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Sunday, November 19, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Guin (Sophia), Jim (Yarr), Jo (Joseph), Tom (James), Jeri (Fromasch), and arriving late, Elizabeth (Elizabeth).

Elias arrives at 6:49 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling at everybody) Shall we, this evening, begin with your game? (Pause) And where is my chair?

VICKI: Michael doesn’t want to sit in the chair because it hurts his back.

ELIAS: Hmmm. (With an “Oh, brother” look) Continue! (Laughter)

CATHY: “K.” I would like to know if I can connect Window and Winter and Cathy and Caleigh, in the category of vibrational tone qualities, under connecting physical focus essences. (Laughing)

ELIAS: And she is grinning quite proudly, we will add as a footnote! One point!

CATHY: Thank you. And I’ll wait on my second one, if I may. (Pause)

TOM: Okay, I’ll try. How about flax seed with Minerva?

ELIAS: In the category of seeds?

TOM: Yes sir.

ELIAS: One point.

TOM: And Mars with Mobowah.

ELIAS: One point.

TOM: Can I make a suggestion? (Elias nods) I have a category. Do you think it might work? It’s up to you; woods. (Pause)

ELIAS: (Appearing to access his “computer”) Acceptable.

TOM: Thanks, Elias.

RON: I like that category! (Pause)

JERI: I have one. I would like to connect the essence of Minerva with the gemstone alexandrite, which I understand changes colors if you’re indoors or outdoors. One of them is blue.

ELIAS: You are correct! (Exclamations from the group, as this has become an issue) And Shynla was not connecting with this stone!

CATHY: I knew she was right when she said it! (Good job, Jeri!)

JIM: I’d like to, in the connecting essence’s category, connect Yarr with Michael, with the animal of the guinea pig! (Laughter)

ELIAS: One point!

JIM: Thank you; and in the same category of indigo, the country of Peru.

ELIAS: (Accessing his “computer” again) Correct.

JIM: Thank you.

VICKI: Okay, I’ll go with Michael’s game questions. He would like to connect the continent of Antarctica with Elias.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: He’d also like to connect, in the herbs category, rosemary with Marshuka.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And mine; in the category of emotions, I’d like to connect Marshuka with excitement.

ELIAS: (Grinning widely) Lawrence is becoming brave, incorporating emotions! One point!

VICKI: Now, back to the centipede! Would it be ...

ELIAS: We are still trying! (Laughter)

VICKI: Still! Would it be a beetle?

ELIAS: Incorrect. You have questioned me on this previously.

VICKI: Not with beetle!

RON: I did!

VICKI: Different category!

ELIAS: Incorrect! (Pause, grinning) You are not thinking, Lawrence! Shall I incorporate a clue?

VICKI: Certainly!

RON: No fair! (Laughter)

ELIAS: I have already expressed the clue of like form, which you are paying no attention to; for a beetle does not incorporate like form!

VICKI: No. (Sighing)

ELIAS: Also, you may think to yourself; pairs. (Long pause)

RON: (To Vicki) Just say it!

ELIAS: This is incorporating stubbornness! (Another pause)

VICKI: Millipede! (Blurting it out)

ELIAS: Finally! One point! You would rather be connected with a centipede, but not the other???

VICKI: I like the lyrical quality better! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! This is very logical! (Laughter)

RON: I have a couple of guesses, (pause) no, I have a couple of impressions in the herb category.

ELIAS: Guesses???

RON: I started to say guesses! I changed it! I would like to connect Elias with the herb of sage.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: And, I’d like to connect orange with the herb of thyme.

ELIAS: One point. (Looking at Cathy) Shynla?


ELIAS: And you are not completing the circle?

CATHY: Oh! Okay. Mobowah with echinacea? (Another “Oh, brother” look, and we all laugh) Or did he want me to do ... they’re already there! There isn’t any more!

ELIAS: Incorrect! Try again! (Pause)

RON: Do you want me to sing it for you?

CATHY: No! I just did it! Fine, fine, fine! Parsley!

ELIAS: Correct! One point! (We all crack up, and Elias looks at Vicki) Now, think to your beetle!

VICKI: Yeah, got it! (But she won’t say it, for quite a while)

JO: Okay, here we go again! With the partially correct leather, would that be suede?

ELIAS: One point. (Pause, and whispering) And we are all so quiet!

GUIN: (Very quietly) I’d like to connect rain with Minerva.

ELIAS: One point.

GUIN: (Softly) I’d also like to connect the Alps with Minerva.

ELIAS: In your category of places? (Guin nods) One point.

GUIN: Thank you. (Whispering)

ELIAS: I have expressed, you are becoming quite good at your game! We must be incorporating more difficult categories! I will have to throw a wrench into our game to complicate this, for excitement!

RON: Like Pythagorean theorems?

ELIAS: Ah! Theorems! Or mathematical equations! (Pause, grinning, while the group moans and groans) Not yet! (Laughter, and a pause)

Now; we have spoken of many things thus far. You have widened, and have increased your understanding and knowledge of reality. We will think now upon subjects to which we have examined. I have spoken to you of elements of essence. I have spoken of physical body. I have spoken of manifestations, physical and non-physical. We have spoken of energies, of manifest energy centers, of incorporated energies. We have spoken of aspects, and counterparts, and alternate selves. We have spoken of neurological pathways, your physical brain, chemical reactions, pineal glands. We have spoken of consciousness and its states. We have delved into areas of waking consciousness and sleeping consciousness. We have spoken of no separations and no sections; of connection and interaction; of union. We have spoken of understandings and awarenesses.

I have offered exercises. I have provided the impetus. You have responded with the motivation for exploration. We have discussed the duplicity of belief systems. You are incorporating vicissitude, presently! We have explored outer senses, and we have begun the journey of inner senses.

Throughout this all, you each have shown yourselves, many times daily, and proven to yourselves, without even being aware, of the reality of which I speak. You incorporate your inner senses continuously. You only do not acknowledge these inner senses. You experience your conceptualization and your empathic sense often. You do not always recognize that you are engaging these senses. You are in the midst of initiating your shift. You have begun! You are beginning to remember, but you are not recognizing your remembrance.

We have spoken of dreams as another consciousness incorporated into your physical manifestation, equal to your waking consciousness. We have spoken of creating your reality. We have spoken of receiving and manifesting what you concentrate upon. I have explained that this concentration is not necessarily “thinking,” for the thought being initiated is all that need be accomplished for your concentration. Other areas of your consciousness will incorporate the thought, and carry it for you. You do not realize this, for your inner senses “make no sense” to you! (Grinning) Your dreams are not “real” to you! They are “symbolic language.” They are symbolic language; they are also reality!

We have spoken of chemical reactions being physically projected through glandular function, and being expressed outside of your physical body into your space, your air, and manifesting material physical objects; but you view other areas of your consciousness objectively, as not physically manifesting. Therefore, they hold significance as an idea, but not quite as reality. Thought is thought. Thought is energy. Energy manifests. It is chemically expressed within your dream state equally as it is within your waking state. I have explained to you that your dreams, to you, are no different from existing within another culture, to which you do not speak the language. This is not to say that this culture is any less real, or that you may not learn to speak the language and to incorporate their reality. It is only a question of learning!

When you view another you, you are viewing actual molecules, atoms, space incorporation. When you plant a thought, a desire to be incorporating altered states of consciousness, it does not lie dormant within your waking consciousness, for other areas of your consciousness take hold of this energy of thought and manifest this for you, and you incorporate your “OOB.” When you view another focus, you are viewing actual reality. You are not, in your terms, merely imagining, for there is no “merely imagining!”

Each of you directs your energy in attempting to be connecting. You are very good at discounting your accomplishments! Notice when you are accomplishing the lessening of conflict. Physical action, within consciousness of waking time, is not always required to lessen conflict! Effortlessness is your key.

We spoke of six cups. We spoke of each of you and your own perception, and your own individual creation of your perception; of collectively agreeing upon certain guidelines for the manifestation of your reality, but allowing, still, the individual creating of perception. We spoke of viewing, objectively, individuals and objects, incorporating all other creations of the same; seeing six cups in one image; without crossing eyes, seeing two individuals where there stands one; but you rationalize to say, “I am not focusing clearly,” and you are! But your inner senses make no sense!

You are approaching a wider understanding of probabilities. You are approaching an understanding of probabilities, for you have not yet quite grasped what a probability is, in actuality; but you are close, and you are learning, and you are becoming.

I will not offer, presently, dream interpretations, for you may dwell on them further. I will offer only slight information of shoes, (laughter) as not only connecting; as having to do with a releasing of grounding and noticing its lack of importance; a trusting that you will not fly away! (Grinning at Ron) Windows also are important, for this is a suggestion of viewing. I will offer a note of dream interpretation for instruction to all, as this correlates into what I am expressing this evening; a dream of Ron, incorporating a double dream. He may express to you all the details and particulars of this dream, but this dream holds significance; for although it may be seemingly simple, it is great in its reality and suggestion. It offers you the opportunity to view what you deem to be real occurrences within real life, as opposed to dream state. It places you not only within the situation of viewing trust and issues of control, but also in noticing that the reality of your dream state is so real that upon awakening, you may view this as having actually happened; for within the dream state, it did! Within the same body, within the same bed, within the same time! It is only your perception that incorporates differences.

RON: I’m just glad I didn’t have to clean it up!

ELIAS: (Grinning widely at Ron) You would have defeated your point to yourself if you would have been incorporating this probability, for you would have illustrated no trusting.

All of you possess issues, within your physical focus, that are particular to you each. They are as individual to each of you as you are individual. They are all your own design and your own creation. They are your own challenges, but they bear one commonality; this being a lacking of trust, a viewing that you are not worthy of trusting yourselves! (Sighs from the group) You are your most magnificent expression! You are more than worthy of your own trust! You are worthy of my audience! I do not have audience with the entire world! Therefore, realize how exquisite you are! (Pause)

In widening your focus, I will also offer one small example which was incorporated within Michael’s meditation, which Lawrence was interpreting of his camera. The viewing was of the rays, symbolizing the energy, this being the probability that you are presently approaching and understanding of; a recognition that the energy flows more than one way, and that its stream of flow is much wider that you have been focusing upon. We have used words previously, intentionally for your understanding, for you relate to certain ideas and concepts; and as it is not my wish to be annihilating your belief systems, I incorporate words that are consistent with your belief systems, that you may understand; one being ... ? (Pause, looking at Jim)

JIM: Separateness in healing?

ELIAS: Healing! This is a word that you use to describe an idea, a concept to which you believe you may understand. You do not understand; and to this point, you are not capable of understanding, for your awareness is not wide enough to incorporate the information. This you have accepted from me many times, for later you are finding out that you were not ready to understand, for initially there were challenges that stood as obstacles in your path; as rubber tires in a road! (In reference to Ron’s dream)

As you learn to move around and incorporate alternate paths, your trust increases, and therefore your awareness increases; for if you are focusing on only one path, and only one way, you are not trusting to venture into another way; and as you lose yourself in “the way,” you forget what “the way” is, or where it is leading you! As you incorporate “testing the waters” in other areas, you incorporate trusting. You view elements of yourself drowning, and being allowed to fall away; as does Michael. There are no accidents! It is not an accident or a coincidence that you have incorporated this experience, as there are elements within these individuals that are falling away and drowning; rightly so! (Pause) We incorporate tension from Yarr!

JIM: (Chuckling) Anxiousness, I guess, and wanting to understand.

ELIAS: (Smiling warmly) Focus on your challenges. You are very accomplished at incorporating all other individuals! You are very accomplished at diverting your attention for a cause! Be this a good cause, it will attract your attention away from yourself even further! Incorporate this same devotion and attention to yourself, and you will become face to face with your challenge, and you will “slay the beast!” You may not engage an element that you are unaware of, for you do not see it. If you are not engaging the dragon, for you are focused in another direction, you will surely be consumed!

(Here, Elizabeth arrives) Elizabeth! The double images of crossing eyes, which were not crossed! (Pause, during which Elizabeth is looking very confused)

Each of you, in slaying your dragons, free the entire community. Each of you incorporates a dragon, and each of you are the only individuals that may slay each of them; and each time one is slain, the rest of the individuals breathes a sigh, and one less is there to be incorporating torment. As they are allowed to collectively be continuing to be ravaging, they have much strength; but the knights have much strength also, in cooperation of energy. (Pause)

I will address to a misunderstanding briefly, then we will break, and then you may incorporate your questions. My attention to your misunderstanding is that what you view presently is the translation. What you will view will have no translation, for the intersection point will be direct. You will experience my energy moving away. You will not hear my voice, but I will be with you. (Pause) We will break.

BREAK 7:45 PM.


ELIAS: We continue, without frightening Elizabeth! (Grinning widely)

Now; as we have been speaking of your widening and your creating of your reality, you must also understand that just as you may create writing of a book, with each new chapter that you create, you do not disregard the previous chapters, and burn the entire book as you write each new chapter! You only continue creating a new scene. This is not to say that the previous chapters of your book should be eliminated because they have been accomplished, for they add season and understanding and continuity to the entire finished product.

Therefore, as you are moving through your focus, you are writing the book of your existence within your focus. Each time you choose to incorporate new elements into your focus, you create a new chapter. You do not say to yourself, “I am displeased with the writing of this story,” and discount the entirety of the story. You only continue in adding to the story with a new chapter.

Also, within the illustration of a book; in much the same way, it is comprised of words. As you look to a page within your book, you may focus upon the smallest element of this page, being a word. This word has materialized from a much greater source; the focus, the energy focusing to a word, the word being realized and manifest, and projecting out to be read. Combining these many words creates a subject. Combining many subjects creates the book. Therefore, as you have discussed amongst yourselves, you are not annihilating or destroying creations already presented. You are adding to, by creating a new chapter. Each experience adds another color, and more of an understanding to your story.

As to the energy flow of your projectors; you each, in this aspect of essence, in this physical manifestation, are the point. All else is available energy. All else is what you encompass. (Pause) If you conceptualize this aspect of yourself with this imagery, you will frighten yourselves, for your self will be so large that you will appear to it to be a tiny speck at the opposite end, but equally as important; for if there were no speck, there would be no direction for flowing. (Long, silent pause) You may incorporate questions.

GUIN: (Immediately jumping in) Okay, I have two! (Laughter)

ELIAS: I was feeling that Sophia was about to burst through!

GUIN: I am very confused! Maybe other people are getting it, but I’m just gonna ask it directly. So is our analogy that, I don’t know, Michael or Lawrence came up with, by painting a picture and you don’t like the picture that you had painted, so you paint another one to what you do like, is that wrong? Should you just, I know there’s no right or wrong. Wait. ‘Cept, whatever. Do you just add to that painting, or do you paint the new one?

ELIAS: You are very close with this analogy of painting a new picture, for you are using a different art form for an example. I use literature. You are incorporating painting. Within a book, you are not destroying previous pages written, but you are also not writing over them. You are not writing a page and expressing to yourself, “I am dissatisfied with this page. I shall write new words on the top of the old words.” You are changing the page, and creating new words on another page. Within the form of art, yes; you are not painting more pigments onto the previous painting. You are creating a new painting. You are continuing. Artists incorporate many canvasses. They do not purchase one canvass and create all of their paintings upon this one canvass. They create many expressions on many canvasses. Writers write many words on many pages. They do not write many words on top of many words on one page. (Pause)

GUIN: So, you shouldn’t try to go back and change a probability. You should create the new painting presently.

ELIAS: You are accomplishing both!

GUIN: Okay! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Within painting the new painting, you are affecting both. The key is the acceptance of the previous painting, realizing that it incorporates no good or bad. It is an expression. It is what it is; a creation. It was, so to speak, an experience. You move to create another experience. Within this, you may be affecting of previous probabilities. There is no “You should not be affecting previous probabilities.” You are affecting all probabilities, always!

GUIN: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Correct; as Ma-ah scratches [a] symbol into the tile with no intent of affecting future probabilities, but affects.

GUIN: I’ve still got to get over the time thing. I understand.

ELIAS: Whether you disengage your attraction to time elements or not, probabilities throughout “timelessness” are affected. (Pause)

GUIN: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: Acceptance of your creations is trust in yourselves. If you are trusting in your creation, it is not necessary for you to be annihilating. You may continue and create anew, with an acceptance of what already is.

GUIN: Even if you don’t like it?

ELIAS: This is your perception. This cup, being the color of white; it incorporates no good, no bad. It is. You may not like white, but this is only your perception of the color. It is not what the color itself incorporates, for the color only is. (Long pause)

Within your officially accepted system and organization of society, you accept certain elements and you do not accept certain other elements. You view elements such as pain or suffering to be distasteful to you. It is incomprehensible to you to think that individuals exist who do not hold to this accepted “rule.” There are individuals who do not view pain or suffering as bad or negative, or painful. You accept this collectively, as a negativity; therefore you do view these things as such. This does not make them so! It is only your perception. (Pause) But ... (looking at Guin)

GUIN: So do we work on our perception of it? If we worked on our perception and accepted it, as the cup is white, and changed our perception, we wouldn’t have the dislike of the white, and we would have no need to paint a new picture.

ELIAS: If you are incorporating an engagement of acceptance, and trusting of what is, and of “be-ing,” your perception will change!

GUIN: So with widening ourselves, should we be focusing on our perception?

ELIAS: On your acceptance. You are accepting that your perception is distorted. Therefore, you are focusing on trusting and accepting of yourself; and in this, your perception will alter.

GUIN: And inevitably be affecting? (Elias nods, and another pause) Anybody else can jump in at anytime! (Laughing)

VICKI: Well, this would kind of be where the viewing of oneself would be incorporated also, correct? In the viewing of oneself, one would have a greater acceptance and a greater trusting.

ELIAS: If you are allowing your trusting and your acceptance. Your intent is also a part of the equation. You may be viewing yourself and not be accepting. You may view a physical manifestation presenting itself before you, standing, and be not accepting; and if you are not accepting and you are not trusting, you are not altering your perception. Your intent, in allowing yourself to be viewing yourself for the purpose of accepting, is instrumental. If you are not trusting, you may be viewing continuously, and you will not be accepting. You may hear words that come from nowhere, (grinning at Ron) and if you are not accepting, you are not trusting; and you are not altering your perception. You are holding to your present perception. Therefore, your intent becomes one of your pigments, in creating your new painting. (Pause, then looking at Guin) You are incorporating “Well, you may continue if you are wishing!”

GUIN: (Laughing) I’m trying to absorb ... conceptualize.

ELIAS: It is difficult to be conceptualizing while you are trying to be “figuring out.” (Pause, then looking at Vicki) Yes?

VICKI: (Laughing) I can’t formulate my question!

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Although I will ask about what Jim brought up during our break, if you could give us any additional direction as to his desire to meditate, to have a meditation ...

ELIAS: (Directing to Jim) Be thinking of your dragons.

JIM: Our own dragons?

ELIAS: Correct; for within this, as I have said, you are creating the safe haven for the community. You all are the community. You are all affecting of each other. You do accomplish some affectingness of each other without slaying your dragon and without focusing upon yourselves, but it is temporary. It is not lasting, for the intent is off. If you are understanding, and trusting in your affectingness, and your connection, and your importance, then will you be affecting of all others. You are continuously affecting, without actually trying! You are constantly affecting all other essences, but you are not intentionally affecting of all other essences.

Now you are moving to an area where you are understanding of your abilities; and as a child which learns a new ability to create, its desire to express this becomes great. Therefore, your desire to be expressing your new-found “remembered” abilities are great, but you are not understanding what your ability is! Therefore, you do not place something within a child’s hand that may be explosive to them, simply for the reason that they have once shot a weapon; for they do not understand the power that they possess. Neither do you understand the tremendous energy that is available to you; but you are beginning to see, and you are excited, and you are wishing to be experimenting and trying this out. This is why it is important that you be clear, and to be clear you must know yourselves. You must trust in yourselves. (Long pause)

GUIN: We know how to meditate and possibly create a new picture ...

ELIAS: No, you do not! (We all crack up)

GUIN: But, wait! Wait! But if we incorporate trust, acceptance, and perception, and create a new picture by focusing on those, the new picture would be more affecting, correct?

ELIAS: Almost. I will correct, once again, this word of perception. This is a byproduct. Intent, yes; trust, acceptance, intent; perception will alter itself. You need not focus upon your perception, for it is a byproduct of your trust, and your acceptance, and your intent. It will automatically change. If you are focusing upon your perception, you will be affecting of only your vision!

JIM: (Laughing) I’ve done that!

GUIN: So my main question is, rather than just focusing on the new painting, be focusing on the intent, the acceptance, and the trust, and that will make the new painting more affecting?

ELIAS: Exactly.

GUIN: “K.” Got it!

ELIAS: Very good! Incorporate one point for Sophia, for connecting!

GUIN: Thank you!

ELIAS: (To Vicki) And we are incorporating wonder of Elias’ nick-naming of the “Little Rose,” and the knowing. (Pause) Not really! (To Guin) Another incorporates these connections, and maybe this small rose will be more intent on following through with the probabilities and overcoming the fears, as the counterpart does not. Oliver is not only counterpart with Michael; and you also, in moving through, may be affecting of this situation.

GUIN: Little chance her surgery will affect my situation! Sorry!

ELIAS: Not little! All action affects. Incorporating knowledge and awareness affords you the opportunity to direct the affectingness. (Long pause) I shall be finding a shovel, for I shall be incorporating a clambake! I have many clams to be gathering! (Grinning widely, and we all crack up)

VICKI: Well, all of the interesting connections that we have been noticing recently, now is that an incorporation of widening, and connecting in that widening?

ELIAS: Yes; and as this continues, Ron also may be noticing the connections; butterfly ... carpenter ... (Grinning at Ron)

RON: Honey, he’s calling me names! (Laughter)

ELIAS: He is occupying my space! (More laughter) I may play, too! Now you may play the game of remembering also, and be connecting with all of these elements that are appearing, within your focus, from nowhere! (Still grinning at Ron)

VICKI: He may have to be eating his words! (Laughter)

ELIAS: We shall see! (Still grinning at Ron)

VICKI: I would like to understand, a little more, the emotional reaction that I had this morning, when I read the last chapter of the book to Ron. (Meaning Oversoul Seven)

ELIAS: You are understanding this already!

VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: Lawrence is quite easy, is he not? (Mimicking Vicki) “Okay.” Are you not?

VICKI: Most of the time!

ELIAS: Understanding! Not easy! (Another “Oh, brother” look)

VICKI: (Laughing) I wasn’t all the way sure.

ELIAS: This is an identification and connection of remembering; and soon, you may be incorporating a remembrance ... Ophelia! (Laughter)

You are close. You are all very close; and as I have explained to you, it serves no purpose for me to be offering the information to you, for you must be experiencing, or you will not be accepting. (Silent pause, and then to Elizabeth) And, you have questions?

ELIZ: On the game.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

ELIZ: Okay. I want to connect Mikaki, purple, with the country of Mongolia.

ELIAS: One point.

ELIZ: And the planet for purple; Neptune?

ELIAS: One point. Welcome back! It is quite alright. They were needing of a brain rest for a moment anyway! (Laughter) You may wait until our next session, if you are choosing, to incorporate yourself.

ELIZ: Okay. Thank you. (Pause)

VICKI: I have another question. My noticing of Ron’s eyes the other day; was that an incorporation of noticing and changing him, or noticing and changing me.

ELIAS: A change in incorporating Olivia; although Ron is wishing me not to be using this naming, this being essence naming; an incorporation and acceptance of whole.

VICKI: Similar to the analogy in the book!

ELIAS: (Whispering) Surprise! I am quite amused that you continue to be as surprised with these parallels; as I have expressed, forthright, that this book, and these pages, and these characters, were written of these essences!

VICKI: I’m just an excitable girl ... guy, girl, guy ... (Laughing)

ELIAS: Acceptable.

ELIZ: When you said to me earlier, made that comment about my eyes crossing; did that have to do with when I tried to see my mom’s aura, and I couldn’t because my eyes kept crossing?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Very good; and they were not crossing! You were, in actuality, viewing two.

ELIZ: Oh, that’s why! What does that have to do with?

ELIAS: This is an example of allowing yourself to be viewing more and differently than you normally incorporate. This is an expression of widening.

You, as also Ron, have continued to parallel our information and exercises even without incorporating sessions, for each incorporates a very healthy empathic sense. (Pause) You both, being much the same in essence personality type, incorporate focuses very similar and share elements quite the same; abilities that you both possess, as does everyone else; but that you, not intentionally, exercise, but also rationalize, to a point, in expressing “I will pick up what I am needing to pick up, whether I am wakingly conscious of information or whether I am physically incorporated”; for each of you, being differently focused, have also incorporated a need to be removing yourselves from overloading information. Therefore, you automatically pull back, each in your own expression, and allow yourselves your own space for understanding and incorporating, but not disconnecting. You have absorbed, and now are ready to re-incorporate.

ELIZ: Okay, I understand.

ELIAS: This viewing was an expression of known information of an exercise that you were not wakingly conscious of, as Michael was not sharing this information with you, but empathically experienced within yourself, and allowed yourself a viewing.

ELIZ: Okay. (Pause)

CATHY: I have a question. Are we getting close on Geri’s connection with the group?

ELIAS: And you have connected this individual to Elias?


ELIAS: And also?

CATHY: Here we go! (Whispering) Paul? Did you hear the Paul part?

ELIAS: Incorrect. (Another “Oh, brother” look)


ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: She’s not a fragment of you?


CATHY: Yes. (Pause) I’ll have to think about this for a little more.

ELIAS: It is actually not so difficult!

CATHY: Do you know what it is, Vicki?

VICKI: I don’t know nothin’!


RON: No. It’s your ball.

VICKI: Maybe it has something to do with this dispersing of essence “thingy.”

CATHY: Well, so she has a piece of my essence?

ELIAS: This is sounding like your advertisement for your insurance, of a piece of your rock! (Laughter) No!

CATHY: I’m a fragment of Paul, and she’s a fragment of you,


CATHY: (Grasping at straws) Elizabeth? (Another “Oh, brother” look) He’s getting frustrated now! If he knew what that was, he would be getting frustrated! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I am quite aware of what frustration is!

CATHY: I felt it! If you incorporated it! (She’s getting sarcastic)

ELIAS: (Grinning) I am only baffled at how you each pull these names of essences from the air and attach them into something, very disconnectedly! You have stated this already! You only have not made the connection!

CATHY: Obviously, I don’t have a clue!

ELIAS: Elias and ... ?

CATHY: I’ll be glad to think about it, but I’m not gonna pop up with another guess, that’s for sure!

ELIAS: (Whispering) Shynla! (Pause) No connection! I am incorporating giving up! (Laughter, and then to Guin) Connection made?

CATHY: Go, Guinnie!

GUIN: Pertaining to that???

ELIAS: (To Cathy) Three names have been offered. One is incorrect.

RON: He just wants you to connect them. You never connected them.

CATHY: Well, I still don’t get what he’s asking, so ...

RON: Try Elias and Shynla.

ELIAS: Ah ha! We incorporate Einstein again! (Looks at Cathy) And, no connection! You may ponder this. It is not difficult. (Grinning)

CATHY: I had to ask, didn’t I? (Long pause)

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions? (Long, silent pause) Such thoughtfulness! Then I will depart, and leave you to your thoughtfulness this evening. Be interacting with each other in “feeling out” your thoughtfulness. I am acknowledging of Sophia this evening. And I will be meeting with you soon. Au revoir.

Elias departs at 9:43 PM., and “pops back in” at 9:51 PM.

ELIAS: (Talking to Cathy) You did not express to me a suggestion that the connection was in fragmentation of Shynla and Elias. You expressed that you possess an aspect within this essence, to which I replied “No.”

CATHY: That’s correct.

ELIAS: Are we clearer now? This is a cooperation of fragmentation between Elias and Shynla; and if you had been expressing me, it would have been the same as Shynla.

CATHY: Oh. That’s quite an agreement.

VICKI: So that was the “bit unusual” part.

ELIAS: (Nodding, and then indicating Guin) And this essence also being fragmented of Twylah is correct; and this also is correct with Yarr; and as I have stated previously, your fragmentation may create an identification between individuals. This is not to say that you will experience a tremendous draw to another fragment, for you may be fragmented quite differently and not drawn, even as you are fragmented of the same essence. You may incorporate a stronger draw, within physical focus, to a counterpart than to a fragment. Is this clearer?

JIM: For the moment.

ELIAS: (To Cathy) And do not be so jumpy! I will not set you on fire!

VICKI: I’d like to ask a question. In our meditation the other night, regarding the fragmentation of Rena, why was my entire focus on Paul?

ELIAS: For you were incorporating the presence. You were not incorporating the focus of the meditation. Other individuals are not quite as familiar with Paul’s energy, and that which is familiar with Paul’s energy is blocking and pushing away, temporarily; (grinning at Ron) therefore enabling himself to be focusing on the meditation intent.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: He will acquire attention, in one direction or another; and if not receiving it in being blocked with you, (looking at Ron) he will resort to receiving the attention from you. (Turning to Vicki) Therefore, the message is conveyed, in one way or another! (Pause)

JIM: Is my relationship with Twylah something like the relationship of Oversoul Seven to Cyprus?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes; as would the relationship between the twins and I be, relatively speaking. (Pause) Do not create a division, though!

JIM: Yes. No separation. Yes.

ELIAS: I will be departing, once again.

TOM: Good-bye, Elias. Thanks for the help last week, too.

ELIAS: Good evening.

JIM: Good evening. Thank you.

Elias departs at 9:57 PM.

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