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Sunday, September 24, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Guin (Sophia), Jo (Joseph), and Elizabeth (Elizabeth).

Elias arrives at 6:43 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening, once again. Shall we begin with our game?

VICKI: This is for Shynla. She wants to connect alexandrite with Mobowah.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: Question two.

ELIAS: We are anticipating a list! (Grinning)

VICKI: She wants to connect citrine with yourself.

ELIAS: And I will ask a question back to you, of do you think this would be correct?


ELIAS: Incorrect for Lawrence, and correct for Shynla! One point! (Laughter)

JO: That’s why it was so shocking, huh? (Every time Mary touched the citrine that Cathy had given her, she received an electric shock)

ELIAS: I am repeating constantly that I am very electric, and you are still surprised when I am demonstrating this? (Grinning)

JO: I have a question. I want to connect myself with Mobowah.

ELIAS: We are continuing with the Elizabeth syndrome! (Grinning)

JO: That’s not right? I was sure! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I am waiting for Joseph to incorporate all of the names, and reaching the last essence and saying, “I have it!” (Much laughter)

JO: Oh God! I thought surely that was it! Okay.

ELIAS: I will say to Joseph, keep trying!

JO: Okay. Well then, let me just guess one. How about Minerva?

ELIAS: You are coming to your wire!

JO: (Laughing) Okay. We’ll save the rest, then. (Pause) So Cathy got a point, so I can’t ask the rest of her questions. (Pause)

ELIAS: And we have no more impressions?

VICKI: I have a game question for myself, to connect Marshuka with moonstone.

ELIAS: For a gem ... this being not actually a gem, but being incorporated anyway. One point. (Pause) We are all very disconnected this evening! (Long, silent pause)

VICKI: Who, us? (Laughter) So! (More laughter)

ELIAS: Then perhaps Elias shall be asking you the questions this evening! (To Vicki) How was your day? (Much laughter)

VICKI: Very nice today, thank you.

ELIAS: (To Guin) And how was your yesterday?

GUIN: My yesterday? Oh, it was very pleasant.

ELIAS: (To Jo) And how is your life?

JO: It’s fine. Pretty even keel.

ELIAS: (To Ron) And how are your connections?

RON: Connected!

ELIAS: Well, we are all very connectedly disconnected this evening! (This entire exchange was very funny, and helped to lighten the mood)

JO: I have questions, but they don’t have anything to do with the game, so I’ll wait ‘till we finish the game, then ...

ELIAS: I am supposing that we have no more impressions. Therefore, we may move to your questions, and I will be offering my discourse after.

JO: Shynla and I both have the same question. Is it possible for you to tell us what our connections are with people who are not in this company, and not really a member of this particular group?

ELIAS: This will partially be incorporated within the discussion that I will be offering this evening.

JO: Okay. So maybe we should hear the discussion before I ask the rest of the questions?

ELIAS: If they are relating to your connections with individuals.

JO: Very much so.

ELIAS: And no one is wishing of questions this evening? (Looking at Vicki) How interesting! Then, I will offer my information to you, and you may be sparked with questions. We will be discussing probabilities and also what I will explain to you as counterparts, this being an area where you will recognize these connections that do not necessarily incorporate fragmentation or splintering, but incorporate connections which may be difficult for you initially to assimilate, but may also offer thought-provoking ideas. (Pause, as Elizabeth joins the group) Good evening, Elizabeth.

ELIZ: Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: Are you planning to be joining us this evening?

ELIZ: I was thinking about it.

ELIAS: Very well. I may, or may not, speak with you later. This is your choice. (Pause) As to the concept of counterparts, these being physically focused individuals who are presently, within this time period, focused among you. These are other essences, but are also aspects of yourselves. You may meet counterparts anywhere. Within our small group of individuals exists counterparts to each other. These are individuals whom you identify with very strongly and identify with similar focuses as yourself, or they are individuals whom you repel. Either of these aspects places you in the situation of strong identification with the other individuals. These counterparts of yourselves, or you of them, are parts, so to speak, of personality energy which manifests in other expressions physically focused.

I will offer you a few examples. Joseph and Shynla are not the same essence but are counterparts of each other, sharing some similarities and not sharing many more. Some individuals you will meet, you will be experiencing adverse expressions to, as some of you experience with the individual of Kali. He also is a counterpart. The purpose, if you wish to use this word, for counterparts is for your essence to be simultaneously experiencing all areas of all individual subject matters. Let us use an example of religious focus, which Yarr expresses an interest in. Within the spectrum of religious belief systems, Yarr incorporates counterparts which are presently experiencing many different religious focuses. You may not choose to experience a concept, such as a religious element, and only concern yourself with one set of religious belief systems, for then you do not incorporate an accurate view of all experiences encompassed by this issue. Therefore, you develop many counterparts and you allow all of these individual focuses to incorporate information to you. Peter incorporates counterparts within eastern geographical locations, one of which presently is living as a peasant in China. This peasant feels the pangs of hunger daily. Peter incorporates the opposite, so to speak, within your culture here. Some choose affluence, and have counterparts which incorporate poverty.

Your counterparts do not all incorporate what you believe to be opposite focuses. Many of them are quite similar to your own. Michael and Catherine are counterparts to each other, sharing very many similar focuses, incorporating many of the same likes and dislikes, but separating within certain elements of personality, in which one chooses to incorporate what you view as a negative focus, this being the experiences that this individual has chosen. Ron and Lawrence are counterparts also. Elizabeth is a counterpart with Sophia. Michael is a counterpart with Lawrence. They are intertwined and overlapping. You do not have one or five counterparts, and they are not singular; this meaning you may be a counterpart with one individual, and you may also be a counterpart with another individual.

We have spoken many times of not separating, of not viewing yourselves as oranges, of not having sections. The concept or reality of counterparts transcends through all of your ideas which you have created for separating yourselves into your oranges. You have incorporated to this point the idea of essence, but you have taken the idea of essence and created a singular focus with this. You view your essence with its individual name as an individual essence. It is not. I am not expressing to you of oriental philosophy, that all is incorporated within “one cosmic enlightened spirit” with no individual identity, for you do possess an individual identity but you are also not individual. You are more. You are larger than individual.

You may also create counterparts. You may enter into an agreement and choose to create a new counterpart within your own family, so to speak. Your children may be counterparts of yourself, or you of them. (Pause) There are many issues that we have not uncovered yet. Many of these extend beyond your comprehension. Some may be incorporated partially, and may offer you some part of an explanation of the connections that you possess with other individuals. In this also, you may create a counterpart instantaneously. Where there was not a focused individual, there may become a focused individual; this being created by a projection of those aspects of yourself which you choose not to incorporate into your reality. In this, once this individual has been created, they have been allowed their own subjectivity. Therefore, they incorporate the ability to create their own choices and continue on their own. Initially, they may be what you might view as “at a disadvantage,” for they are beginning their focus created from parts of you that you do not wish to incorporate, or from probabilities that you choose not to incorporate. This does not mean that these individuals would be “doomed,” for they possess the same free will and availability of choices that you possess. They only incorporate more challenges than do you, for you have given them these challenges to work through for you.

JO: Does that work in both directions for like two different counterparts, can one give one the challenges, and the other one give the other the challenges?

ELIAS: This is correct. It does not only go one direction. Counterparts communicate constantly. You have counterparts throughout your world. You view each individual person on your planet as an individual essence. This is incorrect. Some are, and some are not. Some are you focused within another location, and another culture, and another belief system from your essence. You have, within your own lifetimes, encountered counterparts of yourselves already, they also believing that they are themselves, and the center, and so they are, just as you are.

JO: So Cathy and I are the same but different, basically?

ELIAS: You share many similar and common aspects of personality. You also incorporate differences of experience, and differences in choosing probabilities for experiences. This also, when you are thinking of this concept, may explain to you why you feel an impression, or a recognition of connection, of other individuals whom you meet or whom you interact with. (To Jo) And your questions?

JO: I have a friend who I’ve been really good friends with for about thirty years, and we’ve just recently gotten back in touch, and I feel a really, really, really strong connection with him, and I was just wondering if you could tell me what the connection was.

ELIAS: This is, this being why this subject has been introduced. Within physical focus, you feel that it is important to identify with a connection, for you have separated physically in form. Therefore, you feel disconnected. In this, you focus very heavily on connecting with other individuals. You connect with them emotionally, or intellectually, or within similar interests, or shared dreams, or sexually, or any way that you may conceive of, all of these issues being connecting elements. This is because you are connected, but you are quite focused on explaining to yourselves why you are connected! You always need a reason to tell yourselves, “I am connected, for I am a fragment,” although I would suggest that you do not boast of this with your fellows, for they may think that you are a little “touched!” (Grinning) Or you may say, “I am connected with this individual, for we share experiences of past developmental focuses or lives.”

I will express to you that your connections with counterparts transcends these other connections, for they are quite intertwined. In not viewing yourself as an individual essence, then you may see that you may create counterparts or be created by counterparts, which are not of your essence, but are you. (Pause, and then to Ron) I am anticipating Lawrence experiencing much face-rubbing from this information! (Grinning widely, and another pause)

GUIN: Elias, I have a few questions. What’s the difference ... From what I understand from what you had said before about splintering, when you splinter some of the stuff that you don’t want or whatever in this physical focus, so what would be the difference between splintering and a counterpart?

ELIAS: First of all, a splinter is not necessarily a part of you that you do not want. Splintering occurs when you have decisions that are chosen within your focus that you do not, in your consciousness, choose. If you are choosing one probability, you are also choosing all other probabilities, for your splinters will be enacting those probabilities. Your essence is not occupying a cloud somewhere, viewing this focus and scratching its head saying, “I wonder what would happen if I would make a different choice?” It is not wondering, for it is creating all of those choices within the action of splintering.

GUIN: Then what would be the altered self? (Meaning alternate)

ELIAS: An alternate self would be a splinter, or it may not. It may be a portion of your consciousness which is not necessarily splintered. It may be a focus of your consciousness which is not yet splintered, or which may choose not to splinter eventually, for it may reincorporate with you. It possesses the possibility of splintering, and all splinters would also be an alternate self.

GUIN: Can you have a connection as a counterpart, and also be associated through a fragmentation?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

GUIN: And then, if you did have your counterparts or splinters or alternate selves, if you end this physical focus, after you end this physical focus, does your alternate selves or your splinters or your counterparts kind of all mesh together if it is a counterpart of you, and not a counterpart being of another essence? Do you mesh back together? (Many comments and much laughter with the group) Well, you know, in the experience of all the ... You have the counterpart for the experience. Would your energy blend back together like a ...

ELIAS: We are incorporating a situation here of water being sprayed through a sprinkler, and then reassembling back into a water stream.

GUIN: Isn’t that kind of what we do in physical focus?

ELIAS: Partially. First of all, when you end a physical focus, it is depending on the probability choices that are before you, and which one you choose. You do not lose your identity when you end a physical focus. You incorporate more, but they also incorporate you. Therefore you are not absorbed, as a sponge absorbing back all of the moisture that has been squeezed from it into this giant entity. You are you. You are the center, but you are also another part. You possess all, and all possess you.

GUIN: Now, but the counterpart, say you have a counterpart that is part of you, and you were to end this physical focus, and then ten of our years later, this other what we call physically focused person ends his or her life, that energy of consciousness, it just ... Oh, never mind! (In total frustration)

ELIAS: It will be known to you. It is part of you. You are part of it. Your individuality is not compromised, but your identity is incorporated with it, and it with you. (Pause)

JO: So if Shynla and I are counterparts, and my friend Ed and I are counterparts, are Ed and Shynla counterparts?

ELIAS: No. (Pause) As I have said, even though you may be a counterpart with another individual, another individual may not incorporate all of the same counterparts that you incorporate. They are all crossing over each other. You must also understand, as I have said earlier, your essence has manifested in many more areas than just one. There are many “you’s” walking about your planet. They do share much the same personality, with slight differences, which they possess as to conform to their individual cultural situations, but in basic personality thought patterns, emotional or thought or religious or political focus, they are the same. They also share the same desires, and likes and dislikes, that you incorporate. Many of them even physically resemble you. (Pause)

RON: Are you focused with other essences the same way that we are focused with?

ELIAS: Yes. As I have said, there is not individual essence; therefore, we are all intertwined. I possess my own personality; therefore, I possess my own individuality, but I am interconnected with all others. There are no barriers and no divisions. One melts into another. All are combined.

RON: Are you connected with us?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You may essentially say that I have fragmented or created all of you, although I have expressed that you are fragmented by different essences, but those essences are me, and I am them. Therefore, I may realistically say to you that you have all been fragmented from one.

RON: So we’re all one, no matter what tribe we’re from.

ELIAS: This is correct; although, without separating, individual personalities focus with different intent. Therefore, they form what you think of as families or tribes, for they share the connection of intent within certain areas of physical focus. Outside of physical focus this intent is unnecessary, but within the incorporation of physical focus, not only in this dimension but within all dimensions, the need for connection exists, and this is the intent of the tribe. Individual tribes focus with individual intents. The tribes that other essences identify with, and have within the past, may exhibit different intents than yours.

You, in your recent time, have been exposed to one singular tribe with the name of Sumari which your “hippies” were familiar with only conceptually; this tribe being focused on connection and building, your tribe being connected with knowledge and growth, this being the intent of those essence personalities with which you connect which are not physically focused. These essences also communicate to you continuously. They communicate to you, within your dream state, as individuals that you do not recognize and you do not know. They also come to you within the form of inspiration sometimes. Eventually, you will incorporate a better understanding of this tribe of essence, and will be in communication with them. Presently, Michael is not prepared for this interaction. You will recognize the identity, for you will recognize your own language. You will hear your own language, which will seem to be foreign, and you will understand its words and sounds anyway. This will come. There are elements that you will need to be incorporating first, for a better understanding of who you are.

RON: Is tongues a true language?

ELIAS: The concept of speaking in tongues is not what you have been taught through your religious organizations and churches. This is, in actuality, a true ability that all of you possess. This does not mean that you personally speak another language. It is not the language of the gods. It is not an angelic language. It is the ability to speak your own language, and be understood by all. This would incorporate the natural, native language of essence, which eventually you will hear, and you will understand it in English. If you are exhibiting the ability of speaking in tongues, as you call this, you would be speaking quite normally to another individual who does not speak your same language, and they would be understanding every word. As with all essence abilities, it incorporates no effort on your part. There is no learning to do. It is natural. (Pause)

VICKI: (Suddenly coming alive) So are you saying these people that speak in tongues, in their religious hoo-ha’s, that they understand each other???

ELIAS: (Grinning) I am saying that they are ... hoo-ha! (Laughter) They do not understand each other. They do not understand themselves! They are mumbling mumbo-jumbo, and they are not understanding or communicating with anyone or anything! They are not standing with raised hands saying abibabibabibabi, and everyone is understanding some cosmic message! This is incorrect. If you are encountering an individual who you are hearing in your native tongue, therefore hence the word tongues, but they are in actuality speaking Russian in their native true language of Russian, then you are experiencing the incorporation of this phenomenon. It is not some strange, invented language that no one understands. You may incorporate eventually, as I have expressed, the language of your tribe but you will hear it sometimes as it is spoken, but you will understand within your native language. You will possess the ability to translate. I am assuring you that you may visit one of your churches in which these individuals are professing to be speaking in tongues, and you may take your pencil and you may take your paper, and you will write nothing on it except “I do not understand,” for you will not be able to translate. This is not a gift. It is also not true. It is an invention and distortion of a truth, which has been convoluted through your time and belief systems to incorporate a meaning far from its originality. (Pause)

VICKI: Regarding the counterparts, do I understand correctly that this is a different focus than, say, a developmental focus? A different focus of essence than that?

ELIAS: You may incorporate counterparts within different developmental focuses, but I am speaking to you of this developmental focus, that you are currently experiencing with this consciousness.

VICKI: I guess my question is, as Ron and I are counterparts, would this be another focus of essence the same as a developmental focus? Would this be looking through a different lens, so to speak?

ELIAS: This would be looking through two lenses simultaneously, not a third. It would be a dream inside a dream. It would be one superimposed upon another, your camera lenses merging and overlapping to one. (Pause) We will break, and we will continue briefly.

BREAK: 7:55 PM.

RESUME: 8:55 PM.

ELIAS: We continue. (Grinning) As you are spinning colors, do not allow me to interrupt your meditation! I shall wait! (Much laughter) Or not! Now you have all incorporated more questions than when we began this evening.

We will partially deviate from your counterparts, and address back to your belief systems. I will express to you that what Ron has expressed, essentially, is quite right. Also what you (Guin) express is quite right, for you take the truths that you may assimilate within you, and you create your own new belief systems in regard to these. You are incorporating truths, but you are placing them into belief systems. I have said to you, my function is not to dispel your belief systems. You function with them quite well, whether they are separating or whether they are connecting. You function equally as well within physical focus.

Also, in explaining an introduction to counterparts this evening, I have opened a door for you to be peering into, in answering some of your questions of validity. As Ron has expressed, it matters not. If you are accomplishing a connection, it is of no importance whether you create a belief system that you believe me. I do not incorporate hurt feelings. It does not matter to me whether you believe me, or whether you view this phenomenon as Michael himself, or whether you view this as the connection of what you may term a collective unconsciousness, or whether you believe Elias to be an essence, or an angel, or a master, or a guide, or a fraud. It matters not, for you incorporate the information anyway. I do not offer you conflicting information. I offer you truths, truths, and you incorporate belief systems. I do not offer you partial truths, for it is not necessary. I do not offer complete explanations at individual sessions, for you may not understand complete explanations, but I return to our subject matters for further explanations as you incorporate the ability to understand.

In our explanation of counterparts, I have expressed to you that all are one. You may, in some terms, think to yourself that I am another focus of Michael, for in reality, I am. I also am my own, just as you are each your own individual focus and personality, but you are all one, also. There is no division. Therefore, it matters not where you receive the information. As I have also said to you, you also do not need me. You may access all of this information yourselves. I am not necessary for your widening or your awareness. I am at your disposal because you have invited my information, allowing yourselves to acquire the information and connection that you already possess, maybe more quickly than you would if you were only incorporating this yourself; just as within your physical focus, from birth, you look to others to help or teach you. You spend your time within physical focus learning, not only from your own experiences, but from the experiences of others. You listen to individuals who you believe to be older and wiser than yourself. Therefore, you incorporate their information. You do the same with me. (Pause)

GUIN: Okay. Just one question. You have to be kind of careful what you say on break, I guess! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Not really!

GUIN: I guess I feel that if ... I know this is a belief system, I can tell you that much, and I feel that if I have skepticism, I’m not connecting the way I want to be connecting, so I try to get rid of the skepticism so that I can have these parlor games or big connections, or, but then that all goes back to more validation, and so it’s kind of a cycle between the two, and I use the term of “catching up” with everybody else. I know there’s not catching up, except with myself, and I’m trying to widen my awareness so that my connecting with such little games, as the game that you have going, and the little games with the objects and stuff can be more clear, and I feel that the skepticism sometimes gets in the way of that, and I may be struggling with trying to help to relieve that. (Whew!)

ELIAS: First of all, I will explain to you that you are attempting to replace a belief system with a new belief system. This will create conflict. I am not suggesting to you that you replace belief systems. I am suggesting to you that you become aware of the existing belief systems, incorporate what serves you still, and widen where you are not being served. You are taught to be skeptical. You are taught to question. You have experienced many elements within your focus which are contrary to yourself and your essence. You are also becoming more aware of self. Therefore, you are realizing that it is not necessary to be incorporating all of these belief systems. This places you in the situation of feeling that you are caught in between. You are not sure what you should believe.

I do not preach to you to be believing Elias’ message, for I offer you information that you already know. I am not expressing to you to be building a temple, to be recruiting a new congregation, or to be establishing new belief systems that will be changing the world. I am explaining to you to believe yourself. Do not take me for face value and be believing within a new belief system, on what you term “blind faith,” Elias’ word. Believe Guin’s word. Believe yourself. This is why I speak to you, not to bring you conflict and not to establish anything. I speak to you to reincorporate and reconnect you with you, for your truth is what is important. This is the truth.

I will say to you all, it has been said by another, in words of your time now that you may understand, “If it is not fun, stop it!” This would be including Elias’ sessions. If you are incorporating conflict do not incorporate Elias, for if I do not offer what you are considering to be positive or fun, then you should not be here. You should not be doing or participating in this, or in anything. If anything is creating conflict with you, or separating you from you, or creating unhappiness within you, then you should not incorporate that. Each individual’s truth is their own. It all, in essence, is the same, but each individual manifests this truth within their reality their own way. Each individual incorporates no conflict within their own way. Each individual connects with love and joy within their own way. What may be comfortable or non-conflicting for one may be creating of conflict for another. Your focus is to focus on you. It is not important what others view of you. It is not important what others’ opinion is of you. What is important is that you are true to you, and that you are happy with that. What brings you joy is what is truth.

This also is the basis of connection of essence, for when you are connected and you are focused upon you, then you will not be incorporating judgments of others. You will not be focused upon other individuals, and viewing them, or their choices, or their situations with what you view is a right or wrong opinion. You will be accepting of another individual solely for the recognition that the other individual is experiencing their own truths, in whatever manner they need to be experiencing them in, at any given point. (Long pause)

JO: Do you like your chair? (Cathy gave Elias a chair)

ELIAS: (Looking around at the chair) It is acceptable, for it is not hindering of movement, and is not creating any obstacle.

JO: Okay. She’ll be pleased. (Pause)

GUIN: Well, I’ll ask one more question. It’s kind of directed differently. I was wondering if you could enlighten me a little bit about Mr. Peebles? Lawrence gave me one of the books to read about Mr. Peebles, and was he in the teaching focus, such as yourself? I just started it, so I’m curious about your information.

ELIAS: This essence, being recognized through physical focus as Dr. Peebles which incorporates a physically focused name, is not within my focus, but also incorporates a type of teaching focus; therefore yes, this essence delivers information of a teaching nature. This essence incorporates itself differently than I or other essences, for its intent is different, but it would be considered also to be a teaching essence.

GUIN: Teaching of truths?

ELIAS: Partially. This essence is not always completely focused with only this intent, which is why I express that the intent is different, for this essence also connects with physically focused information for helpfulness within physically focused belief systems. This is not to say that this essence expresses non-truths, for it does not. All that this essence expresses is true. It is only not just truths. (Pause)

ELIZ: Did you want to talk to me?

ELIAS: This would be your choice.

ELIZ: Okay.

ELIAS: And I will ask a question of you also, if you are sure that you are wishing information presently?

ELIZ: Yeah.

ELIAS: And incorporating no conflict with this forum?

ELIZ: What do you mean?

ELIAS: Examine whether you are wishing information in being comfortable within this audience.

ELIZ: I’m comfortable.

ELIAS: Very well. You have not completely played out all of your probabilities yet. You have incorporated partial probabilities. You have made, in your terms, your decision, of which you have incorporated your agreement and your choice. This agreement is that, an agreement, which is incorporated with more than one essence, for you may not make an agreement only with yourself! (Smiling) There are probabilities that you will be incorporating in creating this choice. You have chosen throughout this physical focus a difficult path, and I have expressed previously that you have chosen a difficult path for its entirety; this being another probability incorporating difficulty, this also being a probability influenced by a previous focus.

I will express to you, very personally, that your mother is correct in expressing to you that there is no right or wrong. In all circumstances, in all situations, there is only experience. There is no judgment considered. Therefore, as we spoke earlier, your choices have been incorporated for what creates the least conflict within yourself. I will express to you that I am aware that you are aware of all of your probabilities and choices. You have chosen for yourself the least conflicting, and what you view to be the most connecting. I will also offer to you that this probability and this connection and agreement incorporates many more probabilities than may be viewed at this present moment. You have the choice to create in what you term to be a positive direction or a negative direction, this being your choice. I view your ability to create a positive connection.

You have been already in communication with this agreeing essence. Do not fear for what others express. Be confident within yourself. As you and as all other individuals have experienced, many probabilities incorporate conflict or less conflict. You will find that as you delve with these probabilities, there is no conflict also. (Pause) You are wishing more precise, definite, concrete answer to your situation! If you are listening to my words, you are hearing that I am offering you a concrete answer. You have chosen your probability. Now you may choose to create beauty. (Pause) Is this insufficient?

ELIZ: No, I understand.

ELIAS: Be remembering, be true to yourself. Do not incorporate conflict from without. Incorporate peace from within. (Pause)

ELIZ: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I will express that I will be available if you are needing of information or support, or only affection, which is extended freely.

ELIZ: Thank you. (Long pause)

ELIAS: Such solemness! I am feeling as though we are in a church! Now we may express permission to Ron to be speaking in new-found tongues! (Laughter, and another pause)

GUIN: I got a quick question. It is very quick. Promise! Is Ordin, in the book I’m reading, the same Ordin that’s connected with our game?

ELIAS: This is correct. (Pause) I have expressed to you there are no coincidences, and there are no accidents. Therefore, the connections have been made within RA 2 already. Ah, we spark a smile! (Referring to Vicki, who has been very serious all evening)

JO: I have a question. Can you interpret a dream that my friend had, without him being here or anything?

ELIAS: (Very dramatically and humorously) I’m not sure! I must put my “cosmic thinking cap” on Michael’s head! (Pause) Okay. (Laughter)

JO: (Laughing) Okay. We would appreciate it. He’s had a recurring dream ever since as long as he can remember, and it has to do with hanging out with the wrong people but not actually doing anything wrong himself, and he gets hung, and he says it’s so vivid that he still can feel the rope around his neck, and he’s had this dream ever since he was a child, and then he goes on to be riding a horse across a plains or mountainous situation and feels somebody all around him, but when he looks he doesn’t see anybody all around him.

ELIAS: This dream would be symbolizing of the energies and individuals incorporated around this individual and the influences that they may exact upon this individual, which he incorporates conflict with. Therefore, he is viewing the information that is being offered or incorporated as being conflicting with truths that he is knowing of within himself. In this, he aligns himself with individuals that he does not agree essentially with, but he is viewing that he must “fit in” to normalcy and accepted physically focused guidelines. Therefore, within the essence message to the consciousness physically focused, it is feeling emotionally that it is being constricted or strangled. It is not connecting, and it is expressing messages for connection which are not being acknowledged. These messages are quite surfaced. They are being ignored. Therefore, the physical consciousness is experiencing this constriction and this sensation of cutting of life-giving breath.

JO: Makes sense. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JO: He always thought he’d been hung in a previous focus.

ELIAS: This is a very common explanation for many physically focused dreams. This is not necessarily the actual situation.

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JO: He thanks you. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay, I have a question. (With a very resigned tone)

ELIAS: Okay, I will think on answering this. (Humorously placing his elbows on the table and his head in his hands, and staring at Vicki, followed by much group laughter)

VICKI: I have figured out that part of the stuff that’s been going on with me this week has to do with Elizabeth.

ELIAS: We will give one point to Lawrence for connecting! (Grinning)

VICKI: I also have a pretty strong impression that this is not entirely correct, as far as I think there are other things going on too that I am not really quite figuring out. (Elias is vigorously nodding his head) So I guess if you want to throw any hints that way, I’ll take ‘em.

ELIAS: (Grinning widely) Oh, we are stumped!

VICKI: Yeah.

ELIAS: And the thought focused individual has reached a block!

VICKI: Yeah.

ELIAS: Part of the situation within you that you are experiencing is a moving through also, just as other individuals have been moving through; this part being a slight experience of conflict in noticing many impressions, as this being the creation that you are concentrating on, (smiling) and this seemingly to be projecting information to you that may conflict with our sessions, not in the vein of information itself, but within the incorporation of these impressions that you may be receiving.

You also focus on these and attempt to be evaluating and interpreting these impressions. Therefore, this creates mild conflict; for in some you connect and you interpret correctly, in some you do not interpret at all for you are not sure of their meaning, and in some you misinterpret completely; this being that impressions, as are dreams, are many times symbolic. They are symbolically another language speaking to you. Therefore, they require interpretation. Part of your awareness realizes this, and does attempt interpretations. Part of your awareness is still unsure of your ability to interpret. Part of your conflict presently is an attempting to connect in trusting of yourself and your essence. Hence you incorporate a recognition of impressions, this being what you term a “step,” but you conflict with yourself in not trusting these impressions. Therefore, you give yourself an awareness and you pull back and take it away. This creates a conflict; this being, as I have said, not an overwhelming conflict but a slight conflict which you are moving through. You are learning to be more trusting of yourself; this being, in actuality, a very positive moving.

Also, I will express to you that you will all experience time periods where you will feel a disconnection, or an uneasiness, or an anxiety, or an anxiousness, or restless, this being a result of your “consciousness season.”

VICKI: All of those feelings you just mentioned are feelings that I can deal with. I’m very curious about this little piece of sadness that won’t go away.

ELIAS: This being an incorporation of separation. In this, now I will explain to you that you have incorporated the possibility of two different probabilities. In this, each of these two probabilities incorporates a sadness, for each incorporates a separation; these both being choices that you may choose, these both also not being actualized yet, these also both involving your connection with Elizabeth; one being with the essence of Elizabeth, one being with the essence of Rose. Notice that both choices of separation are causing distress, for when you incorporate what you term to be a loss, or what I term to be a separation, you incorporate unhappiness. You possess the ability to view the situation and choose a joyful incorporation, and not a sad. (Smiling) And Lawrence is not satisfied with this answer either!

VICKI: Lawrence is confused with that answer! Lawrence will have to wait and see what happens.

ELIAS: Lawrence may also incorporate newly acquired information for accessing your RA 2, and your probabilities and your situations. Understand that disconnection is not a choice that incorporates joy. This may be helpful when you are viewing your probabilities for your RA 2. Remember these essences of Elizabeth and Rose.

VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: You may be surprised at the joyful gift you may receive from essence, from your own and from the essence of Rose, if you are allowing yourself to be open and connected. (Smiling, and a pause) I am extending loving affection to Lawrence.

VICKI: Thank you. (Laughing in her confusion)

ELIAS: And I will be offering more information if you are wishing, also.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause) This essence of Rose possesses a gift for Ron also. (Smiling) Investigate!

VICKI: Okay! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You may incorporate Michael’s help, if you are wishing. He is always up for an investigation! (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions? (Pause) I am supposing this is a negative, in your terms. (Grinning) Very well. On this very solemn note, I will be leaving you to be encountering your RA 2 for yourselves, and you might be meeting some ghosts there, too! (Very humorously) Or you may be encountering me! I will be speaking with you all later. Good evening.

Elias departs at 10:03 PM.

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