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Sunday, August 22, 1999

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“Manifesting Money”

“People-izing Creatures”

“The Key is Individual Expression”

Participants: Mary (Michael), and one new participant, Lorraine (Kayia).

Elias arrives at 11:34 AM. (Arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LORRAINE: Good morning!

ELIAS: And you have inquiries this day?

LORRAINE: Yes. Hi, Elias. To start off, I just wanted to find out the information about my family of consciousness and my entity name or essence name.

ELIAS: Very well. (Pause) Essence name, Kayia; K-A-Y-I-A. (ky’yah) Essence family, Sumafi.

LORRAINE: Sumafi, okay.

ELIAS: Alignment, Sumari.

LORRAINE: Alignment with Sumari?

ELIAS: Correct.

LORRAINE: I guess the first thing I’d like to talk about is money, manifesting some of that. I’ve been reading some of the transcripts from some other people who have had questions about creating wealth, and it seems that one of the biggest things or problems is trusting and accepting yourself. I’ve been working on this money issue for a while, I guess more or less with my beliefs around money, and I guess I’ve been getting to some degree more money in the way of salary, but I really would like to be a philanthropist and be unemployed and just give money away to animal rights and animal welfare groups. That may sound a little off, but I need to find out what’s sort of the biggest block in my area, if it’s myself or my beliefs around money. Exactly what is my biggest stumbling block there?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall express to you in response, this would be both. It would be partially your individual acceptance of self, and also partially your belief systems concerning this element of financial gain.

Now; let me express to you that this particular subject matter is presented within the experiences of many more individuals than may actually inquire within the forum of these sessions. This is a very common situation within your present time framework and within your society, and within several other societies also.

Individuals in this time framework, yourself also, are moving within the movement of this shift in consciousness, are becoming more aware of self and of their reality, and are experiencing this unrest, so to speak. This, let me express to you, is also an element of the movement of this shift in consciousness.

Now; in addressing to your individual situation, I may also be addressing to the mass experiences, for you are aligning with the mass experience and the mass expression and hold the same beliefs in this area and hold the same obstacles that other individuals experience also. One is the unfamiliarity in the trust of your abilities.

Within your thought processes, you concentrate upon trusting in self, and you affirm to yourself over and over that you DO trust your abilities to be manifesting financially, for you believe that if you are engaging an action – and even concentration is an action – that you shall be manifesting what you want. Therefore, you concentrate and you affirm to yourself in a direction of expression of trust in self, holding the thought process that this shall be the element that shall turn your creation and your circumstances and therefore be creating of what you want. But you also simultaneously hold belief systems in the area of financial gain, that you need be incorporating action and productivity – some element of effort that shall be creating or generating this type of expression.

You express to yourself that money does not fall from the sky. It does not materialize from the air. Therefore, it must be produced through action. In this, you equate that action which shall produce the money with effort, or your term “work.” In this, you create an obstacle, for another aspect of yourself within your movement into widening of awareness is in conflict with that belief. You attempt to be moving into more of an expression of trust of self, although you do not quite understand yet what the definition of trust of self is. Therefore, within your translation, you concentrate upon your worth and the concept – not the reality but the concept – that you hold the ability to be creating any element within your reality.

These two thoughts, these two concepts, these two areas of your reality are within conflict. In one expression, you are all moving within the action of this shift. You are widening your awarenesses. You are turning your attention more and more to self, but there is confusion in that turn of attention to self.

You wish to be experiencing more freedom, but you do not wish to be experiencing more freedom. Ideally and within the action of this shift, you are creating movement in the direction of freedoms and less limitations and trust and acceptance of self, but practically speaking, you look to this ideal and you hold confusion in how you shall move within that freedom, for this is unfamiliar to you.

Freedom is the acknowledgment that you need not hold control, but control is very familiar to you. It is a very large bird within your bird cage. It is well-fed and it also is a cantankerous bird, for this bird snaps!

In this, as you ARE turning your attention to self and widening your awareness, you turn your attention to your beliefs and the examination of all of the aspects of your beliefs. You reach inside of your bird cage and attempt to approach this particular bird of control. You extend your finger, that it may climb upon your finger and you may pull it out of the bird cage, thereby setting it free.

But to your surprise, as you extend your finger to this bird, it snaps at your finger and shall bite you, and you shall withdraw your finger and your hand from this cage quite quickly, and you shall close the door and view this bird and express to yourself, “I shall leave this bird alone. This bird snaps, and I shall allow this bird to continue in its expression, and I shall not be interrupting of it. I shall turn my attention to all of the other birds.”

Let me express to you though, this bird of control holds much control, so to speak, of the entire situation of the cage, for without this particular bird, you may reach your hand within the cage among the other birds and they shall not be snapping at you, but this particular bird creates automatic responses within you.

In this, the idea of freedom may be quite uncomfortable, for there is confusion in how you may be creating if you are not controlling.

The expression of trust is an expression of freedom – the allowance of natural flow, the allowance of energy to be moving in a natural manner that has been set forth within the line of probabilities that you have chosen to create, and the realization that you need not exert tremendous energy to actualize these probabilities, for once they have been set into motion, you have already directed the energy and it may be allowed to flow and manifest naturally.

But this is contrary to the familiar, and the familiar is that you must be objectively directing in the manner of control. This enters into the areas of cause and effect also. If you are creating a specific action, you may expect certain returns, in a manner of speaking.

This is a very difficult area for many, many individuals, for the conflict rages in very different expressions – the familiar and the unfamiliar. The familiar is how you have created your reality throughout this dimension and – individually to you – how you have created your reality throughout your focus.

You avail yourselves of information which offers you a different direction into the unfamiliar, the area of trust and freedom, but you are very accustomed to the action of other individuals directing you, and you not directing yourselves. You are also very accustomed to creating all of your reality within the element of control, and it is unnerving to you and suspect to you to be allowing yourselves the lack of control, but this is the area of trust.

You view yourself to be upon the edge of a precipice, and you may choose to climb down and plant yourself upon your solidity of your ground and control all of your actions, for you view that in this, you may anticipate and expect a specific outcome, so to speak, although the outcome may not necessarily move in the direction that you expect objectively, for in your climbing down, you may lose your footing, so to speak, and you may plummet to your ground, and your outcome may not be what you had anticipated. Or, you may allow yourself a free fall, trusting that although you do not hold an expectation of the outcome or how you may land, so to speak, you trust that you hold the ability to be creating your reality unscathed, and it matters not HOW this may be accomplished but that it SHALL be accomplished.

In this, as I have expressed to other individuals, the key is the knowing and the trusting, not in outside elements, not in the area of cause and effect, but within self, trusting that regardless of your objective reasoning, you shall be accomplishing, for you KNOW what your abilities are.

Now; a difficulty in this area is an element of the movement of this shift. You have moved into what may be expressed as beyond your midpoint of the action of this shift in consciousness, and as I have expressed previously, the energy gains momentum. In this, you all begin to lean in the direction of the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness.

I have expressed many times, this shift is not an event. It is not an explosion of consciousness that shall materialize within a moment futurely. It is being actualized in each moment through the widening of awareness and the acceptance and trust of each individual, and as individuals are trusting and accepting of themselves more and more within each moment, the action of the shift gains momentum and therefore becomes more and more of a mass expression, but this begins with the individuals.

In this, as the individuals actualize, they also move together collectively and create a collective reality that actualizes.

In this particular area of finances – of money, currency, and the action of physical exchange in the area of currency within your societies – you all are experiencing a restlessness. There is an underlying knowing within you that the action of this shift progresses; that you are moving into the expression of the mass creation of realization that your participation in this type of exchange is unnecessary.

But individually, in a figurative manner of speaking, you move your objective awareness a little ahead of the mass expression, and you hold the realization and the frustration that this method of exchange that you have created throughout your history is inefficient and it bores you, and you realize the limitations that are expressed within it. Therefore, you become impatient, recognizing that temporarily you need be continuing within the officially accepted reality and what you have created as a manner of exchange, but also holding frustration, recognizing the limitations of this particular creation.

In this, the manner in which it shall be expressed en masse – and this is key – is the individual expressions of the creations of trust in self and the recognition individually that you may be creating of any of these expressions. You may be creating of financial gain, so to speak, quite easily without control, in the expression of your individual trust and acceptance of self and the knowing – not with doubt, but the KNOWING – that you hold this ability, and therefore, the lack of questioning.

I have expressed this previously and I shall repeat this once again: Look to your individual focus. Look to events that you create within your focus effortlessly, with no concentration and with no doubt. Look to any action that is created within your reality quite effortlessly, and you shall recognize that a key element of its creation is you and your lack of questioning as to its creation. This extends in all areas of your reality.

You, without any thought process, place one foot in front of your other foot and you walk, and you accomplish moving from one end of your room to another end of your room with no thought process and within your perception quite effortlessly, and you hold no question within yourself that you may accomplish this.

You may be engaging activity of driving your motor vehicle within your focus, and quite effortlessly you may participate and engage in a creation of colliding with another motor vehicle. This shall be accomplished quite effortlessly, with no thought process and quite quickly.

Now; you hold no doubt within you and no questioning within you that if you are not holding your attention in your driving and your directing of your motor vehicle, that you shall encounter collision with another motor vehicle or an object. It matters not. You do not doubt that you hold the ability quite effortlessly to collide with any other physical structure within your reality in your direction of this motor vehicle. I shall express to you, conversely you hold great doubt that you may be directing of your motor vehicle and that you may be accomplishing movement within it if you are not paying attention and if you are not holding control and if you are not concentrating, and not collide.

But also think of your reality, for you hold this experience and many, many, many other individuals hold this experience also. Look to your physical reality within certain moments. You may be engaging the action of driving your motor vehicle and you may be accomplishing moving from one point to another point, and as you arrive at your destination, you may step from your vehicle and you may express to yourself and to other individuals, “I hold no explanation, but I hold no memory of how this vehicle has accomplished arriving at this destination, for I was not paying attention, but I did not engage collision. The vehicle drove itself.”

This is an example, in very physical terms, of you allowing yourself to be creating a movement, accomplishing a direction, and arriving at your set destination effortlessly with no concentration, and trusting that you shall not encounter obstacles. But you do not afford yourself this same type of action intentionally in specific areas, and this one particular area of financial gain is a very large area that you and other individuals engage in the lack of trust of self, the continuation and perpetuation of feeding the bird of control, and the perpetuation of impatience and frustration, which moves you into the direction of a lack of trust, for it creates your movement into the expression of concentration upon the very subject of trust.

Trust is not accomplished by concentration objectively.

LORRAINE: Okay. Alright, I think I understand all that.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

LORRAINE: Well, I understand it. I just have to work it, I guess. I don’t know.

I’d like to move to another question – it’s probably the same control issue – and that would be in the area of relationships, specifically in the case of the relationship I have with my boyfriend, where I feel that I have a problem with ... I guess it’s an insecurity issue, which I guess again is related to trust and acceptance of myself.

I have this situation where I feel I need to have more affection, more verbalization of his feelings about me, stuff like “I miss you, I love you, you look nice today,” that type of verbal feedback, I guess you’d call it, and I’ve been fighting sort of with the issue of, “Is this a problem?” Of course, I really believe that it’s not his problem, it’s my problem. But do I really need to hear that stuff? Is it a legitimate need that I have, or is it really just based on my own insecurities and inadequacies and feelings about myself? I mean, that’s where I tend to feel it is, but I guess I need to hear it from you. Did you get that, Elias? (Laughing)



ELIAS: I shall express to you that once again, there are aspects of both in this particular situation.

In your expressions in physical focus, it may be a matter of degree, but individually, you all seek some expression outwardly, verbally from each other of acknowledgment.

Now; I shall express to you, in one respect, this is a natural movement that you magnate to, for this is a validation that you seek objectively from each other as to your interconnectedness and a reinforcement of your lack of separation, for all that you view objectively within your reality reinforces the concept of separation.

Therefore, you – in some areas – counterbalance that expression with the magnating to other individuals and expressing to each other outwardly, in actions and in language, an acknowledgment of interconnectedness. This is translated in objective terms into expressions of appreciation, expressions of affection, of nurturing, of what you term to be love. This is, as I have stated, a natural movement that you magnate to, in part.

Now; this may also be created within some individuals in extreme, and in this situation, it moves beyond the natural expression – the natural magnating to that validation and acknowledgment of interconnectedness and lack of separation – and incorporates the expression of duplicity, and in this, there is created more of an extreme of individuals expressing a need for this type of interaction.

You offer, in your acceptance of self, much of this type of expression to yourself, but this does not discount the natural inclination of movement to be interactive with other individuals within physical focus and to be magnating to these types of objective outward expressions also.

In the situation that you experience, I express to you, partially you experience a natural movement in this area. You express outwardly your nurturing and affection and appreciation with other individuals, and you hold a desire to be receiving those expressions also. In your expression, you move this into more of an extreme, and this is influenced in the area of duplicity – difficulties in the acceptance of self and the value and worth of self.

In this, as in the situation with many other individuals also, you create a measurement of your value and your worth of self by the expressions of other individuals. Therefore, you assess your value in conjunction with the outward expression of another individual, and if you are not receiving the expression of the other individual, you devalue your worth.

In this, you may acknowledge to yourself that you and all other individuals naturally incline to these types of expressions at times, but that you also are not requiring a continuous influx of these types of expressions and you need not be expressing outwardly a continuous output of these types of expressions, for each individual offers to themselves much of these expressions within their own trust and acceptance of self.

Let me also express to you that you may also, if you are choosing to be measuring, you may measure the extent in which you wish to be receiving by the extent in which you are outputting, for it is a mirror action. The more you are outputting to other individuals in the expression of nurturing and affection, appreciation, acknowledgment, an offering of helpfulness, as you look to yourself and you examine your need, so to speak, in offering these expressions to other individuals, you may also gauge your need in your expectation to be receiving these types of expressions from other individuals.

NONE of these expressions are a measurement of your worth. Your worth is not determined and your value is not determined by your output to other individuals, nor is it determined by the expression of other individuals to you.

LORRAINE: Okay. Alright, thanks.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LORRAINE: Alright, let me see. Can I ask you a quick question? I think it’s going to be quick. This person that I have a relationship with, Pete, have I had other lifetime experiences with him other than this particular focus? Has he been in some of my other lifetimes?


LORRAINE: He has ... and he’s still driving me crazy! No, I’m only kidding....

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

LORRAINE: I have two more questions, and I’m going to try to get them in. One of them concerns my health. Pretty much, I feel that I’ve been very good at creating good health and I haven’t really had any problems, but in the last couple of years I had a mammogram and there was a spot on the mammogram, and he wanted me to have a biopsy done and I did that, and that was about a year-and-a-half ago. I was very conflicted about the whole thing because I don’t believe – I don’t think I believe, anyway – in modern medicine, and I definitely am against surgery and that type of thing, but I went in and I had this biopsy, andI don’t know why I created that. I do know that there were other people – my boyfriend and my mother – who wanted me to go ahead and have it. They believe in the current science and medicine. Anyway, I didn’t want to have it – I didn’t want to have any problems in that area – but I did have the biopsy, but then I refused to go back and have the second one. I’ve had a mammogram since then where nothing really has shown up.

I don’t know why I’ve created that, but I have had problems ... not problems, but in the past couple months, my left breast has sort of felt funny. That’s the only way I can describe it – it just takes my attention to it, but there’s not any real pain. I guess I get confused about whether there’s really something there or not, or if I’m creating something there, and why I’m even doing anything in that area of disease. Could you talk about that a little bit?

ELIAS: Very well. This moves quite in conjunction with your previous question, and this offers you the opportunity to view the very element that I am discussing with you.

Now; we have expressed in this now that you may look to your behaviors, your experiences and what you are creating, and your expressions outwardly, and if you are choosing to be measuring of any element within your focus, you may recognize the mirror action in what you project and your expectation of what you shall receive in return in like manner.

Now; in what you have created previously, view the situation. You express to me – and you are also expressing to yourself – you have created a movement into certain actions that you are not necessarily in agreement with objectively, but you are compliant to be appeasing and helpful to other individuals. To be accepting of the direction that other individuals are choosing and to be compliant with their wants, you shall alter your direction, viewing this to be helpful to them.

But underlyingly, there is also held an expectation that as you create this particular type of movement, you wish other individuals to afford this same behavior with yourself.

In what you are creating presently, you express a physical movement into a manifestation, although not an extreme in the physical expression, for there are belief systems held in this area also, of which we shall not discuss presently.

But in this particular experience, what you are creating is an avenue. You are creating an avenue that you view shall afford you the type of expressions that you are seeking that you are not necessarily receiving without this type of avenue.

LORRAINE: Can I ask you a question?


LORRAINE: Do you sort of mean that I would create some problem, some physical problem, where I would then get sympathy and more attention and more affection because of that?

ELIAS: Affection, nurturing, acceptance – yes.

LORRAINE: Alright, and I can stop doing that whenever I feel like it, right?

ELIAS: Quite!

LORRAINE: So that’s not going to be an option any more! No more of that stuff! Like I created that car accident that I had about two years ago, and I feel like I’ve done that, been there. I’m not going to create that one again!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

LORRAINE: Alright, the last thing I want to talk about in the next couple of minutes is my animals. I mean, you must know that I have had seventy-four cats and nine dogs at one point in my life, and now I’m down to three or four dogs and nineteen cats. I guess my beliefs around that were different at the time, where I really believed they needed me and I had to save them and there weren’t enough homes for them and nobody wanted them and all of that. I’m down to what I have now and I’m going to keep them, but I have this guilt thing where I don’t spend a lot of time with them. I could spend more time with them – I could make the time – but I don’t, and I feel very guilty about the little bit of my time and attention that they get, and I’m not able or I’ve not learned at this point how to really communicate with them and get any of their own input.

So I guess my question to you is, how are they doing? Are they upset about this? Is this guilt that I feel ... I’m sure I’m putting that on myself, but that’s my problem with the situation with the animals, and I just want to get some feedback from you on that situation.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that in like manner to many individuals, once again, you are people-izing your creatures.

In this, you are moving in a direction, first of all, [of] placing judgment upon yourself as to your lack of ability to be accomplishing adequately, which reinforces your value meter in its downward swing. I also express to you, in this people-izing of your creatures, you assume great personal responsibility for the creation of the reality of these creatures.

In this, this is your choice to be interactive with creatures, but recognize that these creatures also are creating their reality, and as you do not NEED to be interactive with them, they also do not NEED to be interactive with you.

You are assuming personal responsibility for these creatures. This offers you, conversely, your upswing in your worth-gauge. This allows you the opportunity to view within yourself that you are offering an expression of humanitarianism, and in this, you are creating an honorable deed. You are expressing care for these creatures, but simultaneously, you are not expressing care in an adequate enough manner. Therefore, you also offer yourself the opportunity to deplete the gauge of the value and the worth of self.

(Humorously) For we shall not anticipate that the gauge shall move too high, for this would be entirely unacceptable, for realistically, we hold the awareness that it may only reach a certain point, for this is the reality! You may feel one-quarter full of acceptance of self within your worthiness, and that is all, for beyond this is accepting measurement not affordable to yourself, for you are not worthy of that!

In this, let me express to you, although all of these creatures participate in interaction with you in agreement, you draw them to yourself.

LORRAINE: So how can I stop that? (Laughing)

ELIAS: I express to you, this also moves in the direction of your acceptance of self. You express outwardly this extreme that you need be expressing this nurturing and caring and affection for all of your reality – you must be care-taking of all of your reality – but you are not affording this same expression to self. THIS is the area of neglect.

You need not hold the feeling or the expression of guilt in conjunction with these creatures. They hold the ability quite adequately to be creating their reality and caring for themselves in a much more efficient manner than you afford yourself, for they do not hold the belief systems that you hold and therefore are not influenced in the same manner.

I hold the offering to you of the suggestion that you attempt to be turning a fraction of this concentration of energy that you project to all of your reality outside of yourself in the direction of self – merely a fraction – and you shall be offering a great service and kindness, so to speak, to yourself.

I shall also express to you, as I have expressed to other individuals previously: Guilt and worry – these are, in a manner of speaking, a waste of energy. Of all that you create within your expressions of energy – although in reality there is no actual waste of energy – if we are to designate ANY expression of energy that may be closely associated with a waste of energy, it would be these two expressions that you create within physical focus, guilt and worry, for all that these particular expressions create is a reinforcement of duplicity.

LORRAINE: Okay, alright. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

Offer to yourself an experimentation. Create the imagination playfully with yourself, and view yourself as a feline, and offer to yourself the same expression that you would be offering to one of these creatures! (Chuckling)

LORRAINE: Okay....

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And I shall offer encouraging energy to you to be helpful in your expression in this area, and encouraging you in your movement into your acceptance of self.

LORRAINE: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall be anticipating our objective interaction once again, and I offer to you great affection and encouragement in your new movement into awareness. To you this day, I extend a very loving au revoir.

LORRAINE: Bye-bye.

Elias departs at 12:39 PM.

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