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Friday, January 14, 2000

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“The Influence of Other Focuses”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Julie (Laya).

Elias arrives at 11:30 AM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JULIE: Good morning! How are you?

ELIAS: As always! (Chuckling) And you have inquiries today?

JULIE: Yes. I would like to know – if I was an artist in a past life – how, when, where, why? Or, if other existences of mine can help me in this life of mine now.

ELIAS: I shall express to you, as I have offered to other individuals, it is, to an extent, valuable to you all to be investigating other focuses that you hold within this dimension, for all of your focuses are influencing of all of the focuses that you hold within this dimension. Other focuses that you hold outside of this particular physical dimension are at times also influencing of this focus that you participate within. Therefore, as you allow yourself to be investigating other focuses of your essence, what you offer to yourself is more information about yourself, and this allows you the recognition that you are in actuality more than merely this one focus of attention in this one time framework. Therefore, it may be valuable to you in your allowance of your investigation.

I shall also be encouraging of you yourself to be allowing yourself the investigation of other focuses, for this shall be more impactful to you than my offering of information concerning other focuses that you hold in this particular dimension.

Now; I shall offer you some elements of guidelines that may be helpful to you in directing your attention as you choose to be interactive with other focuses that you hold.

In this, you may look to any element of this focus presently in which you hold a fascination, such as time frameworks, cultures, specific areas in physical location – any of these types of elements of your reality that you draw yourself to naturally and that you hold a fascination with are an objective indication or communication to yourself now in this focus that you are participating in other focuses in those locations, in those time frameworks, and within those cultures. This is the reason that you feel, so to speak, a draw to those particular elements of your reality.

There are also other elements within your reality that are indications to you objectively that you hold actions in other focuses that are influencing of this focus – areas that you may experience certain irrational fears, in your physical terms, actions that you may not hold an objective explanation for within your particular focus.

Some individuals, in example, may experience what they term to be an irrational fear of darkness, and within this particular focus, they may not view any objective reason why they shall be experiencing this fear. But they may be participating in another focus of essence within this dimension in which the individual IS creating some action that they are responding to in a creation of fear in conjunction with darkness.

These are the clues, so to speak, that offer you information within your focus presently of the influence of other focuses that you hold in essence.

Now; as to your questioning – of do you hold another focus in which you participate as the role of an artist and express your creativity in that manner – yes, you are correct, and in this, you are also allowing yourself to be incorporating energy from that focus to be manipulating your energy in this focus in conjunction with a similar expression of creativity.

Now; do not misunderstand. You do not draw energy from another focus and therefore create a similar action in this focus that you would not naturally create in this focus anyway. But you do allow yourself to be drawing energy from another focus at times – not always, but at times – to be enhancing of the expression that you choose to be creating in this focus.

Even within the expressions of what you term to be irrational fears, you may draw the energy of another focus and allow the bleed-through of that focus in the manner in which it is being expressed – and allow that influence to be affecting of you in this focus quite purposefully – that you may offer yourself information either to be prompting you, so to speak, to be investigating other focuses, or to be offering yourself information in this focus pertaining to elements that you create in this focus in similar manner.

Therefore, all of the energy that is created in conjunction with all of your focuses move in harmony with each other to be beneficial to you in each focus.

In this, you may allow yourself a beginning point, if you are so choosing, in your investigation of other focuses that you hold within essence.

I may express to you a direction that you may offer yourself in your attention; that within what you term to be fifteenth century in the physical location of Italy, you do hold another focus of essence in the area of Florence in which you participate in a similar type of expression in your creativity, in creating painting and also sculpture. If you are choosing, you may turn your attention and allow yourself to be investigating of that particular focus.

I may also express to you that you participate in another focus of essence which expresses its creativity also in very similar manner, in the physical location of Columbia in South America.

You may begin with these focuses, if you are choosing, and allow yourself the experience of viewing or merging with these particular focuses, and you shall offer yourself much information in conjunction with the movement of those individuals, and how you also draw upon certain elements of energy which you incorporate into THIS focus and manipulate in a manner to be expressing of your creativity in certain aspects of similarity.

The focus that you hold in South America expresses its creativity in boldness and in roundness, similarly to your expression within this focus.

JULIE: Boldness or roundness?

ELIAS: Correct; of the images that you create within your expression of creativity. As you choose to be engaging in your creativity, the forms that you create in a type of roundness and boldness translates very similarly to the energy that this other individual creates in the expression of their artistic qualities, so to speak, in that focus.

JULIE: Will it be good for me to know – say, for example, in the fifteenth century Italy – more about the person?

ELIAS: This is what I am encouraging you to be investigating of. You hold the ability to be offering yourself this information. I have merely offered you a beginning point that offers you a direction to be moving into, but you hold the ability to be accessing this information and experiencing this focus yourself, which shall be much more impactful and real to you than my mere offering of information to you.

This allows you the opportunity to be, in objective terms, connecting with these other focuses, which provides you with an experience, and in that experience, you also shall allow yourself a greater understanding of self in THIS focus, and how you create certain elements of your reality.

Now; be remembering also, it is not merely the expression of artistic quality that you may allow yourself to view as you investigate these other focuses, for there are many other aspects of their expressions and their interactions that also may hold interest to you.

JULIE: Are there any other focuses that might get me started into investigating other than these two? Because I’m finding it ... I guess I just need to be meditating more to get this information, or maybe I’m just not ready to find out yet. I feel like I am, but I guess I should just be meditating more to find out more.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you may be accessing this information, if you are choosing to be, in many different manners. It is not a situation in which you need be meditating only, to be offering yourself this type of information.

I also am expressing to you that this is your choice to be offering yourself this type of information.

Be aware that individuals offer themselves information in many different manners, and although I am encouraging of individuals to be investigating other focuses of their essence, I am not encouraging individuals to be occupying MUCH of their attention with the investigation of other focuses.

The purpose, so to speak, in this type of movement or action is merely to familiarize yourself with more of yourself than you objectively view, and to validate to yourself that you are more than this one focus and that your attention moves in many other expressions and areas – even within this one physical dimension – than you recognize in this one focus.

But I shall also express to you that many individuals do NOT move easily into the investigation of other focuses of essence, for this is not the direction in which they hold their attention, and this is quite acceptable also.

JULIE: I feel like I need a jump-start to make it, (sighing) to help me jump into it, because I want to go in that direction, and I guess that’s probably why I was wanting to know about other existences, because I felt that if I could get the feeling of finding out, it would encourage me to feel richer for who I am now. I guess that’s why I’m wanting to know. It seems like I can feel more now if I can get some help. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JULIE: (Laughing) I mean, I know I have to do it on my own, but I feel kind of confused.

ELIAS: Let me express to you first of all, the investigation of other focuses is merely an offering of more information. It is not an action that shall enhance your focus in the manner of which you are describing. It shall not create a situation in which you feel more or even in which you express more, for this is an action which you create within THIS focus, not the influence of other focuses.

This is the direction in which your attention may be offered to self NOW, in allowing yourself to be more openly expressive with your creations and the investigation of self in THIS focus.

In this, you may allow yourself much investigation and much turning your attention to self now in this present focus, which shall offer you a tremendous amount of information as to what you are creating – and why you are creating – in THIS focus.

The other focuses that you hold in essence may offer you some information in conjunction with this focus, but let me also be reminding you and reinforcing with you that importance lies in THIS focus, for this is the focus of your attention and this is the reality that you are creating.

Even in conjunction with the energy which is being offered by other focuses, it is YOUR perception that is creating of your reality, and it is your reception of the energy that is significant; not the projection of the energy or the interplay of energy, so to speak, but how you are receiving it and how you are manipulating it in THIS focus, and how that is creating of your reality.

In this, if you are choosing to be offering yourself information of other focuses – for you hold the belief that this shall be beneficial to you in the enhancement of this particular focus – you may begin with these two that I have offered a direction of.

Beyond this, I shall express to you the importance of holding your attention in the now and allowing yourself to be viewing what you are creating now, for this is more affecting of your reality, for it IS your reality, and it is your perception and what you are creating and what you are interacting with in each moment presently.

JULIE: I guess the problem that I’m involved in right now is the confusion that I’m feeling now with two people that are in my life now. One is my boyfriend Paul, who I’m just kind of wondering what he is to me now. In other words ... I mean, if I were to find out who he was or how I was involved with him in another life, would it or can it help me figure out what he means to me now? And there’s another man that’s in my life named Peter, who I’ve just met, and my interaction with him as well. I guess these two people have got me curious in relation to why I’m interacting with them now.

ELIAS: Very well. Now; in this type of situation, let me express to you, many individuals move in the direction of their thought process in the assessment that if they are offering themselves information in conjunction with another focus and the relationship that they hold with an individual, that they may allow themselves a better ability to be interacting with the individual presently.

Now; let me also state to you, as you allow yourself to investigate other focuses, you may access information concerning other individuals that you interact with now, for I shall express to you, you do interact in other focuses with both of these individuals.

But HOW you interact with another individual in another focus may or may not be similar to how you are choosing to be interactive with them in THIS focus, and in that, these are not absolutes.

Within one focus, you may be creating what you term to be a very intimate, close relationship with an individual in which you experience a tremendous expression of joyfulness and happiness, and you may also create another focus with that essence, and you may interact in a relationship with them in a very different type of expression, and you may be repelled by the individual.

I may express to an individual, in conjunction with their shared focuses with another individual, that they may identify within themselves that they are soul mates, so to speak, with this individual. But within one focus, they may repel each other to the point in which they do not allow themselves objective interaction at all, for they are quite irritating to each other objectively.

This does not discount that within what they have created as essence in their manifestations in this dimension, that they may classify themselves, so to speak, as soul mates, but their interaction may not be identified in one focus in the definition of what you perceive to be the interaction of soul mates, for you romanticize these types of roles.

In this, the reason that I am offering you this type of information is that you allow yourself to view the interactions that you are engaging with these individuals in the now, and not move yourself into the expression of influencing your choices based upon the choices of other focuses. Are you understanding thus far?

JULIE: Yes, but I still ... I guess it’s hard for me, because like say for example with my boyfriend, I still feel ... he’s returning tomorrow, and I’m learning about myself, but he brings me confusion, and I was just wondering if I could ... see, that’s the thing – I know what you’re saying. It doesn’t mean anything if I interacted with him in another focus. It doesn’t mean anything in this focus.

ELIAS: What I am expressing to you is merely that I may express to you, in actuality, yes, you do participate in another focus with this individual, and in that focus, you create conflict between the two of you in the type of relationship that you have chosen in that focus, but you also interact with this individual in other focuses in which you do not create that type of conflict.

In THIS focus, you create elements of confusion and some elements of conflict also, but what this information offers you is a confirmation that yes, you have participated in a similar type of action in relationship with this individual in another focus, and therefore validates to you that this is familiar to you.

But that is not creating the interaction that you hold now. The interaction that you hold now....

JULIE: I guess I’m just so curious as to what the focus was between the two of us in another focus. What about the curiosity? Isn’t just the curiosity and the knowing helpful? Like if I were to know what his focus was, what my focus was, in another realm ... I guess if I know that, maybe it will help me with the confusion that I have in this focus.

ELIAS: And you may offer this information to yourself, and if you are so choosing, I shall be encouraging of you to be investigating, for you do hold this ability.

I express to you that you do hold several focuses with this individual, and you have created a focus with this individual in which you do hold a relationship that you create conflict with, and you also express an element of drama in your interaction with this individual in another focus of your essences.

In that interaction, you do not hold what you would term to be a constant relationship, in linear time framework, of intimacy. You move in and out of that type of expression with each other, and within some time frameworks, you do engage intimacy, and you also engage drama and conflict, and subsequently you participate in a dismantling of your objective interaction with each other in that focus. Therefore, you bounce, so to speak, back and forth with each other, creating an ongoing expression of conflict, but also an ongoing expression of participation in and out of intimacy, with an ongoing type of relationship.

The pitfall in this exchange, so to speak, in this subject matter with yourself and myself presently, is that as I may offer you information in this type of creation of relationship concerning another focus, you – within your curiosity – are sparked to be investigating ... which matters not. You may be investigating.

But the pitfall in this is that you, within your expression now, may move easily into excusing certain elements of your participation in the relationship that you have created presently as being influenced by another focus, and this is the point that I am expressing to you to be wary of within yourself.

Do not allow yourself to be investigating another focus of this type merely to be offering yourself an excuse to not be viewing what you are participating in and what you are creating in THIS now. Are you understanding?

JULIE: (Sighing) No.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) In quite simplistic terms, let us offer a hypothetical scenario. Hypothetically, you may engage a type of conflict in this now, in this relationship.

Let us express that the hypothetical scenario may be that in certain time frameworks, you experience that this individual is not offering you the type of attention and expression that you are desiring them to be offering to you, and as you approach the individual and you are seeking out this interaction of lovingness and nurturing and attention, the individual diverts their attention in a different direction, and – in your very physical terms – cannot be bothered with this type of expression, and dismisses you. This is the hypothetical scenario that we may apply to this present now focus.

Now; you may offer yourself information in conjunction with another focus in which you both participate also, and in that focus, you may be interactive with this individual and you may be occupying the role of spouse to this individual, and in that focus, you hold an expectation that this individual should offer you a tremendous expression of attention, for you engage the participation of marriage with this individual, and you also express that you love this individual, and therefore you hold the expectation that they should be expressing this in return to you. But – hypothetically in that scenario – your spouse engages relationships with other women, and therefore his attention is divided objectively between you and the other women that he also engages a relationship with.

Now; in your assessment and in conjunction with your belief systems, you may view the other focus and you may express to yourself, “Ah! THIS is the reason that I feel these underlying elements within my relationship presently, for in this other focus that we share together, the individual is unfaithful to me, and therefore I express an element of a lack of trust, and I am experiencing that same element in this focus.” And in that action, you are excusing your participation and your creation of your relationship in this focus with the actions of another focus.

JULIE: So, the focus of the relationship in another focus is one thing, and that shouldn’t affect how I handle this focus ... or it isn’t influencing this focus.

ELIAS: The energy is influencing merely in the manner that it is projected and it is interplaying, for it is another element of you, in the same manner that you may be offering yourself a physical experience now of let us say, injuring your foot.

You may incorporate tremendous painfulness in injuring your foot, and you are noticing that your foot is injured, and it is a part, so to speak, of your physical form. It is not separated from your physical form. Therefore, it is influencing of other elements of your physical form, for your nervous system is participating in the effect of your foot being injured. Your thought process notices. Your emotional expressions involve themselves in the affectingness of the injury of your foot, and your physical body as a whole interplays together with that injury, but the injury is not translated as an injury to your shoulder. It is an injury upon your foot, and your shoulder is not bruised merely for the reason that your foot is injured. But your shoulder is another element of your physical form and does hold physical nerves, and your nervous system is affected by the injury to your foot, but it is not translated to your shoulder. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: In similar manner, the energy which is projected throughout essence is affecting of all of your focuses, but you also hold choices – in similar manner to the physical experience – with the energy that moves between focuses.

If you are so choosing, you may divert your attention from your foot, and you may translate the physical pain of your foot to your shoulder – you do hold this ability – and you may create a pain in your physical shoulder and stop the physical pain in your foot. You may transfer physical feelings, physical pain, in this manner, if you are choosing. In like manner, you may transfer the energy from one focus to another and you may translate it in the same manner, but it is not an absolute. It does not automatically translate in this manner, and you are not subject to that type of creation. It is a choice.

Therefore, what I am expressing to you in conjunction with other focuses is that in THIS focus, you are creating confusion and elements of conflict in conjunction with THIS focus. You may validate to yourself that this type of conflict is familiar to you, for you experience similar types of conflict in other focuses with this same individual, but how you choose to be interactive with it in THIS focus is entirely your choice.

JULIE: I understand. I’m just wondering about the other one, Peter.

ELIAS: In like manner, I may express to you that you hold several focuses with this individual also, and with this individual in this present now, in the focuses that you have created together, you do not experience a tremendous expression of conflict. You do not experience much of an element of conflict objectively at all with this individual.

JULIE: No conflict....

ELIAS: This is not to say that you may not create that in THIS focus. The point in....

JULIE: Were we married in another focus?


JULIE: We were?


JULIE: One time?

ELIAS: Twice.

JULIE: Twice. Hmm. And with Paul, there was just the one time I was married to him?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, although you have engaged intimate relationships with this individual outside of the role of marriage.

JULIE: With Peter, he seems to think that we’re going to be together in this focus. He keeps telling me that we’re going to be together in this focus. How does he know that?

ELIAS: This is your choice.

JULIE: Right, right.

ELIAS: What he is expressing is a desire, and a recognition that you each hold choice and that you are not locked to any of your choices. You may be creating a relationship with one individual, and you are not locked to that choice. That is the choice that you have created, but you may alter that choice, if you are so choosing, within any moment.

JULIE: Was Peter, in another marriage or in another focus, involved artistically with me? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes. This individual also participates in the focus that you hold in South America.

JULIE: Okay. Well, thank you!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are very welcome.

Let me express to you, in an offering of information to you individually, allow yourself to be listening to self. Allow yourself the opportunity to incorporate a time framework, which may be brief, if you are choosing, but a time framework in which you may observe and listen to self and YOUR desires; not your choices that you have already created, for they are not absolutes, not your obligations, not what you assess to be the shoulds or should nots. But merely allow yourself the opportunity to listen to self and assess YOUR desire and the direction of your freedom and your fun, your pleasure, your enjoyment.

This shall offer you much information also, for to this point, you are occupying your attention in much time framework in the direction of the desires or the wants of other individuals, and you are not allowing yourself to be listening to YOU.

JULIE: That’s very true! Okay.

ELIAS: And as you allow yourself to listen to you, allow yourself to trust your own choices, regardless of the expectations or the demands of other individuals ... but the acknowledgment that your choices are the fulfillment of your desire and your movement.

And in this, as you allow yourself to be listening to you, you shall also be beneficial to other individuals automatically, for in holding your attention outside of yourself and continuing to concern yourself with the wants and the expectations of other individuals, you are not accepting of you, and this creates conflict, and this also creates conflict in conjunction with other individuals. Therefore, you merely perpetuate the very behaviors and situations that you wish to discontinue.

JULIE: Right. I completely understand. (Elias chuckles and Julie laughs) I didn’t think I would halfway through, but I do now!

ELIAS: Ha ha!

JULIE: Thank you so much!

ELIAS: You are so very welcome!

JULIE: (Laughing) You’re sweet!

ELIAS: I am greatly encouraging of you and offering energy to you, for you shall be accomplishing and you shall allow yourself to be listening to this little voice within you, and be remembering that I am also acknowledging of the difficulty that you experience in listening to that small voice, for the voices outside of you are quite loud!

JULIE: (Laughing) Yes!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Therefore, I am understanding of the difficulty that you are experiencing in allowing yourself to not be listening so intensely to those voices, and to be attempting to be listening to your voice. But I shall express to you that I shall offer my expression of energy to you to be helpful within this time framework, in offering you encouragement.

JULIE: Thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I anticipate our next meeting!

JULIE: (Laughing) Okay!

ELIAS: And I offer much affection to you.

JULIE: Oh, to you too!

ELIAS: In this day, in great lovingness, I express au revoir.

JULIE: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:33 PM.

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