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Tuesday, February 22, 2000

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ďCreativity and SexualityĒ

ďLessening the IntensityĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Chris (Nania).

Elias arrives at 11:52 AM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day!

CHRIS: Fascinating! I never say good day, but I was just about to say, good day, Elias!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And we meet again, my friend!

CHRIS: Yes, we certainly do! I feel a bit more relaxed this time.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very good! You may proceed.

CHRIS: Okay. I wrote a few questions down, but Iíve decided not to look at them and see what comes out. And where shall we start? Hmm.

First of all, I think Iíll just ask you a question which I didnít anticipate, but it just came into mind. Out of all the focuses and all the kinds of focuses that we can have Ė Iím not talking about just in this dimension, but other dimensions Ė I understand this is where weíre a bit dense and the thickest in terms of fear, in terms of all sorts of things. Can you just kind of explain to me, which one would you say has been the most fun, which type of dimension?

ELIAS: Interesting question! I may express to you that this may be an individual assessment for each individual essence, for there are many, many different types of expressions and experiences which are explored by essence in physical dimensions.

This particular physical dimension offers a tremendous expression of complexity, a tremendous opportunity for exploration in many, many directions. Therefore, this particular physical dimension, with its diversity and its offering of variety, may be one of the most interesting physical dimensions in the physical exploration of consciousness.

There are some other physical dimensions that offer comparable challenge to this particular physical dimension, but as I have stated, I may express that in responding to the question of which physical dimension would be presenting the greatest expression of fun, this would be the assessment or the evaluation of each individual essence and their creation of their individual preference.

CHRIS: I understand. I was wondering about you personally.

ELIAS: For myself as essence, in my participation within physical dimensions, I would be expressing to you that I hold a preference to this particular physical dimension and one other, as offering my attention an interesting and stimulating challenge of exploration within different types of physical expressions.

CHRIS: Great! Very interesting, excellent! Now, getting back to me, (Elias grins) where shall I start?

Well, first of all, I feel that Iím getting more of a light-hearted approach towards myself, which is making things a little easier, and in certain aspects of my focus, things do seem to be getting easier. I think things are starting to come to me more. I realize Iíve still got some trusting to do. One thing seems to be still getting in the way. Even though Iím being more light-hearted and Iím not so hard on myself, there are similar kinds of problems of Ė well, we will or we will not call them problems; Iíll let you discuss that Ė of sexual kinds of interferences, and I say interferences because I want you to explain to me if part of the way I feel and part of the frustration I feel sometimes ... what Iím saying now is that Iím not getting quite so frustrated Ďcause Iím starting to accept them, but they still seem to be interfering with my creativity, and thatís the point where Iíve said, you know, okay, if it gets to the point where something like that has become an addiction ... and most of this is going on in my head, you know, most of this is going on in my head.

But Iím looking back through my life, and thereís no reason for me to have this kind of energy thatís always seeking something, you know? Is it relevant to my intent, or has it gone past that? Is it now getting in the way? ĎCause I remember you saying to me before that if I was to move my focus slightly, and Iím seeing the benefits of that, and I have been moving my focus at times, only at times.

But also, I still feel that this feeling interferes with the way I want to go objectively. As I say, when you get to the point where you kind of pitch in the icebergs with these belief systems and you start getting into the it matters not, you kind of go two ways, and itís like I almost feel inside of me like the way the world is going at the moment, almost like snapping, like a pulling one way and then a pulling the other way. And I see it Ė I witness it every day when I go downtown with people or when I watch the news, or maybe Iím just kind of going over the top here, but I see this in my belief systems as well. Thereís gotta be some kind of give somewhere.

I was speaking to one of the Williams last night, and she seems to have gone through similar tasks when dealing with similar kinds of belief systems, and Iíd like to hear your comments on this, please.

ELIAS: Very well. You are correct in your noticing, and I shall express to you, I am recalling of our previous discussion concerning this particular manifestation that you have created within your focus concerning your movement in sexuality and drive, so to speak.

I may also express to you that your choice of terminology, as an interruption, may be quite accurate at times, for this expression that you create may be viewed as a type of interruption and distraction, as we have spoken previously in relation to this same subject.

I am also understanding of what you are expressing in what you are noticing within your focus and within what you perceive to be the world surrounding you or your environment, and the interactions of other individuals and the movement of other individuals, and in this, you are also correct in your assessment of this pulling and the tension which is occurring and has been occurring for a time framework.

In this, what you are allowing yourself to be noticing and witness to, not merely within yourself but also within the environment which is surrounding you, in a manner of speaking, is the tension of energy which is expressed, as you collectively and individually ARE in actuality turning your attention within your reality; moving your expression, in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, from the manifestations or creations of subjective movement into the expressions of objective recognition of movement.

Therefore, there is a type of tension and even what may be identified figuratively as a struggle, in a manner of speaking, for as you create this type of movement, there is an action of emergence which is occurring, the emergence of realization in objective terms.

You are moving beyond merely noticing, and in this type of action, you are moving in the direction of objectively inserting concepts as reality now, not merely as concepts. They are becoming not merely thoughts any longer, but you are actualizing many elements of this shift in consciousness and of your awareness into your objective waking reality. Therefore, you are creating more of an actualization and a solidity to this shift in consciousness.

You are in actuality, now that you have entered your new millennium, inserting this shift in consciousness into your actual, officially accepted, objective reality.

Now; as to what you view in relation to your creation of manifestations in the area of sexuality and drive, so to speak, or desire, [this] is also a type of turning. You are and have been allowing yourself to turn your attention.

Now you may further turn your attention to allow yourself more of a viewing of self, concentrating your attention more fully upon self and with less distraction, and in that turning of attention, you may also allow yourself to view your motivation and how interconnected your expression in sexuality is with your assessment of self, your identification with self, and your value or worth of self.

You have created a type of equation in this movement that you have created throughout your individual focus. You identify this expression very closely with your individual identity, your unique expression of you, and this also manifests in your assessment of yourself in many different forms. It offers you many different types of expressions objectively, which translate subjectively and create your perception of yourself and your evaluation and valuation of yourself.

For as you view within certain moments a satisfaction in conjunction with this movement in the expression of sexuality, you also offer yourself a validation of self in many different types of expressions, not merely sexually. As you do not accomplish within a particular moment a satisfaction in this type of expression, you also create a reinforcement of those elements within yourself that you hold in a lack of acceptance, that you assess within yourself that you may be accomplishing better or that you yourself may be better or expressing yourself better or expressing your creativity better.

And as we have spoken previously, your expression of creativity is quite intertwined with your manifestations of this particular outward expression in sexuality, which as you allow yourself to be turning your attention more fully to self, you shall be allowing yourself more of an understanding of this interconnectedness between these two expressions.

For your expression of your creativity is viewed by yourself as an expression of you. It is an intimate element of you that you express outwardly. It also is an expression of you that you view to be an area of vulnerability and openness.

In this, you equate these two manifestations and expressions very closely and you associate them very closely, but the expression of creativity you hold slightly more in vulnerability; only slightly, but you do hold this slightly more in vulnerability and an expression of yourself than you do in your expression of sexuality.

Therefore, you incorporate your expression of sexuality as a gauge in one direction, as to your worth and your ability to be expressing within your creativity, but you also incorporate these expressions in sexuality as a distraction, as I have expressed to you previously. Are you understanding?

CHRIS: Yes, I am understanding of that. Iím understanding and I think Iím getting there. But are you saying that I shouldnít be feeling these negative things? I mean, when you feel that youíre getting somewhere, and yet, although you feel that youíre getting somewhere, you still realize certain moments, and with a flick of your mind, youíre right back where you started from.

But again, if itís just my view of the whole thing thatís wrong, if itís just my ... I look to my beliefs around this. I mean, I will bring my wife down here in a second as well, because Iíve seen so many like Danielle who are not dealing with the same kind of belief systems as me, and it kind of makes you think, well, wait a second. Iíve been dealing with this stuff for so many years.

Is this something thatís supposed to be benefiting me? Because I donít see the benefits.

ELIAS: Quite. It IS a manifestation that is beneficial to you, for as you create a judgment of uncomfortableness within your focus, and dissatisfaction, you also create a motivation to be allowing yourself to view what you are creating, and why, and how.

And this is quite beneficial to you, for it offers you the opportunity to turn your attention to yourself and not outside of self, and allows you to become more familiar with you, and therefore also allows you to create an objective awareness of how you are creating your reality, what you are creating within your reality, and why you are creating the manifestations that you are creating.

Many, many times within physical focus, individuals motivate themselves to be viewing certain aspects of their reality for the reason that the reality, in their perception, is creating conflict or confusion or an element of discomfort. Therefore, you allow yourself to view in intensity these areas of your expressions, and you allow yourself to turn your attention to them.

Now; in this, I am acknowledging of you that you are and have been, in this time framework between our previous discussion and this present now, moving and allowing yourself to be noticing more, and also to be relaxing. This is a key point.

You have offered to me this day that you have allowed yourself more of a light-heartedness within your focus. Another expression that may be offered as to this type of movement is that you have allowed yourself more of a relaxation within your focus. You are allowing yourself more of an expression of less intensity and less tension, which also lends energy to a reinforcement of acceptance within you, and THIS is what shall be altering of your reality.

What I am expressing to you now is that you are creating within the now new opportunities to allow yourself to be focusing your attention more fully upon self and not so very intensely outside of self, and this holds key importance, for as you begin this type of action now, you also shall alter your perception.

And I express to you quite strongly and quite literally, regardless of what you view presently in all of your reality, altering your perception is that which shall alter all of your physical reality Ė your behavior, your actions, your interactions, your PHYSICAL reality. Even matter may alter merely through the action of altering or turning your perception, for your perception is the element of your reality which creates your reality. It is the element of your consciousness that creates your reality.

In this, you may allow yourself this turning of your perception as you allow yourself to become more familiar with yourself.

Previous to this now, you have not allowed yourself to become in-depthly familiar with yourself, for your energy was held in tension to a degree which blocked your allowance of viewing yourself.

CHRIS: Correct, yeah.

ELIAS: Now you have allowed yourself to be practicing for what you view to be an extended time framework more and more light-heartedness or relaxing within your expressions and your focus, which allows you to open the window that also allows you to more fully turn your attention to self without the tension and the blocking.

But first, you needed, in your terms, to be creating that window through the action of allowing yourself to be relaxing and reinforcing some element of acceptance within self and your expression, not creating the intensity of judgment that you were creating previously.

Now that you have allowed yourself the practice and accomplishment in those expressions, you may move into the allowance of yourself to be familiarizing yourself with yourself, how you perceive your reality, what you perceive within your reality, what is influencing that perception through your beliefs, and how these beliefs interplay with each other and influence your assessment and your value, or your identification of your worth.

Also, your identification of yourself as you, for let me express to you, you have held, in identification of yourself for much time framework in this focus, the assessment that these types of creations or expressions, in the manifestations of sexual energy, are part of you. They are you in your makeup, so to speak.

At times, you have even moved your thought process in the direction of expressing to yourself a type of exasperation in your expression: ďIt matters not. This is my expression. It is me. It is who I am. Therefore, why shall I bother attempting to be changing or altering this type of expression? It is inherent to my being and my identity. It is who I am.Ē

I express to you, this is merely an expression of frustration objectively, for it is not the identification of who you are or what you are. This is a manifestation which is created through your perception as influenced by your beliefs. It is not inherently a quality of you as who you are, or an element to be assessed as an identification of yourself.

CHRIS: Okay. So, correct me here, but we need to experience, and from day one, with individuals around me, I like to get to know the individuals around me, and when you have belief systems around you that weíre here to interact, you know, you kind of figure, okay.

So youíre right, absolutely right, about the fact that I have believed that thatís a part of me kind of thing.

So I still get to the point where Iím thinking, alright, so itís something that Iíve chosen to experience for some kind of growth, I would have thought, some kind of growth, and as you were saying, you know, beginning to know myself. I just think, well, thereís other ways of doing this! (Laughing) Thereís other ways of doing this, but it seems to be a similar kind of ... maybe accepting now, in looking back to the early years and now, that other peopleís belief systems are their belief systems. But Iíve chosen to be incorporating their belief systems in my aspects of knowing self, you know?

ELIAS: Quite, and I am not expressing that this be right or wrong. It is merely your choice, and it is what influences your creation of your experiences.

You are also correct Ė you ARE manifest within this physical dimension to be exploring and experiencing within the design of this particular physical dimension.

What I am expressing to you is that you, in like manner to other individuals, have created an exploration in certain types of physical experiences which in themselves are not right or wrong. They are merely an expression of the experience.

As to the choice of physical sexual experiences, this is a creation of a direction which has contributed to your value fulfillment and has been an expression of exploration quite in conjunction with your intent and your choices of probabilities within this focus.

But I shall also express to you, at times, individuals may be moving from a type of expression in one manner in their exploration of certain manifestations or experiences within this physical dimension, and they may be turning their attention in a manner that concentrates upon one avenue of their reality in such intensity that it becomes a type of fanatical experience, and this is quite different.

This then moves from the expression of merely experience to the expression of the creation of certain types of experiences to be offering you information concerning self, and as a tool to turn your attention, in a manner of speaking, back to self. Are you understanding the difference in these expressions of experiences?

CHRIS: Yes, I do. Thatís why Iím trying to take notice of things around me. Even though Iím really growing in the sense of lack of judgment, which I feel is a good thing, thatís something I notice when I see other people, and itís their way of learning and their judgments. Iím getting much better at that, and I suppose Iím also improving the lack of judgment in certain areas about myself as well, even though obviously, when youíre talking about yourself, we have much more right to judge ourselves, and this is a part of choosing and dealing with our belief systems.

ELIAS: Ah! Now; first of all, I shall be acknowledging of you in your movement into less of an expression of judgment upon self, and therefore also, as a natural byproduct, less of a judgment concerning other individuals.

But I shall also, in a manner of speaking, correct you in your statement that you hold moreďrightĒ to be judging of yourself than you do to be judging of other individuals, for judgment is judgment. It is the same expression regardless of how it is manifest.

You merely hold the belief that you may allow yourself more of an expression of judgment upon self, and that this is more acceptable than the judgment upon other individuals. Therefore, you allow yourself to be creating this more freely than you offer that expression with respect to other individuals.

And this be the reason that I express to you all that you may be much more hurtful to yourselves than you shall EVER express in hurtfulness to any other individual within your physical reality.

CHRIS: Okay, when you said that, actually, that really rung true to me. In fact, it was like almost, from the all-encompassing Elias, a weight off my shoulders! Thank you.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! You are quite welcome, my friend.

Be reminding yourself of this periodically, and this shall also reinforce your attention with self, in validating self and relaxing and allowing you to be expressing more acceptance within self.

CHRIS: Okay, I will definitely be doing that. I think thatís something thatís kind of probably going to assist me, and anyway, Iíve been touching on that too, Iíve been touching on that.

Now, as I started by saying, certain things seem to be looking up in the area of career. I just seem to be at a turning point now, where before, I had been kind of letting some of these beliefs in judgment of self, from sexuality through to creativity, almost be intertwined, as you said. Quite interesting, even acknowledging that lately, but thatís kind of something that Iíve realized, I think.

Iím starting to let go. Iím starting to accept self, not to even a fabulous extent, but just to some kind of extent. Iíve seen things coming to me more. Starting now, at this moment, I feel that Iím on the threshold of something where Iím starting to allow myself much greater things in terms of creativity; maybe not so much creativity, but I suppose it is creativity, but in terms of business, in terms of letting things come to me, which I feel I must be feeling I deserve in some way. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: You are correct, and this also serves as a validation and a reinforcement to you in your expression of acceptance of self. It also is quite reinforcing to you as you begin exercising your trust of yourself, and you allow yourself to not be questioning yourself as often, as frequently, or as intensely.

This all moves in an expression of reinforcement of your trust and acceptance of self, and the more that you allow yourself to be exercising that type of movement, and continue to be reminding yourself objectively to relax, the more you shall allow yourself to be creating and drawing to yourself those elements within your focus that you view as positive and pleasurable.

CHRIS: Alright, okay. I know sometimes people ask you specific questions, and I donít expect you to get out your crystal ball ... well, actually, Iíd like you to! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

CHRIS: But in my business, there are opportunities in all sorts of different aspects of the business. There seems to be an opportunity ... well, there is definitely an opportunity arising for me to be managing artists who may be attaining success, in the greatest part of the stage of the business Iím involved in. Can you see that side of things?

Also, thereís a guy that Iím working with at the moment, a young chap named Greg. Can you give me his essence name, please? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Lithtah; L-I-T-H-T-A-H. (lithítah)

CHRIS: Do you have any comments on our relationship, on our future relationship?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, I hold an awareness that you are seeking a crystal ball response in this questioning, but I shall express to you a partial crystal ball response.

In this, I shall state to you that as you are aware, you hold the choice of probabilities or the choice to be creating the probabilities in this direction. I shall also state to you that in the probabilities that you are creating now, you are moving your energy in this direction, and therefore, within this present now, this may be viewed as quite a probable probability. In that, there is a potentiality which is identified, in a manner of speaking, within your movement in relation to this type of action and this individual, and other individuals also.

Now; what shall be most influencing in this area of possibility for the probabilities that you may be creating is what we have been discussing this day in how you view yourself, for presently, I shall express to you that this prospect, so to speak, objectively appears quite attractive to you and quite exciting. But you also incorporate another element of energy which is expressed in fearfulness and a lack of trust in your ability to be accomplishing in that particular type of forum. Therefore, you are also, in the midst of your excitement, creating elements of doubt.

Therefore, I may express to you, your most affecting influence in your creation of these probabilities with your work, so to speak, shall be your allowance of yourself to be reinforcing your trust and your acceptance of yourself and your abilities, and allowing yourself the knowing within yourself that you do hold the ability to be accomplishing in these types of expressions. Are you understanding?

CHRIS: Yes, I am. Yes, I am indeed. Iíd like to ask you another essence name as well, please, and that is my brother Craig. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Allbi; A-L-L-B-I. (allíbe)

CHRIS: Craig is my twin brother. We came into the world together, and we seemed to have a period of time where we wanted to be very closely associated. Then there was a time when we were separated, by our own choice, really, and then we started to get close again. Do you have any comment on that at all?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that within this particular focus, you have chosen not to be entirely incorporating or aligning with the mass belief systems that individuals that manifest as twins shall be displaying within behavior a continuous interconnectedness. Therefore, you have also allowed yourselves each an expression of difference, and the expression outwardly of individuality in that difference.

You also allow yourselves the recognition that for the most part, essences that choose to be manifesting together as what may be identified within your physical dimension as multiple manifestations Ė or births, in your physical terms Ė also generally enter this physical dimension within an agreement to be creating a type of objective interaction and expression of interconnectedness that appears slightly different from the expressions of other individuals.

In actuality, twins or any other manifestation of multiples within this physical dimension do not hold any other abilities or extra abilities that any other individual within your physical dimension does not hold. You merely allow yourselves to objectively hold an awareness of these abilities, and easily exercise them.

In this, as each of you within this particular focus have allowed yourselves the expression of what you identify in your terms as independence and individuality, not creating a continuous association with each other, by each other, or through the expressions and assessments of other individuals that you interact with, you now also allow yourselves objectively to be interactive without the association of an objective threateningness to your individuality and your uniqueness, so to speak.

CHRIS: Great. This is very interesting, because as Iím sure you recall, the last time we spoke, or the first and last time we spoke, objectively that is, I was speaking to you about my twins that I brought into the world, or I assisted in bringing into the world, which is great fun, absolutely fabulous fun! Theyíre teaching us things every day.

In fact, I was telling you at the time about Christianís inability to go to the toilet on the actual toilet itself, on the equipment. He was frightened of it. In fact, this stayed with him well into his fourth year, when everybody around him and the belief systems were starting to kind of pull a little. I did stay trusting in self and trusting in the energy that you lent, and one day, magically, it just changed, with no pressure on him whatsoever, and I just thought Iíd bring that up. (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: I am recalling of our discussion of this small one, and your concern as to the action that he was incorporating previously....

CHRIS: Wintel....

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

CHRIS: We also spoke about his recollection of him going down the plug in his previous life. Is this a truth, in saying that children seem to be more receptive to these kinds of experiences? Because both of them, especially Christian/Wintel, seem to be coming up with bits of knowledge that we find hard to associate with this focus. Is that going to start to diminish as he gets older?

ELIAS: This is dependent upon his choice. To an extent, as you may state within your terms, it shall be expressed less as he continues within physical linear age, so to speak, for this is the design of your officially accepted reality. But I shall also express to you that he shall be incorporating this action less than you have incorporated this action, for he has manifest within a different movement of this shift in consciousness.

Therefore, in this time framework, as I have expressed to you, the shift in consciousness is being now inserted into your objective reality. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be continuing in the creation of the thickness of the veils that you have all created throughout your history. Small ones are creating this action less and less within their focuses.

Therefore, he may allow himself much more of a openness, so to speak, in his expression of objective awareness, for it is unnecessary to be incorporating the strength of the belief systems and the strength of the influence of the belief systems that you have created, for the objective, in a manner of speaking, is to be accepting these beliefs, which the small ones are already beginning.

CHRIS: Okay. If weíre okay with time, Iíd like to mention something that my wife has been going through in terms of her voice. Her voice is very important to her in her career. Now, Danielle is Borledim, and I was speaking to Gail/William, who lives over in the states, about this, and she was kind of saying to me that she was drawing this problem to herself, almost an illness with her throat, to kind of assist herself in the ability of making the choice to stay at home with the children more. Could this be correct? (Pause)

ELIAS: Not necessarily. The affectingness of the physical voice is a manifestation to draw her attention to self, but to be paying attention to self, not necessarily to be creating a motivation to be more interactive within the home, so to speak, for this may be accomplished in choice in other manners with this particular individual and in relation to this particular individualís belief systems.

She is allowing herself to draw herself, in her attention to herself, in viewing those aspects of herself that she values most intensely within her objective awareness, those elements of herself that define herself the most within her assessment, very much in similarity to yourself.

You both create a mirror action between the two of you that allows each of you an opportunity to be understanding yourselves more fully through the understanding of each other, for you do mirror to each other many different types of manifestations that parallel in their creations. She creates this physical affectingness, which she views to be, once again, an interruption, and also is intimately associated with her expression of creativity.

CHRIS: Whatís the best way I can help?

ELIAS: You may be the most helpful in your action of turning your attention to self, and therefore creating alterations within your perception which shall be viewed by the other individual and recognized, and in the mirror action shall be also noticed in relation to herself, which shall be helpful in the expression of energy that shall be influencing in her allowing herself to view herself also, in like manner to yourself.

CHRIS: Alright. Thank you very much.

I guess itís actually time to let you go and get back to myself, but I can say itís been very, very helpful. Can I just ask for one more essence name before we depart for now, please? That would be my wifeís sister Nicole, or Nikki, as sheís known to most of us.

ELIAS: Essence name, Redi; R-E-D-I. (redíee)

CHRIS: Okay. Well, thank you very much. I could speak to you all night! Iíll have to get back into my meditation and try to contact you more that way. Do you think I should get back more into that?

ELIAS: Very well! I shall be playful with you! (Chuckling)

CHRIS: Thank you very much. Iíll have to get back into that.

Iíve been doing an awful lot of reading from various kinds of people that have different belief systems, and some of it being a bit more religious in some ways. But I think pretty much, in some terms of truth and awareness, they are not too different. Is that correct?

ELIAS: You are correct. You shall draw yourself to information that shall be beneficial to you. Therefore, it matters not. (Chuckling)

CHRIS: Thank you very much. All I can say is good-bye, and keep playing!

ELIAS: Ha ha! And to you also, my friend! You are quite welcome, and I continue to be encouraging to you. In tremendous affection, I express to you, au revoir.

CHRIS: Au revoir, Elias. All the best. Bye-bye.

Elias departs at 1:01 PM.

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