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Wednesday, November 15, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Guin (Sophia), and Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 7:46 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (He pauses, looking at his new rocking chair) Ah! (He immediately starts rocking, grinning widely, and says to Ron) Thank you!

RON: Youíre welcome! (Here, Elias starts ďtappingĒ his fingers on the chair where his hands rest. He does this throughout the evening)

ELIAS: Very good taste! It fits me well, do you think?

RON: Yes, it does. (Exaggerated tapping, causing much laughter)

ELIAS: (To Vicki) And, no pipe? (Laughter)

VICKI: Iíve been looking! (Heís still tapping!)

ELIAS: Shall you begin? (Laughter, and a pause, for we do not begin) I am aware that many probabilities have played out recently, and you have nothing to be commenting on???

CATHY: I do. In thinking of the probabilities of my decision to go or not to go to Vienna, Iíve been thinking in a positive mode, especially today, thinking of various scenarios of how things might change; and when I talk to Karl, probably a week from today, I donít know what Iím going to say, but Iím going to say something at that point in time, and I will make a decision on whether to go to Vienna, or stay.

ELIAS: And you choose this for yourself, of course.

CATHY: Weíll see!

ELIAS: (Firmly) Do not be allowing my interaction to be influencing your choice. Your choice should be based upon you. (Pause)

CATHY: Thatís true!

ELIAS: I will say to you that you are quite efficient at altering probabilities! (Grinning)

CATHY: Yes, I am! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Tapping) Which you have engaged in, in affecting another probability presently. (Pause, waiting)

CATHY: Am I supposed to know what that is? Right off the top of my head?

ELIAS: You may have an impression! This would be an affecting of probabilities in the area of connected fragmentation, creating twins.

CATHY: That arenít physically focused yet?

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: Oh, those twins!

ELIAS: Ah! Now we are recognizing!

CATHY: So, Ryanís a fragment of my essence?

ELIAS: Yes and no.

CATHY: I like those answers!

ELIAS: Just as Lawrence may say, ďSo, Olivia is a fragment of my essence?,Ē and I may say, ďYes and no.Ē (Grinning and tapping)

CATHY: And Iím supposed to get that? Iím thinking ...

ELIAS: She is not only a fragment of Lawrenceís essence. Do you not feel now that you are being quizzed by a professor? (Grinning and tapping and rocking, and obviously enjoying his chair very much)

CATHY: Yes! She has to be a fragment of me and Ron and Mary and Vicki.

ELIAS: And? (Waiting, tapping) Elizabeth! We are always forgetting Elizabeth! (ďPregnantĒ pause) (Sorry, I couldnít help it!)

CATHY: Youíre waiting for more? (Pause)

ELIAS: The essence of Shynla is not singularly focused; and, within the desire to be incorporated with other essences, has affected probabilities, within agreements, which have not been physically manifest as of this present moment, which will be coming to fruition within your near future. Therefore, the merging incorporates another aspect, creating too much of an aspect to be incorporated within one individual.

CATHY: Now thereís too much aspect! (Sheís so confused!)

ELIAS: Just as within our example of an essence creating three individual physical focuses to incorporate one essence, many times this is also incorporated within merging of essences creating fragmentation. The desire and the intent becomes too great for one individual, physically focused, to accomplish; therefore, twins. (Pause) Shall we pass on, temporarily, to a lighter subject, as you are all deep within thought?! (ďBlowsĒ at Cathy, blowing her away)

VICKI: Thanks for the help in getting the book!

ELIAS: You are welcome! (Grinning) Quite inventive, I must admit!

VICKI: Very good!

ELIAS: (Tapping) Quite amusing, how you all so physically focus your explanations, incorporating telephone calls and the like, as if this would be quite necessary for me to be initiating, and all that I need be initiating is (whispering) whispering to an individual! (This is in reference to Mary receiving two phone calls from two different book stores, informing her that the books she ordered were in. She did not order any books! This blew everybody away)

VICKI: She was a very nice individual.

ELIAS: They were both; one male, one female.

VICKI: So, were we getting pretty close, in that little meditation yesterday, about that? Thatís what this is all about, right?

ELIAS: I will explain that your attempt at actual conceptualization was not necessarily connecting, but you are incorporating information for activities which are presently occurring. (Pause)

VICKI: Regarding the conceptualization, Michael would like to know, do you see things in this process?

ELIAS: (Tapping) You may. It is not necessary, but each individual incorporates connecting differently. Some individuals are very visually focused, therefore they may incorporate visualization of concepts while conceptualizing. Others may conceptualize through an impression experience. Some may incorporate sound, or other senses may be affected. This is only depending upon your individual sense capacities. Therefore, you may be experiencing, and you may also see what you are experiencing, but it is not an absolute necessity. This does not mean that you are not conceptualizing if you are not viewing.

VICKI: (Laughing) When you actually are conceptualizing, will you know it?

ELIAS: You will learn to know. You may not entirely be aware in the beginning, for you are not recognizing what you are actually doing as you are doing it; just as you are not aware that you were conceptualizing while you were encountering Milus, but you may subsequently review, and identify points where you have conceptualized. What you are practicing is to be aware of the conceptualization at the moment of conceptualizing. Within this, you will be understanding more of the concepts that are being offered.

VICKI: And would a past life regression be an experience of conceptualization?

ELIAS: Incorporated properly, yes. If you are experiencing the other focus, yes, you are experiencing conceptualization. If you are thinking of the other focus, then you are not. (Long pause) Once again, we incorporate silence!

VICKI: Well, Iíll ask one more question. The male twin; would the male twin also have three creating essences?

ELIAS: I will direct this question to Shynla. Is three the correct incorporation of number? (Cathy shrinks into the couch, speechless) Let us count! (Laughter) Elizabeth, Lawrence, Michael, Shynla, Ron.

CATHY: (Laughing) Guess that would be five! I donít really get it, but itís five! (Elias smiles, and the group sighs in confusion)

ELIAS: But Elias, how may this be? Essences do not need to pair to create, as do you within physical focus! (Another long pause)

VICKI: Iíll conceptualize on that for a while! (Laughing)

CATHY: I just donít get it. Just donít. Guess that just why weíre Seers! (Laughing) And thatís all I have to say right now!

ELIAS: (Humorously) But you must understand ...

CATHY: Or what? I wouldnít come up with it?

ELIAS: ... must you not? Shall we be inquiring of Sophia?

CATHY: Sure! (Guinís note: Thanks, Cathy!)

ELIAS: (To Guin) Should they not be understanding?

GUIN: If they want to be. Itís their choice. (Hedging)

ELIAS: (With a ďhintĒ of sarcasm) Of course, for the essence that does not understand is Sophia! Therefore, you must! (Meaning Cathy)

GUIN: I donít have a frickiní clue what any of you are talking about! Iím just staying totally out of it!

ELIAS: (To Guin, smiling) You will. (Pause)

JIM: I have a question about Oliver and her present situation; and if we, as a group, could be helpful in healing with her?

ELIAS: This is partially dependent upon Oliverís acceptance. You may attempt. Oliver is presently playing out his probabilities. He is presently floundering, for his probability originally was not played out; this being the result of previous viewing of the probabilities, and being incorporated into reality. Oliver, being unaware of these probabilities, is not understanding of the actual action which has occurred, but he is experiencing feeling of this probability, and the changing of it. Therefore, he now incorporates a redirection of initiating new probabilities, and is incorporating confusion to which choice he is leaning toward making. If you are wishing to be attempting, you may. I will not say to you that you will not be affecting. There is a difference between being affecting and being accepted. You may be quite affecting. You may not be accepted.

JIM: Okay. So we should talk to him about it first, and see where heís at with it, so to speak?

ELIAS: This will be Oliverís choice. (Pause) If he is choosing to be attempting to incorporate this action, do not be surprised with the actions that may occur subsequently, for even if he is accepting of your helpfulness, he may still incorporate a separation. This is not to say that you may not affect probabilities beyond only physical, for you may. This is depending upon Oliverís connection and choices, but you may attempt.

JIM: That goes with any other healing with anyone, correct?

ELIAS: To a degree. (Pause) Oliver possesses a knowing; therefore his blocking is stronger. Many individuals may not incorporate within physical focus such a knowing, and may be affecting of helpfulness from other individuals to themselves, for they incorporate a belief system that allows them to be affected. Oliver incorporates this belief system also, but he also possesses an inner knowing, and is incorporating resentment and stubbornness presently. Therefore, although he may be accepting of your actions, he may also subsequently block lasting results out of spitefulness, which is a separation. Oliver will not view this in this way, but the attempt has already been initiated through loving hands, and blocked very efficiently. Oliver has asked for helpfulness with a family member who is learning to incorporate healing energy within physical focus. It was not affecting. You all affected more efficiently with your meditation.

JIM: Okay. Thank you. (Elizabeth enters the room)

ELIAS: Good evening, Elizabeth. Are you enjoying of my chair?

ELIZ: (Laughing) Yes, I am!

ELIAS: I also am! It is fitting of me! (Rocking and tapping away)

ELIZ: Very! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: More room for a larger frame! (Laughter, and a pause)

CATHY: So, was that an aspect of myself in my little Vienna dream, the old lady standing next to the cart, next to me? (Pause) Yes ...

ELIAS: You are accomplishing quite well!

CATHY: Thank you. Seeing Ron and Vicki very clearly in that dream; Iím a little fuzzy about that part.

ELIAS: Why would you be incorporating ďfuzzinessĒ in viewing these individuals within your dream state at any point, within any circumstances?

CATHY: I guess maybe it shouldnít be fuzzy at all, because my little dispersed essence is in them.

ELIAS: Very correct.

CATHY: And all of the rest of the animal trainers I usually dream of is just the rest of the dream?

ELIAS: Many of you incorporate individuals having to do with your daily waking focus into your dream state. This allows you an element of grounding. It allows you to continue focusing within physical focus and not drifting too far from your base; this being also why each of you, when incorporating a dream which is having to do with individuals or situations of work or your daily existence, do not view this as very important, generally; this being an automatic recognition that these are tools to be keeping you focused within your individual identity of this physical manifestation, and not drifting into others to which you believe, within yourselves, will threaten your personal identity. Sometimes also, you incorporate viewing daily occurrences or familiar individuals to be blocking other information. It is not conflicting to be viewing yourself amongst familiar individuals. When you are dealing with or moving through conflicts that you are not necessarily wishing to be incorporating, you may, within your dream state, push them away be incorporating mundane focuses, which you view to be safe. (Pause, looking at Vicki and Ron) Work dreams versus essence dreams.

VICKI: Yeah, Iíd like to ask about Ronís dream last night. Would that have been ...

ELIAS: (To Ron) This is also partially an understanding and viewing of a knowing of present probabilities of fragmentation. It is a recognition, within you, of elements you know of already. (Pause)

RON: So were the transparent babies the same twins?

ELIAS: (Nodding) Let me be also saying that, as Ron, who is not incorporating actual gender of these infants, they have not decided completely, as of this moment, as to both genders. This you may offer to Michael also, and also for Elizabethís information, of fluctuation of gender of Olivia, which you have already viewed within your dream state, of once being male, once being female, not always being the same. (Silence, punctuated by deep sighs) Shall we break?

VICKI: One other just quick thing. So, Iím going to go out on a limb here; so, would that be just a pretty good explanation of why the mother of this twin would choose not to know the gender of the child from her doctor?

ELIAS: It would not in actuality matter, for the probabilities may change anyway. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay. (Rubbing her face in total confusion)

CATHY: Oh, those probabilities!

ELIAS: It is, in actuality, an inner sense of avoiding conflict. If you are not presenting yourself with information that may change, you will not be incorporating conflict. I would say you would quite incorporate an element of conflict if your physician is offering that you are carrying a female child, and you are giving birth to a male, in a pink room! (Grinning) We shall break, and I shall return with some instructions for you, for our ďcoming attractions!Ē (Laughter)

BREAK 8:31 PM.

RESUME: 9:13 PM.

ELIAS: We continue. (Long pause)

CATHY: Or not!

ELIAS: Or not! (Laughter)

VICKI: Well, I have a question. Why was Michael so fuzzy tonight?

Vicís note: Throughout this session, Elias ďfaded in and outĒ quite obviously. It would be disruptive to the flow of the information to be indicating each time this happened, so I have not. I will note that in the following discourse, he appeared quite far away; and was immediately, noticeably Elias again, when speaking the last sentence.

ELIAS: These are your instructions. I was beginning to offer you information, within our previous session, as to the alignment of energies incorporated; this being a point of intersection, dimensionally. Within this point of intersection, you will be noticing of my energy seemingly to be diminishing, which it is not; but it is moving. In this, another energy, a wider energy, will be aligning. Michael will be incorporated with me, but will be removed, within the area of consciousness, enough to allow for the positioning of consciousness which is wider. (Pause)

In order to be allowing this intersection, Michael will not be quite as accessible to physical focus as he normally incorporates. Your instruction is to be aware of this movement of energy intersection; and when speaking is discontinued, not paused, you may be initiating focusing on Michael. (Pause) We will use the original sign, which Michael will be responding to. You may (knocks three times loudly on the table). Therefore, within consciousness, a response should be initiated. Left to his own, he may incorporate difficulty in reconnecting with this focus, without helpfulness from the individuals incorporated presently. (Pause)

This intersection is a piercing of a veil, so to speak. You may view this as moving through what you may term as a sort of warp, dimensionally. I have been in contact, and incorporated a preparation with Michael already, but he is not quite comprehending of the actualization of this alignment. This is not an element to be fearful of! It is an opportunity for you to view a wider awareness. Within this experience, Michael will incorporate conceptualization of what is expressed, and will be remembering of this. Therefore, he will have an understanding of what is occurring, partially. (Pause) This alignment is close. (Pause, and ďback to normalĒ) Now, you may continue with your questions.

GUIN: I have a question. So are you saying, Iím a little confused on what youíre saying is going to happen. Are we going to be speaking to another essence? Is another essence going to channel through Michael?

ELIAS: No. (Pause) You may view this, within your terms, as a future awareness of myself, as you incorporate the element of time with past and future. Within my awareness, I view this as a wider awareness of consciousness, which is incorporated with me, but beyond. Do not be expecting this to be a regular occurrence, for it will not be.

I have expressed to you, within previous sessions, that occasionally, essences who do not connect with physical focus may connect briefly. What you view to be your ascended masters, within Diminís terms, are those essences whose awareness is wide enough to be not incorporated with physical focus, for you would not understand what they offer; I being the go-between. I am your linguist and translator. Essences within a wider awareness do not incorporate language. Therefore, it is difficult to focus a stream of energy into a narrow being, so to speak, which may be intersecting with physical focus, to your understanding. (Pause)


ELIAS: (Firmly) Be remembering of these instructions, for if you are not accommodating within this, you will be making my job much more difficult, in pulling this consciousness back within physical focus.

VICKI: Regarding the knocking ... is there a time period to be concerned about?

ELIAS: You will notice, when verbalization has discontinued, that it is not a pause. This will be your sign, within your time element resulting. Hence, if you are viewing no response within a reasonable amount of time period, which I would suggest would be no more than five of your minutes, you may incorporate physical movement. There is no danger of his not returning! There is an element of conflict and fear incorporated, which I am wishing to be avoiding of. Be also understanding that although Michael is not presently aware of this intersection, within other areas of consciousness this has already been agreed upon. No essence presumes to be intrusive or hurtful.

VICKI: So the fuzziness would be expected.

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: And will only last a short time.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: When we knock, does Mary come back, or do you come back?

ELIAS: It will be depending upon the intersection and the degree of the dimensional warp, so to speak, and the placement of Michaelís consciousness. I may incorporate initially, but with my materialization within this form, you will also be knowing that Michael is close. (Pause)

VICKI: Michael wants to know, is he incorporating conceptualization in his reading of the book so far?

ELIAS: At one point. He has incorporated reading of the book since this point of conceptualization, and has not incorporated conceptualization. Initially, yes.

VICKI: When he first started?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: He wants to know how to identify what he is doing.

ELIAS: You will realize that you have entered an altered state of consciousness; therefore you will begin to experience the concepts. His clue was that he was not ďreadingĒ his book. He was experiencing his book; therefore his inability to be finding passages, so to speak, to be referring back to in explaining concepts, for he was not actually reading, visually, the words.

VICKI: And would this have been incorporating with his viewing of the colors?

ELIAS: This was a beginning. This was the beginning of an altered state, initiating this state and providing the propellant into the conceptualization. Your physical body and your physical senses incorporate a greater ability than you allow. Your eyes may take in an entire written page at once, and you may be believing that you may not be reading or absorbing the information, but you may conceptualize, and you may experience the entire concept, and not be realizing that your eyes have drunk in the entire field at once. All of your outer senses may be much more fine-tuned than you perceive. Your physical manifestation, not vessel, is much more efficient and amazing than you realize. (Firmly) I have said, many times before: It is a physical manifestation of essence. Therefore, it possesses great ability. (Pause)

VICKI: Also, when one is conceptualizing, is one still recognizing this physical focus?

ELIAS: Yes. You may conceptualize to the point where you block out, or seem to lose the physical focus, theoretically. You will not accomplish this within physical focus, for this incorporates loss of individual identity, which your physical consciousness, within each manifestation, clings to very tightly. Therefore, you will continue to incorporate a partial realization of your physical manifestation, or of elements around you. You will not disengage your physical outer senses. (Long pause)

JIM: Am I a personality essence or an energy essence? I tend to think the latter.

ELIAS: Are you a personality essence or an energy essence? You are an energy personality essence! (Grinning and tapping and rocking)

JIM: Okay. Which means a lot of things, Iím sure.

ELIAS: Which means, what is an energy personality essence? You; and you did not actually expect me to be completely answering this question?! (Still grinning and tapping and rocking)

JIM: It would have been surprising, but thatís okay.

ELIAS: I have partially answered this question previously, which you may be contemplating and conceptualizing upon, to be remembering your own answer.

JIM: I have received. Okay. (Pause) It puts a lot of things in perspective ... and not! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And not! (Grinning, and then to Vicki) I will also offer that the small element of the pulsation was a very slight incorporation of conceptualization. Quite good, I will say, maybe better than wind, and more accurate; but I was only illustrating a concept for your understanding. Therefore, you may view that you may be understanding of these realities yourselves quite effectively, without my help! (Pause)

VICKI: Okay. Iíll pass that on. Michael also wanted to know if he was conceptualizing in his own past-life regression.

ELIAS: Correct; (pause) this being a fine example of connection of other focuses. (Long pause)

VICKI: If nobody else has any other questions, I sure do, regarding the empathic inner sense.

ELIAS: (Humorously) Michael and Lawrence will incorporate some difficulty with this inner sense!

VICKI: (Laughing) One question I have is, when one incorporates this sense, can one be helpful to another individual in doing so?

ELIAS: If you are wishing. I would be practicing first, to be allowing yourself an identification, for you do not realize, now, what you are even accomplishing! You may practice anywhere. You may be walking on your street, and you may practice. I will give you an exercise. You may incorporate another field trip, (laughter) and you may go to a place such as a park. Find a tree, and practice your empathic sense with the tree, for it also incorporates consciousness, and knowing of itself and its existence. (Pause)

VICKI: In learning to use this empathic sense, would one then be able to know oneís self better?

ELIAS: Exactly. You will also be understanding of those individuals around you, and all other elements around you. All things contain consciousness. If you are incorporating your empathic sense, you will also be lessening your separation, for you will be incorporating more union with all that you have created, which is all connected. You will understand energy. (Long pause)

CATHY: Was I using my empathic inner sense on that dog I was working today?

ELIAS: Partially. You may practice; (pause) I am not wishing to be incorporating this word of more; more efficiently. Do not be focusing intently, but be aware. You will be noticing of the connection. You will feel the connection to a great extent; just as with conceptualization, you are becoming the concept and experiencing the concept. Utilizing your empathic sense allows you to become the consciousness that you are connecting with, therefore feeling what it feels. Within your focus, this may prove to be quite an asset!

CATHY: Thatís for sure! (Pause)

JIM: We were talking earlier about playing the game on Wednesday.

ELIAS: You may, if you are wishing. This was not an incorporation of my rule!

VICKI: I have one more question regarding the learning to use the empathic sense, and learning to conceptualize. Besides desire and concentration, do you have any suggestions?

ELIAS: Practice with your tree. Experience is your best teacher. This will offer you information to build upon. I may explain the concepts to you many times, as I have! (Laughter) Now you may experience, and you will teach yourselves. (Pause)

GUIN: I have a question. Were Tellers and Speakers created the same way as Seers?

ELIAS: Yes. This was not an individual occurrence of each intent. This was a simultaneous occurrence of all intents, each adopting its own ďname,Ē as you perceive this. Outside of the confines of physical focus, there are no names. They are offered to you for identification purposes.

GUIN: Because they all have different intents.

ELIAS: Correct.

GUIN: Thank you. (Here, Elias starts rocking and tapping again, and we all crack up) Well, I can go ahead and start with the game, if weíre going to do it tonight. Are we all agreeing? (We all agree) I wanted to ask about another couple of categories.

ELIAS: We shall designate Sophia as our official category maker!

GUIN: Why, thank you!

ELIAS: You are welcome! (Looking at the group) If you are wishing to incorporate a category, you may pass this to Sophia! (Laughter)

GUIN: Well, we donít have to, if you donít want to.

CATHY: Are you going to PI her?

ELIAS: You may! (Guinís note: Okay, okay! I get it!)

GUIN: Alright. I want to know if shells and seeds are going to be incorporated as categories.

ELIAS: Seeds.

GUIN: Not shells?

ELIAS: What say all? (Laughter)

VICKI: I like seeds. (Group conversation about seeds)

ELIAS: Seeds it is. (To Guin) Continue.

GUIN: Those were just my two categories. As far as game questions, how about connecting Asia with Minerva?

ELIAS: I am aware of a developing pattern here, of yellow and orange and blue! (Laughter)

CATHY: Busted!

GUIN: Red does it, too! (Guinís note: Take that, Cathy!)

ELIAS: Very true.

CATHY: Didnít do it last week! (Guinís note: Oh, big deal!)

ELIAS: One point.

GUIN: Thank you. Alright, Iíll ask a different colored one! (Elias is really going to town with this rocking and tapping!)

ELIAS: It is not necessary. I am quite understanding that regardless of my comments, the pattern will continue!

GUIN: Iíll try another one. I would like to connect, in the senses category, healing with indigo.

ELIAS: One point.

JIM: Iíd like to connect blue with firefly.

ELIAS: One point.

JIM: And indigo with dragonfly.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

JIM: Indigo with the bee?

ELIAS: Which bee?

JIM: The honeybee?

ELIAS: Try again!

JIM: Bumblebee?

ELIAS: Try again!

RON: Probably the killer bee! (Laughter)

JIM: That one passed through my mind, but it didnít ring right. The yellow jacket?

ELIAS: We are incorporating guessing now!

JIM: Yes! Iíll work on that.

ELIAS: Very good. (Smiling) I am not offering of clues to Yarr, for you are efficient at connecting. Therefore, you may connect and obtain your answer.

VICKI: Me next? I would like to connect the empathic sense with the essence of Mikaki.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And Iíll stay in the same category, and connect the intuitive sense with the essence of Marshuka.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Michael would like to connect, in the connecting essenceís category, Elizabeth and Ron with the animal of a lion.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And he would like to connect the country of France with the essence of Elias.

ELIAS: This was the most difficult point! (Laughter) I should have not been offering this to be even incorporated as a point! (Pause) Acceptable.

CATHY: ďK.Ē I would like to connect the emotion of desire with red.

ELIAS: One point. You are all becoming too good at this game. It is becoming boring!

CATHY: I would like to connect the element of space with Marshuka.

ELIAS: You are speaking of physical space? (Cathy nods) Correct. (To the group, whispering) Oh no, not water?

GUIN: What???

ELIAS: Oh no, not water? (We all expected this to be water)

RON: Iíd like to connect the essence of Marshuka with a beetle.

ELIAS: Incorrect! (Grinning at Vicki)

RON: Thereís a beetle in there somewhere!

ELIAS: Correct! No point! (Laughter)

RON: Iíd like to connect the country of England with Paul.

ELIAS: (To Vicki) We will be offering Ron your game board!

RON: Do we already have a country? (Several people confirm this)

ELIAS: You are being redundant!

RON: Iím like that! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Try again! How about a continent?

RON: Oh, thatís what I meant! (Laughter) Europe?

ELIAS: One point. (Elias picks the cup up by himself and drinks, and starts choking) I will focus on the cup, and drink the liquid incorrectly! (To Vicki) Next time, you may give the cup, and I will drink correctly! (Laughter) We are all waiting with bated breath!

RON: Are you all waiting for me? Oh!

ELIAS: Anticipation is running high! (Rocking and tapping)

RON: I was conceptualizing. Iím sorry. Empathically!

ELIAS: Telepathically! (Still rocking and tapping)

RON: I just canít think of anything. Iíll just pass.

ELIAS: Acceptable. No orange? (Still rocking and tapping)

RON: Thatís what I was waiting for! (Laughing) How about the art of composition ... musical composition.

ELIAS: Musical composition ... one point. (Vicki is cracking up) Lawrence is enjoying my chair as much as I am enjoying my chair!

VICKI: I most certainly am! Empathic!

ELIAS: Very good! Would you be wishing to be exchanging places?

VICKI: Oh no, it would not be near as enjoyable!

ELIAS: Very well. Are you wishing of more information this evening? I have tempered my information recently, for good reason. You are all already ďspinning into space,Ē and you are not incorporating physical breaks from sessions. Therefore, I offer smaller increments recently, in order to not overload you; as you are still (grinning at Guin) ďcatching upĒ to my information already presented! Therefore, we may leave this at this. (Pause, and then to Cathy) Rena.

VICKI: Thatís the essence name. (We are speaking here of Vicki and Cathyís friend Gerri, who is the mother of the other twin)

CATHY: Rena? (Elias nods)

VICKI: The connection involved with Rena, would this also be what one would term ďa bit unusual?Ē

ELIAS: (Grinning) A bit!

VICKI: Weíll work on that.

ELIAS: This should not be difficult for you, to be connecting with the fragmenting essence. (Hands tapping a mile a minute!) I am incorporating procrastination, in enjoyment of my chair! (Laughter)

JIM: I have a question, or mainly a validation. The energies that Iíve been feeling; some, I donít feel that type anymore, but they seem to have widened in this area. I feel thatís a normal process of my own widening at this juncture, and more acceptance of whatís occurring.

ELIAS: Correct. This is a connection with essence. Originally, as you are very physically focused, meaning this to be that your particular focus is very focused physically, which speaks to you, also being why you manifest elements physically that you may view, you were offered energies, physically, to be affecting; therefore allowing yourself to be incorporating, and accepting, and believing. Now, you are beginning to be accepting of yourself. As you accept yourself, it is not necessary to incorporate other essence energies. Now, learn what yourself feels like.

Here, we run out of tape. The following is from my scribbled notes.

ELIAS: I shall be leaving you now, and I shall be in communication with you each. Be watching, and be keeping your inner senses working. (To Ron) Be watching Lenny!

JIM: (I didnít get what Jim said here)

ELIAS: Correct. Adieu.

Elias departs at 10:20 PM.

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