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Wednesday, November 01, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael, Vicki (Lawrence), Cathy (Shynla), Guin (Sophia), and Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 10:14 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening, once again! This time you are expecting my arrival! (Referring to an earlier “pop-in,” which surprised us all)

GUIN: Yes. (Laughing)

ELIAS: But it is much more fun to see your surprised expressions! Very good connecting this evening, with your meditation to Oliver. (To Vicki) Your viewing of your Indian focus is a correct viewing of a connection within past developmental focus. I have spoken to you of this focus once before, not in depth, but I have mentioned to you that Lawrence and Oliver were connected within this focus previously. (To Group) Energy was transmitted effectively and received. You may inquire of Oliver to his response and his noticing, this being an interesting incorporation of all of these essences in connection, for you are connected.

I will offer to you a brief explanation of the connection that Oliver possesses to you. It is significant that Oliver has been connected within our game to Marshuka. Now we will create an exercise presently, for Lawrence’s benefit, and you all also, as you have incorporated our transcripts. Now connect; why is this significant that Oliver is connected with Marshuka? (Looking at Vicki, who is not connecting at all) What is Marshuka’s name? (Long, silent pause, staring directly at Clueless Vic, who is totally blank)

GUIN: Ordin? (Jumping to Vicki’s rescue. Thanks, Guin. Love, Vic)

ELIAS: Otha; this being connected to Ordin. (Looking at Vicki again)

GUIN: Purple.

ELIAS: (To Vicki) I am becoming disappointed! Sophia is answering the questions more readily, and Lawrence has been incorporated with this connection! (Vicki wants to disappear now!) (To Guin) Very good!

GUIN: Thank you.

ELIAS: This connection was focused upon long ago. Have I connected Oliver to an essence? (Pause, staring at Clueless Vic again) No!

GUIN: Lawrence, remember Mary’s dream about Ordin and Otha?

ELIAS: Very good, Sophia! Now I will offer a missing piece of information which has been withheld, intentionally, twice. Oliver is fragmented of Marshuka; Otha. Elias and Paul are fragmented of Otha. Here is your connection. This connection, you are correct, runs deeply. (Pause) Oliver is teetering. He is incorporating conflict, presently, as to his connection and involvement with you. He will re-incorporate. This is enough information of Oliver presently. I have only waited for the proper time to be sharing this connection, and present seems appropriate. (Long, silent pause) Ah! We are repeating our group session once again, with (whispering) silence! We truly must incorporate Michael, and his running mouth! (Laughter)

GUIN: You already answered my question, earlier.

ELIAS: Insufficiently, obviously! Only for Michael’s benefit was I not “popping in” once again, to confront with you, for this was quite amusing to be viewing such frustration over connecting! Well, Sophia does not need to be connecting if she is not wishing. We will put you in another box, and place you alongside of Ron’s truth’s box, and you may stay there by your little self! (Very humorously)

GUIN: Thank you!

ELIAS: You are welcome! (Grinning) And, I will give you truths for little cushions! (Laughter)

GUIN: Thank you! (More laughter) You know that won’t happen!

ELIAS: Do not be so sure! All things are possible, although I may not incorporate a seven-colored squirrel for you!

GUIN: So, what will the gift be?

ELIAS: Ah! Now we are attempting to be tricky! It is not my gift.

GUIN: But you know ...

ELIAS: Oh, darn! (Comically snapping his fingers, and grinning) Of course I know! I am only better at keeping secrets ... sometimes! It was very difficult with Tweety. (Another long, silent pause) I am feeling much energy in anticipation, but no words to follow!

JIM: Hi, Elias.

ELIAS: Good evening, Yarr. Are you well this evening?

JIM: Yes, thank you. I feel very well. Do you feel well?

ELIAS: I always feel well! (Grinning widely, as we all laugh)

JIM: Sunday night was difficult to get here, as I am sure you are aware.

ELIAS: I was quite amused!

JIM: So was I, actually. (Laughing)

ELIAS: It was not surprising to me!

JIM: After a while, it wasn’t that surprising to me either, when I realized how many other probabilities there are. Some that you don’t even come close to thinking about occur.

ELIAS: Especially when you are dealing with a very electrical essence!

JIM: Yes! I’d like to talk of affecting Mary’s, Michael’s pain, and where I am going with my impressions of healing and energies, and what might be going on.

ELIAS: When we were discussing healing abilities, I was suggesting to you that you “play a game,” within a brief meditation, in investigating causes and focusing upon affectingness of what you view to be the problem. This was to be incorporated as instructional for you. You have partially incorporated this idea. Now I will express to you that there is a difference between incorporating an idea, and a reality. There is also a confusion between the realities, and belief systems. You are connecting with your own energy. You are also connecting with energy of other essences. You are presently aware of this. You are also presently unaware of incorporating this.

I will move into an area here where I will speak to you of healing energies, as it is a truth that you heal yourself. I have also stated to you that you also may incorporate the affectingness of other essences, in helpfulness, when you are blocking your own healing abilities. Essentially, you do heal yourself. You may be helped by other essences.

Within the attention of other essences incorporating helpfulness, the energy is focused with a cooperation of the essence needing healing. This does not always incorporate a cooperation of activity. Just as within your belief systems you may incorporate a medical official, and you physically are not taking action to be helping them, you are in cooperation with them, with your belief systems, for this is where your trust lies. Where your trust lies is where you manifest reality.

Within the situation of healing, within its true sense, not incorporating medical professions, it is equally as complicated; for you are dealing with agreements and actions, created in Regional Area 2, which are affecting of regional area one. Therefore, the energy is directed into regional area two, and filtered through into Regional Area 1; this being where many individuals develop belief systems concerning the issue of healing, for they are tapping into regional area two, not realizing what, in actuality, they are connecting to.

You are trying to use information you have received to be tapping into healing energies not incorporating Regional Area 2, viewing this as essences coming together, affecting you, and pushing out to Michael. This is incorrect. Essences are not. You are viewing separation. Energy is not separated. Your energy, your essence, is combined. (Elias uses hand gestures to demonstrate)

Therefore, you have incorporated physical manifestation of physical feelings; which is, partially, the “tapping into” and “receiving of” these energies, incorporated with your own. In not understanding and not connecting within Regional Area 2, you, instead of connecting with Michael, connect with yourself; and then the energies are nullified, for they are not finding proper expression. Therefore, they are returned to Regional Area 2.

You have, accidentally, incorporated a stream which was connected within regional area two, directed through your essence and your physical expression outward, creating a stream of energy that was affecting temporarily, sporadically; this being not intentional. You have not created the physical incorporation of more painfulness with Michael. This is another issue. You were affecting, partially, of alleviation of this, temporarily.

You will find healing to be effective within the presence of your subject, for within this focus you will be more focused intently and concentratedly, and not allowing your thoughts to be drifting. You may direct yourself as a clearer channel, viewing the situation of energy being received by you, through Regional Area 2, in cooperation with the other individual, and then channeled through to the other individual; just as I merge with Michael, and my energy channels through to you. Within sound and motion, you hear and view me. In this same way, the energy channels through you. You will physically experience this, and experience the exchange.

Individuals who incorporate the actualization of healing, regardless of their belief systems, physically generate energy, and also feel the other individual. You will understand more clearly what I am expressing to you as you learn to open your consciousness both ways, this being part of the cooperation. If you are only moving, and not receiving, you are not generating the cycle.

The incorporation of Michael’s manifestation of greater feeling and experiencing of painfulness recently is not, in actuality, as I have stated previously, the case of personal responsibility. This is not the case. He is believing that he is creating this in this direction. In actuality, he is partially correct in his interpretation. He is connecting with Oliver, but he is not creating a painfulness out of personal responsibility. He is closer to the identification when he is expressing that he is experiencing “sympathy pains,” for Oliver is quite efficient at sending energy to Michael, and affecting an already existing condition within Michael’s reality, as an identification of connection. This is not meant to be hurtful from Oliver’s perspective. It is only an expression of radiated energy. It is being received in a connecting manner by Michael, which is intensifying the already existing condition. This is not to say that this may not be affected through healing energies. It is only an explanation of the reason why it is so intensified recently.

Your wishing to be incorporating yourself with other individuals connected with you is a helpful concept to you all, and will be a learning experience for you, for you may generate your concentrated immediate energy if you are focused with other individuals with a common intent. Continue to concentrate on the cycle, understanding that your subject does not necessarily need be acting. There needs to be no action from the other individual; only a cooperation of intent, and a willingness of desire. Think to yourself, or meditate, on the concept of what you term, in physical focus, psychic surgery; this being, in actuality, a reality; but individuals performing these acts of healing do not do them long-distance. You are on the right track. You need only focus upon yourself and your essence for guidance. Do not allow “cloudedness.”

JIM: Even from other healing stuff that’s out there, because this is nothing like anything else which is already out there.

ELIAS: Within your physical focus, many individuals incorporate what others view as miraculous healing abilities. They account this as “miracles.” The individuals that are performing these “miracles” may not always understand what they are accomplishing, or how they are accomplishing this, but they do understand the process, and they also do understand that they have not read a book to find this ability! It came to them, for they opened their awareness and acquired the information from their own essence. Even within your religious sects, which incorporate natural healing, so to speak, and have been taught from small children how to be connecting, they have been taught to be connecting. They may incorporate religious belief systems, but they also incorporate a wider knowledge. (Pause) Is this more helpful?

JIM: Very much so, very helpful. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Pause, looking around, noticing Guin sleeping, and Vicki and Cathy spacing out) And we have lost our audience! Well, I was not aware that I was so boring!

JIM: I found you very stimulating!

ELIAS: Therefore, maybe I will incorporate ... (Here, Elias pounds both hands on the table, startling everyone, and waking Guin up. Then, grinning at Guin) Am I getting your attention???

GUIN: Yes. (Laughing)

ELIAS: You may return to your sleep state if you are wishing now.

GUIN: Oh, thank you!

ELIAS: I was just joking!

GUIN: Was I snoring?

ELIAS: No. You were being quite polite! I only become distressed when individuals are not paying attention when I am speaking! (Sighing dramatically)

GUIN: Oh, but I am!

ELIAS: You would not wish me to become depressed, (Guin says “No!”) for I may cause Michael’s body to become shriveled if I was becoming distressed too much! (Grinning very widely, and beginning to laugh) I am loving Sophia very much!

GUIN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

GUIN: I was dreaming!

ELIAS: I am aware! Now you may dream about Elias! (Laughter, pause) I will give you an exercise, as we are incorporating a desire to be “fading” or “blinking out,” and wishing to be viewing other aspects of your focus. You may place yourselves before a mirror. You may do this with your lighting slightly dimmed, as to not glare or distract your concentration; and while you are viewing your image within the mirror, be concentrating on your essence, and watch your features change. This will be maybe helpful for Lawrence, and then you may express to me what you have viewed, and I will be interested to be listening to your experiences, instead of talking, talking, talking! You must admit, I do deliver enough information for you to be experiencing quite enough! (Laughter and agreement)

As to aspects, you are essence. I do not appreciate the term of parts. Therefore, I am eliminating parts, for this encourages sections. You do not possess sections. You possess aspects. All of your focuses that you view are aspects of essence, all incorporated within essence, but all separate and individual.

CATHY: Well, that makes perfect sense!

ELIAS: Of course! Although if I were to be spelling out all of the truths ... (He looks around, notices, and reaches for the tissue box) Truths! (To Cathy) Are you watching? (Holding up the box)

CATHY: Yes! (He throws the box at Vicki, as we all crack up)

ELIAS: ... of the universe within one session, you would be expressing the same thought to me, “Oh, I understand.” (Pause, grinning) Excuse me, Lawrence. I was not wishing to be throwing Ron’s truth’s box at you. (Picking the box up)

VICKI: Ron might be upset!

ELIAS: This is true. Ah, another truth! (Pulling a tissue out of the box) We will put this back. (Stuffs it back into the box) Elias is experiencing quite a playful mood this evening, and no one is wishing to play! Well, then I suppose I shall go play with other essences, and you may all go back to playing within your sleep state!

GUIN: Why is it okay for other people to do it, but it wasn’t okay for me? (Meaning fall asleep during the session )

ELIAS: For I am wishing your attention, for you are wishing to be connecting! (Pause) Such faces! (Making a funny face) I seem to remember you making these faces previously, in another focus! I remember them well, and quite the same. (To Guin) You have incorporated this poutingness a lot! (Grinning affectionately) I incorporate great connection with this essence of Sophia, as do I with Oliver also. Therefore, I know you much better than you think. (Pause) Ah, aloofness! I will be leaving you now, for I may be aloof too! (To Guin) Good evening, Madame!


Elias departs at 11:08 PM.

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