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Tuesday, August 03, 1999

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“There is Nothing to Learn”

“Sumafi vs. Sumari Intent”

“A Dumb Question”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Joe (Holden).

Elias arrives at 12:57 PM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JOE: Good afternoon!

ELIAS: HA HA! We meet again!

JOE: Yes, sir! (Elias chuckles) Now, I’m not gonna ask you how you are, because I think I already know the answer!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Very good!

JOE: I have a dumb question for you. Now, this is literally a dumb question, and you’ll see what I mean when I ask it, okay?

ELIAS: Very well.

JOE: Now, I have a playful habit, and I want you to comment on this. Sometimes somebody may say something to me like, “Gosh, that was dumb!” And I’ll probably say something like, “Yeah, sounds like something I would do.” Now, I’ve often wondered if perhaps I was giving myself some sort of subjective suggestion to create a dumbness objectively. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! I shall express to you that I will be accepting of your comment that this is a “dumb question” ONLY for the reason that the subject matter concerns the situation of “DUMB.” HA HA!

In actuality, the question is quite interesting and may be helpful, not merely to yourself in the answer but also to other individuals, for other individuals create similar types of statements in conjunction with responses to other individuals.

Now; in actuality, what you create in this type of situation is in one respect quite efficient, for you are setting into motion an entire communication merely in this statement, for as any other individual may be creating of any action and thusly discounting of themselves, as you humorously respond to them and express, “Ah yes, this is an action or behavior that I would be creating in DUMBNESS,” in your terms ... ha ha! (Elias LOVES this word DUMB!)

What you are stating to them is a setting forth of energy, creating a camouflage around yourself and projecting a certain type of projected persona that expresses to the other individual not to be moving into the direction of expectation with respect to yourself.

Now; in this, many individuals move in a direction within their focus of repelling the expression of expectations which is projected by other individuals.

In this, subjectively you all hold a knowing that expectations, in conjunction with other individuals, are merely projections of yourself in what you want and what you wish another individual to be creating, for it is more in alignment with yourself and with your own creations. But you also each understand subjectively that each individual is creating of their reality and that you hold no control in these areas, in a manner of speaking. Therefore, you also each automatically move into the area of expression of repelling other individuals’ expectations objectively.

Now; in some areas, you automatically respond to other individuals’ expectations, for your assessment of yourself and your expectations of yourselves may be similar or the same as another individual’s expectation. Therefore, as you hold similarities in your expectations, you also shall move into compliance with those types of expectations. But in other areas, you automatically move into the expression of repelling other individuals’ expectations, but you may also head off, so to speak, another individual’s expression of their expectations if you are expressing to them initially that you do not hold the ability to be producing their expectation.

Within your belief systems, individuals that create their reality in the objective manifestation of an idiot do not hold the expectations of other individuals as greatly, for individuals do not necessarily expect much output of those individuals and therefore are more accepting of what they choose to be creating. In this, you send out, so to speak, a message to other individuals: “Do not hold expectation upon my abilities or my creations or my productivity, for you may be disappointed, for I may not be accomplishing what you want me to be accomplishing.”

In this type of expression, within your belief systems, you are projecting a message in what you would term to be an acceptable manner. You are not being offensive; you are not being demanding of another individual, but you are also communicating your message. This is an underlying type of communication, but I shall also express to you that you are all quite efficient at expressing these underlying types of communications continuously. You are much more direct in your indirectness than you may be in what you term to be direct! Ha ha ha ha ha!

JOE: A little bit of reverse psychology!

ELIAS: Not at all! You are expressing quite efficiently and you are offering messages and information to be receiving precisely what you wish to be receiving, not the opposite!

JOE: Yeah, I think I understand exactly what you’re saying.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JOE: It really was a dumb question!

ELIAS: Not at all! (Chuckling)

JOE: In reading one of your recent transcripts, you had said to the individual that you were speaking to, “We are not here to learn, but to experience physicality.” Now I don’t know whether I took this out of context or whatever, but maybe you could clear this up for me.

Now to me, it kind of seems to be a contradiction in what a lot of other entities have said, like Seth. Seth many times said about physical expression that being here is a learning experience, and Kryon might have put it that we’re here because we’re “in lesson.” Could you comment on that?

ELIAS: Very well. Let me initially express to you that different essences may choose different terminology or words in their communication.

In this, I wish to express to you a reminding that each essence that is communicating with you all is offering information in conjunction with their intent as expressed in alignment with the essence family of which they may belong to, and each of these intents are different. Therefore, the expressions of the information offered may be slightly different also, for different family intents do not concern themselves with the accuracy, so to speak, of certain terminology.

They also may not concern themselves with your belief systems per se. In one respect, they are concerning themselves with your belief systems in offering you information to be widening your awareness in conjunction with your belief systems, but many essences may move in the direction of expression of moving within the framework of your belief systems and not necessarily challenging those belief systems.

Within the expression of the intent of the Sumafi family, the information offered is to be delivered within the least amount of distortion. In this, offering information in conjunction with your belief systems – within the framework of your belief systems, that shall be reinforcing of them – is NOT in alignment with this intent.

Therefore, as I offer you information, I may move in the direction of offering similar information to other essences, and I may also offer you an expanded version, so to speak, of information which moves beyond the confines of your belief systems and therefore challenges you in the area of moving your awareness into an acceptance; not merely an altering of your belief systems and not merely a continuation of movement within them, but to be allowing you an expanded amount of information, that you may view more clearly your belief systems and recognize the affectingness of them.

Now; as to your manifestation within this particular physical dimension, I hold the awareness that it has been stated to you many times – and you have created belief systems in this area and you align with these belief systems and are creating your reality accordingly – in the direction that this particular dimension of physical manifestation is a learning process, a dimension of schooling, so to speak.

I express to you that quite liberally viewing this type of expression, in a figurative manner of speaking, you may express to yourselves that in one respect this may be correct, but this is a very liberal stretching of the actual action that you are creating within this physical dimension, for in a manner of speaking, you may express to yourselves that you are learning in one respect, for you are assimilating information. In this, what shall we define as the action of learning but to be accessing and assimilating information, be it in any type of expressed form. Therefore, in a liberal sense, you may express to yourselves that you are, in a manner of speaking, learning.

I move quite intentionally away from these types of expressions, knowing that this merely reinforces your belief systems that you are less than, that you are aspiring to, and that you are growing, in a manner of speaking, none of which is the reality of the situation in actuality.

You are not aspiring to anything. You are not growing, in a manner of speaking, for what shall you grow to? This suggests that there may be higher planes for you to aspire to, which is also incorrect. You are not learning as students, for this suggests that there may be areas of consciousness or essences that hold greater knowledge than do you or are higher or more efficient than you, and I express to you that this is also incorrect, for you already occupy all areas of consciousness as essence. Your attention is merely focused in each area, and in this, your attention is focused presently in this particular focus, this particular manifestation.

This is only one of your attentions. All of your attentions are occurring simultaneously. This is one area of your attention.

In this, you manifest within physical dimensions to be exploring your own creativity, your abilities, your imagination, in a manner of speaking. You are experimenting and you are exploring. You are in actuality creating the same action that you are creating within all other areas of consciousness – you are becoming, which is a continual state. In this, you are assimilating experiences, and you create this for it is pleasurable and for within essence there is an insatiable curiosity of self and what you may be creating and what you may be exploring within all that you are. You are not aspiring to be any “thing” else, for you already are! You are merely exploring all of the abilities that you already hold and all of the experiences within you that you choose to be actualizing and manifesting. You already hold all information that is or ever shall be, but you choose to be actualizing that information through different experiments and explorations of experiences.

Therefore, I express to you that you manifest within this dimension not as a student, not to be learning, so to speak, in the definition that you hold within your physical dimension, for there is no being that holds any more than yourself. You ARE essence. You ARE all that is. Therefore, there is no thing for you to learn, but there is much for you to explore and for you to experience. I wish not to move in the direction of reinforcing the belief systems in duplicity that you hold to very tightly within this physical dimension that express to yourselves that you are less than any element within consciousness, for this is quite incorrect.

Now; this is not to discount information that is offered by other essences, for it is merely a difference in choice of terminology within your language, and this may be open to interpretation in like manner to the information that I offer. You each interpret the information that I offer to you filtered through your belief systems, but this also be the reason that I choose intentionally what I express to you, to be presenting the least amount of distortion which is possible to be offered within the framework of the filtration which occurs through the translation into your objective communication, for I hold an awareness that there shall be elements of distortion, for you filter through your belief systems into the creation of your perception, and therefore there shall be elements of distortion, but this need not be reinforced in my offering of information to you in the area of compliance with your belief systems and merely lending energy to their perpetuation.

Other essences do not concern themselves with this type of action, for it is not an element of their intent. Their intent may be different. They may concern themselves with the offering of information, but it matters not how they are offering the information, and this is quite in conjunction with their intent, which is an element of the family that they belong to.

In the area of your teacher Seth – which YOU designate as a teacher – the essence family is not of Sumafi but that of Sumari, and those essences belonging to this family of Sumari do not concern themselves with elements of your language and factors of distortion. This is not the point in the offering of information by that essence, for the point is to be shaking you, so to speak, into a new awareness. This is the intent, to initially open your vision to new concepts, which are not necessarily in actuality new, but their presentment is different, which moves you into a new area of allowance, of awareness objectively, which also is helpful in allowing you future opening of awareness in objective terms, which is what you create now.

Therefore, it has been a shaking, so to speak, of your objective awareness. In very figurative terms, it may be likened to another attempt at shaking you from your beds of sleep. You have held many alarm clocks, so to speak, within this century that have been ringing, ringing, ringing, and you all have been resetting them to be sleeping ten more minutes! Ha ha ha ha! And within the ringing of Seth, you have allowed yourself to awaken, and now you move into your day and the presentment of interaction with myself. (Chuckling)

JOE: That was really an eye-opening answer! I mean, I don’t think anyone anywhere at any time could have answered that question any better. I think now, I completely, maybe not one hundred percent, but I really think I’m really starting to get a handle on a lot of this stuff.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! This be the reason also that I express to you that you may not necessarily be discounting of the information which is offered by other essences, for it is not invalidated merely for the reason that it moves within the confines of your belief systems. There is beneficial information offered regardless. It is merely offered within the expression of your belief systems, and in this, I merely express to you to hold an awareness that you are receiving information which is offered within the expression of your belief systems, but this is not to say that it is invalid. It is merely offered within your belief systems, but you may benefit from this type of information also. You DO, each day of your manifestation. You offer to yourselves and to each other information continuously to be widening your awareness, which is ALL filtered through your belief systems and offered through your belief systems, but this is not invalidating or discounting of the information that you draw to yourselves. It is merely offered in a different manner.

JOE: Yeah, and I can understand that too. I can see how you can take something that’s said, view it from a wide variety of different focuses, not so much in our earthly focuses, but just looking at it from different ways and coming up with different answers – sometimes quite different!

But I’m absolutely sure that I understand now exactly what the heck it is that you’re saying, as far as that goes, although I’m not that good at verbalizing it.

ELIAS: Express to yourself the questioning, that you may also enter discussion with other individuals. You align yourself with information that has been offered within your linear time framework previous by this other essence. You also are privy to elements of the energy exchange which occurred in conjunction with that essence.

Now; in this, different aspects of that essence were expressed within the energy exchange. How shall this be possible if you do not occupy all areas of consciousness simultaneously? If you are aspiring to greater and higher planes, another aspect of Seth would not hold the ability to be engaging the energy exchange which occurred from what you assess to be a higher plane, for Seth had not approached that yet, in your very physical terms. Therefore, it would not be possible to be accessing that aspect of that essence which was identified by the physically focused individuals as Seth Two, for this would be requiring of Seth to be aspiring to that position.

But it IS possible, for essences occupy all areas of consciousness already, and you are no different in this respect, regardless that you occupy physical focus. There are focuses of your essence that occupy physical dimensions. There are also focuses of your essence that occupy nonphysical areas of consciousness. It all is occurring simultaneously. Therefore, there is no area for you to be aspiring to.

This be the reason that I have expressed to individuals many times previously, “You are not moving from the third dimension to the fifth dimension or the seventh dimension.” This is ludicrous! You all occupy all areas of consciousness simultaneously, and no areas are above or below any other areas. There are no planes!

In this, you already are perfect, and that I express to you not figuratively, but quite literally. Although you do not believe this, you are, and you are creating your reality quite perfectly already! (Chuckling)

JOE: It’s a lot to understand, at least from my standpoint of being a single physical focus. Even though I know there’s no difference whatsoever, there’s still ... I guess you could say the veil is in place, and so I strive to understand.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, there are differences. It merely is a matter of choices, and in this, there are no differences in the whole of essence, so to speak, with the exception of the choices that each essence moves into.

Within your individual focus, the difference which is held is merely in the area of remembrance. You may look to myself or you may look to Seth or you may look to any other essence, and the difference that is expressed is the remembrance. I hold the remembrance, and within the focus in which you hold your attention presently, you do not, but you are moving into that direction, and this is the action of this shift in consciousness.

You have created your reality within this dimension for millenniums without holding objectively the remembrance, and you choose presently to widen your awareness objectively and incorporate more of the remembrance of essence and of consciousness into your physical reality, allowing you greater freedom and greater abilities to be creating within your physical dimension; once again, an expansion upon your exploration and your creativity.

JOE: Exactly. Bingo. Now, I promised Mary before we started that I wouldn’t keep this too long, so if you could, would you be willing to answer one more question for me?

ELIAS: Quite!

JOE: Focuses. Just out of curiosity, ‘cause I think this is great to be able to know this, how many focuses – and I know myself being one of them – but how many focuses in this dimension does my essence presently hold, and what focuses, as I strive for remembrance in that terminology, what focuses hold a similar tone to my own that would be easy for me to access?

ELIAS: Within this physical dimension, you hold seventy-one manifestations or focuses of essence. In this, you hold sixteen which shall be easily accessible to you, that hold similar tone and that you may be allowing yourself objective connection with and exploration of without difficulty.

JOE: Are they within this same time period that I hold, or are they kind of spread out throughout time?

ELIAS: Within this particular time framework now, you hold three other focuses of essence.

Now; those three other focuses of essence do not hold similar tone to you within this focus. This is generally the direction that essences are creating within. Within any given time framework in which an essence chooses to be manifesting focuses, it shall manifest several focuses, but they shall not hold physical proximity to each other ... generally speaking, be remembering, for occasionally an essence may move in the direction of manifesting two focuses of itself into a physical location in which they may objectively meet.

But generally speaking, this is not the situation that occurs in essence manifesting into physical focuses. Generally speaking, it shall create several focuses which shall occupy different physical locations throughout your globe and shall hold different tones, so to speak, therefore offering different types of experiences within one time framework.

In this, as you look to your explorations of other focuses, as I have stated previously with other individuals, you shall magnate to one particular focus within each given time framework, and if you are re-accessing a particular time framework, you shall most probably re-access that same focus, and not generally move in the direction of accessing the other focuses that occupy the same time framework, for they do not hold similar tone. This is all quite purposeful, for this offers essence great diversity and variety of experiences within physical dimensions. It also creates what you term to be a veil, but this veil is purposeful also, for this, in objective physical terms, insures the identity of each focus without introducing elements that may be confusing to the individual focuses.

This be the reason also that generally speaking, different focuses of an essence within the same time framework shall not objectively meet or interact with each other, and if they ARE meeting or holding limited interaction with each other in one time framework, they shall hold little draw to each other. They shall objectify this action and behavior by expressing to themselves that they hold little in common with this other individual or they hold no feeling towards this other individual. This also is a natural expression of essence in providing a type of veil between these focuses, that they shall not threaten each other’s individuality and identity in their interaction. Are you understanding?

JOE: Yeah, I think I understand perfectly. Of the sixteen that are easily accessible ... this is kind of the direction that I’d like to go in. I’d like to be able to access these focuses. I’d like to learn how to do it. I’d actually like to experience it. Of the sixteen that are easily accessible, can you give me one that I can kind of work on to kind of access this focus?

ELIAS: I may offer to you two, and you may create your beginning point in this area, and you may be playful with each of these focuses.

One focus you hold in the physical location of Africa, in northern areas of this continent. This focus is of a female individual within the time framework of early 1800’s; an individual that has moved from what you would term to be tribal life, so to speak, in childhood into more of an urban choice of creation of their focus as an adult.

But this individual encounters challenges in the society in which it moves for the reason that it has created a primitive childhood, and has moved from the primitive into the civilized, so to speak, in your VERY physical terms. Ha ha ha! In this, there is a presentment of many different challenges in adjustment of two very different types of creations in one focus.

This particular focus may be helpful to you in offering you an understanding and more of an awareness, and lending energy to you and vice versa, in the area that within this focus of yourself, you create a similar type of action in participating in this shift in consciousness. You are moving yourself from the familiar into the unfamiliar and creating two very different types of expressions within one focus; in your physical terms, growing up as a child in your conventional societal terms, but as an adult, moving into a widening of awareness and aligning with this shift in consciousness. Therefore, in a different expression objectively, you are creating similar challenges. In this, this particular African focus may be helpful to you.

You may also be investigating of another focus in the physical location of what you may term to be northern Canada. In this is occupied a male figure which chooses to be creating his reality in utmost simplicity. This occupies the time framework of 1500’s, mid-point. This individual creates a challenging and physically difficult experience in their expression, but creates also a very simplistic existence within his focus.

You may also be availing yourself of information from this particular focus in association with your focus, in that you may be creating many challenges within your individual focus, but as you continue to allow yourself to be viewing your creations and your reality and your challenges simplistically and not complicating your creations – or the analyzation of your creations or other individuals’ creations – you may be offering yourself much efficiency and much more of an ease within your particular focus.

Therefore, I express to you that both of these focuses presently may be beneficial to you in your exploration of them.

JOE: Okay. What I’ll do, since I know Mary’s on a time constraint, I’ll go back through the transcripts and try to glean from them any information that I can as to how I go about accessing these focuses.

ELIAS: You may....

JOE: What I can offer them, what they can offer me, that sort of thing, and then what I don’t understand or can’t find, I can maybe ask you about in our next conversation.

ELIAS: You may be accessing these focuses through your methods of the new game or through meditation or through dream state. (1)

JOE: Okay. I’m very definitely gonna start working on this. I think this is absolutely fascinating, and again, I want to thank you very, very much for your information.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend, and I anticipate our next meeting. I offer to you much affection, and encouragement in your new playful adventure! (Chuckling)

JOE: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: To you this day, I bid you a very loving au revoir.

JOE: Take care.

Elias departs at 1:57 PM. (Wow! Exactly one hour!)


(1) When Elias refers to the “new game,” he is referring to what is commonly called a past-life regression. This is also referred to as a TFE in these sessions.

Digests: find out more about TFEs (trans-focal encounters).

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