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Sunday, December 12, 1999

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“Exploring Individual Intent”

Participants: Mary (Michael), and a new participant, Mindy (Pantha).

Elias arrives at 12:12 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MINDY: Good morning! I’m very glad to talk to you today.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you have questions this day?

MINDY: Yes, I do. I would like to know my essence name.

ELIAS: Essence name, Pantha; P-A-N-T-H-A.

MINDY: Pantha! Thank you; very interesting. And my essence family?

ELIAS: Essence family, Zuli; alignment, Sumari.

MINDY: Hmm. Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MINDY: I was also wondering what my intent is in this focus.

ELIAS: Ah! You move into the area of complication in questioning in this initial encounter! (Chuckling)

MINDY: Yes! I’ve been doing my research.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) In this focus, as is the situation with all other individuals manifest presently, part of your individual intent aligns with the collective, in movement in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, as you are aware. As to your individual direction, this would be involving partially the elements of your essence families, incorporating physical aspects of your creativity and the exploration of physical manifestations.

Now; what I am expressing to you in this particular intent is that you have created a direction in this particular focus of exploring different elements of creativity, not merely with yourself but in conjunction with other individuals also, and in this, you move in the direction of assessment of how creativity may be expressed in physical manifestations; how individuals, and yourself also, may be manipulating energy efficiently and beneficially to be manifesting their individual expression of creativity in physical terms.

Now; this is beneficial in conjunction with other individuals objectively as well as beneficial to yourself in your own exploration, for I shall express to you, there are many individuals within this time framework, in the movement of this shift in consciousness, that incorporate much confusion in their individual expressions. There is a tremendous expression presently with individuals physically focused, of confusion as to their individual abilities or what they translate as their individual talents, so to speak. These are the expressions of their own creativity, which as you are aware may be manifest in many, many different forms, not merely in the form of what you identify as an artistic expression. But collectively or en masse, individuals generally move their identification or definition of creativity in the direction of associating these expressions with artistic expressions.

Within your individual intent, you do incorporate artistic expressions, but your manifestation of your creativity also allows you to view different avenues of expression which may be translated into many, many different forms that are associated with creativity.

Now; in this, as I have stated, many individuals presently, within the action of this shift, hold great confusion in the attempt to be identifying their own expression of creativity. Many individuals express a discounting of self, in that they view within their perception that they hold no creativity and therefore have no expression to be offering creatively within the action of this shift, and this creates conflict within the individual.

In your intent in this focus, you have allowed yourself to be exploring many avenues of your own expressions of creativity, and in this exploration, you have also assimilated information subjectively, and partially objectively, in how many different types of creativity may be expressed in many other manners with different individuals.

Therefore, you set into motion a line of probabilities in conjunction with your intent to be expanding your interaction with individuals and also with yourself, and offering different types of suggestions and information that may be helpful to other individuals in the exploration of their individual creativity.

This is quite purposeful within this time framework, for within different time frameworks of your history, this particular concept of creativity and the expression of creativity has not been focused upon objectively quite so intensely. Individuals allowed themselves to express artistic creativity within your history – and other individuals expressed their creativity in different manners – but offered no thought process or concentration upon the identification or classification of creativity as a thing, so to speak.

Within this time framework and in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, there has become a tremendous emphasis upon the expression of creativity in general. Individuals offer this term to themselves and to each other quite continuously, and therefore occupy their thought process and much of their objective time framework with this subject matter.

Many individuals express tremendous frustration in not allowing themselves objectively to identify what their expression of creativity is, and this is the intent that you have chosen to move into in this particular focus, to be offering helpfulness to other individuals in this particular subject matter.

Now; this is also enhanced, so to speak, through your underlying intent in conjunction with the essence family of Zuli, for this family holds the intent and the direction of attention in the appreciation of aesthetic beauty in all forms.

Therefore, there is a lending of energy that you allow through the expression of that particular essence family and that you manifest within your individual focus, allowing yourself to view beauty in many different forms and many different expressions.

This is helpful to you in your interaction with other individuals, as you may be allowing yourself to be directing your energy, which may be influencing with other individuals, allowing themselves to view the worth and the beauty in the expressions that they create.

Generally speaking, many individuals move in an expression of duplicity, and automatically are quite discounting of their own expressions of creativity. You lend energy to a validation and acknowledgment of not merely yourself and your abilities to be expressing your own creativity, but to be encouraging to other individuals in their expressions of their creativity. Are you understanding?

MINDY: Yes, very much. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MINDY: Another thing about creativity I’m wondering about is, when I am creating some artwork, is this an expression of my essence that’s coming through? It’s as if I’m not consciously doing the artwork, that it almost creates itself. (Elias chuckles) I’m wondering if other artists create from the same place, or is it different for them?

ELIAS: I shall express to you first of all, your creative expression is individual and unique to yourself.

But there are similarities that are shared in this type of expression, that in interaction with other individuals that express their creativity in similar manner to yourself, in what you identify as artistically, you may find that they may be expressing of very similar types of experiences. You may be interactive with Michael if you are so choosing, and I shall express to you that he shall be validating of your experience, in recognition that he holds very similar experiences in his incorporation of his creativity.

As to your question – Is this an expression of essence? – let me be clear in my response to you. Yes, this is an expression of essence, but no, it is not an expression outside of you, for you ARE essence.

Therefore, the expression is an allowance of an incorporation of your creativity and an allowance of essence to be expressed or translated into physical manifestation, but this expression is not outside of you or removed from you or separated from you, for you ARE essence.

In this, the reason that you experience this type of feeling, so to speak – that what you are creating appears to you to be creating itself – is that you are allowing a free flow of energy as essence, not merely an expression within the boundaries of restrictions or limitations that you place upon yourself as the individual focus. Are you understanding?

MINDY: Yes. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MINDY: I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about some of the symbols I use repeatedly in my art work. I have a tendency to use a lot of suns or forces of light with rays radiating down to the earth, and also, I use a lot of spirals in my work. These are things that I just feel compelled to use over and over, and I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on these types of symbols.

ELIAS: I shall express to you, the spirals that you incorporate in your symbols are an objective translation of a recognition of what is identified as a memory tile. This is also a type of objective symbol or imagery that is manifest physically as a representation of what I may identify to you as the remembrance.

The remembrance is not a memory. It is a state of being, in a manner of speaking, a remembrance of essence and the lack of separation and the qualities of essence that you are beginning to be incorporating more fully objectively within this particular physical dimension in the action of this shift. An element of the action of this shift in consciousness is to be incorporating this remembrance, and the spiral is a physical symbol, so to speak, of that action and that concept.

As to your other expression of symbolization – the different types of manifestations of light, so to speak – this moves in conjunction with your underlying knowing of the lack of separation and the interconnectedness of all essences, regardless of the physical manifestation and the appearance of separation.

This also moves quite in conjunction with your individual intent in this focus, incorporating an objective physical expression of less separation and the action of interconnectedness, which is expressed through creativity.

MINDY: Okay, very good. Thank you.

I have a question. I used to be near-sighted, meaning that I wore glasses for about 15 years, and since I have recently in the last year come upon a greater awareness of all that is, I guess, I no longer need to wear glasses anymore. I’m wondering if my increased vision has to do with my increased awareness?

ELIAS: Increased vision as a manifestation of increased vision! Ha ha ha! (Mindy laughs) You are correct.

Many individuals create a physical situation in which they are affecting of their physical sense of sight, and many times this affectingness is an incorporation of a lack of viewing within their reality – or the lack of wanting to be viewing different elements within this physical reality – and a creation of selectivity of what they shall allow themselves to view and what they shall allow themselves not to view.

I have expressed previously to different individuals that have created this type of physical affectingness that they may be altering of this situation within their focus as they also allow themselves to be widening their awareness and to be accepting of self.

In this, you have offered yourself – in alignment with your essence family of Zuli once again – a physical manifestation of how you may be physically affecting of your physical form and its performance in limitation and in obstacles, and you may also choose to be creating the removal of those limitations and obstacles. You may allow your physical form, in your appreciation of it, to be functioning in the most efficient manner, which shall provide you with the most efficient expression in conjunction with your intent, and as you do move in the direction of your intent in your expression of creativity, you incorporate an emphasis upon the involvement of your outer sense of sight. Therefore, in the most efficient expression, you also offer yourself the recognition that you hold the ability to be manipulating energy, which may be quite affecting of your physical expressions within any moment.

MINDY: Yes, I do believe that, and I understand it now. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MINDY: Another thing that I’m very interested in – for my whole life I’ve been interested in animals. I feel a very close association with animals and nature, and in the last year or so, I’ve had the opportunity to raise wild animals from babies to adulthood and let them go. It’s very rewarding. I have much more of an appreciation for these wild animals that I usually don’t get to touch or see very closely, and I was wondering, is there anything that this type of opportunity is telling me that I’m not seeing?

ELIAS: Once again, this plays into your acquisition of objective information that you offer to yourself in conjunction with your intent – your appreciation of beauty, your identification of interconnectedness, and your offering to yourself of the recognition that within this lack of separation, you may be manipulating energy in manners that may be viewed within mass belief systems to be either unconventional or at times even impossible. But in this, it also offers you the recognition of the lack of separation even within objective expression.

En masse, individuals lean in the direction of creating separations in definitions. Individuals define certain creatures as domestic and certain creatures as wild, and there is a tremendous expression of separation in how you interact within your species with this difference in identification of these creatures.

As you allow yourself the opportunity to incorporate different types of experiences with all of your reality, you also allow yourself the objective recognition that there is no separation. There are different expressions of physical manifestations, but consciousness is consciousness, and it is manifest in every element within your physical dimension.

This also allows you a difference in your perception as you turn your attention to those creatures that are defined as domestic creatures, for their manifestation in situation or circumstance or environment may be different, but their manifestation in their physical presentment as a creature is not so very different.

Their language is the same as those of what you identify as wild creatures. Their thought process is the same. Their expression of their manifestation physically is the same, and they also hold commonly that they do not incorporate belief systems, and neither do creatures that you identify as wild. Therefore, they are not so very different within their expressions. But you, within your species en masse, view them very differently.

In certain respects, you offer much more of an expression of appreciation and respect to those creatures that you identify as wild. In certain expressions of certain cultures, the reverse may be manifest, in which the appreciation and respect of creatures manifest as wild is much less than those that are identified as domestic.

Either scenario, either expression or designation is an expression of a separation, and in this, you have offered yourself the opportunity to view less of the separation, which as I have stated to you, moves quite efficiently within your expression of your intent.

All of these subjects that you have presented this day are all related to this movement that you create within your individual intent in this focus, and are all lending energy in experience to the efficient manifestation, outwardly or objectively, of that intent within this focus.

MINDY: Thank you. I feel that I’m not showing as much separateness as the mass population. I’m trying to incorporate and to become more of a whole person, but at the same time, I have a tendency to isolate myself from mass society, and although I work and I enjoy the people that I work with very much and I get along with people very well, once I’m away from work, I have a tendency to become a hermit and spend most of my time alone. I’m not uncomfortable with this, but I know it’s unusual, as viewed by other people. I wonder if you have any comments on that?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that this is quite natural within your particular expression of your individual focus, as you hold the orientation in this particular focus of intermediate, and therefore your expression of individual creations and occupying your attention with self is quite natural and is not unusual in the natural flow of energy as expressed through this particular orientation within this physical focus.

This be the reason that you hold little or no conflict with your individual expression and your singularity of movement.

I shall not express to you the identification of the mass belief that you are isolating yourself, for this is not in actuality what you are creating. You are merely creating an allowance for the free flow of your energy in its natural expression, that moves in the direction of holding your attention with self, and although you may interact with other individuals quite effectively and comfortably, you also move your attention throughout much of your focus in an occupation with your own energy and your own expression, and with the exploration of self. This is not an expression of isolation and it is not an expression of selfishness. It is a natural flow of your energy as manifest through your orientation in this focus.

MINDY: Okay, thank you. That makes a lot of sense to me. (Elias chuckles) Okay, the last thing I’ll ask about is pretenses and facades. I was wondering what would happen in the world that I live in right now if everyone dropped their facades and their pretenses, and acted and expressed the way they really felt. Would there be mass chaos? Are these pretenses and facades necessary for physical society to work together and get along together?

ELIAS: No, they are not necessary, and this is another element of the action of this shift, for this is an expression of belief systems, and in the acceptance of belief systems, it is unnecessary to be projecting what you identify as facades or pretenses, or what may be identified as camouflage. For in essence – in actuality, even within your physical manifestations in this physical dimension – you identify the energy of each other regardless of the camouflage that you may present to each other physically or objectively.

In this, I have stated previously, in essence, there are no secrets. You merely create these facades, so to speak, or these expressions of camouflage in fearfulness and a lack of acceptance of self, and these are also expressions that are quite influenced by the belief systems that you hold and align with within this physical expression of this physical focus. (1)

Now; were you to be disengaging this creation of this type of expression, there would not be an incorporation of chaos. In actuality, in the action of this shift, you are collectively moving in this direction.

As you move more and more into the acceptance of belief systems and you move more and more into the expression of acceptance of self, you also loosen your hold upon your individual energy, and you allow yourselves more and more freedom of your individual expressions, and you move into the genuine expression of “it matters not” and the discontinuation of judgment upon yourselves and upon other individuals, and this IS the expression of acceptance.

And once you move into the expression of acceptance, it is unnecessary to be creating of these expressions of camouflage any longer, for you are accepting of self and of each other and of all of your expressions. Therefore, what shall it matter what you are expressing within yourselves or in interaction with each other?

The reason that many individuals create these camouflages or these facades presently is influenced by an aspect of beliefs – that you concern yourselves with how you shall be viewed by other individuals if you are allowing yourself to be exposed, in your terms, but you are continuously exposed regardless.

It is merely your perception that you are disguising yourself through these camouflages and through these facades. You delude yourselves into the thought process and the belief that other individuals shall be fooled or that you may be hidden from other individuals as you project this type of energy objectively, which in actuality is quite amusing, for individuals within your physical dimension all hold the ability to be viewing through the camouflage or the facade and viewing the expression of the individual, regardless of what any individual projects outwardly. (Chuckling)

MINDY: I can see through this camouflage and see the facades, and people have called me guileless because I don’t have the pretenses and I’m not afraid to show my flaws, and it’s just an interesting thing to watch.

ELIAS: Quite! (Laughing)

And I shall express to you that you hold no flaws! You merely create different expressions than other individuals, and your perception is created differently, but these are not flaws. They may not move in conjunction with the mass expressions, but they are perfectly created within your reality. (Chuckling)

MINDY: Yes, I forgot!

ELIAS: Ha ha!

MINDY: I forget sometimes, but I’m working on it!

ELIAS: Ha ha! And I am encouraging of you in your continuation of your movement in this area. You are accomplishing quite efficiently in your movement into the expression of acceptance.

MINDY: Yes, I do realize that, and it’s a wonderful feeling to be accepting of yourself, because when you’re accepting of yourself, you’re much more accepting of everyone else, and the love flows freely through me, whereas it did not before.

ELIAS: Quite, and is this not an expression of liberation?


ELIAS: Ha ha!

MINDY: It’s wonderful!

I guess that’s it, unless there’s anything else that you have to offer me today?

ELIAS: Merely to be noticing of what you draw to yourself in interaction with other individuals and your expression of energy in conjunction with them, for this may offer excitement to you as you allow yourself more and more of an expression of noticing, in that you may allow yourself to view how you may be influencing of other individuals in their awakening, so to speak, in objective terms, of their creativity, and this may also offer you not merely validation, but an expression of an increase in motivation and in joyful excitement, and I am quite encouraging of you in this movement.

I express to you this day great affection and an anticipation of our continued interaction. Receive my encouragement.

MINDY: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and I offer to you this day in great lovingness, au revoir.

MINDY: Au revoir to you.

Elias departs at 1:06 PM.


(1) I have changed one word in the following phrase: “... and these are also expressions that are quite influenced by the belief systems that you hold and align with within this physical expression of this physical focus.” Elias said “alignment,” which I changed to “align with.”

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