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Friday, August 27, 1999

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“Exploring Financial Gain”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Mike (Mikah).

Vic’s note: For some reason, this transcript got put aside for quite some time, first by Mike, and then by myself. Apparently, it’s been in my “incomplete” folder for almost a year, waiting to be finished. I don’t know how that happened, but it did. So here it is, finally!

Elias arrives at 12:02 PM. (Arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning, Mikah!

MIKE: Good morning, Elias. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah, and you choose to be engaging interaction quickly, as I was not adequately responding to your questioning yesterday! Ha ha ha ha!

MIKE: (Laughing) You are correct!

ELIAS: I am wise to your game! Ha ha!

MIKE: (Laughing) So please, if you please, a bit of an explanation on my question from yesterday. (Reference session 456)

ELIAS: Which question? (Grinning)

MIKE: (Cracking up) The whole thing – all of it! The whole thing with the job, and my impression, and whether or not I confused the impression to begin with, that it was not the position that was going to be temporary, that it was the job that was going to be temporary, and whether or not I’m correct in that another job is being created in much the same manner.

ELIAS: As to another job being created in much the same manner, I express to you, yes, you have created a line of probabilities in this direction.

As to the creation of the previous employment and the temporariness of that, I express to you, both the position AND the employment were temporary. (Chuckling, and Mike laughs)

MIKE: Now, can you explain to me what the whole purpose of that was? I mean, I WAS temporary. I did certain things there that helped them get stuff out of the way. But beyond the obvious, objective thing of it, what was the whole point of that?

ELIAS: Let us look to your creations, our interactions throughout this past time framework of this past year, and what we have been discussing in relation to behaviors, expectations, and belief systems.

In this, as you are allowing yourself to be interacting with me and allowing yourself to be assimilating information, you are inputting information in small increments that you may digest, so to speak, and in this, in these small increments, you test your waters of what you have assimilated.

We have been discussing expectations and behaviors and belief systems for much time framework. You created a line of probabilities to be engaging this employment, of which I have expressed to you as being a stepping stone, but not in the manner that you are thinking, in what you may term to be solid terms, of merely creative expressions. It is much more encompassing than merely that type of an expression, for now you move into the area of identifying and recognizing.

Be remembering our discussion of belief systems and issues, and how you move in steps through these belief systems – in the noticing, and then into the recognition and identification, and then into the addressing of the aspect of the belief, and finally into the “it matters not” and the acceptance.

Now; we have engaged much discussion in this subject matter. In your assimilation of that information, you have moved into an area to be examining and experimenting with these steps.

Therefore, within the second step of the recognition and identification of the different aspects of belief systems, this is not merely the recognition and identification of a thing, of a particular bird, but this also involves the recognition and identification of your interaction with it – your behavior, your expectations, your responses, your reactions, your triggers. (Mike laughs) Ah! Now you are beginning to be understanding!

And in this, you have moved yourself into a position in this step to be experimenting and exploring, offering yourself objective imagery and interaction, active participation in situations and circumstances that you may objectively view and assess and evaluate, and in this, you offer yourself the opportunity to view all that is involved within the recognition and identification of different aspects, therefore also offering yourself the opportunity to view how and where you place your own individual obstacles or your blockages or your stop points.

I express to you, Mikah, you move in a very analytical direction. This is a natural movement within your expression in this focus.

Therefore, as YOU are creating probabilities, you do not merely move from creating a line of probabilities into the automatic actualization of those probabilities. You lengthen the time framework and analyze each step, each creation, evaluating each angle that you are engaging, and evaluating to yourself and assessing within yourself what is being accomplished, what is not being accomplished; in your very physical terms, what is working and what is not working. Therefore, you also offer yourself situations, circumstances, scenarios, that you may view and you may be assessing all of the actions and interactions that are involved in them.

Now; many times you confuse yourself, for you are not entirely looking to your own behaviors, but you are watching other individuals’ behaviors, and you are watching scenarios and situations unfold in relation to other individuals. But you are not paying as much attention to YOUR participation in them, and how YOU are creating a manipulation of energy to be moving in certain directions.

I did not express to you that this previous engagement of employment was in any manner permanent. I am also not expressing to you that you provided this to yourself as a stepping stone merely in the area of expressing your individual creativity. This was a small aspect of what you offered to yourself in experience.

More of what you were presenting to yourself is the opportunity to view your interaction with other individuals, your expectations of other individuals, your expectations of self, and how you create obstacles within your movement in conjunction with other individuals through your individual behavior.

Now; I am not expressing to you that you “should” have been creating any element differently than you have. This would be defeating of the point.

But in offering this scenario to yourself, you offer to yourself the viewing of acceptance of self, but also the viewing of acceptance of other individuals and their perception, and how many, many times you move in the direction of assessing to yourself: if another individual does not hold the same perception as yourself – which of course, they do not – and if they are not compliant with your perception, then you shall assess that they are deficient, and therefore, you shall not afford them your attention any longer, for this is, in very physical terms, wasting of your time and your energy.

But this creates, within YOU, obstacles, for you are also creating an element of rigidity in your expression, which also is not new within your creations and within your focus. You move into this rigidness many times throughout your focus, and hold to your perception, and are not incorporating the perception of other individuals as readily.

Now; be remembering, listening is not necessarily incorporating another individual’s perception. Any of you may hold the ability quite well to be listening. You may listen and listen and listen to another individual, and simultaneously, you shall also be listening to your chatter that is being created within your individual thought processes, which may be quite different from what you are listening to outside of yourself, and you are no more creating an atmosphere of acceptance within you than you would be if you were expressing all that is being created within you – within your thought process and your triggers and your responses and your reactions. It matters not that you are not verbalizing all of these responses and triggers and reactions.

Therefore, in this, you have offered yourself, as I have stated, the opportunity to view your triggers, your behaviors, your responses, your reactions, and this offers you the opportunity to evaluate – your favorite game! – to evaluate (chuckling) all that you create and how you may be creating within different choices, for it offers you the opportunity to view why you respond in the manner that you do.

I shall not inquire if you are understanding, for I know you are! (Chuckling, and Mike cracks up)

MIKE: Well, will the next job I’m creating have the same reasons for creation – an opportunity to be viewing other triggers and whatsuch?

ELIAS: Yes, but I shall also express to you that within the previous employment, as I have expressed, you were incorporating a small element of exploration of your individual creativity and how you may be expressing of it in different manners, and in this line of probabilities, you also are creating that element.

But if you are holding your attention in the area of recognizing all that you are presenting to yourself within this new line of probabilities that you are creating, you also may offer yourself the opportunity to be creating more of an expansiveness within your expression of your creativity, and therefore allow yourself more of your individual freedoms in this area.

The key is that you hold choices. You hold choices in how you may be interacting, interpreting, translating interactions with other individuals. You hold choices in how you are receiving energy which is projected by other individuals. You hold choices in what YOU shall create and what YOU shall project in energy.

It is merely a matter of your perception and which direction you choose to be focusing your attention within, and whichever direction you choose to focus your attention within, you shall create a different expression within each angle.

You may view the same scenario, and dependent upon how you engage it and which direction you move yourself into with it, your expression shall be different, and what you create subsequently shall also be different.

MIKE: Hmm. Okay. This is all good information. Alright, with my intent, I would like an elaboration on my intent, and also, I would like to know, in what capacity is my intent to be an example? And also, what ... how do I say this? I’ll let you answer those first, and I’ll ask the third one after.

ELIAS: Offer to me specifically, in your language, what you hold in confusion in conjunction with your intent in this focus.

MIKE: Okay. One is my constant ideas for gaining monetary funds in some shape, form or another, and usually it’s in a quick manner, and what I don’t understand is, if my intent is to be an example, then how is that not being an example, if I were to pursue that?

ELIAS: First of all, as you are aware, the acquisition of monetary or financial gain is not necessarily an element of your individual intent. This is a want, as we have discussed previously, but is not an intimate element of your individual intent.

As to the questioning of the example and your assessment that this shall be providing an example to other individuals, I hold an awareness of the direction of your thought process, and in this, within your thoughts, you turn your attention to justify the direction of your want in expressing to yourself, “If I am to be providing an example to other individuals of what they may be accomplishing within physical focus, what better avenue to be engaging than this avenue of financial gain, which shall most assuredly attract their attention? For many individuals move in this direction also, and this is a common want within many individuals. Therefore, they shall hold an understanding of this direction, and it shall be very beneficial to many, many individuals, and therefore accomplishing my intent and my value fulfillment within this focus, and benefiting many other individuals also.” (Mike laughs)

And in this, we shall award you a medal for your nobility in cause of the rightness of helpfulness in the action of this shift, in offering a very solid expression of accomplishment in this focus.

But let us also be remembering that within the action of this shift in consciousness, as it gains momentum and you move into your new millennium, you move more and more into the direction of depleting the necessity of financial gain and exchange, and eventually inserting into your reality the dismemberment of your monetary exchange.

But addressing to the present now, which is reality, these probabilities have not been inserted into your officially accepted reality yet. And therefore, viewing this present now, your attention in the area of financial gain continues, and this IS an element of your officially accepted reality, and you DO move in the expression of exchange, and you have NOT yet assimilated what I have been expressing to you for much time framework in many, many discussions! We continue with this same discussion, and I shall continue with this discussion with you if you are choosing to be engaging it one hundred more times! It matters not! (Mike laughs)

And I shall continue to be addressing to you to be directing your attention away from the distraction and the expression of the mass belief systems and the officially accepted expressions, which motivate you to move your attention away from self and outside of self and efficiently delude you with camouflages that you present to yourself in pretense of addressing to self, and I shall continue to be expressing to you to be looking to self and to be examining your motivation and to be examining your direction and your belief systems.

Express to me, Mikah, why shall this particular subject matter hold such great importance to you? Why shall it hold such great importance to any individual within physical focus? But in our individual personal discussion between yourself and myself, why hold this subject [in] such intensity and such energy and such attention? What do you hope to gain in this direction? Not that you need be answering of this question. I am presenting the question to you, that you may be playing your favorite game and analyzing this question, (Mike laughs) for I may answer the question for you.

(Tediously) It shall create an ease within your focus. You shall eliminate your worry. You shall eliminate your tension. You shall create the expression of offering helpfulness to your parent and to your sibling. You shall create much helpfulness within the action of this shift, and we shall not mention that you shall create much helpfulness to self in easing your movement through your focus. You may be acquiring of new elements, vehicles, and technology that shall facilitate your expression of creativity. I may go on and on and on. I am quite aware of the response to my question, in why you are motivated in this direction so very intensely.

But I may also express to you that you are diverting your attention into outside areas, and you are placing your attention into this particular direction, which is not the direction that shall offer you the accomplishment of the want! And I continue to direct your attention into other areas, expressing to you that you shall much easier accomplish that very want, for I am not expressing that there is any element wrong with this want!

I AM expressing to you that you may accomplish this very want if you are turning your attention to other areas and addressing to them first. If you are looking to self first, and if you are addressing to your belief systems and your issues individually first, this is a natural byproduct. You are addressing the byproduct in the manner that it is the primary element, and it is not. YOU are the primary element. This financial gain is the byproduct. It is an aside. You may term this to me to be a very pleasurable and nice aside, (Mike laughs) but it IS an aside.

YOU are the primary element, and your trust of self, and your allowance of your expression within your creativity, your direction into self, your exploration of self, and your LETTING GO of your hold upon your energy. THIS is the primary direction, and in the addressing to that primary direction, you shall be accomplishing your want, of which I have expressed to you previously, but you are not listening!

MIKE: (Sighing) Okay....

ELIAS: Experiment, Mikah! Offer to myself, offer to me, Elias, one week, one week of your physical time framework to allow yourself an experiment. You may offer this, in your very physical terms, in your thought process, as a favor to your friend Elias. Ha ha ha ha! In actuality, it shall be a favor to yourself! (Mike laughs) But you may identify it as a favor to myself, if this shall facilitate the engagement of the experiment more officially.

One week, offer to yourself the examination of your motivation into your direction of financial gain, and how you may be creating this in fun, not in what you term to be work. Be experimenting with yourself the thought process of “it matters not.” Entertain yourself with the ideas that it matters not if you are acquiring great wealth, and that you may NOT be engaging this financial gain. What shall you create in that scenario? Shall you devastate yourself? Shall you writhe upon your floor in anguish? Or shall you create busying yourself, and occupying your attention in other areas?

Offer yourself the idea of what you might create if you are not creating financial gain. Shall you become an individual homeless upon your streets, and what of it? Shall you engage the activity of a beggar, and what of that? May you be creative in these expressions?

Merely for one week, entertain different ideas, for I hold the awareness that you shall not continue in the entertainment of these ideas. You hold great motivation in the area of financial gain, and you shall return your attention to these expressions, and you shall return your attention to the area of creating in this manner.

But you may also offer yourself a slightly different thought process and a slight movement in altering your perception if you are allowing yourself to view other choices and why it holds such great importance within your attention to be moving in this particular direction, WITHOUT entertaining your usual thought process of justification, WITHOUT entertaining the ideas of explanation in the manner of, “Of course I am looking in this direction. It provides ease. I am fatigued of struggling. I wish not to be creating struggling any longer and accomplishing my focus hand-to-mouth, so to speak. I wish to be creating of affluence and ease.”

They are not necessarily synonymous. They are merely synonymous to you presently within your perception, for it is different from what you have created previously, and therefore, you view that you may be manipulating your creations much more efficiently in this particular manner. This is not necessarily the case! But offer to yourself this creation of exploration and experimentation merely throughout one week, and we shall see what you may offer to yourself.

MIKE: Alright.

ELIAS: Ah! Therefore, we are in agreement! Very well!

MIKE: (Laughing) I have one more clump of questions for you.

ELIAS: Very well.

MIKE: One is, would one part of my creativity, which I’m looking to be exploring or I’m poking myself to be exploring, and that may also be involved with my trip to Australia and/or will be involved with my job futurely that I’m creating that is like later, would any part of it involve cooking or the culinary arts? (Pause)

ELIAS: You may be creating exploration in this area. You are engaging presently a creation of probabilities to be exploring in this area.

MIKE: Okay. Would that be affecting my trip to Australia? (Pause)

ELIAS: It may be affecting of your movement within the location, but as to the accomplishment of the trip itself, not necessarily.

MIKE: When you say in the location, you’re speaking of the location of where I may be visiting in Australia, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Okay, that’s interesting. Okay, and Jeremy wanted to know if he would be involved with that trip.

ELIAS: This may be his choice.

MIKE: Okay, alright. I really don’t have time, but there’s two questions about focuses that I really, really, really have to ask. One is, do I have a focus as a sorcerer? (Pause)


MIKE: Yes. What location would that be in? (Pause)

ELIAS: Physical location, Wales.

MIKE: Say that again?

ELIAS: Wales.

MIKE: Ah! Okay, and the other one is, my Argentinean artist, what school of art would his art be aligned with? (Pause)

ELIAS: What you may term to be the direction of realists.

MIKE: Realists, okay. Oh, and I skipped over this one. I have an impression that has been floating around in my head for a long, long time, like over two years now, and I’ve always pushed it aside ‘cause it’s like, no, it can’t be me, no, no, it can’t. I would be bad for thinking about it, can’t be me. But it always comes in the back of my head that with this job I’m creating futurely, I may be creating of a small amount of fame for the direction I would be moving into.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that this is not outside of the probabilities that you have set into motion. Therefore, there is a possibility within your probabilities that you may be creating of this type of movement.

I am not discouraging you in this area, or in the area of your attention to financial gain. Neither of these elements do I hold a judgment upon, in expressing to you that any direction may be better or worse than any other direction. They are merely choices that you create within physical focus. I am directing you in different areas to be examined, that you may allow yourself to be accomplishing more fully all of your probabilities, and therefore allow yourself to be accomplishing and creating your creativity in these expressions.

And in this, if you are moving your attention into your evaluations of self and your examinations of self and your belief systems, and if you are allowing yourself to move more fully into your individual expression of trust, you may be creating of these types of probabilities to be offering yourself a certain recognition publicly, and also the accomplishment of your want of financial gain.

This is not outside of your probabilities that you are creating. You are merely not creating them as quickly, within your linear time framework, as you wish to be.

MIKE: Okay. Alright, and this was part of the question before, but you didn’t answer it. Would that job that I’m creating futurely, or moving in the direction now of creating futurely, would that involve culinary arts in some way, shape, form or another?

ELIAS: Presently you move into the creation of two different lines of probabilities, and in this, it remains your choice as to how you shall actualize these lines of probabilities. One direction incorporates this type of creativity in culinary arts, so to speak. Another direction incorporates more technical expressions of creativity, within your identification of technology. You may be choosing to incorporate both. You have not yet objectively created a choice of how you shall be implementing these different lines of probabilities. Both have already been set into motion.

MIKE: Okay, alright. Before I say goodbye, one more question.

ELIAS: Very well.

MIKE: Do I have a focus in Greece as a dancer? (Pause)


MIKE: Do I share that with Bahlah? (Pause)


MIKE: Okay, alright. I do believe it is time to say goodbye, and I shall say thank you, and I shall be talking with you soon, I hope.

ELIAS: Very well. I express continued encouragement to you, and also much validation of your accomplishment. Although you do not objectively view your accomplishments, you ARE accomplishing, you ARE moving, and the expression of your frustration and your confusion and your attention in this is an indication to you that you are engaging more of your movement beyond merely noticing, and this, within your process that you have created, is to be acknowledged. Therefore, accept this from myself in energy, and I shall be encouraging of your continuance in this area. To you, great affection and anticipation of our continued interaction. (Chuckling) This day, my friend, I express au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:59 PM.

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