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Friday, August 06, 1999

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ďLook to the NowĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), and a new participant, Carla (Ronald).

Vicís note: Carla has an accent that is somewhat difficult for me to understand. Also, the audio quality of this tape leaves something to be desired Ė there is too much high end, and there is almost an echo. I can hear Elias just fine, but Iíve done some guessing as to what Carla is saying, or Iíve just inserted ďinaudible.Ē

Elias arrives at 9:12 AM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

CARLA: Hi! This is Carla. Elias, just to confirm, my essence name is Ronald, and Iím Sumafi aligned with Ilda.

ELIAS: Correct.

CARLA: Okay. In the last session you had with Marta, she asked you for my best friendís essence name, but she lost it. Could you repeat it for me? Her name is Regina.

ELIAS: I shall express to you, this essence has moved into the action of fragmentation in what you term to be recently, and therefore has assumed a new tone, as the fragmenting essence has fragmented this new essence of which this particular focus is an element of. Are you understanding thus far?

CARLA: Uh-huh.

ELIAS: Very good. Then in this, I express to you, the new essence assumes the tone, the essence name, of Diego.

CARLA: Uh-huh. Okay.

ELIAS: Are you wishing for essence family and alignment for this new essence?

CARLA: Yes, I would appreciate it.

ELIAS: Very well. Essence family, Sumafi; alignment with this focus, Vold.

CARLA: Vold?

ELIAS: Correct.

CARLA: Okay. Elias, I want to know why I took this path. I used to be a really peaceful person and my life seemed to be quite right, and then I decided to get married to this weird guy ícause he was kind of different. I was married for eight years, and then I made a decision that I wasnít going to be able to live my life with this guy. He was causing problems between me and my kids, so I decided to divorce him. For the last five years, itís like Iíve been living this Monserrat, and I donít know how to get out of this. I donít want to be living this. Itís too hard for me and too hard for my little kids, and I just donít know how to do something else. I donít know whatís going on here. Iím not quite sure what Iím doing wrong or what Iím trying to learn about this that I havenít been able to learn in the last five years, and I just want to change this. Can you help me do this? Could you help me with that?

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you that you have not created any element that is wrong, although you have been creating a direction of probabilities within your focus which creates much conflict within you, and you create conflicting situations that are affecting of yourself and other individuals and the small ones that are participating in this situation also. I am not expressing to you that you are holding the entire responsibility for all of the actions within this situation. I am merely expressing to you individually what you are creating and addressing to this, that you may be holding more of an awareness, and if you are so choosing, you may be altering the direction that you have been creating, and in this, you may eliminate much of your conflict.

To this point, you have been moving in the direction of allowing other individuals to be very affecting of you, and the reason that you allow this action to continue is that you are devaluing yourself. You have created a thought process and an emotional expression that suggests to you that you have created a mistake, and therefore that you have created some element within your focus that is bad, and in this, as you devalue yourself, you also create situations and interactions that shall reinforce this unworthy feeling that you experience.

In looking to what you have already created, let us examine your attention and consider the concept of turning your attention from all of these expressions and creations that reinforce this idea that you hold and this evaluation that you hold with yourself Ė that you are not good enough and that you are negatively affecting of all that you engage Ė and move your attention into the now, discontinuing reinforcing your individual duplicity by discontinuing your projection into past behaviors, past choices, and past experiences, and moving your attention into the now and recognizing what you may be creating in the now as you alter your attention.

In this, what I express to you is that you may be quite affecting of this situation if you are moving your attention into the expression that you have not created any element that is wrong. You have merely engaged in a relationship with another individual that holds a different orientation from yourself, and therefore, you each are speaking a different language and choose not to be continuing in intimate partnership. Therefore, there is no right or wrong attached to the choices that you have already engaged. They are merely choices that you have chosen for the experience, and now you move into the area of different experiences.

In this, look to what you hold within the now.

Look to the relationships that you engage in friendships and with your children, and the joyfulness that you participate in within these relationships, and as you continue to hold your attention within the now, the affectingness of the past diminishes and also allows you the opportunity to open more of yourself to what you may be creating now, and not holding yourself within the grip of energy of discounting of yourself.

In this, let me express to you also that as you move your attention to self and to the now, and turn your behavior as you are affecting of your perception in the now, you also lessen the quantity of energy that you lend to the very situations and expressions that you wish not to be perpetuating. Therefore, there is an automatic byproduct that shall eliminate certain elements of your conflict, for it shall be affecting of the other individuals that also participate in this situation with you.

Let me express to you very simply. If you are turning your attention within the now and you are choosing not to be playing the game with another individual, the other individual does not receive their payoff any longer. Therefore, they also shall move into the area of discontinuing playing the game. Are you understanding?

CARLA: Yes, I guess I get it.

ELIAS: This may be very helpful to you, for many, many times within physical focus, individuals do not objectively recognize and realize how they are participating in these types of situations and perpetuating them by their continuance in their expression and their behavior in playing the game.

But if you are discontinuing playing the game, the other individual may continue to throw the ball to you, and if you are not returning the ball, the game becomes boring, and therefore the other individual shall discontinue playing also. (Chuckling)

CARLA: Okay, that sounds logical to me. The thing here is that in not playing this game, he could take my kids away from me, but heís not really interested in them. If I discontinue this game with him, legally he can take my kids away from me, and maybe thatís why Iím playing this game. I donít want my kids to go away from me. If I disconnect and Iím not perpetuating the situation, I might be able to not lose my kids? íCause thatís what really scares me. It scares me to death. Heís looking at my kids like theyíre a war trophy, and I think they deserve respect from him, and he doesnít give it to them. He looks at them as a trophy, and I donít think thatís good for them, and thatís why Iím playing this game. So, if I can not focus on this and focus on other things, I wonít lose them?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, let us together look to this situation and look to what you are creating and how you are perpetuating this situation and how you are participating in this.

This is the game: You express fear. You express a response, which is the payoff that the other individual seeks. Therefore, as he continues to throw the ball to you in what you perceive to be a threatening manner, and you continue to receive the ball and throw it back to him in the response of fearfulness, you are offering him the payoff that he seeks, for he is receiving the response that he wishes. In this, in this expression that you are creating together, he is projecting energy to you to be receiving a response, which in actuality Ė you are correct Ė does not involve these little ones in HIS game. It involves yourself and himself and the responsiveness that he wishes to be receiving from you, and you in turn are offering the response back.

Therefore, look to yourself and look to your fear, for I may not express to you strongly enough that within your expressions, within your physical focus, fear is quite powerful, and in this, you create what you concentrate upon. It matters not how many times you may express to yourself and to other individuals, ďI do not wish for this to be continuing. I wish this to stop.Ē You may express this to yourself over and over and over, but in actuality, what you are creating is what you are concentrating upon, and what you are concentrating upon is the fear.

You allow the expression of the fear to be gaining intensity and strength, and as you continue to be lending energy to the fear and perpetuating the fear, you also draw to yourself the very element that you wish not to draw to yourself, and the reason that you draw this to yourself is to be reinforcing the very action that you are creating yourself. You already hold the element of fearfulness. You are already perpetuating this, and any expression that shall lend energy to your creation in that, you shall magnate to and draw to yourself to reinforce what you are creating.

Therefore, this be the reason that I emphasize so very strongly to you and to all other individuals to be looking to self, not to be concerning oneís self with what other individuals are creating but what YOU are creating, for what you are creating is what you shall also draw to yourself to reinforce yourself.

In this, you may be creating in a different manner and also provide yourself with the same intensity as what you are creating now.

Think to yourself of this concept. Think to yourself of the intensity of the fear presently, the intensity of the expression in playing this game that you have created to this point. You may match that intensity in a different direction and offer yourself no conflict and joyfulness and no fearfulness in the same intensity if you are turning your attention to self and recognizing what you are creating and how you are participating.

But if you are continuing to be projecting into past experiences, past behaviors, past situations, or projecting into the anticipation of fearfulness of future, you shall block your expression quite strongly in your ability to be creating within the now, for your greatest strength in turning your attention is within the now.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that as you present each situation to yourself Ė each encounter and interaction with this individual, each interaction with your little ones, for they also participate in this game Ė each time you are participating with these individuals, hold your attention within the now and recognize that you are playing the game, and as you allow yourself to stop playing the game in each moment of the now, you also dissipate the energy.

Now; be aware that initially, this may create an intensification of the expression of the other individual, for it is unfamiliar. The other individual is quite familiar with your behavior to this point and holds an expectation that they shall receive their payoff and you shall respond in a certain manner, and if you are turning your attention and you are not responding in that familiar manner, this shall invoke temporarily an intensity or an acceleration in the expression of the other individual. And in this, remind yourself that it matters not. This other individual holds no power and no affectingness without your permission. Unless you are allowing the other individual to be affecting, they may not be affecting of you in any manner that you do not choose to participate in.

Other individuals do not hold the power to be creating your reality. This is intrusive, and essences are not intrusive, and how you have created your reality in this physical dimension, in agreement with all other essences, is that you hold the ability to be not accepting of another individualís expression.

It is your choice. You hold free will and you hold the ability to create your own reality, and no other individual may be creating your reality. They may be influencing, but they may only be influencing if you are allowing the influence, in objective terms.

Therefore, as you discontinue playing the game, initially there is an expression from the other individual that they wish for you to be continuing playing the game. Therefore, they may be expressing a temper tantrum to be enticing you into the continuation of playing the game, but you may hold in your non-responsiveness, and as you continue to hold your attention to self and not offering your attention to the other individual and what they shall be creating, you shall dissipate the energy which is lent in that direction and the other individual subsequently shall discontinue, for they are not receiving their payoff.

Now; let me also express to you that in this, it is quite important that you address to self and to this fear, for this fear stems from your issue in duplicity and your feeling and assessment of yourself in a lack of worth and a lack of adequate ability. How shall this individual gain possession , so to speak, of these little ones unless you are perceiving yourself to be unworthy of holding the possession ?

These are quite figurative terms, for these small ones are not the possessions of either of you, and in this, although your societies are created within mass belief systems to express that you possess these little ones, in actuality, they also hold free will and are creating their reality individually, and they also are choosing to be participating in all of this action and within this game.

In this, they also choose what shall be influencing of themselves and what shall not be influencing of themselves. In actuality, they hold more of an objective understanding and allow themselves more of an ability to be exercising their abilities to be participating in what they allow as influencing or what they do not allow as influencing than do you, for their hold within their belief systems is not quite as strong yet.

Therefore, I continue to express to you that as you look to yourself and address this element of fear within yourself and allow yourself to discontinue lending energy to your own fear, you shall also turn the probabilities. As you continue within your fear, you merely lend energy to the very expression that the other individual is creating.

You wish to be continuing with your little ones. You wish not to be offering your little ones to the care of this other individual, but as you continue within your fear, you are lending energy to the very expression that you wish not to be lending energy to.

As you turn your attention to self and you dissipate the energy within this fear, you also are not drawing to yourself that action any longer, and begin to create the situation of what you want in continuing to be the individual that provides the care for these little ones. Are you understanding?

CARLA: Yes, I think I get it. I just have to analyze. I guess I get the point.

ELIAS: I am understanding of the difficulty in this situation. This be the reason that I am intensely expressing to you to hold your attention within the now and continuously be reinforcing of yourself that you are worthy, that you are adequate, and that no other individual creates your choices for you. YOU create your choices. Therefore, no other individual may be threatening to you without your permission.

CARLA: Okay. Elias, in order to help with my relationship with my kids, could you tell me their essence names, their family alignments, and their sexual orientation Ė if we speak the same language? (Pause) Are you still there?


CARLA: Okay, do you need my kidís names to get their essence names?

ELIAS: You may offer this if you are choosing.

CARLA: Okay, my boyís name is Ramone.

ELIAS: Essence name, Val; V-A-L. Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Vold; orientation in this focus, common.

CARLA: And my little girlís name is Socorro.

ELIAS: Essence name, Pourtiete; P-O-U-R-T-I-E-T-E. (poor-teetí) Essence family, Ilda; alignment, Milumet; orientation in this focus, soft.

CARLA: Oh, sheís like me! Elias, when I asked Marcos to ask you my essence name, she said I had a focus named (inaudible). I canít get in touch with my essence and my focuses. Iíve been (inaudible), but I havenít been able to see some of my other focuses. How can I get in touch with them, or how can I get in touch with my own essence?

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you that you are experiencing difficulty in this area, for your attention is very intensely occupied in other areas. Your attention....

CARLA: Yes. (Inaudible) Itís because Iím using all this energy, focusing on this other situation?

ELIAS: Correct.

CARLA: Elias, weird things have been happening in my house. They turn on lights, and once this kind of gray thing came up to me. Is this my own energy or is this another kind of energy thatís invading my space? Whatís going on in my house? (Much of this is inaudible)

ELIAS: I express to you that the expression of energy that you are experiencing in these situations is also quite connected to this area in which you hold your attention. You have created such an intensity of energy in this fearfulness that you have almost created an actual entity in manifestation of it.

Therefore, you are creating a situation in which your energy is disturbing to you in actual physical manifestations and affecting physical elements within your dwelling, and if continuing, you may also be creating this type of situation in other areas, but presently you limit this energy to the area that is the most familiar to you.

In this, within what you term to be your home, you allow your energy to express itself quite intensely and quite unrestrained at times, and therefore, you are creating a situation in which you may gain your attention of the intensity of which you are expressing your own energy, and how it is affecting not merely of yourself, but of your environment and also with your children.

CARLA: Thatís very interesting. Elias, the other day, I was just lying in my bed, and I really felt like I was going out of my body. Is this like an out-of-body experience, or is it just a part of the energy Iím creating? (Again, much of this is inaudible)

ELIAS: This in actuality is a beginning movement into the action of projection. You are allowing yourself momentary awarenesses of projecting your consciousness, that which you may term to be an out-of-body experience in your common vernacular but which I express to you as being a projection of consciousness, and in this, you have also allowed yourself the opportunity to encounter another aspect of yourself in this projection.

Now; you may be allowing yourself a relaxation, and in this, you may also allow yourself to be projecting and interacting with other aspects of self, which may lend energy to you in reinforcement to be helpful to you in this action that you move into now in addressing to this fear.

CARLA: (This question seems to be about other focuses)

ELIAS: I express to you correct, both.

CARLA: Oh, really? Itís just that sometimes you feel so close to somebody that you havenít even met. I havenít met her. Iíve just talked to her on the phone. Itís a really special feeling when I talk to her on the phone. (Again, much of this is inaudible)

ELIAS: I express to you once again to allow yourself a relaxation. What I am expressing in this is not merely an intentional relaxation within a specific time framework as in conjunction with a meditation, but allow yourself a general relaxation of your energy.

Presently you hold very tightly to your energy field, and in this, you also create blocks in your attempts to be exploring, for you are continuing to hold so very tightly within your energy. Therefore, as you allow yourself to be relaxing your energy and not holding so very tightly to it in the idea that you need be providing yourself with protection, you also shall open to the allowance of yourself to be investigating and connecting objectively with other areas of consciousness, offering yourself information in other focuses and in your ability to be creating projections within consciousness.

I shall also express to you encouragement in your interaction with Cindel, for Cindel is expressing within efficiency in her intent. This be another reason that you feel objectively this ease in speaking and interacting with her, for she is moving easily into the expression of her intent within this focus. Her intent involves a very strong element of healing, and therefore, if you are so choosing, you may be accessing this energy that she offers, and it may also be helpful to you in encouragement and reinforcement in your quest presently.

CARLA: Okay, thank you. Elias, could I ask you my friendís essence name and sexual orientation? Her name is (inaudible). (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Chelsta; C-H-E-L-S-T-A. (chestía) Orientation within this focus, common.

CARLA: Her family and her alignment, would that be available?

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Milumet.

CARLA: Okay. Could I ask you this question? I have these friends and they had a really nice relationship. Theyíre married. Is their sexual orientation whatís causing some trouble between them, or do they have the same orientation?

ELIAS: You are inquiring of the relationship of them?

CARLA: Iím just trying to understand this more. Iím trying to understand what is happening to them. (Again, much is inaudible)

ELIAS: Now; let me express to you briefly that although individuals may hold different orientations, this is not to say that they absolutely may not be creating of an intimate partnership and relationship and that it is doomed to failure, in your physical terms. I AM expressing that it shall create challenges and difficulties and that there needs be expressed a great willingness and desire to be listening and assimilating each otherís language and learning each otherís language to be creating a harmony and a continuation in this type of situation, but it is not impossible.

With these individuals, they do hold the same orientation, but this is not to say either that merely for the reason that you hold the same orientation, you shall automatically be creating of a relationship that is entirely joyful and compatible, so to speak, for there are other elements that are involved with the creation of intimate partnerships. I am merely expressing to you that if you are engaging in an intimate partnership with another individual and you are holding different orientations, you are automatically setting yourself into the situation of creating probabilities which will be creating conflict and more difficulty than you necessarily will be creating in a relationship that you hold the same orientation within.

As I have stated, these individuals hold the same orientation, but also engage challenges with each other which are directly involving their individual belief systems and their individual perceptions as influenced by their belief systems.

CARLA: (Carla seems to be asking if a specific person is common)

ELIAS: You are correct.

CARLA: And (inaudible) might be soft like me? (Pause)

ELIAS: Common.

CARLA: Heís common too?


CARLA: Is Regina common too? (Pause)


CARLA: Thatís interesting. Itís like ... I donít know. (Again, much of this is inaudible, but Carla seems to be talking about her interest in the orientations)

ELIAS: I may express to you also, in offering yourselves information in this area, you do allow yourselves more of an understanding, which also provides you with more of an ease in moving into acceptance of other individualsí creations and perceptions, for in your understanding, you create an allowance. You create an allowance with yourself in your own perception and the acceptance of your own expressions, and you also create an allowance of other individualsí expressions, recognizing that they are directly created through their perception, which is different from your own or the same as your own. In this, you allow yourself more of a tolerance and an acceptance.

CARLA: Elias, I have met this guy. His name is Hector. (Inaudible) How can I be so attracted to somebody that ... well, he shows kind of an interest in me. He talks about me to his friends ícause they told me. How come he canít express his interest directly to me? This is kind of hard for me to understand, so thatís why Iím asking.

ELIAS: This partially involves your creation, for in this, the individual is partially responsive to your energy.

You have drawn yourself to this situation to be offering yourself an element of excitement and also an element of reinforcement outside of yourself to be expressing to you that you may not be quite as bad as you originally perceived and that there may be some elements within you that are worthy, for another individual is offering interest in your direction.

But you also project a very strong energy within your energy field which sends a message subjectively to other individuals not to be approaching too closely, for you presently do not hold the sureness yet of these types of expressions. Therefore, the other individual is responding to the energy that you project.

I express to you, there are many expressions within energy that are projected outwardly that you all connect to and respond to subjectively and translate outwardly objectively. An individual need not express in language certain messages, for you are quite efficient at expressing subjectively and through energy what you wish to communicate, and in this, other individuals access that communication efficiently also and are responsive to it.

Therefore, although in one respect you create behaviors and movements objectively that engage this other individual and you are accepting of certain expressions of that individual, for those are the expressions that you seek, you are quite directed in what you are seeking and not accepting of any expressions beyond this, for this is not what you seek. You seek merely a reinforcement in certain areas as to your adequacy and your worth.

In this, you are offering yourself an expression from outside that you have not yet allowed yourself from inside. Therefore, you substitute, so to speak, the expression of another individual temporarily to be reinforcing of you until you allow yourself the ability to express this from within, but you are not seeking intimacy in its entirety and its openness with this other individual.

This is a playful action that you seek, and quite purposeful, but you do not seek the involvement and interaction with this individual in what you in physical terms express to be seriousness, for your attention is very much occupied in other areas, and until you are moving into a position of discontinuing your attention in these other areas, of which we have spoken this day, you shall continue to not move into areas of creating intimacy with other individuals. You shall continue to hold them at bay, for you view yourself to be occupied enough with the situations that you are creating already.

CARLA: (Carla seems to be asking if a specific person is common)

ELIAS: Correct. (10-second pause) Yes, you are correct.

CARLA: Thatís interesting.

ELIAS: I shall allow one more questioning for this day, and we shall be discontinuing.

CARLA: Okay. Is this my last focus? (Pause)

ELIAS: This is not a final focus.

CARLA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I anticipate our continued interaction, and be assured that I shall be offering energy to you in encouragement in this action, that you may begin to engage now in the situations that you have created and are beginning to address to now. To you this day, I offer great affection.

CARLA: Thank you Elias. I appreciate it.

ELIAS: And I express to you quite fondly, au revoir.

CARLA: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:18 AM.

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