness, in like manner to yourself, and this shall be creating of the type of relationship that you seek to be more lasting, in your terms.

MARCOS: That is wonderful That is so wonderful! You have answered so many more questions than I had today. I can’t thank you enough, my friend! (Elias chuckles)

Vic’s note: I gotta agree with you, Marcos – this IS a wonderful session. I have learned so much about my dear friend Cathy, and I bet she’s learned a lot about herself!

ELIAS: I shall offer to you that you may be contemplating upon this information, and you may be offering yourself permission to be expressing in your natural expression and not placing so very many conditions upon your expressions and so very many judgments upon your expressions, and merely allow yourself a natural free flow.

To you this day, my friend, I bid you very affectionately, au revoir.

Elias departs at 9:58 AM.

Vic’s note: So, Elias “departs” and Mary “returns,” and ... well, I’ll just transcribe this last bit. Cracked me up, but of course, I’m easily entertained!

MARY: Hello? (Here, the phone rings) What the.... (Staring at the receiver in one hand and the phone in the other) Okay, Elias. Are you cutting off the communications again? I love it when the phone rings while I’m holding it. Duh!

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