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Friday, January 21, 2000

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ďPersonal Responsibility IssuesĒ

ďBe Focusing on YOUR ChoicesĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Gina (Bahlah).

Elias arrives at 1:44 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

GINA: Good morning! How are you?

ELIAS: As always! (Chuckling)

GINA: Very good. Thatís great! Iím sort of getting over a cold right now, so I hope you can bear with me. Iíve been pretty busy the last couple of months. I missed you (Elias chuckles) when Mary was in town, but I wasnít able to do it, as you know.

I need to know some essence names.

ELIAS: Very well.

GINA: Okay. Weíre going to start with Brady, my friend Brady. Whatís his essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, India.

GINA: India Ė awesome! Okay, and just a little bit of information for him. He is always being told that he has bad energy. Can you explain this to me? I try to explain to him that there is no such thing, but you know, when people are not aware of this kind of stuff, they donít understand. So what is it with him, as far as that goes?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that as you are aware, individuals feel, in a manner of speaking, or recognize energy as it is expressed by any other individual.

Now; in this recognition of energy, you also filter your assessment of that energy through your beliefs. Or, you may be, in a manner of speaking, connecting with a type of energy that you are familiar with, but are not allowing yourselves to objectively identify. Therefore, you attach an identification of it, and you express to each other that particular identification.

In this, as an individual projects a type of energy outward, you, in response to that, are recognizing of it, and may be offering your explanation of what you are identifying.

GINA: Yeah, thatís what Iíve tried to explain to him, but you know, heíll have to figure it out himself.

ELIAS: I shall....

GINA: Letís go on with the names, the rest of the essence names. Thatís interesting, though. You know, itís very hard to explain to somebody about negative and positive and all that kind of stuff, that there really is no such thing. Iíve learned that, anyway.

Okay, so Bradyís is India, I-N-D-I-A?


GINA: Okay, what about Brandy? She says that sheís a channeler. Sheís a friend that I met, and Iím just interested, quickly, if she is indeed a channeler, or what type of thing this is, and what her essence name is. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Maude; M-A-U-D-E.

GINA: Oh, Maude! Okay, and she says that she channels. Iíve never experienced it before, but who is she channeling and is it indeed channeling, or is she just going into like a different dimension, or however you want to say it?

ELIAS: You may identify this action as the identification of channeling, so to speak, for it is a channeling of energy of the individualís essence through the focus, and therefore offering information from that individualís essence and offering the expression outwardly through the individual. This is not an energy exchange.

GINA: I see, gotcha. Thatís basically what I was meaning. I didnít know how to put it into words, though. Basically, weíre all capable of channeling. Am I correct on that?


GINA: Okay. Alright, the next person is Dennis. What is his essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Pia; P-I-A.

GINA: Oh really! Thatís interesting. Okay, what about Ron? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Drew; D-R-E-W.

GINA: Okay, what about Anita? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Stogh; S-T-O-G-H. (stow)

GINA: Oh, Stogh. Okay, what about Lena? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Tah; T-A-H.

GINA: Oh, interesting. Okay, what about Suzette?

ELIAS: Essence name, Annell; A-N-N-E-L-L. (an-nelí)




ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: Okay, gotcha. A-N-N-E-L-L?


GINA: Okay, gotcha. Okay, Iíll have to think. I think thatís all I wanted to get, but I might think of somebody else.

Okay, in our previous conversations, you had told me that I was an apprentice in Egyptian times. What time period was that, and what Pharaoh was king?

ELIAS: Ah, I shall allow you to be investigating of this!

GINA: I had a feeling you were going to tell me that!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

GINA: (Laughing) Okay, hmm. Well, I think I did, at one point in time Ė I didnít write it down, though Ė think of one Pharaoh, but I canít think of his name. Oh, crap.

Anyway, letís go on to the next one. My grandfather just recently had open-heart surgery. His aorta burst, and Iím just wondering, is he choosing to disengage at this time, do you think? I know itís his choice and everything, but from the time that he had the attack until this day, is he choosing to disengage? (Pause)

ELIAS: Within this present now, I shall express to you, not yet.

GINA: Not yet, okay. Okay.

Okay, next question. I had another incident where I passed out. What was that all about? Did I do that purposefully? ĎCause itís happened before, and I know my momís asked you about it before, and it was explained to me, but it happened again. So tell me a little bit about that, please.

ELIAS: I express to you that in your questioning [of] is this purposeful, yes, it is purposeful.

As to what you are creating, you have chosen Ė as you may allow yourself an awareness of Ė within certain time frameworks to be creating of this type of action in responsiveness to an overwhelming feeling. In this, you do not allow yourself entirely to be expressing or experiencing the emotion and the feeling, so to speak, and you translate this overwhelmingness into a disengagement from objective awareness temporarily.

This is a familiar state, in a manner of speaking. This is a state of what you may term to be unconscious Ė that is the identification of terminology that you incorporate within your physical language Ė and in this state, you are allowing yourself to be disengaging your objective awareness in conjunction with physical focus, removing the objective awareness and removing the subjective interaction temporarily from the body consciousness.

This allows you what you may term to be a break-point within your focus and interrupts the movement of your focus within that moment, allowing you a temporary respite in the moment that you are experiencing this overwhelmingness.

GINA: So was it like a combination of ... like with my grandfather and a few of the incidents that have happened? I donít understand. I mean, Iím trying to understand. Itís like, am I trying to tell myself something, something that I canít handle or something thatís going to happen? I donít understand it, and without being too ... Ďcause I have many more questions to ask, but without being too detailed, can you just kind of like make it a little bit more black and white for me?

ELIAS: This is not a situation in which you are creating a type of premonition. It is merely a creation that you have chosen to be implementing within your focus, in a moment in which all of the energy and creations that you participate within and allow to be affecting of you appear within your perception to be overwhelming, and therefore you choose to be engaging this action of creating an interruption.

GINA: Okay, alrighty.

Well, I have chosen, I believe anyway, something that I enjoy doing, and also that I think is creative, and all that kind of fun stuff. Right now at this point in time, I feel that it is an efficient path for me, because many opportunities have come up. For this time right now, is this an efficient path for me? It feels like it is, but Iím kind of not really sure.

ELIAS: I shall express to you affirmative.

GINA: Okay, thatís good. Basically, I think Iíve been learning to be able to deal with myself and my issues a little bit better. Am I going in the right direction, as far as that goes? Iíve been trying so hard to be non-judgmental! Do you know how hard that is to be?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

GINA: (Laughing) How have I been doing in that aspect?

ELIAS: I shall be acknowledging of your movement in this direction, although I shall also express to you that it is unnecessary to be trying so intensely, and you may be experiencing less conflict and frustration if you are allowing yourself more relaxation in this movement.

GINA: Right, but itís very hard to have relaxation when you have a partner thatís being very conflicting, which I guess is the one that weíll go to next. (Elias chuckles) Would I be finding conflict in my creations in the moment now if I were to be choosing to take the kids and go to Reno and continue my job? Or is he willing to ... Ďcause he likes to play a lot of mind games, and I donít go there anymore with him, really. I think you know that. But I just want to know if itís gonna be the way he ... I donít know. I asked the question. Just go ahead and tell me.

ELIAS: This is a choice that you may assess. This is also an opportunity for you to be trusting in self and looking to self, and not moving in the direction of allowing the choices of other individuals to be dictating to you your choices.

GINA: Right, okay, which brings us to the issue of, what is keeping me from making a decision of leaving my partner? Because itís like I canít ... itís not that I canít. I donít want to deal with the stuff that heís throwing at me anymore, but heís also very dependent on me. Heís very dependent, which is really nauseating, but you know, I do have a caring for this person. So, Iím in a flux right now because itís like ... I know itís my choice. But the thing is, the kids are also in my mind uppermost, so thatís why Iím asking it like this. Would I be finding conflict in my creations in the now if I were to be choosing to take the kids to Reno and continue there?

ELIAS: And as I have stated, this is a choice.

What I am expressing to you is that you are assuming personal responsibility for other individuals, and in that action, you ARE creating conflict within yourself, for you are allowing other individuals to dictate to you your choices.

Therefore, if you are turning your attention and you are trusting self and moving in the expression ...

GINA: Okay, I get it.

ELIAS: ... of YOUR choices and allowing yourself the acceptance of your choices, you shall be creating less conflict.

GINA: Okay. Okay, thatís a very good answer. I like that.

Now, should I, just to be ... I mean, Ďcause we are ... you know how things are mortally here. I mean, should I consult a lawyer here in California, do you think, just for the information part of it?

ELIAS: And what is your assessment of this choice?

GINA: Well, every state is different, and being that weíve had some conflict already, I figured it would be an efficient thing to do. Thatís my assessment.

ELIAS: And why shall you not be listening to self?

GINA: Okay, alrighty. Letís go to the next one. What color does my energy signature emit or vibrate?

ELIAS: Gold.

GINA: Gold? Really? And what does gold signify?

ELIAS: This is merely a vibrational quality.

GINA: But is it like ... you know, every colorís gotta have some meaning. Does it mean anything?

ELIAS: Ah! This is a belief system.

GINA: Okay, Iím gold then.

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: Okay, so what chakras, what colors am I out of alignment with right now? Or am I?

ELIAS: Engage your exercise of the alignment of your energy centers in which you view each of your energy centers, and also, focusing upon them, rotate them and hold them in alignment, and you may turn your attention to your yellow energy center, and also orange, and you may also allow yourself to be viewing your blue energy center.

GINA: Okay, cool. I have a lot of things, so many symbolisms, you know? Itís just so interesting, all the different symbolisms that have come across my path, you know?

Okay, last week my brother, Mikah ... both of us have been like sick the last week, and more recently ... Iím just going to ask for him right now. Michael says that sometimes heíll get really nauseous and his throat will start hurting and all this kind of stuff, and all of a sudden it will go away, and he wants to know why this is happening.

ELIAS: He is creating this physical response in conjunction with his allowance of tapping into energy in its movement presently....

GINA: Heís tapping into ... in conjunction of his allowance ... in tapping into what?

ELIAS: Energy which is being expressed presently en masse.

GINA: Which is being expressed en masse?

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: Okay. Is that whatís going on with me too?


GINA: Okay. Is that whatís going on with a lot of people?


GINA: Okay, alrighty. I tried fighting it so hard!

Okay, when something comes to your mind ... Ďcause I remember reading this in a transcript, I believe. When something comes to your mind, like say youíre around someone thatís sick or youíre around somebody that isnít very efficient, and theyíre trying to throw different things at you, and you have things come to your mind, as soon as you think about that, as soon as youíre aware of that, it canít affect you. Is that correct? As soon as you become aware of it, thereís no way it can be affecting of you. Is that correct?

ELIAS: In what type of expression are you moving into?

GINA: Well, Iím trying to move into ... well, Iím not really sure. Thatís why I wasnít really sure if I used the right example. As far as getting sick, as far as catching a cold, if youíre around somebody and youíre like, ďI donít want to get a cold, I refuse to get that,Ē then thatís it, right? Itís like, youíre not accepting of it.

ELIAS: This is not an expression that shall or shall not necessarily create the actual affectingness. Your thoughts are not what is necessarily creating of your reality.

GINA: Really?!

ELIAS: Your thoughts are energy, and they are expressed, and they are a physical manifestation, but your thoughts are a creation to be offering you information and identification of elements within your physical reality. This is a manner of communication between yourself and other individuals, and communication within yourself. This is not necessarily what is creating of your reality.

Therefore, you may express to yourself,ĒI shall not acquire this illness,Ē and you may acquire the illness regardless.

GINA: Really?! So then ... okay. Then how is it ... when I was asking you ... you said that my empathic senses were very polished, and that we have the ability to go ahead and just shut that off, but itís not that easy. Thatís the difference Iím talking about. Itís like, how do you stop one thing, and then another time you say that you can, but itís hard to, but you can? Thatís where Iím confused.

ELIAS: This moves in similar manner to your outer senses. Your inner senses may be manipulated in very like fashion to your outer senses.

In this, I shall be offering the suggestion that you allow yourself to be practicing with the exercise which has been offered concerning outer senses Ė the exercise in clarity Ė and as you allow yourself to view the difficulty in manipulating your outer senses, it shall also offer you information as to your incorporation of energy with your inner senses. (Reference session 122, 9/22/96)

GINA: Okay. Well, you know what? I find that when I meditate my name, that helps me a lot, but Iíve not been doing it a lot lately. Usually I do it like maybe once a day, but sometimes if I feel myself getting like irritated or whatever, Iíll just start sayingďBahlah,Ē which it seems to me has been pretty efficient.

ELIAS: And you are correct, and you may continue in this exercise also if you are so choosing. Your tone may be quite helpful to you in many expressions.

GINA: The tone meaning Bahlah, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: Okay, gotcha. Okay, so you say that the line of work Iím in now ... you know, many opportunities have come across my path and everything, but then again, you have things that youíre really not too sure about and this kind of stuff. So what youíre saying is that it is advantageous to me? Is that what you said earlier, that it was advantageous? I donít know the word that you used. I forgot.

ELIAS: I am expressing to you that as you allow yourself to be trusting and accepting of self, yes, you shall be beneficial to yourself.

GINA: Okay, so I have been efficient in that realm, correct?


GINA: I mean, I know thereís been a couple of situations where Iím not really ... Iím learning that it matters not, you know? (Laughing) Thatís taught me a lot.

ELIAS: Ha ha!

GINA: So I think thatís helped me a lot. So I think if I just keep that in mind ...?

ELIAS: Yes. (Grinning)

GINA: Then Iíll be fine? Thatís what I think.

ELIAS: This shall be quite helpful to you. (Grinning)

GINA: Exactly. Okay. Well, let me see. What else can you tell me that would be beneficial to me right now, something that I havenít asked that maybe you think I should know or that would be informative to me? Iím kind of, or my head is ... oh! Thatís one question. You said that with the energy and stuff, with being sick ... but is that basically whatís going on? Is it another energy surge or something? Because Iíve been feeling really lethargic lately. It could be from other possibilities, but I think itís a little bit more than that.

ELIAS: What you are creating presently moves quite in conjunction with what you are experiencing throughout your focus. You are creating situations presently in which you are holding to your energy and not allowing yourself movement.

GINA: Not allowing myself movement?

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: Really? In what realm? In what aspect?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that this is generally expressed. This be the reason also why you have created this interruption. In this, you are expressing, as I have stated, personal responsibility for other individuals and holding your attention in the direction of other individuals, and not within self.

GINA: Right, right, right. Okay, gotcha. I know Iím scattered. What can I say? I try. (They both laugh) Okay, so anything else?

ELIAS: I shall be expressing to you to hold your attention in the direction of YOUR choices. Continue to remind yourself objectively to be focusing upon your choices, and not moving in the expression of allowing other individualsí choices to be dictating your choices. Presently, that shall be the most beneficial avenue for your attention.

GINA: Okay, alrighty. You know what? We might be able to get Michael in if we go ahead and get off now. Maybe he can have a session, Ďcause I was gonna go ahead and do an hour session, but youíve pretty much answered a lot of my questions here.

ELIAS: Very well.

GINA: And as soon as I hang up, Iím gonna forget something. (Elias laughs) I know it, Iím telling ya! Okay, so is there anything else? ĎCause otherwise weíll just hang up and Iíll call my brother, and you guys can have a session.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall anticipate our continued interaction.

GINA: Great, and Iíll be calling on ya! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very well. To you this day I express great affection and encouragement, and shall continue to be offering energy to you.

GINA: Great. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I express to you, au revoir.

GINA: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:17 PM.

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