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Sunday, October 01, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Jo (Joseph), Ron 2 (Kali), and arriving late, Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 7:02 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Pause, looking down at himself) Michael is comfortable in this position! (Mary is sitting on the couch, instead of on the floor) I would first wish to address to you a subject that we began to discuss at our last session. I was about to deliver, partially, an explanation for the experiences that you have been encountering recently, but Lawrence was insistent on an answer for his question! (Grinning) Individuals have experienced what they are thinking is a disconnection, which is causing confusion. The confusion is correct, for you do not understand what you are experiencing. You may deliver this information to Michael also as a partial explanation of this confusion which has been incorporated recently, as he is so convoluted he could not even remember what he was planning to ask me! The answer to his unasked question is that he is experiencing a noticing of the beginning of your “season.” You will remember these words that I began to speak to you last week.

You are entering into a season of consciousness. This, directly, is involving your shift. I will explain that in his evaluation recently, he is correct in realizing that you must all move through certain belief systems before you acquire the ability to incorporate an awareness of this shift, and of your essence. Initially, it is necessary to allow some belief systems to drop away, which incorporate ideas of good and evil, or right and wrong. This is not to say that you will not incorporate these concepts in general, but in this forum, and within belief systems that are dealing with widening of awareness, you must allow yourselves to let go of some belief systems, or you will not allow yourselves to view beyond your waking conscious awareness.

You are just beginning to understand, within your consciousness presently, that you have the ability to let go of some of your veils. Once you have begun this process, you will experience a disorientation. This is not necessarily a conflict. It only becomes a conflict when you create a conflict within yourself. If you are accepting of the awareness that you are beginning to incorporate, you will not experience conflict. Now this is not to say that you may not be unnerved by these experiences! This also we will acknowledge Lawrence and also Ron in recognizing, that this is incorporated within the bounds of your shift. Your awareness is widening. You will be experiencing what you view as strange developments, consciously. These are the elements that I have spoken to you of previously. This is the beginning.

I will explain to you that within your physical focus, even though you incorporate a time element, your time, to your consciousness, moves swiftly. The idea of fifty years, in your terms, does not seem to be a very long period of time. You each have experienced, within your own lifetimes, a very close encounter to this amount of physical years. At times, you may view this as seeming to be a long time. At other times, you may view your lifetime, so to speak, and think to yourselves how swiftly twenty or thirty of your years may pass. You use terms such as “blinking of an eye.” In actuality, this time element is not even that slow. Therefore, when you are viewing this idea of your shift, remember this will be incorporating an entire planet of consciousness. It will be coming to fruition within your next fifty to seventy years. It will be completed within this time. Therefore, your consciousness will be moving into new awarenesses continuously.

There are many individuals who will not allow their connection to be realized. They will incorporate much trauma within physical focus. You will look to them and see what you think to be insanity, individuals who have completely lost their minds, as you would term this. This will not be the case. They have not lost anything, except their separation. In this, their confusion will be great. In this also, their trauma will be great. This is not to say that they will not recover from this trauma, or that they will not incorporate their connection, for they will; but as you begin to widen, you may begin to understand not only the validity but also the depth of this transformation. This awareness you are beginning to glimpse, so slightly, as viewing through a pinhole, and it already creates confusion!

Within your creaturehood, you have established a design or mode for your existence, which does not easily incorporate change. Within this, your shift is a great change. When you developed the concept of a singular god and religious focus, your species was not all physically in agreement to this change. Within essence, it was agreed. Within the separation of physical focus, it was not necessarily accepted. Your species and dimension rebelled fervently to this change. This was change that was to be incorporated globally. Although you do not all share one singular religious focus, your strongest focus has been in the direction of your western culture and Christianity, which has infiltrated all nations, all areas of your planet. This was not always an accepted change. Therefore, there was much conflict and rebellion to fight away this change. Within this new change that you have agreed upon, you may anticipate a greater pulling away, and also a greater incorporation of conflict and confusion, for there are many who will not choose, physically, to incorporate connection. There are many who are comfortable within their physical focus and their separation.

Regardless, to continue with you, you have begun. You have chosen your modes of how you will widen and incorporate your connections, each of you incorporating this individually, in the manner that suits your consciousness the most efficiently. Some of you experience a greater desire for moving into this awareness. This desire carries with it an awareness that may be unsettling, for you do not understand.

I will explain that the experience that Michael has incorporated recently is not interdimensional viewing. He is not incorporating viewing other dimensions! He is separating, partially, from his own physical manifestation. In this, he is allowing his consciousness to open and to view from the perspective, partially, of essence. (Pause)

You will each, in your own way, experience this also. Connecting with essence should not incorporate conflict. The reason you incorporate conflict is that you do not understand what you are accomplishing. This allows you to incorporate fear. Therefore, I explain to you that you need not be afraid. You may be “blinking in and out,” but you will not blink out completely! You will not turn off your physical switch completely. This is a tremendous connecting element with essence.

You may connect with essence within your dream state, also. Therefore, as I have expressed to you previously, be noticing of strangers within your dream state, for these may not be strangers! I have already explained that they may be individuals connected with your tribe, or they may be yourselves. You may be viewing, from the perspective of essence, your other selves. Just as I used the example of superimposing pictures through a lens of a camera, in this same regard, you may be viewing other aspects of yourself. Your own identity is not compromised. It is not in a threatened position. It is quite safe, and will realize, in viewing from this other perspective, that you identify with yourself more that you do, when you believe you are you.

You believe you are you, in this body. You are a focus, which has manifest and created in this body. The you that is your greater consciousness identifies differently. It is quite aware and focused with this you, in viewing this you, for it realizes that this is the you that you identify with. Therefore, you will notice that you will slightly identify your own personality and recognize this, but you will feel differently. You will have an awareness that you are more. You will also be aware that your identify incorporates a slight difference from the physical you that you are aware of. Therefore, you will feel like you, but not. This is a widening. This is allowing you to view yourself, and all of those around you, from the perspective of the director.

Each of you, I am aware, possesses a quote that Michael created much time ago. View this quote. It was not given to him by me. This was a creation of his own consciousness, and a recognition of his own essence, although he was not aware at that time that this was the communication. View this quote, for you are all players, but you also are directors. Now you may experience viewing your play through your own cameras, and you may see your own focus. You will know that you are removed from this focus, but you are also incorporated within it.

Quote: “In our realization of self, let us all be not only the most excellent directors of our own personal plays, but also the most excellent players in everyone else’s play. Effortlessly.”

I will express to you that this is quite exhilarating, to myself and my colleagues, to be viewing your incorporation of widening, your awareness of your own consciousness. (Grinning) Yes, we do speak of you amongst ourselves also, just as I am aware that you speak of me in my absence. I find this to be an interesting group of individual personalities. At another time, I may offer to you information of how we deal with our time, so to speak, separated from our focus with you; and our sharing, in what you would interpret as conversation, is just as interesting as yours, although you are the subject! (Elias is thoroughly enjoying himself here, and we are cracking up)

You may express to Michael to be not worried. If he is wishing this awareness to be discontinued, he holds that choice, as do you all. If he is wishing to continue, and he is not incorporating fear, he may find it interesting to examine and investigate this new-found consciousness. These individuals that he encountered within his dream state were not strangers. They were you. They were not you within this physical focus. They were you in what you would term to be a future focus. Therefore, he was knowing all of you, but he was not knowing all of you, and confused. You may express to him that this is the explanation for this viewing, and you may express that he may be pleased with himself, for he is continuously expressing that he may not view future, only what has passed, but he has accomplished future.

You each do this. You each do not allow your dial to be tuned to its reception, and you only incorporate the static. If you fine-tune yourselves to your consciousness, just a hair, you will see that your own awareness and connection is just as great, and you will begin to view your own connections. (Pause) You may ask questions.

RON: You probably just explained what I’m gonna ask you, but I just didn’t understand, so ... This feeling I’ve been having lately is, if this is a widening and a connecting thing that I’m going through, it seems like I feel awfully narrow and awfully disconnected! (Laughter) I can’t seem to get my mind to work in any direction!

ELIAS: For you are trying to be “reining in” your consciousness and your physical thought process. In this you are, on one side, incorporating a desire for control that you have been aware of until now. This is comfortable. Change is not. You are also incorporating a desire to move beyond. In this, your physical brain, connected with your physically focused consciousness, incorporates conflict for it is responding to your desire for connection and widening. In that, it is stretching for its experience. It is reaching for a wider awareness, but your physical consciousness is holding and expressing, “No, I must stay here! I must be responsible! I must not incorporate change. I am happy with no change. I have lived my focus for quite some time without this change. It is unnecessary!”; but your essence and your other consciousness calls to you, and your desire answers. Therefore, you incorporate confusion, for you are pulling with your consciousness, and you are feeling that you are losing your tug-of-war. You are not. You need only realize that you are connecting, and you are moving through. You are dropping veils, and you are beginning your connection. Thus, if this shift were to be incorporated with such ease, I would not have been requested in your presence. You may expect a pulling. You may expect a disorientation. You may avoid conflict by realizing what you are accomplishing, and allowing a free flow. Do not worry that you become confused. The more you allow your physical consciousness to struggle, the more difficult you create the situation. If you are allowing yourself to “glide into,” you will not experience such conflict. Incorporate your own words: “It does not matter.”

RON: I think that’s what I’ve been incorporating too, ’cause instead of having ... I don’t think I really have conflict, and I don’t really feel confused, I just kind of feel nothing about the whole thing. I go to work, and I come home, and Elias just isn’t there for me.

ELIAS: (Smiling) Elias is there, but Ron is blocking, or you do not understand. You have experienced the conflict. You have moved through this. In anticipation of possible coming conflict, you have blocked. You have expressed, “Not now. I will sit, and I will wait, and I will see.” You may incorporate “it does not matter,” but you may also allow yourself permission to continue moving. Your consciousness will automatically respond. It is ready. Your desire is present. Therefore, all that blocks you is your own physical apprehension. There is no thing to be apprehensive about! I am not expressing, though, that you will feel nothing, or that you will experience nothing. How you view what you experience is up to you. You may view it conflicting, or you may not; but if you are aware previously, you may not.

RON: Thanks. I needed that!

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

CATHY: K. I’ll go. I’m experiencing your effortlessness myself, and I just want reassurance that I am doing this connecting, because things are just easier for me, at this point in time.

ELIAS: Please express that this is not a complaining! (Humorously)

CATHY: No! Of course not! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Oh, thank you! As I have said, each individual will incorporate their moving into awareness differently. You may experience, within your future, some elements of disorientation, but for the present, in only experiencing effortlessness, concentrate on that. Continue with this effortlessness. You may find that you have discovered the means to move into an awareness without incorporating conflict. Do not mistake effortlessness, or even nothingness, (looking at Ron) for disconnection, or for not widening; for, just as with our impulses, it is only when you are not listening and following your impulses that you obviously view results. In listening, you incorporate no conflict, therefore your results are not so physically obvious. This does not mean they are not created. This does not mean you have not affected probabilities, or that you have not moved. You only do not physically, consciously see a concrete result. You have results from acted-upon impulses. You only do not have conflict. Therefore, if you are not incorporating conflict, which you are not, then be pleased with yourselves (looking at Ron and Cathy) and continue to move without effort, for this is your true nature.

CATHY: K. I’ll do that.

ELIAS: Okay. (Grinning, and then humorously) Then we have Michael and Lawrence who incorporate conflict intentionally for it is stimulating, (laughter) for it would be too boring to move through effortlessly, for they may not see their accomplishment; but if they are incorporating conflict and eliminating it, they may see their accomplishment! It all works the same, only some individuals create more difficulty, or more obvious action, to view physically. It is all the same. You all only incorporate differently. (Pause) I have also expressed to you, at our last session, that if you are not incorporating fun, then you should be discontinuing the action. If it is not fun, don’t do it! This seems to be a very blanket statement, and indeed it is; and indeed, I mean this literally!

CATHY: Does this include work? (Laughing)

ELIAS: This does!

Cathy: K. Fun jobs only!

ELIAS: This includes your entire focus!

VICKI: I can personally verify that work can be a lot of fun!

CATHY: I just bet you could! (Laughing)

VICKI: That’s an effortlessness one for me!

RON 2: That’s because you’re dealing with people, and people can be fun. (Vicki’s note: Not for some people, like Cathy!)

ELIAS: And if you are not appreciating, or if you are not experiencing fun within your work, then you should not be there!

RON 2: I’m not anywhere working now! I’m having fun, to a degree.

ELIAS: Each thing that you view in your focus, if you do not believe that this is fun, then you must examine that, and you may change it; but do not be fooled, either, for oftentimes you express that you are not having so much fun, as in moving into awarenesses incorporating conflict, when in actuality moving into awareness, for some individuals, thought focused, (looking at Vicki) is not fun if it is boring! Therefore, stimulation incorporates conflict that must be conquered, and this incorporates investigation and analyzation, and this is fun! Therefore you may sometimes say to yourselves you are not incorporating fun, but you would have things no other way for you create them intentionally, for to you it is fun! (Grinning widely)

RON 2: That has merit. (One point for Elias!)

VICKI: I have a question in that area. When you are dealing with connecting with another person, as I have been connecting with Michael regarding this present conflict, the only thing that’s confusing, or not fun, is the fear that he expresses. What would be the best way to deal with another individual’s fear?

ELIAS: Fear is a very individualized element. It is affecting of different individuals differently. Within your connection, you may possess the ability to be affecting of this element more than other individuals, although tread carefully! Understand that you are incorporating a purpose, for affecting of another individual’s fear element. In this you wish to accomplish a helpfulness. You do not wish to accomplish a further frustration within your own being, which you may, in approaching an element in some directions which will be tuned out, so to speak. Fear is an element that you each guard sacredly. You do not even allow yourselves access to your own fears readily. You keep them locked, and you hold the only keys. Therefore in allowing another individual to be affecting, you must be incorporating great trust.

I give you this, that Michael incorporates this trust already but holds these keys tightly, and you may not be affecting unless he is unlocking the door first, as with any individual, for you all only possess the combinations to your own fear locks. In dealing with another individual, you must allow your awareness and consciousness and sensitivity to merge. In this, you must allow your own awareness to know the focus of the other individual, and to be sensitized to the other individual’s framework. In this your consciousness will allow you your access code, which will be affecting of the other individual.

Remember also that each individual incorporates fear, and each individual incorporating fear wishes to eliminate this element. They do not always possess the information that they are needing to eliminate this fear themselves; but they do, as do each of you individually, wish for a connection of helpfulness from another individual, solving the problem so to speak. If an individual is aware enough of a given fear, and it is, so to speak, surfacely available to them consciously, they will allow you hints, for they do wish for helpfulness. Whether they are aware that they are wishing this helpfulness or not, a deeper awareness of them realizes that they are wishing for helpfulness. This deeper awareness will push through and show itself, as a seedling pushes through the ground and shows its head. This is how you may be helpful, in watching for the signs and for the hints of helpfulness. You will be aware of these by being aware of yourself, by being aware of your own sensitivity within your own consciousness. (To Vicki) Feel. Do not think. Feel. (Pause) You will give yourself your own answer. (Pause) We will break, and then we will attend to our game.

BREAK 8:12 PM.


ELIAS: Now, for our game! And who will like to begin with their perceptions?

JO: I do, I do! Okay, one more time. Am I connected with Miranda?

ELIAS: (Smiling) One point! (Much laughter)

JO: Better late than never, huh? (Laughing)

ELIAS: We will be congratulating Joseph for finally finding his color! (Grinning)

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CATHY: K. I would like to connect Mobowah with amethyst.

ELIAS: Incorrect!

CATHY: Rats! How ‘bout Marshuka?

ELIAS: Correct! One point!

RON: I’d like to connect Paul with opal.

ELIAS: Correct! One point!

VICKI: Michael would like to connect Jade with Mikaki.

ELIAS: Correct! One point! You are all becoming very good at our game, and you are connecting!

VICKI: Dimin would like to suggest that the stone connected with Minerva would be of the color blue.

ELIAS: Correct! One point! (Pause)

RON: (To Vicki) Don’t you have one?

VICKI: Oh! Yes, I do! I forgot! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And we will express that Lawrence is disconnected! Now you may plug yourself back into your cosmic socket, and continue!

VICKI: Thank you. I would like to connect tigers eye with Mobowah.

ELIAS: Close, in color. Incorrect!

VICKI: Jasper.

ELIAS: Incorrect!

VICKI: Okay. I’ll work on my perception.

ELIAS: You are close in letter, also. (Grinning, and a pause)

RON: I bet I know what it is! (Long pause)

VICKI: (To Ron) Go ahead!

RON: I just got one.

VICKI: Oh, you already got your point. Okay.

RON: Everybody’s got their points! (Except Vic!)

JO: (To Jim, who just arrived) Do you got one?

JIM: Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: Good evening, Yarr.

JIM: Does the physical focus, physical being of Harry Houdini have, this is something that came up a long time ago! (Laughter) Does that have any connection with the essences that we are involved with here, or that are involving us?

ELIAS: No. Nice try!

JIM: Thank you!

JO: Didn’t you have a gem that you wanted to connect with you?

JIM: Oh, that’s right. It’s almost too obvious, though.

RON: It’s the same one we guessed!

CATHY: Try it! (Laughter)

JIM: Would emerald ...?

ELIAS: Correct! One point!

JIM: Thank you. (Long pause)

ELIAS: (Looking directly at Vicki) And no connection with Lawrence?

VICKI: No, I’m not gonna guess.

ELIAS: It will come to you. And we have no more perceptions for our game this evening? Or questions? (Pause) Or additions?

VICKI: I have a suggestion for an addition, actually, that I got an impression of last week, that another connecting thing in the game would be to be connecting elements of the earth: wind, fire, etc.

ELIAS: This being a correct perception. (But no point, darn it!) You may also be connecting with two other elements. Is Yarr offering of his perception of one? (Pause) Think to your Indian belief systems. (Another pause)

JIM: Animals?

ELIAS: Correct, and one more also connecting with your earth. (Pause) You are not thinking very hard!

CATHY: Trees? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Plants! Very good!

RON 2: What about minerals? Iron, mercury, zinc, lead ...

ELIAS: This will not be incorporated within this game.

VICKI: In that case, I’d like to connect ... I haven’t got a point yet, right? I can still play? (Confirmation from the group, who are laughing) I just thought, well, I’ll take an easy point ... maybe! Seeing as how I’m unconnected right now! (More laughter) I’d like to connect the essence Miranda with ... a guinea pig! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: (Who also is cracking up) Incorrect! (Much laughter)

VICKI: It was worth a shot! (Laughing)

JIM: It was very amusing! (More laughter)

ELIAS: (Still laughing) Very amusing! (Pause) But you may try again!

VICKI: I guess I could! I think I will work on my impressions first. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very good! (Pause) We will continue with your questions, as you have no more perceptions for the game.

RON: I have a question that kind of goes back to the shift, talking about the shift. Your answer to me explained a lot to me, as far as why I’m not getting the perceptions that I was and why I’m blocking things out, and I think it’s because of the work that I’m doing right now. I’m just wondering if I just, all of a sudden I say, “Okay, I’m not gonna block anymore,” is this gonna be noticeable to other people? (Laughter)

ELIAS: This actually is a very interesting question, which I will express to you that Michael will share with you, in wishing an answer to this question also. In some elements, individuals that you interact with, over a period of time, will notice something different. They will not be able to express what. They may focus to something physical about you. They may ask if you have changed your hair, or if you have bought new clothes. Some, incorporating a deeper perception, may notice a slight change within personality, or within what they perceive to be a new sensitivity; but as to an obvious noticing immediately, no. Other individuals will be what you term oblivious to what you are widening to. They will not observe what you are experiencing.

This also will connect with Michael’s question, as to whether individuals notice when he is blinking out. They do not, for your physical appearance and the manipulation of your physical consciousness and your body expression will basically continue very similarly, with very little noticing of change. Your perception will be drastically different. Their perception of you will be very slight, if at all. Eventually there will be a noticing, but this will come through a period of time of interaction. Then they will feel, all of a sudden, a noticing of something different. They will not understand but they will view this as positive. You need not think of how you are being perceived, for your physical expression is a quite amazing creation, and your essence is quite capable of manipulating all of your consciousnesses simultaneously. Therefore, you may be aware of more than one at one time, and this will not be affecting of your outward expression.

RON: So I don’t need to warn my boss! (Laughter)

ELIAS: If you approaching this individual, he may be viewing you as being crazy, before the fact!

CATHY: Well, I have a question. I want to know what my connection is with Greg.

ELIAS: This has been thrice repeated previously within developmental focuses. This is not what you would view as an essence fragmentation connection, but an identification and incorporation of connection within physical focuses. Also remember, those that you remanifest with are all a part of your tribe.

CATHY: Interesting. Is he emotionally focused?

ELIAS: This would be correct.

CATHY: Thank you.

RON: Can I get you to interpret a dream for me?

ELIAS: (With a very ho-hum tone) Well ... we are back to dream interpretation ... so mundane ... I suppose, (and then quickly) okay!

RON: Okay! This is kind of sketchy. I was on the beach in a hole with a bunch of other people, and I only knew one of the other people; no, two of the other people, that were in the hole. One of them was a guy that I work with, and there was a rattlesnake in the hole with us. I even had how long it was, eighteen to twenty-two inches long, and it was striking at me. It struck at me three times but never bit, and there was a small boy in the hole also, that the snake struck at four times and never bit, and there was another friend of mine that was in the hole selling snake-bite kits!

ELIAS: First of all, I will remind you of what I was suggesting that you be noticing of within your dream state, which was ...?

RON: Is this a test? (Laughter)

ELIAS: So quickly we forget! (Laughter) I was just speaking of this, this evening. Be noticing of strangers in your dreams!

RON: Ah!

ELIAS: Ah! Now we remember!

RON: I knew that! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Also, I will explain to you the symbolism of this hole, these individuals incorporated with you, your snake, and the significance of this hole being placed within sand at a beach. First of all, these individuals represent what you view to be your support system, those individuals around you which you trust, therefore they being incorporated within your inner circle together with you, enclosed in this hole in the sand; this hole being representative of your space, within which you have placed this safe place into soft earth, which incorporates some element of effort to move, but is soft enough to be pushed through easily, as contrary to being encased in a hole in rock. Therefore, you may easily push out of this enclosure. This snake, which is biting at you but not striking to actually bite, is striking at you within different aspects of you; this boy being also incorporated as a part of your consciousness, which you have separated as portions of your personality.

The snake is representing of your consciousness, which is striking at you for your attention. It is not being harmful or hurtful to you, but it is attracting your attention. This snake strikes only at those manifestations of personality which you ascribe to yourself, and not to the other individuals, they being there in helpfulness, as support; the consciousness striking for your attention as you have, as I have said already, blocked yourself into your small hole, and this signifying that you may, if you are paying attention, move easily, with not much effort, out. This is expressing to you that you are not trapped. It also, as within many dream elements, incorporates symbolism that you may view as being negative elements. These are not necessarily so. This snake does not necessarily represent something evil or bad; and in actuality, within each consciousness, the symbol of the snake, contrary to your physical focus, is that of awakening. Even within your story of your garden of Eden, which has been tremendously distorted through your time, the symbol of the snake was that of knowledge and awareness that was overt; therefore this snake being representative of your wider consciousness, which is communicating to you that it is ready and where are you??? It must strike to you, to invoke movement! (Pause)

RON: Cool! I have to give Lawrence a point too, because she interpreted the dream just about the same way, before you did.

ELIAS: (To Vicki, smiling) Very good! He is getting better! Therefore, I am obviously obsolete for interpretation of dreams (laughter), and I shall delegate to my associate of Lawrence, being designated high priestess of dream interpretation! (More laughter)

JIM: Wow!

RON: Swami! (Shut up, Ron!)

ELIAS: And if you are needing of assistance, you may call on me.

VICKI: (Who is dying here) Thank you. I’ll be calling on you!

JO: So I’ll wait and ask you later, Vicki! (Thanks a lot, Jo!)

VICKI: No, no, no, no, no, no, no! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: This is good practice for Lawrence, for trusting.

JO: You can do mine, and then we’ll check next week and see if you’re right. It will be a good one! (Well, Jo??? I’m waiting!)

ELIAS: Remember, armor never is incorporated with Elias!

VICKI: Right! (Laughing)

JO: Okay ... (Pause)

CATHY: Well, I’ll ask another question, then. How am I connected with Sue Bloom?

ELIAS: Most of these individuals have shared developmental focuses, although this individual shares also a counterpart element. (Pause)

RON: Can we discuss counterparts a little bit?

ELIAS: And may I dare ask where your confusion lies? Other than everywhere, or more specifically, and then everywhere! (Laughter)

RON: Well, I guess, yeah, because my question would be something like, “What denotes a counterpart?,” and so that’s pretty much everywhere, I guess!

ELIAS: This would be correct! (Laughter) This is a very difficult subject to express within the bounds of your language. There are limitations to your vocabulary which may not transcend the ideas connected to this subject.

I will begin by saying simply that a counterpart is an element of your personality, manifest. Where you incorporate difficulty is that a counterpart may also be of its own essence, just as you and Michael and Lawrence all possess your own essences, but are each counterparts of each other, also.

RON: So you can be a fragment and a counterpart?

ELIAS: You may be a counterpart in any and all elements of essence. You may be all, simultaneously. You may be an element of another individual’s personality, but simultaneously be your own personality and essence. This is where we cross back to our subject of your orange. I understand that this concept, within physical focus, is difficult to incorporate, for you have manifest singularly within a physical expression; therefore your tendency is to think singularly, as one thing, but in actually you are not. Now, I will express to you that this is not a subject that you cannot understand! This is not a concept that you cannot incorporate! Your consciousness, and also your physical thought process, is capable of incorporating these ideas, and forming a reality with them.

It is difficult initially, for you are thinking singularly. You are thinking within the elements of sections and whole, and time and space. None of these elements exist, but they do. They exist because you create them as a reality of focus, for the experience. They do not because they are not a totality. The totality is not an individual essence. It is an individual personality. You each possess an individual personality. Each of you are an essence. Each of your essences possess a personality. They do not possess a form at all. They do not occupy a space. Therefore, they are not singular; but as a thought is singular but is also not, so is an essence.

You may have a thought, “The day is glorious!” This is, individually, your thought. Simultaneously, millions of other individuals may possess the same thought. Therefore they have become a collective thought. Then you incorporate which became first: your thought, or the collective thought which created your thought, or that you create a thought and project it, influencing a collective thought. There is no “one following the other.” They are all simultaneous, and they are all superimposed. Just as there is no division of essence, in this same manner there is no division of time or space or planes or levels, or anything. It is all one, but it is all individual. Therefore, the intermingling of counterparts crosses all ideas. They are connected within the elements of all other physical focused individuals. Do not deceive yourselves into playing games within your minds, of stating, “I understand. It is a portion of my personality or thought that I project.” It is not! It is a separate entity, so to speak, as you manifest as an entity; but consciousness transcends manifestation.

Counterparts are also limited, for they are limited to physical focus. They transcend through consciousness, but they are unnecessary in non-physical focus, for within non-physical focus all experiences are known. Therefore, it is not necessary for Elias to possess a counterpart. Within physical focus, you would have to manifest physically thousands and thousands of times to experience the fullness of each subject that you choose to investigate and experience. This is impractical. It is also inefficient. Therefore you create counterparts which experience simultaneous to yourself, and transmit the totality of the experience to essence.

We used the example of religious focus. In this you may choose to experience religious focus, this being a very encompassing subject; for in this, in order to experience the totality of religious focus, you would manifest within every religious belief system within your earth, within your history. You would also manifest within every level of these religious focuses, for the religious focus incorporated by a priest is different from the experience of a peasant. The belief systems are interpreted differently. You would also manifest incorporating skepticism and non-belief, for this being also part of the religious focus. You would manifest experiencing atheism, or complete non-belief in any religious element. All of these situations provide a different perspective to one subject, this being only one subject that your collective imagination has created within this dimensional focus. Consider the millions or billions or countless subjects that you incorporate within physical focus, that there are to be experienced.

Your essence vibrates quickly. Physical focus vibrates very slowly, experiences very slowly, therefore allowing the fullness of each individual experience within exaggerated slowness, this giving essence a complete view of each experience which is physically manifest; but essence also does not choose to be incorporating physical manifestation to tremendous degrees. It is manifest within many dimensions, this being only one. Therefore, within each different dimension, it chooses to not be repeating physical focuses and expending this energy incorporating these experiences, over and over and over. It is not necessary. You possess the ability to experience the totality simultaneously. Therefore, why would you incorporate not experiencing simultaneously? It is more efficient. In this, your counterparts experience with you. Therefore there is a recognition between counterparts, whether it be connecting recognition or a repelling recognition, which it encompasses also.

Back to our religious example, you may be a priest. Your counterpart, experiencing with you, may be an occult devil-worshipper. You would be repelled. You would experience horror at meeting and interacting with this individual. You would also feel an immediate identification.

You may not interpret this as an identification, for you are not connecting as you see it, although you are connecting; but if you were not counterparts you would not be so repelled, for you would not be interested this individual’s focus. The reason you repel from certain individuals so strongly is that they are counterparts, experiencing other elements of the same subject as yourself. Your identification with them as a counterpart attracts your attention, and invokes a reaction. Just as you may say to yourself of a loved one, “If I did not care for you, I would not be upset for you,” also if you do not identify with a counterpart, you may disagree with their subject but it will not invoke a reaction. You will walk away, unaffected.

Some individuals spark a very serious reaction within you. These are counterparts. Some are very closely related. Some experience very closely to your own experience, these generally being in areas in which essence is pleased, usually within very creative elements. Essence delights in creativity! Therefore essence creates more counterparts to experience similarly, for this incorporates as fullness, creating joy of experience in creativity, just as you may choose to repeat an experience or an action which brings you joy over and over, this being a mirror image of essence; but you will not choose to repeat hitting your finger with a hammer, for one experience in this area will be enough to express itself to you! It is not necessary to be creative in that direction. It is pleasant and joyful to be continuing in expressing creativity in other areas.

You may find individuals who share similar likes or desires or abilities as yourself. (To Ron) You will identify with certain musical individuals. You will connect with them, this being that this exaggerates the creative experience, these individuals also being counterparts; one being a counterpart of yours, which you have little contact with now but have shared great connection with in the past, this being a tremendous connection, this individual also sharing beyond counterparts; this, within physical focus, other than fragmentation, may be your strongest draw to another individual. This individual also shares fragmentation with you. (Long pause)

Therefore, you will see that the draw is not necessarily in what you view as only a positive direction. It may be equal in what you view as a negative direction; but all are elements of your personality, or you are theirs. They are all overlapping. They are all superimposed. These are all very inefficient words to express these ideas, but they are as close as I may express to the idea. Just as your musical notes may be played within a chord, all notes being played simultaneously to create one sound, all individual, but the sound being incorporated to one; or as paint being melded by different pigments into each other, each pigment possessing its own color, and creating a new color, which you may not distinguish the original, separate colors, once it has been incorporated.

I will say, you may not pull a sound from your air to separate your notes of your chord. You may also not separate the molecules of your paints and your colors once they have been mixed, for they have created one; this being the idea of counterparts. The different vibrations of the individual notes still exist, but they merge to create one sound. The different molecules of pigment still exist, but they blend to create one color. (Pause)

I understand that this is difficult as a concept, but I will offer to you, once again, the knowledge that this is not an impossible idea. You may incorporate difficulty with fragmentation or splintering, and you may, in your terms, physically focused, never truly understand all of the concepts; but the concept of no separation, the concept of being individual but being one, you may understand. You are moving to that now, this being what Michael has been viewing: a realization of being connected with an individual physical focus but being removed simultaneously, and separate and apart but not. This may help with some of his confusion. As you move to incorporate this experience personally, you will understand this concept more, and you will see that it is not impossible for you to understand this concept; for you may experience it realistically within waking physical consciousness, not meditation, not dream state, within your every-day physical consciousness; this, once again, being the beginning of your shift. Eventually, when your shift is completed, this will seem as child’s play. (Pause)

JO: I have a question. So does that mean when we finish our physical focus here, counterparts go like back together and become one essence?

ELIAS: Now, I will redirect and ask to you a question. If you are a counterpart, but you are incorporated by different essences, how would you be one essence?

JO: That’s my question! (Laughing)

ELIAS: But you will, but you won’t!

JO: Okay! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You will possess your own essence personality, your individuality, your identity, but you will also know no divisions. You are not an essence drifting through space, occupying this space with this boundary here, where on this side is another essence and then on this side there is another essence. There are no walls. There are no boundaries, just as your air does not separate itself into individual air molecules and show themselves to you. You may not pluck one out, “I have an air molecule,” for there is no differentiation, but there is. (Pause)

VICKI: I have a question, regarding your example last week, about Peter’s counterpart in China. (Pause)

ELIAS: I am remembering! (Humorously)

VICKI: I know. (Laughter) So this, this, this causes some confusion in my thinking, as far as if you go back to “you create what you concentrate on,” but it’s not quite as simple as that, is it? Because you could be creating what a counterpart is concentrating on.

ELIAS: This is correct, partially. You are affecting. You are not necessarily solely creating, for each counterpart possesses their own consciousness, and their own ability for choice. Although you are all affecting of each other, some are affecting more than others, and some incorporate the affectingness in different ways.

Peter surrounds himself with bulk, this forming a fortress; this protecting, in his view, the skeletal, inside, bare personality which is fragile and must not be exposed, for it may be easily destroyed. Therefore, much bulk is physically manifest around this fragile form, therefore creating an impenetrable state. This counterpart, within your area of China, is exposed, experiencing the fullness of openness. Peter experiences the fullness of closedness. The counterpart experiences the elements of nature. Peter retreats. Peter views, and Peter wonders, but does not choose to experience the fullness of nature, for this is to be exposed. The counterpart experiences the fullness of physically manifest senses. Peter closes off, not wishing to expose any element of self, therefore encasing himself and his vulnerability, as he would see this and as he would view this as a negative term, from the world.

Peter may choose to change this situation, and in doing so would be affecting of this counterpart and its experience; for just as we have used the example of your finger with the hammer, this is one experience. This experience not only needs not be repeated through focus after focus, but needs not be repeated within one focus. An individual experiencing exposure emotionally, physically also to the elements of nature, cold, heat, exposure, hunger, physical sensations, openness emotionally as a result of the physical manifestation: this individual is exposed completely. It is not necessary to continue this exposure for this experience, year after year after year. It has been experienced, it has been incorporated; but it is also being held in suspension, for it is a consciousness agreement, between counterparts, that for one to experience complete closedness, another will experience complete openness. Therefore if Peter were to be choosing to change probabilities, he would be affecting of other counterparts in helping to change that focus also. In each situation you affect all of your counterparts, just as I have expressed that with each choice you make, you affect all other consciousness, all other essences. You are all connected. You, also, affect your counterparts.

VICKI: After the shift is incorporated, will this just be part of daily life, a knowing of the affectingness?

ELIAS: Partially. To a tremendous degree, yes, but there will still be partial separation, this for the reason of personal identification; and remember, you will still be physically manifest. Therefore, you will still incorporate some separation. You will incorporate a greater awareness and sensitivity. You will have the awareness to allow yourself the ability to view, if you choose. Just as you may say to yourself, “I am wondering what my counterpart is doing right now,” then you may say, “No, I am not wondering,” and you will not view, and you may continue to say, “No, I am not wondering. No, I do not care,” and you will not view; but if you are wishing, you may say, “I am wondering what my counterpart in Asia is experiencing,” and you will connect.

Just because you have incorporated a shift in consciousness, you have not eliminated your choices. You always have choices! You have free will. You may choose what you wish. Your shift allows you abilities. You may incorporate many abilities, some of which will be “normal,” so to speak, focus. Elements that you will experience presently with altered consciousness, as you view this, will be normal. Accessing different areas of consciousness will be available on command, but may not be completely incorporated every moment of your existence physically focused. You would not accomplish much if your thoughts had no organization, and you would have no organization if you were continuously viewing every other aspect of your focuses. You would have no time for anything else! Therefore, you will incorporate an altered state of awareness and consciousness and view this as the “normal you,” and you will have the ability to access what you will, intentionally, not accidentally; but you will also function within singular lines of action. You will still perform physical acts, as you will still be physically focused.

RON 2: Elias, but doesn’t that also mean, then your counterparts could also ask what we are doing at that particular time?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

RON 2: And therefore, then that would also give him, him or her, the opportunity to see what your essence is doing, and may then select not to have to go into that essence at a later date, if they don’t want to?

ELIAS: Absolutely. They incorporate choice, just as do you.

RON 2: So therefore, they, actually this could happen, where the essence, okay, our counterpart essence, could cause quite a demand, since there are more counterpart essences all over, wanting to know what you are doing, as well as you wanting to know what they are doing.

ELIAS: They are each individual, and they do not all focus viewing only you as their only counterpart.

RON 2: True. (You got one right, Elias! One point!)

ELIAS: You possess thousands and thousands of counterparts. They also possess thousands and thousands of counterparts.

RON 2: That’s in each dimension?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. We are speaking only of this dimension.

RON 2: But it could have some in other dimensions, also?

ELIAS: Yes, but not all. Some. It is depending on the complexity of the manifestations. Some manifestations within other dimensions do not incorporate the complexity and variety of creativity that your dimension incorporates. Therefore, it is not necessary to incorporate counterparts, for they need not view different aspects of each individual subject, for the subjects are not complicated.

RON 2: Interesting concept. (Pause) So we actually never get any tangible thing from anything that we focus on to be? We have no, we receive nothing tangible for this, other than just experience?

ELIAS: In totality, correct; but your tangibility is experienced within physical focus. It is not necessary, within non-physical, to incorporate any physical tangible evidence, for all that is important is the experience.

RON 2: Where does it stop?

ELIAS: It does not. You are in an ever on-going state of becoming.

RON 2: Beginning and end, alpha and omega.

ELIAS: There is no beginning, and there is no end. There is no alpha, and there is no omega. You never began, and you will never end.

RON 2: So we keep drifting, endlessly.

ELIAS: Forever, but you are not drifting ...

RON 2: (Interrupting) For no particular purpose.

ELIAS: Your purpose is for your experience. Your purpose is for your wider awareness.

RON 2: But that could be no particular purpose whatsoever!

ELIAS: If you choose to view this way, you are correct. If you choose to view your existence as having no purpose, then this will be what you will create. You will find that when you choose to end the particular physical focus that you will be surprised at on-going, and that you do not need a purpose, so to speak.

RON 2: (Inaudible) ... because I’m not there yet! (Laughing) If I could view that, then I would know.

ELIAS: (Grinning at the group) Shall I confuse him? (To Ron 2) For you are there! (Much laughter)

RON 2: In this focus, not the next one. I want to know what the next one has for me.

ELIAS: And the next one, and the next one, and future, and past, and there is not time! You are experiencing all, now. You are only not aware. This is what you are preparing for. This is your shift, to become aware of more.

RON 2: I see. (You finally got through, Elias! One point!)

ELIAS: Now I will end for this evening, and I will leave you to your thoughts, for I am convinced that you have enough to think about!

RON 2: To say the least!

ELIAS: (Humorously) And we would not be wishing a complete brain melt-down from these individuals, so I will discontinue for this evening.

RON 2: Thank you for coming.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Good evening.

CATHY: See ya!

Elias departs at 10:18 PM.

CATHY: Oh Caleigh, Caleigh, Caleigh, Caleigh, Caleigh ...

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