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Wednesday, September 15, 1999

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“The Game of Invisible Friends”

“Even Death is Not an Absolute”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Joanne (Gildae), Marj (Grady), and two new participants, Jimmy (11 years old) and Mike (8 years old).

Vic’s note: Marj is Joanne’s mother, and Joanne is Jimmy and Mike’s mother. And this is a fascinating session!

Elias arrives at 11:27 AM. (Arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JOANNE: Good morning!

MARJ: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We meet again! And welcome to small ones!

BOYS: Hello!

ELIAS: Welcome to you! (Grinning)

JOANNE: I’m not really sure how to proceed with this. I followed an impulse and set this session up with you for today, and then last night, Didi said for me to bring the boys today. So I guess ... is there anything that you want to say to them?

ELIAS: Let me inquire of you which direction you wish to be proceeding within initially in this exchange of this session.

I hold an awareness that you have questioning in several different areas presently, one being that of your relationship with your partner and certain probabilities which have been set into motion in concerning your relationship, and your small one’s relationship with this individual also. Another direction that you hold curiosity in [is] in your communication with what you assume is another essence that you are interacting with. And also, you are questioning your interaction with your children and your partner as to your individual behavior and what may be the most efficient expression.

Therefore, within these different choices of directions, which direction are you wishing to proceed within first?

JOANNE: I guess with helping my children in how they feel about themselves, and something that will help them if the most probable probabilities do occur.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall speak with the small ones.

Good morning, children! (Pause) You wish not to be extending good morning to me also?

JIMMY: Good morning!

MIKE: Good morning!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Much better! (Chuckling) I shall promise you that I shall not bite you if you speak to me! (Chuckling)

I see that with both of you, you do not hold much concern of yourselves presently, but I see also that you are slightly worried for your parents, and this may be creating an element of uncomfortableness with you each.

You also experience uncomfortable situations with each other in this situation, but I shall also say to you that you are quite fine in your disputes with each other.

As to your concern with your parents, let us talk of this situation.

Remember within yourselves that you are not responsible for the choices that your parents engage, but this is not to say that you do not feel inside of you effects from these choices that are made between your parents.

Now; each of your parents are creating different choices. Your mother holds difficulty in speaking with each of you, for she is fearful that you shall not understand what she is expressing to you. You and I both know that you already understand much more than she thinks you understand, correct?


ELIAS: (Chuckling) In your terms, you are quite bright little ones, and you hold a knowing of what is occurring around you much more than the adults allow themselves to be knowing.

In this, I am also understanding that neither of you is feeling fear in this situation, but you are feeling concern and worry.

Now; in this, worry is unnecessary, for choices are merely choices, and in reality, it matters not what choices any individual creates. You may create any choice that you are choosing, and they may create any choice that they wish to be creating, and in actuality, it matters not. Therefore, worry is, in a manner of speaking, a waste of energy.

In this, I also say to you that you may be speaking with your mother, and I say to you that she shall listen and she shall understand what you wish to be expressing to her. There are unspoken things that you feel that you are not expressing to your mother, for you are afraid that this may be upsetting with her. I express to you, it matters not.

If you are holding your thoughts and your feelings, your emotions, to yourself and you are not allowing yourself to be expressing what you are experiencing, you create within you what we express as a geyser. Are you aware of what is a geyser?

JIMMY: I guess.

ELIAS: It is a type of hot spring. It rises from the ground and spouts out of the ground hot water that sprays in many different directions.

Inside of you, if you are holding to your energy and you are not allowing yourself to be expressing your feelings and your thoughts, you become similar to this hole within your ground which spurts out this hot water, but you spurt out hot energy which sprays upon everyone around you.

In this, as this type of action happens, it becomes hurtful, not merely to other individuals but more to yourself, for once you are creating of this type of geyser, you also afterwards become very uncomfortable within yourself, and you begin to feel within yourself unhappy and guilty, and guilt is also a waste of energy. But these are natural elements that individuals feel once they have allowed a geyser to be spewing forth, for within your reality, you involve yourselves with what we term or that we speak of as belief systems.

Belief systems are all of the things in your life that you believe, which is very much! You believe many, many, many things, and in these beliefs, you also believe that if you are expressing hurtful feelings to other individuals, that this is bad.

Now; I shall say to you that this is not bad, but you do believe that it is. Therefore, I also say to you that although at times you may think that these adults shall not believe you or shall feel upset or angry with you if you are expressing to them what you are experiencing, I say to you, express anyway.

For in not speaking to each other – in you both not speaking to your parents and in your parents not speaking to you genuinely – you all participate in creating tension, and in this tension, you create thoughts and feelings within yourselves that are not necessarily what the other individual is thinking or experiencing.

Let me also express to you ... one moment. (Here, Elias coughs for 30 seconds, and there is an additional 10-second pause)

Excuse, please. Michael is experiencing difficulty in holding within this energy exchange, but we shall continue.

Now; as I was expressing to you, many times children such as yourselves think and feel that you do not hold the ability or the right to be expressing yourselves to individuals that are older than yourselves. Many times children believe that adults are not interested in what you perceive, or that they view you as “less than” or not understanding what is occurring within reality merely for the reason that you are small. This is quite incorrect!

I express to you that I hold an awareness that you as small ones hold a great awareness of all of your reality, and in this, understand many aspects of reality that adults may blind themselves to within their belief systems.

Therefore, I encourage you each to be allowing yourselves to express yourselves, to speak to other individuals and to offer the information that you hold, for many times you may see different elements of reality that your parents do not necessarily allow themselves to see. Do you understand?


MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: I express much encouragement to you both, for you both hold great creativity and great awareness and great understanding of the conflicts that your parents are experiencing.

Now; express to me, as we speak, what do you see in the choice of any individual if they choose to be moving into a different area of consciousness? What I am inquiring of you is, how shall you see the movement of death?

JIMMY: I think that it just happens to everybody, and sometimes you just have to deal with it.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And what shall you be expressing in “you just have to deal with it?”

JIMMY: I mean that you just ... you can’t be afraid of it.

ELIAS: And you are not afraid of this, are you?

JIMMY: Sometimes I can be.

ELIAS: But you are in actuality not afraid of death, but afraid of the loss, that you may not be engaged in activity with another individual physically any longer.

Death itself holds no fear. This is merely a choice.

As an individual chooses death, they are choosing to be moving from one country, in a manner of speaking, to another country. They move from this country physically into a nonphysical country. In this, they continue, and you – if you are allowing yourself – may continue to be interactive with them. Your interaction is merely different.

Just as if an individual, a friend, so to speak, moves to another country physically, you no longer shall be playing with your friend physically. But you may continue to be communicating with your friend who now lives in another country, for you hold equipment, as your telephone, in which you may speak with your friend, and you may continue to be interactive with your friend and share your experiences. You merely are not sharing them in the same location.

In like manner, as any individual chooses to be moving to a nonphysical country, in a manner of speaking, by choosing death, you also may continue to share experiences and communication with that individual. It merely shall not be physical any longer, but you are not separated from that individual. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Therefore, what shall be the fear? Do you hold fear if your friend is moving to another country?


ELIAS: No, for you know that you may continue to speak with your friend and share your experiences. I say to you that an individual may be choosing this movement of death and it is a very, very similar action, and therefore, there is no fear within that choice either.

Now; I express this to you for the reason that you shall allow yourselves futurely to be remembering of this conversation.

I am not engaging this conversation with you presently to be offering you any fearfulness or to be expressing to you that this type of choice is imminently about to occur within the choices of any individuals close to you yet. But futurely, as this may be a choice that may be engaged by another individual, you may allow yourself to be remembering this conversation that we hold this day, and in this, you shall allow yourself to not place the barrier between yourself and any other individual that chooses that particular direction.

To the now, merely be remembering that it is very acceptable for each of you to be expressing yourselves in whichever manner you choose to be communicating with other individuals, your family, and this may be very helpful to you and to them also. Are you understanding?


MARJ: I’m not sure Michael understands it all, Elias.

ELIAS: (Firmly) It matters not!

MARJ: He’s fidgety.

ELIAS: It matters not, for the energy has been communicated, and in this, it has already been assimilated subjectively.

MARJ: Oh, I love you! (Laughter) (To the boys) Do you have any questions for Elias?

JIMMY: Not really.

MARJ: Do you want to talk to him about how you feel?

JIMMY: I don’t really have anything.

MIKE: I have one thing that scares me.

MARJ: What? Tell Elias what scares you.

MIKE: Deep water. That scares me.

ELIAS: Ah! Deep water! Now; shall I explain to you why you are afraid of deep water? (Pause) Do you wish to know?

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: Very well! Let us play a game! Let us play the game of invisible friends.

In this, the invisible friends that we shall meet are other little children that are part of you. Just as you may be reading stories of long, long ago, you have BEEN in stories long, long ago, before you even chose to be born now.

In this, in our game, we shall close our eyes and we shall journey to another place, and in this other place, we shall meet another little boy. This little boy lives in a very different area than you live, but is very, very similar to yourself. In fact, he IS yourself! (Chuckling)

He is quite playful and quite happy. This little boy holds two sisters and one brother, and within his family, he is quite happy.

Now; this little boy, at the age of nine years, experiences a very fearful time, for within his village, a very strong storm is occurring, and in this storm, much water is covering the ground. More and more and more water is collecting within his little village.

His younger sister plays near the edge of a crevice. A crevice is a type of cliff. Near this crevice, much water has collected. This little boy’s younger sister slips and falls into this crevice. The water is very deep. The little boy is quite fearful for his younger sister, and is jumping into the water to be helpful to his younger sister. But the water is very, very strong and is moving very, very fast, and both of the children are carried with the water.

Both of these children slip under this water, and both of these children are feeling much fear. But suddenly, the fear is gone, and both of these children are looking to each other under the water, and realize that they may float away.

Now; what has happened is that both of these little children have chosen to die, but they hold no fear, for they continue to be themselves and they continue to view each other, and they realize that they may now float away and the water is not hurtful to them, that this is merely a temporary moment in which they were afraid, but the reason they were afraid was that they did not understand what was occurring.

Now; the reason I offer this story to you is that you may now see, that same little boy is you! And you are not hurt, and you are not drowning, and you are here once again! And you are happy, and you play, and you interact with a new brother!

Therefore, the water is no element to be fearful of, for it shall not be hurtful to you. That little boy and his sister were not hurt by the water. They chose to move WITH the water. The water did not swallow them! They chose to be floating WITH the water, and in their movement with the water, they both chose to be moving into a new family.

YOU have chosen THIS family, with your mother and your brother and your father, and you are not feeling inside of yourself sad that you are not creating the playfulness with that younger sister any longer. It matters not.

It is all a game. It is a very large game, and just as you may play a game now with your friends or with your family, if you tire of the game, you may choose another game!

And in this, it is not the water that has been hurtful or that has created a fear. It shall not hurt you. It is a natural element that is a part of you.

It is you yourself that has chosen to be moving into a new game, and one day, you shall choose another new game. But presently, you play in this game, and in this game, you may change the rules or the game itself whenever you choose!

Therefore, look to the deep water and allow yourself to see all of the wonders that lie within the deep water. Many, many wondrous elements are within the deep water!

And remember that this is all – within your life, so to speak – merely a game to be playing, and to be experiencing fun, not to be experiencing fear, for no element shall hurt you if you are not allowing it to be hurtful. (Pause)

MIKE: Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend, and if you are so choosing, I shall play games with you also! And if you are so wishing, you may call upon me within any moment, and I shall present playful blue lights for you, and we shall play together! Is this a deal?

MIKE: Yeah!


ELIAS: HA HA! Very good!

MARJ: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Pause)

MARJ: (To Joanne) Do you have more questions for him?

JOANNE: Yeah. I wanted to ask you about Didi. The only information I got was, she is a counterpart lending me energy. What’s going on?

Vic’s note: This is not the entirety of Joanne’s question, as the sound was breaking up while she was speaking. This is interesting, as this question is regarding Joanne’s interaction with an “entity,” so to speak, which makes one wonder about the “interference.”

ELIAS: I express to you that this is an aspect of self which, in a manner of speaking, does hold counterpart action, for it is another aspect of essence that holds counterpart action with you in allowing an expression of latent qualities to be offered to you.

Now; what I am expressing in this is that you, within the aspects of yourself, hold latent qualities that are not expressed within your individual focus.

All individuals within physical focus participate in this type of action in which not all of your abilities or qualities are expressed. Therefore, some of your qualities or abilities lie latent within you.

In this, this aspect of essence expresses these latent qualities that you hold within yourself. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to necessarily be expressing these qualities objectively, for you assimilate the experience through the counterpart action. In this, this aspect of essence offers you information and communications.

Now; understand that this is an aspect of your essence – it is not another essence interacting with you – and you may be allowing yourself much information in your communication with this aspect of essence.

In this, I express to you the suggestion that you allow yourself to be interactive, but also be aware of your filtration system, so to speak, and of how you perceive the information offered, for you shall automatically filter through your belief systems.

Much information may be tapped into in this type of exchange and interaction. As I have expressed previously many times, you hold all of the information that you need within self, within essence. It is merely a question of whether you choose to be opening to that information. You have chosen a method, so to speak, to allow yourself to be assimilating information that may be quite helpful within your experiences.

Now; merely be recognizing that all that you draw to yourself, you also filter through your belief systems, through your perception, and in this, you may at times confuse the communications.

But this communication that you participate in presently with this aspect also offers you the opportunity to become more and more familiar with your own energy in all of its aspects, and therefore offers you the ability to be differentiating your energy from other individuals’ energies and those energies that may be subtly projected by other individuals that you shall draw to yourself and may confuse with your own energy.

Therefore, as you do hold quite an empathic ability, allow yourself to be engaging this opportunity to be identifying your own energy and the communication that you offer to yourself through your energy and the difference in quality that it holds from that which is projected by other individuals.

As to the reality of this interaction, I shall validate to you that you ARE engaging an interaction with another aspect of essence. Therefore, it is quite real!

JOANNE: That’s good! (Laughter)

MARJ: You know, Elias, Ted or Cara speaks sometimes with C9 through himself, and then there’s Joanne or Gildae coming up with her information. And our friend Inez and myself, Grady, were all sitting here last night wondering if we would get to the point where we were each speaking out, and who was going to be listening at that point! Would we have to tape our individual conversations? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! You shall all offer yourselves the interaction of other aspects of yourselves and you shall all be listening! Ha ha ha! (Marj and Joanne crack up)

MARJ: You mean there will be a time when I can do that too?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing! (Grinning)

I express to you that this is merely a choice. Objective, verbal communication may not always be what you deem to be necessary. You may be allowing yourselves to be connecting with other aspects of essence or of self within this particular focus and you may offer yourselves volumes of information, but it need not necessarily be presented through voice.

Therefore, allow yourselves your individual expressions and creativities, and not to be presenting yourselves with obstacles that stem from the perception of your belief systems that it is unacceptable to be expressing in these manners. These are merely methods that you offer to yourselves in allowing yourselves to widen your awareness, and this is the point!

Therefore, I am quite encouraging of all of your action and your participation with each other, and encourage you to continue to be playful in all of this activity, for it is not so very serious!

As I have spoken with the small one, it is all a game. You are merely fellow travelers. And in this, you are not offering each other counsel. You are playing a game of experience within a physical dimension, and in this game, be playful! (Chuckling)

MARJ: That’s a wonderful way to look at life, and it’s really a pleasure to be relaxing more so that we can really look at it that way and believe it deep within ourselves.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Quite!

MARJ: We’ve been trying to conjure up a slingshot so we could each project our own color ball your way. We haven’t come up with anything yet, but we’re working on it!

ELIAS: Ah! Conjuring a slingshot! Shall I suggest a large cauldron and some boiling water? (Much laughter) Stirring frequently, that you allow the vapors to be rising, and this may be coupled with an incantation, conjuring up of your slingshot! HA HA HA!

MARJ: I think that’ll work! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

MARJ: Anything else, sweetie? Do you have any more questions?

JOANNE: I just have one, about the feelings that I’ve been having about my husband.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that your impression is quite real. Therefore, do not be discounting of what you have offered to yourself. But let me also express to you that there are influences of your emotions, your thoughts, your perception, and your beliefs in this situation.

The impression is correct in that a line of probabilities has been created by your partner in the direction of questioning their willingness to be participating within the action of this shift in physical focus.

Therefore, there is an existence, so to speak, of a line of probabilities that may be enacted and inserted into this reality, that this individual may be choosing to disengage physical focus.

(Emphatically) But be remembering, this is a choice! It is a line of probabilities which may be altered or changed within any moment. It is not an absolute!

Therefore, you have allowed yourself through your empathic sense to be tapping into a particular line of probabilities that this individual has chosen to be creating but has not yet actualized or inserted into this particular reality. Therefore, it remains a non-choice presently. This is not to say that it may not be inserted, for this is a probability. I shall express to you, it matters not!

This is not your responsibility, to be creating another individual’s reality or choices merely for the reason that you are not in agreement or it is not to your taste that they be creating certain probabilities or certain choices, and you also may not be altering of another individual’s choice without their agreement.

In this, I express to you, turn your attention to self. Concern yourself with self and with your choices and your creations, and all other elements shall fall into place, in a manner of speaking.

It matters not which direction an individual chooses. You all travel in the same journey, so to speak. You all travel within the journey of experience in this physical dimension. You merely each uniquely choose different expressions, different directions within that same journey, so to speak, but you are all moving together in the same journey. Therefore, it matters not which choice is actualized.

I shall also express to you, no choice is absolute! ANY choice may be chosen and may be changed. And you may contemplate this, for this is the element that creates the reality of it matters not – the knowing that NO ELEMENT of your reality is absolute. You may choose any direction within your reality, and you may change that direction and choose a different direction. Even death is not absolute!

MARJ: Great!

JOANNE: (Sighing) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

I shall be anticipating our forthcoming interaction, and I shall be offering great encouragement to you all in each of your directions of your journey together. (Chuckling) And I....

MARJ: Thank you, Elias. We’ll work on the cauldron!


And I shall also offer to you small ones, be remembering, I shall be anticipating our game with our blue balls! Ha ha ha ha! (Laughter)

MARJ: That’s super!

ELIAS: And we shall continue to play! To our next meeting and our continued interaction, I offer to each of you much affection, and to you little boys, great lovingness. We shall be great friends!

To you this day, I express very fondly, au revoir.

MARJ: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:34 PM.

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