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Friday, July 30, 1999

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“Distract, Relax, and STOP”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Nicky (Candace).

Elias arrives at 1:09 PM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day, Candace!

NICKY: Top of the morning to ya! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

NICKY: As usual, I don’t have an awful lot prepared here, but I don’t think it will be a problem to fill up the hour.

Mary and I were talking this morning, and one of the things that I had made a note of was something she brought up: her with an upset stomach and feeling nauseous, and me with an irritated tongue. In this past week, I was saying to myself, “Okay, this is like really getting to be strange,” ’cause one of the lines of thought is, your stomach is related to your tongue area. So, that’s the line I was looking at, and I thought, “But I don’t have an upset stomach.” Then I find out this morning that Mary’s been nauseous, so I said, “Okay, I’m going to find out the connection ’cause nothing is coming to my mind other than I know there’s a connection,” and I was wondering if you could explain that to me.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Once again, this is merely differences in objective imagery which parallels each other in your directions and also in your experiences.

In this counterpart action that you share, you are lending energy to each other continuously in similarities. This be the difference of parallel counterparts as opposed to other types of counterparts, for in this, you reinforce each other’s experiences by creating the same directions, but also creating your individual expressions of these directions. In this, as you each move, you may be creating your individual, unique expression in conjunction with that movement, but you are moving in the same directions.

Now; in this, Michael, as he is aware, has pushed in the area of his participation in this energy exchange. This is his choice, to be continuing and to be pushing with himself in this area, but he also holds an awareness that as he moves in this type of direction of pushing himself in this area, he is removing his subjective interaction with his physical body consciousness for extended time frameworks, which IS affecting.

In this, let me be reminding that this is not the action of myself creating an adverse affect upon his physical body, but that he is choosing to be moving in directions that remove his subjective direction and interaction from his physical body consciousness, which it DOES respond to eventually in these situations. Therefore, he is creating of uncomfortableness, for the physical body is responding in its natural manner.

In this, you, in conjunction and connection with Michael, are also pushing yourself in certain areas, and in your pushing and lack of relaxation, you are connecting in the same type of direction. Therefore, you also are affecting of yourself.

Now; be remembering also that within this parallel action, you each create physical elements many times to be attaining your attention, and you create this type of action quite easily. Therefore, it is quite understandable that you shall allow the assimilation of energy which is projected by Michael in his experience, and you shall connect with that expression of energy in physical affectingness and manifest in like kind. You merely manifest a different expression.

Now; be understanding. Michael is not creating a physical response to be gaining his attention. This is a natural action that occurs as the physical body consciousness responds to a lack of direction and interaction of the subjective awareness. Therefore, the creation is slightly different. But also be understanding that there is a projection of energy which is sent out, so to speak, that physical elements are being created.

In this, you may figuratively visualize this as a beacon or a stream of energy that extends outwardly from Michael that you as a parallel counterpart automatically hone in upon, and in this action, you receive the transmission and you allow yourself to be connecting with that energy, and as that energy is presented in a very familiar manner to how you create your triggers many times, you do not alter the configuration of the energy, but receive it in the manner that it is projected, recognizing that its form already is efficient for your use.

Therefore, you receive that energy and apply that into your own choice of creation in conjunction with a very similar situation and line of probabilities that you also have been creating as a parallel counterpart. You are both creating the same direction, and in this, to be attaining your attention in this manner, you apply this energy projection into your own expression of what may gain your attention.

Now; you also create an expression that shall be in conjunction with the physical expression that Michael is creating. The reason for this action is twofold.

One is that you automatically create parallel situations. Therefore, you allow yourself the objective identification. As you say, you associate this action or condition which is created with your tongue with the physical sensation of nausea. Therefore, you have offered yourself an objective identification of the other parallel counterpart and what they are creating simultaneous to what you are creating. This offers you information in continuation of your parallel counterpart action. This be the reason that you do not reconfigure the energy into another type of expression – say, affecting your foot – but you hold the energy in like manner to the expression that it is being created within with Michael, continuing in the parallel action.

In this, the underlying direction to be gaining your attention, both of you, is an affectingness which gains your attention – for it is uncomfortable and this does gain your attention – to be expressing to yourselves, each, to STOP, for you are pushing, and in this pushing, you are also creating physical affectingnesses. Therefore, your message, so to speak, to yourselves is to discontinue the action that you have been creating.

Both of you, as I have stated, are pushing yourselves into directions – now hear this! – directions of helpfulness.

You, Candace, are pushing yourself in the direction of helpfulness with other individuals and are overwhelming yourself.

NICKY: That’s where the tiredness is coming in, right?

ELIAS: Quite. Michael is creating the same expression. He is offering helpfulness to other individuals and overwhelming himself. You both move in a direction of perceived need in conjunction with other individuals, and you respond and you push and you overwhelm, and then you create your manifestation to express to yourselves, “STOP.” (Pause)

NICKY: Oh boy. (Pause) Are you there?

ELIAS: Quite!

NICKY: Okay, so that would follow up with what I was gonna ask you, about the tiredness and/or – it peeks at me every once in a while – boredom?

ELIAS: Quite. You are both experiencing this also, but I express to you that your interpretation is boredom. In actuality, what you are experiencing, if you are identifying more closely, is restlessness.

NICKY: Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

ELIAS: This may be interpreted surfacely as boredom, but in actuality, you are experiencing a restlessness and what you may term to be a surplus of energy that you do not objectively understand how to channel. Therefore, you are in one respect experiencing fatigue, for you are pushing yourselves quite intensely, each of you, but you are also experiencing a restlessness in which you feel a push to be “doing something,” but you know not what objectively.

NICKY: Well, how do we identify? I’ve taken note of that, of the wandering in my head. It’s like there’s something else I could be doing, but I have no idea what, not yet anyway!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And I am expressing to you, STOP! It is not the doing. You are expressing imagery to yourselves to be allowing yourselves a relaxation and a recognition that it is not your personal responsibility to be assuming the ills of the entire planet!

NICKY: (Cracking up) But for some oddball reason, it’s like an automatic “go-there!”

ELIAS: The planet shall move itself, and needs not your direct intervention to be creating its movement! Therefore, I am expressing to you, you each may be allowing yourselves to be relaxing.

Now; in this, the reason that you are experiencing this restlessness is a responsiveness to the energy which is being created in an acceleration, and this is directly influenced by this time framework. This is an energy that is figuratively, in a manner of speaking, swirling around you. It is a tremendous force of energy. This is not an expression that you need be doing any action concerning this energy, but that you are merely recognizing the expression of energy.

Now; be understanding that I am understanding of the physical quality of response of this type of action, for as it is translated and interpreted within you, you allow an influx of this energy surge and force which is occurring in conjunction with this time framework and with this shift throughout your globe, which you are connecting to and it becomes objectively quite obvious to you, but how it FEELS within you is that YOU are creating a surge of energy within yourself individually, and it FEELS as though it need be expressed in some manner, that you must be creating something to be alleviating of the pressure of this energy. In this, I express to you that you may much more efficiently be alleviating of this energy if you are distracting yourself and allowing yourself a relaxation.

NICKY: Okay, can I interrupt just for one second here? Relaxing – that is grabbing my ear real tough here. My interpretation of relaxing would be one thing, Mary’s would be another. When you use the word “relaxing,” in what way are you meaning?

ELIAS: You are quite right that this is highly individual. Your perception of relaxation is quite different from any other individual’s. I am not expressing an absolute direction or expression of relaxation. This is the choice of the individual.

The point or the principle of this relaxation is to offer yourself the type of state of being in which you are not agitating yourself, in which you are not pushing yourself, in which you are not obligating yourself, and in which you are not moving in the direction of analyzation and rationalization and exploration to weariness!

For this is another element in which you are pushing which I am directly speaking to, that you are pushing in the direction of analyzing and analyzing and analyzing, and you are complicating each direction that you move into. You offer yourself much information; you offer yourself much imagery, but you also are immobilizing yourself by analyzing each aspect of imagery and information that you are receiving to the point of confusion.

NICKY: Yeah, I can see that. That’s what’s run across my mind, I guess, when I’m psychoanalyzing everything. It’s like, boy oh boy, how easy it is for us to go to psychoanalyzing the whole thing or whatever. It’s because of this, it’s because of that, and it’s like, I drive myself nuts sometimes!

ELIAS: Many, many times, many of you complicate the simplicity of what you create, for this has become an automatic action for you.

NICKY: Yeah, and that brings up another point which I think probably coincides – maybe, maybe not, but it seems to. What comes across my mind a lot lately, like if I’m listening or talking with someone, which I’ve been doing a lot of out in the courtyard, when you’re taking notice of things, when you’re taking that time and wanting to experience the “all of what’s going on” and so forth, isn’t the noticing connected with being able to view your own personal belief systems? Am I saying that right?

ELIAS: I am understanding of what you are expressing.

In this, let me clarify with you that noticing is an aspect of this process, but it is the initial aspect of the process. Therefore, many times you may be noticing of objective imagery. You may be noticing of behaviors, of thought processes, of emotions, of any element within your reality, and not necessarily associate it objectively with a specific aspect of a belief system, for the noticing is the initial element of the process.

This is what I have spoken to Mikah, in relation to the movement in the process of accepting belief systems.

In this, initially you are noticing. Subsequent to your noticing, you begin to identify. This would be what I have termed to Mikah as being your step two, in which you begin to identify the aspects of belief systems that are associated with the elements that you have noticed.

At times, you may be moving into step one and step two simultaneously. You may be noticing of any element within your reality and you may also simultaneously be identifying and recognizing the aspect of the belief that it is associated with, but this is not always the expression, for many times individuals are noticing of different elements of imagery which they may term to be coincidences, but they are not identifying them as aspects of beliefs. Are you understanding?

NICKY: Yes. Now, is that where ... myself personally, I will go to now. I mean, I notice others, so therefore, I automatically take it for granted that I do when I’m not noticing, and then the times when I am noticing my own, that’s ... when we go off from that point, we have a tendency to go off and start analyzing everything, don’t we?

ELIAS: Yes! In this step two is where lies your pitfalls! In this area of step two, you very often create the situation of becoming STUCK, for you move in the direction of exploring the aspect of the belief, and examining and analyzing and reassessing and reassessing and reassessing what you are viewing that you halt your movement, for you are occupied so very intensely with the viewing of the aspects of the belief that you are not moving into the acceptance of it, for you continue to occupy your attention not in movement, but merely in the expression of continuing to be fascinated in your viewing.

NICKY: Okay, through the over-analyzation of it and the legalizing and non-legalizing of it and so forth and so on, right?

ELIAS: Quite!

NICKY: Oh boy! The third step then would be being in the process, so to speak, of accepting it instead of ... what’s that phrase you use? Playing with the mouse?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Yeah, okay. Whew!

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct in this area, and in this, as I have expressed to Mikah, the third step is the addressing to the belief, and in addressing to the belief, you shall hold an objective awareness that you ARE beginning movement and you ARE addressing to a belief, in that you shall begin to create less conflict.

Within step two, you are continuing to be creating conflict, for you are continuing your examination and your analyzation, and therefore you continue to present yourself with different angles, different expressions of the same aspect. In this, you continue and continue and continue until you become so very fatigued that you stop viewing and you begin moving, and once you begin moving into the addressment of the aspect of the belief, your conflict begins to diminish. This is your objective validation to you that you have begun your movement and that you ARE addressing to the belief, for you begin to diminish the conflict and the confusion and you genuinely begin to move closer to the expression of it matters not, and this is the point.

NICKY: Oh my! Speaking of it matters not, I wasn’t going to bring this up until later, but it rings my bell again. Fred, my neighbor across the street ... he’s gone now for a time period. But I was talking with him for a long while, and I always – I don’t know how to say this – I experienced ... there were moments in time when I could have sworn that you were speaking to me.

ELIAS: You are correct.

NICKY: It was the most relaxing and fun period of time, and when he went, my heart just ... I felt like I lost part of myself. It was a weird ... I mean a good experience, and I had a lot of fun with him. His wife is still here. But the more I would listen to and watch him, then I started wondering, what are my connections with him? Does he have a Sumari alignment?

ELIAS: Alignment, yes.

NICKY: Okay, belonging to the family of Sumafi?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Did I share another focus with him as maybe brothers, or some kind of close relationship like a family-type relationship?

ELIAS: What you in physical focus would term to be stepbrothers.

NICKY: Stepbrothers! Oh, interesting! But he used to say a lot of times, “It matters not. You can drive yourself nuts and you can do this and you can say that and you can work yourself into a whirlwind, but it doesn’t really matter.”

ELIAS: Quite!

NICKY: It was a good two weeks. I have to say that. It was really nice, and like I said, I thought if you were to have taken a physical form, it would have been Fred during those two weeks.

Okay, let’s see. I wanted to ask you also, now on the same aspect of what we were talking about before, Mary and I again were talking and sharing things. We were talking about the neighbors – her neighbors and what they’re doing – and she says that you had told her something there, and me with the neighbors here with the one particular family, and the difference being the reactions to what’s going on. But what I would like to know is, what is the issue? What is the underlying issue that is really at work in both situations? Because I know it’s both of them.

ELIAS: You are correct. I have expressed this to Michael, and he is merely objectively forgetful of that which I have expressed to him. Therefore, I shall offer to you also what I have stated to Michael.

In this, I may express to you a similar situation, for you create in a similar manner. I express to Michael humorously, but also quite realistically, that he may view himself and his focus and how he is creating of his reality as an entire expression of change. He is continuously changing his reality. This is an action that Michael easily moves within. It is, in a manner of speaking, a fish swimming through water. Michael moves easily in the area of change. Therefore, he exudes this type of energy. You also easily move into expressions of change, and you incorporate much changeability within your focus, and you in like manner exude an energy of changeableness around you.

Individuals connect with energy. Regardless of their objective understanding or interpretation, they DO hold an awareness of energy and they DO connect and respond.

Now; this also moves in conjunction with this time framework, in which I have expressed previously that within this now, individuals are holding tightly to the familiar. They feel. They experience. They even hold thought process in the knowing of tremendous movement in energy. They hold an awareness of this intensity of movement which is occurring. They do not always hold an objective understanding, but there is a recognition. They do view what is occurring, and they view change, and this creates fear, for it is unfamiliar, and individuals within physical focus objectively are resistant to change. Therefore, as they encounter individuals that move easily into the expression of change, there is resistance to that expression also.

NICKY: Okay, I never thought of it that way.

ELIAS: They do not merely resist the expression of change within self, but they wish not to be confronted with the element of change within any other expression outside of themselves, for this reinforces the fear.

In this also, be remembering, simultaneously to the movement of energy of the time framework, you are also confronting yourselves globally with this wave in consciousness addressing to the belief system of sexuality, which – as I have stated many times to this point – is not concerning the act of sex, but is concerning a base element of your reality and your perception; your thought processes, your responses, how you perceive your reality.

In this, there are elements being expressed in influence by the energy movement of that wave also, in the lack of tolerance of difference. I have expressed to you, in what you term to be a time framework of months ago, that this is a very strong element of what is being expressed presently – and escalates – in this wave in consciousness: the addressment to the intolerance of difference, the lack of acceptance of difference, which holds great importance, for although some of you view yourselves to be the same, you may be surfacely similar, but none of you are the same.

Each of you is different. Each of you creates your individual reality. Each of you holds a highly individualized, unique perception, which is the tool that you implement to be creating your reality, and this becomes clearer and clearer as the energy increases and intensifies, for you begin to view within your everyday experiences – in ALL of your experiences – the pronouncement of these differences and how very individualized and unique each of your perceptions are, even in elements that you view to be absolutes, even in elements that you create within your reality that you agree upon.

A tree is a tree – no! Your identification of a tree as an entity is similar, but it is not the same, for each of you holds a different perception of the tree. You merely agree on a basic concept.

NICKY: Because that is being brought to the forefront at this time, so to speak, is that one of the reasons that it seems to get to the core of your being lately in responses to different people or actions or what they’re saying, is that you’re noticing the differences? Are you taking notice then of really what your own thing is in comparison to someone else’s?

ELIAS: Quite, and this is unfamiliar, and what is this creating? This is threatening to your individual identity.

NICKY: Okay. Now is that the same type of thing that Mary and I were just talking about? We were talking about how each of us has done it – been talking with someone, and they could be saying just about anything and that’s okay, but as soon as you come into your own home and deal with people that are what we would call closer to us – family, boyfriends, girlfriends, whatever – and they say something, you go to an automatic response of wanting to defend yourself.

But on the outside, it’s like you take everything. It’s like, “This is okay. This is where this person is coming from. That’s not how I think, but that’s okay too. Look at the differences.” But when you come into your own household, so to speak, it’s like, “Okay, what’s going on here? Why do I feel like I’m being attacked? Why do I feel like I need to defend myself?”

ELIAS: Quite, for you – in very physical terms – feel a need to be expressing your point, your opinion, your perception, for this is the expression of you, in your assessment. And in this, what you are projecting is your identity, and you express this more strongly with individuals that you perceive to be holding relationship in closeness to you, for you allow those individuals more penetration than you shall allow other individuals objectively. And in this, you threaten your own individuality and your identity, for you are encountering the action of a recognition of mass belief systems, that there are absolutes and that you all create in conjunction, in agreement with each other, and as you begin to view that this is not necessarily the case, you become threatened in your foundation, so to speak.

NICKY: Yeah! (Double yeah!)

ELIAS: You view yourselves quite conversely to the reality of this situation. You view yourselves continuously expressing that you wish to be independent, unique, individualized, and that you create highly individualized expressions, when in actuality, YOU DO NOT many times. You create within the confines of what is accepted and familiar and agreed upon en masse, and this is familiar and this is comfortable, and as you are presenting to yourselves the reality – underline reality – that you ARE highly individualized, that you ARE highly unique, that your perceptions and your realities ARE different, this becomes fearful to you, for it is not in conjunction with the mass belief systems and it is not in conjunction with the familiar reality. You are comforted by sameness.

View your very words to each other. If you are experiencing some unusual quality within your focus, [if] within your day you are experiencing some element that you express objectively to be strange, you immediately seek out another individual that shall verify and validate the same – not different – the same experience, for this is comforting to you, for you do not wish to be creating singularly. You do not wish to be different.

But you express to each other continuously in your language that difference is excellent, that you welcome difference, that you view uniqueness and individuality and independence to be good. You have attached to all of these terms within your language positive assessments. In actuality, the experience of these terms you do not view so very positively, but you view with fear.

Therefore, in conjunction to the expression of your neighbors, as you term them to be, as they view change emitting within your energy or within Michael’s energy or within any individual’s energy, this creates a movement within themselves of retreat, and in this, there is a resistance that is created.

Now; if you are also creating your reality objectively in OBVIOUS expressions of differences, this shall be creating of even more resistance, and especially within this time framework. As I have been over and over expressing to you all, this final year of your millennium holds tremendous energy, and therefore, in this time framework, the expressions that are being created – the events, the situations, the responses, the reactions, the behaviors – become extreme. They may move in extreme of calmness or they may move into trauma. This is your choice.

NICKY: I remember you saying that before. I remember thinking, “Oh my god, I’m done with the trauma part.” It’s like, it’s wearisome. But then I understand that it doesn’t really matter, ’cause if that’s where someone’s at, that’s where they’re at.

ELIAS: Quite!

NICKY: Really interesting. Speaking of the build-up of energy that is progressing as we go along, is that what people pick up, like with this – what do you call it? – this solar eclipse that’s going to be transpiring on August 11th? There’s a lot of thought behind that, that a lot of things are going to change because of the pattern of the eleven-year cycle of the sun and so forth and so on, and things that happen. It just seems to be so coincidental – and I know there is no coincidence – but coincidental that at the same time period that they’re thinking of these things transpiring, it’s also the coming of the end of this time period, and also, your references as to the energy increasing. So really, those are all the same thing wrapped in one, but from different perspectives?

ELIAS: Quite, and you are all collectively creating these actions. YOU are creating these movements, not the other way around! It is not the solar movements that are affecting of you and your reality, but you and your reality which is affecting of their movements.

NICKY: So it’s in the scheme of things when you reverse it. It’s how we all put it together.

ELIAS: Quite.

In this, you are mirroring outwardly the expression of what you are creating individually and en masse, and you are affecting of all of your reality.

You are affecting of your planet. You are affecting of your solar system. You are affecting of your universe. You are affecting of your weather. You are affecting of your spin of your very earth. You are affecting of your stars. ALL that is within your physical dimension is being affected by what you are creating individually and en masse, and it is being affected much more dramatically within this time framework.

NICKY: Which then therefore, in the scheme of things, was known before the probabilities, the more likely probabilities. So it’s been a follow-through, so to speak. So where we are is just what we’ve planned in these moment-by-moment movements.

ELIAS: This may be misleading, in a manner of speaking, for I express to you that probabilities do not lie before you. They are created in the moment. But I may also express to you, in another direction, a different angle of this creation is that you do set probabilities into movement, and subsequently, within linear time frameworks, you may also add or subtract with those lines of probabilities as they are being actualized and inserted into your objective reality.

Therefore, some probabilities, although they are being created in the now, they may appear in linear time framework to be created within a point of your time or to be set into motion in that point of time, and subsequently, in what you term to be years later, they may actualize in physical reality in your dimension, for at that moment, within the precise timing that you choose, you may insert the entirety of the line of probabilities into your reality.

This be the process also – in a manner of speaking – of this shift. It is actualizing. It is, in probabilities, already actualized, but within its linear time framework process, it is within its middle point.

NICKY: Talking about insertion, could you explain something to me about what you just said with the linear time framework? Not do we have the ability, ‘cause I know we have the ability, but what is the likelihood ... say I were to make up my mind about a certain line of thought that I had, and just decide that I’m gonna do the opposite, and I say, “Okay, this is going to change. This is where I’m going now, so I’m inserting to my line of probabilities from an objective point of view to rearrange my whole life in linear time.” Is that something that transpires more quickly when you’re determined or have an objective awareness of it?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your desire. It is dependent upon your intent within your focus and your desire in conjunction with your intent, which is creating of your value fulfillment.

I express to you that objectively, you may be creating a choice within a moment spontaneously, and you may create an entirely different direction in your focus from that moment on. In linear time framework, you may alter the entirety of your reality in one moment if you are so choosing.

This also is a situation of pulling from outside of your pool of probabilities and inserting different probabilities into your reality. At those moments also, you are creating of probable realties, for you are initiating dramatic changes within your focus in which you project energy into the area of creating probable selves and probable realities. Much is in occurrence in the moments that you choose to be pulling outside of your individual pools of probabilities and turning your direction into very different angles.

NICKY: Speaking along those lines, something else just came to mind that I thought I would play with myself, but (sighing) I don’t know. I give myself such a difficult time over it. (Elias grins)

What is the most influencing focus? What focus, I guess I’m saying, would be the most influencing to me in my now here?

ELIAS: Very well. Let us view the influences of other focuses.

As you are aware, all other focuses are influencing of you, and you of them, but some focuses are influencing in a different manner than other focuses, and in your perception, you view this to be more affecting than other expressions.

Now; the energy projected is the same, but the difference is the connection in which you allow the energy to be received.

Now; in any individual focus, the other focuses that you perceive to be more influencing are those focuses that are directly experiencing similar creations, similar subject matters, similar issues, similar beliefs, and a specific type of direction.

Now; this may be for many different reasons, as you term it to be within your objective awareness. At times, very influencing focuses are what we term to be chapter focuses.

NICKY: What are they?

ELIAS: Chapter focuses.

These are continuing focuses. They create in the manner of a continuance. One focus is creating a line of direction, and another focus subsequently follows that line of direction in continuation of what is begun within one focus.

Now; these focuses need not be following each other linearly in time frameworks.

In example, you may be creating a beginning chapter focus within your eleventh century. You may continue with your subsequent chapter focus in following that line within your sixteenth century. You may continue with the next chapter, so to speak, in your fifth century. Are you understanding?

NICKY: Oh yeah.

ELIAS: It may jump, so to speak, in respect to your linear time framework and does not necessarily need be holding to the pattern of how you have created your linear time framework historically, but this matters not. It is the focuses themselves which are creating a specific line of direction which is influencing of each other, and one continues from another.

Those types of focuses are very influencing, in a manner speaking, of each other. The reason that they appear very influencing of each other is that you in physical focus allow an element of objective recognition. You allow an element of objective assimilation, objective reception of energy, and objective influence, in which you are not reconfiguring the energy in a different manner.

In this, you also hold an objective draw to certain elements of your reality. We shall express Michael as an example once again, which I am aware he holds such very great fondness for! Ha ha ha ha!

In this, Michael holds an objective draw in fascination to the physical location of France. In this, within past years expressed within his focus, he attributes this draw to his artistic expression, his creativity, and that this is the reason in which he holds a draw objectively to the country of France.

In actuality, he holds a draw to this area and a fascination with this area for it is directly influencing of this focus as it holds a focus that is a chapter focus, and this focus is a continuing chapter focus of that focus. Therefore, there are objective bleed-throughs which occur. There is an influence of style, of draw to likes and dislikes, preferences, lifestyles, thought processes, emotion.

There are many, many, many influences that are not reconfigured in energy, and therefore are expressed very similarly in this focus as they are expressed in that focus.

NICKY: Now, do I hold the same?


NICKY: Why do I have such a hard time trying to determine which one it is?

ELIAS: You hold another focus in the physical location of what we have discussed previously, of your pyramids and your Egyptian focus, which is another example of this type of situation: a chapter focus. The circumstances, the creations may be very different, but they are quite influencing of each other.

NICKY: Okay. It all makes more sense then. Okay, now....

ELIAS: Let us momentarily here, Candace, explore this one moment longer.

In this, view your direction in this focus. Your direction in this focus is very connected with your intent in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, as is Michael’s, and in this, within the focus that we address to in the manifestation of these pyramids and pharaohs, your direction in that focus was quite similar; not necessarily in the direction of objectively participating in a shift in consciousness, but creating many elements in similarity. You engaged in many different activities of healing and exploration of consciousness which directly correlate to actions which are occurring presently in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

NICKY: Oh my goodness!

ELIAS: Michael, within his chapter focus, moves in a direction of great passion and energy to be expressing revolution, and in this focus expresses great passion and energy to revolutionize.

NICKY: I’m so glad you put that into words! It drives me nuts sometimes!

ELIAS: You, within your focus in Egyptian connection, moved in the direction of expressing many elements of wonders, so to speak, that other individuals viewed in amazement of magic.

In this focus, you express many changes and an ease in movement into acceptance of different types of expressions that you experience that others view as magical and quite unfamiliar, and you are accepting of these movements and offer this as an expression of lending ease to other individuals, quite similarly to the expression within the Egyptian focus.

NICKY: I am taken aback!

ELIAS: In this Egyptian focus, the individual concentrates their energy and their consciousness in the exploration of consciousness.

This is expressed in conjunction with religious beliefs, in conjunction with the designation of philosophy of the pharaohs, but it is no less an expression of the exploration of individual abilities and what may be accomplished in one focus by one individual and the exploration of consciousness beyond what meets the eye.

And what do you express within this focus? A continuation of that very action in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

NICKY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NICKY: Thank you very much. I’m thinking it’s time to go, and I was wondering if I might ask you one thing for Rudim.

ELIAS: Very well.

NICKY: He wanted to know if what Mikah and him were talking about yesterday, in relation to their virtual reality program or teaching device, the probable realities of that being a productive and joint venture and transpiring and so forth, most notably with her niece Ashley, because Ashley is creating a little thing for herself also. She’s talking about ... well, you know what she’s got on her mind!

ELIAS: (Chuckling, and Nicky cracks up) Now; I shall express to you that you may express to Rudy and to Mikah – bon jour, Mikah! – you may express to them both that THIS IS THEIR CHOICE.

In this, I shall express that they may be moving in this direction and may be creating of an expression that shall move into a probable insertion into their reality in actualizing this avenue, BUT – ha ha ha ha! The infamous BUT! – I shall also express to them both, as I have expressed previously to them both, that in this it is a question of trust of self, and I shall also express once again to them both, EXAMINE MOTIVATION.

I shall become quite specific within this present moment.

Each of these individuals, in like manner to many other individuals, moves in the direction of conjuring different types of inventive creations to be offering great monetary, financial, physical gain quickly, and this is the underlying motivation ... which is not so very underlying! (Grinning) I hold a very clear awareness of the motivation, and this is what I have addressed to many, many times – not that this is wrong, for the expression is not wrong. It matters not! But the motivation is not in conjunction with the intent.

NICKY: Okay, not in conjunction with intent.

ELIAS: Correct. This is not to say that this may not be actualized and that they may not in actuality create this very element.

But examine the intent, examine the motivation, and examine what is being created and the trust element, for neither of these individuals genuinely moves in the direction yet of trusting their ability to be creating of this type of action WITHOUT HELP, and there is a very large factor involved in these types of situations, that their motivation is not in harmony with the intent and desire ... and you may be reminding Mikah of the difference between desire and wanting.

NICKY: Desire and want. Okay, will do!

ELIAS: HA HA HA! (Nicky cracks up)

NICKY: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome! And we shall continue Candace, and I am acknowledging and encouraging of your movement, for you continue within your exploration. I merely suggest that you are not exploring so very analytically! (Grinning)

NICKY: Okay!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Allow yourself a restfulness, and it shall be quite beneficial. (Chuckling)

NICKY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I extend to you this day great affection and I offer to you the expression of my energy, which shall be manifest to you this day in objective reinforcement, and as you are NOT expecting, I shall offer blue to you to be reinforcing.

To you this day, much lovingness. Au revoir!

Elias departs at 2:33 PM.

Vic’s note: On a personal note, this session blew me away. I had been experiencing very much of a restlessness the week I worked on this transcript, and even though I connected with some of what was going on, the information offered in this session clarified my experience tremendously. It never ceases to amaze me how Nicky’s sessions affect me, and also how a session held in July can directly address to what I’m experiencing in November. Very cool!

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