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Friday, August 27, 1999

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“Y2K: Extremes and Polarizations”

“Engage Your No-Conflict Scenario”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Betsy (Mary).

Elias arrives at 4:23 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

BETSY: Hi, Elias. I’ve missed our session time together!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And now we meet objectively once again!

BETSY: Um-hmm.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very well! And you have questions this day?

BETSY: Yes, I do. That’s why I’m here.

ELIAS: And you may proceed.

BETSY: Okay. I have a few things that I really want to ask about, but the first thing is, I was just talking with Mary and we were talking about this Y2K stuff a little bit. I’ve read a little bit about the alignment of the planets and that the magnetic fields are supposed to be changing, and I’ve been talking to people about this. Do we really need to worry about this? Is this a belief system or is this something that will manifest in our lives – that there will be chaos, that there may be looting, that there may be lack of food and lack of water – and should we be preparing for this? (Pause)

ELIAS: What is occurring is that within an intensification of energy that you all collectively have created within this time framework, you collectively are manipulating energy and are creating these events. As to your question of whether you may be concerned in these matters, I express to you that some events have been set into motion in probabilities, [but] not in the extreme that you are anticipating.

Therefore, I am encouraging individuals to be recognizing that you hold the choice to be lending energy to the creation of panic and anxiety and trauma, and if you ARE lending energy to these creations, you shall be creating them, but it is unnecessary and it is not predestined. It is not a situation in which you have already inserted certain probabilities as inevitable, so to speak, within your physical dimension. They remain as probable probabilities, but they may be altered and not inserted into your physical reality if you are diverting the energy in other directions.

As to the situation with this identification of your Y2K, some individuals are creating what we would term to be fanatical expressions in this area, and they are concentrating upon doom and gloom and prophesying many destructive elements which shall absolutely be created. I express to you that this is incorrect.

These are the expressions of individuals that are allowing their fear to be overwhelming, and in these expressions, they are offering outwardly to other individuals the projection of energy of their fear. But in actuality, the situation is not quite as dire as it may appear, for there are many other individuals that are tremendously lending energy to the expression of not inserting destruction and chaos into your officially accepted reality, and there is created a type of balance.

The reason there is confusion within this time framework is that as I have expressed to you at the onset of this particular time framework of this year, much energy has been lent throughout your centuries to this particular time framework. In this, as you continue within this final year of your century and your millennium, you are actualizing certain expressions of polarizing, so to speak, yourselves in your behaviors and in your reactions.

Now; you listen to individuals speak to you or you read material that suggests to you elements of polarization. You look to your planets, you look to your atmospheric expressions ... many different elements within your physical dimension suggest this idea of a polarization. This is a translation. In actuality, what you are creating is a type – this is not absolute – but a type of polarization, in a manner of speaking, within yourselves, within the individuals and en masse.

This creates a mirror effect within your dimension. Therefore, as I have expressed previously, you create movements within your physical dimension, within your universe, that mirror what YOU are projecting.

You think of these actions in the reverse. You look to certain movements that are occurring within your universe, and within your thought process you create a belief that that action is affecting of you. In actuality, the reverse is occurring. You collectively are creating certain actions within your movements, and that is affecting of all of your universe and therefore creating certain events.

Now; in this time framework, as I expressed to you all at the onset of this particular year, for the reason of the intensity of the energy which has been lent to this time framework, any direction that any of you choose to be moving into, you shall allow yourselves the movement much more easily than you would be expressing within other time frameworks.

Therefore, as I also have expressed within the beginning throes of this particular year, if you are choosing to be creating ease and joyfulness and pleasure and calm, you shall allow yourself to be creating this much more easily in this time framework than within other time frameworks, for much energy is lent to you. If you are choosing to be creating trauma and conflict and confusion, you shall also move into this much easier. The intensity of any direction that you choose shall be, in a manner of speaking, exaggerated.

You may view expressions en masse throughout your globe as being quite exaggerated. You may view a very strong intensity of energy and expressions individually and en masse throughout your globe.

Now; the polarization, so to speak, occurs within a separation of directions that individuals have chosen in the allowance of this tremendous influx of energy. Therefore, it appears that individuals are divided. Either they are expressing much acceptance and an ease within their creations presently, or they are experiencing and expressing a lack of tolerance, a lack of acceptance, much confusion, and much conflict.

In this, collectively you create a type of polarization which is mirrored in your patterns of movements within your universe, in a manner of speaking. Your planets are responsive to the energy that you are projecting. This particular planet that you occupy is very responsive to the energy that you are projecting outwardly.

It is not necessarily a situation in which your polarization of your earth, so to speak, is shifting, but that YOUR energy collectively is shifting and is creating responses within your physical earth – your atmosphere, your creations of weather patterns, your creations of movements of your planet – those situations that you collectively create that you express to be “natural disasters.” (Smiling)

Within this time framework, there is an appearance to you all that this may be increasing. Your weather appears to be erratic, inconsistent, unnatural within its designated patterns for certain physical locations. It has shifted. This is not to say that it may continue within this particular type of shift permanently, but temporarily there have been many shifts, for YOU are shifting, and these are natural expressions that follow your shifting.

There appears to be extremes which are occurring. You may view this within individuals and you may view this quite clearly in mass expressions. Individuals are choosing to be disengaging in mass quantities in this particular time framework. Other individuals in mass expressions are creating experiences of great excitement and anticipation of new wonders. Other individuals express the extreme of great intolerance to difference.

These are the extremes that you view within this time framework and these are the polarizations, in a manner of speaking.

Within very recent time framework, in conjunction with what you have created in your solar expressions ... for you collectively have shifted these planets. They are not shifting themselves!

Within that expression, you have also mirrored throughout your universe a shifting which has occurred throughout your globe in the consciousness of individuals. This shift of consciousness has moved this polarization of individuals and has created a crossing over, or a beginning of a crossing over. Those individuals that have been experiencing no conflict begin experiencing slight expressions of intolerance and confusion. Those individuals that have been experiencing conflict and confusion and trauma begin to experience less, and begin to view more of their reality.

(Humorously) In very physical terms, in conjunction with your belief systems, those that have been within the darkness are beginning to view the light. Those who have been within the light are beginning to view cloudedness. They are crossing over their expressions.

This is also quite purposeful, for the point in what you are creating en masse throughout your globe is a shift into acceptance, and although it may not appear objectively that many, many individuals are accepting and expressing a tolerance and an acceptance of each other, this is merely their retreat into their familiar expression of a lack of tolerance and acceptance, but it is quite temporary. (1)

Some individuals have moved easily into expressions of acceptance and tolerance, but the movement of energy of consciousness flows through different expressions. Therefore, the expressions of the acceptance flow through the intolerance, and the expressions of intolerance flow through the acceptance.

THIS is what you are viewing; not that you need be moving yourselves into fanaticism, not that you need be moving yourselves into the expression of fear or panic in anticipation of great chaos and devastation, but merely the realization that this presently, in physical terms, is a tumultuous time framework.

Many changes are occurring. You have CHOSEN this. You are moving yourselves into a new millennium and you are preparing for a new movement into widening your awarenesses. Therefore, you are also creating elements of fearfulness, of resistance to change, resistance in movement into unfamiliar areas and expressions, and you cling to the final threads of familiarity.

As I have stated, this is all temporary.

In quite physical terms, of your element of Y2K, you need not be lending energy to worry. Your entire system that you have created within your physical societies shall not collapse. It is not ready for its collapse yet! (Grinning)

You shall not alter the entirety of your reality in this beginning throe of your new millennium. You may experience some minor elements of confusion and of discomfort, but this is for the reason that you have already lent much energy in fearfulness and this shall be expressed, for it continues to be expressed and lent to in energy.

You may be creating your individual reality without confusion and without affectingness that other individuals create. This is your choice. If you choose to be fearful, you shall create elements that shall mirror this. If you choose not to be lending energy to these expressions, you may experience in your encounters with other individuals and outside elements minor inconveniences, but not chaos!

Individuals shall not be needing the expression of hoarding supplies, so to speak. (Grinning) You continue to be producing enough for you all. Look to your creations of your physical weather and what your expression of your panic and your fear is creating in affectingness of your atmosphere. You create great affectingnesses. You create great lack, in its natural course and its natural expression, for you are all holding to your energy, experiencing this uncertainty of your future. But even within those expressions and those affectingnesses, you continue to hold enough to be physically supplying you all with all that you need.

Therefore, what be the direction of worry? You may be creating of any element you are so choosing, and if you are choosing to be creating abundance and joyfulness and ease, you may be creating this quite efficiently!

BETSY: Well, one question that I had was, if time is simultaneous, is it just a belief system ... I was watching a TV program and they were saying that there are predictions in the Bible, and Native American oral history predicts all this trauma or whatever, and like you said, it’s lending energy to this millennium. Now, is that all a belief system, or is it just the energy that’s been lent? Is this something that should be discounted, or is it something that another essence has given in hindsight as energy, as things that truly may come to pass, or is it just a probability?

ELIAS: It is not to be discounted. These ARE probabilities, for you are correct – within the simultaneousness of time, in a manner of speaking, all may be viewed within the moment if you are choosing to be tapping into areas of consciousness outside of your physical attention. (2)

Individuals do at times – within your linear time framework – tap into information of probabilities, but be remembering, they are probabilities. This is not to say that they are inserted into your reality. They are actualized, for all probabilities are actualized, but they need not be actualized in this particular physical reality. They may be actualized in a parallel physical reality to this reality. They may be actualized in any number of probable realities in conjunction with this officially accepted physical reality, but it is not an absolute that they are inserted into this physical reality.

Probabilities are created within the now. They are not events that lie before you. I am understanding that this appears to be a contradictory concept, but within no time framework, they are all actualized, and they are all actualized NOW. But you have created a linear time framework in this particular reality, in this particular dimension. Therefore, you also choose – WITHIN THE MOMENT – which probabilities you shall insert into actualization in this physical dimension, and this allows you choices.

This also moves in conjunction with all of consciousness, in that there are no absolutes! ANY element within consciousness may be altered, may be changed, within EVERY moment.

BETSY: Okay. I’m gonna shift the topic just a little bit. With creating conflict in this change, in this crossover, I can see it with myself. I’ve had a very confusing summer. I’ve been in a lot of conflict in relationships with men in my life, and probably with other people in my life too, but the main focus has been on men.

In April, I had surgery done to remove the calcium deposits in my breast, and my husband came back. He’s wanting us to get back together in the marriage, and in my mind, there’s a lot of confusion about this. I think if I really look into what I feel is my heart, what I’m seeing is this fear and this panic, the fear of change, and the fear is immobilizing me and I feel stuck, and I also feel that I keep repeating the same patterns or I keep re-experiencing the same things, although I desire to change. So, how do I get unstuck? Can you just reflect on this?

ELIAS: Yes, and this is quite common presently, for individuals do express an objective desire to be moving into new freedoms, but freedom is a very fearful area, for it is very unfamiliar. You do not objectively know how to be creating within freedom without being dictated to by some other element or directed by some other element. Therefore, it is creating of great confusion, and many individuals are experiencing this same confusion.

BETSY: Are you talking about me personally, or the collective you, or both?

ELIAS: Both.

BETSY: Okay.

ELIAS: In this, I have expressed many times recently to individuals what I shall be expressing to you also.

In lessening your confusion, temporarily it may be helpful to you to direct your attention singularly, and what I am expressing in “directing your attention singularly” is to be focusing upon self, and very simply, in your focusing upon self, engage your no-conflict scenario.

Look to each moment within your focus. Look to each experience that you are participating within in each moment and express to yourself, “What is my no-conflict scenario in this situation, in this feeling, in this behavior, in this thought?”

It matters not what the expression is or what the participation is. Turn your attention to yourself and offer yourself, in each moment, what is your no-conflict scenario?

This is not difficult, for you each hold an objective awareness of what shall offer you no conflict within the moment. You do not necessarily choose to move into your no-conflict scenario, for you shall express to yourselves that this shall also offer you conflict, for you allow yourself a thought process which incorporates your belief systems and your evaluations of good and bad.

BETSY: Can you repeat that? We may not move into it?

ELIAS: Many times you do not move into your no-conflict scenario, for you are evaluating the good and bad aspects of it.

I am expressing to you NOT to be evaluating the good and bad aspects of your no-conflict scenario, but merely to offer yourself the identification of what shall offer you no conflict, and once you have identified what offers you no conflict, move in that direction, regardless of your interaction, regardless of the opinion or response of any other individual, regardless of the thought process or emotional expression of any other individual.

(Intently) Focus first upon self.

BETSY: Do you think that’s possible to do in relationships?


BETSY: Like being in a relationship?

ELIAS: Yes. I hold an understanding that this holds difficulty with many of you, for this once again is unfamiliar. But I shall also express to you, as I have expressed within a previous session, you may allow yourself the recognition that in creating your no-conflict exercise – your scenario of no conflict – what you are actualizing in reality is acceptance. You are creating the expression of acceptance of yourself without judgment.

You are also allowing yourself to be creating an acceptance of the situation and the expression of another individual – if you are engaging another individual – for you are not placing a judgment upon the expression of the other individual. You are not focusing your attention and your evaluation upon their creation or their choices. You are focusing your attention upon your OWN choices and your OWN creations. Therefore, you are not creating a judgment upon the other individual either, and you ARE allowing an acceptance of the other individual. Although it may not appear so to them initially, this IS what you are expressing.

This may offer you a reinforcement, as you are remembering of this, that regardless of your battle back and forth of good and bad and right and wrong within your no-conflict scenario, this expression is the most efficient expression. This, first, is your beginning point within conflict and confusion.

Subsequently you may move into the recognition of other expressions, but we shall not be discussing that this day, for this shall add to your confusion, and we shall continue in the simplicity and the lack of complication in merely addressing to no conflict.

BETSY: Well, I know I’ve been batting that dead mouse around quite a bit! (Elias chuckles) We’re having fun playing! There are times when I choose to disengage and the other person doesn’t want to, or I get sucked back into the pattern and I recognize it after the fact, so it’s very interesting how....

ELIAS: It matters not the expression of another individual and what THEY choose to be creating. You hold choices also!

BETSY: Right. Well, I know that I’m choosing to create the conflict too, if I’m participating. Tongue in cheek! Anyway, we have about ten minutes left, so thank you for shedding so much light on things. I can see how easily I can get pulled by other people, and to hold to my true self or my true being is difficult right now, and I need to practice it more ...

ELIAS: Correct.

BETSY: ... so I don’t get lost. Thank you very much for all that.

ELIAS: This is quite familiar, to be allowing other individuals to dictate to you, to be influencing of you, and to be directing of you.

BETSY: Oh, I’ve been doing it my whole life!

ELIAS: Quite!

BETSY: This life!

ELIAS: Quite!

BETSY: Right. I have one other question. How is it that you know me? Where was it that we were together, in what focus?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Ah! Individuals hold a thought process in such very limited terms, expressing that we must be knowing of each other as we have engaged physical interaction with each other!

BETSY: Well, I was just wondering....

ELIAS: You are correct – we have engaged physical interaction with each other within this physical dimension, and I may express to you that you have engaged a physical focus in which I have participated also. You may investigate within your playfulness a focus within a northern area of European continent, that which you identify as Norway, within a time framework of 1400’s. In that, you hold a focus of a male individual and I also hold a male focus, of which we have engaged a relationship of friendship or comrades, so to speak, both engaging quite obvious displays of virility in competition and experiencing great fun in comparison of conquests! (Chuckling)

BETSY: We were having a good time! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite!

BETSY: Sounds good!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You participate in other focuses in which I also have participated within, but not within the capacity of relationship in this manner. This be the reason that I offer this particular focus for your investigation.

But as to how do I hold awareness or how do I know you, I know you within essence. Within consciousness, I hold the knowing in intimate manner of many, many, many essences, for there is an intertwining and intermingling of essences, and therefore, there is an intimacy of knowing beyond the physical focuses.

BETSY: Is it in collective consciousness that you know all essences?

ELIAS: Yes, in a manner of speaking. In reality, there is a knowing of all essences, but there is also, figuratively speaking, more of a knowing or recognition of some essences than other essences, and this would be a byproduct of similar tones, and also the manifestation of many similar directions in attention.

Essences are very diverse in their attention. Some essences choose not to be experiencing physical dimensions at all. Some essences choose to be engaging the exploration of physical dimensions. Therefore, those essences which are choosing to be interactive in physical dimensions would hold more of a knowing of each other in these areas of attention than would those that are not choosing to engage that type of experience.

This is not to say that within other areas of consciousness there is not a knowing of all essences and all of consciousness, but you magnate to each other in likenesses just as YOU magnate to each other within physical expressions in like kind.

BETSY: One last question. Is this the last focus that I’m going to participate in physically in this linear time frame here in what we call earth?


BETSY: Hmm. I’d better have fun and make the most of it! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) In this, I shall express to you, offer yourself a new awakening of appreciation for this physical experience, for it is wondrous to behold!

BETSY: That’s true, but I might get around a little more without the body!

ELIAS: Not necessarily! (Chuckling)

BETSY: Okay! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You are already moving about without the physical body! Ha ha ha ha!

BETSY: (Laughing) Thank you Elias. It was fun!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I express to you much encouragement in your movement. Be remembering of your no conflict!

BETSY: Okay, I won’t forget.

ELIAS: Very well!

In this, I offer to you great affection and express to you much validation. To you this day, I bid a very loving au revoir.

BETSY: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 5:17 PM.


(1) I have changed the words around in the following phrase: “... this is merely their retreat into their familiar expression of a lack of tolerance and acceptance, but it is quite temporary.”

It was originally stated as such: “... this is merely their retreat in their expression into their familiar, of a lack of tolerance and acceptance, but it is quite temporary.”

(2) The strangest thing happened as I was proofreading this part of the transcript. The cover of my red pen, which had been on the pen seconds before, suddenly appeared in mid-air between the monitor and the printer, made a pinging sound as it bounced off of both objects, and landed on my desk right in front of me. The cover of this same pen also disappeared last week, and then reappeared a few days later. Go figure!

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