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Sunday, September 19, 1999

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ďMoving from Childhood into AdolescenceĒ

ďObstacles, Beliefs, and AcceptanceĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Lois (Lois), Vicki (Lawrence), Vivien (Miriam), and one new participant, James (Kashel).

Vicís note: This is a private session for Lois, but she invited us to observe. James is Vivienís son, and he was quite excited about seeing Elias for the first time!

Elias arrives at 11:03 AM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning! (Grinning)

LOIS: Good morning!

ELIAS: And we meet again!

LOIS: Yes, we do! (Elias chuckles) First of all, Elias, I have to thank you for coming in and calming me down the other day. (Elias chuckles) You were there, of course Ė I could feel it! (Laughing) So Iím not going to ask you yes or no. The first question I have is for my daughter, who didnít come, and thatís Sheila, of course. She is wanting me to ask you why her face keeps breaking out. (Pause)

ELIAS: I shall express to you that this is directly related to mass belief systems.

In this, within a time framework of progression of years, as individuals within physical focus move from what you identify as childhood into adolescence and move through this period of time, there are many different issues that they themselves are battling with, so to speak. They are moving into an area of aligning with mass belief systems, and they are moving away from, in a manner of speaking, the awareness which has been held in younger years.

Within your mass belief systems, you identify certain ages as ďages of awareness.Ē In this, you identify within small children that they move to a certain point that you as a society begin to hold them responsible for their choices. Generally speaking, within your mass belief systems, this occurs [at] about seven years.

You then move into another stage, so to speak, within your belief systems, and you identify that from this point to the movement into adolescence is a time framework in which children hold responsibility for their choices, but they are continued to be identified as young children.

Therefore, in mass belief systems, they do not entirely hold themselves responsible for their choices, and you also do not entirely hold them responsible. [You] allow yourselves to be continuing an interaction with them, recognizing a continuation of what you identify as childlike qualities, but you create a break-point in your identification.

As this child moves into adolescence, this is a crossroad in your identification of growth, and in this crossroad, you as a society begin to hold the individual more responsible for their choices and their behaviors and their actions, and they themselves begin to hold themselves more responsible for their choices.

But they also battle, for they are moving into alignment with mass belief systems and they are separating themselves from their natural expression of intuitiveness, their awareness of essence, for this is unacceptable within your officially accepted reality. It is quite acceptable as a small child to be hearing voices or viewing invisible movements. It is unacceptable as you move into adolescence. In this stage of growth, it is viewed as lunacy.

Therefore, there are many different actions that are occurring within this time framework, and the individual battles between awareness of self and the acceptance of self that has been known previously, and the lack of acceptance which is becoming known in the alignment with mass belief systems.

This creates a situation within these children in which they begin to view themselves as unacceptable, and in viewing themselves as being unacceptable and in creating confusion within themselves, they also create outward exhibitions of this unacceptability, and therefore, they create eruptions.

These eruptions are placed within their energy in what they consider and you consider to be the most visible space within physical form, the most obvious physical space, an area that may be viewed quite easily, and the reason that they are creating of this particular action is that they within themselves feel quite exposed and confused and erupting. Therefore, they create a mirror action outwardly.

This also creates a conflict, for they view this to be quite unacceptable also and quite unattractive, but it is created in alignment with the mass belief systems, that this time framework of each individualís focus is unattractive and unacceptable and confused. This child creates this outward expression for this same reason.

LOIS: Okay. Thank you very much. That was quite enlightening! I guess my next question is, is this my final focus? (16-second pause)

ELIAS: Let me clarify. Within this time framework, there is the potential of the disengagement in conjunction with the designated final focus of essence.

Now; you individually are not the designated or identified final focus of essence.

But in this situation, as the final focus of essence is manifest presently, as that focus chooses to be disengaging, within that moment, in a closely related time framework in your linear time framework, all other focuses of this essence shall also choose to be disengaging or fragmenting.

Now; let me clarify in this. Regardless of the identification of a final focus, each individual, as they choose to be disengaging, moves into nonphysical exploration.

What I am explaining to you is that as you choose to be disengaging, you shall continue your movement and not be remanifesting.

The identification of remanifestation, which is quite inadequate in your language, is that an aspect of this focus may choose to be exploring within physical focus.

But you Ė as you identify yourself within your signature of your personality and who you identify yourself to be Ė shall not remanifest within physical focus, regardless that you be a final focus or not.

A final focus is merely the designation of one focus which is chosen, in a manner of speaking Ė this is quite figurative Ė to be creating the position of disengaging the dimension of physical reality.

Therefore, it is the focus that directs the end period, so to speak, of the participation within a given physical dimension.

Therefore, in direct response to your questioning, no, you are not the final focus, but you shall not also remanifest in this physical dimension.

LOIS: Okay. Thank you. Then in this focus that Iím in, what is the intent? Because Iím seeing a lot of exploring or a lot of traveling. Iíve had that on hold, but that drive has been there, and now I feel like, with the kids being grown up, thatís where Iím being led to. So, would that be my intent in this focus?

ELIAS: Travel is not an intent. It is an action. (Grinning)

LOIS: The exploring, then, from the travel.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Exploration is not necessarily an intent either, for exploration is the action of ALL focuses within ANY physical dimension. This is the reason that you create physical dimensions, to be exploring. Therefore, this is an element of movement that you all engage and is not necessarily an element of your intent, so to speak.

Each individual creates a type of blueprint before their engagement of manifestation in physical focus. In this, they choose a particular pool of probabilities which creates a particular desire of direction of movement.

Now; this is NOT predestined, and it is also not set in stone. It is merely a general pool of probabilities that is chosen before manifestation into physical focus, and in this, is the direction of your exploration and the direction of your choices of probabilities, and in this, is your intent. It is the intent of direction.

In your particular focus, your intent is to be moving among different individuals, observing your interaction with other individuals, and observing the affectingness of other individualsí expressions in conjunction with your expressions, and vice versa.

Therefore, your travel, so to speak, or your sojourn throughout this particular focus moves with the underlying direction continuously of observation and evaluation of how interactions and behaviors are affecting of different individuals within a physical environment.

LOIS: Interesting! I feel that. I feel like thatís been going on for a long time, and Iím probably more aware of it right now, or in the last few months or whatever.

Okay, then in terms of whatís been going on with my job situation, is that all part of it? Because Iím back doing things that I started my career out with. Iím back in the same spot, but Iím seeing it as a different reason to be there; i.e., floor nursing or going back into the hospital and taking care of patients again, which I left a long time ago and went into another realm. So, Iím back into that. Is that part of that focus thatís following through?

ELIAS: Yes. This is offering you the opportunity to view this similar environment and situations and interactions with other individuals but from a different angle, and in this, you allow yourself to evaluate the interactions and your own expression of efficiency. This allows you the opportunity to view your participation and your interaction and your behavior, and how this is influencing of other individuals. You also allow yourself the opportunity to view other individualsí behaviors and interactions, and how that is affecting of your behaviors.

LOIS: Is that also part of ... you know, I have my list of what I consider to be the perfect job, and thatís been a focus of mine, and then this going backwards, sort of, to me, even though Iím not really seeing it as going backwards, but itís like when I started in my career, going back into the hospital. But is that now a stepping stone into what Iím considering to be the perfect job that Iíve been focusing on as well? Am I making sense?

ELIAS: Quite! (Grinning)

LOIS: Okay! (Laughing)

ELIAS: As to your question Ė is this a stepping stone Ė yes.

LOIS: Okay.

ELIAS: As to your inquiry of your perfection within your job that you strive for....

LOIS: Well, not perfection, but what I consider to be the perfect job, that Iíd love to get up and go to every day Ė that way. You know, what things it needs to have for me to be what I consider the perfect job, where somebody else would not consider that necessarily the perfect job. Iím not looking at perfection, but something that would be the perfect situation for me. (Elias is smiling and nodding, and Lois cracks up)

ELIAS: In addressing to this situation, I express to you that this is already in existence. What you are exploring in your movement is the recognition of how you create that perfection or fulfillment in the movement that you are creating in the moment, in the now, not striving to another movement or another area or another expression.

This is an element of what you are offering yourself presently in this opportunity Ė a viewing that you create that situation and that expression in the now, not in the future.

LOIS: Okay, okay. Well, part of that now is getting to a point of financial independence, which has been a heavy focus, a desire, an intent, whatever ... no, not whatever. I mean definitely a desire and an intent, and thatís part of having the perfect job, the perfect job being where I can be creative and not have to worry about the financial aspect, where I donít have to worry about hours or all of these things, making sure that I covered all of these bills, because thatís taken care of. I want the time to be able to be creative and really do what I want to do because thereís all these things I want to do, but I canít get the time element to do them while Iím worrying about this other stuff. So I guess part of the perfect job is having the financial independence here so that I can develop over here.

ELIAS: Reverse!

LOIS: Reverse? Okay ... okay! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: As you move into your expression of yourself, the financial is allowed. As you allow your own freedoms Ė in the now Ė of your expression of creativity, and you allow yourself to be trusting of that expression and knowing that you may be creating that expression now in what you have already created, and that you need not be creating any different element ... all you need be focused upon is self, and in this, as you turn your attention to self and your creativity and loose your hold upon your energy, you shall allow yourself effortlessly and automatically to be creating the very elements of your wants.

LOIS: Well, where exactly is the box that Iím pinning myself in? I mean, where exactly am I blocking myself? Is it with a belief system or is it with a fear? Am I just being obtuse here? (Laughing)

ELIAS: I express to you, in like manner to many individuals within physical focus, you inquire in this manner with the thought process that there may be one key belief system that is creating an obstacle. I express to you, there are many belief systems that are intertwined with each other and crossing over each other and merging with each other, and this is your physical reality.

Within the officially accepted reality, you align with the mass belief systems, and in the alignment with mass belief systems, if you wish to be looking to one key element that may be creating of your greatest obstacles, it is not necessarily the expression of a belief system, but the expression of acceptance of self. This I may not stress enough, for in this, as you allow yourself to be accepting of self, you begin to loose your hold upon your energy.

You speak of control. You create many thought processes in the area of control in conjunction with yourself and your expression. The element of what you identify as control within physical focus is a holding to your energy. It is an expression of protection, for within your physical reality, you view yourselves to be safe and protected if you hold control of your expressions and your creations.

Now; I shall express to you that this is a very large bird within the cage of duplicity. It is quite fat, it is quite noisy, and it is quite active! In this, it squawks at you continuously that you NEED be in control of self, in control of your choices, for if you are not within control of your choices, you may be slipping into the creation of WRONG choices. This is an expression of duplicity.

Now; we return to the key point of acceptance of self.

In accepting self, these birds become more and more silenced, for you allow yourself more and more freedom, and in freedom, you allow a free flow, more and more, of your energy, and you view the necessity for less and less holding to your energy, and you view that you may be quite efficiently directing your movement and your choices in allowance, and that you need not be holding so very tightly to your energy.

As to your question of obstacles Ė what do I place before myself in obstacles and what are the belief systems that are blocking of my movement Ė your obstacles appear before you in the expression of uncertainty of your abilities and of your trust of what you may be creating, and this element of ABSOLUTENESS enters into this expression: ďIf I be absolutely creating in this direction, I shall be rightly creating, and if I am rightly creating, then I am right, and if I am right, I may express to myself that I hold worth, for I shall view my value and other individuals shall view my value.Ē

LOIS: Is this why Iím fighting organization? I mean, one of the qualities that people will tell me I have is that I am tremendously organized. But in my mind, Iím fighting that organization because it makes me compartmentalize things mentally as well as in the physical, you know, with things. Itís like, I donít want to be organized. Iím fighting that, so is that a part of that?

ELIAS: Yes. This is an outward expression of this struggling that you are engaging presently.

Be mindful that you have been creating your reality in conjunction with the officially accepted reality and the mass belief systems for much time framework in your linear time, and in this, you have created automatic expressions, automatic behaviors, alignments with belief systems that need no thought process to be accomplished.

You now move yourself into the position of allowing yourself opportunities to view these alignments with mass belief systems and their affectingness, which returns us once again to your intent, in the viewing of your interactions with other individuals and how that is affecting of them and how their expressions are affecting of you.

And where are your freedoms? The lines are beginning to blur. The definitions are not holding any longer in the absoluteness that they have previously been expressed within. Therefore, you move into an area of confusion, but also an area of excitement, for you hold an awareness that you are moving in the direction of your threshold of opening to a new freedom within your individual acceptance, but you have not quite approached the threshold yet. It is within your view, but there continues to be elements of questioning and a continuation in automatic responses of protection and hesitations....

LOIS: Is some of that coming from the fact that my daughter is still home, that I still have this one child who has not graduated yet? Because Iíve had kind of a focus while my kids were growing up, of ďuntil the last one is out,Ē and I kind of feel like that freedom starts when ...

ELIAS: Quite!

LOIS: ... I get her out, when she flies from the nest! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And this is what I am expressing to you, that this is not the situation of one specific belief system that you are engaging, but that you have allowed an affectingness of many, many belief systems, and in this, you are beginning to view the affectingness of all these beliefs, all of the aspects of these beliefs, and in this viewing, you continue to be boxing each identification of each aspect of beliefs.

But you are allowing yourself to be noticing now, and this allows you the opportunity to move from noticing into identifying and recognizing the behaviors, the expressions, in conjunction with the aspects of the beliefs and how they are affecting, and as you move through the identification and the recognition, you allow yourself to move into new directions of freedoms.

LOIS: Okay. Wow! Validation on a lot of things! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LOIS: Thank you. One more question that I have is, are there counterparts that I have that Iím interacting with on a daily or weekly basis? (Pause)


LOIS: Would one of those be my daughter?


LOIS: (Laughing) Okay! Okay, I appreciate that.

One of the other things I wanted to ask you is, in looking at past Ė well, I donít want to say past focuses Ė other focuses, was I in a pioneer stage at one point in settling the west, the western United States, probably in the eighteen hundreds somewhere? I think my name was Louise. Iím just not sure about the name. But I see myself and these sod houses and pushing west with covered wagons, and if that is one of my focuses, then I might be on the right track here for seeing these focuses! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and you may be continuing to be investigating and connecting with that focus.

I shall offer to you the expression of physical naming, in affection within your interactions of other individuals in the relationships of friendships, as they refer to as Lulu. (Smiling)

LOIS: Okay. I guess thatís it! Thatís pretty much everything I needed to ask. Youíve really covered it well. Wow!

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you, be noticing and be continuing in your noticing in these interactions that you are creating. Allow yourself the recognition that you are not creating what you identify as ďbackward motion.Ē You have chosen to be moving sideways, and in this sideways motion, you have chosen to offer yourself a tremendous opportunity presently to view the affectingness that you each hold with each other.

And in this, I offer a suggestion. Allow yourself to hear, for in viewing the interactions and the affectingnesses, if you are allowing yourself to hear, you shall allow yourself to view the differences in perceptions, and this may be helpful to you.

LOIS: Thank you very much!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome!

LOIS: I look forward to further interviews or questions! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I shall anticipate our next meeting.

LOIS: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

To you this day, I offer affectionately, au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:50 AM.

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