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Tuesday, September 14, 1999

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ďThe Empathic SenseĒ

ďEnergy SurgesĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Gina (Bahlah).

Elias arrives at 1:23 PM. (Arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning! (Brief pause) As always! (18-second pause)

May I be interrupting of you momentarily? Merely for the reason that Michael has become quite absent-minded recently, (HA HA!) and if you are wishing to be accessing transcription of this particular session, you may be wishing to reconnect with Michael and to be reminding him to be checking his equipment. Ha ha! Therefore, I will deliver him back to you, and you may continue once again. One moment.

Vicís note: Here, Elias pops out and Mary pops in.

MARY: What was that? A pop-in? (Laughing, and a pause) Check the equipment? The camera ... oh! The phone! Oh my god! Okay! Duh! Wait a minute. Okay ... speaker phone! This would help! (Laughing) Okay! Dweeb! Sorry!

GINA: Thatís okay!

MARY: Okay, you can start over. Iím going! (Laughing)

GINA: Okay!

Elias arrives again at 1:25 PM. (Arrival time is 12 seconds.)

ELIAS: We shall continue! (Grinning)

GINA: Alrighty!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

GINA: (Laughing) Alrighty! So, what can you tell me about that dream? (Obviously, the dream was related in the initial pause)

ELIAS: Now; you are accessing what you believe to be an oriental focus, correct?

GINA: Right. Now, I donít know if it was a focus ... I donít know. I believe it was a focus, but I just need you to confirm that, and what exactly ... what participation I had and what frame of time and all that.

ELIAS: Very well. This Ė you are correct Ė is another focus that you hold, and this focus would be occupying a physical location that you identify presently as Indonesia.

GINA: Indonesia ... in what time frame? (Pause)

ELIAS: This would be within the time framework of your fourteen hundreds.

GINA: Fourteen hundreds ... and what exactly did I do? íCause it seemed like it was a bunch of women, and they were in meditation of some sort. (Pause)

ELIAS: This particular focus is what may be identified as the class of peasantry. Now; although they occupy together a position of service or servitude, it would not be identified with slavery, so to speak. These women service a group of what you may term to be spiritualists or monks. Therefore, they attend to all the physical needs, so to speak, of the individuals that hold the position of the monks. This would be related to the religious interaction and belief systems of Buddhism.

GINA: Okay, thatís what I thought. Did my brother and I have any sort of interaction within that time frame within that focus? (Pause)

ELIAS: Merely in occasional interaction in official manner, so to speak, for within that particular focus, he occupies a position as a soldier, and in this, merely interacts with the peasantry and the monks in establishing the identification of calm and no disturbances within the village, so to speak.

GINA: I see. Okay. Do I have ... am I a dispersed essence? (Pause)


GINA: I am not. Then why is it that I can feel everyoneís emotions? Somehow, Iím allowing it to affect me, because I had an incident two weeks ago where I had a panic attack ... I guess you could call it a panic attack. It was very irritating. I havenít had one in a long time, and Iím just wondering why this is happening and what I can do to try to control it, because it can be very embarrassing sometimes.

ELIAS: Very well. Let me explain to you that throughout your focus, in like manner to many other individuals, you have allowed yourself the expression and the objective interaction of your empathic sense.

Now; I shall express that all individuals within physical focus hold this empathic sense, but not all individuals allow themselves to be objectively aware of this empathic sense.

Also, in many situations, as I have offered previously in explanation of these inner senses, some individuals have allowed their inner senses to be quite polished and to be quite in objective working order. Many other individuals have not allowed these inner senses much attention, and therefore their inner senses are not quite so very polished.

With yourself, you have interacted with this particular inner sense throughout much of your focus. This is not a new creation, and in this, you have become quite accomplished in allowing the automatic interaction and awareness of the movement of this inner sense in connecting with other individuals and all of your reality about you.

In this, it is not limited merely to other individuals, but as you are aware, you many times allow yourself to be connecting through your empathic sense with objects, structures, creatures, vegetation. It extends far beyond the mere engagement of interaction with other individuals.

In this, within this present time framework, individuals Ė regardless of the polishing of this particular inner sense Ė are experiencing more and more of an awareness objectively of other individualsí energies, and those individuals, as yourself, that have polished this particular inner sense may become slightly overwhelmed with the interaction of energy that you allow yourself to be receiving, for you already have moved the expression of this inner sense into automatic action, in like manner to your outer senses.

You need not exert any thought process or any objective concentration upon the enactment of this inner sense, in like manner to your outer senses. You need no objective concentration or thought process to be connecting to elements of your reality through your sight or hearing or any of your other outer senses. This particular sense of yours, this empathic sense, is quite polished, and therefore it also moves in automatic action.

In this, as individuals are widening their awareness presently more rapidly Ė you also Ė this particular inner sense becomes more active, and you are connecting with more interactions of energies from other individuals than you have allowed yourself previously.

Other individuals are experiencing this same effect, so to speak, but not to the extreme, for they have not necessarily moved this empathic expression into an automatic expression as have you.

GINA: I see. Okay, that explains that pretty well. I want to ask you about our new neighbors. Do I have any connection, or a focus rather, with my neighbor? His name is Keith. There seems to be some sort of a connection of some sort, and I canít put my finger on it.

I donít know if itís just because heís a likable person ... I donít know, and Iím just very curious. What can you tell me about that?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that you do hold other focuses with this individual, but this is not what is affecting of you presently.

What you are assessing presently is the openness of your energy in conjunction with this individualís energy, and that you allow each other an ease in the flow of your energies presently. This is an expression that you have chosen to be manifesting in this focus which is not necessarily tremendously influenced by other focuses. This is directly in conjunction with each of you and your individual movement into your own widening of awarenesses presently in THIS focus.

GINA: Okay. Yeah, he seems to ... I think he seems aware of what is going on now with the widening of awareness, but I donít know if he really objectively understands whatís going on because we have talked before, so maybe thatís why. I was very curious ícause he seems very aware of a lot of different things, you know?

ELIAS: Quite, and this is a recognition that you hold that this individual also is widening within his awareness, in similar manner to your movement in widening of your awareness.

(With emphasis) This is not to say that you may be widening within your awarenesses in conjunction with the same information, but that your movement in your widening parallels.

GINA: Okay. Alrighty, let me see. My dreams Ė am I objectively focused and mirroring objective reality into dream imagery? Is that what Iím doing with myself lately? Because Iíve been having more vivid dreams. I go through this period of having vivid dreams, and then I donít have any dreams or I donít remember them, and now itís like Iím starting to have more of them again.

ELIAS: Quite.

GINA: And Iím just curious. What can you tell me about that?

ELIAS: This also is an indication of your movement in widening your awareness. As you move more into your expression of widening your awareness and you are assimilating information, you also allow yourself more of an openness objectively, and therefore, at times, you hold a more inclusive recall of your dream imagery.

Now; let me also express to you that your dream imagery is not mirroring your objective waking state. It is the reverse.

GINA: I see.

ELIAS: Your waking state is mirroring your dream imagery.

GINA: Dream imagery, okay. Okay, how have I been doing? Iíve been doing a lot better, I think, with looking to myself for a lot of things, not being so judgmental, and things like that. But the last probably like week or two, I feel like Iím almost slipping in a way, and I just need to have a little bit of understanding on why Iím letting that happen. Is it because Iím getting lazy? I mean, what is the problem? I mean, I feel like Iím doing better with a lot of the information that I have been assimilating, but then on the other hand, I just want to know what Iím missing that Iím not recognizing.

ELIAS: You are not ďmissingĒ any ďthing!Ē (Chuckling) But I shall express to you, what is occurring within this recent time framework is a surge in energy which is in conjunction with this present wave in consciousness, and this creates much affectingness within ALL of you as individuals.

Now; let me also explain to you that some individuals have moved themselves into less of an expression of conflict and trauma, and other individuals have moved more into the expressions of trauma and conflict, and within this surge of energy, many of these individuals are partly, in energy, exchanging positions.

Therefore, individuals that viewed themselves previously as creating what YOU term to be in your belief systems as ďheadwayĒ feel within themselves and view within their objective interactions and imagery that they may be slipping, in your words. Other individuals that were experiencing this slippage already, or much conflict, presently may be experiencing slight feelings of attaining a foothold.

Therefore, within this energy surge, all of you are opening your awarenesses a little more, and in this movement, in conjunction with this wave in consciousness, you are also allowing yourselves to view more of your own behaviors and your own interactions within energy.

Now; this may appear to many individuals as a ďtesting ground,Ē so to speak, and in a manner of speaking, you have collectively created this type of expression, allowing yourselves to hold in the information that you have provided to yourselves and to hold in your acceptance and trust of self and to view your own progress, in a manner of speaking, in your actualization of your awareness.

You are providing yourselves with opportunities to view. You are testing yourselves, in a manner of speaking, in also testing your waters Ė of how well you assess you may be accomplishing in your widening of your awareness and how you may be actualizing what you have offered to yourselves in concept, therefore creating a reality and not merely a concept.

GINA: Oh, I see. Okay.

Alrighty, Iíve got like another five or seven minutes, so what I am curious about is, we had a little incident over Labor Day weekend with my neighbor hurting his shoulder. My partner was involved in that, and I feel that it was in agreement. Was I right that there was an agreement there?


GINA: Iím sorry Ė say it again?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

GINA: Thatís what I thought. Okay. Is it efficient to keep the relationship between my neighbor and I?

ELIAS: There are some elements that you may offer to each other in allowing yourselves to view your interaction with each other and your triggers and your behaviors, if you are so choosing. But I shall express to you also that this is your choice. It is not an absolute, so to speak.

As to your question of the efficiency, it may be efficient to allow yourself a continued interaction, that you may view your own expressions and the areas in which you allow yourself to be objectively triggered into automatic expressions in reaction.

But if you are not choosing to be continuing interaction with this individual, you shall also present yourself with other opportunities to be viewing this same type of triggering and behavior and interaction with other individuals. It shall merely be a situation of difference within time framework.

GINA: I see. Okay.

Now, Iíve had a slight ... (sighing). Iíve had a couple of obstacles come in my path in regards to finances, and Iíve wanted to go back to school and go in that realm Ė you know, the creative side of me Ė and Iím just wondering if Iím going to be accomplishing in that. Is that going to be efficient for me? íCause I donít know if Iím putting the obstacles there or if ... I donít know what the deal is there, and I just need to have a little direction, I guess you could say.

ELIAS: I shall express to you, first of all, that YOU are placing the obstacles before you. In this, once again, this is your choice as to which direction you choose to be proceeding within. You hold different lines of probabilities presently that you allow yourself to view, and have not in actuality chosen one specific line yet.

But I shall also express to you that you place these obstacles before you directly in conjunction with your questioning of your individual ability to be creating what you choose Ė not merely what you want but what you choose Ė for this offers you the opportunity to view that you hold the ability to be creating in ANY direction that you are so choosing, regardless of how it may appear objectively impossible.

GINA: Okay, one last question, and then weíre going to have to get off here ícause our time is almost up.

But can you at least give me a HINT of what I want to be, the more creative thing? (Elias grins) íCause you said thereís possibilities there. I mean, thereís so many different things. I happen to be a very creative person. Iím an artsy person. What would be the most efficient thing for me right now? I think in our last session I told you about that business venture, which is not something Iím going to forget about. But I need ... I want to move in the most efficient way, is basically what Iím saying.

ELIAS: I express to you that in this type of questioning, there is no ONE particular most efficient manner. Creativity may be expressed in many, many different directions. What shall be the most efficient shall be the expression that you experience the most fun and that you allow yourself the least friction and the least demand and expectation within yourself.

Therefore, in actuality, it matters not which direction you choose within any different expression of creativity. What holds importance is that you allow yourself to be expressing that direction without conflict and with fun ... and also without expectations, for as you place expectations upon yourself, you also begin to create obstacles.

GINA: I see. Alrighty, that answers my question pretty much. Iím going to have to say good-bye for now because our time is up, but I look forward to talking to you again. Youíve been very helpful, as always. (Elias chuckles) So, au revoir. Take care, okay?

ELIAS: I shall offer to you much encouraging energy, and I shall be anticipating our continued interaction. To you this day, I offer great affection, and express au revoir.

GINA: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:57 PM.

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