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Thursday, September 16, 1999

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“Thoughts vs. Beliefs”

“Redefining Healing”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Katie (Muriel), and a new participant, Jacob.

Elias arrives at 1:24 PM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

KATIE: Good afternoon, Elias!

JACOB: Good afternoon, Elias!

ELIAS: Welcome to new essence! (Chuckling)

KATIE: Elias, this is my friend Jacob, and he just has a quick question he’d like to ask you.

ELIAS: Very well. You may proceed.

JACOB: Thank you. In my life, I continually find myself seemingly blocked from action even though it seems clear to me what actions I need to take. Is there something you can share with me that would shine light on that?

ELIAS: Very well. What you create within your reality is very similar to many other individuals in this particular type of situation, and this is directly related to how you view yourself and how you perceive that other individuals view you and what you assess to be your responsibility in certain creations. This couples itself with your belief in your actual ability. The reason that you create obstacles in this situation is that you involve yourself in what you may term to be a tug of war, so to speak – a struggling between objective thoughts and wants, and belief systems that are held underlyingly which interact with subjective movement and motivation.

Now; these two elements are, in a manner of speaking, at odds with each other, for objectively you create thought processes that suggest to yourself that you hold the ability to be creating in whichever direction you are so choosing. You express within yourself objectively that you hold an element of confidence, in your terms, and that you value self. Therefore, these should be the ingredients, in a manner of speaking, to be allowing you to create whatever you choose to be creating. But you also provide yourself with obstacles and barriers, and this creates an element of confusion, for it appears to be at odds with what you seemingly objectively believe.

Now; many individuals hold simultaneously different aspects of belief systems that may be at odds with each other. In these situations, what shall be the motivating force, so to speak, is the underlying beliefs, for these beliefs are held in stronger measure, in a manner of speaking.

Therefore, when I express to you that you create what you concentrate upon, this is not an expression that is to be suggesting objective thought process. Concentration upon any particular direction or line of probabilities is not necessarily created through thoughts. Many times what you are concentrating upon is elements within your energy, aspects of belief systems that are held very strongly beneath the surface, in physical terms. These are not removed from you if you are choosing to be allowing yourself to view them, but you turn your attention away from these elements in not wishing to view.

Therefore, the reason that you continue to provide yourself with these types of obstacles and barriers and conflicting creations is that underlyingly, you question your ability to actualize these types of creations and your wants, and in that questioning of your ability, you also couple the rightness of your wants, the justification of your wants. This is a very large bird within the bird cage!

I express to you that although individuals may express to themselves and to other individuals objectively that they believe they are deserving or they believe that they may be expressing in any manner they are so choosing and there is no rightness or wrongness in it, the belief system of duplicity is exceptionally strong within your physical reality, and the aspects of this belief system hold tremendous energy within you all.

In this, regardless that you objectively question your motivation, the underlying aspects of this belief system play with each other and toss the ball back and forth and express to you, “Yes, you may create any element within your reality. Now try! For we shall prevent you from creating what you want to be creating for the reason that in actuality, you do not hold certainty and the actual knowing of your abilities or your worth, or whether what you want is beneficial and good and rightly motivated.”

As I have stated, these are very, very large aspects of the belief system, and they are quite influencing.

Now; where the battles rages is that the objective awareness assimilates information, moves into directions of focusing attention more and more upon self, and continues to affirm and reinforce to yourself that you hold worth and value, that it matters not what choices you are enacting, all of your choices are beneficial, and that there is no rightness or wrongness within them.

But as you express this to yourself, you also are being fed objectively information to allow you to view the workings of this belief system, for as you thwart your efforts objectively, you question the rightness of your choices. Subsequently, you question the rightness of self, for you equate the measure of self with the measure or rightness in your choices.

If you are choosing right choices and you are accomplishing within right choices, you shall assess yourself to be of value, and you shall also reinforce this assessment through the expressions of other individuals, which shall add to the measure of your assessment of your worth. If other individuals assess the rightness of your choices, they shall reinforce the rightness of you, and you shall accept that expression and you also shall express the accomplishment and the rightness of self. This shall form your measure of yourself.

I express to you, in genuineness, your choices are your choices. They are merely that – choices. They are neither right nor wrong. They are merely experimentations and explorations within your physical reality, and as each choice suggests an importance to you, this may be what you may allow yourself to examine [in] why certain accomplishments hold such value.

JACOB: Hmm. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

KATIE: Okay, Elias. Let me ask you real quick, last night I had an interesting experience at a class I was taking. The instructor had a sports bottle with a beverage in it, and it was just as blue as it could be! And I kept wondering, what on earth could that woman be drinking that is that vivid a blue? It persisted to be blue all through the class, and then as I was leaving class, I looked at it again, and it was brown. It was iced tea! Was this imagery of you?

ELIAS: In part, yes, and in part, it is an offering as an example of perception. You have been offered an expression of energy by myself to offer you the opportunity to view the reality of perception. I have offered the analogy of a cup in conjunction with differences of perception previously.

Now; in this, you have allowed yourself to participate in an experience and a game with myself, and in this, I have projected energy into a physical area, not attaching any element, form, or designation to that energy, allowing you to perceive the energy in whichever manner you choose. Your choice automatically is to be viewing the color blue in association with my energy. This is quite acceptable, and this is not the point. It matters not how you choose to be viewing my energy. The point is related to perception. (1)

The individual holding the cup held an awareness of the contents of the cup. Therefore, the perception of the color was one direction. Other individuals within the physical interaction also view one color. You view a different color. Now, this difference in color is no less real. It is presented in reality.

Therefore, regardless that you may be approached by twenty other individuals and that they may express to you, “The content of this cup holds the color brown,” you within yourself shall be insistent that the content of the cup is blue, for this is your perception. This is what you turn your attention to, which is affecting of all of your senses, inner and outer, and is the creation of your reality.

This offers you the opportunity to view the highly individualized state, so to speak, of perception, and that each person’s perception is individual and unique and different, [and that] even as they view the same reality, there are elements within that same reality that hold differences.

This shall be instructive to you futurely, in your movement within your intent, as you allow yourself to be remembering that each individual’s perception is different, therefore also remembering and knowing that although you may encounter other individuals that create what appear to be very similar or the same experiences as you have created ... allow yourself the awareness that as each individual’s perception is unique and different and is their reality, so is each experience. You may view two individuals that may express the same scenario objectively, but their experience[s] in this scenario are different.

Therefore, this game that we have engaged holds significance in your movement as you interact with other individuals, for in the expression of your definition and identification objectively of healing, there are misunderstandings, for there are mis-definitions.

In this, healing is the recognition of the individuality of each person and of all expressions of consciousness, and in healing, the intent is to allow energy to return to its natural state, but there is no one absolute, defined natural state. That state is different within each individual.

Two individuals may create the same situation, the same expression. Let us view from the vantage point of the healer.

You may hold your own experience in a physical manifestation of painfulness. You may encounter another individual that experiences what is objectively identified as the same expression of painfulness. Your painfulness may be created for very different reasons.

Now; in the encounters between different individuals, and many, many times within the expressions of individuals that move within the intent of healing, there is a leaning in the direction of associating experiences. You express to yourself that you may be helpful to another individual, for you understand the experience that the other individual is creating, for you have created the same experience.

Now; previously I have expressed to many individuals that you shall hold greater understanding of other individuals if you are allowing yourself to be experiencing similar experiences, but this moves you merely into a partial understanding. This is not the whole of the movement of healing. This offers you an identification, which offers you objectively an association with another individual.

(Speaking slowly) You allow yourselves a thought process and feelings that you express in understanding in a manner of compassion and desire for helpfulness, but there is an element beyond merely the understanding in the relationship of the physical experiences, and this is the element of knowing that regardless of how very similar each of you may create certain elements of your physical reality, be they emotional, mental, or physical, there are differences, for all of your experiences are created through your perception.

Your perception is your reality, and your perception is directly influenced by your individual beliefs, your individual alignments with aspects of belief systems, your individual issues, your individual fears, your individual assessments of yourselves. Therefore, each expression of reality within your physical focus is highly individualized and unique.

You now move to a point within your widening of your awareness in which you begin to allow yourself to expand within your abilities, and in this, you now allow yourself to begin movement into the recognition of the differences of perception. This allows you the opportunity to become much more efficient in your interactions with other individuals within your intent and the objective expression of your intent. Are you understanding?

KATIE: Yes. (28-second pause)

ELIAS: You may continue. (Smiling)

KATIE: Oh, okay! Let’s see. In my last session, you were telling me of my intent, but because of the problem with my phone, you were interrupted. Was there any more that you wanted to add to that, or is what you’ve just told me pretty much finishing that up?

ELIAS: We are discussing that subject matter presently.

In this, I now offer you information as to the movement that you are creating within your intent and the direction of the line of probabilities that you are presently creating in allowing yourself to be noticing and to be recognizing the differences in each individual’s expressions of their experiences.

Think to yourself of the numerous times that you have expressed or that you have listened to other individuals expressing, “In my experience, this is so.” I express to you, this is a narrowing of your periphery, and this is an expression that reinforces the direction of absolutes, and this be the reason that I am offering this information to you in conjunction with your intent and your movement within your intent.

Your experiences are your reality, but even within your own reality, they are not absolute. But you all lean in the direction of placing your experiences into an absolute box that may not be changed, and I am expressing to you that this is quite incorrect, that it matters not how very absolute experiences may appear – they are not absolute.

Therefore, the expression to another individual of recounting one’s experience and expressing to them, “In my experience, this is how the scenario shall proceed,” what is occurring is an invalidation of the other individual’s experience.

Within your intent and your movement in the area of healing, this type of expression is contrary to your movement within your intent, but it is also quite automatic and quite normal, in your terms, within the officially accepted reality. Therefore, in the automaticness of these expressions, you do not even view that you are expressing in the manner that you are expressing.

But you have allowed yourself now to begin to move into a direction of noticing the differences in perceptions and the differences in reality, and therefore, you also shall begin allowing yourself to become more aware of your expressions and your movement in your interaction with other individuals, and allowing yourself a fuller expression of your intent within your direction of healing.

KATIE: Great! I’ve kind of wondered why I haven’t been doing much in the way of healing lately. I guess this is why, huh?

ELIAS: You are assimilating information.

KATIE: Okay. Also in my last session, you told me that the energy that I often feel coupled with yours is an essence within this energy exchange, and I think I may have identified it. Is it Tomkin? (Pause)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) No, but I shall express to you that this would be an obvious and easy confusion, in your physical terms. The energy that you are experiencing or allowing yourself to be connecting to would be this of Mikaki.

KATIE: Of what?

ELIAS: Mikaki.

KATIE: I still didn’t hear that very clearly.

ELIAS: This would be your purple energy ...


ELIAS: ... not red.

KATIE: Okay.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! These two are easily confused. (Chuckling)

KATIE: Okay. Speaking of the red, how am I doing on that challenge of mine involving Lisa? (Pause)

ELIAS: You are becoming aware, but as we engage this day, you may be allowing yourself thought in the direction that we have been speaking this day, for this also shall be helpful to you. I continue to be encouraging with you, and express to you that you are allowing yourself more of an awareness and more noticing in your interaction.

This offers you the opportunity to be practicing, and you provide yourselves both, in your interaction with each other, an avenue, so to speak, to be engaging with each other and viewing HOW you are engaging with each other, and this allows you to be more aware of self – not necessarily of the other individual, but of self – and this is the point. Therefore, I am quite encouraging in your interaction with this individual!

KATIE: Okay, great! She’s gonna get to interact with you here shortly too. She is scheduling a session to speak with you.

ELIAS: I am aware. (Chuckling) And she may be aware of my presence also, prior to our objective meeting. Ha ha!

KATIE: (Laughing) And is that you that flickers the lights at our little group sessions that we have?

ELIAS: I am merely offering playfulness! Ha ha ha!

KATIE: Okay, let’s see. I think I connected with another focus of mine recently, just as I was falling asleep. It was a male with longish black hair wearing a loincloth. Was this a focus of mine? (Pause)


KATIE: Okay. Was he a Mayan? (Pause)

ELIAS: No. This individual does occupy that general region in physical location, but is occupying a very small tribe outside of the society of the Mayan society.

KATIE: Okay. I connected with him after spending a lot of time recently connecting with my focus that’s named Maya, and that’s why I wondered if he might be Mayan, if there was some connection between the two.

ELIAS: You have allowed yourself to be connecting with this focus through those means, and in this, the individual that you view holds objective knowledge of that society and has allowed himself brief encounters, but also holds a fearfulness of that particular society in recognition of the powerfulness. In this, he views that society to be as a massive fish that would be swallowing up all of the tiny fish that surround it.

KATIE: I see. Okay. What time period was this in?

ELIAS: I shall allow you to be investigating, and you may offer to me, and I shall confirm. (Chuckling)

KATIE: Okay, okay. I’ve also connected a little bit more with Maya, and I think I’ve come upon her last name – Richardson, or something close to that. (Pause)

ELIAS: Richarden.

KATIE: Richard what?


KATIE: Richardsen?


KATIE: Oh wow! Okay, so I did have it really close!

ELIAS: Correct.

KATIE: Cool! My friend Lisa and I have both connected with a focus in which we both feel she was a handmaiden of mine, and with both of us, it was our initial impression that it was in the Alexander focus, but then we both discarded that for different reasons. My reason was that you had told me Lisa and I were merely acquaintances in that focus, but I think it’s interesting we both came upon the same one. Is there a focus in which she was a handmaiden?

ELIAS: This IS the focus, the focus that you have identified, and I express to you that individuals that interact with each other within that time framework are not necessarily engaged within relationships as friendship merely for the reason that they interact with each other.

KATIE: Okay, so it was in the Alexander focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

KATIE: In that focus, was I among the family of King Darius? (Pause)


KATIE: No. Okay, a little more investigating there! Let’s see.

Malhai and I had a discussion a while back regarding personality tone, and I’m wondering if you would clear something up for me. Are all of the focuses of my essence in this dimension encompassed within the tone of Muriel, all 802 of them?


KATIE: Okay. I won that one then! (Laughing) And there are just variations of tone within the overall tone of Muriel. Is that right?


KATIE: Okay. Also in that same area, my being a final focus, that is also within the overall tone of Muriel?


KATIE: Okay. I’ve been wondering about this a little bit lately.

ELIAS: Let me express to you a clarification in this area of the final focus. This is a designation within the encompassing tone, but this designation of the position of the final focus is relative to this dimension.

KATIE: Right. Yeah, I understand that part.

ELIAS: Very well; continue.

KATIE: Okay. So when I disengage as a final focus ... I’m curious as to whether this focus of Katie continues to hold the integrity of Katie beyond transition.

ELIAS: Yes, but in a slightly different manner than you hold an awareness of objectively. As to the identification of the focus, you hold your own unique, individual personality quality. This is a specific vibrational quality and a specific tone quality.

Now; as I have expressed previously within this forum, as a focus disengages, it is not absorbed into some larger entity which is essence. You already ARE all of essence, regardless that you are one focus of essence.

These are concepts that do not translate well into your physical language and understanding in thought processes, but there is no loss of energy signature or integrity, in your terms, of the individuality of yourself as you choose to be disengaging.

In this, I have expressed also previously, there is no reincarnation or remanifestation, for you each, as a focus of essence, are not produced, so to speak, from used parts. Each of you is unique and an expression of self and may not be, in physical terms, compromised.

Therefore, as each focus chooses disengagement, that focus – that personality and uniqueness of vibrational quality of consciousness and tone – continues in its creations nonphysically, and it continues to hold its uniqueness in quality and its element of free will and choice. Therefore, it continues to create its reality in the manner that it chooses, in whichever direction it chooses to move into.

This is a difficult concept, for you think in terms of “entities.” You think in terms of corporeal expressions, which limits your understanding of how you may be an individual focus of essence, and also simultaneously, you are all of essence. There is no separation. But as to your question of retaining your individuality and your integrity, yes, you do.

KATIE: Okay. Okay, lately I’ve been having this dream imagery of a William. Mostly it’s just been not even remembering the dreams, but just remembering the name William, and remembering a man associated with that name. But in one dream, my father was sitting and reading a book, and there was a baby next to him, a toddler in a high chair that was poking at my father while he was reading, and he was eating berry pancakes – berry pancakes seem to be coming up as imagery for me too – and his name was William, and within this dream, William was my son, and I’m just kind of wondering what all that was about.

ELIAS: This is imagery that you have presented to yourself in conjunction with two other essences. In this, I express to you that one of the essences – a focus of the essence – has projected energy to you in recognition of your receptiveness. Therefore, in a manner of speaking – quite physically speaking – this focus has honed in upon your energy expression and the receptiveness of your energy, and therefore has projected energy to you. It projects energy to you in conjunction with another essence which holds a physical focus manifest presently in your physical dimension.

Now; let me be clear. This focus holds confusion and is projecting energy not necessarily with a message. Therefore, do not be confused or deluded into a thought process that you are being engaged as a go-between, so to speak, for you are not. This is merely a recognition temporarily of this particular focus of an energy pocket, so to speak, that is recognized and identified as being associated with Regional Area 1. This is you.

Therefore, in honing into this pocket, energy is projected by that particular focus, which no longer holds physical focus in your physical dimension, therefore no longer occupies Regional Area 1, and in this, is merely projecting energy similar to a thought process of another focus that continues to occupy your physical Regional Area 1.

I am expressing this quite intentionally in this manner, for the existing belief system – which is held very strongly within your physical dimension – is that individuals that disengage or die, so to speak, at times project “messages” to be relayed from one individual within physical focus to another individual. This particular belief is romanticized tremendously, but in actuality, it also IS a belief.

In actuality, these focuses that participate in transition or occupy an area of consciousness prior to the engagement of transition many times may project energy into Regional Area 1, for they are drawn in their attention to Regional Area 1, for it is familiar.

In this action, they may hone into the energy of certain individuals that appears to them to be slightly similar to an energy that they previously recognized within Regional Area 1. They hold an awareness that this is not necessarily the same individual, but I express to you that within the consciousness of that particular focus, it matters not.

There is merely a projection of energy, in like manner to any of yourselves within your physical focus expressing outwardly the words of, “Oh, god!” You are not necessarily calling for an entity of God. You are merely expressing an outward projection of energy in which you are expelling, in a manner of speaking, your own energy in a moment of frustration or exasperation, in your terms.

Now; in certain situations with focuses that have disengaged, they may be projecting energy in a similar manner. They are not necessarily projecting energy to a specific individual, but they may hold a specific individual in thought, for even subsequent to disengagement, you continue to hold, temporarily, objective awareness. Therefore, you also, in part, continue to create the energy manifestation of thought, and in this, the focus may project into Regional Area 1 where they view to be a pocket, and you appear to be a pocket to this particular focus.

The name of William is associated with the individual which occupies the physical focus now. The individual’s name is not William, but the individual’s essence name is William.

KATIE: Okay. Is this someone that’s involved with the forum?


KATIE: Okay, so this is Gail?

ELIAS: Correct. But the energy is not being projected TO this individual – or as a message to this individual – and it is not being projected BY this individual. It is being projected by another focus which presently has disengaged physical focus.

KATIE: Okay, and this being another essence ...

ELIAS: Correct.

KATIE: ... and not any relation to my father.


KATIE: Okay.

ELIAS: You have related to yourself this imagery to be offering yourself an identification of gender – that this particular focus that has disengaged was within physical focus male.

KATIE: Okay. Okay, but this is an essence that knows William?


KATIE: Okay. Interesting! (Laughing) I think we’re out of time.

ELIAS: I shall be reminding you in this ... an expression from myself to yourself: Be remembering, this is not a communication of a message, for it may be misinterpreted by other individuals. Therefore, merely allow yourself to be aware.

KATIE: Okay. (Elias chuckles) I didn’t get any message anyway, so.... (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

Very well. To you this day, and also to your friend, I express much affection, and I anticipate our next meeting.

KATIE: As do I. It’s always very enlightening! Thank you so very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and I offer to you encouragement and much lovingness, and express au revoir.

KATIE: Au revoir, my friend.

Elias departs at 2:33 PM.


(1) Elias originally said, “The point matters not how you choose to be viewing my energy.” I have changed this to, “It matters not how you choose to be viewing my energy.”

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