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Monday, October 30, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence)

This is a private session, requested by Mary, to answer questions she didn’t want to wait until Wednesday to ask. (Such impatience!)

Elias arrives at 4:32 PM.

ELIAS: Good afternoon! (Smiling, and looking around)

VICKI: Good afternoon!

ELIAS: Ah! Now we meet in old familiar surroundings once again.

VICKI: We haven’t been here for a while.

ELIAS: I have! (Grinning)

VICKI: (Laughing) Yes. So have I.

ELIAS: And you are wishing special audience this day?

VICKI: For Michael.

ELIAS: Ah, he is confused! (Elias seems to be enjoying this)

VICKI: He has questions; two questions.

ELIAS: He should have joined our session last evening, when no one was incorporating questions, and I was very patiently waiting.

VICKI: Very patiently! We were blown away, remember?

ELIAS: (Elias blows at Vicki, who laughs) Yes! Also, you may add a new category to your game, for connecting essences within physical focus. (Referring to our conversation before this session )

VICKI: And our flower, and our stone?

ELIAS: Are correct. Therefore, we will divide one point each. I am quite amazed sometimes, at the length of moments that you incorporate to form these connections, that have been so presented in front of you, each very obviously! (Shaking his head) I would shudder to watch you at an Easter egg hunt!

VICKI: It’s that darned rational mind, you know!

ELIAS: You would be staring at the colored eggs in front of you and saying, “No, it is a leaf, not an egg. Do not pick this one up!” (Elias starts laughing) You are quite amusing! I am having much fun with you both!

VICKI: (Also laughing) Yeah, well that’s a good thing. (Elias nods) We wouldn’t want Elias to be bored, either!

ELIAS: I am never bored! I have much entertainment before me! (Grinning) And, your questions?

VICKI: Michael has two questions. The first one is, he wants to know, “What about Monica?”

ELIAS: Lawrence’s friend Monica; this being a splintered fragment of Michael.

VICKI: Oh! (Blown away)

ELIAS: (Smiling) Therefore Lawrence’s attraction, and incorporation, and “drawing to.” This fragment has been offered, for your assistance, more than once.

VICKI: Wow! I guess we should have figured that out, huh?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Another clue quite close to your faces, this being the recognition that you have identified with; but, unlike Michael recognizing a splinter of yours, this is a splintered fragment, incorporating its own essence now.

VICKI: Oh! (Blown away again)

ELIAS: Also being an aspect. In this, she incorporates many parallels to Michael; one being a great devotion to her child, to which Michael has incorporated within physical focus also.

VICKI: (Laughing) Her child “Miranda!” (Elias smiles and nods, and there is an amazed pause) Okay. Question number two.

ELIAS: Yes??? (He’s been waiting for this one!)

VICKI: What is Rose’s connection to Michael and Lawrence?

ELIAS: And Michael and Lawrence already possess the answer to this question! You are refusing to allow your consciousness to accept a remembering and knowing of this answer, for it is another “amazing story”; this being also the incorporation of two creating one.

VICKI: He and I started to talk about that this morning.

ELIAS: Therefore, this essence possesses great connection to you both.

VICKI: Created from us both?

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause)

VICKI: Where does Elizabeth fit in there?

ELIAS: This is Elizabeth’s acceptance of a loving gift. She has been quite connected with you both, always.

VICKI: But I thought Rose was Mattie, was splintered of Elizabeth?

ELIAS: Absolutely; and the fragmentation has been incorporated by Michael and Lawrence’s energies. I have explained to you, over and over, there are no sections. There are no divisions. There are no separations. All are incorporated. All are intertwined. You each have contributed, in the same manner as myself and Paul, in creating this fragmented essence, which has chosen to manifest in one essence instead of two, in a reflection of the focus and splinter of Elizabeth, of Mattie; therefore being a gift, in expression, to you all. This is an extreme manifestation of true energy of love.

Just as Ron and Lawrence create true expressions, from physical focus, to make the heavens sing, (smiling) from expressed love intertwined; also Lawrence and Michael, in non-physical essence, have created a physical expression of the same. The connection has been given to Elizabeth, and the focus has been chosen from the identification of Mattie. This will be what is manifest; just as Tweety chose what to be, and was before, Lydia became Tweety; but was also within physical focus as Lydia simultaneously, and then merged. The essence was already created, and was assimilated later into the physical expression incorporated with the manifestation, and merged with Lydia. (Pause)

VICKI: Oh. I get it now. (Totally confused)

ELIAS: (Gesturing, arms outstretched, demonstrating two separate actions going on and then coming together) Tweety first, non-physical, created originally through an expression of love; this being the parallel of Lawrence and Michael, who have expressed the intertwining and have created the fragment; Lydia, in physical focus, while Tweety, still non-physical, already exists. Lydia passes to non-physical focus, and creates an agreement to be reborn as Tweety. No longer is there Tweety, separate, in non-physical form; no longer is there Lydia, separate, within physical form. Now, Lydia and Tweety become one Tweety, within physical expression.

Essence, as expressed through Michael and Lawrence in fragmentation, has been created already; an expression of love. Mattie exists within physical focus now. Mattie ends physical focus, and merges within non-physical focus of Rose, and becomes Olivia. (Pause) Are you understanding better?

VICKI: Yeah. Better ...

ELIAS: It is not so difficult! Amazing, but not so difficult. It is mergings of love; quite a beautiful expression, I must add, as viewing the beauty of Michael and Lawrence also as the expression of the same. A job well-done! (Smiling) Now I would say to Catherine, “No, I do not make mistakes,” and you do not either.

VICKI: I thought of Catherine this morning ...

ELIAS: You will notice, you have encountered also another aspect of Michael within your focus. (Pause) You have incorporated your site as a gift. (Another pause, while Vicki racks her brain, clueless)

VICKI: That must be my friend Lynn ...

ELIAS: I do not ... (closing his eyes and appearing to be listening) I am running interference with physical namings; this being your most recent site given, other than Fromasch.

VICKI: Oh! Susan!

ELIAS: Incorrect name. (Meaning Lynn) This was the correct naming.

VICKI: This is a splintered fragment of Michael’s also? Wow!

ELIAS: (Smiling) You will notice, within your terms of future, splintered fragments are different from physically focused splinters or other fragments; for splintered fragments possess many parallels to the essence that has fragmented, for they have paralleled as a splinter first. Therefore, they share many qualities within physical focus that are much the same, unlike other expressions, which may be quite different. You may fragment in many ways, and you may create very different types of fragments which bear little in common with you, within physical focus. Splinters are, in some respects, mirror aspects. Is this helpful? (Smiling, and mirroring Vicki by placing his elbows on the table and his face in his hands)

VICKI: (Laughing) Yeah.

ELIAS: And you are feeling better since our discussion privately?

VICKI: Yes. (Definitely)

ELIAS: Good! Keep remembering, there is no thing as failure! It is all creating! You have merely created another choice of viewing. You have not created a failure to accomplish. All things serve their purpose temporarily; also be remembering this; and that substances of kinds are serving purposes within your belief systems, just as Michael incorporates his (making a funny face) pain medication, and it is working quite efficiently, for he incorporates this in his belief system. This is not a failure, to be creating! It is a diverting from what you view as the mark, but it is also creating quite efficiently. Acceptance; a very good word to remember. (Pause) And you were receiving my message?

VICKI: Regarding the appendix?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Yes, I was.

ELIAS: And you are understanding?

VICKI: I am understanding that it has to do with the trusting of the body, and the incorporation of the consciousness of the body and the consciousness of the soul. I’m understanding that much.

ELIAS: This expression is not a vessel! If I was incorporating irritation, this would be irritating; that so many within physical focus disregard the importance of this physical expression, which is not a vessel! It is a physical manifestation expression of essence! You may as well say to yourself, “This flesh is essence!” (Pounding on his leg) It is equally that important! (With much emphasis)

VICKI: In our society, we consider it a spiritual thought, to think of it as a vessel.

ELIAS: Very unspiritual indeed! Distortions! (Shaking his head in dismay) You may express to Ron that he may take his “truths box” and pull out a few more of our belief systems for Elias, and be throwing them away! And stomping them also! NO VESSELS! You are an energy expression. There is NO SEPARATION! (Pause, and then smiling softly) Just as there is no separation with the creation of Olivia, who is Rose. There are no separations, period. (Pause) And one day Elias will accomplish knocking on all of your heads, and getting through! (Knocking on his own head) And then you will shout “I know!,” and I will be joyous! (Grinning broadly)

VICKI: You are very patient.

ELIAS: I am only who I am. The only difference between me and you, is that I remember who I am. Therefore I know, and you do not; this being the only difference. (Pause)

And you are wishing of more information?

VICKI: Those were Michael’s only two question.

ELIAS: He will have more. (Grinning) This will do for now. Then, I will leave you to be connecting.

VICKI: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I bid you adieu with loving affection.

Elias departs at 5:05 PM.

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