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Sunday, August 22, 1999

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“AIDS/Immune System Diseases”

“Distortion/Translations of Energy”

“Relationships/Different Orientations”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 1:40 PM. (Arrival time is 12 seconds – fast!)

ELIAS: Good morning, Yarr!

JIM: Ah! Bon jour, Elias! Comment allez-vous? (They both laugh, as this means “How are you?” in French.)

I have some inquiries and clarifications this day, if you could help me with some insights?

ELIAS: Very well.

JIM: Thank you. In our past sessions here recently, we’ve been talking about color and tone and vibration and so forth, and to my knowledge, we’ve never addressed the energy of white and magenta, as I understand it with the other families that are physically focused within our dimension here. The other names or tones of the intent of white and magenta are connections with Regional Area 2 and Regional Area 3? Is this nonphysically focused energy entirely? Could you maybe help me with some insight on that?

ELIAS: These particular colors would not necessarily translate into your physical reality within an accurate tone, so to speak. I may offer tones to you, but I shall express to you that within the element of distortion, you would be incorporating distortion in this translation.

In a manner of speaking, you might liken this particular type of distortion to a stream or a beam of light, so to speak. In its projection, it may be projected in a precise beam, in a manner of speaking, and this may be likened to the tone and its exhibition within consciousness, in a manner of speaking. But as it translates through layers of consciousness and translates into your language and the limitations of your language, it then begins to disperse into many different particles, in a manner of speaking, and is then viewed as a spray of light as opposed to a beam of light, which allows for many different elements of distortion, for in that, as you magnate to any particular particle of that stream, so to speak, of light, and you turn your attention to the particular particle in whichever direction it is moving, you are incorporating only one aspect of it. Therefore, you are not incorporating the entirety of the beam.

Are you understanding thus far?

JIM: Yes, I am. That is fascinating. That explains a lot.

ELIAS: What you are incorporating in this translation is, you are attempting to filter through your translation a stream of energy, a vibrational quality, and you are attempting to direct its movement into one particular area in which the entirety of it shall not necessarily fit. In this, you may also, figuratively speaking, within your visualization, liken this action to a stream of water.

In this, as you incorporate a stream of water pouring and you place a very, very tiny narrow straw beneath this stream of water, the amount of water that shall be filtered through this tiny straw shall not be the entirety of the stream. It shall merely be a few particles of the stream, which does not incorporate the entire movement or concept or actualization or tone of the stream. Therefore, it offers you a distorted element of the entirety of the energy.

In this, this be the reason that shall I be offering you a translation in physical term of words, of language, of these particular vibrational qualities, it shall be merely offering you a translation of a particle of the quality of vibration of energy that is actually projected.

JIM: So, it would be like a really, really big word! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

JIM: Oh my! I guess I bit off a little more than I can chew there!

ELIAS: And a....

JIM: However you feel to offer would be, I understand, quite insightful. Thank you.

ELIAS: And I shall offer to you, it would be a continuously changing word!

JIM: Yes. Yes, it would be then, wouldn’t it? (Elias chuckles) Interesting. Okay.

I’ve been involved with a lot of people lately, looking in a broader sense at immune responses with cancer and AIDS and MS and people with other disorders, and it seems that these are responses where the body begins to attack itself in some way. Presently medical science moves in to totally suppress the immune system so it won’t attack the body. Is this along the lines of the mass statement of AIDS? I feel there is more involved with this than people are expressing in themselves.

Could you offer some insight as to this type of dis-ease on a mass scale and how people may begin to look at it differently in order to allow healing in themselves if they are choosing?

ELIAS: This particular type of expression is created directly in conjunction with the element of acceptance of self, en masse and individually.

Now; I shall offer to you a distinction in particular movements of dis-ease, for in this one expression of mass creation of this particular dis-ease – in which we have spoken previously – of AIDS, this holds a very specific direction, as I have expressed, and there is created in this a mass expression to be gaining your attention en masse for a very specific reason, which has built within your linear time framework in lending energy to certain movements within the action of this shift and moves quite in conjunction with different belief systems and different movements of energy that you address to in these time frameworks.

As to that particular creation, much energy has been lent to the expression of it to be gaining your attention in preparation for what you engage presently in the acceptance of differences and the subject matter of the belief system of sexuality and how it is creating of your perception – the aspects of how you view yourselves and how you view each other, how you view your world, the aspect of orientation and of gender, and your definitions of many different elements within your physical reality.

This particular creation of this particular dis-ease has lent a tremendous amount of energy to the action of this shift and to an objective awareness within the mass and collective consciousness of individuals throughout your globe directing in preparation of this information and movement which is occurring presently.

As to the creations of other expressions of dis-ease which incorporate the action of immune systems, this individuals are creating in conjunction with the acceptance or LACK of acceptance of self and of their creations within their individual focuses. It is lent energy in a collective expression through the mass as an accepted method of expression of a lack of acceptance of self.

It also, as you may view, has gained momentum and intensity within this particular century as an expression within individuals and en masse, and in this, it also moves in conjunction with the energy of this shift in consciousness, as offering an opportunity for individuals to be recognizing their own movement within the belief system of duplicity and their movement within their belief system of sexuality – how they perceive themselves, how they view themselves, how they measure themselves.

It offers also an opportunity for many individuals that hold a low measure of worth and value within themselves to be acquiring certain aspects of expressions that they view within their perception that they need from outside of themselves, that they may not necessarily allow themselves the ability to offer to themselves. Therefore, within their expression of duplicity and their measurement of their individual value and worth – their lack of trust and acceptance of self – they look to other individuals to be receiving those elements of acceptance that they do not afford to themselves, and in this, they create an objective expression that offers them a reason to be accepting the expression from other individuals. It also offers them an objective reason for expectation of this from other individuals.

Therefore, as you move more and more into an intensity of energy and movement within this shift in consciousness, you may view many, many different types of expressions that within your belief systems, you deem to be negative or contrary to the actual movement of this shift in consciousness. But I express to you that all of these movements are in actuality beneficial, for they DO gain your attention individually and en masse and they DO allow you to move more fully into the action of addressing to your belief systems and HOW YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY.

All of these expressions are turning individuals’ attentions to self and are offering the opportunity for many, many individuals to be recognizing and questioning their realities and how they influence their reality, how they create their individual reality, and how collectively all of these individuals create a mass reality.

This concept of “you create your reality” continues to be a concept, and is also gaining an intensity of energy to move it into a reality and not merely a concept.

JIM: Hmm. There’s a lot to it! (Elias laughs) And a simplicity as well, that we refuse to view. Okay, I’m gonna review that. There’s a lot of information there. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: Shall we on to our game?

ELIAS: Very well!

JIM: (Laughing) I have an impression in the category of animals, connecting the mustang with Sumafi. (Brief pause)

ELIAS: One point.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: I have a question about our game as well. In musical notes, the category, we identified them with color and essence family. Do those correspond to the color and the essence family, or are these notes maybe a combination of that, or do they have anything to do with it at all?

ELIAS: Quite intuitional of you, Yarr!

JIM: Why thank you, Elias!

ELIAS: As you have expressed inquiries into the color vibrational tones! In this, you now express a curiosity of the musical notes which are connected to these colors and families.

As I have expressed, the color and the tone which is identified with each essence family moves in conjunction with a quality of the family which may be identifiable within their intent.

It is all interconnected!

Now you may move these musical notes in correlation with the language terms which have been offered to you, as to the identification of vibrational quality of color.

JIM: Okay, so the essence families, those would be perhaps different notes? Or probably a combination of a lot of notes, almost like a chord, I would imagine, with the families, with all the diversity within that.

ELIAS: Yes, but as I have expressed, in like manner to the colors, this is what you may term to be the predominate quality. All of the colors, all of the tones – or what you translate as musical notes – are incorporated into the energy of each of these essence families, but they hold one tone or vibrational quality that holds the greatest likeness in similarity to the movement of energy and the intent of that particular family, in like manner to your energy fields.

You hold all of the color spectrum, so to speak, within your energy centers, and all of these colors in vibrational quality are expressed within your energy, and this is projected outwardly and translated into an energy field which surrounds your physical form, and within different time frameworks, within different moments, different colors may be expressed as dominate within your energy field. But you also hold one particular vibrational quality which translates into your physical dimension as a color which is the most closely associated with your individual energy signature, and therefore is designated as your individual underlying color vibration individually.

This may not necessarily be translated into objective projection in what you view as you allow yourselves to view each other’s energy fields, but it is a constant and it is continuously underlying whatever colors you may be projecting within the moment in your energy field, and as you look THROUGH the colors that are projected by your energy centers into your energy field, you also may view this constant of your individual color, which is your vibrational quality.

JIM: Hmm. Well, it’s no coincidence that I’ve read a little bit about that in a transcript, and I was going to ask you about that!


JIM: I’ve been thinking along those lines, and I’ve felt perhaps that my vibrational overall quality is kind of a blue-green?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall express to you, Yarr, an acknowledgment, for you have allowed yourself to be connecting very well! I express to you that your individual vibrational quality of color, which holds as a constant in conjunction with your energy signature, may be designated as what you identify in physical focus [as] teal green.

JIM: I wrote that down, Elias! Trust in self! Thank you very much!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! You are very welcome!

JIM: I like this! After four years of being with you and talking to you and being a friend, this has been an incredible journey for me, my sojourn. I don’t know if I’ve ever expressed it, but I certainly appreciate your support and friendship.

ELIAS: And you are creating your movement quite efficiently also. Therefore, be acknowledging of yourself in your movement, for YOU are allowing yourself the creation.

JIM: Okay. A number of years ago – actually when Sean was born, around May 30, 1996 – we had expressed that a group of us had also experienced a birth. So, on this birthday of mine, and also having this other child, is there like a probable self that was also created from that experience within that? Because I do feel, more and more, that there’s something more going on there than what I’m allowing myself to see presently. (Laughing)

ELIAS: I shall express to you that within the collective of many of you that participated in events within that time framework in conjunction with each other, you have all created a probable reality with your own individual participants.

JIM: Wow! Huh! Hmm ... so we can investigate that!

ELIAS: Yes, you may! I shall express to you that this probable reality also lends energy not merely to all of you, but also lends energy to the action of this shift in consciousness, for this was a probable reality that sprung from an event which was created in your reality which incorporated action which directly related to this shift in consciousness.

JIM: Hmm. Oh my! More connectedness (laughing) and less and less separation! (Elias laughs)

In the Vedic traditions, kind of going back to sound and tone, within their chakras, it’s been offered the tones of the energy centers or words connected with the energy centers. Would these be more – and I understand that they are reality and they are effective – would these sounds be more in line with belief and translation and distortion? I guess in believing in those sounds and those tones, one would be able to generate energy within those centers and create the same thing. Can those sounds be used in conjunction with everything else, as far as focusing and working with energy centers? Are they all the same?

ELIAS: Within the context of belief systems, in a manner of speaking, yes.

Now; you have inquired as to translations of tones within the least amount of distortion within your verbal translation, your language, and I have offered to you within your language a translation of tones of particular vibrational qualities. But I may express to you also that within the context of certain belief systems, other tones may be incorporated and may be engaged efficiently to be interactive with certain specific types of activities which wish to be engaged by the individual.

What I am expressing to you is that within the context of the belief systems of the individuals that incorporate this type of action, incorporating certain tones in physical terms in conjunction with meditations, they are creating a specific direction within their attention, and these tones provide a focal point, so to speak. In this, there is an allowance of the individual to be directing their attention quite specifically in certain directions to be accomplishing certain actions, and in this movement, they may be accomplishing quite efficiently.

Therefore, what I am expressing to you is that if you are looking to the tones in themselves without the attachment of very specific incorporations of actions with them, I have offered you the identification of the translation of these tones into physical language in the least amount of distortion. This may be incorporated into a broad spectrum of actions and may be incorporated in many different directions.

If you are looking to the identification of specific tones which may be incorporated for specific directions in specific areas within the context of specific belief systems, you may look to the identification of these other tones.

JIM: Okay, that makes a lot of sense. Understood.

Okay, a couple of last things on my creatures, my friends. (Laughing) Recently, in dealing with these two ponies with a sheath problem and then the two goats that each contracted this abscess disease that I was quite familiar with, one getting a large abscess and then the abscess spontaneously seeming to disappear, the older one completely manifesting the abscess and me giving it antibiotics and doing what I do or feel I have to do, it seemed to me that with both these goats – one is kind of one extreme and one is the other – as well as the ponies with their infections, I was doing something and feeling responsibility to have to do something, and allowing the animal his expression. Could give me a little insight in this? I know there’s a lot tied up in it ... if I’m kind of close to seeing what IS tied up in it.

ELIAS: I express to you, Yarr, that you continue to move into the expression of holding responsibility. This is a very large issue that you hold, and you present yourself with objective imagery over and over to be gaining your attention in this area and to be holding your attention in this area, to the time that you may afford yourself the freedom of letting go of this particular issue.

But there is much involved in this issue, for in this, let me also explain to you, as I have in different terms previously, in these creations, you involve yourself in choices of these creatures that they offer to you in an expression of cooperation that allows you the opportunity to view self and your behavior and your interaction and YOUR choices and what motivates you in your directions.

In this, there is an involvement of your intent within healing and your definition of your intent, your understanding of your intent, and your belief systems which influence your intent.

There is also the involvement of how you view yourself and how other individuals view you or how you perceive that other individuals view you – not necessarily how other individuals view you in actuality, but how you perceive they may view you if you are NOT interacting – and in some situations, there is also the incorporation of the input of other individuals and their expectations and your compliance with their expectations of what you “should” be incorporating in your responsibility, for the mass belief system continues to move in the direction that these creatures are not creating their reality. You are creating it for them! (Here, Elias finally breathes!)

And therefore, you hold a responsibility, for they are lesser in consciousness than are you, and in this, they are not as efficient within their creations and their choices as are you, and you hold the responsibility to be creating choices FOR them.

In this, you also incorporate the measure of your assessment of your value and your worth as to your performance.

In this, you and I have incorporated discussions many, many times of the acceptance of the creation of any other creature or any other individual or any other element of consciousness, and that this is what they are offering to you in cooperation, and this moves directly into your viewing of self, your acceptance of self, your acceptance of your abilities, and your trust of self, but many, many other areas are involved in this issue.

This involves other individuals. It involves individuals that you view to be close to you in your partnership, in your family, in individuals that you hold relationship with in friendship.

It also involves your perception of how you project your energy and your measurement of your accomplishments, which is also a measurement of your value, and how not merely those individuals that hold closeness to you may be viewing you and perceiving you, but how ALL individuals shall be perceiving you, and you hold....

JIM: Okay, yeah.

ELIAS: (Firmly) You hold a GREAT area in this, in the measurement of accomplishment. This we have spoken of many times, in your measurement of self and how you equate this with the measurement of your success and your accomplishment, and in this, you equate that the more you are accomplishing and the more you are successful in manipulating energy in conjunction with another creature, another individual, the more you may equate your value.

JIM: Hmm. Thank you. Eloquent. (Sighing) I think that’s probably about all for today! (Laughing)

Oh, my friend Jean, if you’d be so kind as to offer an essence name for her, and as far as her family and alignment, I’d like to offer belonging to the family of Tumold, and in this focus aligning with Milumet. (Pause)

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Ah, okay.

ELIAS: Essence name, (pause) Lythell; L-Y-T-H-E-L-L. (lith’el)

JIM: Lythell. Alright, I’m going to offer that to her. In orientation, is Borloh also soft? (Pause)

ELIAS: Common.

JIM: Common. (Pause) I’ll have to look at that. I’ll investigate.

Okay, I think that’s about all the time we have. Thank you very much, Elias. It’s always just wonderful to speak with you, and I’ll keep noticing you and all my other essence friends, as I seem to have been lately here, and thank you very much for all you’ve done and all you’ve offered in your teachings.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (But he’s not finished!)

Now; let me offer one comment to you, Yarr, as to the orientation of Borloh. I hold the recognition of why you are questioning of this response, but let me also express to you that if you are noticing, you may be aware that this individual does not hold the same responsiveness to many different events that you hold.

But in this, let me also express to you that you offer, in your interaction and your relationship with each other, an example of that which I have been expressing to many individuals within the context of this subject matter – that you may be incorporating an intimate relationship with another individual and you shall experience initially difficulties in translating each other’s languages, of which you also both incorporated for a time framework, but you also each have allowed yourselves to be accepting and to be incorporating each other’s language.

I have expressed that the time framework may vary in its temporariness in different individuals as to the length of the incorporation of difficulties or conflict with each other in engaging relationships of different orientations, but I have also expressed clearly that it is not impossible to be accomplishing of what you term to be a lasting relationship in physical focus in intimate manner with an individual that does not hold the same orientation. It is merely requiring of a different turn in your attention to be incorporating another language – becoming bilingual, so to speak, in your very physical terms – and the willingness to be engaging that action. It is not impossible!

Many individuals presently, in their drawing to this information, hold many misunderstandings and misinterpretations. I have expressed that there are difficulties in the incorporation of individuals in intimate relationship with each other that hold differences in orientations, but I have also expressed that you may be incorporating different languages.

You are not doomed merely for the reason that you choose to engage an intimate relationship with an individual of a different orientation!

Therefore, once again, it is not an accident that you incorporate this information into this session within this time framework, offering to other individuals the example that you may be accomplishing in this area if you are so choosing.

JIM: It makes a lot of sense, and I can see that. I see where we have accomplished a lot within our expressions. Yes, that does make a lot of sense. It ties in a lot of things. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Still not finished!)

There is an allowance within you each to be expressive in your natural manner, and there is an acceptance of that expression.

Initially, you did experience confusions and conflicts and judgments with each other in your individual expressions, and a lack of understanding at times, but you also have incorporated with each other an allowance for those natural expressions.

Therefore, you have incorporated a greater understanding and an acceptance of differences, and this is the point!

JIM: Yes indeed!

ELIAS: And now we shall on to your globe in this same area! HA HA!

JIM: (Laughing) Once again! It’s just next door for you, huh?


JIM: Well, thank you again.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I express great affection to you, and I anticipate our continuation in our objective meetings. To you....

JIM: And I as well. Thank you, my friend.

ELIAS: To you this day, Yarr, much lovingness, and adieu.

JIM: Adieu.

Elias departs at 2:37 PM.

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