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Friday, July 30, 1999

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ďThe Spider and the WebĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Mike (Mikah).

Elias arrives at 3:23 PM. (Arrival time is 12 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afterNOON, Mikah!

MIKE: Good afterNOON, Elias!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And we continue!

MIKE: (Cracking up) Yes, we do!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

MIKE: Okay. I have many more questions for you, as usual, so Iíll get right to it. Number one, do I have a focus as a Spanish dancer?

ELIAS: Portuguese.

MIKE: Portuguese! Ah! Was it a he or a she? (Pause)

ELIAS: Female.

MIKE: Female?

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Okay, alright. I asked you if I had any other famous focuses or whatever, and you told me, some of relative fame. I would like to ask you, what were some of the positions held by those individuals of relative fame? I mean, what were they famous for? (Pause)

ELIAS: Very well. You hold one focus in the area that you identify as southern Africa, but more located in the direction of the middle than the south of this continent, and in that focus, you occupy the position of leader of a particular tribe of individuals.

Now; in this, the focus implements activities which are heralded by their society and the members of this tribe, so to speak, as a champion, although the individual and the tribe is also met with great opposition of other individuals that you would term to be foreign forces, so to speak. This would be involving individuals of Dutch and English nationalities. But this particular individual champions the cause for the expressions and abilities of his kinsmen, so to speak.

You also hold another focus of a priest in the location of Russia, but this priest is also quite well-known throughout a region in creating expressions of tolerance of differences in religious capacity, occupying the same physical location as a large group of individuals holding a different religious faith, so to speak.

In this, there is great division between the sects of this community, and this particular priest gains notoriety in attempting to be incorporating acceptance and tolerance between these peoples, and his notoriety extends beyond his township.

MIKE: Are these two the only two of relative fame?

ELIAS: No. You do hold another focus within the physical location of South America, in the area of Argentina; which the individual, being male, expresses an action of creativity within his focus, being relatively recognized in that area as a noted artiste.

MIKE: An artist?

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Thatís one I never thought I had a focus as. (Elias chuckles) Okay, so are these three the end of the relative fame?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, but this is a beginning, that you may be investigating.

MIKE: So there are more?


MIKE: Can you tell me how many more so I can be investigating? (Pause)

ELIAS: Within the numbering of your total focuses, you may offer yourself the count of 21 focuses in which you hold what you term to be relative fame or recognition.

MIKE: Okay. Now, is that including these three?


MIKE: Is that also including Stefan and my cardinal?


MIKE: Would one of them be ... I was actually thinking that youíd offer one, but would one be in the area of martial arts? (Pause)

ELIAS: This is a focus in which you connect with Opan, although in relationship with Opan within that focus, the notoriety of yourself within that focus is overshadowed by the focus of Opan.

MIKE: Ah! (Laughing) Okay, Iím thinking that the same focus as the samurai would be ... Ďcause I donít know too much about the samurai, but I take it that was the military focus in Japan that I had.


MIKE: Okay. Would the other five focuses I have in the military, would any of those hold any relative fame?


MIKE: No, okay. Alright, my French Revolution focus Ė which Iíve inquired about already Ė is that focus in my similar tone of 53?


MIKE: Yes? Interesting. How come I have such difficulty connecting with that one? Iíve tried on a couple of occasions, but I just donít allow myself.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Mikah, that one reason that you experience difficulty in allowing yourself objective connection with that particular focus is that the role of that particular focus has been in opposition to many individuals that you encounter objectively in THIS focus which also occupy that focus. Therefore, there are elements of that focus which you wish not to be objectively viewing and connecting to, for this taps into areas of duplicity in THIS focus.

MIKE: Okay, that makes sense. Alright. I asked you a while back, whatís the most Iíve ever shared with one essence in this dimension, and you told me it was an individual that I hold 38 focuses with in similar tone. The other day, I was thinking about that, and out of my mouth came the name Karen. I was wondering, is this either like an essence name or the focus name that I may be encountering of that essence in this focus? (Pause)

ELIAS: Both.

MIKE: Itís her essence name too?

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Interesting! And her focus name. Hmm. Is she a final focus too? (Pause)


MIKE: No, okay. Also, you gave me the 38 out of the 53, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: How many out of 731? (Pause)

ELIAS: 204.

MIKE: What was the first number?

ELIAS: 204.

MIKE: Okay. Speaking of numbers, my sister has a question Ė Bahlah. She wants to know, one, how many total focuses does she have in this dimension, and two, how many focuses does she have in this same time period?

ELIAS: Within this time framework, three.

MIKE: Okay.

ELIAS: Within this dimension, 369.

MIKE: Okay, alright. I was presented a couple of weeks ago with a job, and at that time, I took notice. I looked at my reactions, and I didnít see any reactions, although I did feel an impression that either it wasnít a job I was going to be taking, or maybe it was just imagery of something else, or maybe it wasnít time to be taking a job, and the offer just kind of diminished. It just never continued until yesterday, when it was offered again. This time it was offered with more of a push behind it, and this time I feel more of a draw to actually be taking it. At the same time, I have an impression that the position that Iím being offered wouldnít be necessarily a long-term thing, meaning more than a month or so. I have an impression that it may lead to something else, and I was wondering if you could give me some insight on that.

ELIAS: You are correct, and this is an exercise that you present yourself with to be practicing in your creating, and in creating objectively specific directions that you choose to be moving into, and in this, allowing yourself objectively tools that you may incorporate to be implementing certain movements in the direction that you wish to be moving into.

MIKE: Okay, so this would be an efficient movement then?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

MIKE: Okay. (Laughing) Alright, Jeremy would like to know, in terms of linear time framework, how long will it take him to actualize his wealth and fame?

ELIAS: HA HA HA! A crystal ball question!

MIKE: Yes!

ELIAS: And I shall be expressing to him, it shall be actualizing in the time framework that he is CHOOSING to be actualizing this! And you may also express that this is an OBVIOUS expression of crystal ball question! Ha ha ha ha ha! And shall he be inquiring of me how he shall create his reality also? Or shall I create it for him? Ha ha ha! (Chuckling, and Mike is cracking up)

MIKE: Okay, Iíll pass that on to him!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

MIKE: Okay. Iíve had a lot of imagery with not only France, but more notably Paris, and I was wondering what the imagery was. Itís been popping up like all over the place, just the name Paris, and sometimes France, but more so, just the name Paris. I was wondering what the imagery of that was.

ELIAS: This is your offering to yourself in your attempt to be connecting with this other focus, and allowing yourself increments of movement closer to your objectifying of this connection to that particular focus within the Revolution. In this, you also are lent energy by Michael and other individuals in their concentration upon this particular location and this particular energy connected with that focus, which lends energy to you in your exploration. This be the reason that you are offering yourself imagery in this manner.

MIKE: Okay. Out of curiosity Ė because I know itís been mentioned by previous individuals, and I donít know if it was a question or it just ended up coming out, but mentioned in terms of a focus that has more fondness put on it, and Iím guessing that wasnít one of my most fond focuses. But I was wondering, if I were to place a favorite on one of the focuses Iíve had, would it be somewhere in the area of Greece? (Pause)

ELIAS: In terms of magnating to what you term to be a favorite focus, you do hold one focus within the area of Greece and you do hold one focus in the area of Egypt, which also travels to Ethiopia. In both of these focuses, you hold a great fondness.

MIKE: Okay, you just answered my next question. So this Egyptian focus, what time period would that one be in? Could you tell me?

ELIAS: This time framework would be within your third century BC.

MIKE: Thatís the same time period ... thatís my Egyptian priestess!

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Ah! Okay, did you say three BC or third century BC?

ELIAS: Third century.

MIKE: Third century. Interesting! Okay, and with the Grecian focus, Iím guessing thatís not the same as the focus I have with Candace and Bahlah. (Pause)


MIKE: No, okay. Iíll investigate that one then.

Iíve also had a lot of imagery with ... I donít know if theyíre the same, but theyíve been put together a lot. Number one is salt. When I was participating in the health craze thing, I had a lot of issues with salt, that it was bad and I shouldnít be eating it. Iíve leaned away from aligning with that, but I have noticed for the past week or two, when I go to get salt, itís been a noticing, and I automatically go to, am I noticing it because I think itís bad, or am I noticing it just because I should be noticing it? Usually itís in conjunction with when Iím eating spicy foods, which Iíve been eating a lot more of, and Iíve had a lot more tolerance for a lot more spicier foods, and I was wondering what the imagery behind those two things are?

ELIAS: Very good, Mikah! This is an interesting presentment of imagery to yourself, that you ARE noticing, and I am acknowledging of you in this area. For in this, what you are presenting yourself with is first of all, the salt, the staple, so to speak, the base point of your reality that you continue to incorporate, but the incorporation of expansion, expanding into more flavor of your focus, allowing yourself to be incorporating some of these spices that may contribute much more colorful flavors to your focus, and in this, you have already incorporated one of your spices in objectively involving yourself with Opan! (Mike laughs) Ha ha ha! I am acknowledging of you in your movement to be opening, for you do lean in the direction of rigidness.

MIKE: (Laughing) Yes.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

MIKE: (Laughing) Okay, so then along the lines with the hot and spicy foods, that goes along the same lines then, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Okay, alright. Okay, this is kind of oddball. Iíve got a feeling what youíre going to say, but Iím going to ask it anyway. With the session I read yesterday, of interaction between nonphysical and physical essences in relationships and whatsuch, are there other essences besides yourself and Patel Ė if you guys still do, which I havenít been noticing of your presence lately, but besides you two Ė that interact with me, either subjectively or objectively? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, subjectively.

MIKE: Subjectively. Any that Iíd be familiar with? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, some.

MIKE: Can you tell me some?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! I shall express to you that there occurs subjective interaction with all of the essences that are facilitating of this energy exchange, as is the situation with all individuals that engage this energy exchange, and many other individuals also. But in this, you may look to your game and identify all of the essences presented upon your game, and in this, you hold subjective interaction with all of these essences.

MIKE: Okay. Now, if I werenít participating with this energy exchange and I chose not to come to it, would they still be interacting with me?


MIKE: Or are they only interactive because I choose to be moving in the direction of this information?

ELIAS: No. Within the pool of probabilities that you have created within this particular focus, you would be engaging interactiveness with these essences subjectively regardless of your interaction objectively with this energy exchange, for you have chosen within your intent in this focus to be interactive in your pool of probabilities with these essences in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

In this, you have also chosen to be interactive within the energy exchange objectively, and therefore, you participate in that line of probabilities also.

It matters not that you express ďwould you beĒ or ďwould you not be,Ē for you are!

MIKE: Okay, without placing terms of ... I know right away, people want to say, whoís the higher one or the most top one or whatever, but is there any one of you essences that interacts on a more regular basis? (Pause)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, that would be myself.

MIKE: Okay, alright. Thatís also because of the objective interaction too, right?

ELIAS: Correct, but this essence is the essence which is designated within the cooperation of the energy exchange to be interactive with you all objectively and subjectively in a continuous manner.

MIKE: Okay, alright. Alright, some more imagery Iíve had. I was noticing, before my last session, spider webs, and thatís partly why I went in the direction of the web designing and whatsuch. However, IĎve been noticing more spider webs, and this time around, Iíve been seeing more spiders in the webs, and I actually had to kill a spider because he was like bugging me. And anyway, Iíve been noticing the spiders and the spider webs, and I was wondering what the imagery is.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, in this imagery, what you are presenting yourself with is objective symbolization, that you may recognize the workings of the spider and the web.

In this, the spider may spin the web, and may move in the direction of allowing another creature to become entangled in the web.

Now; this is a cooperation, be remembering.

Therefore, in this, as you view the spider web and the spider, you view the spider to be a threatening element, or the presentment of any element within your reality that you may view to be an obstacle or a negative element or a hindrance. Any of these directions may be symbolized by the spider.

The web is the incorporation of the process that you engage in your interaction and your addressing to the spider or the obstacles.

In this, you may choose to become entangled in the web, and therefore, you create the reinforcement to the obstacle and you feed the obstacle, OR you may not become entangled, and therefore, you may move freely.

In this, you present yourself with this type of imagery now, for you are quite accomplished at entangling yourself in the web and feeding the spider, for you become so very occupied with the web that you lose sight, so to speak, of the approaching spider.

In this, you are continuing to be struggling with the entanglement of the web, and therefore immobilize yourself, and as you immobilize yourself, you also become devoured.

This is very inventive and instructive imagery that you are presenting yourself with ... and also look to your interaction in which you assault the spider objectively for the reason that it is ďbuggingĒ you! HA HA HA HA!

And of COURSE it is irritating to you, for it is objectively reminding you of this imagery Ė that you present yourself with obstacles, and in your process in addressing to these obstacles, you become so very entangled with the process that you immobilize your movement, and therefore reinforce the obstacle or feed the spider.

In this, I shall express to you quite similarly to my expression with Candace, and what I have offered to you previously also: Be aware of your concentration in certain areas.

You move many times in the direction of creating certain elements within your reality of which you wish to be creating, but you also create the presentment of great obstacles before you in your wanting of creating certain elements of your reality, and in this, you begin to examine and evaluate and analyze to the point of confusion and to the point that you immobilize yourself. This is the web.

And in this, you become stuck in the web of the analyzation and the viewing of the aspects of your creations, in which the obstacle then becomes strengthened more than the want. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yeah, pretty much. Itís gelling. (Elias chuckles) So what youíre saying is that Iím allowing the obstacles to take over more strength than myself, kind of, without trying to reword everything you said.

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Okay, alright. I have like three more questions for you.

Number one, the number 23, and I know Iíve asked you about this before, and we talked about the thing with probabilities when Iím at age 23. I donít have the feeling that this has anything to do with then, because the imagery kind of disappeared after you told me that. But now, within the past week or two Ė two or three weeks Ė itís been coming back, and itís like I see it everywhere. I see it at least ten or fifteen times a day, and I was wondering what the imagery of it is this time?

ELIAS: It is the same.

It presents itself to you, for you engage presently a time framework in which you offer to yourself choices, different directions, and which direction you choose to be incorporating, and this is a very similar action as to the probabilities that you have set into motion for that time framework also, as we have discussed previously.

MIKE: Okay, alright. The imagery of traveling; I know Iím going to be doing some kind of traveling, as weíve discussed. I kind of have a feeling that the imagery Iíve been getting partially has to do with my traveling, but I have a feeling that thereís more to it than that. Iíve been seeing people get offerings to go traveling; the reminder that Iím going to be traveling. I got my hair cut, and where I got my hair cut, the smells and the space I was in felt like I was on an airplane. I get overwhelming feelings to go jump on an airplane and just go somewhere. I was wondering what the imagery behind that is.

ELIAS: This imagery you are creating yourself to be reinforcing. You have set into motion a line of probabilities. Therefore, now you are lending energy to the actualization of those probabilities in this direction.

This is quite common within physical focus. Individuals set into motion a line of probabilities, and subsequent to that movement, they create reinforcing imagery in which they are reminding themselves objectively of the energy that they are lending continuously to the objectification of that line of probabilities and actualizing those probabilities.

Many individuals may hold what you term to be an idea. The idea is the objective spring of the choice of the probabilities. Once this is incorporated, the motion has been set forth to be creating of the probabilities.

Now; as this continues within your linear time framework, you lend energy Ė or you subtract energy Ė from this type of creation, and as you lend energy to the objectification of this line of probabilities, you also reinforce yourself with objective imagery in these areas. You may also subtract energy, figuratively speaking, from this line of probabilities, and your draw to this area becomes lessened.

But in this particular situation, what you are offering to yourself is the recognition that you are lending energy to the creation of your traveling.

MIKE: Okay. I hope this question isnít too crystal-ballish, but as you were talking, I realize that Iíve been having ... in conjunction a lot of times with the travel imagery, the destination that is a lot of times associated with it is Australia. I was wondering, is that one of the places that I may be visiting?

ELIAS: Within probabilities that you are creating presently, this probability is more probable, yes.

MIKE: Okay, and also, I have an impression that the most probable probability of the traveling will be taking place some time around the end of this year. (Pause)

ELIAS: I say to you that this is a choice, and it is also closely associated with your creations involving your trust of what you may be creating. But in that line, yes, this is a quite probable probability.

MIKE: Okay, alright. One final question Ďcause I know Mary has to jet. I know I had issues once upon a time with going to group things and doing group meditations and whatsuch, and I got myself up to go because I was realizing that number one, a lot of the issues Iíve already dealt with. But I feel that my choice for doing it doesnít really have anything to do with issues. Itís just that I choose not to do it. I donít know why I donít have motivation to do it, but I tried it once, and it was like no problem. I had fun and all, but I just donít have the motivation to keep on doing it. I was wondering if Iím blocking of what could be termed an efficient movement by not engaging such activities?

ELIAS: I express to you, Mikah, this is your choice. You be may engaging of group activities or you may not, and there is no judgment placed in either direction. You may be engaging other individuals in participating in activities with them, or you may be choosing not to be engaging. It matters not.

You are not blocking your movement or your probabilities by not engaging in activities that other individuals choose to be engaging in. This is a preference and this is a choice presently.

In this, you offer yourself interaction with other individuals already, and you do offer yourself the opportunity to be incorporating other information and sharing of information and discussion with other individuals. You also incorporate activity with other individuals. If you are choosing to be formalizing this type of activity, this is your choice. If you are not choosing, it is your choice. It matters not. There is no issue in this area that is creating of your movement. It is merely a preference presently.

MIKE: Okay, alright. With that, I should let you go. As always, itís always a pleasure talking with the dead guy!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! And it is always a pleasure speaking with the alive guy! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! And we shall engage again! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! (Mike is cracking up)

I offer to you great affection, my friend, and I anticipate our continued interaction. I express to you encouragement and lovingness this day. Au revoir!

Elias departs at 4:11 PM.

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