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Friday, February 18, 2000

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“Perception/The Creation of Physical Mass”

“The Genuine Expression of Helpfulness”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 11:54 AM. (Arrival time is 31 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JIM: Ah! Good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles) Another fine day! We meet again! (Elias laughs) Thanks for stopping by, and I just want say that I’ve really felt fortunate to have you as a friend and someone to talk to and develop a paradigm for myself over the last five years. I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences, and I can see a difference within my awareness and my perspective, and especially after talking to Michael. It’s been quite interesting, I must say!

ELIAS: Quite, and you are welcome, Yarr! (Chuckling)

JIM: Quite off the beaten path! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Or creating your new path!

JIM: Today, I’d like to kind of review some things that we’ve spoken of in the past, and get your perspective or point of view, if I may.

ELIAS: You may.

JIM: Thank you. We’ve been talking a lot lately about sound, tone, essence, color, creation, and consciousness, and I wonder if we could talk about all those together with the creation of physical mass. I believe there’s a lot going on, and what I’ve experienced in getting the tones from you, and I’d like to get some more insight, if I may.

ELIAS: Proceed.

JIM: Well, basically, if we could discuss the relationship between color, tone, the manifestation of essence with consciousness and that it all is consciousness, and how all of that comes together with the creation of mass and the relationship of the quality of colors within our nature. We talked last time about these within ourselves, and I can see how these relate a lot within our nature, if we could kind of go in that direction. I’m making myself somewhat clear, I hope.

ELIAS: Very well. You are inquiring as to the creation of physical mass, and also matter or solidity, in relation to these vibrational qualities of color and the expression of essence as consciousness.

In this, I shall state to you, consciousness and essence are one. There is no separation. There is merely an identification of personality energy, which identifies the individual expression of what may [be] termed to be essence. But essence is consciousness, and consciousness is all.

In this, color, as a vibrational quality of consciousness, manifests within your physical reality in conjunction with time. Time is an integral element of your reality and of realities that are physically manifest, for the introduction of the perception of movement of time is that which creates a type of thickness, which allows for the links of consciousness to configure themselves together and incorporate the element of time as a type of glue, in a manner of speaking.

And in this, as these components are introduced into what you view to be a physical reality, there becomes a physical manifestation in solidness, so to speak, or in physical matter.

In this, also recognize that another key element of the manifestation of any type of solidity or matter – any manifestation within your physical dimension – is the component of perception, for the perception of the individual focus of attention also is a factor in the presentment of the manifestation.

In this, the relation of color is that of a vibrational quality, which is an element of consciousness.

Now; as that particular vibrational quality is incorporated by the links of consciousness inserted in conjunction with the element of time into your physical reality, there is a configuration of mass.

Now; the identification of that mass is created through the element of individual perception. The individual perception may be moved in conjunction with the collective to be creating of a general form in the links of consciousness which shall be expressed in physical mass, but the preciseness of that form and the identification of that form is expressed through the perception.

This is a key point, for although you may be directing of links of consciousness and their configuration in conjunction with time in your physical dimension, and you may be expressing the direction, as essence, that you choose certain links of consciousness to be grouping together in a fashion, to so speak, that shall create a particular manifestation in matter which shall also exhibit a particular color, what in actuality is being expressed by the links of consciousness which have grouped together is a general form that is agreed upon collectively by the essences which participate within the physical dimension, but the detail or the preciseness of the form is manifest through the interaction of the individual perception.

Therefore, any object, any manifestation that you view within your physical reality, you shall perceive individually.

Be remembering of our discussion that we engaged in physical objectivity as Michael incorporated his visit physically to your location. (Reference session 502, 11/11/99)

Within that conversation and the information offered at that time, I have expressed to you that your energy signature and your perception are as unique and individual as your expression of your physical fingerprints.

JIM: I remember that.

ELIAS: Each of you manifests within any focus of attention – which is what you are physically now – in an expression of individuality and a highly expressed manifestation of uniqueness, and what creates your reality is your perception.

Therefore, I have stated recently, it matters not what you are creating physically within your reality – be it an action, be it an interaction with another individual or a situation or even with yourself, be it a physical creation of any element of physical matter, be it an encounter of physical outer senses with what you have created within your physical dimension, such as your trees, your mountains, your rivers, your oceans, any creatures – ANY element within your physical reality that you view to be an expression of objective physical manifestation matters not.

What holds importance is your perception of that, for your perception holds the ability to physically alter ANY element that you design within your physical reality, even a planet, a star, an atmosphere, a mountain, a rock. ANY element that you perceive in your reality may be instantly reconfigured to be precisely expressed in a different form dependent upon your attention which is projected through your perception, for your perception IS the element of your reality which creates your reality.

Therefore, within one moment you may view a structure that you identify as a house, and within the next moment, you may physically fix your vision upon that very same object and it may appear to you to be an elephant, and it shall be, within that moment.

This is not trickery of your physical vision. This is not a configuration of imagination. This is the configuration of your perception, and what you perceive IS your reality.

JIM: Hmm! Yes, okay. Well, that was quite fascinating. I’m going to review some of that as well.

There’s been a lot of instances lately where I’ve wanted to alter my perception, I guess thinking that I have, but then trusting in self – that’s always the big one – that I have, particularly with my father-in-law and the dis-ease he’s experiencing. In my perception, there has been a change in him, within himself. Is that along those same line? It’s almost something even non-verbal, I suppose.

ELIAS: I am understanding of what you are expressing, and I shall validate your impression and your recognition.

I shall also continue in this subject matter of perception and state to you that your perception of the alteration and your reality of that manifestation, and his perception of the alteration and of his reality, are different.

JIM: Yes. Yes, I have felt that, and the allowance of him and of his creation, and being respectful of his perception. That’s the openness that I want to try to create with myself, correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, which you are leaning into this direction of attention and allowing yourself to be moving more into this type of expression, as you allow yourself to continue to hold your attention in openness and you continue to widen your awareness.

JIM: Okay. I thought it was interesting, the relationship of the Egyptian god of Ra ... this being also the tone sound of magenta. Did that culture utilize sound to move objects and to create what they created? Was that a big part of that culture?

ELIAS: Not in the manner that you may think of, in a manner of speaking.

Yes, this culture has incorporated the allowance of their ability to be focusing their attention upon tone and vibrational qualities to be facilitating of many different types of actions that were, in a manner of speaking, helpful to their creations within their society.

As to the manipulation of tone and vibration to be manipulating physical objects in tremendous expressions of mass – such as their construction of their great exhibitions of architecture – no.

I wish to be clear – that individuals may not misunderstand – that this culture was not incorporating of what you already identify within your beliefs as mystical powers to be creating great structures without physical labor. Many individuals hold this type of belief presently, and in actuality, the actual construction of these types of architecture was incorporated physically, and not through the incorporation of manipulation of energy without physical incorporation.

But I shall express to you that this culture did incorporate many expressions in their usage, so to speak, of vibrational qualities, tones, colors, and their recognition and implementation of their inner senses to be creating expressions that you within this time framework do not necessarily as easily incorporate.

Many of the healing qualities which were expressed within that time framework and that culture incorporated many of these types of expressions, with the recognition of how you may be manipulating energy or how you may be configuring consciousness to be creating certain desired manifestations or affectingnesses.

JIM: In what manner in relation to healing? Is this information as I understand it up to this point of which you’ve already expressed, or is there something more or something additional?

ELIAS: You are already allowing yourself to be incorporating many of the avenues that these individuals already incorporated within their society, in allowing yourself to be availing yourself of information concerning vibrational qualities, tones, color, sounds, and coupling that with your movement in understanding of consciousness – and of intent, that you are not fixing any element within your reality, but merely reconfiguring energy to be expressing that energy in its natural form in conjunction with the allowance of other elements within your reality – and allowing yourself to be incorporating the interaction of natural manifestations which you have created within your physical dimension, that which you now within your time framework identify as holistic elements, or your understanding of certain elements such as crystals that may be incorporated as focal points or directors of energy, in a manner of speaking. You are already incorporating much of this type of action.

What holds importance in this subject matter presently is that you are presently moving in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. Therefore, your direction is slightly different.

You are not incorporating as much of an expression of superstition and fear, but are allowing yourself to be widening your awareness to an actual interaction and viewing of consciousness, and allowing yourself to be exploring how you may be manipulating consciousness within your physical dimension. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, the direction that you incorporate now becomes more expansive in objective, physical terms.

JIM: Well, that’s good! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JIM: That’s something, at least!

We’ve talked about in the past, and I’ve had some people question me about it, that the energy centers move in a clockwise motion. I feel within myself that they tend to move from the left to the right, but there’s other aspects of my body where they seem to move ... either I’m mirroring the clock or I AM the clock. Can you maybe help me out with some clarification? It seems that the front and the back of my body ... doesn’t generate one way all the way through. The clockwise direction seems to change somewhat within my body.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that in a manner of speaking, this is a general term, to be expressing a clockwise motion. But once again, this is dependent upon the angle of your perception.

In this, the motion itself is expressed in a clockwise direction, but as you hold your attention through your perception in different manners and are viewing different angles of physical expression, it may appear to you that there may be an interruption of this clockwise movement. In actuality, it continues to be moving in that manner, but you may be perceiving it in a type of angle, so to speak, that you may be assessing that it may be moving slightly differently.

Now; in this, this is merely a type of confusion of physical senses. This is not in actuality the expression of alteration of your reality through perception. But within the incorporation of your perception and your familiarity with your physical senses, at times you may confuse the action or the movement of certain elements within your reality, and they may momentarily appear to you differently, but you have not in actuality created a difference in the direction of the movement through your perception.

You have merely incorporated a momentary expression of confusion, in like manner to your feeling physically at times of what you term to be a loss of equilibrium or your incorporation of dizziness. You have not lost your equilibrium in those moments that you physically express that feeling, but you have incorporated a type of confusing communication of your physical senses with your perception, and therefore you create these interruptions – or what appear to you as interruptions – of a natural flow of energy.

JIM: Hmm. Interesting! Okay, I’m going to continue to investigate all of that. That’s interesting. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: For some time now, I’ve been in contact with metal objects. I’ve injured myself with barbed wire, knives, scissors, just about anything metal – aluminum foil (laughing) – and I’m seeing a lot of paper clips on the ground. Can you offer some insight as to maybe what this is all about?

I know there’s some different elements tied in here, but it seems to be very prominent for me, especially over the past half a year or so. It still keeps coming up in imagery.

ELIAS: Which is an interesting presentment that you offer to yourself. For the base line, in a manner of speaking, of what you are presenting to yourself in this imagery involving different configurations of what you identify as metals is the presentment to yourself to draw your attention to yourself, and also what we have been discussing this day – perception.

And in this, your identification of metal is that it holds solidity and strength. It may be configured in many different manners, but it holds solidity and strength. It also holds a quality of absoluteness in your perception, and in this, you are offering yourself imagery to be noticing the solidity and absoluteness of many of the expressions of your perception. They are expressed quite consistently, quite absolutely, quite strongly, and may be configured in many different types of expressions, but the projection of your perception – which creates your reality – appears to you to be quite absolute.

And in your presentment of this type of imagery, you are continuing to present yourself with the identification of strength and absoluteness, that you may allow yourself to be turning your attention and recognizing the lack of absoluteness and the flexibility of perception, and in this, how it incorporates freedom or may be allowed to express freedom as you allow yourself to be noticing and to be incorporating the action of turning your attention, and that as you perceive your manifestations or your creation of your reality to hold great strength, it may be expressed in that strength regardless of the direction in which you project your perception.

This may be helpful to you, for at times, as you view the action of turning your attention and altering your perception to be extremely difficult – for you view your perception to hold great strength and solidity and to be unmoveable within certain moments – you may also be offering yourself the imagery of the metal, and how this element may be configured in many, many, many different forms.

JIM: Hmm. I’ve had a lot of those same thoughts. It’s comforting to know I was on the right track! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

JIM: Interesting. Okay, thank you. When we last spoke, I talked to you about the pony, Rose, and you offered some helpful information – to notice. Well, she moved on, and I think what I noticed most was her communication.

I’m tossed a lot lately with my healing expression and what I’ve learned in the past and so forth with a lot of my creatures. For instance, right now, there’s a baby llama that’s had a snotty nose for two months, and there’s one inclination to give an injection. One of the things that I got from Rose very much was, “I really hate those injections. They’re really not doing any good. Don’t stick me with needles.” And I get that from this baby, but I continue within this obsessive thing of feeling, okay, the snotty nose in this baby will produce this and this and this, and having a hard time letting go, and feeling that I should be doing something, but not as regards any more fixing, and I understand within the energy and so forth and the discussions you’ve had with Katie – I can relate to a lot of that within the natural modalities.

I just go forth and do what I feel I should do within my belief, and not really ... I guess that’s the major part of accepting everything. It’s not eliminating belief systems, but accepting them, and going forward with what one feels they have to do, or not even have to do – not even responsibility – but can do – helpfulness. This is a hard area for me. I feel I should do something for this baby llama ... I don’t know. It’s difficult right now. If you could help me there a little bit with ... I know I continue to go here on my hamster wheel!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JIM: But I am trying so hard to grasp it all, and the intent of my focus here. I guess that enters into it as well, because it’s such a drive for me, almost.

ELIAS: I am recognizing of your expression, Yarr.

Let me offer to you first of all a prodding from myself to yourself, that you may allow yourself to be gently examining the difference between acceptance and tolerance – in conjunction with yourself, but also in conjunction with other individuals and your creatures or any expression of any other manifestation that you view to be outside of yourself.

And in this, allow yourself to view this difference and to recognize how they become confused, for they are quite different expressions, and in your desire to be moving into acceptance, you move into an expression of tolerance, which is NOT an expression of acceptance.

You may be expressing a tolerance in relation to the energy of your creatures or of other individuals, and in relation to yourself in interaction with any of these creatures or other individuals, but tolerance carries with it expectations.

JIM: Oh. (Sighing)

ELIAS: This is an automatic expression of tolerance. Tolerance is a temporary expression and it holds expectations, whereas acceptance is a continuous expression and holds no expectations. And as you allow yourself to be examining these terms, you may also allow yourself to be examining your term of helpfulness.

You may be expressing energy as you are focused in your attention upon yourself, and it shall automatically be what you term to be helpful, in a manner of speaking, throughout consciousness. But as to your physical definitions of helpfulness and the implementation of actions in conjunction with helpfulness, I shall express to you, as I have expressed to other individuals previously, examine YOURSELF. For the expression of helpfulness which you may offer which is NOT requested may not be helpful.

JIM: Yes. Yes, I can relate to that.

ELIAS: I may express to you that you may create a thought process and you may continue thinking, and you may project much energy in the direction of your thoughts and you may continue them ongoing for extended time frameworks, and you may delude yourself in those thoughts that you are concentrating upon the manifestation of any element within your reality, and I shall express to you that this method shall not necessarily create what you wish to be creating, for this is not the expression of the intensity of your actual concentration. And in this, as you are aware, your concentration in actuality lies within your beliefs, and THIS is what shall be influencing of what you project in energy through your perception to be creating your reality.

Now; in this situation of the expression of helpfulness, you may allow yourself to be examining within self, focusing your attention upon self, that you may assess what your motivation is and why you express this tremendous draw to be helpful. For in this, I shall express to you – quite in conjunction with your family alignment, the intent of that family, your intent within this focus, and your movement within the energy of this shift in consciousness – you are presenting yourself with all of this interaction and imagery, that you may offer to yourself repeated opportunities to be turning your attention to self and recognizing that this expression IS the expression of helpfulness.

Let me offer to you, Yarr, an example in physical terms.

In this, an individual may be choosing to manifest within your physical dimension that you may view as holding great gifts, within your beliefs and your perception, and the individual may express a tremendous ability in healing, or what you identify and define as healing.

Now; you may look to this individual and express to yourself – and other individuals shall also – that this individual expresses a gift of miracles! But I shall express to you, a tremendous allowance is exhibited in these types of individuals.

Allow yourself to view the difference in direction of yourself and these types of individuals. These types of individuals do not move outside of themselves and OFFER helpfulness. Individuals or creatures approach THEM. It is the reverse.

There is an allowance and an expression of offering that merely is, but there is no pursuit of that offer. It is merely extended as the offer and allowed to be, in energy. And as any other expression within your physical reality chooses to engage that energy, it shall. It shall draw itself to that energy and it shall request the helpfulness.

The helpfulness is not expressed without the request, for there is a recognition that the expression of helpfulness is not necessarily helpful if it is not requested. The expression of helpfulness in this manner is the expression of validation of the individual and the attempt to be offering self a justification of worth, rather than the genuine expression of helpfulness.

JIM: Yes, I’ve been experiencing or noticing a lot more of that here in the past year or so, and even more so recently. Okay, that says a lot and explains a lot. I’m going to ... whatever! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JIM: I’m not going to do anything, I suppose! (Laughing)

Well, I think that’s about all the time we have, Elias. Once again, thank you very much. I’ve really enjoyed talking with you. You give me some great insights and a lot of things to look at, and I look forward to our continued interaction, as always.

ELIAS: And I also, and you are correct – you have much to be considering this day! (Chuckling)

I continue to be interactive with you, I continue to express my energy of encouragement with you always, and offer to you tremendous lovingness. I anticipate our next meeting. To you, au revoir.

JIM: Thank you. Good day.

Elias departs at 12:51 PM.

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