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Sunday, August 29, 1999

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“The ‘O’ Word – Opportunity”

“The Automatic Response of Defense”

“Your Perception Creates Your Reality!”


Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jene (Rudim).

Elias arrives at 3:28 PM. (Arrival time is 12 seconds – fast!)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JENE: Good afternoon, Elias!

ELIAS: We meet again!

JENE: Yes, we certainly do. It’s such a pleasure! (They both laugh) I always love talking to you!

ELIAS: And shall we be incorporating FUN? (Grinning)

JENE: Yes, I hope so!

ELIAS: Very good!

JENE: It hasn’t been a fun week! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! Therefore, you are requiring of a fun injection!

JENE: Yes!


JENE: Intravenously! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

I have a question about this show I’m working on. There seems to be a tremendous amount of tension, objective emotion, and a fracture. Can you give me some insight? Will I stay on this film, or should I be moving on?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, first of all, as you are aware, this is your choice. But I shall also express to you that you have presented yourself with an opportunity ... one of your most favorite terminologies! HA HA! (Jene cracks up)

Once again, you offer to yourself an opportunity to be viewing what you are creating, viewing what other individuals are creating, and examining your behavior and your responses.

Now; let me also be reminding you that we have engaged slight discussion in this area within our previous session, and therefore, as you are continuing within your line of probabilities that you have created and you are continuing to be presenting to yourself imagery that shall draw your attention to certain areas that you wish to be addressing to, we shall also continue in our discussion that we have begun within our previous session.

In this, you are creating opportunities for yourself to be viewing interactions with other individuals, between other individuals, and with other individuals in relation to yourself. This offers you the viewing of differences in perception [and] the recognition that each individual’s perception IS their reality.

Reality is relative to each individual. Although it appears outwardly to be generalized and to be an expression which is accepted in like definition to all individuals, there are many, many, many variations on a theme in this creation of reality, for each individual views the reality which is created through the lens of their individual perception, you also. In this, their perception creates their reality.

Now; individuals look to common creations within reality ... this word of common that I am expressing to you is the creation that you manifest collectively. Therefore, it is common to you all, and you look to this type of creation of reality as an absolute.

Therefore, as you encounter the interjections of each individual’s perception of that common reality that you are creating cooperatively with each other, you express frustrations, confusions, and conflicts, as another individual may be expressing THEIR perception of that common reality quite differently than you express YOUR perception of that same reality.

Now; in this, you present yourself not merely the opportunity to be viewing all of the differences in perception between different individuals and the difference of your perception or your reality in conjunction with other individuals, but you also are providing yourself with the opportunity to turn your attention to self once again, and as I have stated many times, this be the baseline of all that you create. As you turn your attention to yourself, the opportunity that you are presenting is the recognition that YOU HOLD CHOICES in all that you are creating.

Now; this is a key point, for individuals within interactions with other individuals do not always view that they hold choices, for you have created a reality in which your belief systems hold such great strength in energy that they produce an influence which creates an automatic response within your perception.

Example: An individual may approach you and they may be expressing verbally to you any idea or a command, and in this command, they may be expressing of what you perceive as a quite irritating tone within their vocal expression. They may in actuality be projecting this energy to BE offensive. They may be creating the intention of creating a conflict and they may hold no regard for your response in conjunction with their expectation, for as they are projecting, they also hold an expectation of how you shall be responding and they are anticipating of this response, expressing to themselves within their belief systems that they do not hold regard for your response, it may be what it may be, and they shall continue within their direction. And you – in their belief system – matter not to them.

Now; within your belief systems ... and I am expressing this scenario generally, not only directing this to you personally, but it also does apply to you personally.

In this, within your belief systems, you hold the strength of certain aspects of beliefs that create an influence which translates into an automatic response, and that automatic response is an expression of defense.

Now; it matters not how this expression of defense is projected or manifest. It may be projected within the force of many different types of emotional responses. It may be within fear, it may be within anger, it may be within retreat, it may be in many different types of responses. But underlying, it is a defense. This is an automatic response.

The point of what I am expressing to you is that in engaging an automatic response, you are also limiting yourself and not allowing yourself to view all of your choices, and therefore you are creating an evaluation within yourself – not within your thought process, but all within the automatic action – that you hold no choices, and therefore you allow the automatic response, for there are no other choices available to you. The point that I offer to you is that you DO hold many choices.

It matters not how or what another individual shall project to you, and this is the repetition of an element of which we were speaking within your last session. It matters not the expression of another individual, be it perceived as offensive or not, be it expressed with the intention of hurtfulness or not. This is not the point.

The point is to be turning your attention to self and examining your automatic response, recognizing and identifying the underlying aspect of belief which motivates that automatic response, and then offering yourself the freedom and the opportunity to view that you are not locked to these automatic responses and that YOU HOLD CHOICES.

In this, an individual may project energy to you with the intention of creating irritation or conflict or hurtfulness. You are not locked into an automatic expression in relation to that projection. YOU HOLD CHOICES.

Regardless of what the other individual may be projecting, you hold the choice of how you shall be receiving that energy. You may choose to be receiving it in the manner that you PERCEIVE it to be projected and you may be creating a response in very similar manner, or you may be choosing to alter how you receive that energy. Let us say you choose to be receiving this projected energy in an entirely different manner, and you receive it humorously.

Now; this creates different actions simultaneously. First of all, you are offering yourself the acceptance and trust of self, the recognition that your perception is your reality, the recognition that you hold choices, which also offers you more freedom. But you are also accepting that the expression is a projection of the other individual’s perception – which is very much so their reality – and that energy is energy, and that energy may be manipulated and it may be configured in any manner that you are so choosing. Energy may be projected and it may be perceived and it may be received, but your perception of it is entirely influenced and therefore based in your belief systems and YOUR allowance of acceptance or lack of acceptance of self; not of the other individual – of self.

In this, you may be recalling our interaction within a particular session in which I have offered the analogy of the projection and the allowance and the buffer, and this is what I am expressing to all of you. It matters not what any individual is expressing. It matters not what situation or what circumstance you draw yourself to. It matters not what scenario you participate within. What holds importance is your perception of all of these elements. Your perception is the deciding factor in all of your creations.

Therefore, as you inquire to me, “Shall I continue in this job? Shall I discontinue? What am I creating? What shall I do?,” I express to you, as I have, it is your choice which direction you choose to be moving into, but allow yourself the recognition that this is an opportunity.

It is a presentment that you offer to yourself to view how well you may allow yourself to manipulate your energy and how well you allow yourself to be turning your attention to self – not in automatic responses but in recognizing your underlying motivation of automatic responses – and whether you shall allow yourself the opportunity to view more choices than merely black and white. There are many colors within your spectrum, but many times in automatic responses, you are viewing only black or white.

JENE: Okay. I think that helps a lot. I have a little ... I don’t know. I can’t say it’s confusing; I guess it’s comforting. I’m here in Vermont, you’re here in Vermont ... of course, you’re everywhere! But I find that to be interesting, that I’m here in Vermont, and that the main street here is Church Street, which is the street I live on, and the two picture cars in the film we’re doing are a Mercedes and a Karmen Ghia, which are two of the cars that were in my life that were very comforting. I am assuming that those objects or that objective imagery is comforting in my confusion.

ELIAS: You are correct, and this also provides you with an element of familiarity in movement that is very unfamiliar.

JENE: Okay, and the tree limb that broke off of my very favorite tree while I’ve been gone, for no apparent reason, what is that?

ELIAS: This also is imagery that you offer to yourself in attachments.

You – as in like manner to many, many, many individuals – provide yourself with certain elements within your physical reality that you attach to. You project an emotional expression to different elements within your physical environment, and in this action, in a figurative manner of speaking, you assign the consciousness of that element as the keeper of a specific aspect of emotional expression for you.

In this, individuals, although holding many conflicting belief systems as to their physical reality and attachments to objects or “things,” so to speak, individuals DO create certain types of attachments to certain elements of their physical environment, or things. In this, they project aspects of themselves into mergence with these things, and they attach elements of emotional qualities, emotional expressions to these things.

This be the reason that many individuals express the common verbiage of certain elements within their reality holding “sentimental value.”

You project many times these types of aspects of yourself into other elements of your reality that you view to be or that you assess or differentiate or define as “living” – plants or creatures. You do project this type of energy into some other objects, but for the most part, you incline in the direction of what you identify as living things. In this, you allow yourself to project an aspect of your consciousness into mergence with the consciousness of that thing.

Therefore, in certain affectingnesses of these things, you also feel a response, for you are feeling the response of the aspect of yourself that you have projected into mergence with that object or that thing.

Now; the reason that you have provided yourself with this imagery directly correlates to what you are providing yourself with imagery [of] in your physical location that you occupy presently and your interaction within your job, for in this, you experience, in the imagery of the tree, a sense of loss, a sense of confusion, a lack of understanding, but also an element of hurt. This is imagery that you may view, as I have stated figuratively, in allowing yourself to view yourself as the tree temporarily, for the tree is not experiencing all of these emotional qualities that you are experiencing.

JENE: Right!

ELIAS: It has merely, in agreement with you within consciousness, chosen to be creating a certain action which will invoke certain responses within you.

But in this, as you view yourself to be this tree, you may express to yourself all of the imagery that you have provided: the brokenness, the hurtfulness, the confusion in disbelief and lack of understanding of why this shall be created, and the unnecessariness of this type of action and this type of creation. But it has occurred, and therefore you view what has occurred, and regardless that you view it [to] be unnecessary, it has been manifest.

You may translate much of this imagery directly in conjunction with what you are experiencing within your job, for many of these elements are very affecting of you individually, but you are not necessarily offering in sharing with other individuals all of these emotional affectingnesses that are being experienced within you.

There are many elements that are being put into play, so to speak, in this situation.

Another aspect of this is not merely to view that you hold choices in how you receive the energy that is projected around you, but also is an opportunity for you to view how very automatically you measure and evaluate your value and your worth with the expressions of other individuals. This is a very important element that you present to yourself, for this is a very large expression of duplicity which has held you – and you have held it – for much, much time.

I express to you that NOW you offer yourself the opportunity to begin to let go in this area, and discontinue this constant evaluation of self and measurement of self in the area of your value and your worth and your efficiency based upon the expressions of other individuals.

You are efficient enough at devaluing and lessening your measurement of your value and worth without allowing the influx of other individuals’ opinions also!

THIS is what I am expressing to you in allowing yourself choices – the recognition that it genuinely matters not what other individuals express – for it is not affecting of the measurement of your value or your worth. YOU are not affecting of the measurement of your value or your worth, for you base your perception of your worth upon your beliefs and your experiences, none of which is absolute. You, in the being that you are, is beyond a measurement.

Therefore, accept this energy from myself in the expression of a beginning of healing. I am quite aware that within your perception, this is YOUR job! But temporarily, allow me to be offering an expression of energy to you in healing, in the recognition that choices are freedom, and much freedom is available to you if you avail yourself of it and if you are discontinuing in automatic reaction based upon your measurement of your worth, for in actuality, your worth far exceeds how YOU measure it.

JENE: (Emotionally) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

JENE: I have a question about my young niece ... thank you, Elias. I appreciate your energy so much. (Very emotionally)

Ashley – her two families are raging once again over her custody, and she is so confused. She has created a tumor on her anal muscle and a massive attack of asthma. My question being, where does she want to be, with my sister or with her grandmother? They’re both injuring her dramatically, in emotion, within energy, not meaning to, I know, but nonetheless doing that, objectively and subjectively. Ashley is being torn apart.

ELIAS: It is not a question of where she wants to be; it is a question of what she wants to be. It matters not with this small one where she occupies location. What she wants is peace.

JENE: How can she find that?

ELIAS: She may find this within herself. But she also, in like manner to all of you, is responding to belief systems and expressing in a manner that she views extends beyond verbal communication.

This small one believes that she is not heard, and therefore, it is futile for her to continue in her verbalization of her wants.

In this, she creates affectingnesses within herself and within her own expression, recognizing that all of you also shall be noticing, and that you may be listening to these types of communications more than you are listening to verbal communication.

You are all moving in a very similar direction. You and the other adults in this situation express the direction that you wish a choice to be created. You each express your own choice, but you each look to this small one and wish this small one to be creating a choice or to be expressing to you that she leans more in one direction than in another direction. Therefore, all of you hold an expectation in conjunction with her.

SHE holds an expectation within herself, and she also looks to herself in the demand for a choice and the movement of leaning more in one direction than another direction, but she does not lean in either direction. Within her reality, it matters not. She may be creating her reality efficiently in either situation, scenario, and location physically, and in conjunction with either expression of different individuals. This matters not within her.

What holds importance within her is that she be allowed, within herself and within the acceptance of the individuals that she is interacting with, to be creating her reality and [to be] expressive of herself without conflict and without expectation, and therefore, she places many expectations upon herself also, in conjunction with the expectations that all of you place in this area.

As you expect or wish or want her to be creating a choice, she also expects and wishes and wants to be creating a choice, but she does not, for in actuality, it matters not within her. This is not the point, in her perception. In her reality, these are unimportant elements. In other individuals’ perceptions and realities, they are very important, but you are inquiring to me, “What is her perception? What does she want?” and I express to you that within her perception, her physical location and her interaction with all of you matters not. Her calm and her letting go of her own expectations of herself matters much within her perception.

She wishes not to be creating conflict, and within her, she does not merely translate that she is creating conflict within her own expression and within her reality, of which she is, and she does hold the awareness that it is not the expression of other individuals that is creating her conflict [but] that she is creating her conflict, but she also has introduced another element into her perception and her reality. This is the element of assuming personal responsibility for all of you and assuming the responsibility of the conflict that each of you are creating, for each of you are not holding responsibility for the creation of your own individual conflicts. You are blaming of each other, and underlyingly you are blaming of other individuals, and beneath that underlying element you are also blaming of her, for she is not creating a choice. (Pause)

Therefore, you have created much thickness in this scenario!

As to your participation within this, you hold the same action in that engagement as you hold within the engagement of your job, the same opportunity to view that each individual holds a different perception, and regardless that you may be in agreement with their perception or not, it is their reality, just as they need not be in agreement with your perception. It is your reality.

Therefore, in the recognition that each individual’s perception is different and is quite real, and also the recognition that one perception is not better than another – they are merely different – in this, you allow yourself the opportunity to view more choices in your movement, and therefore also the opportunity to eliminate your conflict and your confusion.

JENE: Okay. My sister asked – and I know that you’ve answered this for us but she won’t understand that, which I’m sure you’re aware of – should she proceed with the lawsuit in the court to attain custody?

ELIAS: Once again, this is your choice – this is HER choice – but you may be offering this information that I have delivered to you this day within this session, and I shall express to you that I hold the awareness that even within the offering of this information which has been delivered this day, she shall not allow in entirety the incorporation of assimilation of this information, for within this time framework, she is not ready and holds a blocking of this energy.

There is much anger. There is much fear. There is much lack of acceptance of self ... although she projects this outwardly into the expression of a lack of acceptance of other individuals, but this is not, in its genuineness, the motivating factor that is creating of these obstacles and these blockings of energy that she is creating presently. For in actuality, this is a very strong expression of a lack of acceptance and trust of self, in some areas more pronounced and in some manners more extreme than you are expressing presently, but in some areas in like manner to yourself – in the assessment that if she is not pursuing in this area and if she is not winning, this shall determine her value and her measurement of her adequacy and her worth, and it does not. But this is the belief that is underlyingly held, and this is what is motivating of this tremendous struggle.

JENE: Okay, I will have her listen to this.

Okay, a question. I’m working with a woman and I feel a connection with her. Perhaps I was her sister or her mother? I feel a certain protectiveness of her.

ELIAS: Within another focus, you do hold the relationship of siblings, and you occupy the role of an older sister. You have held awareness of this connection for quite some time!

JENE: A long time! I was just confirming.

I also wanted to ask for Mikah ... he wanted to know how many focuses that he and I have had, and I kind of got fifty-seven. I don’t know if that’s correct, though.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Now; first of all, I shall express to you a message that you may be delivering to Mikah, that he may be engaging myself and he may be inquiring in these areas if he is so choosing. He and I are addressing to other areas that may serve to his benefit much more within his objective creation than his recognition of this particular subject matter, which he employs as a distraction. But to YOU, I shall offer that in actuality, the numbering is TWENTY-seven.

JENE: Twenty-seven. Okay. Well, I wasn’t too far off! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

A question from Candace: She is having difficulty breathing. Once again, her asthma is kicking up, and it is causing her much distress. She wants to know what’s most prominent at this time that is creating of this.

ELIAS: The most affecting element that is creating of this situation is her perception that in actuality, she is not creating of this – it is creating of itself and it is affecting of her. This is the underlying belief that she holds.

JENE: She is not creating of it?

ELIAS: She IS creating of it, but the belief that she holds is that she is NOT creating of it, that it is some other element of herself that she does not hold awareness of or that she does not hold control of, and it is creating of effects of her in assaulting her, or as I have discussed with Castille, attacking her, and she may view her language in very like manner to Castille in that she identifies this action as a series of attacks.

And I express to her that she may be examining of her underlying beliefs that there are elements and situations and circumstances within reality – not merely her reality, but all of reality in general within her beliefs – that are beyond your control and that may be affecting, and that she or you or any other individual may not necessarily hold the ability to be affecting that.

I shall offer to you the time framework that you may be incorporating one more question, and we shall be disengaging for this day.

JENE: Okay. My gosh, what question? There’s so many! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

Am I proceeding within consciousness in a manner of helpfulness in my creation of Quick-Clean, to allow it to manifest and be of benefit to all, not just for financial gain, but as a benefit in many other directions for many individuals?

ELIAS: As to that particular individual area, yes, but there are many other elements that you employ and involve in this situation, and futurely we shall enter discussion of this particular creation and movement within you and your directions. I am not discouraging of you in this area, but I do hold awareness that there are many other elements that you involve in this other than merely this one element of helpfulness to other individuals.

It may be helpful to other individuals, but in a different manner than you perceive. (Grinning slyly)

JENE: Okay.... (Elias chuckles) Well, it’s wonderful, as always, and I thank you so very much!

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and I shall continue to be interactive with you in energy. And within your perception – which ultimately is that which is mattering (grinning) – you may perceive my interjection of my energy in intensity as you occupy this closeness in location physically, and I shall be continuing to be encouraging with you and offering you elements of healing as you continue.

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I express great affection to you this day, and offer a very loving au revoir.

JENE: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 4:30 PM.

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