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Friday, August 06, 1999

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ďWhat Shall You Do With Freedom?Ē

ďWhy Shall You Complicate Your Creations?Ē

ďThe Entirety Of Your Reality Is Altering!Ē

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jen (Margarite).

Elias arrives at 12:23 PM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon, Margarite! (There is an 8-second pause, and then Elias chuckles)

JEN: Ah! Okay. You there?


JEN: Hi, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Good afternoon!

JEN: Well, as you can probably guess, Iím having phone problems. Hold on one second.

ELIAS: Very well. (Brief pause)

JEN: I was talking on a speaker phone too. Letís see. My first question is, Iíve noticed that thereís a sense of a strong intensity around me. I feel a lack of ease, a lack of clarity in my intent and where Iím going. I know that whatís perceived in our society is that wanting a great amount of freedom is not necessarily accepted to some degree, and Iím struggling presently with that, and in a big way.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Margarite, it is not merely within your society that you struggle with the ideas of freedom, but within yourselves, you also struggle with this idea of freedom.

In one respect, in your thought processes, you move in the direction of wanting great freedoms and expressing to yourselves and to other individuals that you wish to be creating this within your focus, and you attempt to be moving in steps in that direction.

But you also meet yourselves with conflict and confusion in this area, for in actuality, there is another element of you that holds a reluctance and an element of fearfulness in creating actual freedoms, for you are quite familiar and accustomed to your limitations. They form boundaries for you, which creates a feeling of enclosure, and this feeling of enclosure offers you objectively another feeling of safety, for it offers you specific directions.

In this, as you begin to move into areas of allowing yourselves actual new freedoms of movement and expression, you become confused, for then you are expressing to yourself, ďI have given myself this freedom, and now what shall I do with this freedom?Ē And in this, you know not which direction to proceed within, for you offer yourself great abilities and much less limitations, and you are not accustomed to directing yourselves in this.

This be the reason that I have offered for so very long the continuous instruction to individuals to be focusing upon self, that they may familiarize themselves with themselves, and therefore subsequently recognize their abilities and what they may be accomplishing and what they may WANT to be exploring once they offer themselves this new freedom, so to speak. (Elias was almost laughing throughout this paragraph)

As to the element of an increase in intensity of energy, you are correct. In this, you are assimilating the influx of this energy in a manner that allows you a continuation in your movement in offering yourself new freedoms. This be the energy that I have expressed to you all previously at the onset of this particular year, and as this particular time framework of this year increases, so also does this energy intensity. Therefore, you view that the energy steadily appears to be intensifying throughout the expression of this year.

I have expressed this to you all at the onset of this particular time framework, knowing what you all have set into motion in probabilities concerning this final time framework of this millennium, and I have also expressed to you all that within this time framework, you may be choosing to be directing this surge of energy in whichever manner you choose and you shall experience an ease in accomplishing this, be it in the direction of accomplishing much more thickness and much more conflict OR in the direction of creating much more ease and much more playfulness. It matters not which direction you choose to be moving into. The energy is of an intensity and quality that it shall lend itself intensely to whichever direction you begin to move into.

In this, look to your focus and what you have created within this time framework of this final year. You have allowed yourself great movement. You have allowed yourself to be accessing this intensity of energy and not to be creating tremendous thickness or conflict in your focus, but to be channeling this energy into areas that are providing you pleasure and a validation of self in accomplishment, and in a greater and increased understanding of self and what you are creating and how you are creating it.

I wager to express to you that within this same time framework one year ago, we were not experiencing this type of conversation, were we? Ha ha ha ha ha!

JEN: Well, I still must say that trying to understand self, to gain some insight into the direction that I shall be heading in the not-so-distant future, is eluding me to this point, and maybe I just need to give it more time, so to speak, and an understanding will come, because I find that the more pressure I exert on myself to gain that understanding, the less understanding I seem to achieve!

ELIAS: Quite!

Now; I express to you to not be concentrating so very intensely. You are merely confusing yourself and convoluting yourself in this!

You have already set probabilities into motion. You have already allowed yourself validation, within objective terms, of your accomplishments. You have already moved into greater areas of understanding and of knowing. I am not expressing to you that you may not be continuing in this direction, for you are!

But now, allow yourself the time framework to relax, to experience fun, and to not be complicating all that you have set into motion by attempting within your rationale to be analyzing all that you are creating! But merely allow yourself to view the wondrousness of all that you have set into motion, without worry, without re-evaluation, and without questioning of yourself so very often!

You ARE accomplishing well. Therefore, accept your accomplishments, accept what you are creating, and be not complicating all of it by creating elements of conflict to be offering yourself certain expressions of excitement for it is familiar....

JEN: Conflict, okay. Iíd like to know the number of past focuses, and how some may be affecting me presently. (Brief pause) Are you still there?

ELIAS: Yes. (Brief pause)

JEN: Did you get that question?

ELIAS: Are you wishing of merely past focuses?

JEN: You mean present focuses ... well, I think Iím curious about both, actually, Elias.

ELIAS: Very well. Numbering of focuses that you hold within this particular dimension, 328. Numbering of focuses that hold similar tone to yourself and may easily be accessed by yourself, 41. This number, in the total number of focuses within this one particular dimension, is the entire number of focuses that your essence has manifest past, present, and future in this particular dimension.

Be remembering also that within each time framework that any focus is manifest, essence manifests more than one focus. Therefore, the numbering may seem to you to be many, but in actuality, as you are viewing throughout all of your centuries, past and future, this is not a great numbering of focuses within this particular dimension.

As to focuses that are affecting of you within this focus, in energy lent that is not reconstructed and holds similar actions and experiences, I express to you, you may investigate one focus of essence that you hold within the physical location of Tibet in the time framework [of] fourth century. You may also be investigating of another focus held in physical location identified as Morocco. This individual is also female Ė the individual within Tibet is male Ė time framework, early 1800ís. In this, these two particular focuses exchange energy with you; one in conjunction with widening awareness, one in conjunction with altering experiences and exploring self.

Now; the one focus within the area of Tibet moves in the direction of what you may term to be spirituality, but this is also within the confines of the accepted belief systems of this time framework and of that society. But in that, the individual moves in creating experiences that shall widen his awareness and allow him experiences within consciousness that parallel actions that you in this focus are creating in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

Now; the individual within the location of Tibet is not creating these experiences in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. He is merely exploring what he terms to be his ďavenue of spirituality,Ē but in that creation, he is lending energy to you in your movement within this shift in consciousness, and you lend energy to him in the development of his objective exploration of consciousness.

In the relationship of energy that you hold with the individual in Morocco, this individual has created an interesting choice of experiences in that focus. There are many changeable variables in her focus. She has created relationships with several individuals that are stimulating and exciting to her objectively, but within societal terms are not considered quite beneficial to her. She offers herself these types of creation[s] to be exploring her responses in interaction with other individuals.

She also moves much in her focus. She moves herself from one physical location to another quite often, not planting herself, so to speak, in one particular area, offering herself the opportunity to be interacting with a variety of different individuals, and therefore also presenting herself with the opportunity to view how she is interacting with other individuals and what her individual participation is and how she may be affecting of other individuals.

This female is quite colorful. She occupies no formal station, so to speak, within her society and may be classified as peasantry, but this offers her also more of an ease in her mobility, for she is not bound to any particular location or family interactions. Therefore, she may be moving through and about many different circles of individuals, so to speak, quite easily.

Now; this individual lends energy to you in the manner of the exploration of self, in lending energy to your awareness of how you are interacting with other individuals and how you are responsive to other individuals in all areas of your focus.

This also lends energy to your attention in this area, that you allow yourself to become aware of your interaction with other individuals, and in this, evaluating how you may be efficiently influencing OR how it is unnecessary to be influencing, and merely allowing the expression of other individuals as they present themselves, and in this, offering yourself less conflict, for you offer yourself less personal responsibility in concerning yourself with other individualsí creations. Are you understanding?

JEN: Yes, Iím understanding.

ELIAS: Both of these individuals you may investigate in your exploration of other focuses, and they may be interesting to you in your exploration.

JEN: I seem to be having a hard time exploring these other focuses. I noticed in reading through other transcripts that some individuals are able to access this information very quickly and with what seems to be ease, and yet it seems really challenging for me.

ELIAS: And the reason that you experience challenge in this area is that you are creating an intensity, and this be the reason that I express to you to not be complicating all that you are creating and to be relaxing, for as you allow yourself now to be relaxing within what you are creating and not creating such an intensity within your energy, you may experience much more of an ease moving into these areas of experience and these explorations.

Your attention has been focused extremely in the areas of what you are creating in conjunction with your employ, your relationship, and your adventure which is approaching. These three areas have objectively occupied a great intensity of your attention, and you have created an intensity of energy in urgency with them all, expressing underlyingly to yourself that you are creating a very large step within your focus, and therefore, as you are creating this step, this turn, you must be first placing all other areas of your focus in order.

You have created this already! You have given birth already to these probabilities. Now allow them to actualize without complication!

JEN: So release my thoughts on them so much, you mean?

ELIAS: Allow yourself to be distracted. All is not so very serious as you perceive it to be! (Laughing)

JEN: That just seems to be who I am, this intensity of thought, this focus on getting things done. I donít know if I know anything else about who I am!

ELIAS: Ah, but this is an element of the point! Think to yourself of the information that I have offered all of you previously: THE ENTIRETY OF YOUR REALITY IS ALTERING.

Now; shall you assume that you are immune to this? No! Do you believe that the entirety of your reality outside of yourself shall alter, and you shall remain the same? No! ALL of your reality is altering!

Therefore, it matters not that you express to yourself or to myself, ďThis is merely the manner in which I have created my focus in this manifestation. This is merely myself. This is how I create. This is who I am.Ē Ah, but this is merely one aspect of who you are, and what you are creating now is the opening to much more of who you are!

Shall you limit yourself to this type of expression? ďAh, I am merely this individual. It is merely who I am, and therefore, I shall not alter this, and I shall merely accept that this is the entirety of myself, and there is no more.Ē

JEN: I donít want that to be the case, Elias. I am clearly struggling with this intensity of myself. Iím tired of it! I donít want it to be who I am. I donít want it to rule my world. Itís hard letting go of something that youíve known for so long, and not always being sure as to what youíre letting go into, or even how to let go. So, I know that Iím presenting myself with this conflict right now.

ELIAS: Ah, but look to yourself, Margarite, for you HAVE accomplished! You HAVE moved yourself into areas of letting go, and in this, allow yourself to view those accomplishments and reinforce yourself to know that you may continue in this area. You are not creating devastation in your focus. You are not creating trauma within your focus. You ARE letting go and it IS offering you less thickness, less conflict, and more pleasure, and in this, continue to be reminding yourself objectively of this action that you have already accomplished, and therefore, you shall reinforce yourself to be continuing. You may be letting go!

Be remembering that your most efficient expression and your most powerful expression of accomplishment is to be allowing yourself to remain within the now. You hold the greatest mobility in focusing your attention upon the now and not distracting yourself into past and future. I merely offer to you that you allow yourself the reminder of recent past to be reinforcing of your accomplishments, but not to be dwelling in your attention in that past and not to be fearfully anticipating the future, or anticipating the future within doubt and anxiety.

This is accomplished within the now, today, within this moment; not tomorrow, not next month, but NOW. And in this, as you continue to allow yourself this practice, it shall become easier. It has already become easier!

JEN: Yes, youíre right. Okay! Let me ask a little bit about this upcoming trip that youíve acknowledged. It seems in many ways that it has a momentum of its own, and Iím wondering if you can shed some light on how this might be affecting of my intent, this whole trip.

ELIAS: I express to you that this is quite common in expressions that individuals create within physical focus, in areas where they ARE beginning to move into the area of letting go.

In this, you allow yourself to view your own creation and your own ability, which appears to you to be apart from yourself.

This is no different from the expression of another individual that may be creating of a musical composition, and once it is completed, and even within the designing of it and the composing of it, the individual views its growth and its creation as though it were an entity unto itself, holding a life of its own, so to speak. This is the wondrousness of your abilities and your creations, but within your objective awareness, you hold a disbelief that you individually hold the capability of creating such expressions.

Therefore, there is an element of yourself that you partially divorce from your creations, and view them as a projection from yourself but independent of yourself.

Let me express to you that this also, although it expresses itself in some areas as wondrous, it also is a camouflage of the expression of duplicity, which is quite strong, for in this, in the expression of this particular belief system, there is an automatic leaning into areas of discounting of self and not acknowledging of all that you hold the ability to be creating within your focus. Therefore, you move easily into these types of expressions, but you also counteract, in a manner of speaking, this duplicitous expression in your acknowledgment to yourself of what you have created.

Therefore, there is an element that moves back and forth, so to speak, for you wish to be acknowledging of self, but it is also quite automatic to be discounting of your abilities.

JEN: Well, Iím certainly very good at that!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

JEN: Okay. Iím curious, going back to past focuses, how Tim Ė a.k.a Marlet Ė and myself might be connected in past focuses and shared focuses. (Pause)

ELIAS: You hold several focuses together and have experienced different types of relationships in these focuses. You have created relationships of family, of partnership, and of friendships.

In this, I express to you that within this one particular focus that I have offered to you of Morocco, you hold an intimate friendship with this same individual. In this also, I shall be encouraging to you, for you may offer to yourselves more of an ease in accessing information of this focus if you are allowing yourselves to be exploring this focus together.

You also hold a focus within a European location, in Denmark. In this particular focus, you hold a relationship of more traditional expression, occupying the relationship of brothers. You offer much encouragement to each other, but you also hold certain areas of your relationship, in that focus, of great challenges that you present to each other in opposition of your philosophies, so to speak. You may be investigating of this focus also if you are so choosing.

JEN: Okay. Iím curious if I have shared any focuses with Mary and/or yourself. (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes. You have participated in a focus that I manifest within in the physical location of Scotland, in which I have offered a limited amount of information to other individuals within this forum, which you may be accessing if you are so choosing.

As to your manifestation with Michael, yes also. You have participated within four focuses with Michael, twice creating a friendship Ė this present focus being one of those focuses Ė and twice holding a relationship of acquaintances temporarily.

JEN: Regarding Scotland, I seem to have some memory or something that my friend Krista is somehow also involved in that focus with you and myself. (Pause)

ELIAS: You are correct.

JEN: Can you elaborate on that a little bit?

ELIAS: This individual holds the role of parent to you, a father. You hold a relationship of intimate friendship with an individual, a female, who holds intimate involvement with myself.

JEN: That sounds like a mini soap opera!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JEN: And that female who holds the intimate relationship to yourself is one that has participated in these sessions?


JEN: Alright. I seem to be touching into a major fear of loss lately, and itís not so much me being scared of death, because I donít feel scared for myself. Itís more being scared of being left here when people close to me die. This sense of loss has been with me for as long as I can remember, and it is so very intense, and I just donít understand it.

ELIAS: This is a fear in the area of unfamiliarity. As I have stated previously, individuals are more often holding fearfulness of life than they are of death, in your terms, for the action of disengagement, although at times holds an element of fearfulness objectively within individuals, in actuality is less fearful, for it is moving into an area of familiarity.

In this, there is expressed within individuals a much stronger fearfulness in the area of continuing within physical focus and not disengaging, for the continuation or the manifestation or what you term to be life is unfamiliar. This is unexplored territory. This be the reason that you ARE manifesting within physical focus, for it offers a challenge. It is unfamiliar. It is an area to be explored. But in that unfamiliarity, many times there is created objectively an element of fearfulness, for there is an uncertainty. As you continue within physical focus, beliefs are quite strong, and you perceive a separation and a thickness of a veil between yourself and individuals that disengage and occupy nonphysical areas of consciousness.

Now; although you may argue with me in this area, I may express to you that there is no less veil between yourself and individuals that disengage than there may be between yourself and myself. Now; you may express to yourself or to me that this is an entirely different situation, for you hold access to an individual physically focused that facilitates your interaction with myself, but you do not always engage this facilitation. Many times you are interactive with myself without objectively speaking with me.

In this, you may also view that the interaction that you engage in with me, and the ease that it is accomplished in, may be the same in interaction with individuals that have chosen to be disengaging physical focus. YOU experience a fearfulness in this area, and a sense, so to speak, of loss, for you do not believe that you may continue your interaction with these individuals.

This also is a byproduct of this shift in consciousness, which I have expressed previously that this particular veil shall also be dropped, for it is held in position, and strongly, as influenced by your mass belief systems, but as you begin to neutralize these belief systems and accept them, you also neutralize certain expressions of their power and the barriers that are created within their expressions.

Therefore, as you continue to open your awareness within this shift in consciousness, this fearfulness shall dissipate, for you shall begin to realize objectively that the only barrier that exists between yourself and other areas of consciousness are the barriers that you create objectively within your focus.

JEN: Alright, just two more Ďcause I told Mary Iíd keep it to an hour. I seem to be hit with a lot of belief systems at present, and Iím not sure which one is having the most hold and causing the most conflict presently. (Brief pause)

ELIAS: Continue.

JEN: Well, Iím thinking itís the belief system of marriage and also the belief system of relationship, and lately, what Tim and I decided was to take a step back from this whole belief system of marriage because it is SO intense. Iím wondering if this is the one that is the belief system thatís causing the most conflict for me presently.

ELIAS: There is an involvement of the belief system of relationship which involves itself in this situation, but I shall express to you that presently, the belief system that is the most affecting of you both in this situation is the belief system concerning sexuality, which as we have discussed and shared interaction concerning, this involves all of your perception.

In this, there is an element of threateningness to the individuality and identity of each of you if you are entering into partnership together in more of an intensity than you have already created.

Therefore, this element is an aspect of the belief system of sexuality. There are elements of the belief system of relationship that play a role, so to speak, in this situation that you are creating, but it is not as intense and does not hold as much force as the belief system of sexuality.

JEN: Hmm! Well, you took me off guard there, I gotta say! (Elias chuckles) When youíre talking about sexuality, youíre talking about sexual orientation, monogamy, things of that nature?

ELIAS: All of these aspects; not merely orientation, for you hold the same orientation, both of you, but in areas of other aspects of the beliefs Ė commitment, monogamy, identity, freedom, independence, your ability to be creating what you choose to be creating without influence, your ability to be creating at all individually, and the aspect that suggests to you that once you are entering into intimate partnership, you must be creating all of your reality together.

There are many, many aspects of this belief system. As I have expressed, this is the involvement of all of your perception.

Therefore, I express to you that it is not entirely affecting in the area of orientation. You do not hold much conflict in this area of orientation, but within your individual alignments of belief systems [and] your attention to different aspects of this belief system of sexuality, there are different elements that are affecting: you in aspects of this belief system concerning female roles, and he within aspects of this belief system concerning male roles, and your individual identities and abilities in these areas. These are much more affecting of you each than the identification of orientation.

JEN: Alright, my last question is regarding the neutralization of belief systems, and recognizing that everybody has belief systems to one degree or another, and isnít this some of the basis of our value system, is belief systems? How are the two different?

ELIAS: Your belief systems are an intricate element of your reality, and they shall continue to be an element of reality within the entirety of this dimension. This be the reason that I emphasize to you all that you are not eliminating belief systems. You are neutralizing the power of these belief systems in the manner that it has been created and expressed to this point.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that in the acceptance of belief systems, you are not eliminating them. They shall continue.

(Intently) But you have lent, individually and en masse, so very much energy in perpetuating these belief systems that they have become automatic expressions within you. They require no thought process; they require no attention objectively. They are automatic expressions and responses. They have been created in a manner that they have almost become entities of themselves! In this, what you are neutralizing is the effect that they automatically hold within your focus, offering you the opportunity to objectively choose and intentionally, objectively create.

In this, you offer yourself the choice of how you shall respond and what you shall respond to, not necessarily merely objectively, automatically responding to any given situation or expression or event or action within your physical focus. This be the point, offering you greater freedom, greater abilities.

Be remembering Ė and I shall continue to be expressing this to you all Ė you are accepting belief systems, therefore neutralizing the power that they hold in automatic responses. You are not eliminating belief systems, and therefore, you shall continue to hold belief systems and they shall continue to be an element of your reality. They merely shall not hold the intensity of automatic response, and therefore not be creating of the tremendous expression of conflict that they create to this point. Are you understanding?

JEN: Yes. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall be anticipating our continued interaction and I shall be offering encouraging energy to you in your creation of your great adventure! Ha ha!

JEN: Thank you!

ELIAS: I express to you much lovingness and great affection, and anticipate our next meeting. To you this day, a very fond au revoir.

JEN: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:27 PM.

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