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Tuesday, January 18, 2000

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ďEach Moment is an OutcomeĒ

ďOld Habits Die HardĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Joanne (Gildae).

Elias arrives at 2:59 PM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JOANNE: Good afternoon! Howís it going?

ELIAS: As always!

JOANNE: Thatís good to hear! I have some questions I want to ask you, if thatís okay.

ELIAS: Very well.

JOANNE: Where to start? Okay, a few times in the last couple of months, Iíve had this feeling. It kind of feels like energy coming at me, and I donít know where itís coming from. Itís almost ... I want to say that it kind of reminds me of a panic attack, but itís not a panic attack. I donít know where itís coming from.

One time it happened when I was taking my son to soccer, and all of a sudden I felt like I shouldnít take him, that something was going on, but I kept telling myself,ĒThis doesnít make any sense. Everything is fine,Ē and I took him to soccer. And then when I was driving to my momís, I could almost see like another road, like another highway, like I was driving down two highways at the same time, and I found out through talking to C9 that that energy, that feeling, was coming from another focus, and I was wondering, is that what that is, or am I really just having panic attacks?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you are allowing yourself different expressions. You are identifying them in association with each other, and in a manner of speaking, you are grouping together different experiences and associating them as one experience.

In this, as you allow yourself to view the individual experiences, it may become clearer to you objectively what you are allowing yourself to be viewing and to be tapping into, in a manner of speaking.

First of all, within certain moments that you are experiencing what you identify as a type of panic attack Ė which does not develop into a panic attack Ė this is your tapping into and recognition of, in objective terms, energy in movement.

Now; in this motion of energy, it is not a direct creation of yours individually, but may be associated with the movement of energy en masse in conjunction with the movement of energy within this shift in consciousness.

I shall express to you also, many individuals are allowing themselves to be feeling and experiencing this movement in energy, and as it does hold an intensity, you recognize that intensity objectively, and in that recognition, you associate that feeling with an anxiousness or a restlessness, and at times it may even be associated with anxiety, for anxiety is associated with an intensity of energy, an intensity of feeling, and therefore, your automatic response to this type of intensity of energy moves in association with those elements of your reality that you are familiar with.

Therefore, if you hold a familiarity with anxiety or panic or any expression similar to these expressions, you shall automatically associate in that familiarity this type of intensity in energy in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, as you allow yourself to be tapping into it and recognizing its motion and its existence, in a manner of speaking, objectively.

As to the viewing of two roads, so to speak, simultaneously, objectively, what you are allowing yourself to be tapping into in this experience is different in one respect. It also may be associated with this shift in consciousness, in the manner that the action of this shift in consciousness and its insertion into your objective reality allow you more of an ease in viewing other aspects of your reality in objective terms. Therefore, in that manner it may be associated also with the energy of this shift in consciousness.

But as to your individual manipulation of that energy, what you have allowed yourself to view momentarily is your reality that you view objectively and a probable reality momentarily, and you have allowed yourself the viewing of these two realities simultaneously. This also is not uncommon as associated with this shift in consciousness.

Now; I shall reiterate to you, as I have spoken with many other individuals in recent time framework, as you have entered into your new millennium in this time framework, a tremendous surge of energy is occurring. NOW it begins, and in this, what I am expressing to you is the objective insertion of this shift in consciousness into your officially accepted reality.

To this point, you have all allowed yourselves participation in this shift in consciousness, and you have allowed yourselves some objective viewing and experiences in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, but most of your movement has been created subjectively.

Most of the movement that you have created to this point has been in preparation, in a type of prerequisite creation and expression of movement, to the actual insertion of this shift into your officially accepted reality physically; in which, as it is objectively inserted into your officially accepted reality, you begin more and more to be manifesting the abilities that we have been speaking of....

JOANNE: Oh, good!

ELIAS: Less separation, more of an objective interaction with more elements and aspects of your reality than you have allowed yourselves previously, therefore more of an interaction of your viewing and experiencing with probable realities, with other-dimensional focuses, with other focuses within this dimension, interactions that may be occurring between yourselves and other focuses of other essences that may be engaged within the action of nonphysical transition, or with essences in other areas of nonphysical consciousness.

The veils of separation are being dropped, and therefore you are allowing yourselves actual objective experiences. Some individuals shall allow themselves more of an expression of these experiences, some less, some more quickly, some more slowly, in your objective terms. But you ALL are beginning the objective insertion of this shift in consciousness into your reality.

In this, be mindful that you may be creating and drawing to yourself and encountering experiences that may be quite confusing, and you may also be creating certain elements of conflict and of trauma in conjunction with your movement in this insertion of this shift into your objective reality, for as you each Ė yourself also Ė are participating in this movement, you are redefining terms and you are redefining your reality.

You are in actuality altering your reality. You are altering your perceptions, and subsequently you are also altering your physical reality. You are changing your physical reality and you are changing how you perceive all of your reality. You are allowing yourselves to be opening, in objective terms, to more of consciousness and your recognition of it and its movement. You are allowing yourselves objectively to view your reality, and more of your reality that you have not allowed yourselves to view previously.

In this, you, in your experiences, are creating a flow in which one experience overlaps another experience, and therefore, as they ARE overlapping in your objective time frameworks, you are associating them as all one experience. In actuality, you are allowing yourself many different experiences in moments, and they are merely crossing over each other, which appears to be the creation of one ongoing experience, which may be confusing to you.

In this, as you allow yourself to be recognizing what you are experiencing in each moment, you may also allow yourself the opportunity to view that the experiences in themselves may be different actions.

As you are riding within your vehicle to be delivering your son to his destination, you are experiencing one type of feeling. You recognize that you are associating that feeling with a familiar feeling, but you are also recognizing that the movement of the experience is not being created in the manner of the familiar experience. Therefore, there are some elements of that experience that are not the same and are unfamiliar. You identify this as the beginning of anxiety or the beginning of a panic attack, but it does not manifest in that manner.

JOANNE: No, it doesnít go anywhere.

ELIAS: Therefore, you may view the experience in the moment, noticing the movement of it, noticing that it is not following the pattern that you have created previously, and in this, you offer yourself information.

The information that you are offering yourself is the allowance to view that there is an intensity of energy and that the intensity of energy is familiar to you, for you yourself have created intensities in energy. But the movement of the energy is unfamiliar to you, and as you do not associate that energy with any element that YOU are creating in that moment, you may also allow yourself a calmness, and you may allow yourself to assess the difference of that energy and your own energy, which we have spoken of previously Ė the differences of your own individual expression of energy, and energies that you identify as outside of you, so to speak.

This allows you to view that this is not your individual creation, but that you are tapping into a movement of energy that is associated with another element. And do not confuse yourself into the automatic thought that the energy may be associated immediately with one other individual, such as your son, for you are familiar with the energy of your son also.

JOANNE: Yeah, I knew it wasnít him and I knew it wasnít me, because I was fine and he was fine, and you know, I did that thing like, ďIn my now, everything is just perfect.Ē It just seemed to come from out of nowhere, and I did relax, and it eventually subsided.

ELIAS: You may also view, in the tapping into that type of expression of energy, as you continue your movement, you may recognize that there are other individuals that are responding to that energy also, and are participating in that energy.

You also are participating in it, but not in the creation of conflict or anxiety. You are merely moving with it and recognizing its intensity. But you also may view other individuals that ARE creating trauma or conflict or anxiety or heightened expressions of energy in many different types of expressions, and you may allow yourself to view that this one individual is not the cause, so to speak, of the movement of energy that you have tapped into, but is participating in it. Are you understanding?

JOANNE: Yeah, I think so! (Laughing)

ELIAS: In more simplistic terms, I shall express to you:

You may be experiencing that type of energy movement in its intensity, and you are noticing of it, and subsequent to your recognition of that energy and your identification of it, you may also present yourself Ė hypothetically Ė with the arrival at your physical destination after you have delivered your son to his destination, and you may hypothetically be viewing another individual that is experiencing in that moment an expression of conflict or trauma or tremendous anxiety.

Now; as you view that individual, you may also allow yourself the recognition that what you have experienced in the moments prior to the identification of the individual experiencing trauma has not been a projection of merely their energy, for within physical focus, individuals lean in the direction of automatically identifying this type of expression of energy with one manifestation, and this is incorrect. The individual that is experiencing the trauma is participating in the movement of the energy that you tapped into, but is not the sole cause.

JOANNE: Okay, I think I see what youíre saying. The last time we talked, when I got off the phone with you, it happened at my momís, and I was like,ĒWhere is this coming from?Ē It just seemed to hit me from out of nowhere, because I was fine, and we were laughing and talking, and then all of a sudden, it was like boom! I called it a panic attack because it sort of hit me right in the chest, right around my heart, but I didnít feel panicky.

ELIAS: Quite, and this is a very similar expression and tapping into energy. Subsequent to our interaction, you have created a movement within your energy in which you are allowing yourself more of an expression of openness to the movement of energy, for you allow yourself this openness within the time framework that you are interactive with myself. Therefore, subsequent to our interaction, you linger, so to speak, in that openness, and there is an allowance for your identification and recognition of this movement in energy and its intensity.

Now; I may express to you that within the movement that you are creating presently and the manner in which you are allowing yourself these expressions of openness, you create this within certain time frameworks, and this is not requiring of a thought process. Do not confuse yourself into the thinking that you must be creating a thought process that must be facilitating of this action, for this is not the situation. You are not creating a thought process at all in conjunction with this openness.

You are merely allowing yourself, in those moments, an expression of relaxation to the point that you also incorporate an openness, which allows for the recognition of the waves, so to speak, of energy, and allows you to be experiencing those waves in energy, and in this, they may appear to you to be occurring randomly and without being precipitated by any particular consistent action. The consistent action that IS occurring is, within the moment, you are sufficiently distracted within your thoughts and your emotions to allow yourself an element of relaxation to the point that you also allow this type of openness, and in that openness, you allow yourself to experience the intensity of energy which is being created in that moment.

This expression of energy moves in conjunction with your globe, not merely with one individual or with one society, but this is the movement of energy in consciousness in association with this shift in consciousness. Therefore, it may appear to be quite intense, that you may in familiarity associate this with what you term to be a panic attack, although it is not creating of that manifestation, but the intensity is quite strong.

This is also the reason that you allow yourself brief encounters with these movements of energy, for this allows you to not be overwhelming yourself with this type of expression. But it also allows you the opportunity, in objective, realistic, physical terms, to be dropping the veils of separation, and allowing you to be participating in the experience of the movement of energy, and allowing yourself to feel that energy in conjunction with all of the other essences which focus in this dimension.

JOANNE: I feel other energy around at times, but itís not that overwhelming feeling. Itís happy, like itís Christmas any minute! Itís really good feelings. This was totally different from that.

ELIAS: But look to your globe. Look to your world and look to the association that you all hold in conjunction with the mass movements that are being created throughout your globe. There is a strong association with an oppressive feeling, so to speak, for you view conflict as oppressive and negative and you associate trauma with negative, and these are being expressed in intensity throughout your world.

What you are allowing yourself to be tapping into is the movement of energy which is expressed throughout your globe, not merely in one small area. Therefore, you shall associate not merely the intensity and also not merely the recognition that it is not bad, so to speak, for it does not manifest into what you associate as bad, but there is also a recognition of the oppressiveness, in a manner of speaking, or the negative association with the movement of energy as it associates itself with conflict.

JOANNE: Recently, I have two things Iíve been working on. One is trying to figure out a talent, or my heartís desire for what I want to do with myself in this focus. I know a lot of people are feeling that way right now. They feel like they should be doing something.

I had an opportunity to take a job that seemed perfect Ė the hours, the pay Ė but I noticed that I started getting sick after I decided to take the interview, and then I just decided on the day of the interview to call and cancel it, because it just didnít seem like the right thing for me, the direction that I wanted to be moving in, and I just thought, Iím just gonna trust myself and what Iím creating, and when the right thing for me comes along, Iíll know it and I wonít second-guess it and I wonít start to get sick, and when I was walking to the phone to make the phone call and cancel the interview, I just felt like this surge in energy and I felt really good.

But that doesnít answer the question of what Iím creating, and Iím trying to leave myself open and tell myself to just trust that Iím creating exactly what it is that I desire and Iím heading in exactly the direction that I want to head in, even though itís not clear to me at this point. I want to know if you have any comments on that.

ELIAS: I shall express to you an acknowledgment of your action and your movement in allowing yourself to be listening to self and in your expression of trust of self.

I shall also express to you that in this, you and many other individuals create an element of frustration within self as you objectively, within your thought process, concentrate upon what it is that you want rather than what it is that you are and what you are creating. But in the search, so to speak, for what you may be, you also do not allow yourself to view what you already are and what you already possess.

This is the placement of the obstacle before your vision which creates difficulty in your viewing of your direction, for you are occupying your attention in the direction of what you may be or what you may be creating, andďfindingĒ that element of what you may be creating, rather than holding your attention now and with self as to what you already ARE creating and what you already possess.

In this, although it may appear simplistic to you presently, you already possess all that you seek, but you continue to look outside of yourself to be acquiring some element within yourself that you are lacking or to be discovering some expression that you may identify that you are good at, and I may express to you that you are already creating what you are good at! You merely do not allow yourself to view, for you are occupying your attention and busying yourself with viewing what you need be acquiring or what you need be finding that you shall be good at, and I shall express to you, look to yourself and to what you are creating presently that you already ARE good at, without discounting of yourself and without minimizing the value of those creations. There are many, many, many expressions and avenues of pursuit, so to speak, of the elements that you ARE good at, and in this, I shall express to you, you need not even pursue them, for you may choose merely to manifest them objectively in different manners.

You already create interaction with other individuals and small ones in very efficient manners. You already engage activities in creative expressions that you do not discern as creative.

JOANNE: No, I pretty much just feel like I havenít found anything.

ELIAS: For it is not to be found, for it already is.

JOANNE: So Iím already doing it?

ELIAS: You may be expressing more fully as you recognize your own abilities and as you discontinue your discounting of self. Look to your activities that you create. Look to writing.

JOANNE: Look to what?

ELIAS: Writing, which you engage playfully or with purpose, not within what you identify as seriousness or that shall be created by what you define as a writer, but you are expressive of yourself in different time frameworks through the action of writing. Ah, but this is merely a personal expression, to be clearing of your thoughts or to be recording elements that you wish not to be forgetful of!

JOANNE: Right. Yeah, thatís basically what I do!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! But look to yourself. This is what I am expressing to you Ė you already engage creativity. You merely discount your own expression of your own abilities, and you express to yourself that you are not creative. But you are! You merely limit your choices and do not allow yourself the fullness of your expression as you DO limit your choices, for you are discounting of what you already are creating.

The elements of your creativity are not to be found outside of you, and they are not to be acquired. You already hold them.

JOANNE: Well, I was kind of thinking in that direction, like it was already there but it just hadnít hit me over the head yet, and Iíd figure it out eventually! (Laughing)

But I guess I was more wondering if that feeling of just trusting myself, and just trusting that Iím doing it all perfectly, and Iím creating it just the way, for me, that I always intended it to be created, and....

ELIAS: Or that you intend it to be created in the NOW.

JOANNE: Right.


JOANNE: I have one other question Ė and there may not be time for a complete answer Ďcause I promised Mary that I wouldnít go over Ďcause sheís running behind today Ė about my husband. We had talked once before about the probability he had created about not participating in this shift, and for a time period he was so confused, and I could feel his confusion over everything Ė everything that was going on in his life and in our life together. It was difficult to watch.

I feel heís made some changes. We still havenít made some decisions as to whether weíre going to move or not, but that confused feeling that he had is gone, or I donít see it. I donít feel it any more in our interactions, and I was wondering if he had reached some type of decision.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that within the probabilities engaged presently, there are some alterations, although the confusion that you have allowed yourself to be tapping into is being offered a respite presently.

This is not to say that this may not be manifesting again. I am not expressing to you a crystal ball answer in which I am predicting to you that this type of confusion and intensity of confusion may or may not be absolutely manifest futurely.

I am expressing to you that within the probabilities that are being enacted now, the confusion in some areas remains. The expression of that and the objective manifestation of that confusion is offered a respite temporarily presently, and therefore objectively appears to cease. I am offering this information, that you allow yourself the recognition of the possibility that he may be choosing to engage this objective type of expression again.

In this, I shall also express to you to be aware of your interaction and your responsiveness, that you do not move yourself in the direction of extremes within your thoughts or within your emotions, for you may be recognizing that these are automatic responses that you engage.

JOANNE: Yeah, Iíve noticed that, (laughing) that my response to a lot of things that happen between the two of us is just automatic, and Iíve been trying to just stop and say to myself, ďDonít do that. Leave it open. Donít try to predict whatís gonna happen. Donít get all upset, because things can change in a heartbeat. Allow yourself to relax, and just see what happens.Ē

ELIAS: And I am acknowledging of this, for this shall be most valuable to you as you continue, for you are correct that any element of your reality may and DOES change in every moment.

Therefore, you may not be predicting, so to speak, within your own crystal ball any more than I shall offer you predictions, for you are creating probabilities within the moment in each moment, and as you are creating probabilities in each moment, I shall also express to you that each moment is an outcome, and you may allow yourself to view this concept, and turn your attention slightly from the familiar of process and watching processes and anticipating outcomes to the recognition that each moment is the creation and the choice of a probability which IS the outcome, and those outcomes alter in each moment. There are new probabilities and new outcomes in each moment.

JOANNE: I wasnít thinking of it like that. I thought they took a little more time, in choosing a probability and having it happen.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you may be choosing a LINE of probabilities, and within the line of probabilities there are outcomes that are occurring in each moment, and there is an expression of what you may term to be a particular destination.

But as you allow yourself to view that there are outcomes in each moment, and that even within the choice of a line of probabilities, you are also choosing probabilities in each moment as you are creating the line of probabilities, and therefore this is the variable, so to speak, in which creates differences in what you identify as the final outcome ... which is not in actuality final either. But in your beliefs, as you think of a process and you think of a final outcome to that process, there is much to be expressed in variables as to how that outcome may be accomplished, or whether it shall be accomplished at all. For in each moment, you are creating many probabilities in conjunction with the direction, and in each moment, you are creating other outcomes, and they are all influencing of the outcome that you think of as the result of your process.

JOANNE: Is there still a probability that heíll choose to disengage?

ELIAS: Yes. This would be one of these types of lines of probabilities in which the outcome of that probability may be altered within any moment, for the outcome of the probabilities that are being created in each moment may be quite influencing, and those probabilities are created in the moment. Therefore also, the outcome that you are speaking of is also created in the moment. It is what YOU look at as the final outcome of the line of probabilities, but it is not created NOW.

JOANNE: Yeah. When his confusion went away, I thought maybe he had changed that.

ELIAS: Not entirely.

JOANNE: I thought I could relax! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And you may!

JOANNE: I know! Itís just at times it gets me, and at other times Iím okay, and I know that itís a choice, and itís his choice, and I accept that. I just have this feeling at times that ... oh, I donít know. I want to know!

ELIAS: What you know is within the now. What he knows is within the now, and that probability is not created.

JOANNE: Right.

ELIAS: Therefore, why shall you concern yourself with worry or distress in the direction of a probability that neither of you has created?

JOANNE: I guess Iím still trying to fix it.

ELIAS: And I shall reiterate to you, there is no element within your focus, within his focus, within all of reality, that is broken! Therefore, there is no element that needs be fixed!

JOANNE: Right. Itís just an old habit! (Laughing)

ELIAS: HA HA! And shall we say, old habits die hard?

JOANNE: Yes, they do!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And you may concern yourself with THIS in the NOW, and addressing to those automatic responses, which are the old habits that die hard.

JOANNE: Yeah, Iím working on it, and I think Iím gaining on some of them! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JOANNE: Well, it was great talking to you. I wish I had a few more hours. I have at least a million questions!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And we shall continue, and you shall continue with your questions, and we shall interact, and we shall play!

JOANNE: That sounds great! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: I offer to you encouragement, and an expression of energy that you may hold and that may be reinforcing in acknowledgment to you in your movement.

JOANNE: Thank you, and Iíll try to send you a green ball!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Very well! And we shall play!

JOANNE: Sounds good to me!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) To you in great affection, I express au revoir.

JOANNE: Good-bye.

Elias departs at 4:01 PM.

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