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Friday, May 28, 1999

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“The Camouflage of Confidence”

“The Expression of Effortlessness”

“Trauma/The Coming Change in Currency”

“Influences vs. Ingredients of Reality”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Tom (Malhai).

Elias arrives at 11:37 AM. (Arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning, Malhai!

TOM: Good morning! (Elias chuckles) It’s a beautiful day to be speaking to you!

ELIAS: And what shall we be discussing and engaging with this day?

TOM: First of all, Sena sends her greetings.

ELIAS: And you may return the greetings!

TOM: Okay. I guess she really didn’t have any questions, except maybe if you have any input on clarifying her probabilities, which seem unclear to her right now.

ELIAS: Which probabilities is she holding concern within? For she is creating probabilities in several different directions.

TOM: It seems that each direction is unclear ... probably her creativity in her business, maybe, would be the one right now. She didn’t exactly tell me! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: You may express to her that presently, she may view herself in the situation of holding temporarily in the area of many of her probabilities, for she is creating probabilities in many different directions presently subjectively, and choosing certain directions.

But within the influx of energy that she is allowing herself in relation to this present wave in consciousness – and also allowing herself to be accessing and aligning with the thrust of energy which is provided within this time framework within this shift – she is allowing herself a temporary time framework, in a manner of speaking, to be organizing the manipulation of these influxes of energy.

In this, she is subjectively directing this acquired energy, in a manner of speaking, into different areas of probabilities. Some of the energy is being directed into the area of relationships and engaging within them more efficiently.

In this, she is also allowing herself an assimilation period, so to speak, to be moving into the direction of an understanding of her own creation of her own reality within her own choices, and turning her attention to those first as opposed – so to speak – to occupying her attention with the creations of other individuals so intensely.

As to the areas of creativity and creations in the areas of employing this creativity, she is engaging [in] slightly different type[s] of probabilities presently, allowing herself to be reconfiguring some of the energies that she may be putting forth, in a manner of speaking, outwardly in the expression of this creativity and how it shall be employed within her expressions of jobs, so to speak.

Therefore, she has moved in a direction previously – not quite entirely confidently – expressing within herself that she is moving in the direction of her intent and employing her creativity, but not entirely allowing herself a trustfulness of this expression.

Now; it has been beneficial and has allowed her certain expressions of accomplishments thus far, but not fully to the extent that it holds the potential of – “it” being her creativity.

In this, she allows herself a temporary respite, so to speak, which allows her to be subjectively manipulating energy into new areas within her focus, allowing her the opportunity to more fully and more trustfully be expressing of herself and not pushing her creativity into expressions that are entirely aligned with mass belief systems and expectations.

This be the key word – expectations – for she holds great expectations of herself and she also allows the expression of expectations of other individuals to be assumed by herself, and within this time period, she is allowing herself the time framework to be reconfiguring that energy and moving it more efficiently into her OWN expressions of creativity without engaging as much expectation – or the allowance of expectation with respect to other individuals – and allowing herself to be more genuinely trusting of this type of movement.

This also holds to the acceptance and trust of self, as she is creating outwardly in alignment with her individual choice of orientation and allowing herself to be moving into those types of expressions more fully without incorporating elements of guilt or of feeling not quite adequate enough, for although she may be projecting outwardly the camouflage of what you within physical focus term to be confidence – and in part is accomplishing of that expression – there is continued to be held inwardly doubt as to the efficiency of her ability and a lack of trust in her own assessment and choices of many creations.

She is continuously questioning herself within, and inquiring to self if she is moving in the “right” direction. And you may express from myself to her that it is not a question of moving in the “right” direction. It is merely a choice of allowing herself more freedom of the expression, not necessarily the “right” expression.

TOM: Okay. I guess I see that with all of us, so to speak, with the acceptance part and the self doubts, and that moves me into some of what I was going to discuss with you today – acceptance, duplicity, allowing our inner and outer energy to blend and flow from essence. There’s an effortlessness I’ve experienced at different times, and I’ve put it into terms of, all creations seem to flow effortlessly and exactly without – oh, how do I put this? – without a struggle. They flow as you want them and it seems to amaze, and I guess I was trying to see if it’s a vibration of energy that we remain in that expedites this acceptance? Am I stating this the way I want? I’m not sure! I’m formulating as I go.

ELIAS: I am understanding of what you are expressing. In this, I say to you that in one manner of speaking, you may be identifying that you move yourself into a certain vibrational quality in creating this effortlessness, for you move outside of the thickness of conflict and duplicity and doubt and into more of an ease in the trust.

Now; I express to you that the accomplishment of this effortlessness employs action, and I have expressed previously with individuals that effortlessness is not synonymous with the LACK of action. It is merely a joyfulness within the choice of action that you create which allows you the perception – or in other terms, the reality – of effortlessness.

In this, there are different vibrational qualities within different densities. In your terms of your sciences, you may allow yourselves the information and knowledge of this type of reality. Different vibrational qualities are exhibited in thicker or more dense energies. There are what you term to be more rapid vibrational qualit[ies] to less density within energy. Therefore, as you create less of a thickness, you also move yourself into less of a density within your energy, and in this, you create more of an ease in your movement and within your flow of movement.

Now; let me also express to you in clarification: You may be creating quite efficiently and quite effortlessly in the expression of energy which does hold density, but the reason that you create so very efficiently in this manner is that it is very familiar to you. Therefore, it is requiring of little or no thought process or concentration upon your part – in a manner of speaking – objectively to be creating within this thickness.

Now; you may liken this to the movement of a fish. A fish may move quite efficiently through water, which holds more thickness and density than your air. You may place this fish within your air, and it shall flounder. It shall hold difficulty in moving within the less density of the air, for this is unfamiliar. Therefore, it appears to be outside of its natural element.

In like manner, you within physical focus as individuals have become so very accustomed to movement through the density of energy – that you create within confusion and conflict – that it appears unnatural and out of your element to be creating without the thickness, and you have become quite accomplished at creating effortlessly within that thickness. You may be creating conflict and confusion within yourselves quite easily, and you may be creating conflict and confusion in interaction with other individuals quite easily!

You may also notice that as you have begun engagement of conflict or confusion with yourself or in the engagement of interaction with another individual, it may be difficult for you to be discontinuing the movement outside of the thickness. Once you have begun the motion and the movement of the conflict or the confusion, stopping the conflict or the confusion IN THE ACTION OF IT may be creating a challenge within you.

But let us view outside of this type of creation, and you may also view that if you are already moving outside of the thickness and if you are creating of the ease and effortlessness within pleasure and joyfulness, it is appearing to you to be expelling less energy than even that which appears effortless and automatic within your conflict. This be the reason that you magnate to the joyfulness and the expression of no conflict, for although you are recognizing of the ease of creating conflict and the automaticness that you hold in creating conflict, you may be creating of even more ease without the conflict.

Therefore, in this, as I have expressed the difference of the density of the water and the air, which each holds a different vibrational quality, you may also liken this to the energy that you exhibit within your focus in relation to your creations within effortlessness and the lack of expression of effortlessness.

TOM: Okay. So in moving in this pleasure and joyfulness, we move in less thickness, which actually could be considered a faster vibration that would also assist us in ... it seems at times that the belief systems are set aside when a person moves in this, in my experience. I guess if I’m saying this in your understanding ... it’s like the belief systems do not matter that you hold, in what you are able to create moving in that.

ELIAS: And what you are accomplishing in this is the very action that I have been offering you information in relation to and have expressed to you for much time framework, in the acceptance of belief systems.

Now; I am not expressing to you that you have moved in the direction of acceptance of a belief system in its entirety, but you ARE creating movement in the acceptance of aspects of the belief systems, and this is quite objectively noticeable to you each.

For as you move into an acceptance of an aspect of a belief system – not necessarily merely changing the aspects of the belief systems or moving your attention from one aspect to a different aspect, but as you move in the direction of accepting an aspect of a belief system – each time it may be presented to you, you shall experience this repeated expression of “it matters not,” and you shall notice that it is no longer affecting of you and that you may maneuver your energy quite efficiently through and around and above and below and beside this aspect, and it shall no longer reach out and snap at you and it shall no longer hold your attention, for it matters not, and it has been accepted in the energy that it is and in the reality that it is, and it shall concern you no longer.

TOM: Exactly. That’s what I’ve been finding with some aspects. It seems that effortlessness also facilitates the manipulation of the time element in some respects.

ELIAS: It is quite affecting of your time framework.

In this, I am reminding you that your perception is that which creates your reality. Therefore, as elements within your perception are affected, your reality is also affected.

In this, as I express to you that within your perception your time framework is affected, I am also expressing to you that within your REALITY your time framework is affected, for the element/the energy of time is in actuality altered within your perception, which is your reality.

In this, you may be noticing that as you are engaging more effortlessness and less thickness – more of an acceptance of self and of belief systems – you shall be noticing that your time framework appears to be in movement more rapidly, and as you employ conflict and are engaging thickness within your reality, you may be noticing that you are also creating within your perception a slowing at times of your time movement. These are actual movements, and not merely what you term to be your imagination. They are actual movements of time in different vibrational qualities, which are different speeds, in a manner of speaking.

You may also notice at times that you may be creating of both movements simultaneously, for within certain elements of your focus, you may be creating of conflict and thickness, and therefore, moments of your time framework may appear to be moving more slowly. But simultaneous in this action, you may also hold certain other aspects of your reality and your creations which are moving effortlessly and are pleasurable, and in this, other aspects of your time framework may appear to be moving swiftly.

In this type of expression, you may be listening to yourself or to another individual express, “My day appears to be moving quite slowly this day, but I am noticing that my week has moved quite quickly. This appears to be a paradox within myself.” You are in actuality creating both movements of your time framework simultaneously.

TOM: I’ve experienced that too. Now, when you talk of perception, Elias, perceptions actually are formed by our beliefs and belief systems. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Your perception is quite influenced by your beliefs. In this, they are the push, the influencing factor, so to speak, and a motivating force which underlies all of your choices and actions and creations within your perception. They are, in a manner of speaking, creating of your reality, for they are so very strongly influencing of your reality.

As to being an actual INGREDIENT of your reality, they are not.

They are an influence which moves you within certain guidelines and directions within your focus, in difference to elements such as emotion and sexuality, which are actual building blocks or ingredients of your perception, for they are actual baseline elements of your reality itself. Therefore, they are creating of your reality also, but not merely in influence, but as an element of it.

TOM: Pardon me? An element of?

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore, hypothetically, in figurative terms, if you were to remove all of the belief systems from this dimension, you would continue to be creating within sexuality and emotion, and this would continue to be creating of your reality and of your experiences.

Now; as I have expressed to you previously, you shall not be removing belief systems from this particular dimension, for this is the manner that you have created this particular dimension physically, and if you are choosing to be experiencing physical focus within a dimension that does not hold belief systems, this is available to you within other dimensions.

You create your participation in this particular dimension with the knowledge that you are participating within the reality of the intimate and intricate workings of belief systems and that they are quite influencing and a basic element of this reality, but they are different in their function from those basic elements of your reality which are ingredients of your reality.

Belief systems have been inserted into this objective physical reality, just as you insert into this reality all of your physical creations. Your elements of sexuality and emotion are not subsequent insertions into this physical reality, but a base element of the creation of this reality in itself.

In another viewing of this, you may think to yourself in terms of your earth. Your soil is the ground, so to speak, the base element of your earth. Your water, your soil, your air – these are the elements that are basic to the formation of your physical world. Your plants, your creatures, yourselves are inserted into that format, so to speak.

In this, your base elements of sexuality and emotion are the base elements that are the ground creations of your reality. Your belief systems are the insertions into that reality, which are influencing of all of the environment of your reality. They are influencing of all of your creations, for they are influencing of your perception, but they are not your perception in itself. Are you understanding?

TOM: Yes, I am. I believe I am. So, perception ... if you move into the less thickness, the faster vibration we were speaking of, you’re not moving outside, but you’re moving into more of the accepting of the aspects of belief systems.

ELIAS: Correct.

TOM: Okay. You have also mentioned a no-conflict exercise?

ELIAS: Quite.

TOM: I’ve been looking through the transcripts, and I haven’t found this exercise.

ELIAS: You may be inquiring of Michael and he may be offering you this information, that you may be accessing this exercise. I have also offered repeated information with respect to this exercise in what you term to be recent sessions.

TOM: Okay, I will check that out. You’ve also spoken about how our system is changing, the government and everything, within the shift; the money and that type of thing collapsing?

ELIAS: It is not a situation necessarily of collapse, but more that you shall be moving in the direction of recognizing the inefficiency of this type of exchange and shall be moving outside of this type of creation, recognizing that you may be creating much more efficiently without hindrance and reinforcement of judgments in duplicity in relation to your physical exchange of currency.

TOM: It’s more our own movement into acceptance of belief systems.

ELIAS: Quite, but this shall be also manifest and occurring throughout your planet and throughout the entirety of your reality.

You shall be moving into the elimination of this type of exchange, recognizing that it is not serving you as efficiently as you may be serving yourselves in allowing your expressions of your creativity in pleasure and joyfulness without pushing yourselves into areas that you view to be necessity, and this is directly associated with your beliefs in conjunction with your financial status, so to speak, and your creation of exchange in the manner that you have created it to this point.

You may be creating much more efficiently in allowing yourselves to be expressing yourselves within your own individual, most efficient manners, and all that needs be – in your terms – accomplished shall be accomplished regardless. It is unnecessary to be creating of this physical exchange in which you engage certain aspects of employment to be receiving physical currency in exchange.

You shall be creating of a new element of your reality in which you are merely creating movement together in harmony to be accomplishing all of the actions that you choose to be accomplishing, but recognizing that you need no compensation for this action. All may be provided to you quite efficiently and dispersed quite efficiently without this type of exchange.

You already hold awareness and recognition of this. You are merely moving in the direction of implementing this new creation.

TOM: I understand what you’re saying. It seems like it will take conflict to accomplish, and maybe that’s my own duplicity!

ELIAS: And so it shall! And within the action of this shift, this be the reason that I express to you all so very often that you shall be engaging trauma within the action of this shift, for you are moving in the direction of addressing to and accepting of all of your belief systems – not merely some, not merely a select few, but ALL of your belief systems – and within this acceptance, you are also creating great changes within your reality which are affecting of ALL of your reality, which I have expressed to you many times previously.

Now you move in the direction of assimilating this information and beginning to offer yourselves the first glimpses of the REALITY of this information and not merely the CONCEPT of this information, and that you shall BE creating and already ARE creating trauma in addressing to and altering your reality in response to these accepting actions of belief systems.

You are resistant objectively to this acceptance, for you hold very tightly to the familiar and to your expressions within these belief systems. You even express to each other that certain belief systems are acceptable to you, for they are “working.” They are creating no conflict. Therefore, they are working belief systems and you need not address to them.

I express to you, this is not the acceptance of belief systems ... although I have offered information to individuals in encouragement to be moving in this type of direction temporarily in altering or changing their belief systems, which in actuality is inadequate terminology, for they are not in actuality changing their belief systems. They are merely moving their attention from one aspect of a belief system to a different aspect of the same belief system, and changing their alignment with the different aspects of the same belief system. Temporarily, this may be beneficial.

But I express to you also that the point is to be accepting of all of the aspects of all of the belief systems, and this shall not be accomplished without conflict and without trauma, for you hold tightly to the energy of these belief systems and you hold tightly to the familiar, and are quite objectively resistant to your loosening upon that hold in either direction. You hold to elements that you view negatively and you hold to elements that you view positively. You hold even stronger to those elements that you view positively!

If you are holding the opinion that you place the judgment that you employ a good or working belief system, you hold no motivation to be accepting of it, for it is offering you no conflict. Therefore, you hold much more difficulty in the actual acceptance of belief systems than the movement into change of aspects of belief systems.

I do not speak figuratively to you as I express to you that you shall be engaging trauma in this shift. You already ARE engaging trauma within this shift in consciousness. I have been quite expressive in explaining to you that you need not and it is unnecessary, but I also present you with the reality that you are already creating, in that you ARE experiencing trauma in many, many, many expressions and areas of movement, individually and en masse.

This is not figurative speaking. This is reality!

And in this, as you begin to widen your awareness and you begin to view the reality of this shift in consciousness and the implications of that reality, you also notice and recognize the potential for great trauma in certain areas; this being merely one, in the area of your establishment of exchange.

TOM: Which will affect many areas, in my viewing.

ELIAS: You are correct.

TOM: It’s a total change in our system of expressing in this reality.

ELIAS: You are correct once again, and this be the reason that information is being offered to you in the direction of accepting belief systems and this be the reason that you draw yourselves to instruction, to be helpful in the action of this shift in consciousness, for many individuals shall objectively rail against it, regardless that they have chosen it within consciousness.

TOM: Yes. So this would tie into part of my intent to assist in this – although I see that I may have my own trauma – to assist in trauma in the Tumold intent?

ELIAS: Ah, but as you address to your individual traumas and conflicts, and you allow yourself to be accepting and trusting of self and your expressions and moving in the direction of accepting aspects of your individual belief systems, you also lend great energy, subjectively AND objectively, to other individuals in helpfulness to their movement.

TOM: In lending this energy, it appears that some interpret it in, shall we say, a sexual manner? Is this common? I think I’ve asked you this before. If I have, I guess you’ll remember better than I!

ELIAS: Presently, within this wave of consciousness, this also is being addressed, for you address the belief system of sexuality, which encompasses MUCH of your reality. Therefore, it also encompasses the physical and sexual activity aspects of your reality.

In this, these are elements of acceptance and trauma that are engaged also within this shift, and are elements of your belief systems that hold great impact in affectingness within your reality, for they are an element which is very encompassingly expressed and intricately expressed throughout the entirety of your focuses, in very similar manner to the expression of your exchange of currency.

TOM: Yes, I see what you’re saying there. Thank you. I’ve enjoyed our talk.

I’ve noticed some interaction objectively in different areas with you, with the little touches here and there, and the electrical occurrences also! (Elias chuckles)

I’ve enjoyed our conversation today. I don’t know if I have any more questions.

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you much encouragement. I express to Sena to be relaxing! (Chuckling)

TOM: To be laughing, huh?

ELIAS: Relaxing!

TOM: Relaxing! Oh, okay! I hear you now! I heard it as laughing, which is part of relaxing, right?

ELIAS: Quite!

I offer to you encouragement to be continuing in your engagement of fun and your movement more and more efficiently into your expression of effortlessness. I am acknowledging of your accomplishment in this area thus far, and am encouraging your continuation in this movement.

I express great affection to you this day, and anticipate our next meeting. In this, I bid you quite lovingly, au revoir.

TOM: Au revoir to you, Elias.

Elias departs at 12:34 PM.

Margot’s note: An excellent session , IMHO!

Vic’s note: I thought this was a great session too, but there was some weird energy flying around. In my perception, both Tom and Elias had trouble speaking in their normal manners. Tom confirmed that this was his perception of himself too. As to Elias, he drove me nuts as I was going through this script!

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