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Friday, January 14, 2000

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“Creating Illness”

“The Belief of Control”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Dorian (Pascal).

Elias arrives at 1:55 PM. (Arrival time is 27 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day!

DORIAN: Hello. Good afternoon ... or good morning, actually!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

DORIAN: How are you?

ELIAS: As always!

DORIAN: Yes, I knew you were going to say that, because my friend George said, “Elias is going to answer ‘as always.” Very good, I take it?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

DORIAN: Well, I’m looking forward to talking to you, and I have some questions. Shall I go ahead and ask the first question?

ELIAS: You may proceed.

DORIAN: Okay. I’d like to know my essence name, family alignment, and orientation, as well as my wife’s and my friend Don’s.

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Pascal; P-A-S-C-A-L. (päs-cal’) Essence family, Zuli; alignment in this focus, Sumari; orientation, common.

And you are inquiring for these other individuals:

First individual, essence name, Wallen; W-A-L-L-E-N. (wall’en) Essence family, Ilda; alignment, Vold; orientation, common.

Second individual, essence name, Julia; J-U-L-I-A. Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Sumari; orientation, common.

DORIAN: Okay, thank you. Shall I proceed to the next question?

ELIAS: You may.

DORIAN: I’d like to know if you can comment about my wife’s health. She has been very sick for a long time. Something that we frequently discuss is that she had some breast implants about twenty years ago, and we are led to believe that her allergies and all of these things are the outcome of this. I’d like you comment on that, if possible, please, and not only on that, but on her health as a whole. What is the situation?

ELIAS: I may express to you, first of all, that it is quite common for individuals to associate, within their belief systems, certain actions that they pursue with subsequent illness or physical affectingness. This offers you an explanation which appears to be reasonable and acceptable within your beliefs, and moves in conjunction with the mass belief systems.

I shall also express to you that at times, individuals are creating physical affectingnesses in conjunction with mass belief systems that appear objectively to be logical or reasonable, and I shall state in this that each individual that participates in that type of creation also is creating their individual expression in their own reason, so to speak. They may be allowing themselves to create this type of an expression in more of an ease as they allow themselves to move in conjunction with the energy of mass belief systems, but they also are creating these types of affectingnesses in conjunction with their own reasons.

Now; in this, as this particular individual has chosen to be incorporating certain physical elements within her individual expression of her physical form, what she is creating is an objective, outward expression which mirrors inner movements and beliefs. And in this, as there is a creation of dis-ease, in a manner of speaking, which creates certain elements of illnesses or affectingnesses physically, the individual is mirroring the dissatisfaction with certain elements of her individual focus, and creating an outward expression in conjunction with the belief that elements outside of herself are affecting of her and creating different expressions of her reality as an attack, which within her beliefs, she is not offering permission for.

Therefore, this allows her, in conjunction with her beliefs, to be assuming the role of victim, and therefore also perpetuating the outward expression.

For in this, generally speaking, many individuals align with the belief that there are many elements of your reality that you individually do not create yourselves but that are created outside of you, and you are subject to these creations, and with this particular individual, she also aligns with these particular beliefs.

This creates a situation of powerlessness, to an extent, within the perception of the individual, for the view is that they are being attacked by influences which lie beyond their control, and in this, as they view themselves to be at times not in control, they also create outward exhibitions of elements in their reality that appear to be attacking them out of their control also. Therefore, this is a mirroring outwardly or objectively of what the individual is creating in conjunction with her belief systems inwardly.

Now, let me also express to you that the expression of the feeling or the thought that elements in your reality are outside of your control – or that you yourself may be out of control, so to speak, in your vernacular – are merely a different aspect of the same issue of control. Those individuals that are experiencing issues in the expression of control also at times are creating the situation in which they view themselves to not be in control, or for elements within their reality to be beyond their control.

And I shall express to you that the very subject of control in itself is an aspect of belief systems and is an illusion, for within your reality, there is no element that is out of your control, and there is no element that you control either. But this is not to say that in the perception of the individual, that these are not very real elements of their reality, and that they do not produce very real objective expressions within their reality through their perception.

Therefore, I may express to you that the association with the alteration of physical body through implantation is quite real, for the individual has created the affectingness in association with that action, and within the perception of this individual, this is the reality, and therefore, it IS reality.

I may also express to you that beyond that one angle, so to speak, of perception, there are other beliefs that are influencing of this situation and these physical manifestations, and these elements move in conjunction with the aspects of beliefs that are directed in control and elements that are viewed to be outside of an individual’s control, and this creates the attack, so to speak.

DORIAN: Okay, let me ask you ... obviously I ask you this question because my wife is an extremely important part of my life, but yet we haven’t been in a happy relationship because of my sexual affinities. I’m a homosexual, and this has created a lot of unhappiness in the marriage. But going back to her health, do you foresee or have any insights into any improvements or any developments in her future or in her present?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that this is dependent upon the choices of the individual.

Now; if she is allowing herself to be turning her attention to self and therefore allowing herself to view how she is creating these elements within her reality, and that these creations are not thrust upon her and that they are not an element that is beyond her control, so to speak, she may be quite affecting of these expressions and manifestations physically.

I may be quite encouraging to you both in the reality that these expressions or manifestations that she is creating may be altered physically quite spontaneously.

BUT, the manifestations are associated with the movement and alignment of belief systems that she holds, and in this, as she views elements of her reality that she participates within as creations outside of her control and as creations that she does not choose and that are thrust upon her, she shall continue to be creating this type of outward manifestation, for this is an expression of energy in mirror image to what she is aligning with within her beliefs, and it does move quite efficiently in an outward expression.

Energy shall be expressed. Therefore, regardless of how any of you shall choose to be objectively“controlling” your energy and NOT expressing your energy in certain manners, you SHALL express it in other areas, in other manifestations, for energy shall be expressed regardless, for it is always within motion.

Therefore, in this situation, as she continues to align with the belief that these are not her creations, that she is not creating of these manifestations but that they are manifestations that are attacking her and are outside of her control, she shall continue to be perpetuating the energy which is expressing in this manner, for it is mirroring her beliefs.

DORIAN: Okay. Thank you very much. Let me ask you, in returning to another ailment in my life that I have always suffered, I have always felt very frustrated about my financial situation, and that has led me to some kind of interdependence with loved ones. For instance, one of my friends helps me out a lot financially, and it seems to me that I never have enough money to be content or happy in life and to pay my bills, pay my debts. I really don’t like to be dependent on people ... or maybe I do, I don’t know. Could you please comment on my situation?

ELIAS: Yes. I shall express to you that the energy that you project in conjunction with this particular subject matter moves in many different expressions within your individual focus. Objectively you express that you experience discomfort in this particular type of creation in conjunction with financial aspects of your focus. You also are creating elements which offer you a payoff in this area.

Now; allow yourself to view what you are creating in actuality. First of all, in one expression, you are creating an element of a lack of trust of your ability. But I shall also express to you that this expression is not the same type of expression that I am offering explanation of to other individuals. Many individuals may create an expression of difficulty, so to speak, in relation to finances, and in this particular subject matter, for the most part, so to speak, it moves in conjunction with an expression of a lack of trust of self.

But in this particular situation, the expression of lack of trust that YOU are creating and experiencing is not entirely the lack of trust of your ability to be generating financial manifestations for yourself, but rather a lack of trust in your ability to be creating expressions that shall offer you a validation of self and certain qualities of expressions that you seek. Therefore, you turn your attention to other avenues, so to speak. As you do not offer to yourself certain expressions that you seek, you turn your attention outside of yourself to be acquiring those expressions from other individuals.

Now; in this, you have quite efficiently created the payoff that you seek, for as you turn your attention to individuals outside of you, and you enlist their helpfulness in expressions such as financial support, you also create a situation that allows you the opportunity to be interactive, to an extent, with other individuals in an expression of closeness, so to speak, and although you identify within your beliefs objectively that this places you in a situation of dependency, what you are in actuality creating is a situation that you may be receiving an expression of acceptance and nurturing from other individuals in a manner that you do not afford yourself.

DORIAN: Okay, so in a way, this makes me think of ... I’m receiving an expression of nurturing from other individuals, to quote what you said, that I cannot provide myself with, and in a way, this makes me think of my wife’s ailments as maybe an expression of interdependence with me.

ELIAS: You are quite correct.

DORIAN: Yes, I see. Let me ask you something about myself as a homosexual and my relationship with my friend, my lover. We have a very difficult relationship, and I’d like you to comment on this situation, if possible. Where is it leading me? Why am I doing this to myself or doing this to him? Sometimes I wonder, who is he? What is it I want? We’ve been together for seven years now, and it’s been a bittersweet struggle. I feel that I need something else, somebody else, but I don’t know how to go about it. So, the whole question might not be the way I’m asking it, but that’s the way I feel. Can you please comment on this?

ELIAS: I am quite understanding of what you are expressing.

Now; as I have stated previously in this interaction, in this conversation, what you are creating within your focus is not merely affecting of the expression of difficulty, so to speak, or conflict in financial situations. You are also, figuratively speaking, spilling this energy into ALL areas, all aspects of your focus.

You experience this with your relationships – with your partner, with your individual that you term to be your lover, with individuals that you engage relationship of friendships, with your financial and employment situations, with family – it matters not. All of these different outward expressions and relationships and situations and circumstances that you involve yourself with in this focus presently are affecting and affected in the expression that you are creating, and the common element in all of these situations and all of these creations is your viewing and your perception of self. You project energy outwardly to be offering yourself the payoff that you do not offer to yourself.

Now; in this, I am not expressing that you CANNOT offer this to yourself, but that you DO not offer these expressions to yourself.

You also involve yourself in situations, in interaction with other individuals, that shall offer you the opportunity to view mirror actions. Those individuals that you view to be close to you in relationships, in their different expressions, all mirror to you elements that present struggle within you yourself, and you also mirror to them different elements of their focus that they are not viewing objectively. Therefore, there is a cooperation which is occurring in all of these relationships in their different expressions, for you are all participating in these mirror actions to each other.

As to the relationship that you have created with your lover, you offer yourself the opportunity to view your behavior, to view how you are creating your reality. You are not creating his reality! You are creating YOUR reality.

Now; I shall express to you that in creating your reality, you are influencing of his reality, for he is allowing your influence within his reality, as are you also allowing his influence in your reality.

In this, both of you view each other, and what you create in that manner, more than you allow yourselves to view yourselves. You hold your attention outside of self, and concern yourself with the choices and the beliefs and the actions and the creations and the expressions of the other individual more than you hold your attention with self, and this in itself is creating of much conflict.

DORIAN: Okay. The glimpse of hopefulness in improving my life, as I foresee it, in what I gather from what you are telling me, is that I need to develop a more assertive character, an outgoing personality, so that I can trust myself and have more faith in myself and be more outgoing towards controlling my reality, instead of creating that interdependence on others. Am I correct in saying that?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Pascal, I am not expressing to you that you need be more assertive or that you need be more in control of your focus.

What I AM expressing to you is a directing of your attention to yourself, and your allowance of yourself to be trusting and accepting of yourself. This may not be requiring what you identify, within your definitions, as a tremendous alteration in your focus in your expression of assertiveness, so to speak, but rather that you allow yourself to be accepting of self.

Vic’s note: Here, the bird starts squawking so loudly and repeatedly that for the most part, I am reading Elias’ lips.

Let me express in other terms, in physical terms. Allow yourself to be pleasing of self and not concerning yourself so very intensely in the direction of the expression of pleasing other individuals, for in your attempt to be pleasing of other individuals, you are discounting of self and you are NOT pleasing of other individuals.

DORIAN: Thank you very much. That really helps me a lot. Let me ask you another question. My son’s relationship with me has never been good. He has had major problems, psychological problems, and this has left us hurting each other. I love him very much. Could you please comment on my son’s relationship with me?

ELIAS: This also quite moves in conjunction with what we are discussing this day, and I shall express to you that as you allow yourself to be offering your attention to yourself and not concerning yourself so very intensely with the attempt to be pleasing or expressing certain directions with your son, you shall also allow yourself to view a tremendous alteration in the expression of your relationship together.

DORIAN: Thank you. Could you please comment ... my friend George, my lover, and my wife? (Most of this question is obliterated by the squawking of the bird.)

ELIAS: I shall express to you that you hold other focuses with all of these individuals, and I may be encouraging of you to be allowing yourself to be accessing information in conjunction with the other focuses that you do hold with these individuals.

Now; I shall also express to that in my encouragement of you to be investigating of these focuses, my encouragement moves more in the expression of your allowance of yourself to merely access information concerning these focuses, not necessarily the information of the focuses themselves per se, for this shall offer you a validation of your abilities, which presently you hold in great question. You are not trusting presently of your abilities and your individual expressions, or how you may be manifesting certain expressions within your focus.

Therefore, I am greatly encouraging of you to be allowing yourself a time framework in which you may be relaxing and allowing the images to flow in connection with these other focuses that you hold with these individuals, for your accessing of that information shall be very helpful to you in validation of yourself, of your abilities to be manipulating your own energy.

In this, in this present now, the information of the other focuses holds less significance presently than the action of accessing them.

Are you understanding?

DORIAN: I think basically yes, I’m understanding what you’re saying. One of the ways I understand is that perhaps I shouldn’t be concerned with trying to access information, that it really doesn’t belong to me, but rather focus myself on the present and on trusting myself, or believe more in myself instead of pleasing others, and that’s really the main ailment in my life at the present.

ELIAS: Correct. But in this, I am also encouraging you to allow yourself the opportunity to be accessing other focuses, but not for information concerning those other focuses; for the reason of merely allowing yourself to view that you hold the ability to BE accessing them, that you hold the ability to create this action, and therefore validate to yourself that you hold the ability to manipulate energy beyond what you believe presently.

DORIAN: Okay. Very well. Actually, I believe that I’ve run out of questions. It seems to me that all of the things that I’ve asked you in relation to other individuals rotate around the same subject, and what you’re saying is, it’s very much in tune with my life pattern, because regardless of which individual I ask about, I’m a pleaser, and that has caused a lot of pain in my life, and I’m dependent on others, and that has also caused a lot of unhappiness.

So, I would like to close this session by asking if you foresee any changes, or anything that is going to be affecting my life now or in the future.

ELIAS: (Smiling) In response to your question, as of now, you ARE affecting of your focus, for you have allowed yourself to be engaging in interaction with myself this day, and in this interaction, you have allowed yourself to be listening and beginning the movement of turning your attention.

Therefore, I may express to you that you have already begun in altering aspects of your creations, and in this, be encouraged, for you shall continue to be allowing yourself more of YOUR acceptance and trust of self, and as you continue to be focusing your attention upon self, you also shall automatically, as a natural byproduct, turn many elements of your creations, and you shall allow yourself to view outwardly, objectively, the effect that this shall be creating in the responsiveness of other individuals, for they shall be noticing also.

DORIAN: Okay ... (enter the bird) ... time, and actually, at this point, I’ve run out of questions. If you have any further comments ... (enter the bird). I would like to thank you for your time.

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you, be encouraged, for you ARE creating your movement, and I shall be also offering energy to you to be helpful.

Within this time framework, many individuals, and yourself also, are experiencing great difficulty, and there is a tremendous expression of energy which is being offered by other essences now to be helpful, and in this, you may be assured that I shall be continuing to offer energy to you also in your movement into self, and in this also, you may allow yourself the objective recognition of my presence in energy if you are watching. Be encouraged, my friend, for you have begun a movement into a new expression!

DORIAN: Thank you very much. Have a wonderful day!

ELIAS: And to you also!

I anticipate our continued interaction. To you in great affection, I express adieu.

Elias departs at 2:44 PM.

Vic’s note: Now, did I create the squawking bird? I suppose so....

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