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Wednesday, August 04, 1999

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ďTurning to Self in ExcessĒ

ďThe Definition of SpiritualityĒ

ďChoosing Your No-Conflict ScenarioĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), and a new participant, Jan (Mona).

Elias arrives at 11:43 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JAN: Hi, Elias! (They both chuckle) How are you?

ELIAS: As always!

JAN: As always! I knew you would say that! (Elias chuckles) This is Jan, and I think you call me Mona Ė the name you gave someone else for me?

ELIAS: Quite!

JAN: Is that M-O-N-A?


JAN: Okay. I wanted to ask you a few basic things at first about family for people that I know, and their orientation and things like that, and then get on to a couple of big questions for me.

ELIAS: Very well. You may proceed.

JAN: Okay. First, my sister Donna. Weíre very close, and sheís gonna be interested in this material too. I just want to know her name Ė her essence tone name Ė and her family. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Philip.

JAN: Philip?

ELIAS: Correct.

JAN: Okay.

ELIAS: Essence family, Milumet; alignment in this focus, Borledim.

JAN: Okay. Is she common or intermediate or soft?

ELIAS: Orientation, common.

JAN: Okay, and her daughter Lorena. I feel extremely close to Lorena, like she was our own child sometimes, and Iím wondering if there is more of a connection between us than just me as an aunt.

ELIAS: Essence name, Juanita; J-U-A-N-I-T-A. Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Zuli.

JAN: Zuli?

ELIAS: Zuli. (correcting pronunciation)

JAN: Zuli, okay. Zuli Ė wow! Okay, it fits.

ELIAS: The connection that you experience with this small one is a bleed-through in which you have participated in another focus as mother and son in that focus.

JAN: Was I the mother?

ELIAS: Correct, and in this, you hold a great fondness for this individual.

JAN: Yes, I felt like I knew her from the minute I saw her. She was mine, so that fits. Is she also common? (Pause)

ELIAS: Correct.

JAN: Okay, my best online friend Linda. She calls herself In2light online. I think that weíre pretty close. We seem to create things at the same time, although weíre many miles apart.

ELIAS: Essence name, Page. Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Vold. The connection that you experience with this individual Ė beyond your present friendship Ė is that you hold a counterpart action with this individual, and you also have shared other focuses together.

JAN: I thought so, ícause itís more than counterpart, or it feels like it. Okay, my daughter Tracie, who I think is an alien! (Elias chuckles) I donít have the feeling toward her that I do with my other daughters. (Elias chuckles again) Itís like Iíve never known her before! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Essence name, Frieda. Essence family, Gramada; alignment, Tumold. This individual focus that has chosen to be manifesting into your family scenario and choosing this particular lineage is what you may term to be, figuratively in physical terms, a new soul. This be the reason that you feel within you an element of unfamiliarity, for this particular essence does not hold many focuses in this particular dimension and is newly experiencing this physical reality.

JAN: Oh, thatís why she has such a hard time with it!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) It is quite unfamiliar.

JAN: Yeah, I agree! My daughter Laura, who I do feel very close to.

ELIAS: Essence name, Flast; F-L-A-S-T. (pronounced flost)

JAN: Thatís different!

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Ilda.

JAN: Okay, and we have shared focuses before, I think.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JAN: Her twin, Charney, although theyíre not really twins. Charney is interesting because of the way she chose to be with us. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Victoria. Essence family, Vold; alignment in this focus, Sumafi.

JAN: And is she common?

ELIAS: Correct.

JAN: I guess Iíll just assume everyoneís common unless you tell me differently. A friend of mine in India whose name is Kochu Ė I donít know his real name. He just wants to know his name and family since he canít call.

ELIAS: One moment. Small one of new focus holds orientation of soft.

JAN: Kochu is soft?

ELIAS: No. Your daughter....

JAN: Laura? Laura is soft?

ELIAS: Correct.

JAN: Oh, thatís interesting ... really interesting!

ELIAS: Individual that you hold friendship with: essence name, Neemal; N-E-E-M-A-L. (pronounced nee-molí) Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Milumet.

JAN: Okay, and finally, other than myself, my husband Bill. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name ... (pause) ... one moment. (Pause) I shall offer the essence name which is held presently, although mergence is occurring within this particular essence and there is an action of fragmentation which is also occurring, which may alter the tone of the essence to which this focus is belonging to. Therefore, accept this essence name temporarily: Betta; B-E-T-T-A. (pronounced betíta) Essence family, Vold; alignment, Ilda.

As to yourself, Mona, (chuckling) essence family, Sumafi; alignment in this focus, Sumafi.

JAN: Oh! I thought it was gonna be Ilda ícause I didnít feel like I fit with any family! (Elias chuckles) It makes sense. None of these families seemed to be me! (They both laugh)

ELIAS: Within the essence family of Sumafi Ė be realizing that you may be moving into any type of expression and creating any type of direction within a focus Ė this particular essence family and the intent of that family creates qualities in individuals that may be more easily recognizable than actual choices of directions that you may choose, in a manner of speaking, for your creating.

One of the qualities that may be associated with the intent of this particular family Ė of which you hold to the family and the alignment both within this focus Ė is a leaning in the direction of what you term to be perfectionism or great attention to detail, and a very intense driving force that appears to be compelling in whichever direction you choose to move into. There is a great concentration of attention in every area that you choose to be directing yourself into.

In this, another quality that is indicative of this family of Sumafi is a manifestation of holding difficulty in letting go in any particular direction. This would be one of the qualities of this compelling force that you feel or this motivating force within you, in which those types of expressions move to a point that individuals may experience difficulty in moving beyond any given area that they have turned their attention to. This gives you the quality of what you may term in your vernacular as a ďstick-to-it-iveness.Ē Ha ha!

JAN: Unfortunately, yes, ícause thatís where some of my other questions were coming from, like why I canít give up stuff.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! This is a fascination with individuals belonging to and/or aligning with the Sumafi family, in that they hold their attention in certain areas and become fascinated with what they are creating OR what they are observing.

JAN: Yes, observing!

ELIAS: And in this fascination, they hold their attention at great lengths in these areas, and also create difficulties within their focuses in [not] allowing themselves to discontinue their analyzation and their viewing and their holding their attention so very intensely in any particular area.

Individuals within the Sumafi family move quite easily in the direction of the game of the dead mouse! (Chuckling)

JAN: Dead mouse? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite, and may continue and continue and continue, as a cat, to be batting this dead mouse! Although it shall not move upon its own, this cat shall continue to be playing with this mouse for quite some time!

JAN: I think youíve nailed it! Until it rots, I guess!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JAN: Going back to the thing with my husband Ė which is something Iím having a hard time leaving Ė heís changing and going into fragmentation. What does that mean for us? Iím separated but not separated, if that makes any sense.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that fragmentation is not necessarily an indication of obvious alterations or changes within an individual. It merely is an action that essences engage continuously and that may allow different types of expressions or explorations within the fragmentation of the new essence. But this type of action occurs, as I have stated, continuously, and within physical focus, to your objective awareness, it moves unnoticed many times. Therefore, it is not necessarily affecting in objective terms with the individual, although there are situations in which it may be affecting at times. But generally speaking, it is not an obvious objective affectingness.

In this, I express to you that the action of fragmentation which is occurring within your partnerís essence is not affecting objectively of his focus, and therefore is not an element or a factor, so to speak, in your dissolving of your partnership.

JAN: And this inability of mine to dissolve it comes because I canít let go? (Elias laughs) Because I hang on to everything?

ELIAS: This is a factor, I shall express to you, for you do hold what we may express as this ďdouble family intent,Ē holding the essence and the alignment of the same essence family, and this creates a greater intensity in many of the qualities that you shall exhibit within your particular focus.

JAN: I canít let go of him and I canít let go of my career, my job. I donít want to move beyond both of these. Do you see any probabilities out there that Iíll be able to move?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that you already are creating probabilities and creating movement in both of these areas. You are merely holding to both of these areas in the action that you create of analyzation of both situations.

In actuality, I shall express to you that both of these situations hold a great deal of similarity, for in this, your action Ė that you participate in this Ė is to continue to be viewing the situations, holding feelings of obligation in both areas, holding other thoughts and feelings of responsibility in both areas, and in this, you also move in a direction of analyzing your choices and your actions.

Now; let me explain in this area, for what you are moving into and have already created many times within your focus and continue to create presently is the viewing of each situation and the discounting of your impulses and your impressions. You are offering to yourself information and promptings, so to speak, from essence, from YOURSELF, to be moving in certain directions, but you hold to the familiar, although it may be uncomfortable, for you turn your attention away from the information that you offer to yourself and away from your communication to self through impulses, and you move your attention into the examination of self.

Now; in this, you are moving your examination in an area that may not necessarily be as efficient, as I express to other individuals. I hold the awareness that I express to individuals to be turning their attention to self and to be examining self and their individual motivations for the directions that they move into, but YOU turn your attention inwardly in excess, and in this type of creation you begin to confuse yourself, for you begin to analyze all of your behaviors, all of your choices, all of your actions, all of your interactions, and all of your motivations for every element that you create within your focus, and in doing this, you stop your motion. You immobilize yourself, for you turn situations that are occurring within your focus in conjunction with other individuals into a scenario in which you assume all of the responsibility and all of the obligation.

Therefore, it no longer becomes a participation of different individuals and yourself, but within your perception, it becomes the scenario that you alone are creating these scenarios, these situations, and these circumstances, and you question yourself as to how you may be creating them differently and therefore solving the problem, so to speak, but what you are not viewing in this immobilizing state is that you are not creating the entirety of all situations. You are participating in creations.

It is one direction to be looking to self and to be inquiring of self your motivation, and subsequently offering to yourself the questioning of what may be your no-conflict scenario. It is another situation entirely to be assuming personal responsibility for all other individuals and turning your attention to self, assuming that you may be altering of everyoneís reality if you are altering of your reality, and as a byproduct, you shall automatically be altering of their realities in the manner that you wish it to proceed.

JAN: Does that mean Iím a controlling person?

ELIAS: I am not expressing this statement to you. I am expressing to you that you are confusing yourself and that you are occupying your attention extensively and intensively with self to excess, and this is creating of confusion and this is creating of a convolution in your thought process and within your emotional expressions.

In this, as you allow yourself to relax and to be listening to your impulses, remaining in the now Ė this is key point, for you also lean in the direction of turning your attention past and futurely, and in this, you disregard the now. Therefore, if you are turning your attention to the now and listening to your impulses, you may offer yourself the information of what your no-conflict scenario is.

Now; I shall express to you also that I have offered previously information concerning this no-conflict scenario.

In this, be remembering that as you offer yourself your no-conflict scenario, you move the situation or the creation OUTSIDE OF THE PERSONALIZATION REALM, for the situation no longer involves judgments or evaluations concerning other individuals, but offers you permission to be creating what is pleasurable and no-conflict within yourself, and is not placing judgments upon the choices of other individuals. This be the reason that this exercise may be quite helpful to you all within physical focus, for this involves no judgment, and is a creation of acceptance of self and of other individuals, and is quite efficient.

Now; be understanding that I hold the understanding that this may be difficult for you to be initially moving into, for you DO hold personal responsibility for other individuals and their choices and you DO hold a great intensity in the area of obligations. In this, you also, as an element of the influence of your intent through your essence family and alignment, hold a great attention to detail and to the continuance of evaluation. Therefore, as you combine all of these elements that are very familiar to you, you may experience initially some elements of difficulties in moving into the area of allowing yourself the expression of your no-conflict scenario.

This be the reason that I am reminding you that this type of expression of a no-conflict scenario is quite beneficial, for it offers no judgment to ANY individual Ė yourself or any other individual.

JAN: I see. Youíre right on with all this. This is what I do constantly. Do you think if I ... are you there?

ELIAS: Quite!

JAN: Okay. If I manage to do this, I will be able to move on into other areas of work?


JAN: Iím doing detail work, and itís been thirty-something years of it, and Iím tired of it!

ELIAS: And you may....

JAN: But Iím afraid to move into other areas.

ELIAS: And you may be expressing your creativity as you allow yourself the permission to be letting go. This is not to say that you may not continue in your attention to detail in other expressions that offer you more of an expression of pleasure and fun!

JAN: Yes, Iíd like to do something fun that also pays the bills!

ELIAS: Ha ha! And you may be creating of this! As I have stated, you have already begun setting into motion probabilities in this direction. It is merely a situation of holding your attention and offering yourself permission to be accomplishing in these areas, for to this point, you have not quite allowed yourself this permission.

JAN: Right. Itís been a terrible thing to me that I have no artistic ability, and I guess I want it all. I want the detail ability, I want the artistic ability, I want it all! Is there any way to gain a little bit of that?

ELIAS: And you may be surprising of yourself in the abilities that you hold that lie latent within you that you have not explored yet!

Therefore, do not be so very quick to be discounting of yourself in this area and in your exploration of your creativity. You may be offering yourself opportunities to study these different types of creative expressions in the direction of artistic expressions, for you also hold the belief system, as do very many individuals, that you do not hold a talent in the area of artistic expression ...

JAN: Right! No talent in that area!

ELIAS: ... for you have not exhibited a raw expression in this area, and many individuals also hold to this belief system. But I express to you that you hold artistic abilities. You merely have not turned your attention in these directions and have not allowed yourself the exploration and development of these areas of your creativity. You have allowed them to remain latent, and therefore express to yourself that you do not hold them at all!

JAN: I give them about five minutes each, (they both laugh) and when I donít see the ability, I give up.

ELIAS: Ah, but you may be experiencing quite differently if allowing yourself interaction with other individuals that DO express this type of creativity and allowing yourself to be gleaning information from them objectively, and therefore, in a manner of speaking, objectively learning these techniques, which subjectively is merely opening the door to those qualities that you already hold which you have not exercised yet.

JAN: Right. I havenít found them. (Elias laughs) Iíve tried art stuff, Iíve tried music, Iíve tried various things, and there just doesnít seem to be anything there where I can express myself. (Elias chuckles) And itís hard to know ... I wouldnít mind taking lessons or learning from another person.

ELIAS: I express to you encouragement that you allow yourself to be playful. Listen to yourself in your desires, in what you find pleasurable and fun, and move into those directions without evaluation of whether your expression is good or bad.

JAN: Okay! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) Yes, Iím always evaluating! (Elias chuckles again)

Am I the final focus of my ... family, group, whatever?


JAN: I am. Okay. I wasnít sure, Ďcause you did this little demonstration where you had people draw things on a piece of paper, and I know that I would have centered mine exactly, with a line under it to make it balance, and you had them to the left or right if they were. (Elias chuckles) So, I thought I would have failed that one. Otherwise, I thought that I am.

(Vicís note: reference session 66, January 14, 1996.)

ELIAS: Ah! Now; let us examine this little exercise, and let us be remembering that you hold a belonging to the Sumafi family AND an alignment with the Sumafi family.

Now; [in placing] your form upon your paper, you also include the line to balance. Therefore, you are not merely allowing a subjective expression to be offered within your drawing of your shape. You are moving into the direction of your objective element and allowing a slight element of exactness within your placement of your form upon your paper. Therefore, you have allowed the interjection of your objective awareness to be influencing your placement upon your paper, but within you, you hold the knowing that you are the designation of a final focus.

In this, let me express to you that this is a very efficient example to you of how you precisely create behaviors within your focus to be very exacting. Now; this is not bad, but you may move yourself into areas of confusion and conflict with these behaviors as you move them into extremes.

JAN: Yes. (Elias chuckles) Itís the way I do it.

ELIAS: Ah! But you are not hopeless yet! Ha ha!

JAN: No! Nobodyís hopeless ... I hope! (They both laugh)

When Iím going to sleep at night ... you know, Iíve been trying to see other focuses, and I really havenít been able to do any of that kind of thing, but I do see this manís face in red. Do you know what that is? The whole thing is kind of red, not just the face but the whole little area. Itís a little square area, but it comes up red. Is that anything?

ELIAS: This is imagery that you are presenting to yourself in association with your beliefs.

Now; let me express to you that you move quite easily into the expression of duplicity in discounting of yourself, and in this, your color of red is your imagery that you present to yourself as your identification of spirituality. It is your symbology to yourself of what you identify as spirituality. You also incorporate this face, which is an element of you, but it does not appear to you in extreme clarity, and the reason that you hold difficulty in altering this imagery is that you are communicating to yourself the subjective information to be gaining your attention objectively as to an area of your beliefs that you may be addressing to.

This directly concerns itself with the identification and the definition of spirituality and your assessment of self, in that were you to be more spiritual, you would be accomplishing much more efficiently. This is the belief.

Now; this belief also reinforces the belief in duplicity.

Now; in this, I express to you that spirituality in its actual definition deviates far from the definition that you hold within physical focus, for spirituality is the acceptance of all of yourself Ė ALL of yourself: all of your choices, all of your creations, all of your probabilities, all that you identify as your positive AND negative experiences and choices, all of your mistakes Ė which you do not create mistakes, but you identify that you create mistakes Ė the incorporation of all of that and of your physical expression: your physical body, your physical senses, your thoughts, your emotions, ALL of your expression is your spirituality.

And the acceptance of all of this, that is all an expression of you, IS actual spirituality; not the lofty thoughts of cosmic truths that seem to be far removed from yourself, or higher planes or higher selves that are also removed from yourself that you aspire to become. No! You already hold all of spirituality in all that you are, in the gloriousness of your very manifestation!

In this, as you allow yourself to move into more of an acceptance of the wondrousness that you possess, you shall also lend energy to more of an ease of your exploration within your focus, for presently, within this now and previously, you hold very tightly to your energy, and you hold in this in looking to self as the lack of expression of adequate abilities, for you have not become spiritual yet. Ha ha! I express to you, no, no, no!

You already hold all of your spirituality, and it is a flower about to blossom, and in this, as you allow yourself, viewing yourself and elements of yourself as the leaves that cling to the bud so very tightly, as you loose your hold within your leaves surrounding this bud, you shall also allow yourself the freedom to be opening and to be blossoming into the fullness of your expression and your creativity. In this, you shall allow yourself the ability to be accessing other focuses, and much more!

JAN: Ah! (Elias chuckles) I hope this begins to occur soon!

ELIAS: Ha ha! And this would be your choice!

JAN: Itís not like you can just say, ďI want it,Ē and you get it. Itís a little more complicated.

ELIAS: Ah, but it may not necessarily be! This be what I am expressing to you. It is your choice. You may complicate the situation and you may be creating difficulty, or you may relax and you may allow the opening.

JAN: It sounds like if I just relax and stop concentrating on all of this so much, it will come easier.

ELIAS: Quite!

JAN: And just go do something else altogether!

ELIAS: Ah! The secret of the universe! Ha ha ha!

JAN: (Laughing) I guess I can blame it on my family, canít I?

ELIAS: Ha ha!

JAN: Letís see. I wanted to ask you about some other focuses that I may or may not remember Ė a Lakota Indian, a male? (Pause)

ELIAS: You are correct.

JAN: In my very previous focus to this one, a child who died in a concentration camp in World War II? (Pause)

ELIAS: Correct again.

JAN: A slave in Egypt, a household slave, and it wasnít unpleasant. It was nice, if being a slave can be nice! (Pause)

ELIAS: In this particular focus, you are correct, and this particular individual also holds the position of being educated.

JAN: Okay.

ELIAS: Ah, but you are not connecting with other focuses! (Laughing)

JAN: Well, yeah. This is over ... Iím almost sixty, so this has come over years.

Vicís note: This is funny, Jan! From your voice, I figured you were at least thirty years younger!

JAN: And finally, one that came to me the other day, that I was a gypsy in maybe Romania. (Pause)

ELIAS: Identification of location, Yugoslavia.

JAN: Yugoslavia, okay. I donít know where I came up with Romania. I wasnít even sure that was a real country, but the gypsy part felt right, and those are the only ones that come to me.

ELIAS: And you ARE identifying. Therefore, do not be discounting of yourself and do not be discounting of your accomplishment merely for the reason that you have acquired this objective realization within an extended time framework. It matters not.

JAN: I think itíll come more easily now, because before I started reading your transcripts, I didnít know that it was possible to do this. (Elias laughs) So, Iíve tried to bring them back up.

ELIAS: And you may be moving in the direction of accessing more of your focuses presently, if you are so choosing.

JAN: Well, Iím not gonna spend all my time at it, but as they come, Iíll make a note.

I want to ask you about a couple of other channels. I read one called Datre. Are you familiar with that? (Pause)

ELIAS: I hold an awareness of the action and the information which is offered, and your question is?

JAN: I just wondered if it was ... itís similar to yours, so I was wondering if it is authentic information.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that there are many expressions of information which are being offered presently, and this is increasing as the increase of energy occurs within the action of this shift, and in this, the information which is being offered Ė for the most part Ė holds validity.

JAN: Validity, thatís the word.

ELIAS: It is merely a difference in expressions dependent upon the essence families that are involving themselves and also depending upon the situation of what is being accessed, whether it be an energy exchange or a communication from the individualís essence which they are allowing to be objectively expressed.

JAN: Well, some of it just doesnít seem right to me, so I discount all of that! (Elias chuckles) Thereís a whole lot of it now.

ELIAS: There is a filtration through belief systems.

This is not in actuality an energy exchange. This is an avenue of what you may term to be channeling, which is defined differently, for in this action of channeling, the individual is accessing other areas of their own essence and allowing information to be expressed objectively.

Now; this is not to be discounting of the action which is engaged, for the information, within the confines of the expressed belief systems, is valid. It is merely expressed within the context of the individualís belief systems, and it is not an energy exchange with another essence.

But let me also be reminding you that you, within essence, hold all of the same information that I offer to you, and therefore you may access this same information, and individuals within the action of this shift ARE accessing information from essence which is in conjunction with the same information that I offer to you and is quite valid. They are merely filtering it through their belief systems, which express to them, within metaphysics, that they may be engaging an energy exchange, although they are not necessarily, but it matters not.

JAN: Oh, good. I was hoping you would say that somewhere Ė ďIt matters not.Ē

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

JAN: I do a little bit of automatic writing myself. That comes from within me, right?

ELIAS: Correct. This is an expression of yourself accessing information through other areas of essence which you are objectively translating in this action.

JAN: Okay. I knew it came from within me, from my own essence somehow, even though it sounds a little different than I think.

ELIAS: It matters not, for you and your thought process and your personality and your creations are one element, one focus of essence, but there are countless focuses of essence within consciousness. Therefore, within the expressions of different aspects, the sound or the feel or the thought of another aspect may appear objectively quite different from what you are familiar with as you identify yourself.

JAN: Yes. This is more poetic than I am! (They both laugh) I really donít like poetry, but thatís what comes through sometimes. (Elias laughs)

You said something about how we get a blemish or a little injury or something like that for our noticing. What is there to notice other than you have a blemish or a little something on you? What are you supposed to get from that?

ELIAS: At times, this may be what you are creating. In this, it is dependent upon what movement you are creating within that particular time framework. In addressing to different belief systems, you may be creating of many different types of physical expressions that may be gaining your attention in conjunction with what you are addressing to in your belief systems in that moment.

Now; I may express to you also that presently, within this time framework, many individuals are creating physical expressions in conjunction with this wave in consciousness which is occurring, addressing to the belief system of sexuality.

And in this, as they are creating physical affectingnesses or the appearance of certain physical elements within their body form, they are bringing surfacely the aspect of the belief system which deals, so to speak, or presents, in a manner of speaking, the element of appearance and how they are viewed objectively physically by other individuals and how they are viewed by themselves.

This is a very strong aspect of this belief system within your society and within many societies. You place great importance in the area of your physical objective appearance, and in this, you also attach a measurement of your worth as defined in conjunction with your physical appearance. Therefore, this is a very large, very strong bird within the bird cage.

JAN: I think Iím letting go of that. In the past year, my body has done really weird things! I was a little overweight, and then I was way underweight, and now Iím back where I was, all within a year without changing anything. Itís like, what the ...! (Elias chuckles) It doesnít bother me, but I have to keep buying clothes to fit the new body!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And what you are creating in this is the opportunity to notice your responsiveness to each change.

JAN: Iím trying not to give it any response, because it doesnít matter anymore.

ELIAS: Very good!

JAN: Itís just there, so ... you know. The real me goes on, regardless of what the body is doing outside. (They both laugh)

ELIAS: Ah! But do not delude yourself that you are not addressing to this aspect of this belief system merely for the reason that you are not allowing yourself to be affected objectively in how you may be viewed by other individuals or how you view yourself in this area, for another element of this aspect also addresses to your viewing of your physical form as a vessel and unimportant. It is not a vessel. It is an expression of the real you.

JAN: It is an expression of the real me? I must keep changing a lot! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha! It is merely exploring all that you may be creating!

JAN: Yeah. Iíve been trying out being too thin, too chubby, and right now, itís just about right! (Elias laughs) Maybe itíll stay here and we can get this stabilized.

ELIAS: And offering you the element of viewing, objectively, balance.

JAN: Balance. Yes, balance is good! (Elias chuckles) In the work that I do now, I have to look corporate, which is not the way Iím comfortable, but this is another reason Iíd like to quit the type of work I do, so I can be more casual and relaxed all the time.

ELIAS: Ah, and you may begin NOW!

JAN: Oh, okay! (Laughing)


JAN: Iím definitely gonna enjoy my summer!

ELIAS: (Laughing) You may be offering one more question, and I shall be discontinuing, in not wishing to be taxing....

JAN: Okay. I understand. Is there anything I didnít ask that you have to offer?

ELIAS: I shall merely redirect your attention to the now and emphasize to you the importance of holding your attention within the now. In this, be allowing yourself the relaxation in the now, and also allow yourself the permission to not be compelling yourself to intensive responsiveness with other individuals, most especially those individuals of family, for this may be helpful to you in your relaxation, if you are not moving into your automatic responses in intensity with these individuals that you hold closeness to within your family.

To you, I offer great encouragement and much affection.

JAN: I have much affection for you too, since the day I first heard your name. (They both laugh) It was right.

ELIAS: And I extend to you loving acknowledgment, and express to you this day a very fond au revoir.

JAN: Thank you.

Elias departs at 12:57 PM.

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