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Saturday, December 11, 1999

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ďOrientations: Soft and CommonĒ

ďThe Natural Desire for IntimacyĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), and a new participant, Michael (Micheline).

Elias arrives at 2:26 PM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

MICHAEL: Good afternoon!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You may proceed!

MICHAEL: Okay! First of all, I would like to know my essence name, family, alignment, and orientation.

ELIAS: Very well. (Short pause) Essence name, Micheline; M-I-C-H-E-L-I-N-E. (mik-o-leneí) Essence family, Sumafi....

MICHAEL: Iím sorry?

ELIAS: Sumafi. Alignment in this focus, Sumari. Orientation, common.

MICHAEL: Really! Thatís a surprise. (Elias chuckles) Okay ... Ďcause I would have thought that I was soft.

ELIAS: I am aware. (Grinning)


ELIAS: Now express to me your assessment of why you shall align yourself with the orientation of soft, and I shall express to you your orientation.

MICHAEL: Okay, and I also would like the information for my friend Tim and my friend Debbie.

ELIAS: Ah, but you have not responded to my question!

MICHAEL: Oh, Iím sorry! What was the question?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

MICHAEL: Itís a little hard to hear.

ELIAS: The question posed to you is, what is your assessment of the orientation of soft, that you would align yourself with that particular orientation?

MICHAEL: Oh. The information given as pertaining to being aware of more than my environment Ė my essence and other essences Ė and that discussion.

ELIAS: Very well.

Now; let me express to you, individuals that hold the orientation of common DO hold a tremendous awareness of their environment, other individuals, and all of their objective reality.

Let me express to you, you may look to your interaction with other individuals, and this shall express to you a clear indication of your orientation. You are quite responsive to other individuals that you engage relationships with. Individuals that you participate with in interaction, regardless of the intensity of your relationship with those individuals, you create responsiveness to how they are creating their reality and different situations that they participate within.

Let us express an example hypothetically.

If an individual that you participate with engages a situation and they may be responding sorrowfully in that situation, you shall respond also and be commiserating. You shall allow yourself an affectingness as other individuals are affected that you participate with, but in other situations, you may not hold a tremendous expression in relation to situations such as mass events.

This is not to say that you are not responsive to those mass events that you offer yourself information with respect to. You may be offering yourself information in conjunction with certain mass events, and you may hold an opinion, and you may also be at times partially responsive to those particular situations.

An individual holding the orientation of soft shall be responsive to those situations regardless of their objective knowing or awareness of the situations. Many times they shall be experiencing quite emotionally to these mass events that occur within your world. They experience these types of events in the same manner that they would be experiencing them were they to be actually physically participating in them themselves.

This is a key difference between the orientation of soft and the orientation of common, for those individuals holding the orientation of common are very responsive to the individuals that they interact with. Are you understanding?

MICHAEL: I am totally understanding, and I totally feel that then I would be common. That would be obvious, because I am very empathic in the sense that I am always picking up feelings from other people and translating those and adapting to those feelings in my responses, and yet mass events, or even like the news in the newspaper, does not concern me most of the time.

ELIAS: Quite, and....

MICHAEL: I donít pay any attention to it! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite, and this is a basic element of difference in these two orientations, for those individuals that are manifest within the orientation of soft are very responsive to mass events or your information which is presented within your news, so to speak. (1)

MICHAEL: The ... what was I gonna say? In terms of what I believed to be my orientation, I have been, I guess, operating under a faulty presumption, which is that I should be interacting more with other people and therefore was failing somehow because I wasnít interacting more or wanting to interact more with other people.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This also is an expression of individuals which hold the orientation of common. You may allow yourself to move into expressions of interaction in conjunction with other individuals, or you may be expressing singularly and not experience conflict in those time frameworks in which you choose to be expressing yourself singularly and not interactive with other individuals.

An individual within the orientation of soft shall experience not a chastisement or judgment of themselves in a lack of interaction with other individuals, but shall experience a tremendous element of conflict and what you identify in physical focus as tremendous unhappiness. Despair shall be expressed in the focus of an individual that is manifest as soft and is not allowing themselves to be interactive with other individuals.

This is a situation of isolating, and this is quite different from the expression of an individual in the orientation of common as they may choose to be experiencing or creating singularly. They are not expressing a situation of isolation necessarily, but allowing themselves an expression singularly and allowing themselves to be exploring of their reality within self, and....

MICHAEL: I understand. Iíd like to move on to my friends, Tim and Debbie.

ELIAS: Very well. (Pause)

First individual, essence name, Kane; K-A-N-E. Essence family, Vold; alignment, Ilda. Second individual, essence name, Angelica. Essence family, Tumold; alignment in this focus, Sumari.

MICHAEL: And their orientation?

ELIAS: Orientation, both individuals, common. (Pause)

MICHAEL: Okay, thatís very interesting.

Iíd like to talk a little bit about my recent expression of what is basically a month or more of illnesses, a string of illnesses, sort of one after the other, and trying to figure out what I was trying to tell myself there.

ELIAS: This situation you have presented to yourself in a response to energy which is being expressed presently.

Now; this moves in two expressions, one in conjunction with the wave in consciousness which is occurring presently which addresses to the belief system of sexuality, and the other is an expression of energy which is directly related to this shift in consciousness.

But both of these expressions of energy are quite intense presently, and in this intensity, as you are allowing yourself recently, so to speak, to move into a new expression of widening your awareness, you have also incorporated an allowance for an influx of these mass expressions of energy, which has been slightly overwhelming, and in this, as you become confused in the manipulation of energy and how to be manipulating this influx of energy, you have incorporated a series of creations in projecting the energy into physical manifestations.

Now; let me express to you also, this is a manifestation that you need not necessarily be viewing as negative, so to speak, for although it may have presented elements that have been uncomfortable, it also has allowed for an efficient expression of this surge, so to speak, in energy, in which you allow yourself to release some of this energy rather than holding the energy and creating an ongoing situation of painfulness in any particular area of your physical body form.

MICHAEL: I freed myself up to deal with the next part of the wave, so to speak?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. You have allowed yourself to be experiencing surges of energy, therefore familiarizing yourself with the situation which is occurring in consciousness, which IS reality and IS quite affecting within your objective waking reality.

Therefore, as you have allowed yourself to incorporate some of this energy and you have responded with it, you have also not held to it. You have allowed movement with it, and have merely created certain physical expressions in responsiveness to it. You may allow yourself subsequently to not necessarily incorporate this energy physically, and allow yourself the expression of incorporating without holding.

MICHAEL: So in a way, in a sense, Iíve learned how to get around that expression ...

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

MICHAEL: ... to change that expression, or Iím about to change that expression, so it doesnít affect me as what I view as negatively.

ELIAS: Correct.

MICHAEL: ĎCause that was a very tough period of time! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I am aware, and I shall express to you that many individuals, as this energy wave becomes objectively quite intense, they are experiencing also an intensity in many different expressions that they create objectively.

MICHAEL: There is one thing that I want to ask that I think I might have missed in the transcripts. You say a lot that as we move into this and/or as it is progressing to an intensity. What is the time frame on that objectively?

ELIAS: I have not offered a time framework for the reason that you collectively have not in actuality created a definition of a time framework.

MICHAEL: Oh, I see.

ELIAS: This is dependent upon your movement individually and how that is translated collectively in addressing to the belief system, and recognizing the aspects of that belief system and allowing yourselves to be moving into an addressment of the belief system, and also into the beginnings of an acceptance.

MICHAEL: Okay. I definitely feel this shift individually very, very much in terms of intensity. I also see that the energy individually can be used by an individual either negatively or positively as they choose, and one of the things Iím trying to do is to choose to use it positively on a conscious level, on an objective level.

ELIAS: Quite. I am understanding, but let me also caution you in this action.

I am not discouraging you in the direction of turning your attention or in altering your perception, that you may be viewing your reality more efficiently, so to speak, and with less conflict, but I shall also caution you in the expression of attempting to be viewing all of your reality in the positive, for this is equally as much, so to speak, of a judgment as viewing your reality....

MICHAEL: Right, because there is no negative or positive?

ELIAS: Correct, and either of these expressions is not an expression of acceptance.

MICHAEL: I see. But isnít it an expression of less conflict?

ELIAS: Temporarily.


ELIAS: And this be the reason that I am cautioning you, for temporarily, yes, you shall experience less conflict, but this is a temporary expression.

I have recently offered information which shall be available to you in an explanation of the definition of acceptance and tolerance.

In this, as you begin movement into viewing your reality in what you express as positive, you move yourself into an expression of tolerance. But tolerance is not acceptance, and it is a temporary expression, for there are expectations that you attach to tolerance, and there are also expectations that you attach to positive.

MICHAEL: I understand.

Some of the despair Iíve created throughout my life has been attached to the concept of being alone and the importance that society puts on being in a relationship. Have I chosen not to for a reason? (Pause)

ELIAS: Let me express to you first of all, this desire or drive, so to speak, of wishing to be creating an intimate relationship with another individual in partnership is expressed quite commonly within your physical reality, and partially, this is a natural expression.

It is a desire for objectification in the recognition of the lack of separation, and as you have created a reality in which you manifest singularly into solid matter which appears objectively to be separated, you also hold a tremendous desire to be interconnected with another individual, which offers you a reminder, so to speak, in objective terms, of the lack of separation within consciousness.

Therefore, the desire is quite natural.

Now; as the desire is natural, it is also recognized en masse, not merely individually, and as it is recognized en masse, there are also mass expressions which emphasize this desire, but the desire is distorted into the expression of need. A desire is not a need.

Now; in this, as you align yourself with the mass beliefs and mass expressions, you also allow yourself to be affected. In this, I shall express to you two responses. One, that as I have stated, it is quite natural for you to be drawn to this desire in objective terms. Two is that you shall actualize that desire as you allow yourself to be turning your attention to self.

I have expressed previously with other individuals in different subject matters, as you concentrate objectively upon certain wants, many times you thwart your actualization of those wants....

MICHAEL: ĎCause the universe is quite literal.

ELIAS: Mmm, YOU....

MICHAEL: When you say you want something, you literally do, and therefore you will continue to. You havenít chosen it yet.

ELIAS: You choose what you....

MICHAEL: You choose to want instead of choosing to have.

ELIAS: You choose what you concentrate upon and you choose what you believe. You do not necessarily choose what you want.

Therefore, objectively, you want to be manifesting a partnership. Subjectively, you desire to be manifesting a relationship in intimacy with another individual, but your concentration also moves into your beliefs concerning self, and THIS is the movement in energy which is projected and THIS is what is creating of what you manifest, for your want is not always expressed in conjunction with your belief.

You may express objectively that you want many different expressions within your reality, but you may also simultaneously hold a belief that you do not hold the ability to manifest those wants, and the belief is the source of your concentration.

Therefore, many individuals express objectively, ďI do not understand. I am concentrating intensely upon this subject matter in my attempt to be manifesting this thing, and it is not manifesting, and it is confusing to me.Ē I shall express to you, you may create a thought process in any direction that you are choosing. This is not necessarily an expression of concentration. Your concentration lies in your beliefs, and THAT is what shall be manifest.

MICHAEL: So how does one ... Ďcause I believe that Iíve tried many different quote/unquote ďmethods,Ē and I know that you say that weíre very fond of methods, and of course physically, in this objective physicality, we have to sort of use those.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

MICHAEL: But methodically, Iíve tried many ways, for instance, to boost my self-esteem and try to attack the belief system that I have that Iím not worthy or that I donít deserve certain things, and I was wondering how Iím doing with that, Ďcause Iím a little confused.

ELIAS: In certain expressions, you are accomplishing an allowance of some acceptance within self, and in other expressions, you are perpetuating a lack of acceptance of self.

MICHAEL: What would those be?

ELIAS: Let me offer to you a different method, so to speak, for in the methods that you have engaged previously, you are attempting to be positively reinforcing objectively of yourself, and expressing to yourself an acknowledgment of what you identify as positive or good qualities of self.

Now; let us engage discussion in a different direction that may be helpful to you in your methodology. (Chuckling)

Where obstacles are created is in the moment, and in actual interaction, and in actual manifestations and circumstances and projections of energy.

You do not create great obstacles within yourself in moments that you occupy singularly in which you are reinforcing yourself. Therefore, it is quite efficient to be reinforcing yourself singularly, for there is no opposition to that reinforcement.


ELIAS: Within actual engagements in situations that you may participate in, there are many opportunities for your underlying beliefs to materialize, so to speak.

MICHAEL: I understand.

ELIAS: Therefore, it may be beneficial to you to be addressing to the elements of opposition in the moments that they are opposing.


ELIAS: In this, you may express to another individual Ė that you engage a relationship of friendship Ė that you are acknowledging of yourself. This individual shall be also reinforcing to you and shall be supportive of your action, and shall be validating to you of your movement in your acknowledgment of self. Or, you may stand before your mirror and you may look to your reflection and you may express to yourself, ďI am a wondrous being.Ē

But you may move into a situation in which you are introduced objectively to an individual which you are encountering for the first time objectively, and within that moment, many elements of your beliefs begin to play. They are not within play as you are engaging your friend and they are not in play as you are engaging yourself, but they become manifest and interactive as you place yourself in situations in which you interact in unfamiliar situations, in which you begin to question self.

MICHAEL: I understand.

ELIAS: Therefore, in these situations, regardless of the circumstance and regardless of your intention in any of these encounters with other individuals, in the moment that you are engaging interaction with another individual, allow yourself to be noticing you, for your attention automatically objectively moves to the other individual.


ELIAS: Your attention is not objectively upon self, but is occupied within the movement and expression of the other individual and the assessment of the other individual, and therefore you are not paying attention to self and what you are manifesting in automatic response, and once you begin noticing, you have already created many steps into your expression.

MICHAEL: Is this why Iíve chosen the particular job that Iím in, in that environment, to work on that?

ELIAS: Partially. This offers you the opportunity to be engaging many different scenarios, many different individuals, and it offers you the opportunity to practice.

MICHAEL: Ah. Am I a final focus? (Pause)


MICHAEL: Iíve always felt out of place, and Iíve never been terribly drawn to our historical past. Are many of my focuses in the future?

ELIAS: You do hold many future focuses, in your terms, although you also do hold many focuses which would be identified as past.

Partially, the expression of lack of interest, so to speak, in past focuses or historical events is related to the expression or the designation of the final focus. Partially, it is also an expression of this individual particular focus, in that you hold much more of a fascination with this now and your movement as the final focus in this now. This is an expression that is quite commonly expressed by individuals that are designated as a final focus.

MICHAEL: I feel in my life that especially after the mid-twenties, Iíve almost become a different person. I know Iíve worked on and changed some of my belief systems, but there are whole segments of my past that I seemingly have no access to anymore. Is that partially because Iíve chosen to turn my attention away from them?

ELIAS: No. This is an expression which is quite natural as you exchange positions of the primary aspect of self. What you have created is an exchange in the expression of the primary aspect of self. One aspect of self within any time framework is designated as the primary aspect. That is the aspect of you that objectively expresses and that you recognize as you overall, so to speak.

This is not to say that other aspects of you are not continuously interactive and exchanging positions momentarily, but for the most part, one aspect of you shall be expressed as the primary aspect, and that sets a guideline, so to speak, in which you shall create and manifest your behavior, your expression of creativity....

MICHAEL: Yeah, I was gonna say, thatís one of the things that has changed the most in the last few years, is that music used to be a much bigger part of my life, and all of a sudden that drive toward music has stopped, and the same thing with my acting.

ELIAS: These are all qualities of you, and they are all elements of your creativity, and they are all aspects of your focus that are expressed in certain aspects of you.

Now; I have expressed many times, there are countless youís of you.

MICHAEL: I understand.

ELIAS: In that, what I am expressing is, all of these aspects of you are present continuously, but one is expressed as the primary, and in exchanging positions of primary aspects, you also create at times dramatic alterations in your focus, in....

MICHAEL: What we would call our personalities?

ELIAS: Correct, or your expressions within what you would term to be your creativity or your talents or your interests.

MICHAEL: But those are still accessible to me at any given moment?


MICHAEL: So I can choose to activate, say, an aspect of me that displays that talent?

ELIAS: Yes. You have merely chosen to be exchanging positions with another aspect of you into the primary position to offer yourself a difference; in a manner of speaking, a different flavor, so to speak, in your reality that you may explore and that may offer you an awareness that you hold the ability to be altering your perception.

For within this physical reality, as you do align with the belief that there are absolutes Ė which there are not Ė you also lean in the direction of viewing yourself and your perception as an absolute and that it may not be altered, and this offers you the opportunity to view and experience that your perception may be altered quite easily and quite effortlessly, and it shall be tremendously affecting.

MICHAEL: And once that realization comes, then I begin to change that old belief system?

ELIAS: You may. It may be quite influencing in your creation, and this may allow you to relax your hold upon your beliefs, and allow you the movement into an acceptance of your beliefs.

MICHAEL: Iíd like to talk a little bit about my other focuses, what I would consider my past focuses, and any interaction I might have had with you as well as the two friends that I mentioned previously, as I donít have a lot of ... since the aspect change, I donít have a lot of memory of dreams. That seems to be one of the side effects of this. (Elias chuckles) My memory of dreams has lessened, where it used to be very vivid and now itís not, so Iím asking for a little help with some other focuses that may be useful to me.

ELIAS: I shall point you in a direction and I shall encourage you to be investigating yourself, and you may be accessing this information in other manners and you may be incorporating meditations, not merely your dream imagery, to be offering you this information.

But as to your interaction in other focuses with these individuals designated as your friends, I express to you that you interact with each of these individuals in two focuses that are influencing in relation to this focus presently. All of your focuses are affecting, but these two may be interesting for your investigation.

One Ė in which you participate in the physical location of Prussia, all three as engaging friendship once again, all three as male individuals, and all three as quite mischievous. These individuals are creating within their focus tremendous expression of curiosity and daring, so to speak, and in this, you may find them to be quite colorful.

I shall also express to you that you may be investigating of a future focus in which you all participate, and within that focus, you occupy the physical location of this same land mass, which is not identified any longer as this particular country, for there is much less of a separation of countries futurely.

In this focus, you hold a relationship to your female friend in the expression of brothers, and the relationship of your male friend is that of a cousin.

MICHAEL: Iím sorry?

ELIAS: A cousin.

MICHAEL: Okay. There is one other thing that I do remember about a focus that was a male prostitute, I want to say?

ELIAS: Correct; continue.

MICHAEL: Where and when was that?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And what is your assessment? Do not be discounting of yourself!

MICHAEL: I remember the image, and I knew that it was me. It felt like it was either here or eastern Europe.

ELIAS: You are correct.

MICHAEL: And Iím gonna say eastern Europe.

ELIAS: You are correct.

MICHAEL: Like maybe Czechoslovakia or Yugoslavia?

ELIAS: Romania.

MICHAEL: Romania. Was my friend Tim there?

ELIAS: Yes. Let me express to you, you hold many focuses with these individuals. I have merely offered you two as a starting point, so to speak.

MICHAEL: Okay, and the other question was, briefly, which focuses have I shared with this woman I work with, who Iím having problems with, named Donna? Thereís definitely a past there.

ELIAS: I shall be encouraging you to be investigating of this also, for this shall offer you information in the influence of energy and how you may be manipulating energy within this focus to not necessarily incorporate the effect that you incorporate now. But you may be investigating another focus in which you both participate in the physical location of Brazil, and in this, you also participate in a type of relationship which creates much conflict. You are not friends.

MICHAEL: We are not friends. (Elias chuckles) No question there! (They both laugh)

ELIAS: As to a direction of a focus that you have engaged with myself, I shall express to you that within a physical location of England, you have engaged participation in a focus with myself in which I manifest as a sorcerer and you engage counsel with myself.

MICHAEL: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MICHAEL: I guess thatís all the time we have.

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you encouragement in your noticing of self and your noticing of your automatic responses within self. This shall be helpful to you. As you familiarize yourself with you, you shall also begin creating those elements in your focus that you are most desirous of. To you this day, I offer great affection and anticipation of our next meeting, and express to you very lovingly, au revoir.

MICHAEL: Thank you.

Elias departs at 3:27 PM.


(1) I have changed one word in this sentence: ďQuite, and this is a basic element of difference in these two orientations, for those individuals that are manifest within the orientation of soft are very responsive to mass events or your information which is presented within your news, so to speak.Ē Elias said ďwithin the orientation of common,Ē but within the context, it seems he meant to say soft.

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