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Sunday, August 29, 1999

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“Some Thoughts on Thought”

“Tapping into Energy Deposits”

“Parlor Tricks – Red Car Rising”

“Your Perception Creates Your Reality!”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Howard (Bosht), and Margot (Giselle).

Elias arrives at 1:09 PM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Bon jour!

MARGOT: (Laughing) Bon jour!

HOWARD: Greetings!

ELIAS: HA HA! And we meet again!

HOWARD: Yes, we do.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You may proceed.

HOWARD: I think I’d like to carry on from about twenty minutes into the last session. We had an event occur that Margot was reticent to talk about, and then for whatever reason, she decided not to share it with everybody. So, I’ll leave it to Margot to begin this one.

MARGOT: (Laughing) Hi, Elias! Last time, while you were telling me such important things about asthma and I was very intently listening to you, at the same time, I was just kind of idly ... I gazed out of the window, and from where I’m sitting – I’m sitting here again right now – I could see down the street.

All of a sudden, a red car that was in a driveway down next to the street began to levitate! (Elias grins) And as I watched, it slowly went about fifteen or twenty feet up in the air, and then it began to be like pulled backwards, still up in the air! And of course, there wasn’t anything doing this!

I didn’t want to interrupt you because that’s rude, (laughing, and Elias grins) so I didn’t, but I was blown away by the whole thing, and I would like you to tell me, please, what I saw!

ELIAS: You saw what you saw! (Starting to laugh)

MARGOT: What did it mean?


What you have presented yourself with is actual physical imagery that directly is in correlation to what we were discussing within that time framework, for although your attention was held in listening, so to speak, to my interaction with you, I may also express to you that within your desire to be opening your awareness and actualizing into your reality many of these elements that are held within concept within you, you have presented yourself imagery of the impossible!

Now; we engage discussion of physical affectingnesses that you have created within your focus, and in this, you also hold an underlying aspect of beliefs that suggests to you that although you may be listening to this information and although you may be attempting to be incorporating this information into your reality, the reality of the situation remains that there are certain elements of your physical reality that are impossible to be accomplishing.

Therefore, in this, in a combined cooperative exchange of energy between yourself and myself, what you have allowed yourself to view is the actualization of a physical element within your reality – be remembering that we were discussing physical elements – you have allowed yourself to view a physical element in your reality shift and accomplish an action that YOU believe to be impossible. Therefore, you ARE experiencing astonishment and amazement, for although you believe this occurrence to be impossible, it is actualizing before your very eyes!

This you have offered to yourself, with also an influx of my energy in cooperation with this particular creation, that you may view, regardless of how very impossible any element within your physical reality seems or appears, as I have stated to you, there are no absolutes. Therefore, you may be altering your reality in any direction and you continue to hold choices in every situation, in every creation, in every event that you present yourself with within your physical focus.

In this, you have chosen this type of imagery, in its astonishment, that you may offer to yourself the thought process and the realization that if you may view a vehicle levitating at this height away from your physical ground and defying all logic and all of your laws of physical reality, if THIS may be accomplished, the action of affecting your physical creations that you have created within your physical body may also be affected, and you hold the ability to be manipulating your energy to be affecting of these elements. This is the reason that you have presented this imagery to yourself.

MARGOT: It’s amazing! What I taught myself with that I’m sure will last me to the end of my days! I felt that your energy did have a lot to do with it because I had never felt your energy so strong as I did that day, and I was very much aware of that, and so I thank you!

ELIAS: Many individuals look to myself and request what we have identified as “parlor tricks” in validation of reality of what they are engaging within, and in many, many expressions, I choose not to be participating in this type of display, for individuals that are seeking these types of expressions – in the identification of parlor tricks – shall not hold less questioning or shall not be convinced, so to speak, of the reality of this energy exchange any more with the display of a parlor trick than they shall without that display.

But at times, it may be quite useful to engage certain manipulations of energy, in cooperation with the individual themselves, that may be offering them information in a manner that shall individually speak to them in a different manner, and in this, allow them the opening to their own awareness within their own reality, and this at times may be quite impactful.

In this expression, you also hold the objective awareness of an intensification of energy which is exchanged between you and I, for in these types of manifestations, it is requiring a greater influx of energy into your Regional Area 1 than would be expressed in other situations. Physical manifestations and manipulations of energy are requiring of tremendous expressions of energy to be filtered through these layers of consciousness to create an actualization within the thickness of your physical reality.

But at times, as I have stated, this may be quite beneficial to the individual that is participating within that particular interaction between myself and them, and this is the situation that was presented within your session at our last meeting.

MARGOT: Well, once again, thank you so much!

ELIAS: You are very welcome!

HOWARD: I’ve got many different subjects, probably more than enough for several sessions, so I’ll just start with a question which may lead to others. In the creation of The Seventh Day idea, in terms of time or place, which came first? Was it thought or essence?

ELIAS: Ah, Bosht! (Smiling) This is quite a simple question that you may be responding to within yourself quite easily!

First of all, I shall express to you that you are speaking within linear time frameworks, but within the context of your question, I shall express to you that essence has always been, in the framework of your thought process of time.

Thought is a creation which is relative to physical expressions and physical dimensions.

Thought is an expression of energy, a cooperation of energy impulses that form together and are translated within your physical dimension influenced through the element of your time, and this process creates a thought.

Therefore, although we may express that in a manner of speaking, thought continues to an extent in nonphysical areas of consciousness such as transition, it continues to be relative to physical manifestations and physical dimensions.

Therefore, thought is a creation that you have developed in relation to your creations of physical realities.

HOWARD: Wow! That’s ... well, that’s very different from what I thought! This is the chicken creating the egg!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

Physical realities have not always existed, so to speak. Physical realities are a creation of consciousness, of essence. They are not enduring throughout all of consciousness and all of reality. They are a creation that essence has engaged to be exploring different types of experiences within different mediums, so to speak.

HOWARD: I keep seeing ... I just understood what you said, but I keep seeing physical reality as being the prime creator, where my idea of chaos comes from, out of the turbulence of one’s mind, not really recognizing that it is an out-picturing, if you will, of another idea.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, in the context of chaos, you are partially correct, for the idea of chaos springs from thought, for within consciousness, there is not an expression of chaos without thought. But thought does not precede consciousness.

HOWARD: Oh, okay! So ... okay. I’ll float with that for a while! (Elias chuckles)

Mary and I were talking about the inability to express ourselves in our expressions. I had the question, “How can we tell the difference between an essence-led decision and a decision to follow influences from bleed-throughs or the experience?” She seemed to be befuddled by her painting direction, which frustrates her. I don’t have that currently, but I do have the limitation of a single language and a vocabulary of ten thousand words.

ELIAS: Therefore, you are inquiring as to your limitations, or you are inquiring into the differences in relation to your belief systems and the expression of essence?

HOWARD: I would say ... this question was written in June, and I would say I would be talking about the influences of, as Joseph Campbell would say, “follow your bliss,” and as others would say, “let the book fall into your hand in a happenstance manner.”

ELIAS: Correct; continue.

HOWARD: Out of these experiences, out of these occurrences comes a direction that one follows, and then in hindsight you look back and you say, “Gee, if I hadn’t done that, this would have occurred, which would have been more favorable to myself.” Then I get wrapped up in past lives, bleed-throughs, correcting wrongs ... I’m using metaphors here that have created a lot of distress for me, as well as success.

I’m just wondering ... I think what I’m trying to say is, I think the experience is what is leading us, not necessarily the direction that our so-called blueprint has put forward, but for us to sample ALL possibilities. We have focused on something and we have followed it, and being able to live with it is ... I’m sorry. I have words that are not celebrating life here; they are doing the eulogy for my life experience sometimes. But I just wondered if there was a difference between an essence-led decision and those that you’re influenced by or predisposed to; a Hugo idea.

ELIAS: There is much held within this line of questioning, for you are not inquiring in one singular direction and you are not addressing to one singular subject matter.

Let me address to you initially and express that one of the difficulties that you are experiencing is the continuance in the belief that you create mistakes. Therefore, you are attempting to be correcting what you view as mistakes within your focus.

Let me also direct your attention to, (pause) expressions of essence are expressions in motivations in certain directions to be creating probabilities.

Now; this is a very broad area that you are viewing, and in this, we may be moving into many different directions in this type of a discussion. But I shall express to you that first of all, as you move into the acceptance and trust of self, you move closer to the expression of essence unclouded by the influence of belief systems.

In this, I shall be once again reminding you that within this particular physical dimension, you have created a reality in which the base element of perception is belief systems. Therefore, in the continuation of this particular reality, you will not be eliminating belief systems, and there is a vast difference between eliminating belief systems and accepting belief systems!

This being stated, I shall express to you that in your movement, you present yourself with these questionings for you are struggling with the belief – or the aspect of the belief – of creating accidents and creating mistakes, and this stems, in a manner of speaking, from the belief system of duplicity. These are aspects of the belief system of duplicity which express to you that you are imperfect and that you are creating unconsciously and that there are influences within your focus of which you may not control. I express to you quite directly that this is incorrect. There is no element of your reality that you do not view or may not allow yourself to view or that is beyond your ability to be manipulating.

But within the belief system of duplicity, you also view that your choices are limited, for you are inadequate within your physical manifestation. Therefore, you limit yourselves, and you express to yourselves that experience is the motivational factor within your creations.

(Intently) Many elements of your reality are viewed – through the influence within your perception in your reality – IN THE REVERSE.

Now; this may be confusing initially, but I express to you that in one respect, in relation to what you actually create in your physical reality – which is real – what I express to you appears to be the reverse, and backwards.

I am not discounting the reality of what you create. Your belief systems ARE quite real, and the aspects of these belief systems within your dimension are very influencing and are elements of how you create your reality and what you create within your reality. Therefore, in one respect, your experiences ARE motivating of your direction and are creating your reality, with respect to your belief systems.

But I shall express to you also that in what you term to be “the big picture” – which is also your picture – the reverse is reality also, for you choose lines of probabilities that you wish to explore within your desires in physical focus. These are not necessarily objective desires, but they are not removed from you to the point that you may not access that information, for you may. It is not hidden from you! There is no element of yourself or any other aspect of consciousness that is creating your reality without your permission and without availability to you.

Therefore, what I am expressing to you is that within your desires, you create certain lines of probabilities that you wish to be actualizing. These desires are filtered through your belief systems, and this is influencing of the direction that you choose in HOW you shall be actualizing these probabilities.

In this, the aspect of belief that you hold in relation to experience enters into your creation and influence[s] your perception, therefore moving your perception in the direction of viewing your reality as being created by your experiences. But your experiences are a byproduct of your motivation, and they may change within any moment.

This moves us once again into the area of no absolutes. You create thought processes that move you quite rigidly in the direction of absolutes, and there are no absolutes. Therefore, your experiences are not absolute either, and your experiences are not unchangeable. They are influenced and created through the enactment of your beliefs.

In this, you may express to yourselves that experiences are factual, but you may also be remembering that I have expressed to you that facts are not absolutes. Facts are continuously changing. What may be fact within one moment may not be fact within a different moment.

This is all dependent upon your perception and the direction of your perception. Your perception creates your reality, and it is creating facts! But your perception is also quite changeable as incorporating choice, and choice moves your perception into the area of changing or altering facts.

You may view that you are creating an absolute experience, but that absolute experience in fact may alter and be re-created in a very different manner, and therefore becomes not absolute. It is not what you in physical terms express as enduring or permanent.

All that you create is momentary, for it is all changeable. This is the nature of probabilities, and probabilities are what create the actualization of your reality.

In this, what you all become forgetful of is the element of choice.

You create your reality influenced by your belief systems and your lack of acceptance and trust of self, and in this creating, you view that your reality holds limited choices. But I express to you that this is the expression of your perception ... not that this is not a reality with you, for this is what you have created in your reality! Your perception IS your reality.

What I am expressing to you is that you hold the ability to expand your perception and incorporate the remembrance of self, and within your acceptance and trust of self, you also widen your awareness to more of your choices. As you limit your awareness, you limit your ability to view all of the choices that are available to you. As you widen your awareness, you expand your ability to be accessing and creating different choices, more choices.

The perception of creating mistakes also encompasses the perception of holding limited choices. These are all aspects of your beliefs, and you hold the ability to be altering all of this.

You all express to yourselves repeatedly that you may be expressing your reality “better,” that you may be creating choices that are better, that are more beneficial, that are more right. You all express to yourselves and to each other that you create mistakes.

I express to you quite strongly that none of you create mistakes!

You are all creating within the lines of probabilities that you have chosen and you are all creating in beneficial manners to yourselves, and each experience that you create offers you information in different angles that you may view.

Now; whether you choose to be objectively incorporating this information or not once again is your choice, but within the context of this information and widening your awareness and opening to your periphery and moving into less limitations [and] more of an expansion of your individual creativity, this be the reason that I continue to direct your attention to self, for this is the area in where lies the blocks, the obstacles, the beliefs, the aspects of belief systems which are influencing. THIS be the area wherein lies the perception.

And be remembering – once again I shall state very strongly – your perception creates your reality! Therefore, this is of utmost importance in your viewing and in your movement into widening your awareness.

In this, I have expressed many times, many, many, many expressions of “it matters not.” Once again I shall express to you, all that is created outside of you matters not! What YOU choose in creating YOUR perception is what shall be influencing throughout consciousness and what shall be creating your reality, and YOU HOLD CHOICES in this area. This is key: YOU HOLD CHOICES.

You view your reality through the perception of automatic responses, reactions, and limited choices – and in absolutes – and I express to you the reverse: you hold choices, and your perception creates your reality. It is NOT FAULTY in its state presently!

You DO create limitations which have previously throughout your physical reality served you quite efficiently, but within the action of this shift, you have chosen a different direction. You have chosen to be incorporating a wider awareness, and in this, you have chosen a specific direction in acceptance of belief systems, and therefore allowing yourselves an expansion in the actualization, within physical terms, of your creativity and your abilities.

Were this to be one hundred years prior to this particular date within your linear time framework, I would not be speaking to you, for the choice to be inserting this shift in consciousness was not created within agreement yet within your linear time framework. But we are speaking one hundred years subsequent, and in this, I AM speaking to you, for you have requested information to be easing your movement into this shift in consciousness.

The key element to this shift and to the actualization of this shift in its entirety and to the insertion of this shift into your actual physical reality is the acceptance of self, the trust of self, and the acceptance of belief systems, for you may not be moving into acceptance of belief systems if you are not creating the acceptance of self, for without the acceptance of self, you continue to perpetuate lending energy to the expressions of belief systems in like manner to the thought process of creating mistakes. Are you understanding?

HOWARD: Yes, I am. The question itself is ambiguous and expresses confusion and duplicity, and within that is buried the belief systems of success and failure.

ELIAS: Quite, but I shall also express to you that this particular line of questioning holds much more information in response than we may engaging this day!

HOWARD: I understand. My next question is leading into more varied things, but the first one is, I find myself humming tunes with lyrics I’ve never heard, little ditties, show tune-like, corny sometimes, and then I slip into symphonic pieces. I’m assuming this is a bleed-through, and I’d like to know more about this character because he seems to be very happy when he’s singing and inventing new songs.

ELIAS: This is not necessarily an action of bleed-through in the manner that you are thinking, for generally speaking, as individuals approach the subject matter of bleed-through, they are referring – as with yourself – to aspects of their self, their individual essence, and also different focuses of their essence.

Now; I may express to you that there are different actions of bleed-throughs that you may tap into that are not necessarily all expressions of your individual essence. In this experience, what you are allowing yourself is, in a manner of speaking, a type of bleed-through, but not of a focus or of an aspect of your essence. This would be your allowance of incorporating an openness at times, tapping into energy deposits within consciousness – this is NOT necessarily nonphysical – but energy deposits that express different elements of creativity which may not necessarily be chosen to be actualized within your officially accepted physical reality.

Now; this is another area that we may be quite expansive in explanation of within more of a time framework, but I shall express to you this day that I am not speaking of probable realities.

As individuals that manifest within your physical reality choose to not be actualizing certain expressions, they may not necessarily be creating an actual probable reality in relation to those unexpressed qualities and creations that they hold within their focus.

They lend certain aspects of energy to playful creations – partially – in an expression of energy which within individual focuses creates another type of bleed-through into their own objective awareness momentarily, but they may not be individually choosing to interact and entertain that particular expression of energy. Therefore, there is merely a momentary allowance of the bleed-through.

This involves interplay with different aspects of self in exchange of different qualities that may or may not be expressed within an individual focus, and therefore there is a free flow of energy that moves between the primary aspect of self and other aspects of self.

This ALSO occurs within energy deposits that are created by focuses that disengage interaction within physical focus and move into nonphysical areas of consciousness, retaining energy deposits within Regional Area 1.

This is a very similar action which is created within individual focuses that continue within physical focus, and in this interplay between aspects, there are energy deposits which are created within your space arrangement, in physical terms.

What you have allowed yourself to be tapping into are these energy deposits, which express certain qualities and certain tones, and may also express certain aspects of creativity, emotion, and thoughts within these energy deposits. They may be transmitted through the veils of your time frameworks. Therefore, you may be accessing different expressions through different time frameworks. You may also be accessing expressions through different layers of consciousness.

In this, you have allowed yourself to be accessing or tapping into energy deposits which are created by an individual within physical focus that is creating this interplay between aspects of self, and those creative expressions which are not chosen to be incorporated into the primary aspect’s expression are placed, figuratively speaking, into the expression of an energy deposit by the other aspects, and therefore this energy is expressed in more of a free flow which may be easily accessed by other essences. Are you understanding?

HOWARD: Yes, I am. Thank you. I also wanted to ask how my mother is doing, and my grandmother and Marge, because this is the kind of thing that I could hear around the house, this humming and stuff like that, when I was younger. Is that where it might be coming from also?

ELIAS: No. This is YOUR energy and your awareness within aspects of your consciousness that you are projecting, and also incorporating fondness in memory, which holds an element of motivation to be magnating to this particular type of expression as opposed to a different type of expression. Therefore, you lean in the direction of accessing energy deposits that hold a familiarity to you in fondness rather than attempting to be or moving in the direction of accessing energy deposits that may objectively appear to be quite unfamiliar to you and in which you may be more restrictive of your movement within those energy deposits.

As to the individuals that you inquire of, it is quite amusing that we interact with individuals within physical focus, and their curiosity moves in the direction of inquiry within them as to “how an individual is doing,” so to speak. (Chuckling) I express to you that the individuals are creating efficiently within their movement.

These types of expressions are difficult to be translating into your language [in a manner] which offers you an accurate identification of the movement which is occurring in relation to those particular focuses, for as I have stated previously, you identify all of reality and translate through what you know objectively, and this creates an open window for many elements of distortion, as we are speaking of nonphysical actions.

HOWARD: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

HOWARD: My next question has to do with Ayn Rand. I would like to ask, who is Ayn Rand and what is her connection to me? Also, Victor Hugo? (16-second pause)

ELIAS: These individuals do not hold connection to you in the manner in which you identify, of physical focuses, so to speak. The draw is not motivated by interaction that has occurred within manifestations. The draw that you experience is a resonating of energy, not a resonating of tone of essence; do not be confused in that direction of identification. But within the expressions of philosophies and thoughts and motivational factors, so to speak, that influence perceptions, you hold a draw to these individuals in the recognition of a similar manipulation of energy which creates a similarity in perceptions, and this be the reason that you magnate to the energy of these individuals.

HOWARD: In the screenplay that I’m writing – it’s Victor Hugo’s “By Order of the King” – the whole story seems to be like it’s narrated to Hugo, and he has interpreted it. I feel that I am the boy and/or the narrator to Hugo on this, and he’s got some things wrong, but it doesn’t matter. The story is marvelous! So I’ve gotta ask, is my impression correct?

ELIAS: What you are offering to yourself once again is this identification of energy. Within your focus, there are certain areas in which you deviate from the energy which is expressed by this other individual.

You HAVE allowed yourself to be accessing other information, which also is influencing of your belief systems and your acceptance and influencing of your movement with your perception and your creation of your reality, and in this, there are certain areas of thought, of emotion, and of philosophy that you deviate in energy from this other individual.

Therefore, you place yourself in the imagery of this character in the interaction with the energy of this other individual, and there is an exchange which is offered back and forth, so to speak. This allows you to play with the energy, and it also allows you the recognition that you may be manipulating of different expressions and expanding those expressions.

HOWARD: It’s a good story!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I shall be allowing one more question, and we shall be disengaging.

HOWARD: Quickly – after the session that occurred last time with Margot, I had this vision or discussion with myself on my connection with the Christ epic. I saw myself witnessing, as if I were Joseph, the castration of a child, and I was very distraught by this.

I queried both Viv and Joanne about this – did they know anything about this kind of Bar Mitzvah ceremony occurring during the Christ time, of castration itself? – and I got something back from both of them, but neither really could validate or say that what I saw was real. But I must tell you, it was incredibly real, and I felt that that’s what happened to the Christ at the age of twelve.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that in actuality, within that time framework, this practice was engaged, and not uncommonly. I shall also express to you that this action was not incorporated with the individual that you are identifying, but this individual has been privy to and witness to this same action, and this be what you allow yourself to view.

HOWARD: I see. Well, the priests that were doing it were either Malik or Malchus – as I wrote in a previous novel of my own – acting under the direction of the high priest Caiaphas. Joanne has identified them – both of them – as being bad guys, and actually, I think Malchus or Malik was a good guy, simply doing his job. I don’t have any animosity at all toward this person.

ELIAS: I express to you that none of these individuals were bad guys or good guys! (Chuckling) They are merely creating their reality in choices and experiences dictated by their belief systems and by their perceptions, and they view themselves to be right in the same manner that all of you view yourselves to be right, within your perceptions influenced by your belief systems.

I express to you that within this time framework, in THIS focus that you hold, you also hold the opportunity, in conjunction with this movement of this shift in consciousness, to be letting go of these types of judgments in the recognition of acceptance, and that all that ALL of you choose within this physical dimension is a product, so to speak, of the influences of your belief systems, and none of what you choose is right or wrong. It is merely a choice of experience which is dictated to you through the influence of your belief systems.

MARGOT: Elias, how would it be that Howard ... did he access the world view, so to speak, of the Christ in being able to access the memory of the castration?

ELIAS: It is not accessing the world view, so to speak, but merely tapping into an area of consciousness of memory of that particular focus.

In this, memory, in like manner to thought, is an expression of energy, and in objective terms of experiences that occur within this physical dimension and within Regional Area 1, this may be accessed by any individual in like manner to your ability to be accessing thought. It is a direction of your energy projected in a specific area that addresses to the energy configuration of thought or of memory.

I shall express to you that within the energy deposits that are held in Regional Area 1, these are not limited to this particular time framework but are also relative to ALL of the time frameworks that you have created within this physical manifestation of this particular dimension, and these may tap into a “connection line,” figuratively speaking, between Regional Area 1 and Regional Area 3 within a collective consciousness, and there may be created an exchange of information which offers the translation of memory into very objective experiences.

HOWARD: I need a quick follow-up here because Viv asked for it, and it actually is on the same subject. She asked me if her image of the Indian woman and the child as being related to Christ – and you said that he was never married – she wanted to know what the connection was between the woman and Christ. (Pause)

ELIAS: This is merely an encounter and what you may term within physical identification as an acquaintance. The individual within her perception views this to be much different, but within the perception of the individual of which you are referring, that you identify as the Christ manifestation, [this individual] does not hold the same perception as to relationship.

HOWARD: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall be disengaging our interaction this day, and shall be anticipating our continuation within our next meeting.

HOWARD: Thank you so much.

MARGOT: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I offer to you each and to you both a tremendous expression of energy in encouragement and affection, and I bid you a very loving au revoir.

HOWARD: Good-bye.

Elias departs at 2:29 PM.

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